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Creator:         Weiser, Frederick S. (Frederick Sheely), 1935-2009.

Title:               Frederick S. Weiser fraktur and Pennsylvania German research papers

Dates:             ca.1935-ca.2008

Call No.:         Col. 876

Acc. No.:        10x73; 12x12; 15x84

Quantity:        102 boxes; ca. 251 volumes

Location:        11 B-C 1-6, D 1-2






Pastor Frederick Sheely Weiser of Pennsylvania was well known for his studies of Pennsylvania German history and decorative arts.  He wrote many books and articles about Pennsylvania local history, genealogy, church history, and Pennsylvania German folk art.  He belonged to several local history and genealogical organizations and was editor for and a director of the Pennsylvania German Society.


Frederick S. Weiser was born on November 25, 1935, in Hanover, Penn., the son of Elizabeth Katharyn Sheely and Donald Koehler Weiser.   He was a 1957 graduate of Gettysburg College.  He also earned degrees at the Lutheran Theological Seminaries in Gettysburg and Philadelphia and was an ordained Lutheran pastor.  He served several Lutheran churches and was archivist of Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary for several years.  Pastor Weiser died on January 26, 2009.





Collection of research notes, correspondence, photos, and books documenting Pastor Weiser’s interest in Pennsylvania German culture and decorative arts, particularly in fraktur.  Also includes information about Pastor Weiser’s personal collection of Pennsylvania German antiques and part of his personal library.


An important part of the collection are Pastor Weiser’s research notes about fraktur.  Included are notes about fraktur artists, copies of articles and books about fraktur, information about frakturs made in places other than Pennsylvania, and information about the motifs used and about the different forms which fraktur took (such as book plates and taufschein).  The collection includes a great many slides and color transparencies, as well as photocopies of fraktur, but no original examples.  The artists’ files include biographical information and reproductions of the works of the artists.  (Additional slides of fraktur are found in Series II, subseries C.)


Correspondence, other research notes, and photos and slides are found in Series II.  Pastor Weiser corresponded with a number of people and institutions about all his many research interests.  His research notes document his interests in various aspects of Pennsylvania German culture, church history, furniture of the Mahantongo Valley in  Pennsylvania,  and the Pennsylvania German dialect.  Included in this series are photos, particularly of tombstones and show towels, and a few late 20th century paper cuts and fraktur given to or collected by Pastor Weiser.   As well, this series includes slides, including fraktur, show towels, and tombstones; there are also a number of slides are from Pastor Weiser’s trips to Europe and Israel.


Of additional interest are the files of Guy Reinert, John Baer Stoudt, John Joseph Stoudt, and photos by Charles S. Rice, all in Series III.  Guy Reinert wrote about Pennsylvania German culture, and his files include research notes, photos, and newspaper clippings.  Of particular interest are his photos of the potters Jacob Medinger, and Isaac and Thomas Stahl, the work of the blacksmith Henry Driehaus, and two horn combs made in Pennsylvania.  Charles S. Rice took photos of the Amish in the 1940s; some of the ones in this collection were used in his book Meet the Amish (Rutgers University Press, 1947).  Father and son John Baer Stoudt (1878-1944) and John Joseph Stoudt (b.1911) collected Pennsylvania German poems, ballads, children’s lore, superstitions, weather predictions, and other folklore sayings.  Pastor Weiser obtained some of their manuscripts.


Series IV contains information, such as invoices and photographs, which documents the collections of antiques acquired by Pastor Weiser and his friend Pastor Larry Neff.   Finally, a great many books round out the collection.  Some of these are publications in or about the Pennsylvania German dialect.  A number of books are about the Amish or Mennonites.  These books are listed on this finding aid and each has its own record in WinterCat, the on-line catalog.





The collection is divided into several series.  Series I (acc. 10x73) is arranged into general files, files about fraktur, files about forms of and motifs used on fraktur, and files about fraktur artists.   Slides of fraktur are in separate boxes at the end of this series.


Accession 12x12 is divided into Series II-V.  Series II, subseries A is correspondence of Pastor Weiser; subseries B is research notes on various topics, including the furniture of the Mahantongo Valley, but most especially on Pennsylvania Germans and the Pennsylvania German dialect; subseries C is photographs and slides, including slides and photographs of tombstones, slides of textiles (most especially show towels), and slides of Pastor Weiser’s trips to Europe and Israel.  Accession 15x84, photos of tombstones, are also part of Series II.C.


Series III contains the papers and photos of Guy Reinert, Charles S. Rice, and the Stoudts. 


Series IV documents the collections of Pastor Weiser and Pastor Neff. 


Series V are the books and other publications which belonged to Pastor Weiser.  (Part of his library is also found in the Printed Books and Periodicals section of the Winterthur library.)





The materials are in English and German.





Collection is open to the public.  Copyright restrictions may apply.





Accession 10x73: gift of the estate of Frederick S. Weiser.  (All these are in Series I.)

Accession 12x12: gift of the estate of Frederick S. Weiser.  (These are in Series II-V.)






                        Driehaus, Henry, b.1860.

Medinger, Jacob, d.1932.

Pietz, Adam, b.1873.

Stahl, Isaac, 1871-1950.

                        Stahl, Thomas, b.1863.




            Fraktur art.

            Fraktur artists.

            Folk art, Pennsylvania Dutch.

            Illumination of books and manuscripts, Pennsylvania Dutch.

            Amish - Pennsylvania - Photographs.

Barns - Pennsylvania.

Coffins - Photographs.


Coverlets, Pennsylvania Dutch.

Furniture, Pennsylvania Dutch - Mahantongo Valley.

            Ironwork, Pennsylvania Dutch.

            Needlework, Pennsylvania Dutch.

Pottery, Pennsylvania Dutch.

Sepulchral monuments - Pennsylvania.

Germans – Pennsylvania.

Germans – Maryland.

Germans – United States.

Germans – Canada.

Pennsylvania German dialect.

Folklore – Pennsylvania German.


            Research notes.



Additional authors:

            Reinert, Guy F.

            Rice, Charles S. (Charles Scott), 1910-2000.

            Stoudt, John Baer, 1878-1944.

            Stoudt, John Joseph, 1911-






Location: 11 B-C 1-6, D 1-2



Series I: Fraktur research papers (acc. 10x73)


Box 1: General files (legal size)


Folder 1:          Cocalico Blacksmith account book (photocopy)


Folders 2-3:     Fraktur: Schwenkfelder fraktur         


Folder 4:          Getz papers


Folder 5:          Hershey Museum papers


Folder 6:          Lancaster County, Penn.: Mormon cards

                        [cards for records of Lancaster County held by the Mormon research center]


Folder 7:          Lancaster County, Penn.: Scriveners


Folder 8:          Lancaster County, Penn.: Women’s inventories


Folder 9:          Mutter Maria’s hymnal (photocopy)


Folder 10:        Schreier, Adam: Account book, 1794-1804 (photocopy)


Folder 11:        Wotring, Peter: Account book (photocopy); and Cox, Jonathan P., Woodworkers in Allentown, Salisbury Township, and Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania (thesis, 1982)



Box 2: General files


Folder 1:          Bell, Herbert C.  History of Leitersburg District, Washington County, Md. (1898) (photocopy)


Folder 2:          Book photocopies (mostly German language)


Folder 3:          Byler, John: family book, 1836 (photocopy)


Folder 4:          Carroll County, Maryland: index of names, historic notes


Folder 5:          Carroll County, Maryland: recipe book [partly in German]


Folder 6:          Clemmer, Joel G.: Fraktur bibiliography        


Folder 7:          Cox, Susanna: Lied (photocopies)


Folder 8:          Hammer, Carl, Jr.: Rhinelanders on the Yadkin (1965) (photocopy)


Folder 9:          Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild: immigrant ships to Maryland, ca.1716-1737


Folder 10:        Johnson: Schoolmaster list, Lancaster County, Penn.


Folder 11:        Parochial schools


Folder 12:        Pennsylvania money



Box 3: General files; Fraktur files


Folder 1:          Peters, G. S.: printer


Folder 2:          Petersen, Johann Dieter


Folder 3:          Roebar, A. G.: “Official and Nonofficial Piety and Ritual in Early Lutheranism”


Folder 4:          Rohrbach, Henrich Adam


Folder 5:          Student papers from PSU class on Pennsylvania German culture


Folder 6:          Weiser, Frederick: photographs of fraktur collection


Folder 7:          Weiser, Frederick: research and article on Pennsylvania German family books


Folder 8:          Weiser, Frederick: talks, lectures, etc.: notes and undated materials


Folders 9-10:   Weiser, Frederick: talks, lectures, etc., 1973-2003


Folder 11:        Fraktur



Box 4: Fraktur files


Folder 1:          Fraktur: Amish, unattributed


Folder 2:          Fraktur: by place: Canada


Folder 3:          Fraktur: by place: Europe


Folder 4:          Fraktur: by place: Maryland


Folder 5:          Fraktur: by place: New Jersey


Folder 6:          Fraktur: by place: North Carolina


Folder 7:          Fraktur: by place: Ohio: Sonnenberg, Wayne County


Folder 8:          Fraktur: by place: Pennsylvania: York County


Folder 9:          Fraktur: by place: South Carolina


Folder 10:        Fraktur: by place: Virginia


Folder 11:        Fraktur: by place: West Virginia


Folder 12:        Fraktur: Catalogs



Box 5: Fraktur files


Folder 1:          Fraktur: Collections: National Archives


Folder 2:          Fraktur: Collections: Pennsylvania State Museum


Folder 3:          Fraktur: Collections: Philadelphia Museum of Art


Folder 4:          Fraktur: Collections: Smith-Hummelstown


Folder 5:          Fraktur: Collections: Winterthur


Folder 6:          Fraktur: Exhibits


Folder 7:          Fraktur: illustrations and texts, from unlabeled folder


Folder 8:          Fraktur: Inquiries


Folder 9:          Fraktur: non-German-American


Folder 10:        Fraktur: Reproductions


Folder 11:        Fraktur: Restoration and conservation


Folder 12:        Fraktur: Texts


Folder 13:        Fraktur articles, no date, 1960s-1970s



Box 6: Fraktur files; Forms and motifs


Folders 1-2:     Fraktur articles, 1980s-2001  


Folder 3:          Fraktur books

                        [includes copy of Henry Chapman Mercer’s “The Survival of the Mediaeval Art of Illuminative Writing Among Pennsylvania Germans,” bound in late 1890s]


Folder 4:          Fraktur books: Dietrich Fraktur Collections, 1986-1998, no date


Folder 5:          Fraktur books: Exhibit catalogs, 1974-2001


Folder 6:          Forms and motifs: ABC, Acrostic poems, Alphabets


Folder 7:          Forms and motifs: Adam and Eve [see also Broadsides, below]


Folder 8:          Forms and motifs: Animals, Birds, Great Fish


Folder 9:          Forms and motifs: Book plates (ex libris)

                        (continues in next box)



Box 7: Forms and motifs


Folder 1:          Forms and motifs: Book plates (ex libris): Schwenkfelder


Folder 2:          Forms and motifs: Broadsides


Folder 3:          Forms and motifs: Broadsides: Adam and Eve


Folder 4:          Forms and motifs: Concordia, Hanover, Henkel


Folder 5:          Forms and motifs: Buildings


Folder 6:          Forms and motifs: Christmas and New Year greetings


Folder 7:          Forms and motifs: Confirmation certificates


Folder 8:          Forms and motifs: Copy books


Folder 9:          Forms and motifs: Cut-outs


Folder 10:        Forms and motifs: Death Denkmal


Folder 11:        Forms and motifs: Embroidery books and patterns


Folder 12:        Forms and motifs: Family records and birth records


Folder 13:        Forms and motifs: Flowers



Box 8: Forms and motifs


Folder 1:          Forms and motifs: Haus Segen


Folder 2:          Forms and motifs: Himmelsbrief


Folder 3:          Forms and motifs: Hymanls


Folder 4:          Forms and motifs: Hymnals: Ephrata Codex


Folder 5:          Forms and motifs: Hymnals, assorted


Folder 6:          Forms and motifs: Love letter labyrinths


Folder 7:          Forms and motifs: Marriage records


Folder 8:          Forms and motifs: Music book title pages


Folder 9:          Forms and motifs: People drawings and Praying Child theme



Box 9: Forms and motifs:


Folder 1:          Forms and motifs: Presentation fraktur


Folder 2:          Forms and motifs: Religious drawings and texts


Folder 3:          Forms and motifs: Secular drawings 


Folder 4:          Forms and motifs: Seven Rules of Wisdom


Folder 5:          Forms and motifs: Sisters’ Chronic


Folder 6:          Forms and motifs: Stars and geometric drawings


Folders 7-10:   Forms and motifs: Taufschein



Box 10: Forms and motifs:


Folder 1:          Forms and motifs: Taufschein, undated


Folder 2:          Forms and motifs: Taufschein: Printed


Folder 3:          Forms and motifs: Taufschein: Printed: Allentown, Baltimore, Carlisle, Chambersburg, Easton, Ephrata, Hanover



Box 11: Forms and motifs; and Hymns:


Folder 1:          Forms and motifs: Taufschein: Printed: Harrisburg, Lebanon, Reading


Folder 2:          Forms and motifs: Vorschriften, to 1790      


Folder 3:          Forms and motifs: Vorschriften, 1790-1810


Folder 4:          Forms and motifs: Vorschriften, 1810 and later


Folder 5:          Forms and motifs: Way to Heaven


Folder 6:          Hymn texts: chart


Folder 7:          Hymns: Ach Gott wie mancher bittrer


Folder 8:          Hymns: Ach halte dich zu


Folder 9:          Hymns and hymnals



Box 12: Artists


Folder 1:          Artists: A

                        Herman Ache; John Adams; Johan Andries v. Alms; Jacob Andreas; Mechior Auer


Folder 2:          Artists: Alsdorff, Christian (Earl Township Artist)


Folder 3:          Artists: B-Ba

                        B; Jacob Balde; Christian Bamberger; Daniel Bamberger; Friedrich Bandel; Felix Bandly; Andreas Bauer


Folder 4:          Artists: Bard, Johannes (1791-1861)


Folder 5:          Artists: Be

                        John Adam Beidler; Benjamin Beiler; Joh. Jacob Bensheimer; Jean Bernard; Ludwig Bernd; Peter Bernhart; John William Bernthaüsel


Folder 6:          Artists: Berks County Artist


Folder 7:          Artists: Bi-Bo

                        Stephen Bieg; Bird in the Border Artist; Bird in the Hand Artist; David Bixler; Jacob Bixler; Herman Blaesser ((d.1821); Peter Blaesser (d.1810); Jacob Botz



Box 13: Artists:


Folder 1:          Artists: Br-Bu

                        Heinrich Brachtheiser; Martin Brechall; Jacob Brecht; Herman Diederich Bremer; Engelhart Brown; Hans Jacob Brubacher (d.1802); Abram Brubaker; Henry Brubaker; George Gottfried Ephraim Burger (1790-1861); J. G. Busyaeger (Westmorleand County, Penn.)


Folder 2:          Artists: C

                        Wilhelm Caffroth; Christian Cassel; Huppert Cassel; A. Colona; Conestoga Township Artist; David Cordier; Lud Crecelius; Otto Rudolph Crecelius; Cross-Legged Artist


Folder 3:          Artists: Da-Di

                        Dandelion Artist; Martin M. Däthweiler (fl. 1765); George Peter Deisert; George Adam Derr; Jacob Dester; Philip Deutsch; Abraham Dirdorff


Folder 4:          Artists: Do-Du

                        Christopher Dock; John Doelle (Straw-Rose Penman); Dreisbach printed; Heinrich Dulheuer; Heinrich Dutge (Tutge, Dutze, Tutze)


Folder 5:          Artists: Eb-Ee

                        Johannes Eberman; Barbara Ebersole (1848-1922); Ebner Print Copy Artist; John Eckman


Folder 6:          Artists: Eh-En

                        Ehre Vater Artist; Heinrich Engelhard; Engraver Artist



Box 14: Artists:


Folder 1:          Artists: Eyer family genealogy


Folder 2:          Artists: Eyer, Johann Friedrich (1770-1827)


Folder 3:          Artists: F-Fle

                        C.F.; Wilhelmus Antonius Faber; Wilhelm Feickert; Michael Fieter; Jacob Fleisher


Folder 4:          Artists: Fly-Fu

                        Flying Angel Artist; Philip Jacob Foesig; Franklin County Mennonite Artist; David Frey; Samuel Frey; Michael Frölich; Mathias Fuchs


Folder 5:          Artists: Ga-Gil

                        John Gallatin; F. G. Gebhard; Johannes Gehman; George Geistweit; Geometric Design Artist; George Gerhart; Adam Gilbert


Folder 6:          Artists: Gilbert, Johann Conrad (1734-1812)



Box 15: Artists:


Folder 1:          Artists: Gis-Gr:

                        Henry Gise; Daniel Goldhalt; Gott Allein die Ehre Artist; Heinrich Göttell, Sr. and Jr.; Jacob Gottschall; Martin Gottschall (1797-1870); Samuel Gottschall (1808-1898); Isaac Gross – see slides


Folder 2:          Artists: Ha-Hen

                        Hagerstown Artist; Hanovertown Artist; Harpist Artist; Dietrich Hartman; Friedrich Haux, schoolmaster; Eli Haverstick; Heidelberger-Brothers Valley Artist; Hen and Rooster Artist


Folder 3:          Artists: Her-Ho

                        Hereford Township Artist; David Herr; Johann Heinrich Hetzel (d.1786); Johann Wilhelm Heyder; Balzer Heydrich (1765-1846); Hex Sign Artist; Johannes Heyn; Arnold Hoevelmann (d.1804); Christopher Hoffmann; Fr. Ludw. Hoffmann; Johannes Hoffmann; David C. Hoke; Jacob Holder, Jr.


Folder 4:          Artists: Hu

                        Huber Artist; Augustus Hubertus; Michael Hubley; Abraham Hübner; Abraham W. Hubner; Baltzer Hubner; David Hubner; Jacob Hummel (d.1822); Hummelstown Artist; Abraham Huth


Folder 5:          Artists: Ka-Kr

                        Carl Heinrich Jacob Kauffman; Andreas v. Kessler; Heinrich Keyser; Friedrich Klee; Johann Daniel Koaff; Jacob König; J. Kraus; Tobias Kreider; Peter Krick; Abraham Kriebel; David Kriebel; Sarah Kriebel (Dresher)


Folder 6:          Artists: Kolb, Andreas (1749-1811)


Box 16: Artists:


Folders 1-3:     Artists: Krebs, Friedrich        


Folder 4:          Artists: Ku

                        David Kulp; Friedrich Küster


Folder 5:          Artists: La

                        Lampeter Township Mennonite Artist; Lancaster County Amish Artist; Lancaster County Bookplate Artist; Lancaster County Vorschrift Artist; Johan Landes; Rudolph Landis; Christian Lapp; Henry Lapp; Late Berks County Artist; Late Mahantango Valley Artist; Abraham Latshaw (1799-1870)


Folder 6:          Artists: Le- Lu

                        Leacock Township Artist; Valentin Leopoldt; Francis D. Levan; Christian Limbach; Joseph Lochbaum; John Jacob Loeser; Anthony Lupp



Box 17: Artists:


Folder 1:          Artists: M-Ma

                        A.F.M.; Georg Männig; Manor Township Artist; Peter Mareb; Johannnes Mayer


Folder 2:          Artists: Me

                        Christian Mertel; David Meyer; Martin Meyer; Samuel Meyer; Stephen Meyer


Folder 3:          Artists: Mi-Mu

                        Gabriel Miesse; Friedrich Miller; Lewis Miller; Peter Mischler, Friedrich Mittelmann; Bartholomew Moul; Philip Mumbauer (PM); Carl Edward Münch (1769-1833); Samuel Musselman


Folder 4:          Artists: N-Or

                        David Nickey (1741-1803), Jacob Nolt; Jacob Oberholtzer; Oley Township Artist; Johannes Ortman


Folders 5-6:     Artists: Oley Mermaid Artist (continues in next box)



Box 18: Artists:         


Folder 1:          Artists: Oley Mermaid Artist (continued from previous box)


Folder 2:          Artists: Otto

                        Conrad Otto; Jacob Otto; Johan Henrich Otto; William Otto (1761-1841)


Folder 3:          Artists: P

                        Ernst Friedrich Personn; Daniel Peterman (1797-1871); J. B. Pfrimer; Francis Portzline (1771-1857); Provinz Marialand Artist; Pseudo Otto; Arnold Puwelle


Folder 4:          Artists: Q-R

                        Nicholas Quast; Anthony Rehm; Johannes Renniger; Johannes Ressler; George Frederick Rick; Jacob Ritter (Snow Hill); Rockhill Artist; Heinrich Rohlandt


Folder 5:          Artists: Sa-Schul

                        Gottlied Saar; Conrad Schäffer; Thomas Schley; Jacob Schaffner; Carl Scheiber; Christian Schneider; Johannes Schopf/Schopp; Joh. Friedrich Schopfle; Johann Valentin Schuller; David Schultz, jr. (1757-1833)


Folder 6:          Artists: Schumacher, Daniel (continues in next box)



Box 19: Artists:


Folder 1:          Artists: Schumacher, Daniel (continued from previous box)


Folder 2:          Artists: Se-So

                        Heinrich Seiler (d.1772); Abraham Seybert; Carl Friedrich Seybold; John Nicholas Sheaffer (d.1810); Thomas Shoms; Adam Siegel (d.1809); Samuel Siefried; Sing and Dance Artist; Smoke Church Artist; Soly Deo Gloria Artist


Folder 3:          Artists: Sp-Sq

                        Johannes Spagenberg (d.1814); Speckled Tulip Artist; Georg Friedrich Speyer; William Spira; Peter Sprichman; Springing Deer Artist; Square Flower Artist


Folder 4:          Artists: St

                        Johannes Stahl; Christian Stauffer (Stover, fl. 1767-1769); Adam Stenger; Benjamin L. Stoltzfus; Stone Valley Artist; Stony Creek Artist (Heinrich Hoeltzel); Strasburg Artist; Jacob Strickler


Folders 5-6:     Artists: Strenge, Christian (1758-1823)



Box 20: Artists:


Folder 1:          Artists: Sussel-Washington Artist


Folder 2:          Artists: T

                        Taufzeugen Artist; Georg Teibel; Conrad Trevits (1750-1830), Tulip in Border Artist


Folder 3:          Artists: U-V

                        John Valentin Unger; Upper Dauphin Artist; Van Minian; Michael Vetter


Folder 4:          Artists: W

                        T.H.W.; Geo. Peter Wasser; Samuel E. Weaver; William Weaver (of Virginia); John Weibling; Wetzel-Geometric Artist; John Whistler; Wild Turkey Artist; Johannes Wolf; Adam Wuertz


Folder 5:          Artists: Y-Z

                        Christopher Yeakel; Abner Yoder (1814-1883); John Zink; Jacob Zoll


Folder 6:          Artists: Young, Henry



Box 21: Artists:


Folder 1:          Artists: unknown

                        [these items were found loose in a box]


Folder 2:          Artists: unknown: “Esmerian anonymous”



Box 22: Artists: (legal size)


Folder 1:          Artists: Bentz, William (Mount Pleasant Artist)


Folder 2:          Artists: Eyer, Johann Adam (1755-1837)


Folder 3:          Artists: Heilman hymnal (W. L. Clements Library)


Folder 4:          Artists: Hubner, Susanne (1750-1818)


Folder 5:          Artists: Immel, Martin


Folder 6:          Artists: Otto, Daniel


Folder 7:          Artists: Weiss, Heinrich



Box 23: Slides:


By Artist surname, A-G



Box 24: Slides:


By Artist surname, H-Strenge



Box 25: Slides:


By Artist surname, Strickler-Zoll

Ephrata Cloister


Hanover printed Taufschein

Scwenkfelder fraktur

Series II: Correspondence and research files (acc. 12x12)



Subseries A: Correspondence



Box 1: Correspondence:


Folder 1:          Adams, Bryding


Folder 2:          Agner, Martha


Folder 3:          Albaugh, Gaylord P.


Folders 4-5:     Albert, Carl [of Oklahoma]: correspondence and genealogical research notes


Folder 6:          American Antiquarian Society


Folder 7:          Archives of the Moravian Church (Bethlehem, Penn.)


Folder 8:          Arndt, Karl


Folder 9:          Barnes Foundation


Folder 10:        Baur, Dick


Folder 11:        Beam, Richard


Folder 12:        Beam, Richard: Pennsylvania German dictionary


Folder 13:        Beitt, Klaus: Osterreichisches Museum fur Volkskunde


Folder 14:        Benjamin, Steven M.



Box 2: Correspondence:


Folder 1:          Bennethum, D. Michael


Folder 2:          Best, Jane (New Holland Lutheran Church history)


Folder 3:          Bird, Michael


Folder 4:          Brednich, Rolf W.: bibliography


Folder 5:          Brentjes, Burchard (and Jurgen Storz)


Folder 6:          Brossman, Schuyler


Folder 7:          Brown, Edgar S.


Folder 8:          Brunner, Raymond


Folder 9:          Bucher, Robert C.


Folder 10:        Buehler, Allan


Folder 11:        Burnham, Dorothy


Folder 12:        Clarke, Jane Adams


Folder 13:        Conrad, Tom


Folder 14:        Cox, Jonathan


Folder 15:        Cumberland Valley Farm Museum/Museum of American Frontier Culture


Folder 16:        Daub, William B.


Folder 17:        Deneke, Bernward (Germanisches Nationalmuseum)


Folder 18:        Dern, John P.


Folder 19:        Diefenbacher, Karl


Folder 20:        Dietrich American Foundation


Folder 21:        Diller, Edwin C.



Box 3: Correspondence:


Folder 1:          Duck, Dorothy


Folder 2:          Durnbaugh, Donald F.


Folder 3:          Earnest, Russell and Corinne


Folder 4:          Fetterman, William B.


Folder 5:          Franklin and Marshall College: North Museum


Folder 6:          Free Library of Philadelphia


Folder 7:          Gantner, Theo


Folder 8:          Graeff, Marc K. (and Irene Stupp)


Folder 9:          Greene, David


Folder 10:        Groff, Clyde


Folder 11:        Harter, Mary (Mrs. Bert) and Henckel Genealogical Bulletin


Folder 12:        Head, Trude


Folder 13:        Heinz Moos Publishing Co.


Folder 14:        Hellerich, Mahlon



Box 4: Correspondence:


Folder 1:          Heritage Center of Lancaster County


Folder 2:          Hersh, Tandy


Folder 3:          Hershey Museum of American Life (Eliza Harrison)


Folder 4:          Historical Society of York County (Penn.)


Folder 5:          Hollenbach, Raymond E.


Folder 6:          Hopf, Claudia and Carroll

                        [note: paper cuts by Claudia are in Weiser papers]


Folder 7:          Hornung, Maria and Herwig


Folder 8:          Johnson, Arta


Folder 9:          Johnson, David


Folder 10:        Jones, Hank


Folder 11:        Joyner, Peggy Shomo


Folder 12:        Kauffman, Henry J.


Folder 13:        Keller, Patricia


Folder 14:        Kelz, Heinrich


Folder 15:        Kiddoo, Nancy


Folder 16:        Kiebach, Raymond E.


Folder 17:        Kindig, Paul E.


Folder 18:        Klein, Georges: Musée Alsacien


Folder 19:        Kleinschmidt, Wolfgang


Folder 20:        Kline, Robert M.



Box 5: Correspondence:


Folder 1:          Klingaman, Arthur K.


Folder 2:          Kloss, Heinz


Folders 3-4:     Koehler family correspondence


Folder 5:          Kuby, Alfred


Folder 6:          Kulp, Isaac Clarence


Folder 7:          Kutztown Publishing Co.


Folder 8:          Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society


Folder 9:          Lasansky, Jeannette


Folder 10:        Lewars, James


Folder 11:        Luthy, David (Amish Historical Library, Aylmer, Ontario)


Folder 12:        MacMaster, Richard


Folder 13:        Martin, Nancy


Folder 14:        Martin, Willard



Box 6: Correspondence:


Folder 1:          Maryland Historical Society


Folder 2:          Mentzer, Ralph B.


Folder 3:          Milspaw, Yvonne


Folder 4:          Miscellaneous correspondence

[surnames: Auman, Britton, Christoph, Cook, Erb, Focht, Haag, Hively, Hoch, Hostetler, Hoz, Huffines, G. Jones, Keyser, Kieffer, Mennonite Heritage Center (Souderton), Moyer, Muhlenberg College, Museum of American Folk Art, Rentschler, Robacker, Roller, Schelbert, Schildknect, Scott, Seagreaves, Shindle, Snyder, Wollmershauser; Alan – surname unknown]


Folder 5:          Mohr, Viola: Meier Homestead restoration


Folder 6:          Myers, Margaret E.


Folder 7:          National Gallery of Art (D.C.)


Folder 8:          National Genealogical Society


Folder 9:          Old Economy Village (R. V. Shepherd, Jr.)


Folder 10:        Old Salem and MESDA


Folder 11:        Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Culture Society


Folder 12:        Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission


Folder 13:        Philadelphia Museum of Art


Folder 14:        Pieske, Christa


Folder 15:        Pieske, Christa: publications


Folder 16:        Rink, Franz



Box 7: Correspondence:


Folder 1:          Roan, Nancy and Abe


Folder 2:          R.R. Bowker Co.


Folder 3:          Russell, Donna Valley


Folder 4:          Scherer, Karl


Folder 5:          Schwartz, Elke


Folder 6:          Science Press


Folder 7:          Seubold, Frank and Helen


Folder 8:          Shelley, Donald


Folder 9:          Shupp, Leonard


Folder 10:        Smith, Debbie (Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity, Lancaster, Pa.)


Folder 1:          Smith, Richard Flanders


Folder 12:        Snyder, Carl


Folder 13:        Wokeck, Marianne


Folder 14:        Wolf, Edward C.


Folder 15:        Wust, Klaus


Folder 16:        Yoder, Don



Series II:


Subseries B: Research files



Box 1: Research files:


Folder 1:          Apples


Folder 2:          Bachman, Johannes: coffin maker, 1771-1810


Folder 3:          Baisch, Ernst Ludwig, 18th century


Folder 4:          Bischoff, F., portrait painter


Folder 5:          Breneiser, Samuel, clockmaker: photos


Folder 6:          Breneman papers


Folder 7:          Brunner family of Schifferstadt (Maryland)


Folder 8:          Butter prints


Folder 9:          Butzer, Ignaz Franz Haver: Schleg-Buch [music book]: photocopy


Folder 10:        Calendars


Folder 11:        Canadian Germans [Pennsylvania Germans in Canada]


Folder 12:        Canadian Germans: Joseph Schneider Haus



Box 2: Research files:


Folder 1:          Christmas cards [most with Pennsylvania German designs]


Folder 2:          Christmas cards from Heilman family


Folder 3:          Cookie cutters


Folder 4:          Death and funeral customs


Folder 5:          Drissell, John, 1762-1846


Folder 6:          Engelbrecht, Jacob: index to diary, v. 1-3


Folder 7:          Ephrata Cloister


Folder 8:          Exhibits: announcements


Folder 9:          Fairs, etc.


Folder 10:        Folk art


Folder 11:        Franklin and Marshall College


Folder 12:        Frey, George: papers


Folder 13:        Furniture: Mahantongo Valley, Penn. [folder 1 of 2, continues in next box]



Box 3: Research files:


Folder 1:          Furniture: Mahantongo Valley, Penn. [folder 2 of 2, continued from previous box]


Folder 2:          Furniture: Mahantongo Valley, Penn.: Artist no. 1


Folder 3:          Furniture: Mahantongo Valley, Penn.: Artists no. 2-8


Folder 4:          Furniture: Mahantongo Valley, Penn.: Artist no. 9


Folder 5:          Furniture: Mahantongo Valley, Penn.: Artists no. 10-11


Folder 6:          Furniture: Mahantongo Valley, Penn.: Artists no. 12-19



Box 4: Research files


Folder 1:          Furniture: Mahantongo Valley, Penn.: Kreiligh, Adam


Folder 2:          Furniture painters book, Hershey Museum


Folder 3:          Furniture placement


Folder 4:          Gallwitz, Carl Christ Wilhelm: daybook translation [i.e. diary]


Folder 5:          Genealogy: Burgert material: unpublished notes


Folder 6:          Genealogy: land patents (Brackbill articles)


Folder 7:          Genealogy: Möllinger/Mellinger family


Folders 8-9:     Genealogy: notes and research from Gloria Kreider Bowman


Folder 10:        Genealogy: various notes and inquiries



Box 5: Research files


Folder 1:          Genevieve legend


Folder 2:          German press in Virginia


Folder 3:          Getz: medical book [photocopy]


Folder 4:          Goschenhoppen Historians


Folder 5:          Goschenhoppen Historians: folk festival recipes


Folder 6:          Harnish Reunion Association: “The Samuel Harnish Freindschaft,” by J. G. Francis, edited by Weiser, 1962


Folder 7:          Helfrich autobiography          


Folder 8:          Hessian troops


Folder 9:          Hoff barn: photos


Folder 10:        Hoffman, Johannes Wilhem: diary: transcription


Folder 11:        Holidays: Lichtmass, Fastnacht, Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost, Ascension Day


Folders 12-13: Holidays: Christmas   



Box 6: Research files


Folder 1:          Holidays: Christmas and New Year’s


Folder 2:          Hollenbach collection (Lehigh County Historical Society)


Folder 3:          Huffenstein[?] care book


Folder 4:          Kemmelmeyer, Frederick, artist


Folder 5:          Kitchen ware


Folder 6:          Klinger, Irwin: plays


Folder 7:          Kunsman, George Washington: Der Mose Ompshel… [Pennsylvania German stories]       


Folder 8:          Lainhoff, Thomas A.: “The Buildings of Lancaster County, 1815”


Folder 9:          Lancaster County, Penn.


Folder 10:        Leininger, Regina – includes Pastor Weiser’s printed version of her story


Folder 11:        Leitner account book, with translation [photocopy]


Folder 12:        Maryland Germans


Folder 13:        Menges Mills, York County, Penn.


Folder 14:        Mennonites


Folder 15:        Montelius, Peter, school teacher and printer


Folder 16:        Müller, Susanna: her midwife’s book, Lancaster County, Penn., 1791-1815


Folder 17:        Naturalization petitions



Box 7: Research files:


Folder 1:          Needlework [includes photos, see also slides under Textiles]


Folder 2:          Needlework: aprons [includes photos, see also slides under Textiles]


Folder 3:          Needlework:  decorated handkerchiefs  

[includes photos; see also slides under Textiles]


Folder 4:          North Carolina Germans


Folder 5:          Northkill Amish almsbook


Folder 6:          Old Reading Beer: advertisements


Folder 7:          Oley Valley, Pennsylvania


Folder 8:          Paul, Johannes


Folder 9:          Pennsylvania German calendar


Folder 10:        Pennsylvania German churches: art


Folders 11-12: Pennsylvania German culture on cards, menus, etc.



Box 8: Research files:


Folders 1-2:     Pennsylvania German dialect

                        [note: several works printed in Pennsylvania German dialect are in Series V of this collection]


Folder 3:          Pennsylvania German dialect: church services


Folder 4:          Pennsylvania German dialect: events, 1935-1994 [passim]


Folder 5:          Pennsylvania German dialect: Larry Neff’s grammar


Folder 6:          Pennsylvania German dialect: papers from Germany



Box 9: Research files:


Folder 1:          “A Pennsylvania German Hagiology,” by Pastor Weiser


Folders 2-3:     Pennsylvania German pewter [includes photos]


Folder 4:          Pennsylvania German pottery


Folder 5:          Pennsylvania German recipes

                        [note: for cooking recipes, see the folders about Holidays]


Folder 6:          Pennsylvania German recipes: brewing


Folder 7:          Pennsylvania German recipes: Reading Times cookbook, 1936 [photocopy]


Folder 8:          Pennsylvania German theater


Folder 9:          Pennsylvania Germans: Amish: papers and articles


Folders 10-11:             Pennsylvania Germans: articles



Box 10: Research files:


Folders 1-2:     Pennsylvania Germans: articles and miscellany


Folder 3:          Pennsylvania Germans: articles from Bucks County Historical Society


Folder 4:          Pennsylvania Germans: bibliographies


Folder 5:          Pennsylvania Germans: Grundsow lodges [groundhog lodges]


Folder 6:          Pennsylvania Germans: Grundsow lodges: Fersommling



Box 11: Research files:


Folder 1:          Pennsylvania Germans: letters (transcripts)


Folder 2:          Pennsylvania Germans: music


Folder 3:          Philadelphia Museum of Art  


Folder 4:          Photographs: miscellaneous   


Folder 5:          Pow-wow, Hexerei, etc. [includes old documents, in German and English]


Folder 6:          Recipes; also Festivities and Food seminar


Folder 7:          Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania           


Folder 8:          Schoene Shule U.



Box 12: Research files:


Folder 1:          Show towel book (“This Is the Way I Pass My Time”)


Folder 2:          Show towel book: photos, pictures, diagrams (“This Is the Way I Pass My Time”)


Folder 3:          Show towels: Canada


Folders 4-5:     Show towels: photographs [see also slides]


Folder 6:          Spayd ledger, 1770s-1780s: typescript [location of original unknown]        


Folder 7:          Supreme Court case: Wisconsin vs. Yoder et al.



Box 13: Research files:


Folder 1:          Textiles: notes which accompanied slides [which are now in separate boxes]


Folder 2:          Tombstones [see separate boxes of tombstone photographs and slides]


Folder 3:          Tombstones: carvers, including Johannes Quickel


Folder 4:          Tombstones: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church


Folder 5:          Tombstones: inscriptions


Folder 6:          Tombstones: St. Mary’s Church, Silver Run, Maryland [includes photos; see also slides]


Folder 7:          Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster   


Folder 8:          Weiser and Neff articles, and personal information (includes Weiser family)


Folder 9:          Weiser, Fred: various notes    


Folder 10:        Winterthur Museum: Downs Collection material      


Folder 11:        Wollenweber, Louis A.  (1807-1888)


Folder 12:        Zelinsky, Wilbur: “The Pennsylvania Town”



Box 14: contemporary fraktur and paper cuts; oversize photos


20 paper cuts and fraktur, made in 1970s and 1980s, and perhaps a little later; includes a book mark, stationery, ornaments, but mostly just designs.  Originally in a highly acidic album, but the items have been removed and are now loose.  (acc. 12x12.2-.21)


Also, two oversize photos, both of samplers, both labeled sampler book.  It is possible that these are photos of samplers in the Weiser or Neff collections.



Box 15: notecards


Church records, by county, mostly Maryland and Pennsylvania;

Gettysburg imprints;

Hanover imprints;

Hymns and fraktur texts;

Talks and exhibits



Box 16: notecards


Cards about people, mostly teachers, but also some on people in general, a list of people by occupation, and some notes on tombstone purveyors;


Cards about a variety of topics:

textiles in church records or in existence to 1850;

saints days and minor religious festivals;

miscellaneous folklore gathered by F.S.W.;

names and addresses of contacts;

lists of periodicals, and some other odds and ends of notes;


pies known in Pennsylvania German communities



Series II:


Subseries C: photographs and slides


Box 1: Negatives, transparencies, microfiche


Microfiche from Family History Library, listing locations of records for Maryland, Germany, Pennsylvania and Switzerland;


Color transparencies of Die Geschichte Joseph’s und Seiner Bruder, published in Harrisburg by G.S. Peters, no date;


Rolls and strips of negatives, some labeled show towels, some labeled tombstones, others not labeled;


Winterthur Museum film strip, “Pennsylvania German Prints and Drawings”



Box 2: tombstone photographs [see also slides; additional copies of many of these photos  are in boxes 28-29]


Folder 1:          Tombstones [miscellaneous photos]

Folder 2:          Bindnagel’s [unsure whether this is sculptor or place]

Folder 3:          Bixler, A. [sculptor]

Folder 4:          Bixler, David [sculptor]

Folder 5:          Erb, J. [sculptor]

Folder 6:          Hirneise [or Hirneisen], Jacob [sculptor]

Folder 7:          Mörs [sculptor]

Folder 8:          Weiler, C. [sculptor]

Folder 9:          Wilson (Adamstown) [sculptor]

Folder 10:        Amity Cemetery, Amity township, Berks Co.

Folder 11:        Benders churchyard

Folder 12:        Bergstrasse Lutheran Church, near Ephrata  

Folder 13:        Chestnut Hill, Lower Milford township, Lehigh County



Box 3: tombstone photographs [see also slides; additional copies of many of these photos  are in boxes 28-29]



Folder 1:          Christ UCC, Littlestown

Folder 2:          Dryland Church, Hecktown, Bethlehem, Northampton County

Folder 3:         Emanuel Lutheran, Brickerville

Folder 4:          Emanuels Church, Emanuelsville, Moore township, Northampton County

Folder 5:          Emmanuel UCC, Abbottstown

Folder 6:          Emmanuel UCC, Hanover, and Mt. Olivet, Hanover (moved there)

Folder 7:          Falkner Reformed, Hanover township, Montgomery County

Folder 8:          Falkner Swamp Lutheran Church, Montgomery County

Folder 9:          Hilltown Mennonite, Line Lexington, Bucks County

Folder 10:        Huff’s Church, near Herford, Berks County

Folder 11:        Jerusalem, Almont, Bucks County



Box 4: tombstone photographs [see also slides; additional copies of many of these photos  are in boxes 28-29]



Folder 1:          Muddy Creek Church, Lancaster County

Folder 2:          Mummerts Church of B. [Church of the Brethren?], between East Berlin and Abbotstown

Folder 3:          Old Zionsville Reformed Church

Folder 4:          St. David’s Church, near Hanover

Folder 5:          St. Paul’s, Indianland, near Cherryville, Northampton County

Folder 6:          Union Church, Egypt

Folder 7:          Upper Bermudian Church

Folder 8:          Ziegel Church, Weissenburg township, Lehigh County

Folder 9:          Zion (Stone) Church, Kreidersville



Box 5: slides

            Assorted decorative arts;

            Canadian decorative arts;

            Christmas ornaments;

            Cookie cutters;


            Furniture and clocks;


            Paper cuts;



            Rooms, architecture, buildings;

            Textiles: aprons

            Textiles: assorted

            Textiles: patterns


Box 6: slides

            Textiles: pillowcases and sheets

            Textiles: quilts and coverlets

            Textiles: samplers

            Textiles: show towels [continues in next box; see also photos in Series II.B]


Box 7: slides

            Textiles: show towels [continues from previous box; continued in next box]


Box 8: slides

            Textiles: show towels [continued from previous box]

            Fraktur [continued in next box; see also slides in Series I]


Box 9: slides

            Fraktur [continued from previous box; continues in next box]


Box 10: slides

            Fraktur [continued from previous box]

            Fraktur: Candian

            Fraktur: European

            Fraktur: Southern

            Fraktur: Taufschein


Box 11: slides

            Fraktur: Taufschein: printed

            Fraktur: Vorschrift

            Fraktur and broadsides: printed


Boxes 12-13: slides

            Tombstones [see also photos in boxes 2-4 of this series]


Boxes 14-16: slides

            United States; many in box 14 are of Pennsylvania; many in box 16 are of people rather than places [continues in next box]


Box 17: slides

            United States

            Europe (mostly unidentified; many from 1972)


Boxes 18-25: slides

            Europe; those in Box 19 are mostly of northern Europe; those in boxes 21-24 are mostly of Germany; includes Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Austria, Switzerland, and also other countries (continues in next box)


Box 26: slides

            Europe (various countries)

            Israel (continues in next box)


Box 27: slides

            Israel (continued from previous box)


Box 28: photos of Pennsylvania German tombstones (acc. 15x84)

            [see also Boxes 2-4, with other copies of same photos]


Folders 1-2:     unidentified


Folder 3:          Bergstrasse Lutheran Church  (Lancaster County)


Folder 4:          Christ Reformed Church (near Littlestown)


Folder 5:          Church of the Brethren, Great Conewago


Folder 6:          Emanuel Reformed Church (Abbottstown)


Folder 7:          Emanuel Lutheran Church (Brickerville)


Folder 8:          Muddy Creek Church, Lancaster County


Folder 9:          Bixler, Absalom: carver


Folder 10:        Bixler, David: carver


Folder 11:        Erb, J.: carver


Folder 12:        Hanover, Penn.: Mt. Olivet Cemetery


Folder 13:        Hirneisen, Jacob: carver



Box 29: photos of Pennsylvania German tombstones (acc. 15x84)

            [see also Boxes 2-4, with other copies of same photos]


Folder 1:          Weiler, C.: carver


Folder 2:          Wilson, R.[?]: carver from Reamstown


Folder 3:          Ballard [?] family: carvers: Lehigh County


Folder 4:          Lehigh Valley


Folder 5:          Mörs: carver


Folder 6:          York County, Penn.


Folder 7:          Carroll County, Maryland
Series III: research files of Guy Reinert, Charles Rice, and the Stoudts (acc. 12x12)



Box 1: Reinert


Folder 1:          Reinert, Guy


Folder 2:          Reinert, Guy: Augustus Church, Trappe, Penn. (mostly photos)


Folder 3:          Reinert, Guy: Barns


Folder 4:          Reinert, Guy: Barns: photos

[note: includes tintype, depicting farmer standing in front of small barn]


Folder 5:          Reinert, Guy: Basketmaking


Folder 6:          Reinert, Guy: Birch oil distilling


Folder 7:          Reinert, Guy: John Birmelin


Folder 8:          Reinert, Guy: Blacksmith (Henry Driehaus)


Folder 9:          Reinert, Guy: Blanket chests


Folder 10:        Reinert, Guy: Bookplate engravings (Adam Pietz)


Folder 11:        Reinert, Guy: Clocks


Folder 12:        Reinert, Guy: Comb making and combs

                        [includes 2 horn combs made in Pennsylvania, one in a case]



Box 2: Reinert, Guy: Coverlets


Folder 1:          Reinert, Guy: Coverlets: correspondence


Folder 2:          Reinert, Guy: Coverlets: notes, clippings


Folder 3:          Reinert, Guy: Coverlets: notebook pages


Folder 4:          Reinert, Guy: Coverlets: notes and manuscripts


Folders 5-6:     Reinert, Guy: Coverlets: pictures



Box 3: Reinert


Folder 1:          Reinert, Guy: European folk art prototypes: photographs


Folder 2:          Reinert, Guy: Fabrics: photos [mostly coverlets]


Folder 3:          Reinert, Guy: Fraktur: photos


Folder 4:          Reinert, Guy: Ironwork


Folder 5:          Reinert, Guy: notes on photographs


Folder 6:          Reinert, Guy: Pennsylvania German Folklore Society


Folder 7:          Reinert, Guy: Pewter


Folder 8:          Reinert, Guy: Photographs


Folder 9:          Reinert, Guy: Pottery: correspondence: John Ramsay


Folder 10:        Reinert, Guy: Pottery: miscellaneous


Folder 11:        Reinert, Guy: Pottery: photos



Box 4: Reinert


Folder 1:          Reinert, Guy: Pottery: Jacob Medinger (potter) and William McAllsiter (artist)


Folder 2:          Reinert, Guy: Pottery: Stahls Brothers (Isaac and Thomas), with photos of Isaac


Folder 3:          Reinert, Guy: Pottery: Thomas Stahl: photographs


Folder 4:          Reinert, Guy: Pottery: Berks County


Folder 5:          Reinert, Guy: Pottery: Berks County: photographs


Folder 6:          Reinert, Guy: Pottery: Bucks County



Box 5: Reinert


Folder 1:          Reinert, Guy: Pottery: Carbon County


Folder 2:          Reinert, Guy: Pottery: Lancaster County


Folder 3:          Reinert, Guy: Pottery: Lebanon County


Folder 4:          Reinert, Guy: Pottery: Lehigh County


Folder 5:          Reinert, Guy: Pottery: Montgomery County


Folder 6:          Reinert, Guy: Pottery: Northampton County


Folder 7:          Reinert, Guy: Pump making


Folder 8:          Reinert, Guy: Reading (Penn.) Bicentennial, 1946-1947


Folder 9:          Reinert, Guy: Samplers: photos


Folder 10:        Reinert, Guy: Show towels: photos


Folder 11:        Reinert, Guy: Edward C. Smith


Folder 12:        Reinert, Guy: Stiegal glass


Folder 13:        Reinert, Guy: Stories and clippings


Folder 14:        Reinert, Guy: Tombstones


Folder 15:        Reinert, Guy: Tombstones: negatives



Box 6: Reinert


Glass plate negatives from Reinert: map of New Netherlands, 7 fraktur, and photos of papers pertaining to a school and church in Maxetawny, Penn.



Box 7: Rice, Stoudts


Folders 1-2:     Rice, Charles S.: photos of Amish

                        [includes photos of Amish at a sale, interior of an Amish living room, a funeral (mostly cemetery scenes), a school scene, a barn raising, a buggy maker, plowing, water wheels, etc.]


Folder 3:          Stoudt, John Baer: “Pennsylvania German Superstitions, Prognostics, Folklore”


Folder 4:          Stoudt, John Baer: Rhymes, pottery inscriptions, children’s lore, etc.


Folder 5:          Stoudt, John Baer: scrapbook about Oley Valley revival; also German songs, rhymes, etc.


Folder 6:          Stoudt, John Joseph: Folklore manuscript: part I: Children’s lore


Folder 7:          Stoudt, John Joseph: Folklore manuscript: part II: “The Proverbial Mind” (collected from the notebooks of John Baer Stoudt)


Folder 8:          Stoudt, John Joseph: Folklore manuscript: part III: Ballads


Series IV: Weiser and Neff collections


Box 1:


Baskets (B 1-36, plus one unnumbered folder);

Butter prints (BU 1-38);

Cookie cutters (CC 1-63; continues in next box);


Box 2:

Cookie cutters (CC 64-204, continued from previous box, continues in next box);



Box 3:

Cookie cutters (CC 205-350; continued from previous box, continues in next box);


Box 4:

Cookie cutters (CC 351-491, continued from previous box, continues in next box);


Box 5:

Cookie cutters (CC 492-525, plus one unnumbered folder; continued from previous box);

Fraktur (FR 1-100, but missing numbers 95 and 97; continues in next box);


Box 6:

Fraktur (FR 101-191, but missing number 185; continued from previous box);

Furniture (FU 1-28; continues in next box)


Box 7:

Furniture (FU 29-37)

Objects (OB 1-99, plus four unnumbered folders, but missing 11, 29, 56, and 71);


Box 8:

Textiles: AT numbers (AT 1-104, but missing 16 and 86)

Textiles: T numbers (T 1-6; continues in next box)


Box 9:

Textiles: T numbers (T 7-138; continued from previous box, continues in next box)


Box 10:

Textiles: T numbers (T 139-247; continued from previous box, continues in next box)


Box 11:

Textiles: T numbers (T 247-295, plus 24 unnumbered folders; continued from previous box)

Weiser and Neff collections (pages in this folder found loose in box);

onservation reports (pages in this folder found loose in box);

Ney/Nye/Krall families (pages in this folder found loose in box);

Unidentified photos  (these were found loose in box);

Show towels: sold


Also, two oversize photos, both of samplers, both labeled sampler book, are found in Series II, Subseries B, Box 14.  It is possible that these are photos of samplers in the Weiser or Neff collections.


Series V: Books and other publications


Shelved in alphabetical order by main entry (author or title).


Adams, Ruth.  Pennsylvania Dutch Art.  (The American Arts Library.)  (Cleveland: World Publishing Co., 1950)


Along the Saucony.  V. 6, no. 1 (Jan. 1983).


Altonaer Museum in Hamburg.  Stickmustertücher aus dem Besitz des Altonaer Museums. (Hamburg: The Museum, 1975).


Amish Quilt Postcards in Full Color, from the Collection of the Museum of American Folk Art.  Edited by Karla Friedlich.  (New York, 1989).


Amish Quilts from the Collection of the Museum of American Folk Art.  (Scranton, Everhart Museum, 1982).


Aspects of Amish Mennonite History.  Internal and External Perspectives on Amish and Mennonite Life.  (Essen, 1984).


Aurand, A. Monroe.  Historical Account of the Ephrata Cloister and the Seventh Day Baptist Society.  (Aurand Press, 1940).


Aurand, A. Monroe.  Little Known Facts about Bundling in the New World.  (Aurand Press, 1938).


Aurand, A. Monroe.  Little Known Facts about the Amish and the Mennonites:  A Study of the Social Customs and Habits of Pennsylvania's "Plain People."  (Aurand Press, 1938).

            Note: copy 3 is a later printing.  Copy 2 includes recipes printed inside front and back covers.


Aurand, A. Monroe.  Pennsylvania-German Dialect Stories and Poems.  (Aurand Press, 1938).


Aurand, A. Monroe.  Popular Home Remedies and Superstitions of the Pennsylvania Germans.

(Aurand Press, 1941).


Aurand, A. Monroe.  Quaint Idioms and Expressions of the Pennsylvania-Germans.  Fifth ed.  (Aurand Press, 1939).


Aurand, A. Monroe.  The Realness of Witchcraft in America.   (Aurand Press, 1938, but this is an undated reprint).


Aurand, A. Monroe.  Wit and Humor of the Pennsylvania Germans.  (Aurand Press, undated reprint).


Authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Recipes.  Compiled by Joe Zook. (Gordonville, 1981)


Backgrounds of the Old Order Mennonite Parochial Schools of Pennsylvania, 1969-1980.  (Gordonville Print Shop, no date)


Beam, C. Richard.  Kleines Pennsylvaniadeutsches Wörterbuch = Abridged Pennsylvania German Dictionary.  (Heimatstelle Pfalz, 1970).


Bechtel, Ernest Waldo.  Penna. Dutch Poems.  (no publisher, no date)


Bechtel, Ernest Waldo.    Schalle vun Freiheit = Echoes of Freedom.  (no publisher, 1976).


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