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Creator:         Arthur S. Vernay, Inc. (New York, N.Y.)                 

Title:               Business papers

Dates:             1907-1978

Call No.:         Col. 739

Acc. No.:        04x126; 06x31; 07x56; 07x141; 08x39; 09x8; 15x42

Quantity:        23 cu. ft. (50 volumes, 19 boxes)

Location:        12 I-J 1-5, K 1-6, L 1-7, Map case E, drawer 6






Arthur Stannard Vernay founded the antiques business that bore his name.  He was born Arthur Stannard Avant in April 1877 in Weymouth, England, the son of Louisa Stannard and Thomas Crabb Avant.  He adopted Vernay as his surname around 1903-1904, when he came to the United States.  He arrived in New York City as a young man with very little money.  After working at A.J. Crawford’s, a furniture and furnishing store, Vernay began to deal in antiques, and opened his own shop in 1906 on 45th Street, just off Fifth Avenue.  He sold English antiques almost exclusively.  In addition to selling antiques, Vernay’s firm offered restoration and interior design services, including the installation of period paneled rooms.  This was an important part of the business, employing up to forty people.  Mr. Vernay’s first important client was Mrs. Morton Plant.  He also worked with attorney Francis P. Garvan and financier James Cox Brady.  Vernay, Inc. offered interior work until the late1960s.  At various times, the firm had branches in London and Boston, and a summer shop in Newport, Rhode Island.  For a brief while, it had a reproduction arm called The House of Philip Oriel, but it went out of business as a result of the Great Depression.  Henry Francis du Pont was a customer of Vernay.


Arthur Vernay invested his profits well and by 1920 he was able to cut back the hours he spent at his antiques store.  He indulged his interest in collecting animal specimens for the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) and went on a number of collecting expeditions, the first of which was in 1923 when he and Colonel John C. Faunthorpe traveled to India.  His last expedition was to Africa in 1946.  Vernay visited Tibet—being among the first Westerners to visit Lhasa - Siam, the Malay Peninsula, and Burma.  The AMNH opened a room called the Vernay-Faunthorpe Hall of South Asiatic Mammals in 1930.  After he retired, Vernay moved to the Bahamas, where he died on October 25, 1960.  He was married to Marion Woodruff Kelley; they had no children.   Marion Kelley was the daughter of Christina B. Genin and Augustus W. Kelley (1851-1930).  Mr. Kelley was vice-president of the Union Trust Company of New York. 


In 1928, Stephen J. Jussel began to work at Vernay, Inc.  He had trained as an architect and later became a consultant on historic preservation projects and served as president of the American Society of Interior Designers.  He became general manager of Vernay, Inc. and essentially was head of the company by the early 1930s.  Vernay officially retired in 1941, but the business continued in existence with Stephen J. Jussel, J. Gordon Irving, and J.L. van den Broeck as officers.  After Irving and van den Broeck died, both in 1952, Jussel bought the business.  In 1972, his son Christian (Chris) Jussel began to work for him.  Though planning on pursuing another career, Chris remained in the business after working with his father for a few months.


In 1978, Chris Jussel bought J.J. Wolff (Antiques) Ltd. when Mr. Wolff was ready to retire.  Joel Wolff was from London, England, where his family were carvers and gilders.  He came to New York City after World War II and opened an antiques importing business and then an antiques shop on Madison Avenue and 69th Street.  Mr. Wolff was a close friend of Stephen Jussel.  Also in 1978, Arthur S. Vernay, Inc. became Vernay and Jussel, Inc. - a change in name to honor Stephen Jussel’s 50th anniversary with the business.  After Stephen Jussel’s retirement, Chris Jussel continued to run the business until 1994, when he closed the store in order to pursue other interests.  His name became widely known during his time as host of the PBS show “Antiques Roadshow”; he is respected in the antiques business for his depth of knowledge about English antiques.    





Collection contains records of Arthur S. Vernay, Inc., and Vernay & Jussel from 1907-1978 (bulk dates: 1913-1962), and records of J.J. Wolff (Antiques) Ltd. from 1950-1978.  Most of Vernay’s records prior to 1914 were destroyed by fire, and most post-1962 records remain in private hands.  The collection contains sales books; indexes to the sales books in separate volumes; one volume of London purchase sheets; photos of interiors designed by A.S. Vernay, Inc., and a contract book detailing work performed for clients; stock (or inventory) cards and photographs; and catalogs, announcements, and advertisements, some of which were mounted into volumes.  The sales books are the bookkeeper’s copy of sales slips, which include the customer’s name, address, a description of what was purchased, and the price.  These are in chronological order.  The repair logs record items which were repaired for customers.  The indexes to the sales books are also divided by year, but list the customers’ names in alphabetical order.  The London purchase sheets list goods purchased in England by the firm.  Their prices are in code and the vendor from whom they were purchased is not given; however, the pieces are described and their date of manufacture is noted. 


The interior decorating photos record the last names of owners of properties decorated by Vernay and sometimes their addresses.  At least one of the homes was in England.  Customers included H. Pulitzer, the Waldorf Hotel, a synagogue in Atlanta, and Mr. S. Guggenheim.  A photo from the Waldorf depicts the King of Siam in his suite.  Interiors of the Vernay shop are also included, and Vernay’s house in Berkeley Square, London, is pictured.  The contract book gives details on interior design work performed by the firm ca.1940-1970.  A collection of loose photos was not identified; some duplicate images found in the interior design photo albums.  Other photos are probably of items for sale, but all the photos are filed together.  Some of these were taken by the noted photographer Mattie Edwards Hewitt.


The stock (or inventory) cards are in two different groups, and the cards are in stock number order within each group.  Each card includes information about when and where purchased and the purchase price (sometimes in code).  Repair work is noted as well.  Many of the items were photographed and the negatives and some photos are included with the collection.  Negatives of the Vernay & Jussel booth at various antique shows were found interfiled with the stock photos.  The early photos were not marked with the stock number, but a list matching photo and stock numbers is found in the collection.


The collection also includes ten volumes of sales books from J.J. Wolff, Ltd., plus the index volume to those books.  They include customers’ names, addresses, a description of what was purchased, and the price.  The index volume divides the names alphabetically.  As well, cards and photographs documenting the inventory of J.J. Wolff, Ltd. are part of the collection.  The cards include a stock or inventory number, description of the item, from whom purchased (with date and purchase price), a record of repairs (if any), the price for which sold, and often the name of the buyer.  Most of the photographs are numbered, with the number matching that on an inventory card.  Lastly, the collection includes a photo archive which combined images from all three firms represented in this collection: Vernay, Vernay & Jussel, and J.J. Wolff.





The papers are arranged in eight series:

I. Arthur S. Vernay, Inc. sales index books;

II. Arthur S. Vernay, Inc. sales books and repair logs;

III. Arthur S. Vernay, Inc. London purchase sheets;

IV. photographs and photo albums of interiors designed by Arthur S. Vernay, Inc.; interior design contract book;

V. catalogs, announcements, advertisements, and notes of Arthur S. Vernay, Inc. and Vernay & Jussel; minutes of Board of Director meetings;

VI.  stock cards and photographs of stock offered by Arthur S. Vernay, Inc., Vernay & Jussel, and J. J. Wolff, Inc.;

VII. records of J.J. Wolff, Inc.; and

VIII. photo archive from Arthur S. Vernay, Inc., Vernay & Jussel, and J.J. Wolff.





The materials are in English.





Collection is open to the public.  Copyright restrictions may apply.





Most items are gift of Christian Jussel.  The contract book (acc. 07x56.1) is the gift of Arthur H. Jussel.  Christian and Arthur H. Jussel are sons of Stephen J. Jussel.





Correspondence between Henry Francis du Pont and Vernay, Inc. may be found in the Winterthur Archives.






            Hewitt, Mattie Edwards, d.1956.



            Antique dealers – New York (State) – New York.



            Antiques in interior decoration.

            Office decoration.

            Store decoration.

            Interior decoration – 20th century.

            Synagogue architecture.

            Synagogues – Georgia.


            Trade catalogs.

            Black-and-white photographs.


Additional authors:

            J.J. Wolff (Antiques) Inc. (New York, N.Y.)

            Vernay & Jussel.





Location: 12 I-J 1-5, K 1-6, L 1-7, Map case E, drawer 6 (see each series for exact location of that series)




Series I: Indexes to Sales books


Location: 12 L 1


Boxes 1-4:       04x126.1-.36               Indexes to Sales books, 1913-1948 (36 volumes)






Series II: Sales books and repair logs


Location: 12 K 2-6, L 2-7


04x126.37-.68             Sales books: 1914-1962 (32 volumes; on shelf)

04x126.69-.70             Repair logs: 1923-1928 and 1928-1932 (2 volumes; on shelf)






Series III: London Purchase Sheets


Location: 12 K 6


04x126.71       London Purchase Sheets, 1928-1929 (volume on shelf)




Series IV: Photos and photo albums of interiors; interior design contract book 


location: 12 K-L 1, and map case E, drawer 6


04x126.72-.74             Folios of Interiors Designed and Executed by A.S. Vernay, Inc., no. 1, 2, 3

                                    (volumes on shelf)


                        no. 1    Plant (Mr. and Mrs. Morton Plant) – 5th and 86th

                                    51 Berkeley Square (London – this was Mr. Vernay’s London house)

                                    J. Brady, Gladstone, New Jersey

                                    Monell – Park [Ave.]


                        no. 2    R.F. Hoyt – Park Ave.

                                    A.S.Vernay, Inc. Newport Shop – 206 Belleview Ave.

                                    Haywood (Plant) – Newport

                                    Plant – Newport

                                    Grand Central Palace Exhibition, 1932

                                    L. Seldon – 660 Park Ave.

                                    Brady offices

                                    H. Pulitzer – 450 E. 52d

                                    Dr. Keady

                                    Waldorf [Hotel?]

                                    A.S. Vernay, Inc. – shop at 19 E. 54th

                                    River House Hall (exhibit)

                                    Atlanta synagogue [most probably The Temple]


                        no. 3    a group of unlabeled photos

                                    A.A. Toilne(?) – Greenwich

                                    E. Noble

                                    CED – NY

                                    S. Guggenheim


                                    51 Berkeley Square    

                                    W.R. Grace    

                                    Mrs. Patterson

                                    B.T. Smith – Atlanta

                                    E.O. Fisher – Park Ave. [an office]

                                    D.D. Feldman [an office]



07x56.1           Interior design contract book, ca.1940-1970

Arranged alphabetically by client name; includes details of design work to be done, and purchases of furniture, paintings, carpets, and other items; also includes some sketches.



Box 1: Photographs (acc. 07x56)


Note: Some of the photos in Boxes 1-2 are duplicates of those appearing in the interior design folios (acc. 04x126.72-.74).  Other photos depict items for sale, and some photos have been identified as interiors of the various Vernay shops.  Most photos, however, are not identified.  Some were taken by the noted photographer Mattie Edwards Hewitt; these are in a separate folder.  Other photos are also stamped with photographers’ names, but these are not filed separately.  Although not all these photos are of interior design work done by Arthur S. Vernay, Inc., these photos came in one group and so are being kept together.


Folder 1:          Arthur S. Vernay, Inc. truck, custom-built by Bauer-Stahl Body Corp., Long Island City


Folder 2:          Doors, doorways, gates


Folders 3-5:     Interior photos


Folder 6:          Interior photos by Mattie Edwards Hewitt


Folder 7:          Mantels, overmantels  (folder 1 of 2)



Box 2: photos and articles


Folder 1:          Mantels, overmantels  (folder 2 of 2)


Folder 2:          Newport, Rhode Island, shop, 1930s


Folder 3:          Paneled rooms


Folder 4:          store exteriors: 10-12 East 45th St. [photo of drawing of exterior,] 19 East 54th and 124 East 55th Streets; and J. J. Wolff (Antiques) Inc.

                        [note: exterior photo of 10-12 East 45th St. is in oversize box]


Folder 5:          store interiors


Folder 6:          store interiors (acc. 09x8)


Folder 7:          Winter Antiques Show [displays of Arthur S. Vernay, Inc. and J.J. Wolff]


Folder 8:          articles on interior designs executed by Arthur S. Vernay, Inc.



Box 3: Photos of Berkeley Square apartment (acc. 15x42.1-.11)


            Eleven photos of the interior of Vernay’s apartment on Berkeley Square, 1920s-1930s.  Depicted are the dining room (3 views), living room (2 views), library/sitting room (3 views), and office/library (3 views).  The photos were probably once in an album.  The cardboard mounts are brittle and fragile.  (acc. 15x42.1-.11)




Oversize folder 1: before and after floor plans for the store at 124 East 55th St. (acc. 07x56) (in map case)


Note: the plans are labeled Begon, Inc., which was the corporate entity which purchased this building for the use of Arthur S. Vernay, Inc.; later Begon, Inc. became a part of Arthur S. Vernay, Inc.  The building was originally build ca.1880 and was rebuilt as a private residence for Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham ca.1909.  It was being used as an apartment building when Begon, Inc. purchased the building in 1940 and had it remodeled for use as a store for Arthur S. Vernay, Inc.


Oversize folder 2: photos, certificates (acc. 07x56) (in map case)


            Certificate of membership for Arthur S. Vernay, Inc. in the Society of Antique Silver Dealers of America, Inc., 1939


            Photo of the Arthur S. Vernay, Inc. booth at the East Side House show, 1956 or 1966


            Exterior of Arthur S. Vernay, Inc. store at 10-12 East 45th St. (store located here ca.1910-1925)


            Photo of Arthur S. Vernay, inscribed to Steve Jussel, 1942; Vernay is in a safari outfit, carrying a rifle





Series V: Advertisements, catalogs, announcements, notes, etc.


Location: 12 J 1-2


09x8.1             minutes of meetings of the Board of Directions, 1929-1935, labeled vol. 2


04x126.75-.76             Albums of Selected Ads, ca.1914-ca.1920 and 1958-1965

note: many of the ads in the second volume indicate the prices of the items depicted (volumes on shelf)


acc. 06x31.1    album of ads, 1965-1976, with loose pages of ads for Vernay and Vernay & Jussel, 1977-1978.

note: a number of the ads indicate the prices at which the items depicted were sold (volume on shelf)



Boxes 1-2:       04x126.77       Old English Porcelains & Potteries: A Guide to Collectors of the Products of the Eighteenth Century English Factories, by Arthur S. Vernay and Horace Townsend.  New York: Vernay, 1913.


04x126.78-.175           Catalogs, announcements, advertising portfolios, 1916, 1920, 1922, 1925-1952


04x126.176                 The Connoisseur, March 1976 (partial issue only)


Box 3:


Folder 1:          Advertisements and catalog pages, mostly undated, probably 1930s (acc. 07x56)


Folder 2:          Newspaper clippings, 1941 (acc. 07x56)


Folder 3:          Vernay business announcements, 1906, 1928, 1935, 1941, n.d. (acc. 07x56 and 09x8)


Folder 4:          “A Series of Informative Announcements based on the Collection of Arthur S. Vernay, as Published in N.Y. Newspapers, 1936-1937”

[photocopies – use these first]


Folder 5:          “A Series of Informative Announcements based on the Collection of Arthur S. Vernay, as Published in N.Y. Newspapers, 1936-1937”

[original – please use photocopies first]


Folder 6:          “Press Comments on the Sale of the Great Chamber – Gilling Castle, to William Randolph Hearst by Arthur S. Vernay, Publicity Written and Dispersed by S. W. Frankel”;

also a copy of Sotheby’s auction catalog for the chamber (paneling and stained glass windows), 1929, and a loose article from an unknown magazine


Folder 7:          “The Collector”: typescript of booklet about antiques, with photos, possibly by Mr. Vernay (08x39)


Folder 8:          Notes: Burns chair (08x39)


Folder 9:          Notes, correspondence, and photos of items sold by Arthur S. Vernay, Inc. and Vernay and Jussel (08x39)


Folder 10:        Notes: Lamb of Manchester (08x39)


Folder 11:        notes and newspaper clippings, miscellaneous (08x39)


Folder 12:        Bibliographies of books for decorative arts reference library (08x39)




Box 4: acc. 07x141.1              album of catalogs and ads for Arthur S. Vernay, 1928-1938; includes ads for “Repeal Glass,” special glassware engraved to celebrate the repeal of prohibition (1933)


[note: since almost every item had become detached from the album pages, all the items were removed from the original plain black notebook and placed in a box]



Box 5: acc. 07x141.2              album of catalogs and ads for Arthur S. Vernay, 1938-1952; some catalogs contain prices


[note: since almost every item had become detached from the album pages, all the items were removed from the original plain black notebook and placed in a box]



Series VI: stock cards and photographs of stock offered by Arthur S. Vernay, Inc. and Vernay & Jussel


Location: 12 J 2-5



Box 1: negatives for photographs of stock, no number and no. 141-677 (acc. 07x56)


Box 2-4:          damaged negatives for photographs of stock, no. 1-677 (acc. 07x56)

                        Note: these negatives cannot be used without permission


Box 5-11:        negatives for photographs of stock, no. 678-1485 and no number (acc. 07x56);

                        Note: also includes a very few prints and transparencies


Boxes 12-27: stock cards, ca.1907-ca.1961 (acc. 07x56)


                        The stock cards are in two groups and are in numerical order within each group. 


Box 28:           Polaroids [and other photos] of sold pieces, Vernay & Jussel, after 1978 (acc. 07x56)


Box 29:


Folders 1-5:     photos of stock offered by the firms (acc. 08x39)


Folder 6:          photo numbers/stock numbers list (07x56)

                        Note: this list correlates the photo numbers with the stock numbers


Folder 7:          unidentified photos and negatives (07x56)


Folder 8:          negatives from antique shows; store window after 1978 (07x56)


Series VII: J.J. Wolff (Antiques) Inc.


Location: 12 I 1-3



Boxes 1-6        inventory cards, 1950-1978 (acc. 06x31)


Box 7:             photographs of inventory (acc. 06x31)


Boxes 8-10:     negatives of stock photos (acc. 07x56)


Box 11:                       04x126.177-..178        Sales books, 1950-1951



04x179.-186    Sales books, 1950-1978 (volumes on shelf)



04x126.187     Index to sales books, 1950-1978 (volume on shelf)




Series VIII: photo archive of Arthur S. Vernay, Inc., Vernay & Jussel, and J.J. Wolff  (acc. 06x31, unless otherwise indicated)


Location: 12 I 4-5


[Note: the archive as it was given to the Downs Collection was an amalgamation of the archive as kept by each of the firms; for the most part, it is not possible to separate what came from J.J. Wolff from what came from Vernay & Jussel; the bulk of the archive came at two separate times, and the same terms were not used in both, so some items are filed in two different locations, such as breakfast tables and tables: breakfast.  A third addition to the archive included photos of clocks only.]


Box 1:


Folder 1:          Beds


Folder 2:          Bonheur de jour


Folder 3:          Bookcases: pre-Sheraton, Sheraton and Hepplewhite, Regency (08x39)

[see also Breakfronts and bookcases; Bureau bookcases; Bureaus, bookcases, and secretaries; Secretaire bookcase, Georgian]


Folder 4:          Bookcases: revolving (08x39)


Folder 5:          Boxes; Brackets (08x39)


Folder 6:          Breakfast tables

[see also Tables]


Folder 7:          Breakfronts and bookcases

                        [see also Bookcases, and note there]


Folder 8:          Buckets and plate pails


Folder 9:          Bureau bookcases: lacquer (08x39)

                        [see also Bookcases, and note there]


Folder 10         Bureau bookcases: mahogany (08x39)


Folder 11:        Bureau bookcases: walnut (08x39)


Folder 12:        Bureaus and bureaus on stands (08x39)


Folder 13:        Bureaus, bookcases, and secretaries

                        [see also Bookcases, and note there]


Folder 14:        Cabinets


Folder 15:        Cabinets on chests: lacquer and walnut; cabinets on stands (08x39)


Folder 16:        Cabinets: display and hanging (08x39)


Folder 17:        Candle stands

[see also Stands]


Folder 18:        Canterburies


Folder 19:        Card consoles: “D” and half rounds

                        [see also Tables: card; Tables: console]



Box 2:


Folder 1:          Card tables

[see also Tables]


Folder 2:          Cellarettes

                        [see also Wine coolers]


Folder 3:          Chairs: pre-Queen Anne and Queen Anne (08x39)


Folder 4:          Chairs: pre-Chippendale


Folder 5:          Chairs: early Georgian and Chippendale (08x39)


Folder 6:          Chairs: Chippendale


Folder 7:          Chairs: post-Chippendale (08x39)


Folder 8:          Chairs: Sheraton, Hepplewhite, and later



Box 3a:


Folder 1:          Chairs: Regency (08x39)


Folder 2:          Chairs: corner, hall, wing & tub (08x39)

                        [see also Wing chairs]


Folder 3:          Chairs: Gainsboros (08x39)

[see also Open armchairs]


Folder 4:          Chairs: odd, country, Windsor (08x39)

                        [see also folder 5]


Folder 5:          Chairs: Windsor and miscellaneous country

                        [see also folder 4]


Folder 6:          Chairs: upholstered, pre-1750 (08x39)

                        [see also Upholstered chairs]


Folder 7:         Chandeliers and candelabras

                        [see also Sconces]


Folder 8:          Chests


Folder 9:          Chest on chest, linen presses, chest on stand

                        [see also folder 10]


Folder 10:        Chests and chests on stands (08x39)

                        [see also folder 9]


Folder 11:        Clock dials and enameled clock dials (08x39)


Folder 12:        Clocks, astronomical (acc. 08x39)


Folder 13:        Clocks, by maker: A-D (08x39)


Folder 14:        Clocks, by maker: E-P (08x39)


Folder 15:        Clocks, by maker: Q-Z (08x39)


Folder 16:        Clocks, by maker: A-F (09x8)


Box 3b:


Folder 1:          Clocks, by maker: G-R (09x8)


Folder 2:          Clocks, by maker: S-Z and unidentified (09x8)


Folder 3:          Clocks, by maker: Delander (08x39)


Folder 4:          Clocks, by maker: Dutton (and Mudge) (08x39)


Folder 5:          Clocks, by maker: East (08x39)



Box 4:


Folder 1:          Clocks, by maker: Ellicott (08x39)


Folder 2:          Clocks, by maker: Fromanteel (08x39)


Folder 3:          Clocks, by maker: Gould (08x39)


Folder 4:          Clocks, by maker: Graham (08x39)


Folder 5:          Clocks, by maker: Jones (08x39)


Folder 6:          Clocks, by maker: Knibb (08x39)


Folder 7:          Clocks, by maker: Quare (08x39)


Folder 8:          Clocks: cartel (08x39)


Folder 9:          Clocks: exotic (08x39)


Folder 10:        Clocks: japanned cases (08x39)


Folder 11:        Clocks: lantern (08x39)


Folder 12:        Clocks: unique cases (08x39)


Folder 13:        Clocks: marquetry cases (08x39)


Folder 14:        Clocks: miniature long case (08x39)


Folder 15:        Clocks: miscellaneous (08x39)


Folder 16:        Clocks: regulator (08x39)



Box 5:

Folder 1:          Clocks: unidentified (08x39)


Folder 2:          Clocks: Victorian (08x39)


Folder 3:          Clothes press; coffer on stand (08x39)


Folder 4:          Coffee tables


Folder 5:          Commodes (08x39)

                        [see also Folder 6 and Tables: Night]


Folder 6:          Commodes: all kinds

                        [see also Folder 5 and note there]


Folder 7:          Consoles and side tables

                        [see also Tables: Console and Tables: Side]


Folder 8:          Corner cupboards (08x39)


Folder 9:          Daybed and couch (08x39)


Folder 10:        Desks: Carlton House


Folder 11:        Desks: kneeholes


Folder 12:        Desks: pedestal


Folder 13:        Desks: roll tops



Box 6:


Folder 1:          Desks: slope fronts


Folder 2:          Desks and writing tables

[see also Tables: writing]


Folder 3:          Details (08x39)


Folder 4:          Dining tables

[see also Tables]


Folder 5:          Display cabinets (also B front wings [i.e. breakfront wings?])


Folder 6:          Dresser and dresser bases (oak only)


Folder 7:          Dressing tables

                        [see also Tables: Dressing, Lowboys]


Folder 8:          Drop leaf tables

[see also Tables]


Folder 9:          Drum and center tables

[see also Tables]


Folder 10:        Dumbwaiters [tiered tables]


Folder 11:        Dunlap French pieces


Folder 12:        Fire screens

                        [see also Screens]


Folder 13:        Gate leg tables: all kinds

[see also Tables]


Folder 14:        Gillows furniture


Folder 15:        Glassware; Globes (08x39)


Folder 16:        Hanging shelves


Folder 17:        Hunt tables (social)


Folder 18:        Library steps (08x39)


Folder 19:        Lowboys

                        [see also Dressing tables, Tables: dressing]


Folder 20:        Mantles, doors, and rooms



Box 7:


Folder 1:          Miniature furniture


Folders 2-3:     Mirrors


Folder 4:          Mirrors: pier (Queen Anne); gesso and baroque; parcel gilt (08x39)


Folder 5:          Mirrors: rococo (08x39)


Folder 6:          Mirrors: neoclassical; convex; other Regency; over mantel (08x39)


Folder 7:          Miscellaneous



Box 8:


Folder 1:          Nests of tables

                        [see also Tables: quartetto]


Folder 2:          Knife cases


Folder 3:          Occasional tables


Folder 4:          Open armchairs: library and Gainsboro

[see also Chairs: Gainsboro]


Folders 5-6:     Paintings


Folder 7:          Pedestals


Folder 8:          Pembroke tables

                        [see also Tables]


Folder 9:          Sconces; Screens (08x39)

                        [see also Chandeliers and candelabras; Fire screens]


Folder 10:        Secretaire bookcase, Georgian (08x39)

                        [see also Bookcases and note there]



Box 9:


Folder 1:          Settees and sofas (08x39)

                        [see also folder 2]


Folder 2:          Settees, sofas, and love seats

                        [see also folder 1]


Folder 3:          Ship models


Folder 4:          Sideboards (08x39) (folder 1 of 2, continued in next box)



Box 10:


Folder 1:          Sideboards (folder 2 of 2)


Folder 2:          Sideboards: pedestal only


Folder 3:          Sofa tables

[see also Tables]


Folder 4:          Stands: candle, kettle, miscellaneous, term and pedestal, urn (08x39)

                        [see also Candle stands; Urn stands; Wash stands]


Folder 5:          Stools and benches (08x39)


Folder 6:          Tables: architects and reading; breakfast and Pembroke (08x39)

[see also Breakfast tables; Pembroke tables]


Folder 7:          Tables: cards and gaming (08x39)

[see also Card tables]


Folder 8:          Tables: centre; console; dining (08x39)

[see also: Card console tables; Console and side tables; Dining tables; Drum and center tables]


Folder 9:          tables: dressing (lowboy); drop-leaf and gate-leg (08x39)

 [see also: Dressing tables; Lowboys; Drop leaf tables; Gate leg tables]



Box 11:


Folder 1:          Tables: drum; night (bedside commodes); quartetto [nests of tables] (08x39)

                        [see also Commodes; Nests of tables]


Folder 2:          Tables: side; silver (08x39)

                        [see also Consoles and side tables]


Folder 3:          Tables: sofa, tripod tea (08x39)

                        [see also Sofa tables; Tripod tables]


Folder 4:          Tables: wine; work; writing (08x39)

                        [see also Desks and writing tables]


Folder 5:          Tallboys; Tea caddies; Trays; Trick furniture (08x39)


Folder 6:          Tripod tables

                        [see also Tables: tripod tea]


Folder 7:          Upholstered chairs

                        [see also Chairs]


Folder 8:          Urn stands      

                        [see also Stands]


Folder 9:          Wash stands



Box 12:


Folder 1:          What-nots and etageres


Folder 2:          Window seats; Wine coolers (08x39)

                        [see also Cellarettes]


Folder 3:          Wing chairs

                        [see also Chairs]


Folder 4:          Photo album: Copsen Manor Collection, 1926 (08x39)


Folder 5:          Letter about Copsen Manor Collection, 1926 (08x39)














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