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Creator:         Du Pont family                                  

Title:               Papers

Dates:             1685-1895, bulk 1840-1870

Call No.:         Col. 710

Acc. No.:        [various – see detailed description; some items have only museum accession numbers]

Quantity:        0.75 cu. ft. (1 volume, 4 boxes)

Location:        35 I 1






The papers in this collection relate to several members of the du Pont family of Wilmington, Delaware.  The du Ponts, father Pierre Samuel with his sons Eleuthère Irènée and Victor Marie, the sons’ wives, and their children, emigrated from France to the United States, arriving on January 1, 1800.  Also in the party were Pierre Samuel’s step-daughter Ile-de-France Pusy with her baby, Eleuthère’s brother-in-law Charles Dalmas, and several servants.  They soon settled in Wilmington, where E.I. started a gunpowder manufactory and Victor Marie began a textile mill.  The papers are from descendants of both the du Pont sons, and brief sketches will be given of those descendants represented in this collection.


Pierre Samuel du Pont (de Nemours was later added to his name) was born in Paris in 1739, the only son of Samuel (a watchmaker) and Anne Alexandrine de Montchanin du Pont.  At his mother’s insistence, he was well educated, but at age 14, his father forced him to learn the watchmaker’s trade, in which Pierre Samuel was not interested.  When he was 23, he wrote an essay on economics which was well-received by certain influential people, and this led to his employment as the editor of a journal, a task more to his liking than watch making, and eventually led to other employment.  In 1766, he married Marie (Nicole Charlotte Marie Louise) Le Dée.  They had two sons: Victor Marie (born in 1767) and Eleuthère Irènée (born in 1771).  In the 1784, Marie Le Dée du Pont died; Pierre Samuel married the widow Françoise Poivre in 1794.  Pierre Samuel was elected to the Estates General which met in 1789, but found life difficult under the new regime in France.  He decided to move with his family to the United States.  He stayed only a couple of years before returning to France, but he later came back to the United States, where he died in 1817.   Both sons and their families, however, remained in Delaware, where they had established businesses.


Victorine Elizabeth du Pont was born in France on August 30, 1792, the oldest child of Eleuthère Irènée and his wife Sophie Madeleine.  In 1813, Victorine married Ferdinand Bauduy, the son of a business partner of E.I.  Sadly, Ferdinand died within two months of the wedding, and Victorine returned to her parents’ home and never remarried.  She taught at a Sunday school established for the children of mill workers and took over her mother’s house management duties after Sophie was badly injured as the result of an explosion at the powder mill.  Victorine died in 1861. 


Eleuthera du Pont was the fourth surviving child of Eleuthère Irènée and Sophie Madeleine.  She was born in Wilmington on December 8, 1806.  She married Dr. Thomas McKie Smith in 1834.  (Dr. Smith’s sister Joanna married Eleuthera’s brother Alexis Irènée.)  The Smiths did not have children.  In 1852, Dr. Smith became very ill.  By accident, Eleuthera gave him the wrong medicine, and he died.  She died on January 1, 1876. 


Evalina Gabrielle du Pont was another daughter of Eleuthère Irènée and Sophie Madeleine, born in 1796.  She married James Antoine Bidermann, the son of one of the French investors in the du Pont gunpowder mill.  Antoine had been sent by his father to check on his American investment, stayed to work at the mill, and bought a nearby farm which he named Winterthur.  Evalina died in 1863, and Antoine died two years later.  The Bidermanns had one child, a son, who preferred to live in Europe, and therefore he sold Winterthur to his uncle General Henry du Pont.


Henry du Pont, born in 1812, was the next-to-youngest child of Eleuthère Irènée and Sophie Madeleine.  He graduated from West Point but resigned from the army after his father’s death in order to help with the family’s gunpowder business.  Henry eventually became the senior partner and was considered the head of the extended du Pont family.  He married Louisa Gerhard of Philadelphia.  They had two sons, Henry Algernon and William, plus several daughters.  When James Irènée Bidermann decided to remain in Europe, Henry bought his Delaware estate, Winterthur.  Henry was a general in the Delaware militia and so was addressed as General du Pont.  He died in 1889.


Charles Irènée du Pont, the son of Victor Marie and Gabrielle Josephine du Pont, was born in 1797.  His first wife was Dorcas Montgomery Van Dyke (lived 1806-1838), the daughter of a United States senator from Delaware; the Marquis de Lafayette attended their wedding.  After Dorcas died, Charles married Ann Ridgely (lived 1815-1898), whose father Henry Moore Ridgely was a prominent Delaware attorney and had been a congressman and a senator from Delaware.  Charles ran the textile mill begun by his father but later went into state politics.  The children of Charles and Dorcas included Mary Van Dyke, Victor, and Charles Jr.  The children of Charles and Ann were Amelia Elizabeth (called Amy) and Henry Ridgely.  Charles Jr. married a cousin, Mary Sophie, daughter of Margaretta Lammont and Alfred Victor du Pont.  Amy married another cousin, Eugene du Pont, son of Alexis Irènée and Joanna Smith du Pont.





The collection contains scrapbooks, a diary, letters, documents, and a few financial papers, related to several members of the du Pont family.  The largest group of letters pertains to Ann Ridgely, wife of Charles Irènée du Pont.  The letters include condolences to her on the deaths of her father and her husband, a Valentine poem, a record of some of the expenses of her daughter Amy’s wedding, letters from her to Charles about setting the date for their wedding, some Ridgely genealogy, letters from a granddaughter at boarding school, and some Ridgely family correspondence.


Also included in the collection are letters from Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson to Pierre Samuel du Pont.  Franklin praised du Pont’s writing, and Jefferson asked for his help in negotiations with France about Louisiana.  Other correspondents include Alexander Hamilton (about the right of foreigners to own land in the U.S.) and James Monroe (glad the du Ponts have settled in the U.S.).  The Marquis de Lafayette wrote letters of introduction for James Antoine Bidermann to Bushrod Washington and Thomas Jefferson.  Jerome Bonaparte informed the du Ponts of his marriage to Elizabeth Patterson.  Photocopies of documents in other collections relate to the building of the Bidermann’s house at Winterthur, Delaware.  As well, the collection includes the marriage certificate of Samuel du Pont and Anne de Montchanin, the birth and baptismal certificate of Pierre Samuel du Pont, and a document from the King Stanislas Auguste of Poland nominating Pierre Samuel to a position in the Commission on Education in Poland.


Several scrapbooks and other volumes are found in the collection.  Victorine du Pont Bauduy collected poems in her album.  Eleuthera du Pont Smith collected drawings and poems from family and friends.  The Marquis de Lafayette wrote in her album when he visited the United States in 1824-1825.  Two scrapbooks contain pressed flowers.  Eleuthera Smith’s flower book includes flowers collected for her out west, and also flowers from du Pont weddings.  A silhouette of an unidentified woman is laid into the back of Eleuthera’s album.  The other flower scrapbook may have belonged to Evalina du Pont Bidermann.  A brief diary was kept by Henry du Pont in 1842, mainly recording agricultural work. 


The collection also contains a group of almost 200 receipted bills, most of which were sent to E.I. du Pont.  These document purchases of textiles, china, glassware, shoes, jewelry, furniture, and other household goods.  As well, there are bills from tailors and dressmakers and one doctor’s bill.  One bill lists lumber being shipped from Cuba.  A later addition to the collection is a leather document holder (acc. 13x123) which came with a label saying that it had been found in the desk of E. I. du Pont.  A few items in the collection have no discernable connection to the du Pont family.





The papers are arranged in two series: I. Miscellaneous du Pont papers; and II. Ridgely-du Pont papers.  Within each series, the papers are in chronological order.





The materials are in English and French.





Collection is open to the public.  Copyright restrictions may apply.





Gifts from various sources.  Accession 08x154 was transferred from the Museum.


Those documents with the accession number 04x84 were found in the Downs stacks; they were possibly transferred from Longwood Gardens, but no record of the transfer was found with the papers.







            Bauduy, Victorine du Pont, 1792-1861.

            Bidermann, Evalina du Pont, 1796-1863.

            Bidermann, James Antoine, 1790-1865.

            Bidermann family – Portraits.

            Binkes, Thomas, fl. 1685.

            Clay, Henry, 1777-1852.

Du Pont, Ann Ridgely, 1815-1898.

Du Pont, Charles Irenee, 1797-1869.

Du Pont de Nemours, Pierre Samuel, 1739-1817.

Du Pont, Samuel, 1708-1775.

Du Pont, Samuel Francis, 1803-1865.

Du Pont family – Portraits.

Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790 – Correspondence.

            Hamilton, Alexander, 1757-1804.

            Houdon, Jean Antoine, 1741-1828.

Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826 – Correspondence.

Jerome Bonaparte, King of Westphalia, 1784-1860.

Lafayette, Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert de Motier, Marquis de, 1754-1834.

            L’Enfant, Pierre Charles, 1754-1825.

Monroe, James, 1758-1831.

Perry, Oliver Hazard, 1785-1819.

Ridgely family.

Smith, Eleuthera du Pont, 1806-1876.

Vanderlyn, John, 1775-1852.



            Dickinson College.

            E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company.

            Philadelphia Society for the Promotion of National Industry.


Agriculture – DelawareNew Castle County.

Art, Amateur.

Cats in art.

Ceramic tableware – Prices.

Clothing and dress – Prices – 19th century.

Coffins – Prices.

Courtship - Delaware - 19th century.

            Decedents’ estates – Delaware.

            Flowers – Specimens.

            Furniture – Prices – 19th century.

Girls – Correspondence.

Glassware – Prices – 19th century.

House construction – Costs.

House construction – Delaware.

Mourning customs.



Shoes – Prices – 19th century.


Textile fabrics – Prices – 19th century.


            Wedding decorations.

            Carlisle (Pa.)

            Winterthur Estate.

            Woolton Hall (Estate : Wilmington, Del.)




Letters of introduction.

Playing cards.



            Amateur artists.

            Marriage certificates.

            Birth certificates.








Location: 35 I 1


Series I.: Miscellaneous du Pont papers


Subseries A.: Volumes:


65x623            “Album,” Eleuthera du Pont

title on box: “Album and scrapbook of Eleuthera du Pont”


An album kept by Eleuthera du Pont (Mrs. Thomas McKie Smith) from 1824-1858, including drawings and poems contributed by Eleuthera’s family and friends.  (The poems may have been copied from other sources, but if so, the original authors’ names are not recorded.)   Several members of the Smith family, including Thomas, contributed to the album.  Among the du Ponts may be found the names Sophie, Victorine, Alexis I., Eugene, and the initials S.F., A.E., S.M., E.E., and H.E.  Other names include L.A. Cazenove, E. Bidermann, Margaretta, Charlotte Grimshaw, Julia Shubrick, and many others.


On the second page is found the signature of the Marquis de Lafayette, a friend of the du Pont family.  He wrote “After having seen near half a century ago the Banks of the Brandywine a scene(?) of bloody fighting, I am happy now to find it the seat of industry, beauty, and mutual friendship.”  Lafayette visited the du Ponts during his American tour of 1824-1825.  A printed poem about Lafayette’s visit to the U.S. is pasted on the page.


A number of loose items, including sketches, prints, and an illustrated poem about three kittens who lost their mittens, were removed from the album and are in a separate folder, found in Box 1


The album is also available on microfilm, Mic. 2827.   An index to the names found in the volume is appended to this finding aid.



Box 1:


Folder 1:         loose items from album of Eleuthera Smith, acc. 65x623



Folder 2:


65x594            “Selections of Poetry,” Victorine E. du Pont, 1808 [information printed on cover]


A volume of poetry assembled by Victorine Elizabeth du Pont (Mrs. Ferdinand Bauduy).  The volume includes poems by Goldsmith, Shakespeare, Gray, Mrs. Opie, and many others.  A few of them are illustrated.  The binding is not original to the volume.

[museum accession 61.1435]



Folder 3 (in oversize box):


03x156           “Flowers from Colorado, Dacotah, &c., pressed by T. H. Williamson, Eleuthera D. Smith, August 3d, 1868” (in oversize box)


                       About the first third of this album contains unidentified flowers, undoubtedly the ones collected by Williamson.  Flowers and leaves on the remaining pages are usually marked with the date and place of collection and the initials of the collector.  They came from such places as the home of RLP, Central Park, and the capitol grounds in Harrisburg.  Towards the end of the volume will be found flowers from the weddings of various members of the du Pont family, including Eleuthera Paulina (married Edward Green Bradford, September 18, 1872), Sarah (married John Duer, June 14, 1871), Lammont (married Mary Belin, October 2, 1865), and others.  Laid into the back of the volume is an unidentified silhouette of a woman, cut at the Peale Museum in Philadelphia, ca.1805-1815.  (The word “Museum” is embossed on the paper.)



Folder 4:


65x633.1-.3   scrapbook of pressed flowers, kept by unknown person, probably Evalina du Pont Bidermann, 1833


                       A small green volume containing pressed flowers and leaves from trips to such places as West Point, Long Island, Trenton falls, and Mt. Holyoke.  Laid into the volume is a note addressed to Mrs. Bidermann and a poem written at Louviers (a du Pont home) in 1836.

                       [museum accession 64.1757a-c]


65x694            “Diary for 1841…,” published by Samuel M. Steward and Thomas, Cowperthwaite & Co., Philadelphia

                        title on front cover changed to read “Diary for 1842”


                        Louisa Gerhard du Pont appears to have intended to use this diary in 1841, but for some reason did not.  Her husband Henry used it in 1842, sometimes correcting the dates (so Tuesday became March 15 rather than March 16), but sometimes not.  He recorded work on wood lots and farm fields, trips, dinners out, and weddings.  There are no entries after April 20.  On blank pages at the end of the volume are notes about crops of wheat, oats, orchard grass, and millet.

[museum accession 64.1624]




Subseries B: Letters and papers (in chronological order):


Folder 5:


08x154.1         marriage certificate of Samuel du Pont and Anne de Montchanin [misspelled as Monchanin], May 19, 1737, also a photocopy  [in French, on printed form]  [museum no. 63.803] 


08x154.2         birth and baptismal certificate for Pierre Samuel du Pont, December 14, 1739, an extract from the Birth Register of the city of Paris, also a photocopy  [in French, on printed form]  [museum no. 63.806] 


65x589                        letter, Benjamin Franklin, London, October 2, 1770, to M. [Pierre Samuel] du Pont, [Paris]


                                    received the letter sent by Comte Chreptowitz; enjoyed his book on the India Company and learned much from it; hopes to return to America the next summer and wishes he could take M. du Pont and M. Dubourg and their wives with him

                                    [trex 2180]


55.770             letter, Benjamin Franklin, London, June 15, 1772, to M. [Pierre Samuel] du Pont, [Paris]


thanks for introducing him to the Marquis d’Ecrammeville(?); Abraham Mansword’s Advice for His Countrymen is very good; asks if his copy of Ephemerides has been paid for; “Go on to do good with your enlighten’d pen….”

[trex 2028]


65x620                        letter, Benjamin Franklin, London, August 12, 1772, to M. [Pierre Samuel] du Pont, [Paris]


                                    M. Baudeau is bringing money to pay for Ephemerides; “You are doing a great deal of good to mankind….”

                                    [trex 2221]



Folder 6a:


Ph 407             photocopy of a certificate signed by Stanislas Auguste, King of Poland, appointing Pierre Samuel du Pont a counselor of the Commission on Education of Poland, November 30, 1774

                                    [note: original is acc. 08x154.3, in oversize box 3, folder 6b)

                                    [trex 4287]


65x676                        a card identifying M. Dupont [sic] as a deputy to the French National Assembly for district de Nemours, Département de Seine et Marne.

                                    (the card is printed on the back of a playing card, the four of spades)

                                    [museum accession 58.2852]


04x84.217a-b              Photostat of letter George Washington, Mount Vernon, November 9, 1799, to P.S. Duponceau(?), Philadelphia


                        is looking forward to arrival of the du Pont de Nemours family; hopes he is finally retired from public life because wants to devote his time to his estate


55.9                 Letter, I. U. Niemeurer(?), Elizabeth Town, N.J., Dec. 7, 1799, to Thomas Law, City of Washington


                                    He had met Bureaux de Pusy, who was awaiting the arrival of the du Pont de Nemours family. 

[De Pusy’s wife was the step-daughter of Pierre Samuel du Pont.]

[trex 758]


Ph 1331           Records of the Bureau of Customs, Port of Newport, Inspector’s Book, 1800: “return of merchandise, household furniture, and baggage unladen” for Victor du Pont, Elethere Irenee [sic] du Pont, du Pont de Nemours, and others, January 7, 1800.

                        [trex 5091]


04x84.193a-b  Letter, Pierre Charles L’Enfant, City of Washington, June 20 and 24, 1800, to Victor du Pont, New York


                        is in dire straits – waiting to see what Congress will do; corporation of City of New York owes him a debt of honor



Folder 6b (in oversize box):


08x154.3         photocopy of a certificate signed by Stanislas Auguste, King of Poland, appointing Pierre Samuel du Pont a counselor of the Commission on Education of Poland, November 30, 1774, also a photocopy  [in French]  [museum acc. 63.804]

                                    [note: photocopy is acc. Ph 407 in folder 6a)



Folder 7 (in oversize box):


65x588                        Letter, A[lexander] Hamilton, New York, Nov. 9, 1801, to M. du Pont (de Nemours).      


                                    Concerning the right of foreigners to own land in the United States

                                    [museum accession 59.807a; trex 2179]


65x622                        Letter, Jas. Monroe, Richmond, April 18, 1802(?), to Messrs. Dupont de Nemours father, sons & Co., New York


                                    Glad to hear of their safe arrival in the United States and hopes they will like it here.  Writes about the payment owed to Mr. [Jean Antoine] Houdon for a statue of George Washington.  Invites them to come visit him and Jefferson.

                                    [trex 2223]  [see also 04x84.198]



Folder 8 (in oversize box):


65x590                        letter, Thomas Jefferson, Washington, April 25, 1802, to M. [Pierre Samuel] du Pont de Nemours, New York


                                    is sending du Pont letters for him to take with him to France – letters addressed to Kosciuzko, Holney(?), Madame de Corny, Mr. Short, and Chancellor Livingston; asks for du Pont’s help in reaching an agreement with France about Louisiana; wishes to maintain friendship with France; understands that Talleyrand is hostile to the U.S. because of the XYZ affair – please try to convince him that the U.S. is not hostile to him; deliver the letter to Livingston personally

                                    [museum number 59.809a]


04x84.198       letter, James Monroe, Richmond, May 13, 1802, to “Dear Sir” [one of the du Ponts], no place


                                    Thomas Jefferson has been authorized to adjust the payment due to Houdon for the statue of George Washington; still hopes that he will come visit


04x84.192       letter, Thomas Jefferson, no place, no date, to Mr. E. I. Dupont de Nemours, no place


                                    Congratulates du Pont on the establishment of his gunpowder works – really good to have it in America; disappointed that it was not established in Virginia but “I acknowledge the great and increasing evil of Negro slavery [and the bad impression] it must make on the mind of one not accustomed to its presence”; foresees a violent end to slavery.

[The ink in this letter has run.  It is possible that the letter is a forgery.]



Folder 9 (in oversize box):


04x84.194       note, John Vanderlyn, New York, July 11, 1802, to [Charles] Dalmas, Philadelphia


                                    has not been able to attend “to this package of Mr. Stuart” – if doesn’t reach him at Bergen Point, then will get it in Wilmington; bon voyage and write when you arrive [the last paragraph is in French]


04x84.195       letter, John Vanderlyn, New York, March 17, 1803, to Charles Dalmas, in care of Mr. I. Du Pont, near Wilmington, Delaware


                                    took a recent trip to Washington but lack of time prevented him from visiting Dalmas; is getting ready to sail for Europe – plans to visit Paris and then Rome; has a commission from the “Society or Cabinet of Fine Arts” (of New York City) to collect casts of ancient sculptures and copies of famous paintings; will be happy to carry letters to France for him                       


70x99              letter, Victor Marie du Pont d.N. [de Nemours], New York, May 21, 1803, to Mr. Petit de Villers, Philadelphia


                                    The letter is written in French and concerns the possibilities of business ventures in Savannah, New York, or Wilmington.  Also included is a photocopy of Petit de Villers’ reply to du Pont, June 11, 1803, the original of which, as well as additional correspondence between these two men, is at Hagley Museum.


55.755.1-.2      Two items fastened together:

                                    .1         Printed document signed by Victor du Pont (de Nemours) swearing that the attached account is correct, New York, August 9, 1803


                                    .2         Account or shipping invoice for the importation of 31 pipes of French brandy, imported by V. du Pont de Nemours & Co., brought on brig Minerva, George Main, master, from Bordeaux

                                    [trex 2006]



Folder 10:


62x93.1                       Letter, Jerome Bonaparte, Baltimore, Dec. 26, 1803, to Mr. du Pont


                                    announces his marriage to Elizabeth Patterson [letter is in French]

                                    [trex 1527]


62x93.2                       Note, Jerome Bonaparte, Trenton, Sept. 6, [no year, ca.1804], to Mr. du Pont


                                    requests du Pont to give M. Meyronnet one hundred dollars

                                    [trex 1528]



Folder 11:


04x84.201       note, [William] Eustis, Washington, January 3, 1811, to General John Mason, Georgetown


                                    thanks Mason for forwarding the fine sample of cloth from the house of Messrs. Dupont, Bauduy & Co.; and extend his thanks to the company

                                    [endorsed on back: Mr. Eustis, Secretary at War, Washington, January 3, 1812]


55.772             Letter, E. I, Dupont de Nemours & Co., Wilmington, Feb. 4, 1812, to John Hancock, Boston


                                    requests that Hancock send some woad seed and an order for gunpowder

                                    [trex 2030]



Folder 12 (in oversize box):


62x103            Note, Lafayette, La Grange, Oct. 22, 1813, to Thomas Jefferson, Monticello


                                    letter of introduction for Mr. [James Antoine] Bidermann   

                                    [trex 1543]


62x104                        Note, Lafayette, La Grange, Oct. 22, 1813, to Bushrod Washington, Mt. Vernon


                                    letter of introduction for Mr. [James Antoine] Bidermann   

                                    [trex 1543]


04x84.197       note, Henry Clay, New York, February 16, 1814, to E. [Eleuthère Irènée] Dupont, Wilmington, Delaware


                                    received du Pont’s package and will deliver it; please save two dogs for him; the example of cloth which was sent him was not good enough to take to Europe, but found a better example in New York which he will take; respects to Mr. Bauduy




Folder 13:


04x84.200       letter, General Thomas Cadwalader, Philadelphia, October 6, 1824, to Victor Du Pont, no place


                                    was planning to go to Wilmington with General La Fayette, but finds he is unable to do so; Mrs. Gamble unwell so the major could not leave her; please let Mr. Call [or McCall] know that he will not be at his house this evening


Ph 1207                       typescript of letter, Margeretta [Elizabeth Lammont du Pont], [Wilmington], November 2, 1824, to her mother [Mrs. Anna P. Lammot, Philadelphia]


                                    Tells her mother of the celebrations held by the Du Pont Company workmen when she and her new husband returned to Wilmington; have had many visitors and are expecting more; plans to be industrious and asks that mother and father continue to send her advice

(Margeretta and Alfred Victor du Pont had been married October 28, 1824.)

[trex 4977]


04x84.202       Note, Grant[?] Stone[?], Philadelphia, Nov. 9, 1836, to Thomas Wigglesworth, Boston


                                    letter of introduction for Mr. A. Bidermann of E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co.; “We consider the house one of the most honorable and safe we know of and recommend Mr. B. to you as a gentleman worth of your attention.”




Folder 14:


04x84.199       note, T. Crawford, [Rome?], January 9, 1847, to “My Dear Sir” [possibly sent to Thomas McKie Smith]


                                    encloses a ticket to an exhibition; regards to Mrs. Smith; ladies will not be admitted to the exhibit


Ph 1109                       photograph of a letter, Eleuthera D. Smith, January 22, 1864, to Lilia [Bienayme]


                                    Writes about James Antoine Bidermann’s eye operation in Paris; had to distribute Evalina’s plants in the greenhouse at Winterthur to various family members; nephew Frank Smith had been ill of yellow fever; news about her cousins the Shubricks; other du Pont family news; mentions the war

                                    [original letter at Hagley Museum Library; trex 4891]


Ph 1131                       photocopy of a note, T.F. Bayard, June 12, 1885, Department of State, Washington, to Colonel Henry Algernon du Pont, Winterthur


                                    Requesting that du Pont allow Dr. Emmet to photograph some portraits in his collection

                                    [original at Hagley Museum Library]



Folder 15:


54.78               Valentine (or love poem) written by James Johnson of Connecticut (1774-1851) to his fiancée Elizabeth Sturges Burr (1774-1849) (they were great-great grandparents of Ruth Wales du Pont); the Valentine consists of a poem decorated with a small illustration of two stylized birds; no date

                                    [trex 464]



Folder 16:


65x606                        letter and envelope, Anna Brinckle, no place, no date, to Victorine du Pont Bauduy


explains the circumstances which led to an erroneous story about Anna’s sister Susan and brother Samuel being involved in a mock marriage, and an erroneous story about John (apparently another brother) and Mary Belin

[trex 2207]


65x690                        note, unsigned, to “Dear Sister,” n.d., believed to be to a note to or from Sophie du Pont


                                    requests recipe for making wax to rub tables

[this note was found in a book given to Sophie M. du Pont by A. M. Cazenove on June 18, 1822, museum accession 70.99; trex 3437]



Folder 17:


Ph 487             Photostatic copies of a real estate advertisement for the property “Woolton Hall,” residence of C.F. Griggs, located on Philadelphia Turnpike north of Wilmington; the ad includes a plan of the first floor, a view of the house, a description of the house and grounds and outbuildings; the house was located near Bellevue Station.


A note states that this is the property that became known as Bellevue while it was owned by William du Pont, Jr.  The property is now a state park.

[trex 4348]




Folder 18:


04x84.207a-f   printed circular, E.J.[sic] Dupont de Nemours & Co., Wilmington, November 8, 1830


                        concerning gunpowder testing and orange stain gunpowder; lists other types of gunpowder made by the company


04x84.209       printed notice about a presentation sword made for Commodore du Pont, ca.1862


69x207            “The Banks of the Brandywine,” an article by Howard M. Jenkins, Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, no date


The article mentions several mills along the Brandywine, particularly the Du Pont mills, and recounts some family history.  The article is illustrated.

                        [trex 3331]


[no number]     “Angelica Collectanea,” information about Victor du Pont in Angelica, New York; from an unknown publication



Folder 19: portraits


04x84.204       receipt, D. Huntington, New York, May 8, 1869, received money from William Whitten for a cabinet portrait of Admiral du Pont as a midshipman


04x84.205       watercolor sketch, portrait of a young woman, possibly Victorine Elizabeth du Pont Bauduy


04x84.206       recto: same sketch as 04x84.205

                        verso: pencil sketch of Oliver Hazard Perry


04x84.208       photo of a portrait of the Bidermann family, ca. 1795, reproduced in Winterthur Portfolio, vol. 1, p. 10




Folder 20: bills and receipts


04x84.1-.63     receipted bills for textiles, clothing, and shoes, 1806-1814 and n.d., most are addressed to E.I. du Pont



Folder 21: bills and receipts


04x84.64-.122 receipted bills for textiles, clothing, and shoes, 1815-1820, most are addressed to E.I. du Pont



Folder 22: bills and receipts


04x84.123-.191                       receipted bills for furniture, household items (especially glassware and china), doctor’s bill, etc., 1806-1834 and n.d., most are addressed to E.I. du Pont



Folder 23: bills and receipts


Ph 1178                       photocopy of a bill to estate of P. S. Dupont [sic], from G. Whitelock, August 3, 1817


                                    Charges for a mahogany coffin

                                    [original at Hagley Museum Library; trex 4953]


Ph 247             “Sundries to A. Bidermann for Goods bought at his vendue, July 29, 1837


                                    Photocopy of a list of names and amounts owed by them

                                    [originals of Ph 247-253 are at the Hagley Museum Library; all are trex 4134]


Ph 248             Bill to Mrs. V. E. Bauduy from A. Bidermann, for brass candlesticks, water buckets, tumblers, sugar bowl, sideboard, and coffee


Ph 249             Bill to Alfred du Pont from A. Bidermann for mahogany bureau, rush bottom chairs, chamber pot, and set of castors


Ph 250             Bill to Henry and Samuel F. du Pont for a pair of horses


Ph 251             Bill to Dr. Thos. M.K. Smith from A. Bidermann, for table, copper saucepans, Windsor chairs and an arm chair, toaster, dishes, stone jug


Ph 252             Bill to E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., from A. Bidermann, for set of gears and halters, plow, hay rakes, pitch forks, dung fork, stable buckets, plow chains, scythes, cradle, buggy harness, saddle, stone jugs


Ph 253             Bill to E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., from A. Bidermann, for same items listed in Ph 252



Folder 24: bills and receipts


Ph 1111                       photographs of two bills to A. Bidermann, no date but ca. 1838, no name of sender                     


The bills are for building materials and for work on his house, including charges for digging the cellar and quarrying stone, and for such materials as a girder, joists, roof timbers, shingling lathes, plastering lathes, lintels, rails and banisters for main staircase, and two mantle pieces

                        [originals at Hagley Museum Library; trex 4893]


Ph 1110                       photograph of a bill to A. Bidermann from William Edwards, 1842


                                    Charges for painting Bidermann’s “country residence near Wilmington” (Winterthur), including glass and glazing, book cases, greenhouse, basement, front door, cellar windows, etc.  

                                    [original at Hagley Museum Library; trex 4892]



Folder 25: non-du Pont material


04x84.210       letter, George Fox, no place but postmarked New York, July 25, no year, to “Dear Aunt,” envelope addressed to Benjamin Clark for M. Franklin, Niagara Falls, New York


                        sends family news and writes out “an extract from the Herald,” about the wedding of Mr. F. and Miss M.


04x84.211       typescript of letter, Joseph Ball, Stratford by London, November 2, 1749, to Cousin Betty, i.e. Miss Elizabeth Washington, nigh the falls of Rappahannock, by favor of Major Lawrence Washington (Betty is addressed as cousin, but Ball signed as uncle)


                        is sending her a tea chest with spoons, strainer, tongs, green and bohea teas, and sugar; give love to family and friends


04x84.212a-b              Photostat and typescript of letter, Rawh. Downman, Westham, November 12, 1761, to his uncle Jos. Chinn, Lancaster County, Virginia


                        the awaited shipment of tobacco has just arrived; sends instructions about whitewashing or papering house; plant a garden with vegetables and watermelons [lists specific vegetables he wants]; wife has been ill; please do necessary repairs to kitchen and outbuildings


04x84.213       note, Edw. Brien, Martick(?) Works, April 16, 1805, to A. Rugart, Lancaster


please send a keg of brandy with L. Kirk


04x84.214       check drawn on Farmers Bank of Lancaster, April 20, 1816, made out to Valentin Gartner, signed Edw. Brien


04x84.196       note, J[oseph] Lancaster, no place [probably London], 1805, to Messrs. Maberly Daniel & Co., Bedford Row, London


                        dimensions of building at Bradley are 120 long, 20 broad, 10 high, and are to be thatched; the Duke does not wish to confine him to a precise plan


04x84.215       Joseph Pope, Portland, Maine, April 8, 1835, to Benjamin Clark, New York


                        glad to hear of Clark’s prosperity; will Clark give his daughters a place to rest after their voyage from Portland? Would enjoy having Clark and his family come visit


04x84.216       Constitution and By-Laws of the Union Fire Engine and Hose Company of the City of Lancaster, instituted 1760.  (Lancaster, Pa.: printed by J.H. Bryson, 1843.)

                        includes list of officers and members



Box 4:


13x123            Leather document case which is said to have been found in the desk of E. I. du Pont, possibly mid-19th century.

It is stamped Frs. Gaudelet Junr., No. 12 Aldermanbury, London.  The individual pockets have labels indicating they held discountable notes, notes of 60 days, receipts for money lent, etc. 

Given the English address, it is possible that rather than belonging to E. I. du Pont, this item was acquired by Henry Francis du Pont. 

A conservation report is available.





Series II: Ridgely family and Charles I. du Pont papers


(note: unless otherwise noted, all these accession numbers begin with 80x249; trex 8487)


Box 2:


Folder 1 (in oversize box):


.1         Deed, executed on behalf of Charles, Baron Baltimore, to Thomas Binkes of Calvert County, Maryland, for parcel of land called Binkes Choice, June 1, 1685, signed by Henry Darnall and William Digges

[note: the red wax seal is disintegrating]



Folder 2:


.2         Letter, James Thomson(?), Philadelphia, September 2, 1800, to Henry M. Ridgely, Dover, Delaware       


            News from Carlisle; Mr. Oliver’s marriage; examination of seniors at Dickinson College;   political differences in Carlisle led to disagreements and a “great confusion in the town”


.3         Letter, R.B. [R. Bond], no place, December 20, 1805, to Miss Willy Ridgely


hopes the things sent by Mr. Wollen(?) arrived safely; mentions Battle of Trafalgar; looking forward to hearing of the safe arrival of Mrs. N.R.’s “little stranger” – hopes it will be a girl; wishes they lived closer to one another


04x84.203       Note, H.M. Ridgely, Dover, February 19, 1816, to Charles I. du Pont, near Wilmington


            thanks du Pont for the suit of black cloth made by his manufactory; was happy to be of service to the du Pont family



Folder 3:


.4         pamphlet: “Address of the Philadelphia Society for the Promotion of National Industry to the Citizens of the United States,” no. VII, May 20, 1819, and also no. XI, June 17, 1819



Folder 4:


.5a       E. W. [Elizabeth Wright], no place, [1829], to her sister Mrs. Ridgely [Sally Banning Ridgely, wife of Henry Moore Ridgely, Senator from Delaware]      


            sorry about Helen [her daughter?] giving so much trouble; rumors about a duel between Vice-President John C. Calhoun and Secretary of War John Eaton on account of their wives; family news


.5b       note, H.M. Ridgely, Dover, September 1, 1839, to W. L. Brown, Philadelphia


            about taking a deposition from Mr. Clayton regarding a suit between Mr. Brown and Mr. Randel



Folder 5:


.6         Valentine poem sent by H.H.L. to Ann Ridgely, February 22, 1839


.7         note, unsigned, sent to unnamed person, no date


            Why wasn’t our appointment kept?



Folder 6:


.8         letter, William Morris, York, November 23, 1839, to cousin Ann Ridgely, Dover


            misses their afternoon visits; looks forward to the excitement of court weeks in York; asks after family

[note: part of last page of letter is missing]


.9         note, M. Douglass, no place, no date, to Ann [Ridgely]


            requests that she defer her proposed visit to the next day – the mantua maker is with her and so will not have a chance to talk


.10       letter, L.N.(?) Hall(?), Washington, Oct. 22, no year (prior to 1841), to Ann Ridgely, Elkton, Maryland


            begs to be given a chance to repair their friendship



Folder 7:


.12       letter, Ann Ridgely, Dover, March 1, 1841, to Charles I. du Pont, Wilmington


            expresses her love for him and his children, knows she will find joy with him; appreciates his sisters’ kind letters; discusses wedding date


.11       two letters are stuck together: Ann [Ridgely], postmarked Dover, March 27, [1841], to Charles I. du Pont, Wilmington; and

Mother [Ann Ridgely du Pont], no place, September 14, 1891, to Amy [Amelia Elizabeth du Pont]


            letter, Ann to Charles: prefers to wait until May 10 to get married


            letter, Mother to Amy: death of the dog Quiz; what do Amy and her husband Eugene think about the Brooklyn stock


.13       letter, Ann Ridgely, Dover, March 30, 1841, to Charles I. du Pont, Wilmington


            looks forward to his upcoming visit but fears rain will postpone it; Sarah Black asked her to be a bridesmaid but at the same time berated Ann for setting her own wedding date for a time shortly after Sarah’s; Miss Lofland also wants her to be a bridesmaid, but hasn’t yet set the date of her wedding



Folder 8:


.21       letter, Jos. Jones, Philadelphia, March 18, 1844, to C. I. du Pont, Brandywine, Del.


            am sending him a volume about a Philadelphia society called the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick; although not printed for political reasons the volume will show the politicians who denounce foreign-born Americans that immigrants helped start the new nation


.26       note, from an unnamed sister [perhaps Sophie du Pont], Rokeby, January 4, 1847, to Ann Ridgely du Pont, Dover


            you were sorely missed on New Year’s Day; hopes she is better



Folder 9:


.27a     letter, Ned [Edward Ridgely], Dover, July 25, [1847], to Ann Ridgely du Pont, near Wilmington


            mother has been ill and father is still unwell; Willie has come to help nurse and sends her love; tells about Sunday school celebration; weather and mosquitoes unpleasant



.28       letter, Ann Ridgely du Pont, Dover, August 10, 1847, to C.I. du Pont, near Wilmington


            father has died, but she knows he is happy in heaven


.29       letter, [Ann Ridgely du Pont], Dover, August 12, 1847, to C.I. du Pont, near Wilmington


            please secure several copies of newspapers with father’s death notice; she will go to New Castle by boat next week; needs addresses of some of father’s old friends


.30       letter, [Ann Ridgely du Pont, Wilmington? 1847], to cousin Helen [nee Wright?]


            grief over father’s death, but father faced death with no fear; she herself has been ill; news of family: sister Willie has a wonderful husband; Eugene is handsome and is a farmer; Edward is to study law; Henry married a wealthy woman; Nicholas is a minister; asked Captain Shubrick [whose wife was a du Pont] about a midshipman appointment for James [Helen’s son], but will need much political influence to obtain one – Captain du Pont and family friends in politics will be able to help


.54       letter, Elizabeth Gillilan(?), Glen Cove, N.Y., August 17, [1847], to cousin Ann Ridgely du Pont, near Wilmington


            condolences on the death of Ann’s father; spent many happy days of her childhood visiting with her Ridgely relatives; asks Ann to come visit in October


.14       biographical note about Henry Moore Ridgely, no date [ca.1847]


            born in Dover, August 6, 1779, son of Ann Moore and Dr. Charles Ridgely; graduated from Dickinson College; studied law with a cousin in Lancaster and was admitted to Delaware bar in 1802; fought a duel; married Sarah Banning on November 21, 1803; advanced in his profession; was also president of the Farmers Bank in Dover; served as Secretary of State for Delaware under several governors



Folder 10:


.36       letter, Willie [Ridgely Johnson], Milford, Delaware, October 7, 1848(?), to Ann Ridgely du Pont, near Wilmington


            sorry to hear Ann is unwell – if weren’t married, would come be with her; her baby Henry is doing well; how are Ann’s children?


.31       letter, Nicholas Ridgely, Philadelphia, March 16, 1849, to Ann Ridgely du Pont, near Wilmington


            thanks her and Mr. du Pont for their help; plans to come visit her soon


.55       note, F.d.P.S. [Francis du Pont Shubrick], no place, no date [before 1850], to aunt Ann Ridgely du Pont, Louviers


            thanks her for a present, her kindnesses, and her note



Folder 11:


.18a-b  note and envelope, Wm. H. Corse, Wilmington, February 8, 1850, to Mary H. Ridgely, New Castle


            the lady occupying her former home offers her $9 for the blinds – will she accept the offer?

            [note: the envelope is postmarked March 16 and was probably not the original envelope for this note]


.19       letter, S.A. Corse, Wilmington, March 4, 1850, to Mary [Ridgely]


            the lady has paid for the blinds but did not want the looking glass; misses the Ridgely family – how are Harry and little Mary?  The Corse family send greetings


.32       note, A. Lee, Ingleside, February 10, 1850, to Mrs. A[nn] R[idgely] du Pont


            sending along a religious book


.20a-b  letter and envelope, R.A. Manship, Wilmington, January 1, [1851], to Mary Ridgely, Phildelphia


            is sending her her things; reminiscences about 1850; church is finished and they are having a protracted meeting; Scot Manship sends a token to little Mary

            [note: the envelope is postmarked Feb. 9 and is addressed to Mary Ridgely in New Castle, so it was not the original envelope for this letter]


.15       note, Jane Wythes, no place, January 27, 1851, to Sister Ridgely


            is returning the bed pan; hopes all the ill people in the Ridgely household are recovering


.16       note, Jane Wythes, no place, March 12, 1851, to Sister Ridgely, at Dr. Tilden’s(?), Buttonwood below 8th, South Side


            am returning her cot; busy with care of children; husband plans to “take an appointment at conference” [probably a minister expecting to be appointed to a church during the next church conference]


.33       letter, S.A. Ridgely, Dover, April 11, 1851, to Ann Ridgely du Pont, near Wilmington


            has a shopping commission for her: needs white flannel for a baby blanket and silk with which to embroider it; news of family; Mr. Tipple(?) died; thanks Mr. du Pont for letter of sympathy


.34       letter, Sister Mary [Ridgely], New Castle, October 21, 1851, to Ann [Ridgely du Pont]


            about renting a house; will leave children in Philadelphia until gets settled; enjoyed her visit with Ann very much; possible candidate for new school teacher




Folder 12:


.24       C.I. du Pont, no place, February 28, 1853, to Charlie [C.I. du Pont, Jr.]


            hopes Charlie will have advantage of foreign travel; discusses the textile mill; government business; family doing well


.22       note, George L. Calley, no place, April 1, 1855, to “Esteemed Friend”


            about pasturing the sheep belonging to the recipient and S. Townsend on Calley’s farm


.35       letter, Sophie [du Pont], Philadelphia, April 24, 1856, to sister [Ann Ridgely du Pont?]


            had visit from Julia and Gabie; Mary still unwell; news of Sarah Gilpin, Bella Davis, and others; Frank has gone to Annapolis


.48       letter, James J. Barclay, Philadelphia, December 27, 1856, to Amy du Pont [daughter of Ann Ridgely and Charles I. du Pont]


            New Year greetings to her, her family, and the Bidermanns; inquires about her studies, especially ornithology; sends her a bird to identify [probably not a real bird – probably a bit of a joke going on here]; tell her father he can get his basket back when they see each other at the Athenaeum.


.23       letter, S[amuel] F[rancis] du Pont, aboard the Minnesota, Hong Kong, January 28, 1858, to Charles [Irènée du Pont]


refers to Charles’ previous letters announcing Alexis’ death and Charles’ closing of his mill; S.F. has taken raw recruits and made good sailors out of them; mentions the recent capture of Canton by the British and French;  discusses the opium trade


.59       note, S. F. du Pont, near Wilmington, Sept. 19, 1860, to Bishop Otey of Tennessee


            regrets that he is unable to accept the invitation to the laying of the cornerstone of the University of the South



Folder 13:


.51       letter, [Ann Ridgely du Pont], no place, no date [ca.1862?], to Capt. Ammen(?)


            Thanks for letter and sugar plums sent to Molly and book for Amy; Harry would have loved to have had him along on the trip to the Academy of Natural Sciences; hopes the court martial acquits him


.53       confidential letter, Daniel Ammen, no place, no date [ca.1862?], to Ann Ridgely du Pont, Louviers


            loves her daughter Amy and needs to know if she reciprocates his feelings; realizes the difficulties of their difference in age


.52       letter, Ann Ridgely du Pont, no place, no date [ca.1862?], to Capt. Ammen


            thanks for photo but at present has none of her family to send in return; does not believe that Amy has any particular feelings for him – she is cordial to everyone; please come visit again when you return from sea



Folder 14:


.25       account, Charles I. du Pont, guardian for [name and part of account has been cut off], 1866-1868


            this account records income only, no expenses; money was received from the executor of the estate Victor du Pont, stock dividends, and bank account interest


.49       “The bill of my wedding, Amy E. du Pont,” Wilmington, March 5, 1867


            a bill from Robert Graves to Eugene du Pont for food for his wedding to cousin Amy du Pont; among the items supplied were lobster salad, chicken salad, oysters, brandy, ham, celery, croquettes, jelly, etc. (the wedding had taken place on July 5, 1866)



Folder 15:


.38a-b  letter with envelope, E.A. Gilpin, Wilmington, February 4, 1868 [i.e. 1869], to Ann Ridgely du Pont, Louviers, near Wilmington


            letter of condolence on death of Charles Irènée du Pont


.39       Sarah B[lack] Young, Walnut Street, February 5, [1869], to [Ann Ridgely du Pont]


            letter of condolence on death of Charles Irènée du Pont


.40       Ruth Anna, Camden, Delaware, February 26, 1869, to aunt Ann [Ridgely du Pont]


            letter of condolence on death of Charles Irènée du Pont


.41       copy of a memorial to Charles Irènée du Pont from the Farmers Bank at Wilmington, February 3, 1869, with a note from Ann Ridgely du Pont, April 13, 1869, to C.P. Johnson, requesting that he publish the memorial in his newspaper



Folder 16:


.42       letter, Alonzo Davis, Fort Plain, N.Y., November 21, 1870, to Ann Ridgely du Pont


            about a dispute over a boundary line for property in Delaware


.43       letter, H[enry] Ridgely, no place, November 29, 1879, to sister [Ann Ridgely du Pont?]


            about the dates their father served as secretary of state for Delaware; Richard bought a lot of poultry and raisins


.44       letter, Edw. S. Jones, Cecilton, Maryland, April 27, [1882], to Ann Ridgely du Pont


            about Jones family genealogy; mentions a letter from Mr. Campbell


.45       letter, Ann Ridgely du Pont, Wilmington, August 3, 1882, to Mr. Campbell, New York City


            about Moore family genealogy



Folder 17:


.46a-c  invitation from Secretary of the Navy, Washington, 1884, to Ann Ridgely du Pont                       


            invitation to the unveiling of the statue of Rear Admiral Samuel Francis Du Pont, in Du Pont Circle, December 20, 1884; also a ticket that reads “admit bearer to stand”; and the envelope for the invitation



Folder 18:


.47a-b  letter with envelope, Williamina Porter, New London, Conn., July 6, 1887, to cousin Ann Ridgely du Pont, Market Street, Wilmington


            birthday present for Willy arrived safely and is holding it for her return home; comments on several items – a book, silver, old letters [appear to be family items which have been sent to her]


.56       letter, granddaughter [Anne Ridgely du Pont], c/o Miss S. Porter, Farmington, Conn., October 8, 1882, to grandma [Ann Ridgely du Pont]


            is very homesick at school but is sure she will like it; being away at school makes her appreciate her home more; music teacher is cross old man; has to go to different buildings for classes and meals and it will be cold in winter


            [Anne Ridgely du Pont was the daughter of Amelia Elizabeth and Eugene du Pont; she was born in 1867.]


.57       letter, Annie [du Pont], Farmington, Conn., November 25, 1883, to grandma


            will be going to New Haven with her roommate for Thanksgiving; tells her about private theatricals at the school the evening before; received a box of violets from home; on Sunday evenings, she and Miss Warner talk about Wilmington; hopes Mama is not overly  tired from redecorating the house; sends love to family members and dogs


.60a-b  letter with envelope, Lydia B. Harrington, Secretary, Ladies Aid, Dover, April 2, 1864, to Admiral S. F. Du Pont, near Wilmington


            about an afghan which the society made to raise money at a sanitary fair and with the intention of presenting it to the state’s favorite hero (the note accompanied the afghan when it was presented to Admiral Du Pont);

with a later note: “This afghan was left to Amy E. du Pont by her aunt Sophie M. du Pont, January 9, 1888.”


[letter of September 14, 1891 would go here – it is stuck to another letter and is found as .11]



.50       printed invitation from Mr. and Mrs. Eugene du Pont and Miss Amy du Pont, to a party on April 17, no year, Wilmington


            [Amy Elizabeth du Pont was born August 7, 1875; if this were a debutante party for her, the date would be ca.1893]


.58       character analysis of Miss Amy du Pont, by Dr. George MacDonald, Wilmington, May 13, 1895


            includes some questions from a Miss Post, but she is not identified

            [this seems to have been a phrenology reading]


.27b     letter, Ned [Edward Ridgely], Dover, July 30, no year, to Ann Ridgely du Pont


            buried Aunt Ridgely the night before – misses her; discusses terms of aunt’s will; he plans to take a sea trip; might go to Lewes soon


.17a-b  letter with envelope, Gussie, postmarked Philadelphia, February 5, no year, to Miss Mary Ridgely (“Mollie”), c/o C.I. du Pont, Wilmington


            sorry to hear of the death of Mollie’s uncle; knows she will turn to God for comfort


.37       note, Willie [Ridgely Johnson], no place, no date, to sister [Ann Ridgely du Pont]


            “Come, our little boy can’t live one hour, do come, do come.”



Folder 19:


.61       set of photograph proofs, a studio portrait of Henry Ridgely du Pont (who appears to be wearing a school uniform)



Folder 20:


.62a     article written for The Star: “The Slate-Roof House: An Historic Account of Penn’s Mansion on Second Street


.62b     article, appeared in Every Evening, ca. 1892: “The Judiciary of Delaware”


            the article mentions Nicholas Ridgely (whose portrait was owned by Ann Ridgely du Pont)


.62c     article, from Philadelphia Press, 1897, “Press Daily Recipes”


            recipes for dessert with winter berries, sardines with sauce, cream puffs, oyster fritters, loin of veal, plus requests for certain recipes



Folder 21:


.63a-f   envelopes


Index of names found in acc. 65x623, Album of Eleuthera du Pont


Abbotsford  154

Albano   156


B., T. B.  138

B., V. E.  22, 47, 69

Baedeker  144

Baedeker, K.  155

Barton, Benjamin S. (Dr.)  146

Bauduy, V. E.  16

Bellange, hte(?)  108

Bidermann, E. G.  5, 6

Bodmer, R.  144, 155

Bryant  61, 64

Bryant, W. C.  26

Buckhurst,  Lord  135


C., A.    73

C., A. C.   71

C., C. B.  115

C., C. I.   81

C., L. A.   82

Cazenove, Antoine Charles  160?

Cazenove,  L. A.  28

Cazenove,  Paulina  84

Charlotte   70

Constance, Mary  94

Chretien   146


dP., A. E.  43

dP. E.   30, 53, 125

dP., E. E.  123

dP., F. E.  129

dP., G. J.  97

dP., H.A.  145

dP, S.M.  94

Delmas, Chs.  136

Dickinson & Son  150, 159

Dodson, R. W.  147

Dorset, Earl of   135

du Pont, Alexis I.  131, 153

du Pont, D. M.   87

du Pont, Eugene  130

du Pont, H. A.  127

du Pont, H. E.  140

du Pont, S. F.  7

du Pont, Sophia   9

du Pont, Sophia M.  29

du Pont, Victor   135

du Pont de Nemours, [Pierre Samuel?]   134

du Pont de Nemours, Mad.  134


Eleuthera 12, 79

Elliott, Jane E. 24


F., A.  146

Fauriel  74

Fournier  146

Fox How  150, 159


G., E.  54

G., E. F.  80

G., Charlotte  110

G., I.  39

G., S. L.  57

G., W. F.  132

Gerard   95

Grimshaw, Charlotte   24

H., Ann M.  79

H., F.  18, 98

Hammerstein, Chateau  155

Havelock, General  149

Hemans   76, 84, 87, 112

Henry, the first   40


I., M. A.  117


Johnson, Anna G.  25

Jones, Sir William  55


Kearny, F.  156

Kenilworth  86

Kosciusko   35, 139

(also spelled Koskiusco)

Koskiusco - see Kosciusko


L., A. P.  13, 21, 23, 47, 72

L., L. E.  66

L., P. S.  113

Lafayette  3

LaFayette, Marquis de   37

Lasinsky, J. A.  144, 155

Lawson, Oscar A.  154

Lochleven Castle  52


Margaretta   11, 17, 33

Maxtock Priory  146

Moore 19


Paulina   70

Pendleton  138

Percival  37, 69

Putnam  139


Querqueville  145


Robin, Francois  134

Rogers, B.  154


S., B.?  103

S., C.   150, 159

S., E.   102, 103

S., E. B.   105

S., F. G.   121

S., M. R.   22

S., R. S.   108, 137

S., T. M.   2, 27, 106

Santander,  P.  111

Sargent, Epes  132

Scott, Sir Walter  154

Shubrick, Julia S.  41

Simmons, M. E.  78

Smith, Clementina B.  91

Smith, Helen M.  20

Smith, Joanna   100

Smith, R. L.  152

Smith, Rebecca H.  19

Smith, Stephen Decatur  107

Smith, Thomas M. K.  62

Sophia   21, 89

Strong, George D.  139

Stuart, Mary   52


Torsanguiga  146


Victorine   4


Waldie, Adam  154

West Point   108, 138, 139

William, Prince   40