Finding Aid to the Bernard M. Bloomfield Papers, 1743-1963

Col. 293

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Background note:
Bernard Bloomfield of Philadelphia was a collector of silver and research on silver.

Scope and content
This collection features original legal documents, marriage and birth certificates, bills, and letters from Philadelphia, England, and France. Many relate to 19th century Philadelphia merchant Joseph Donath and his son James A. Donath, a Philadelphia lawyer. Also included are the research notes of Maurice Brix, Philadelphia collector and scholar, for his book and other writings on Philadelphia silversmiths. The correspondence of Mr. and Mrs. Brix documents their association with other American silver collectors from 1906 to 1940, including Alfred Coxe Prime, Robert Ensko, Hollis French, David Belasco, and Herbert DuPuy. Numerous periodical clippings, photographs, and research notes pertain to early American silver objects and their makers.

The papers are in two boxes. Box 1 contains the Donath materials, the Lennig estate papers (a case handled by James A. Donath), miscellaneous 18th and 19th century documents, correspondence of Maurice Brix and of his wife, research notes, photographs and Photostats, magazine and newspaper articles, and other miscellaneous items. Some of the above items are arranged in accession number order, while others are arranged chronologically. The second box contains further research notes, correspondence of Mr. and Mrs. Brix and of Mr. Bloomfield, auction catalogs, and other miscellaneous items.

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OVERVIEW OF THE COLLECTION Repository code: DeWint File name: col293.xml Abstract: Bernard Bloomfield collected silver and research on silver. His papers feature the correspondence and research notes of Maurice Brix, another collector and scholar, as well as the papers of Joseph Donath, a Philadelphia merchant, and his son James A. Donath, a Philadelphia lawyer. Extent: 0.3 feet Date range: 1743-1963 Related materials: Language: English, Latin, French Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library Joseph Downs Collection of Manuscripts and Printed Ephemera Winterthur, DE 19732 (302) 888-4853 Bernard M. Bloomfield Papers Col. 293 Creator: Bernard M. Bloomfield Title: Papers Dates: 1743-1963 Call No.: Col. 293 Acc. No.: 83×243, 93×138 Quantity: 1 box Location: 30 E 2

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  • Belasco, David
  • Brix, Anna Maria.
  • Brix, Maurice.
  • Collectors and collecting.
  • Donath, James A.
  • Donath, Joseph.
  • Dupuy, Herbert.
  • Ensko, Robert.
  • French, Hollis.
  • Lennig, Christina.
  • Pewter.
  • Prime, Alfred Coxe, 1883-1926.
  • Silversmiths - Biography.
  • Silverware.
  • Silverwork - Pennsylvania - Philadelphia
  • Silverwork, Colonial - Photographs.

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    Collection inventory

    Donath papers. (arranged by accession number)
    Box 1: Folder 1

    83×243.1.  Letter. To Joseph Donath from John Connell, Philadelphia, January 24, 1834. Insurance on the brig Cupid.
    January 24, 1834.

    83×243.2.  Baptismal Certificate, Augustus Rouvert, Philadelphia, May 12, 1806. (In Latin)
    May 12, 1806.

    83×243.40.  Letter. To “Dear Madam” from H.K. Biddle. Philadelphia, February 11, 1869. Concerns stock dividends, Lehigh and Susquehanna Turnpike.
    February 11, 1869.

    83×243.49.  Bill of sale. U.S. Stock, by order of Joseph Donath, Philadelphia, September 16, 1830. Signed by Thomas Biddle.
    September 16, 1830.

    83×243.51.  Letter. To James A. Donath from George Fox, Secretary, German Society, Philadelphia, March 27, 1828. Unanimous election as a member of the Society.
    March 27, 1828.

    83×243.53.  Marriage Certificate. Christina Langeay and Edmund Rouvert, Philadelphia, March 26, 1810. (Document in Latin)
    March 26, 1810.

    83×243.81.  Letter. To Joseph Donath from A. I. Dalios, Treasury Department, Philadelphia, August 18, 1815. Forming of the General Tariff.
    August 18, 1815.

    83×243.82.  Bill. To Monsieur Caelle of Bordeaux, France from Joseph Donath. August 20, 1807. Request payment of $395.92. (In French)
    August 20, 1807.

    93×138.1.  Receipt. To Joseph Donath & Co., December 1807. For taxes paid on shipping.
    December 1807.

    93×138.3.  Bill. To the estate of Joseph Donath from W. H. Moore, undertaker, October 28, 1846. For coffin and funeral arrangements.
    October 28, 1846.

    93×138.6.  Promissory note. To Joseph Donath from C.I. Delacroix, Philadelphia, September 20, 1815. Delacroix owes $354.
    September 20, 1815.

    93×138.7.  Promissory note. To Joseph Donath from C.I. Delacroix, Philadelphia, September 20, 1815. Same as 93×138.6 but different amounts. Possibly originally the same document.
    September 20, 1815.

    93×138.8.  Receipt. To Mrs. Rosalia Donath from Thos. Biddle & Co., Philadelphia, May 12 1830. For stock sold in the amount of $581.05.
    May 12 1830.

    93×138.10.  Promissory note. To Joseph Donath from Laurence Huron March 23, 1807. Huron owes $143.97.
    March 23, 1807.

    93×138.12.  Receipt. To Thomas Hill from James A. Donath, Hall of German Society, Philadelphia, December 5, 1846. For $1,200 as collateral for insurance policy.
    December 5, 1846.

    93×138.15.  Receipts. To Joseph Donath from various vendors. December 1808. For rent, shipping freight, poor tax
    December 1808.

    93×138.17.  Letter. To James A. Donath from S. Bradford, treasurer of Philadelphia & Reading railroad, Philadelphia, June 11, 1842. Requests copies of legal documents.
    June 11, 1842.

    93×138.19.  Bill. To Mrs. Donath from Dr. Clymer, March 7, 1847. For professional services.
    March 7, 1847.

    93×138.21.  Insurance policy. For Rosalia Donath and heirs of the Joseph Donath estate, November 27, 1829. $15.40 for Brick house occupied as a store and dwelling at 28 S. Front St., Philadelphia.
    November 27, 1829. $

    93×138.22.  Letter. To Joseph Donath from Harvey[?], March 1, 1813. Concerns payment of borrowed money.
    March 1, 1813.

    93×138.24.  Receipt. To Joseph Donath from William J. Watson for Eliza Shippen. October 7, 1830. For interest on the mortgage for the Rouvert farm.
    October 7, 1830.

    93×138.28.  Letter. To James A. Donath from Thomas Hill, Philadelphia, December 5, 1846. In regards to insurance policy.
    December 5, 1846.

    93×138.30.  Letter. To James A. Donath from Eliza Shippen, August 6, 1830. Concerns the remaining mortgage on the farm of E. Rouvert, deceased.
    August 6, 1830.

    93×138.119.  Miscellaneous etching with Donath name on it.

    Lennig Estate papers. (arranged by accession number
    Folder 2

    83×243.33.  Letter. To James A. Donath from Christopher Fallon, Philadelphia, January 12, 1847. Concerns the estate of Christina Lennig; possible error in determining commission on estate; Mr. Lennig desires speedy delivery of the estate.
    January 12, 1847.

    83×243.70.  Bill. Madam Lenning [Lennig] from L. Brechemin, Philadelphia, December 1, 1811. Lists purchases of jewelry from 1835 to 1841; signed by Peter Hay, Attorney, and L. Brechemin.
    December 1, 1811.

    93×138.4.  Bill. To the Estate of Christina Lennig from W. H. Moore, undertaker, Philadelphia, May 15, 1841. For coffin and funeral arrangements.
    May 15, 1841.

    93×138.11.  Bill. To Mrs. Lennig from Philip Garrett, 1841. For coal in the amount of $13.50.

    93×138.13.  Bill. To the Estate of Mrs. Lennig from John Leadbeater & Son, March 13, 1841. For the installation of a light. Due $3.50.
    March 13, 1841.

    93×138.14.  Letter. To James A. Donath from Christopher Fallon, March 8, 1847. Requests a meeting about the Lennig Estate.
    March 8, 1847.

    93×138.16.  Letter. To James A. Donath from Christopher Fallon, March 13, 1847. Concerns a legal document for Mr. Lennig.
    March 13, 1847.

    93×138.18.  Letter. To James A. Donath from Christopher Fallon, December 23, 1846. Requests a cash advancement.
    December 23, 1846.

    93×138.25.  Bill. To the Estate of Mrs. Lennig from Charles Wilstack, 1838. For medical prescriptions.

    93×138.26.  Letter. To James A. Donath from Christopher Fallon, November 30, 1846. Concerns the administration of the Christina Lennig Estate.
    November 30, 1846.

    93×138.27.  Letter. To James A. Donath from Christopher Fallon, January 13, 1847. In regards to documentation for the transfer of the Lennig Estate administration.
    January 13, 1847.

    93×138.29.  Letter. To James A. Donath from Christopher Fallon, January 23, 1847. Requesting an account.
    January 23, 1847.

    93×138.31.  Letter. To James A. Donath from Christopher Fallon, May 13, 1847. In regards to disagreements over the transfer of the Lennig Estate administration.
    May 13, 1847.

    93×138.32 and .33.  Extracts from Ledger B of the Christina Lennig Estate, January 1, 1845.
    January 1, 1845.

    93×138.34.  Petition to the Orphans Court of the City and County of Philadelphia, 1847. States that James A. Donath was administrator of the Will of Christina Lennig and that her estate will be divided among her four children when they become of age.

    93×138.35.  Copy of account of Anna Lennig as maintained by James A. Donath, Trustee, 1844.

    93×138.37.  Testamentary letter from the State of Pennsylvania and a copy of the will drawn by Christina Lennig which appoints James A. Donath as executor, May 19, 1841.
    May 19, 1841.

    Miscellaneous period documents. (arranged by accession number)
    Folder 3

    83×243.0.  Receipt. Of Philip Yorke by His Majesty's Exchequer, June 3, 1743. Sum of 2,000 pounds for “ordinary and extraordinary expence of His Majesty's Household.
    June 3, 1743.

    83×243.4.  Affidavit. Award made in pursuance of a Reference by Rule of court. George Lord Keith, defendant; Anthony Butler and John Collet, plaintiffs. John Inglis, Thomas Dickason, and William Ludlum performed out of court settlement. Award for 35,128 pounds in favor of plaintiffs. England, March 26, 1803.
    March 26, 1803.

    83×243.7.  Affidavit. Sworn statement that “Richard Morris is the only son and heir of Thomas Morris, blacksmith, deceased. Signed by Richard Morris, Hugh Owens, and John Thomas; letter of attorney, Richard Morris to Lewis Jones, October 4, 1751.
    October 4, 1751.

    83×243.83.  Deed. Article of Indenture, Alexander and Mary Reynolds and John W. Grow, carpenter, Philadelphia, March 3, 1853.
    March 3, 1853.

    93×138.2.  Receipt. From Amos Haines by Elijah Weaver, March 23, 1806. For tuition, quills, and ink.
    March 23, 1806.

    93×138.5.  Letter. To Price Newlin Co. From H.P. Morris, October 1846. Requesting goods from the attached list. Includes butcher knives, rat traps, razors, teaspoons, forks, locks, and other hardware.
    October 1846.

    93×138.9.  Receipt. For “Edward Shippen, exec of Mrs. Eliza H. Burd” by Edwin Swift. Sale of stock in Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore Railroad. $1,346.25. Philadelphia, November 18, 1861.
    November 18, 1861.

    93×138.20.  Membership certificate. To Godfrey Weber from Merchant's Fund. January 1, 1855.
    January 1, 1855.

    93×138.23.  Bill. To Mrs. Scudder from H.G. Scudder, March 20, 1867. For groceries.
    March 20, 1867.

    93×138.36.  Will of Geoffrey Weber. June 27, 1816. In French. Unidentified watermark.
    June 27, 1816.

    93×138.69.  Sketch of unidentified man by C.M. Wireman, December 9, 1896.
    December 9, 1896.

    Maurice Brix correspondence. (arranged chronologically)
    Folder 4

    93×138.46.  Note. From David Belasco. n.d. Extends good wishes.

    83×243.56.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Langdon Warner, Director of Pennsylvania Museum, Philadelphia, April 29, (n.y.). Concerns sugar urns and cream pitchers for display in an exhibit.
    April 29, (n.y.).

    83×243.72.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Langdon Warner, Director of Pennsylvania Museum, Philadelphia. n.d. acknowledges receipt of list of craftsmen compiled by Brix.

    93×138.39b.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Bliss Carman. New York, April 27, 1903. In regards to an upcoming theater event in Philadelphia.
    April 27, 1903.

    93×138.39a.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Bliss Carman. New York, April 30, 1903. Concerns a performance at the Grand Opera House by Adeline Dunlap.
    April 30, 1903.

    83×243.25.  Letter. To Maurics Brix from John H. Buck, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, February 17, 1906. Thanks Mr. Brix for copy of article with reference to Joseph Richardson requests “rubs” of silver marks and pewter, and a copy of a mark on silver ink stand at Independence Hall.
    February 17, 1906.

    93×138.40.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Bliss Carmen, Boston, December 13, 1907. In regards to Brix's hospitality and news of an ill friend, Fritz.
    December 13, 1907.

    93×138.50.  New Year's Postcard. To Maurice Brix from E.M. Govan, 1911.

    83×243.68.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Robert Ensko, New York, January 7, 1917. Requests the earliest date fro the firm of H.I. Pepper and Sons.
    January 7, 1917.

    83×243.69.  Receipt. Of Brix and Co. by Robert Ensko, New York, March 2, 1915. For purchase of 1 volume of Makers of Early American Silver.
    March 2, 1915.

    83×243.27.  Note. To Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Brix from David Belasco, New York, December 27, 1915. Extends thanks for Napoleonic Medallion.
    December 27, 1915.

    83×243.46.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from W. Farr, Dealer in Antique American Silver, Edgewater, NJ, April 18, 1916. Conatis list of items for sale.
    April 18, 1916.

    93×138.41.  Note. To Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Brix from David Belasco, December 1916. Christmas and New Year's Wishes.
    December 1916.

    93×138.55a-b.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Alfred Prime, Philadelphia, April 14, 1917. Mentions letter from Mr. Ames; Silversmiths; and Private Collections. Includes a copy of letter from Herman Ames to Alfred Prime
    April 14, 1917.

    83×243.29c.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Alfred Prime, Philadelphia, November 16, 1917. Inquires about Edward Lownes, Silversmith.
    November 16, 1917.

    83×243.29a.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Alfred Prime, Philadelphia, July 12, 1917. Requests information about Cesar Ghiselin of Maryland; Philip Syng and three sons, all goldsmiths; and notes that Howard Justice of London, [England], has original seal of Philip Syng.
    July 12, 1917.

    83×243.29b.  Notes. [typed] From Maryland Historical Society, (Baltimore) made by Mr. Hayes, Asst. Librarian concerning genealogical information about Cesar Ghiselin and family.

    83×243.67.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Ridgeway Library, Philadelphia, March 28, 1919. Information concerns silversmiths in Philadelphia, 1800-1820. Search for T. Richards; also notes other names and occupations.
    March 28, 1919.

    83×243.32.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Louise Avery of Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, March 16, 1920. Apologizes for failure to acknowledge receipt of book. Thanks for call and opportunity to see silver and notebooks.
    March 16, 1920.

    83×243.31.  Letter. To Mr. Bunford Samuel of the Ridgeway Library, Philadelphia from T. Morris Perot, Jr., Philadelphia, June 21, 1920. Concerns genealogy of Perot family. (James Perot, 2nd generation silversmith in Bermuda).
    June 21, 1920.

    83×243.45a-f.  Letters (5). To Ellis Silver Company from Shreve, Crump, and Low, New York, June 28, 1920. Attention:Mr. J.J. Costigan. Concerns misunderstanding and misquotation in price for a collection of silver. Includes copy of letter to Shreve, Crump, and Low from Ellis, June 26, 1920; price list for lot; letter re: price list, June 24, 1920; letter to Mr. Brix from J.J. Costigan re: Boston collection, June 30, 1920.
    June 28, 1920.

    83×243.11.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Alfred Prime, Philadelphia, July 25, 1920. Concerns possible error in ascribing silversmith's work to John Norman. Believes silver to be work of Johan Nys. Mentions name “Musgrave” found on a “Tea or Coffee Pot” by Mrs. Brix.
    July 25, 1920.

    83×243.0.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Hollis French, Boston, December 7, 1920. Expresses appreciation for copy of book Philadelphia Silversmiths.
    December 7, 1920.

    83×243.8.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from R.T.H. Halsey of Halsey and Hudnut, New York, December 8, 1920. Expresses appreciation for copy of book. Offers congratulations on quality of work in the book.
    December 8, 1920.

    83×243.36.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from T.S. Woolsey, New Haven, CT, December 14, 1920. Thanks him for copy of book Philadelphia Silversmiths. Refers to William Vilant (or Vivant) and Samuel Soumaine.
    December 14, 1920.

    83×243.79.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from J.J. Costigan of Ellis Silver Company, New York, February 7, 1921. Refers to a silver pitcher with mark of H.E. Baldwin & Co.
    February 7, 1921.

    83×243.35.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from G.C. Newkirk, secretary for Judge A. T. Clearwater, Kingston, NY, March 9, 1921. Acknowledges circular, list of Philadelphia silversmiths. Orders one copy.
    March 9, 1921.

    83×243.52.  Letter. To Mr. Brix from H.S. Pleasant, Kingston, NY, March 11, 1921. Expresses appreciation for copy of Mr. Brix's book. Makes suggestion regarding binding.
    March 11, 1921.

    83×243.58.  Letter. To Mr. Brix from L.R. [illegible], Kingston, NY, March 19, 1921. Acknowledges receipt of Mr. Brix's book and mentions Judge Clearwater.
    March 19, 1921.

    83×243.12.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Herbert DuPuy, Pittsburgh, April 15, 1921. Concerns genealogy of the David and the DuPuy families. Notes locations of silver businesses and markings used by different members of the DuPuy family.
    April 15, 1921.

    83×243.38a-b.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from George Seymore, New Haven, June 1, 1921. Discusses value of “creamer” or “chocolate pot.” (Includes carbon copy of reply by Brix which refers to sightlessness.)
    June 1, 1921.

    83×243.24a-b.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Albert A. Southwick, of Tiffany and Company, New York, August 29, 1921. Includes photographs of John Ball can and Parrott porringer from Tiffany collection.
    August 29, 1921.

    83×243.34.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from G. Murray Andrews, Bellafonte, PA, November 15, 1921. Concerns tea set owned by Sarah Drinker Downing, married May 15, 1787; mug, possibly given to Sarah Drinker at birth, 1761; teapot, cream jug, sugar basin, slop bowl owned by Mrs. Andrews (from 1760-1780 time period).
    November 15, 1921.

    83×243.76a.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Herbert DuPuy, Pittsburgh, December 8, 1921. DuPuy provides the birth and death dates for Philip Syng.
    December 8, 1921.

    83×243.77.  Letter (copy). To Dr. Woodhouse of Philadelphia Museum from Herbert DuPuy, May 27th 1922. Concerns silver made by Daniel DuPuy. (Copy to Mr. Brix)
    May 27th 1922.

    83×243.16.  Note. To Maurice Brix from David Belasco, New York, December 25, 1923. Expresses thanks for momento.
    December 25, 1923.

    83×243.23.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from unknown writer. Envelope indicates Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, postmark February 19, 1926. Concerns genealogical information about Matthew Pratt.
    February 19, 1926.

    93×138.38.  Note. From Bliss Carman. April 24, 1926. Thanks for hospitality.
    April 24, 1926.

    83×243.13 a-c.  Letters (2). To Maurice Brix from Francis Hill Bigelow, Cambridge, MA, August 26, 1926. Thanks Mr. Brix for book; requests use of research notes and references to silversmiths. Also includes reply by Brix, September 6, 1926. Gives permission to use “any data I possess.” Notes difficulty of accurate research.
    August 26, 1926.

    83×243.567 a-b.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Hollis French, Boston, December 14, 1926. Requests information concerning the mark of Faber and Hoover, Philadelphia, 1837. Also includes copy of Mr. Brix's reply of December 1926. Cites location of Faber and Hoover's business; notes “no record of marking.”
    December 14, 1926.

    83×243.41.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Miriam M. Marble (Mrs. John E. Marble), South Pasadena, CA, January 4, 1927. Requests information concerning original owners of tea caddy and four piece Tea Set. Mentions spoons by R. Wilson, Philadelphia.
    January 4, 1927.

    83×243.39a.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Miriam M. Marble (Mrs. John E. Marble), South Pasadena, CA, January 19, 1927. States Tea Caddy and Tea Set are not for sale.
    January 19, 1927.

    83×243.57.  Letter (copy) To Mrs. John E. Marble from Maurice Brix, Philadelphia, January 25, 1927. Concerns the sale of silver items.
    January 25, 1927.

    83×243.10 a-c.  Letters (1 and 2 copies). To and from Maurice Brix to and from Hollis French, Philadelphia and Boston, February 18, 1927, March 4, 1927, and April 4, 1927. Concerns requests for information about whether William Campbell was a silversmith or carpenter; inquires for information about contemporary silver dealer, Robert Ensko, and his publishing activities.
    February 18, 1927, March 4, 1927, and April 4, 1927.

    83×243.76 a-b.  Letters (1 and 1 copy). To Maurice Brix from Herbert DuPuy, Pittsburgh, May 7th, 1927. Concerns mark for “J.D.” on a creamer from 1780-1790. Included is Brix's reply of May 10, 1927 stating that the creamer is probably from John David of Philadelphia between 1780-1785; remarks that he has acquired a creamer by Daniel DuPuy.
    May 7th, 1927.

    83×243.80 a-d.  Letters (2 and 2 copies) Two are to Maurice Brix from Herbert DuPuy and two are replies to Herbert DuPuy from Maurice Brix, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, November 15, November 28, November 29, and December 10, 1927. Concerns marks on two pairs of silver saltspoons; requests for information by DuPuy on L. P. Broomall; progression of Brix's book. Brix's reply remarks that the person in question was L. R. Broomhall, not L. P. Broomhall.
    November 15, November 28, November 29, and December 10, 1927.

    83×243.64.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Bunford Samuel of Ridgeway Library, Philadelphia, July 18, 1929. Quotes G.W.P. Curtis, “Recollections of Washington” concerning Wm. Peale as silversmith and watchmaker.
    July 18, 1929.

    83×243.44.  Letter. To Maurice Brix from Wm. Clifford, Librarian, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, January 28, 1930. Requests purchase of two copies of Mr. Brix's book.
    January 28, 1930.

    Mrs. Brix Correspondence. (arranged chronologically)
    Folder 5

    83×243.26.  Note. To Madam Brix from Willoughby Far, Edgewater, NJ, June 10, n.y. Offering for sale a sugar bowl and creamer by Coen of New York ca. 1790.
    June 10, n.y.

    83×243.5.  Letter. To Mrs. Brix from E. Alfred Jones, Oxford and Cambridge Club, London, April 18, n.y. Requests rubbings or impressions of unrecoded marks on American silver. Requests impressions of two mugs (cans) stamped [BW] and [CH].
    April 18, n.y.

    83×243.68a-b.  Letters (2). To Mrs. Brix from Robert Ensko, New York, January 7, 1917 and March 16, 1918 respectively. The earlier letter requests information on the firm H.I. Pepper and Son. The later letter acknowledges receipt of bracelet and cameos, and requests information for W. Cowan or W. Gowen.
    January 7, 1917 and March 16, 1918

    93×138.60.  Note. To Mrs. Brix from David Belasco, New York, January 4, 1923. Acknowledges receipt of package and writes that a letter will be sent later. Signed by W. N. Howard.
    January 4, 1923.

    93×138.71b-c.  Receipts (2) Of Mrs. Brix by Robert R. Logan, Philadelphia, April 16, 1926 and May 7, 1926. Payment for a pair of silver sauce-boats, a small silver tray, and a small can, all made by Philip Syng.
    April 16, 1926 and May 7, 1926.

    83×243.71.  Letter. To Mrs. Brix from J. Levy of Ginsburg and Levy, New York, January 28, 1927. Concerns prices for silver items including a teapot and sugar bowl by Myer Meyers, a teapot and urn shaped sugar bowl by D. Van Vorhis, and two porringers by John Burt and C. Wiltberger, respectively.
    January 28, 1927.

    93×138.71a.  Receipt. Of Mrs. Brix by Robert R. Logan for two silver tankards, one by Jan Neuss and one by William Vilant.

    83×243.62.  Letter. To Mrs. Brix from Mrs. John B. Heston, Philadelphia, May 11, 1929. Concerns appraisal of silver tea set and family history of the Willits family, original owners of the set.
    May 11, 1929.

    83×243.75.  Note. To Mrs. Brix from an unidentified writer. Post marked Caernarvonshire [Wales], April 20, 1930. Concerns Christian Wiltberger; directories; cream pitcher at Bries; Walesford; marriage of Nicholas Wales to Sarah Ridgway, 1799.
    April 20, 1930.

    83×243.59.  Letter. To Mrs. Brix from J.F. Otwell, Secretary to H.F. du Pont, Winterthur, May 14, 1930. Discusses possible purchase of furniture. Draft of reply on reverse side.
    May 14, 1930.

    93×138.51.  Letter. To Mrs. Brix from J.M. Phillips, Boston, February 27, 1931. Thanks her for earrings; Clarke catalog; mentions moving into Harkness; Phillips was asked to write an article on German silver for American Magazine of Art; also asked to lecture at Pennsylvania Museum and requests use of slides of Brix collection; remarks about the exhibit at Andover, MA museum.
    February 27, 1931.

    93×138.45.  Letter. To Mrs. Brix from J.M. Phillips, Yale University School of Fine Arts, March 16, 1931. Requests provenance information for earrings; requests a copy of London criticism of Mr. Brix's book; question about the Syng markings; mentions Bigelow's request for co-editorship of book on NY silversmiths. May 22, 1996
    March 16, 1931.

    93×138.73.  Letter. To Mrs. Brix from Helen Comstock, New York, January 17, 1935. Requests photo of Nys piece owned by Brix for an article on Philadelphia silversmiths in The Connoisseur and International Studio. Draft of reply by Mrs. Brix is written on the document.
    January 17, 1935.

    83×243.86.  Letter. To Mrs. Brix from Ellen S. Magonn, Groton, MA, December 28, 1936. Concerns Wiltberger family genealogy; inquires about Thomas Wiltberger. Includes a photograph of Thomas Wiltberger, Sr., silversmith, 1818.
    December 28, 1936.

    83×243.50.  Letter. To Mrs. Brix from Edward Davis, Curator of Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, November 1, 1940. Concerns loan of items for exhibition.
    November 1, 1940.

    93×138.48.  Postcard. To Mrs. Brix from J.M. Philips, New Haven, January 12, 1952. Requests dinner in New York City.
    January 12, 1952.

    93×138.49.  Postcard. To Mrs. Brix from John [?], January 23, 1952. Description of conference/convention he attended.
    January 23, 1952.

    93×138.47.  Postcard. To Mrs. Brix from J.M. P[hillips?], Williamsport, PA, March 5, 1952. Concerns his lecture; forwarded Brix's address to Prof. Archibald Henderson.
    March 5, 1952.

    83×243.15b.  Receipt. Of Mrs. Brix by Florence Carney of Parke-Bernet Galleries, April 19, 1955. Received one tankard and one Ajoure Basket.
    April 19, 1955.

    Research notes of Maurice Brix. (arranged by accession number)
    Folder 6

    83×243.14.  Genealogical record, n.d. of the Lown[d]es Family, descended from Hugh Lowndes, Friend of England. Traces family to Joseph Lownes, silver smiths, 1763-1799. Written by Isaac Harvey, Jr., four typed pages.

    83×243.15a.  Letter. To Samuel Yellin from Robert O. Derrick, Philadelphia, May 24, 1930. Mr. Derrick has written Edsel Ford about Brix collection; believes Mr. Ford may be interested.
    May 24, 1930.

    83×243.18.  Typed notes. From the account book of William Penn, 1699-1703. (At the American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia in 1920) Lists payment to Johan Nys, Francis Richardson, and Cesar Ghiselin.

    83×243.19 a-c.  Advertisements. From the Federal (Philadelphia) Gazette, 1769 for Wistarburg Glass. Typed.

    83×243.21.  Advertisements. From Pennsylvania Gazette, 1771, for Stiegel Glass. Typed.

    83×243.30.  Encyclopedia pages. Unknown encyclopedia. n.d. Entries for Silver, Silversmiths's work.

    83×243.63.  Letter. To Miss Rehan from Graham R., n.d. Discusses “Indian women's method of putting on their muslin drapery.” (Includes hand-drawn diagram and illustrations.)

    83×243.60.  Advertisement. From Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, May, 1911. For catalog of an Exhibition of American Church Silver. Request for subscription.
    May, 1911.

    83×243.73.  Notes. n.d. Regards the markings for the marriages of Agnes Lownes to Isaac Harvey, 1814, Philadelphia and Esther Lownes to Michael Newbold.

    83×243.74.  Notes. n.d. Re: William E. DuBois. Bibliographic references.

    83×243.91.  Note. n.d. Verifies that “the will of Ann Warner, of Phila., widow, leaves state to her daughter Ann Wiltberger. Executor, son-in-law Christian Wiltberger, and his wife Ann Wiltberger... Signed June 19, 1804.”

    93×138.42a.  Announcement. Walt Whitman Fellowship Papers, Philadelphia, 1897. Contains handwritten note concerning dinner on verso.

    93×138.43.  Advertisement. For Maurice Brix's book List of Philadelphia Silversmiths and Allied Artificers, 1920. Sample title page, reviews, and photo of Brix holding urn.

    93×138.44.  Magazine. The Horn Book Magazine. July-August 1951. Autographed “to Madame Brix, compliments of Katherine Milhous.” Milhous was a Philadelphia author of children's books. Milhous' story and illustrations appear in the magazine along with biographical information on her.
    July-August 1951.

    93×138.53.  Notes. n.d. on several tankards. Includes makers de Neuss (Nys) and Syng. Gives details of markings and provenance notes.

    93×138.57.  Clipping. From the Antiques section of New York World-Telegram and Sun, September 16, 1955. Discusses the auction of the Brix silver collection.
    September 16, 1955.

    93×138.59.  Photocard depicting front and back of coin with George Washington on it. n.d.

    93×138.62.  Photostat. “From Day book of Dupuy.” Entry dated February 25, 1748.
    dated February 25, 1748.

    93×138.68.  Clipping. Advertisement for Brix's book attached to a postcard from The Connoisseur (magazine). March, 1921.
    March, 1921.

    93×138.20.  Biographical notes. n.d. Consists of a list of names and birth and death dates for the people on the list. Part typed, part pencil.

    93×138.21.  List of Philadelphia firms. n.d. Contains addresses and earliest dates of firms.

    93×138.122.  Biographical note. n.d. Notes on David Hall and Charles Dutens; includes marking.

    93×138.123.  Genealogy. n.d. Written by Oscar Collett. Collett family history.

    93×138.124.  Inventory. n.d. Of Mr.?.P. Garvan's Set. Includes dimensions and markings on objects.

    93×138.125.  Biographical notes. n.d. On Cesar Ghiselin. From St. Anne's Parish Registrar, Annapolis. And from Regier of Deeds Office at Annapolis.

    Miscellaneous photos and photostats. (arranged by accession number)
    Folder 7

    83×243.39.  Photo. Tea caddy owned by Mrs. John E. Marble.

    83×243.47.  Photo. Marks on tea caddy. “Also scratched on is oz/16 dwt/3”

    83×243.48.  Photo. Silver Urn with initials S H

    83×243.64.  Photo. Silver tankard. n.d.

    83×243.65.  Photo. Of receipt signed by John Myers in Philadelphia, 1799. For “one set of Mountings for Color Staff and making Spear for 1st City Troop.” Stamp of Anna-Maria Brix (Mrs. Maurice Brix) on verso.

    83×243.84 a-b.  Photostat. Two receipts from Daniel DuPuy in payment for silver buckles and silver mug.

    83×243.84c.  Photostat. Advertisement for assortment of articles imported by John Carnan, Goldsmith and Jeweler, 2nd and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, n.d.

    83×243.85 a-b.  Two photographs. Of room displaying silver trophies, pitchers, teapots, flagons, urns, etc.

    83×243.96.  Engraving. Brooklyn in the Olden Time. n.d. Engraved by W.G. Jackman.

    Antiquarian Magazine articles. (arranged chronologically)
    Folder 8

    83×243.106.  Illustration. n.d. Silver tankard by John Coney.

    83×243.107.  Wenham, Edward. “Georgian Table Silver for Collectors and for Utility.” n.d.

    83×243.148.  Wenham, Edward. “The Pierced Silver of Georgian Fish Slices.” n.d.

    83×243.145.  Murdoch, Robert. “Spanish Candleholders of Wrought Metal.” n.d.

    83×243.117.  Singleton, Esther. “The Garvan Collection: American Silver of Colonial Days.” n.d.

    83×243.133.  Singleton, Esther. “Pewter and Hints for Collecting.” June 1924, p. 7-9.
    June 1924,

    83×243.129.  Gebelein, J. Herbert. “Early American Silver.” June 1925, p. 31-33.
    June 1925,

    83×243.143.  Thorpe, Russell Walton. “Portraits of John Hancock.” October 1925, p. 24-29.
    October 1925,

    83×243.115.  Wood, T. Kenneth. “The Shumate Sale.” July 1926, p. 35-37.
    July 1926,

    83×243.127.  Wenham, Edward. “Knives, Forks, and Spoons.” April 1927, p. 35-36.
    April 1927,

    83×243.114.  Wenham, Edward. “The Evolution of the Tea Set.” June 1927, p. 41-46.
    June 1927,

    83×243.111.  Thorpe, Russell Walton. “Washingtonia.” June 1927, p. 27-30+.
    June 1927,

    83×243.97.  Wenham, Edward. “Early Silver Cream Jugs.” December 1927, p. 37-41.
    December 1927,

    83×243.99.  Wenham, Edward. “Hallmarks on British Provincial Silver.” February 1928, p. 49-50.
    February 1928,

    83×243.118.  Wenham, Edward. “Salvers and Tea Trays.” April 1928, p. 31-35+.
    April 1928,

    83×243.126.  Wrigley, Frances. “Old Jewelry Resumes Its Importance.” May 1928, p. 39.
    May 1928,

    83×243.139.  Wenham, Edward. “The Gypsy Silversmiths of Scotland.” May 1928, p. 59-62.
    May 1928,

    83×243.137.  Wenham, Edward. “Casters, Dredgers, and Muffineers.” June 1928, p. 62-64.
    June 1928,

    83×243.98.  Wenham, Edward. “The Evolution of the Knife and Fork.” December 1929, p. 50,52.
    December 1929,

    83×243.149.  Hornor, W.M. Jr. “The Richardson Family, Silversmiths of Philadelphia.” 1930, p. 41-?.

    83×243.142.  Beatty, Albert R. “The Personal Swords of George Washington.” 1931, p. 34-35.

    Magazine Antiques clippings. (arranged chronologically)
    Folder 9

    83×243.102.  Coe, Sarah. “Vinaigrettes and Other Personal Silver.” n.d. p, 56-?

    83×243.100.  Comstock, Helen. “The John Marshall Phillips Collection.” n.d., 554-553.

    83×243.132.  Keyes, Homer Eaton. “An Unproductive Study of a Pewter Service.” n.d.

    83×243.112.  Wykes, Hunter. “A Note on English Silver.” August 1926, p. 112-114
    August 1926,
    ((2 copies))

    83×243.123.  Wood, T. Kenneth. “A Lafayette Chair.” October 1926, p. 293-295.
    October 1926,

    83×243.122.  Keyes. Willard Emerson. “Toy Banks.” October 1926, p. 290-293.
    October 1926,

    83×243.130.  Carrick, Alice Van Leer. “Mother-of Pearl Cardcases.” December 1926, p. 448-451 +.
    December 1926,

    83×243.136.  “Editor's Attic.” December 1926.
    December 1926.

    83×243.131.  “Editor's Attic.” June 1927.
    June 1927.

    83×243.104.  Cotterell, Howard Herschel. “European Continental Pewter, Part IV.” July 1927, p.43-49.
    July 1927,

    83×243.134.  Kimball, Marie. “The Furnishing at Monticello.” November 1927, p. 380-385.
    November 1927,

    83×243.105.  Cotterell, Howard Herschel. “European Continental Pewter, Part VII.” February 1928, p. 130-135.
    February 1928,

    83×243.120.  “Editor's Attic.” February 1928.
    February 1928.

    93×138.108.  Stabler, Lucy L. “Washington's Traveling Boot Box” and Burbank, Leonard. “Lyndeboro Pottery.” February 1928, p. 123-124.
    February 1928,

    83×243.138.  Swan, Mabel. “The Village Tinsmith.” March 1928, p. 211-214.
    March 1928,

    83×243.135.  Outerbridge, Alexander E. Jr. “Filigree Gold and Silver.” March 1928, p 219-221.
    March 1928,

    83×243.108.  Rose, Jennie Haskell. “Some Charleston Silversmiths and Their Work.” April 1928, p. 301-307.
    April 1928,

    83×243.103.  Rugg, Harold G. and the Editor. “Richard Lee, Pewterer.” June 1928, p.493-495.
    June 1928,

    83×243.119.  Cotterell, Howard Herschel. “Further Notes on Commemorative Porringers.” July 1928, p.39-40.
    July 1928,

    83×243.128.  Illustration. “Eighteenth-Century English Scent Bottles and Other Colored Glasses.” April 1931, p. 290.
    April 1931,

    83×243.140.  Howe, Florence Thompson. “Jacob Sargent, Goldsmith and Clockmaker.” April 1931, p. 287-290
    April 1931,
    ((2 copies).)

    83×243.93.  Hunter, Walter. “The Spoon as a Funerary Souvenir.” April 1931, p. 302-304 +
    April 1931,
    ((2 copies).)

    83×243.141.  Cotterell, Howard Herschel and Robert M. Vetter. “The `Noble Pewter' of Holland.” 1931.

    83×243.166.  Weak, Mabel. “Captain Elias Pelletreau, Long Island Silversmith.” Parts I and II May and June 1931, p. 365-368, 438--440.
    May and June 1931,

    93×138.109.  Illustration. June 1931, p. 456. Pewter marks.
    June 1931,

    93×138.110.  Unidentified article on pewter. June 1931, p. 461-463.
    June 1931,

    83×243.124.  Bradbury, Frederick. “Old Sheffield Plate, Part I.” July 1931, p. 12-16.
    July 1931,

    83×243.125.  Bradbury, Frederick. “Old Sheffield Plate, Part II.” August 1931, p. 100-105.
    August 1931,

    83×243.101.  Keyes, Williard Emerson. “Old-Time Tobacco Requisites.” July 1931, p. 18-22.
    July 1931,

    93×138.112.  Unidentified article containing information on Joseph Richardson and Philip Syng, goldsmiths. July 1931, p.33-34.
    July 1931,

    83×243.121.  Webber, John Whiting. “Roswell Gleason.” August 1931, p. 87-89.
    August 1931,

    83×243.146.  Arthur, Helen. “Thomas Sparrow.” January 1949, p. 44-45.
    January 1949,

    83×243.152.  “Philadelphia Silversmiths” December 1955. (Pages have portion cut out).
    December 1955.

    93×138.111.  Overby, Osmund R. “Ammi B. Young: An Architectural Sketch” and “Some American Miniatures.” June 1962, p. 529-530.
    June 1962,

    93×138.105.  Spang, Joseph Peter III. “The Parker and Russell Silver Shop in Old Deerfield.” June 1962, p. 638-642.
    June 1962,

    93×138.78.  French, Aletta, L. “Patience, Industry, Care, and an Eighteenth-century Handkerchief.” July 1962, p. 65-67.
    July 1962,

    93×138.115.  McNab, Jessie. “Monteiths: English, American, Continental.” August 1962, p. 156-160.
    August 1962,

    93×138.82.  Hickman, Peggy. “The Art of Silhouette in Dublin before 1800.” August 1962, p. 150-152.
    August 1962,

    93×138.107.  Smith, Robert C. “The Houses of Fairmount Park.” November 1962. Includes articles on individual houses of Cedar Grove, Woodford, Mount Pleasant, Sweetbrier, Strawberry Mansion, and Lemon Hill by various tour guides.
    November 1962.

    93×138.118.  Miller, Isabelle. “New York Silver of the Seventeenth Century.” December 1962, p. 636-637.
    December 1962,

    93×138.81.  Fales, Martha Gandy. “English Design Sources of American Silver.” January 1963, p. 82-85.
    January 1963,

    93×138.116.  Davidson, Ruth. “Features in the Museums.” January 1963, p. 112.
    January 1963,

    93×138.79.  Ellenbogen, Eileen. “Vinaigrettes.” February 1963, p. 214-217.
    February 1963,

    93×138.117.  Ross, Marvin. “Scottish Tobacco Mulls in the Hillwood Collection.” May 1963, p. 568-569.
    May 1963,

    93×138.114.  Dallett, Francis James. “Some Franco-American Silversmiths and Jewelers.” December 1963, p. 706-708.
    December 1963,

    93×138.83.  [Article on enameled watches] December 1963, p. 699+
    December 1963,

    93×138.80.  Rice, Norman and James H. Halpin. “Joseph Warford, Silversmith of Albany and Salem, New York.” April 1964, p. 429- 431.
    April 1964,

    Miscellaneous magazine clippings. (arranged chronologically)
    Folder 10

    83×243.151a.  Illustration. A Silver Can, the work of the famous silversmith, Paul Revere (1735-1818). n.d.

    83×243.151b.  Advertisement. For display of silver set by Joseph Lownes at the New York Antiques Exposition. n.d.

    93×138.76.  Cornelius, Charles Over. “Early American Silver.” The Home. n.d.

    83×243.147.  Park, Joseph H. “The Meaning of a Mysterious Mark.” n.d., incomplete.

    83×243.113.  Avery, C.L. “Early American Silver Shown at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. n.d. Review of exhibition.

    83×243.144.  Fine Old English Silver. n.d.

    93×138.77.  [Unidentified article on silver “utensils”]. April 1921, p.57.
    April 1921,

    83×243.109.  Pennington, Jo. “American Domestic Silver.” International Studio. August 1925, p. 352-356.
    August 1925,

    83×243.110.  Tuck, Marie. “Monkey Spoons.” Hobbies. February 1954, p. 49-51.
    February 1954,

    93×138.113.  Penzer, N.M. “The Silver Chamber-Pot, Part I.” The Antique Collector. October 1958, p. 174-178.
    October 1958,

    93×138.106.  “Fairmount Park.” Interior Design. March 1963, p. 127-131.
    March 1963,

    93×138.74.  “New Values for Old Silver.” Time. March 7, 1969.
    March 7, 1969.

    Miscellaneous newspaper clippings. (arranged chronologically)
    Folder 11

    93×138.70.  Godcharles, Frederick. “Pennsylvanians, Past, and Present.” n.d. From a Philadelphia newspaper. Concerns Philip Syng.

    83×243.22.  Unidentified, undated article concerning museum exhibit. Mentions Herbert DuPuy, H.T. Halsey, and Herbert Lee Pratt.

    93×138.72.  Gould, Frank. “Million Dollar Spoon.” n.d. From unidentified newspaper. Concerns John Marshall Philips and his discovery of forgeries.

    93×138.63.  Gould, Frank. Unidentified article. n.d. Contains portions of article 93×138.72.

    93×138.56.  14 Miscellaneous articles, possibly from The New York Times and a Philadelphia newspaper. Article 1 reports the sale of Duke of Leinster's silver set. n.d. Article 2 is a reprint of a 1824 article concerning a fire in jeweler's shop, possibly Philadelphia. Article 3 notes the bequeathal of the Munn Collection to the New York Historical Society. n.d. Article 4 reports the sale of a silver pitcher by Paul Revere at a New York auction. n.d. Article 5 “Some Rhode Island Silversmiths.” Saturday Review of Literature. January 26, 1929. Article 6 reports on missing orrery owned by Dr. Maurice J. Babb of the University of Pennsylvania. n.d. Article 7 “Relics Fill Home Near Gettysburg.” January 2, 1938. Article 8 “A Pennsylvanian.” Philadelphia Bulletin. June 20, 1923. Contains biographical information on Timothy Matlack. Article 9 “Historical Society Tea.” n.d. Reports on display of silver tea kettle in Logan family silver collection. Article 10 concerns donation by Mrs. J. Amory Haskell of a Thomas Shields sugar bowl to an unidentified museum. n.d. Article 11 reports the sale of silver tankard by Peter Van Dyke at an auction. n.d. Article 12 from The New York Times on sale of highboy, April 3, 1944. Article 13 is a reprint of an 1834 article concerning John Randolph, Nicholas Biddle, and Cadwalader Colden. Article 14 “Men and Things.” Philadelphia Bulletin. Wednesday, April 18, 1923. About artist Charles Willson Peale.

    83×243.88.  Burden, Nancy. “How Baby-Feeding has Changed From Antiquity to the Space Age.” Philadelphia Bulletin? n.d.

    83×243.94.  Advertisement. Leary's Old Book Store. n.d.

    93×138.128.  Cole, Ann Kilborn. “What is Historic Blue?” n.d. Article on pottery. (Possibly from The Philadelphia Inquirer.)

    93×138.129.  “A Pennsylvanian.” Philadelphia Bulletin. May 23, 1929. Article on William Bradford.
    May 23, 1929.

    93×138.67.  “Garvan Collection of Silver Basis of Important Research.” The New York Sun. Saturday, July 19, 1930.
    July 19, 1930.

    93×138.65.  “Rare Clocks Adorn Old Homes Here.” and “Pean of Color Rises in Chapel.” Philadelphia Public Ledger. Sunday, April 17, 1932.
    April 17, 1932.

    83×243.89.  “Magdalen By Ribera Owned by Jefferson.” The New York Times. Sunday, April 26, 1936.
    April 26, 1936.

    93×138.64.  2 obituaries for John Marshall Philips. Saturday, May 9, 1953. One is from The New York Times.
    May 9, 1953.

    83×243.90.  Cole, Ann Kilborn. “Masterpieces in Glass.” The Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine. June 13, 1954.
    June 13, 1954.

    93×138.130.  “Old Silver Exhibit.” April 6, 1956 and “Museum Plans Silver Exhibit.” Philadelphia Bulletin. n.d. Both articles report on an exhibit at Philadelphia Museum of Art.
    April 6, 1956

    93×138.126.  Barnes, Barbara. “Silver Tells Story of American History.” Philadelphia Bulletin. Sunday, April 8, 1956.
    April 8, 1956.

    93×138.127.  Illustrations. Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine. April 15, 1956. [Possibly of items on display at Philadelphia Museum of Art exhibit.]
    April 15, 1956.

    Miscellaneous. (arranged by accession number)
    Folder 12

    83×243.6.  Speech. To The Colonial Dames of Delaware. n.d. “Henry Stiegel and his Glass, 1763-1774.”
    n.d. “

    83×243.61.  Letter (photocopy). To Nellie from Laura Mordecai, Philadelphia, May 23, (n.y.) Concerns her grandfather, Myer Myers.
    May 23, (n.y.)

    83×243.66.  Inventory (photostat). The estate of Daniel Dupuy, Philadelphia, September 14, 1807 by John Reed and Robert Cochran.
    September 14, 1807

    83×243.78.  Notes (typed). Biographical information on Philip Hulbeart. Taken from Pennsylvania Gazette No. 1715, November 5, 1761.
    November 5, 1761.

    83×243.87.  3 Illustrations cut from unidentified magazine and 1 postcard. n.d. All portraits of women, two are by Sir Thomas Lawrence.

    83×243.92.  Letter. To Mr. Mazurie and son from Stephan Girard, April 15, 1793. In French. Concerns payment in French money instead of American money.
    April 15, 1793.

    83×243.95.  Print. Small portrait of “Theresa” by F. Andreotti.

    93×138.52.  Advertisement and order form. For book on Thomas Richardson of England by author, Mary Thomas Seaman. Note on back says “Ordered by McGirr, February 14th, 1930.”

    93×138.54.  Edmunds, Albert J. “Combination Directory of the City of Philadelphia for 1785.” Manuscript. n.d. Hand copy of the directory through letter A only.

    93×138.61.  Letter(typed copy). To B.F. from James Parker, New York, September 7, 1747. Concerns silver spoons. Copied from Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings, March-May 1902, p. 189-190.
    September 7, 1747.

    93×138.66.  Notes. On Bumford Samuel. n.d. Notes that he left $750,000 to Fairmount Park for sculptures.

    93×138.75.  Barber, Edwin Atlee. “Plea and Plan for a Complete Museum of Ceramics.” The Sun New York, March 5, 1911.
    March 5, 1911.

    93×138.100.  Advertisement. From unidentified magazine. n.d. For English plate set by Paul Lamerie.

    93×138.101.  Illustrations. From unidentified magazine. n.d. Depicts silver pieces by Paul Revere, Peter Van Dyck, Jeremiah Dummer, Nathaniel Morse, John Edwards, and John Moulinar.

    93×138.103.  Illustrations. From unidentified magazine. n.d. Gold boxes and silver urn by Joseph Lownes.

    93×138.104.  Advertisements. From unidentified magazine. n.d. For London dealers S. J. Phillips and Thomas Lumley.

    93×138.131.  Letter. To Benjamin Franklin Bache from W. Calder Marshall, London, September 22, 1902. Concerning their relation through the family genealogy of Henry Lawson Cambridge.
    September 22, 1902.

    Philadelphia Inquirer
    Folder 13

    83×243.150.  “Our Historic Shrines.” Philadelphia Inquirer. Special Report. Part One: “Independence Hall,” April 22, 1963 and Part Nine: “Other Points of Interest,” May 2, 1963.
    April 22, 1963

    Auction catalogs
    Box 2: Folder 1

    Bloomfield insurance information
    Folder 2

    Illustrated letter sheet: Philadelphia lithography by Herline & Co., printed by John Weik, Philadelphia, 1869
    Folder 3

    Inventory of Judaica and other Judaic items
    Folder 4

    Letters to Bloomfield about Logan tankard, from Anna Brix
    Folder 5

    Miscellaneous correspondence, mostly Brix
    Folder 6

    Miscellaneous notes, newspaper articles, etc.
    Folder 7

    Notes about tankards
    Folder 8

    Photocopies of documents, mostly relating to Joseph Donath
    Folder 9

    Photographs and negatives
    Folder 10

    Research notes and correspondence of Mr. and Mrs. Brix, numbered A1-A88
    Folder 11