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Creator:         Bivins, John, 1940-2001                    

Title:               John Bivins papers

Dates:             circa 1964-circa1995

Call No.:         Col. 828

Acc. No.:        07x2, 15x33, 2017x81

Quantity:        57 boxes, 10 folders, 15 rolls of drawings, and 2 film canisters

Location:        9 G-H 1-5, and Map Case C, drawer 7; rolled items in box on top of map case D






John Franklin Bivins, Jr., was a carver, maker of gunstocks, lecturer, author, museum employee, and consultant in early Southern decorative arts.  John, the son of an electronics engineer, was from High Point, North Carolina.  He graduated from the Baylor School in Chattanooga, Tenn., and received a bachelor’s degree in English from Guilford College.  His father collected antiques, including old muskets and rifles, and John became interested in repairing them so they could be used again.  At Guilford College, he wrote a thesis about North Carolina gunmakers, which became the basis for his book Longrifles of North Carolina.


Bivins worked for a printing company in High Point and then took a job in the Historic Sites Division of the North Carolina Department of Archives and History.  In 1968, he began work at Old Salem.  On the side, he made and carved gunstocks, specializing in flintlocks of the American Revolution time period.  He became director of publications for the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA) and began to lecture on antiques.  He wrote books on North Carolina and Charleston furniture, Moravian pottery, and Southern decorative arts.  At one point, MESDA needed a carved chimney breastpiece for one of its rooms.  Bivins was given the commission, and so successful was he that others hired him to carve wood work for house, both museums and private homes.  Eventually, he left MESDA to concentrate on wood carving and lecturing.  The Pennsylvania Bicentennial Commission ordered rifles from him which the Commission sold as special bicentennial commemoratives. 


John Bivins died in Manchester, Vermont, on August 16, 2001.


Books written in whole or in part by Bivins are Furniture of Coastal North Carolina, Longrifles of North Carolina, Moravian Decorative Arts in North Carolina, Moravian Potters in North Carolina, Regional Arts of the Early South, Furniture of Charleston, and Wilmington Furniture.  Some of these were published by or for MESDA.  Bivins wrote his college thesis on “The Kentucky Rifle in North Carolina.”   Bivins also wrote a number of articles, especially on rifles. 





A collection of drawings, photographs, notes, papers, and publications drawn, acquired, or written by John Bivins, the noted gunstocker, woodcarver, and expert in Southern decorative arts.  The papers are roughly equally divided between his interest in rifles, including his business of making gunstocks, and his interest in decorative arts and woodcarving.  The rifle papers include a copy of Bivin’s college thesis about North Carolina guns and a typed draft of his book “The Art of the Fire-lock,” together with photos taken to illustrate the book, many showing the steps in crafting a gun by hand.  Other papers document the gunstocks he created; there is a good deal of correspondence dealing with guns, including correspondence with Joe Kindig, Jr., of Pennsylvania, and Wallace Gusler of Colonial Williamsburg.   Copies of Bivins’ articles on rifles and rifle makers are found either in Series I or Series IV of the collection.  Drawings, photos and slides of rifles, both those made by him and made by others, are in Series III.  Unfortunately, most of the photos and slides are not labeled.


As well, the collection includes notes, correspondence, design drawings, and photographs for other subjects in which Bivins was interested, including the books written he wrote on Moravian pottery, North Carolina and Charleston furniture, and North Carolina rifles.  The collection also includes a script entitled “Authenticating Antique Furniture,” for a show produced and directed by John Bivins and William Connell; a group of videotapes in the collection are believed to be the raw footage for this film. 


The drawings reflect Bivin’s career not only as a maker of gunstocks but also as a wood carver in general.  Drawings of early rifles were doubtless used as inspiration for his own creations.  Drawings of wood carvings for St. Michael’s Church (Charleston, S.C.), Gunston Hall (Va.), the Cornwallis House in Wilmington, N.C., brackets for Monticello, a mirror for a Brewton House (Charleston, S.C.), and others, were for projects on which Bivins worked.  His ability as a woodcarver has been highly praised; he was able to perfectly replicate damaged and missing woodwork for 18th century buildings. 


Most of the publications in Series IV are rifle magazines.  Many contain articles written by Bivins.





The papers are in four series:

Series I: Rifles and rifle business (that is, files pertaining to rifles made by Bivins, plus articles and a book he wrote on rifles);

Series II: Other files (research notes, drafts of books and articles, notes on designs, personal information, and other files not pertaining to rifles);

Series III: Design drawings, slides and photographs;

Series IV: Publications (magazines and books; many of the publications contain articles written by Bivins)


Accession 07x2: All drawings for a project share the same accession number, but not all are filed together; instead, they are filed by size.





The materials are mostly in English.





Collection is open to the public.  Copyright restrictions may apply.





All accessions: Gift of Anne McPherson, widow of John Bivins.


Note: in finding aid, all files are from accession 15x33 unless otherwise noted.






            Gusler, Wallace B.

            Kindig, Joe.



            Burgwin-Wright House (Wilmington, N.C.)

Gunston Hall (Va.)

            St. Michael’s Episcopal Church (Charleston, S.C.)

Blandfield Plantation (Va.)

Antiques - Expertising.

Decoration and ornament, Architectural.

Kentucky rifles.





Furniture - Southern States.

Pottery, Moravian - North Carolina.

Charleston (S.C.) - Buildings, structures, etc.

Monticello (Va.)







Location: 9 G-H 1-5, and Map Case C, drawer 7; rolled items in box on top of map case D



Note: all files are from accession 15x33 unless otherwise noted. 


Correspondence is located in both Series I and Series II.  Although an effort was made to file correspondence about rifles in Series I, not all letters were read, and it is possible that letters about rifles are also in Series II.  Conversely, letters chiefly about rifles could also contain information about other work being done by Bivins.



Series I: Rifles and rifle business



Box 1: Rifles and rifle business


Folder 1:          American Gunmakers Guild


Folder 2:          “Banana” lock


Folder 3:          Bivins, John: rifle making business brochure (John Bivins gunstocker) and some designs


Folder 4:          Bivins: rifles by him: photos: #1 (1966), #2 (1967), #3 (1976), #4 1982), #5 (1992)


Folder 5:          Bivins Wheellock (many photos)


Folder 6:          Brownells, Inc.


Folder 7:          Brumfield’s “time in producing,” Feb. 1978


Folder 8:          Casting companies


Folder 9:          Chart comparing parts of rifles and pistols


Folder 10:        Clark, Sheffield: correspondence


Folder 11:        Colonial Williamsburg gunshop and W. Gusler forge welding: photos


Folders 12-13: Contemporary makers: photographs

(most photos not labeled)

                        [continues in next box]



Box 2: Rifles and rifle business


Folders 1-3:     Contemporary makers: photographs and some correspondence

(most photos not labeled)

                        [continued from previous box]


Folder 4:          Contemporary makers: Haugh and Kirklin


Folders 5-6:     Correspondence, circa 1969-circa 1976



Box 3: Rifles and rifle business



Folder 1:          Correspondence: A-C:

                                    Pete Allan of Allan Manufacturing;

                                    Don Allen;

                                    Alleghany Rifle Company;

                                    John D. Baird (includes 2 letters from acc. 2017x81);

J. Balickie;

B-Square Company;

Roland Cadle;

John Clark;

J. Cundy [see also Sharon Rifle Barrel Co.]


Folder 2:          Correspondence: F-G:

                                    Rick Fajen, of Reinhart Fajen Quality Gun Stocks;

                                    Jerry A. Fisher;

                                    Ed Funk of Funk Metallurgical;

                                    C.R. & D.E. Getz Gun Smiths;

Golden Age Arms Co.;

Dennis B. Greenawalt;

Robert Griffith


Folder 3:          Correspondence: H-N:

                                    Hoenig-Rodman (firm);

                                    J. J. Jenkins;

                                    Kalispel Case Line Products;

                                    Monte Mandarino;

                                    Lowell Manley;

                                    J.B. Meek;

                                    Bluford W. Muir;

National Park Service: Kings Mountain National Military Park


Folder 4:          Correspondence: P-S

                                    R. Paris & Son;

                                    Ron Paull;

Dan Pawlack

Rimer Enterprises;

Rick Schrieber (Laurel Mountain Forge);

C.E. (Bud) Siler;

Ernest Swain (about Tonks rifle);

Robert D. Swartley


Folder 5:          Correspondence: T-W:

Kevin Tinny;

                                    Track of the Wolf;

                                    R. M. Winter



Folder 6:          Creedmoor project


Folder 7:          Damascus Barrels


Folder 8:          Designs: French designs


Folder 9:          Designs: Miscellaneous


Folder 10:        Designs: New designs


Folder 11:        Designs: Newcomer, John (acc. 2017x81)

                                    [not clear if the design is for Newcomer or from a rifle of his]



Box 4: Rifles and rifle business


Folder 1:          Designs: Old designs (for rifles, furniture, wood work): photos and drawings


Folder 2:          English rifle


Folder 3:          Fichter, Lynn S.: article: “The Philosophies of Making Eighteenth-Century Pennsylvania-Kentucky Rifle Reproductions,” 1974


Folder 4:          Firearms transaction records (federal forms)


Folder 5:          Gun Digest: correspondence


Folder 6:          Gunmakers of Charleston, S.C.


Folder 7:          Gunsmithing


Folder 8:          Gusler, Wallace: correspondence


Folder 9:          John Bivins Associates: ledger book, 1970s


Folder 10:        Journeyman applications


Folders 11-13: “The Kentucky Rifle in North Carolina” (1964) (Bivins’ senior thesis)

                        [folder 13: no accession number; limited photocopying may be done by the Downs Collection staff; those who wish a copy of the entire thesis must contact the Friends Historical Collection, Hege Library, Guilford College, 5800 West Friendly Ave., Greensboro, NC  27410)



Box 5: Rifles and rifle business:


Folder 1:          Kindig, Joe,  Jr.: correspondence


Folder 2:          Lock geometry, with letter from Jerry Kirklin


Folder 3:          “Longrifles of North Carolina”: revised copy


Folder 4:          Martin, Hacker: correspondence


Folder 5:          McKenzie, Lynton: engraver for New Orleans Arms Co.


Folder 6:          Meillin, Martin (Lancaster County, Pa., maker): correspondence with Richard Headley


Folder 7:          Metallurgy, etc.; heat treating


Folder 8:          Minneapolis Institute of Art: proposed exhibit on contemporary gun makers, circa 1998-2001


Folder 9:          Muzzle Blasts: correspondence with Maxine Moss


Folders 10-11: North Carolina gunsmiths: miscellaneous notes and correspondence


Folder 12:        North Carolina gunsmiths, 1750-1865

                        [continued in next box]



Box 6: Rifles and rifle business:


Folder 1:          North Carolina gunsmiths, 1750-1865: draft


Folders 2-3:     North Carolina longrifles: notes and correspondence


Folders 4-5:     Bivins: “The North Carolina Rifle, 1750-1850; North Carolina Gunsmiths, 1750-1865”


Folder 6:          Bivins: “The North Carolina Rifle, 1750-1850; North Carolina Gunsmiths, 1750-1865”: rough draft


Folder 7:          Notes about finishes and cleaning of rifles


Folder 8:          Orders: A:

Adams, Floyd (#012);

Alexander, J. M.;

Auerbach, E.


Folder 9:          Orders: B:

Baker, Frank J.;

Barrows, G. L.;

Bigelow, B.;

Bisher, Bill;

Blackburn, T.;

Breu, John (#001);

Brunelli, A.;

Buchanan, Buck (#014)

Butler, J. Mack



Box 7: Rifles and rifle business: Orders, C-N


Folder 1:          Orders: C-G:

Campbell, Daniel, Keith, and Robert (M.B. Retting, Inc.; also see Retting);

Chiswick, L.;

Dadisman, Neal W.;

Davis, R.L.;

                        Dickson, S.H.;

Fleischmann, C.;

Gelber, David


Folder 2:          Orders: H:

Hartnett, D. [see also Pennsylvania Bicentennial Commission];

Haugh, Jack;

Hess, C.S.


Folder 3:          Orders: J-K:

Johanson, Eric;

                        Johnston, Jim;

Jones, Larry M. (#002);

Katow, G.;


Kirkland, T.;

Kosky, R.


Folder 4:          Orders: Manning, K.


Folder 5:          Orders: Mc-Ni:

McAllister, J.;

McCormick, Paul;

Melancon, Bob;

Millikan, Dean;

Morgan, Lee

Nissen, Phil


Folders 6-7:     Orders: November, H. J.



Box 8: Rifles and rifle business: Orders, O-W and ledger


Folder 1:          Orders: O:

O’Connor W.;

                        Owen, Edward H.


Folder 2:          Orders: Pennsylvania Bicentennial Commission


Folder 3:          Orders: P-R:

Parker, J. (#008);

Peterson, G. (#009);

Ramrod Gun Shop/Ramrod Gun and Knife;

Reed, Tony;

Retting, Dan (#13);

Riley, Don;

Roberts, B.;

Ruggie, B.

Ryan, R. A.


Folder 4:          Orders: Schrager/Mann: guns for movie “Last of the Mohicans”


Folder 5:          Orders: S-V:

Sanchez, Lew (#007);

Shepherd, Alan H.;

Shoemaker, Philip;

Smith, Don L. (#004);

Smith, Fearon M. (#003) [includes Lelooska exhibit book];

Venderley, Paul J.


Folder 6:          Orders: W:

Weil, Bob (#013);

Westberg, J. (#020);

White, T.

Wilbur, W. C.;

Wilson, T.


Folder 7:          Orders:

ledger book: with names of customers and specifications and pricing of the rifles purchased, including notes on cancelled orders and who purchased the final products.  Various other records begin on page 122,148,150



Box 9: Rifles and rifle business


Folders 1-2:     Orders: Enquiries & replies, 1969-1975, 1987


Folder 3:          Rifle business: Schuetzen rifles


Folder 4:          Rifle business: Sharon Rifle Barrel Co.

                        [see also J. Cundy]


Folders 5-7:     Shumway, George: book publisher: correspondence, 1970s-1990s



Box 10: Rifles and rifle business


Folder 1:          Single shot rifles


Folder 2:          Slug gun bibliography


Folders 3-4:     Smiths, stockers, related work: correspondence, chiefly 1974


Folder 5:          Stock finish: orders and correspondence


Folder 6:          Suppliers: correspondence


Folder 7:          Toolcraft Mold and Tool Co.


Folder 8:          Wilbur, W. C.: hand-made knives


Folder 9:          Wood: sources


Folder 10:        Work illustrated



Box 11:  Rifles and rifle business: Articles by Bivins


Folder 1:          American Rifleman


Folder 2:          The Buckskin Report


Folder 3:          Gun Digest


Folder 4:          articles about people:

                                    Brown, Don;

                                    Haugh, J.;

                                    House, Hershel


Folder 5:          articles about people:

                                    Mandarino, Monte;    

                                    Riley, J.;

                                    Wilbur, W. C.


Folder 6:          articles: conservation


Folder 7:          articles: foreword to book by David Wesbrook


Folder 8:          articles: Marshall Rifle


Folder 9:          articles: Pyrodex



Box 12: Rifles and rifle business: articles for Muzzle Blasts and Muzzleloader


Folders 1-3:     Muzzle Blasts: articles printed March 1984-October 1985


Folder 4:          Muzzle Blasts: Crockett, David: article about his gun


Folder 5:          Muzzle Blasts: articles about Schuetzen (1984)


Folder 6:          Muzzle Blasts: product reviews: gun kits, Parker-Hale volunteer rifle, Express blue


Folder 7:          Muzzle Blasts: prospective articles


Folder 8:          Muzzle Blasts: video reviews


Folder 9:          Muzzleloader: article by Bivins and correspondence


Folder 10:        Rifle: articles by Bivins for issues #34-37, 42

                        [note: folder for issue 38 was empty]



Box 13: Rifles and rifle business: articles for Rifle


Folder 1:          Rifle: articles by Bivins for issues #43


Folder 2:          Rifle: articles by Bivins for issues #45-48

                        [note: folder for issue 4 was empty]


Folder 3:          Rifle: articles by Bivins for issues #49-51, 53, 55-56


Folder 4:          Rifle: articles by Bivins for issues #57-61, 63


Folder 5:          Rifle: articles by Bivins for issues #87


Folder 6:          Rifle: articles by Bivins for issues #88-89 [all on firearms restoration]


Folder 7:          Rifle: articles by Bivins for issues # 92-93


Folder 8:          Rifle: articles by Bivins: not published or issue unknown

                                    Schuetzen [see Muzzle Blasts, July 1984];

Revolver accurizing;

Also book review and product reviews



Box 14: Rifles and rifle business: articles for Rifle


Folder 1:          Rifle: prospective articles by Bivins


Folder 2:          Rifle: “Aiming for Answers” column


Folder 3:          Rifle: Wolfe Publishing


Folder 4:          Rifle: “American Gunmakers” articles: [issue number in parenthesis]:

                                    Allen, Don (#57);

                                    Balickie, Joe (#55);

                                    Brennan, Jud (#67);

                                    Bresien, Ken (#91)


Folder 5:          Rifle: “American Gunmakers” articles: [issue number in parenthesis]:

                                    Dowtin, Bill  (#60);

                                    Emmons, Bob (#66);

                                    Fisher, Jerry (#58);

Frazier, Jay (#64) 


Folder 6:          Rifle: “American Gunmakers” articles: [issue number in parenthesis]:

                                    Guenther, Karl (#92);

                                    Hartley, Hal (#56);

                                    Lee, Mark (#88);

                                    Letiecq, Phil (#65)


Folder 7:          Rifle: “American Gunmakers” articles: [issue number in parenthesis]:

                                    Lofland, Jim (#61);

                                    McCann, Tom (#93);

                                    McKenzie, Alexander (#85)



Box 15: Rifles and rifle business: articles for Rifle


Folder 1:          Rifle: “American Gunmakers” articles: [issue number in parenthesis]:

Pilkington, P. (#59);

Silver, Mark (#87);

Webber, Ed (#94);

Western Kentucky Seminar (#90);

Winter, Bob (#63)


Folder 2:          Rifle: “American Gunmakers”: information sheets, no articles:

Brooks, Jack;

Crum, Curt Franklin;

Lockridge, Frank M.

Miller, David




Box 16: Rifles and rifle business: “Art of the Flintlock”: text and photos


Folders 1-4:     typescript (acc. 07x2.2)


Folder 5:          Foreword, dedication, acknowledgements


Folder 6:          chapter 1: “Roots of Design”


Folder 7:          chapter 2: “Early Technology,” and article by C.E. Greener


Folder 8:          chapter 3: “The 20th Century Rebirth”: contemporary makers



Box 17: Rifles and rifle business: “Art of the Flintlock”: text and photos


Folder 1:          chapter 4: “Tools of the Trade”


Folder 2:          chapter 5: “Components of the Rifle: Design, Processes, Application”


Folder 3:          chapter 6: “Art of the File”


Folder 4:          chapter 7: “Of Lock, Vent, and Trigger” (elements of ignition)


Folders 5-6:     chapter 8: “Stocking the Piece” (text and photos in separate folders)


Folder 7:          chapter 9: “Patchbox: Design and Installation”


Folder 8:          chapter 10: “Relief Carving the Gunstock”


Folder 9:          chapter 11: “Engraving”



Box 18: Rifles and rifle business: “Art of the Flintlock”: text and photos


Folder 1:          chapter 12: “Metal Finishing Techniques”


Folder 2:          chapter 13: “Gunstock Finishes and Applications”


Folder 3:          chapter 14: “Of Pouch and Horn”


Folder 4:          “Art of the Flintlock”: printed version with minor revisions


Folders 5-8:     photographs (acc. 07x2.2)

(continued in next box)



Box 19: Rifles and rifle business: “The Art of the Fire-Lock”


Folders 1-3:     photographs for work (acc. 07x2.2)

(continued from previous box)




Box 20: Rifles and rifle business: IRS excise tax materials


Folder 1:          IRS: excise tax: Bivin’s description of history of litigation in excise tax case


Folders 2-3:     IRS: excise tax: correspondence


Folder 4:          IRS: excise tax: legal briefs and joint appendix


Folder 5:          IRS: excise tax: legal motions


Folder 6:          IRS: excise tax: primary material


Folder 7:          IRS: excise tax: primary material: attorney materials

Series II: files on topics other than rifles


Box 1:


Folder 1:          Badger-Iredell Law Office restoration


Folder 2:          Baker, Chuck


Folder 3:          Beamer, Wilson


Folder 4:          Beaufort Historical Association (North Carolina)


Folder 5:          Bills of sale from Bivins: antiques (not guns)


Folder 6:          Bivins: article: “Baroque elements in North Carolina Moravian Furniture”


Folder 7:          Bivins: article: “The Development of Trade in Wachovia,” with notes


Folder 8:          Bivins: article: “Furniture of Lower Cape Fear, North Carolina” for Antiques


Folder 9:          Bivins: article about him and obituary (acc. 07x2.1)


Folder 10:        Bivins: articles about him


Folders 11-12:             Bivins: articles and book reviews by him


Folder 13:        Bivins: articles by him for Old Salem and MESDA publications


Folder 14:        Bivins: biographical statement, photographs


Folder 15:        Bivins:  Book Contracts


Folder 16:        Bivins: Christmas cards by Bivins



Box 2:


Folder 1:          Bivins: MESDA and Old Salem correspondence (including resignation)


Folder 2:          Bivins: poems, including “National College Poetry Fellowship Summer Anthology,” 1960, with poem by Bivins on page 17


Folder 3:          Bivins: work log, circa 1900-1992 (includes Gunston Hall, Blandfield Plantation, and other projects)


Folder 4:          Blandfield Plantation (Va.): Beverley furniture


Folder 5:          Blandfield Plantation (Va.): correspondence and notes


Folder 6:          Blandfield Plantation (Va.): drawings


Folder 7:          Blandfield Plantation (Va.): photographs


Folder 8:          Boone, Daniel: article by Joe Nickell


Folder 9:          Brewton House (Charleston, S.C.): article for The Magazine Antiques


Folder 10:        Brewton House (Charleston, S.C.): door staples and strapwork


Folder 11:        Brewton House (Charleston, S.C.): correspondence and notes


Folder 12:        Brewton House (Charleston, S.C.): correspondence, notes, and photographs


Folder 13:        Brewton House (Charleston, S.C.): dormer


Folder 14:        Brewton House (Charleston, S.C.): firebacks

                        [note: contents were received in damaged condition]



Box 3:


Folder 1:          Brewton House (Charleston, S.C.): looking glasses


Folder 2:          Brewton House (Charleston, S.C.): mahogany


Folder 3:          Brewton House (Charleston, S.C.): photos and drawings


Folder 4:          Brewton House (Charleston, S.C.): shutter hardware


Folder 5:          Brewton House (Charleston, S.C.): tiles: notes and correspondence


Folder 6:          Brewton House (Charleston, S.C.): tiles: photos

                        [see also next folder]


Folder 7:          Brewton House (Charleston, S.C.): tiles: photos: “use this art”


Folder 8:          Brewton House (Charleston, S.C.): west pediment


Folder 9:          Cabinet Trade in Boston, Mass.


Folder 10:        Cabinet Trade in New York


Folders 11-12: Cabinet Trade in Salem, Mass.


Folder 13:        Cadwalader card table


Folder 14:        Carving, conservation work, restoration and repairs: miscellaneous clients



Box 4:


Folder 1:          Cellaret


Folder 2:          Charleston, S.C.: Architectural Sources


Folder 3:          Charleston, S.C.: Architectural Sources: “A List of Architectural and Furniture Books Available in Charleston, South Carolina from 1750-1821,” thesis by Caroline Wyche Dixon (1979)


Folder 4:          Charleston, S.C.: bedsteads


Folder 5:          Charleston, S.C.: cabinetmakers


Folder 6:          Charleston, S.C.: furniture [chiefly photocopies]


Folder 7:          The Chimneys (Fredericksburg, Va.)


Folder 8:          Clapp, Gates & Co. (Cedar Hill Foundry and Machine Shop): history and notes


Folder 9:          Colonial Williamsburg: Antiques Forum, 1982: “The Shaping of Taste in Colonial America,” with copy of Bivins’ talk “Governors and Gentlemen in Charleston, S.C.”


Folder 10:        Colonial Williamsburg Foundation


Folder 11:        Cooper, Thomas: conservation report


Folders 12-13: Correspondence, 1969-1995 and no year

                                    [note: correspondence about rifles is found in Series I]



Box 5:


Folder 1:          Coupland, J. Randolph


Folder 2:          Cupola House (Edenton, N.C.)


Folder 3:          Cupola House (Edenton, N.C.): photos taken in 1991 (acc. 07x2.4)

                        Includes a letter about the photos


Folder 4:          “Elmwood” (Essex County, Va.)       


Folder 5:          Engravings: mostly designs, some scenes

                        [believed to be used as models/inspiration for Bivins’ work]


Folder 6:          51 East Bay Street (Charleston, S.C.)


Folders 7-8:     First Scots Presbyterian Church (Charleston, S.C.): Lady Anne Murray memorial


Folder 9:          Frames


Folder 10:        Furniture: Foot Groups: Claw feet


Folder 11:        Furniture: inlay


Folder 12:        Furniture of Charleston: chapter 4, edited



Box 6:


Folder 1:          Furniture of Charleston: edits and notes


Folder 2:          Furniture of Charleston: photo notes


Folder 3:          Furniture of Charleston: zip disk (labeled CFBOOK), plus an unlabeled disk dated 1-15-00 [don’t know if anything is on it]


Folder 4:          Furniture of Coastal North Carolina: outline, notes


Folder 5:          Furniture of Coastal North Carolina: reviews, articles, private praise


Folders 6-7:     Furniture with carving

                        [chiefly photographs, many not identified]


Folder 8:          Gaynor, Jay


Folder 9:          Gehrken, G. Andrew


Folder 10:        German Arts in America


Folder 11:        Gunston Hall (Va.): correspondence and notes

                        [continues in next box]



Box 7:


Folder 1:          Gunston Hall (Va.): correspondence and notes

                        [continued from previous box]


Folder 2:          Gunston Hall (Va.): drawings


Folder 3:          Gunston Hall (Va.): home appraisal for Gunston Hall, 1992, with photos


Folders 4-5:     Gunston Hall (Va.): photos


Folder 6:          Gunston Hall (Va.): photos: Palladian Room pilaster carving ghosts, photographed summer 1986


Folder 7:          Gunston Hall (Va.): “The Restoration of the Palladian Room Fireplace Surround, Gunston Hall” by Bivins


Folder 8:          High Point Historical Society (North Carolina): Haley House, Haley Inn: restoration


Folder 9:          High Point Historical Society (N.C.): John Haley House



Box 8:


Folder 1:          Hurst, Bob


Folder 2:          James, Susan


Folder 3:          Jamestown Friends Meeting House (near High Point, N.C.)


Folder 4:          Jordan, Jai (James C. Jordan, III)


Folder 5:          Mendenhall Store (near High Point, N.C.)


Folder 6:          Monticello: brackets


Folder 7:          Monticello: brackets: photographs


Folder 8:          Moravian Potters in North Carolina


Folder 9:          Moravian Potters in North Carolina: awards


Folder 10:        Moravian Potters in North Carolina: Bethabara



Box 9:


Folders 1-2:     Moravian Potters in North Carolina: correspondence


Folder 3:          Moravian Potters in North Carolina: correspondence with UNC Press


Folder 4:          Moravian Potters in North Carolina: drawings


Folder 5:          Moravian Potters in North Carolina: reviews


Folder 6:          Moravian Potters in North Carolina: text


Folder 7:          Mount Vernon: photos of little dining room


Folder 8:          Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA): photos and information sheets


Folder 9:          Norfolk, Virginia: Woodworkers


Folder 10:        North Carolina furniture: correspondence

                        [continued in next box]



Box 10:


Folder 1:          North Carolina furniture: correspondence

                        [continued from previous box]


Folder 2:          North Carolina furniture: correspondence with photographs


Folder 3:          North Carolina furniture: illustrations not used


Folder 4:          North Carolina furniture: imports


Folders 5-6:     North Carolina furniture: inventories


Folder 7:          North Carolina furniture: inventories with hardware



Box 11:


Folder 1:          North Carolina furniture: loan exhibit: lists and pictures


Folder 2:          North Carolina furniture: notes


Folder 3:          North Carolina Museum of Art: exhibit, 1976


Folder 4:          Pottery: Mount Shepherd, North Carolina, site         


Folder 5:          Pottery: notes


Folder 6:          Old First Presbyterian Church (Huntington, N.Y.)


Folder 7:          Ragsdale, John: Hurricane Hugo damage


Folder 8:          Rudy, John


Folder 9:          St. Michael’s Church (Charleston, South Carolina)


Folder 10:        St. Michael’s Church (Charleston, South Carolina): guidebooks, including a copy of Beesley’s Illustrated Guide to St. Michael’s Church (1908)



Box 12:


Folder 1:          St. Michael’s Church (Charleston, South Carolina): paint research


Folder 2:          Sommers, Humphrey: reproduction rooms at MESDA


Folders 3-4:     Sommers, Humphry: Research notes


Folder 5:          Southern furniture: notes about Charleston furniture


Folder 6:          Southern furniture: photocopies, information sheets, photos


Folder 7:          Southern furniture and decorative arts: photographs


Folder 8:          Stagville (Durham, North Carolina)


Folder 9:          Tavern Barn Theater script

[from Old Salem]


Folder 10:        Temple of Israel (Wilmington, N.C.)


Folder 11:        Tryon Palace


Folders 12-13: Warmath, Sarah



Box 13:


Folder 1:          Welshimer, Paula: correspondence


Folder 2:          Wilmington, N.C., furniture: exhibit


Folder 3-4:      Wilmington Furniture: notes and photographs


Folder 5:          Wood carvers


Folder 6:          Wood carvers: Axson, William, and Pompion Hill Chapel (S.C.)


Folder 7:          Wood carvers: Lord, John, with information on William Lawrence, Henry Hainsdorff, and John Parkinson; also includes part of St. Michael’s, Charleston, by G. W. Williams


Folder 8:          Wood carvers: Waite, Ezra

                        [see also oversize folder in Series III, Box 8]


Folder 9:          Wood carvers: Woodin, Thomas

                        [see also oversize folder in Series III, Box 8]


Folder 10:        Wood carvers in Charleston, South Carolina

                        [continued in next box]


Box 14:


Folder 1:          Wood carvers in Charleston, South Carolina

                        [continued from previous box]


Folder 2:          Wood carvings: Whitehall (Annapolis); Stratford squirrel

                        [photocopies only]


Folders 3-6:     Woodwork in Charleston, S.C., buildings: (more in next box):

                                    D. Blake’s Tenements (Court House Square);

Peter Bouquet (95 Broad);

William Burrows (Broad);

                                     Drayton Hall;

John Edwards (15 Meeting);

Charles Elliot (22 Legare);

John Fullerton (15 Legare);

Hampton Plantation;

Heyward-Washington house (87 Church);

Daniel Huger (34 Meeting);

Jacob Motte (61 Tradd);

Judge Robert Pringle (10 Tradd);

John Stuart (106 Tradd);

4 Orange St.;

other possible buildings


Folder 7:          Talks by Bivins: by date: 1979-Sept. 1980



Box 15-A: Talks


Folders 1-3:     Talks by Bivins: by date: Oct. 1980-1988


Box 15-B: Talks


Folders 1-5:     Talks by Bivins: by date:  1989-1995


Folders 6-7:     Bivins: talks: correspondence and articles about talks


Folder 8:          Bivins: talks for MESDA


Folder 9:          Bivins: talks: texts



Box 16: object examinations and appraisals


Folders 1-4:     Object examinations: reports, photos, correspondence: A-Z

                        [note: includes some appraisals]

            These are arranged by name of client:

Alexander; Allen; Architrave of Charleston; Baity; Barnes; Bernabo; Black; Bolick; Boyd; G.K.S. Bush; Cape Fear Museum; Capps; Case; Chicora Antiques (McCallum); Cline; Coleman; Collier; Cootes; Corbett (also Larew); Coupland; Cullum; Douglas; Dull; Elizabeth Lowe Antiques; Fairchilds Fine Art; Farmer Auctions; Flanigan; Gant; Gaynor; Gecker; Gehrken; Gibbs; Golden and Associates; Graham; Guilfoile; Hench; Historic Hope Foundation; Hollingsworth; Jenkins; John; Jones; Kaufman; Kiser; Kramer; Leinbach; McGehee (Colwill-McGehee); Morris; Pierce; Rainey/Nye; Rike;  River Road Presbyterian Church; Sandresky; Sell; Sewell; Shaw; Singletary; Slater; Sothebys; Spearman; Susquehanna Antique Company; Tuccori; Turner; Venable; Walters & Benisek; Waynick; Welfare; Willis; Witherow; Zea (Historic Deerfield); Zimmerman; 1740 House


Folder 5:          Object examinations: reports, photos, correspondence: Carla Butler & Associates


Folder 6:          Object examinations: reports, photos, correspondence: Estate Antiques


Folder 7:          Object examinations: reports, photos, correspondence: no names, notes


Folder 8:          Object examinations and appraisals of weapons

                        Clients are: Jones; Sanchez; Turner



Box 17: Pilaster Productions: video project about spotting fakes


Folder 1:          Pilaster Productions: video: “Authenticating Antique Furniture”

                        [note: purpose of video was to help people spot fakes]


Folder 2:          Pilaster Productions: video: “Authenticating Antique Furniture”: Concept Associates: correspondence and notes


Folder 3:          Pilaster Productions: video: “Authenticating Antique Furniture”: correspondence, reviews


Folder 4:          Pilaster Productions: video: “Authenticating Antique Furniture”: outlines


Folder 5:          Pilaster Productions: video: “Authenticating Antique Furniture”: releases and expenses


Folder 6:          “Fakes”: photos and articles


Folders 7-9:     “Fakes”: script

                        [folders 8-9 are accession 07x2.3]





Series III: Designs, photographs, slides


Box 1: Designs and photographs


Folder 1:          Design drawings: Gehrken table


Folder 2:          Design drawings: unnamed projects (acc. 15x33 and 2017x81)


Folder 3:          Designs: photocopies (acc. 15x33 and 2017x81)


Folder 4:          Designs from The British Architect (Swan, 1745)


Folder 5:          Designs from A Collection of Designs in Architecture  (Swan, 1757)


Folder 6:          Design drawings: silver buckle, with initials I.B. (acc. 2017x81)


Folder 7:          Photos: Baptismal font


Folder 8:          Photos: Bivins


Folder 9:          Photos: Buildings


Folders 10-12: Photos: Decorative woodwork


Folder 13:        Photos: European trip, 1975



Box 2: Photographs: Furniture


Folder 1:          Photos: Furniture


Folder 2:          Photos: Furniture: Bedsteads

                                    [see also photos of a bedstead and its details in Box 8]


Folder 3:          Photos: Furniture: Chairs (acc. 15x33 and 2017x81)


Folder 4:          Photos: Furniture: Charleston sideboard: Russell Bushkirk, 1999


Folders 5-6:     Photos: Furniture, envelopes 1-18


Folder 7:          Photos: Furniture: Feet


Folder 8:          Photos: Furniture: North Carolina sideboard (1998)


Folders 9-10:   Photos: Furniture, Southern



Box 3: Photographs: Furniture-Rifles


Folder 1:          Photos: Furniture: Tea tables

                        [see also oversize photos]


Folder 2:          Photos: Knives


Folder 3:          Photos: miscellaneous subjects


Folder 4:          Photos: Monticello brackets

                        [see also slides]


Folder 5:          Photos: Musical instruments


Folder 6:          Photos: People


Folder 7:          Photos: Powder horn


Folders 8-12:   Photos: Rifles



Box 4: Photographs: Rifles


Folder 1:          Photos: Rifles


Folder 2:          Photos and photocopies: Rifles (acc. 2017x81)


Folder 3:          Photos: Rifles: color transparencies


Folders 4-5:     Photos: Rifles: negatives


Folders 6-7:     Photos: Rifles: British gunmaking styles


Folder 8:          Photos: Rifles: Contr. Rifle and negatives

                        [it is not known for what word contr. is an abbreviation]


Folder 9:          Photos: Rifles: Dickert-Clark, Jacob


Folder 10:        Photos: Rifles: Early rifles

                        [continued in next box]



Box 5: Photographs: Rifles


Folder 1:          Photos: Rifles: Early rifles

                        [continued from previous box]


Folder 2:          Photos: Rifles: European longrifles


Folder 3:          Photos: Rifles: European-Muir (notes and photos)


Folders 4-5:     Photos: Rifles: European work


Folder 6:          Photos: Rifles: Felseisen, Melchior (1678)


Folder 7:          Photos: Rifles: Funk, Joseph, à Topliz


Folder 8:          Photos: Rifles: Haines, Isaac


Folder 9:          Photos: Rifles: Hawken, Hunt


Folder 10:        Photos: Rifles: Jäger-büchsen


Folder 11:        Photos: Rifles: Johnston, M.


Folder 12:        Photos: Rifles: Marshall, Edward (Bucks County, Penn.): notes and photos


Folder 13:        Photos: Rifles: “old rifles for book”


Folder 14:        Photos: Rifles: Safari Club International


Folder 15:        Photos: Rifles: Salem, North Carolina



Box 6: Photographs and Slides


Folder 1:          Photos: Rifles: Virginia


Folder 2:          Photos: Rifles: Wagner, Johann, in Cranach


Folder 3:          Photos: Tools


Folder 4:          Photos: Window repairs

                        [not labeled, but see correspondence with Susan James, whose windows these may be]


Folder 5:          Photos: Workshop and making guns


Folder 6:          Slides: Brewton House (Charleston, S.C.): woodwork and looking glass


Folder 7:          Slides: Charleston, S.C.: mostly carving


Folder 8:          Slides: Furnace technology and casting


Folders 9-10:   Slides: Furniture: miscellaneous


Folder 11:        Slides: Furniture: Wilmington, N.C.


Folder 12:        Slides: Furniture hardware


Folder 13:        Slides: Gun stocking tools



Box 7: Slides


Folder 1:          Slides: Gunston Hall (Va.): carving in progress, drawings for project


Folder 2:          Slides: Lady Anne Murray memorial (Charleston, S.C.)


Folder 3:          Slides: Metal: Brass


Folder 4:          Slides: Metal objects


Folder 5:          Slides: miscellaneous objects


Folder 6:          Slides: Monticello bracket

                        [see also photos]


Folder 7:          Slides: New Bern (N.C.): houses


Folder 8:          Slides: Pottery: North Carolina


Folder 9-10:    Slides: Rifles


Folder 11:        Slides: Rifles: barrel making, stock carving, wire inlay, star inlay


Folder 12:        Slides: St. Michael’s Church (Charleston, S.C.): capital repairs and cartouche conservation


Folder 13:        Slides: Wood carving (sources not identified)



Box 8: oversize design drawings and photographs


Folders 1-2:     photographs of the details of the Lady Anne Murray memorial (in First Scots Presbyterian Church, Charleston, S.C.): (acc. 07x2.5a-g; plus three from 2017x81)


Folders 3-7:     photographs of the details of a large carved mirror, possibly the Brewton House mirror (see 07x2.20) (acc. 07x2.5h-gg)


Folder 8:          drawing of a carved design with a face, on cloth (acc. 07x2.14)


Folder 9:          small Gunston Hall designs (other Gunston Hall drawings are in map case, folder 6, and with rolled drawings):

copies of a carved design, labeled Buchanan document (reads backwards on some copies)  (07x2.15a-e);

proposed additions to Chinese Room hoods, signed J. Bivins, 1991 (07x2.15f);

Gunston truss tops, form II (07x2.15g);

Photos of chimney piece (07x2.15o)


Folder 10:        Monticello brackets: design drawings and blue-line prints made for them, showing back, shelf, and side strut, done Dec. 1992 (8 sheets, acc. 15x33; plus two additional sheets from acc. 2017x81)


Folder 11:        photostatic copies of documents pertaining to Charleston, S.C., wood carvers: (15x33)

a.                   Francis Nicholson v. Henry and Margaret Hog, executors of Ezra Waite;

b.                  David Stoddard v. Thomas Woodin


Folder 12:        miscellaneous designs (none labeled) (acc. 15x33)


Folder 13:        design for “John Bivins, fine carving, Wilmington, N.C.” (acc. 15x33)


Folder 14:        photos of 313 Ann Street, [probably Wilmington, N.C.]: late 19th century photo, enlargements of same, and a circa 2000 photo (acc. 15x33)


Folder 15:        photos of unidentified bedstead (acc. 2017x81)


Folder 16:        photo of John Bivins (on left) with Wallace Gussler, in office in Colonial Williamsburg, circa 1970 (acc. 2017x81)



Box 9: Photos


Box of large photos, mostly not identified, mostly of carved woodwork or rifles, most in black and white, some in color; some mounted.



Box 10: printing plates (acc. 15x33)


2 Linoleum printing plates: colonial style house and fraktur-type decorative border;

2 lead print blocks: fraktur-type birth and baptismal certificates, one in England and the other in German



Box 11: Designs and photographs (acc. 2017x81)


Folder 1:          template for gun stock;

                        Design drawings for rifles (some labeled)


Folder 2:          photographs of rifles (some labeled)


Folder 3:          sketches of rifles, circa 1970


Folder 4:          sketches of rifles, circa 1974-circa 1976, removed from a sketch book/portfolio


Folder 5:          measured drawings by L. McKenzie of chisel and hand-graver (two copies of this), plus a letter referring to these




Map Case C, Drawer 7


Folder 1: plans (blue line drawings) of the Burgwin-Wright House (Cornwallis House, Wilmington, N.C.) (acc. 07x2.6a-j; also 15x33)


                        .6a       site plan (sheet 1 of 10);

                        .6b       basement plan (sheet 2 of 10);

                        .6c       first floor plan (sheet 3 of 10);

                        .6d       second floor plan (sheet 4 of 10);

                        .6e       north (front) elevation (sheet 5 of 10);

                        .6f        east (side) elevation (sheet 6 of 10);

                        .6g       south (rear) elevation (sheet 7 of 10);

                        .6h       west (side) elevation (sheet 8 of 10);

                        .6i        chair rail, detail section (full size); main entrance, vertical section (half full size); main entrance, jamb section (half full size) (sheet 9 of 10);

                        .6j        picket & railing detail; vertical section, typical window (half full size) (sheet not numbered)


                        All above Cornwallis House drawings done by James Fletcher Barnes, School of Design, North Carolina State College, as part of Historic Architecture Research project or series; scales included; not dated.


                        15x33  drawing of Burgwin-Wright House as it appeared ca. 1840-45, north and east elevations, drawn by J. Bivins, 1991; blue line print of the same;

                                    Stair details and first floor porch columns, both drawn by Bivins, 1992.



Folder 2: plans (blue line drawings) for St. Michael’s Church (Charleston, S.C.), hurricane repair (07x2.7a-m; also from 15x33)


                        .7a       west and south elevations (sheet A 101);

                        .7b       east and north elevations (sheet A  102);

                        .7c       first floor, balcony and roof plans (sheet A  201);

                        .7d       1st-7th levels, steeple (sheet A  202);

                        .7e       nave & apse interior elevations (sheet A  301);

                        .7f        north, south, & main vestibules – interior elevations (sheet A  302);

                        .7g       reflected ceiling plan (sheet A  401);

                        .7h       section thru steeple; copper roof at spire (sheet A  402);

                        .7i        details: enlarged plan at lantern level; flashing at top of cherub; new batten (typical); cornice at lantern; section 3 (typical); lantern deck balustrades; details (typical); existing batten (typical); base of outside columns (typical) (sheet A  403);

                        .7j        flashing details, structural details, wind vane and ball (sheet A  404);

                        .7k       vertical trusses elevations (sheet A  405);

                        .7l        vertical trusses elevations (sheet A  406);

                        .7m      gutter details (sheet A 407)


                        All the above St. Michael’s Church drawings are from Cummings & McCrady, Inc., of Charleston, drawn by DB, dated March 5, 1992; top drawing stamped preliminary copy (these repairs were necessitate by Hurricane Hugo, which struck Charleston in Sept. 1989)


                        .12       proposed lamp standards, St. Michaels Church, J. Bivins for Cummings & McCrady, 12-93 (blue line drawing)


                        15x33  drawing for stair bracket of pulpit, Henry Burnett



Folder 3: drawings of rifles


            .8a       German flintlock rifle (full size drawing; 4 rifles with details; drawing by L. H. Harrison, 1988, no. 5);

.8b       Pre-Revolutionary longrifle, Eastern Pennsylvania region (full size drawing; 4 rifles with details; drawing by L. H. Harrison, 1988, no. 4);

.8c       German flintlock rifle (with details; drawing by L. H. Harrison);

.8d       Jacob Dickert rifle (full size drawing, with details; drawing by L. H. Harrison)

.8e       Davy Crockett’s first rifle (full size drawing, with details; drawing by L. H. Harrison);

.8f        Davy Crockett’s first rifle (full size drawing, with details; drawing by L. H. Harrison, 1988, no. 3);

.8g       Tennessee iron mounted rifle, Zacharia Luster, Washington County (full size drawing, with details; drawing by L. H. Harrison, no. 14);

.8h       Joseph Fruwirth, In Wienn, 1722-1797 (full size drawing, with details; drawing by L. H. Harrison, 1991, no. 12);

.8i        Jos. Fruwirth, In Wienn, 1722-1797 (full size drawing, with details; drawing by L. H. Harrison, 1991, no. 4);

.8j        Edward Marshall rifle, Bucks Co., Penn. (full size drawing, with details; drawing by L. H. Harrison, 1991, no. 11) [see also .10]


(other rifle drawings are in box of rolled drawings, 07x2.9-.10)


15x33  drawings of a gun, two sides and bottom view; the gun was given the name Killdeerl drawing dated 1-24-1990



Folder 4: plans for museum display cases (acc. 07x2.11)


.11a-b  Exhibits, Museum II (layout of display cases; two copies of same drawing);

.11c-d  museum XIII hall, museum VI (layout of some cases, two copies of same drawing);

.11e-f   cases, Museum II (details of cases; two copies of same drawing);

.11g     cases, Museum III, Old Salem, Inc., drawn by JB, 1974

.11h     rifle case, Vogler

.11i      3’ case, J. Vogler       



Folder 5-A: Humphrey Sommers House, Charleston, S.C


.19       Humphrey Sommers House, Charleston, S.C., measured drawings done for MESDA by Charles Bayless, architect, n.d. (two copies of each drawing)


.19a1-2            south chamber, second floor: plan, elevations [of walls], and details of rails, sill, sashes, etc.

            .19b1-2            south chamber: further details

            .19c1-2            drawing room, first floor: plan, elevations [of walls], and details

            .19d1-2            drawing room: further details


15x33              three sets of shop drawings for rooms 1 and 2 (drawing room), done by or for Danville Lumber Co., showing sizes of pieces of wood required



Folder 5-B: Humphrey Sommers House, Charleston, S.C.: drawings


            15x33              thirteen drawings of carvings A-I (more than one drawing for some letters), all drawn by J. Bivins, 1980; drawings are various sizes; no notes about where carvings were to go, but numbers of each design needed are noted


            15x33  folder with carving patterns and stencils for Sommers project


            2017x81          blue line  prints of  the carving designs



Folder 6: various projects


            .1         copy of article about John Bivins from Winston-Salem Journal, 1990


.13a-d  P. Scott table: leg (a) and carved edge (b-d, three copies); the drawings for the carved edge include the original design of 1755 and a slightly altered design done in 1990; also a copy which came in with accession 15x33


.16       drawing of a carved design


.18       Robt. Morris stern board: carved design with the name Robt. Morris; also a copy which came in with accession 15x33


            15x33  drawing: “aft design for the trailboards, ketch Cinnamon, Mr. & Mrs. Melchor, J. Bivins, ’88,” and a blue line print of the same (in 2 pieces).


            15x33  two photocopies of unlabeled designs


            15x33  two blue-line prints of mantels, unnamed projects



Folder 7: various projects: drawings and blue-line prints, most accession 15x33


            Alexander Long house, Rowan County, N.C., 4 blue-line prints, drawn and measured Nov. 1973 by JSJ for architect John Erwin Ramsay; includes front, rear, and side elevations (2 sheets), lower level section and details, and first and second floor plans


            Blandfield Plantation (Va.): 4 sheets showing details of doorway between hall and saloon, from architect G. Alan Morledge; plus a blue-line print of a pair of consoles, drawn by Bivins; and two drawings of consoles, both by Bivins, one dated 1987;

                        Also a folder of drawings labeled “Blandfield saloon”


            Denke house, Salt Street: proposed porch railings, drawn by Bivins, Oct. 1988


Mr. A. Stout: proposal for a pair of early neoclassical glasses [mirrors], J. Bivins, 1991


Harnet: conjectural details, Bivins, 1992


“Lighthouse”: decorative board with picture of a lighthouse


Foliage design, with dogwood blossom and acorns


Bedstead, for Mr. & Mrs. Fizzell, Bivins, 1981


Various designs, one incorporating the initials M B


Boquet house, Broad, parlor consoles, also with drawing of a gun stock


Foliage design


Various designs for the Gehrken table (smaller designs are in another folder)


Foliage design with flowers (acc. 2017x81)



Folder 8: Gunston Hall projects (acc. 07x2.15h-j and acc. 15x33)


.15h-i   Gunston Hall: Palladian Room mantle frieze carving, signed J. Bivins, 1991; .15h is the entire frieze, and .15i is half the design

(other Gunston Hall drawings are in Box 8, folder 9 and with rolled drawings)


.15j      Gunston Hall: overmantel trusses, Palladian Room, signed J. Bivins, 1991; part of the design is labeled Feb. 1984 Phillips & Buchanan document; [blue-line prints from this drawing are in box of rolled items; see also 07x2.15a-e]; also a blue-line print of this (from acc. 15x33)


15x33  drawings: pilasters (dated 9-86); stair fascia (8-95); husk cutting pattern for design in Palladian Room; 1/3 portion of Chinese Room mantel frieze fret (7-93; also a blue line drawing of this); preliminary design, stair fascia (10-94); left side, drawing of 8—95 for stair fascia;

                        Blue-line drawings: preliminary design, stair fascia (6 sheets dated 10-94, one with red highlight, two printed in reverse; one sheet dated 8-95, with red highlights; one a full size design);

                        Blue-line plans for woodwork in Little Parlor, from architect Charles A. Phillips, dated 10 March 1989;



Folder 9: Brewton House (Charleston, S.C.) (acc. 07x2.20e-g and acc. 15x33)


.20e-g  carved bird decoration for Brewton House mirror, also a copy which came with accession 15x33

(other mirror drawings are with rolled drawings; see also photos in Box 8)


            15x33  two drawings for design for the west pediment: one labeled “based on design of Mr. Waite,” 1991; the other “traced from ghost of what remained” in place, Aug. 1990, revised 12-1990;

                                    Drawing: parts of a console table;

                        Blue-line prints: two designs for the west pediment;

                                    Dormer window truss (original drawing for this is in box of rolled drawings);

                                    Looking glass



Folder 10: photos (acc. 15x33 and 2017x81)


            Carved woodwork and an iron plate; the photos from acc. 2017x81 are marked C and F, and both include some measurements



Folder 11: letter, plans, photo (acc. 2017x81)


            Letter from Cliff Ward, 1984, with enclosures: two measured floor plans of Osborne Jeffries House (built circa 1760-1780), photo of the house undergoing restoration, and photo of a Salem rifle



Folder 12: drawings for rifles, cannon, and knife (acc. 2017x81)


            Drawing of a knife;

            Template for Hawken gun stock; blue line drawings for J. & S. Hawken and S. Hawken rifles;

            Preliminary design drawing for Pennsylvania bicentennial commemorative rifle, 1974;

            Pencil drawings of two cannon barrels, model 1775 and model 1776, labeled Verbruggen sight infantry 3 pdrs [pounders], bronze, 207 lbs, W.E. Meuse, 4 March 1968




Rolled drawings: (acc. 07x2, 15x33, 2017x81): (in box on top of map case D):


.9         drawing of a rifle, labeled “plan für die Radschloss bückse geschafft mit schulter-schaft”

            (other rifle drawings are in map case, folder 3; see also 07x2.10)


.10       drawing of Edward Marshall rifle, Penn Indian Walk, drawing by T. K. Dawson, 1970, retraced Aug. 1975; the name Jack Haugh is also written on the drawing [see also .8j]

            (other rifle drawings are in map case, folder 3; see also 07x2.9) (a second copy is from acc. 2017x81)


.15k-n  Gunston Hall: overmantel trusses, Palladian Room, signed J. Bivins, 1991; (these are blue line drawings, two of which were copied backwards); part of the design is labeled Feb. 1984 Phillips & Buchanan document (see also .15a-e, in box 8)


.15o-p  Gunston Hall: Palladian Room c’piece [i.e. chimney piece], Phillips, .15p marked as being with corrections; photos of .15o are in Box 8, folder 9; please consult photos before accessing these drawings

(other Gunston Hall drawings are in Box 8, folder 9 and in map case, folder 6)


.17       Gehrken china table: full size drawing of a table with straight legs and carved apron

            [additional drawings for this project are part of acc. 15x33)


.20a-g  Brewton House mirror, full scale drawings, labeled “a looking glass for the Brewton House, J. Bivins, 1991,” with small drawings of carved birds which could be added to mirror (.20e-g – in map case, folder 6)

            [note: Charleston, S.C., has a Miles Brewton House and a Robert Brewton House]


15x33  drawing on a sheet of Mylar or plastic, not labeled but dated 10-5-94


15x33  Chinese design (drawing and 2 blue-line prints), not labeled


15x33  Gunston Hall, Palladian Room: 3 blue-line plans of woodwork restoration, from architect Charles A. Phillips (sheets 14, 15, 16 of 30 sheets)


15x33  Brewton house: left side, northwest garret dormer window truss, Feb. 1991


15x33  bedpost, Pearce


15x33  measurements for a bedstead


15x33  “back stair fascia”: photo of ghost marks of the fascia of stairs in an unnamed location


2017x81          two blue line drawings of unidentified rifles, one with notes about barrel, reech, muzzle, etc.;

                        Blue line drawing of original Jäger, owned by Church McArthur, drawn by Jerry Kirklin




On shelf: Media:


5 boxes of videotapes, probably the raw footage of the Pilaster Productions video “Authenticating Antique Furniture”


2 large plastic film containers, probably copies of “Authenticating Antique Furniture”


Series IV: Publications


Note: many of the magazines contain articles by Bivins



Box 1: Magazines


Folder 1:          American Rendezvous Magazine: 1983: summer (v. 2, no. 2)


Folder 2:          American Rifleman: 1953: February, June;

American Rifleman: 1976: April, May


Folder 3:          American Rifleman: 1978: September;

American Rifleman: 1981: September;

American Rifleman: 1983: February


Folder 4:          The Buckskin Report, September 1981


Folder 5:          Field & Stream, April 1976


Folder 6:          Flintlock: 1998: spring (v. 2, no. 2);

Flintlock: 1999: summer (v. 2, no. 4);

Flintlock: 2001: v. 4, no. 1


Folder 7:          Muzzle Blasts, 1966: July, August, October, December;

Muzzle Blasts, 1967: February, March, April, May


Folder 8:          Muzzle Blasts, 1971: January;

Muzzle Blasts, 1973, Dec.–1974, Jan.;

Muzzle Blasts, 1974: February/March;

Muzzle Blasts, 1976: January, April


Folder 9:          Muzzle Blasts, 1979: March, April, May, June, August, December




Box 2: Magazines: Muzzle Blasts


Folder 1:          Muzzle Blasts, 1981: February, May, August, September


Folder 2:          Muzzle Blasts, 1983: May, December


Folder 3:          Muzzle Blasts, 1984: April, May, July, August, Sept.-October (cover says Oct., table of contents says Sept.), November, December


Folders 4-5:     Muzzle Blasts, 1985: January, March, May, June, July, August, October



Box 3: Magazines


Folder 1:          Muzzle Blasts, 1987: February;

Muzzle Blasts, 1992: December;

Muzzle Blasts, 1998: July


Folder 2:          Muzzleloader: 1974: Nov./Dec.


Folder 3:          Rifle, no. 34-36 (1974: July/August-November/December)


Folder 4:          Rifle, no. 37, 38, 42 (1975: January/February, March/April, November/December)


Folders 5-6:     Rifle, no. 43-48 (1976: January/February- November/December)


Folder 7:          Rifle, no. 49-51, 53 (1977: January/February- May/June, September/October)


Folder 8:          Rifle, no. 55-60 (1978: January/February - November/December)


Folder 9:          Rifle, no. 61, 63-66 (1979: January/February, May-June- November/December)



Box 4: Magazines, books


Folder 1:          Rifle, no. 67, 70 (1980: January/ February, July/August)


Folder 2:          Rifle, no. 85-90 (1983: January/February –November/December)


Folder 3:          Rifle, no. 91-94 (1984: January/February –July/August )


Folder 4:          Ramage, C. Kenneth, editor.  Muzzleloaders’ Handbook.  1st edition.  (Middlefield, Conn.: Lyman Publications, 1976)


Folder 5:          Winternitz, Emanuel.  Keyboard Instruments in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  (New York: The Museum, 1961)