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Creator:         Richardson Family                                                     

Title:               Papers

Dates:             1675-ca.1910

Call No.:         Col. 602         

Acc. No.:        53.165, 58x31; 72x127.1; 2019x35a-b

Quantity:        9 boxes, 3 volumes

Location:        38 F 2-4






A number of members of the Richardson family, and their relatives through marriage, are represented in this collection.  Following are brief biographical sketches of the people whose papers are found herein.


The story of the Richardson family in America began with the immigration of Francis (I) and Rebecca Richardson; they settled in New York City in 1681.  Francis was the son of Thomas Richardson, from South Shields, Durham County, England.  Francis was a mariner, living in Ratcliffe, Middlesex County, England, when he married Rebecca Hayward (also spelled Haward) on January 20, 1680, at Devonshire House, London.  Rebecca was the daughter of John Hayward, a shoemaker from Uxbridge in Middlesex County.  In New York, Francis was a merchant and became a freeman of the city in 1683.


Together the couple had four children: Francis (II), John, and two daughters named Rebecca (the older one died shortly after birth and the next daughter was given the same name).  Francis I died on July 15, 1688 and was buried in the Friends' Burying Place in Flushing, Long Island, New York.  His widow, Rebecca, subsequently married Edward Shippen (1639-1712) on September 4, 1689, at the house of Walter Newberry in Newport, Rhode Island.  Not much is known of the background of Edward Shippen and his life in England, but by 1688 he had migrated to Boston and had established himself as a merchant.  After his marriage to Rebecca Richardson, they moved to Philadelphia, where the Richardsons had property although they had not previously lived there.


Francis Richardson II was born November 25, 1684, in New York City, and then moved to Philadelphia with his mother and stepfather.  It is not known where he served his apprenticeship as a gold and silversmith; possibly, he was sent to London, although he may have worked under a Philadelphia silversmith.  On April 18, 1705, Francis II married Elizabeth Growden, the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Growden, of Philadelphia.  The Richardsons had six children: Francis, Jr. (called Frank), John (will dated 1752, 1755), Thomas (died young), Joseph (Sr.), Rebecca (died young), and Benjamin (died young).  The last baby and his mother died within a week of each other, in 1714.  Francis remarried in 1726, to Letitia Swift.  He died on August 17, 1729.


The elder son, Francis, Jr. (Frank), was born in 1705.  He had apprenticed as a silversmith under his father, but was also a merchant, specializing in importing and selling fabrics.  He even traveled to London to make his own purchases, sending the goods back to his brother Joseph for the latter to sell in his shop.  He also made and mended clocks.  In 1742, Frank married Mary Fitzwater.  They had two sons (another Francis and John) and four daughters and lived in Chester.  By this time, he was concentrating on his merchant career and did little silversmithing.  Frank died on February 1, 1782.   


Joseph Richardson, Sr., brother of Frank, has been called the greatest in a family of great silversmiths.  He was born in Philadelphia, September 17, 1711, and died in Philadelphia, October 1784.  He was an apprentice under his father and inherited his father’s tools and shop.  He married Hannah Worrell (also spelled Worrill), daughter of Richard Worrell, on August 13, 1741.  They had two daughters: Elizabeth (1742-1804) and Grace (1743-1744).  Hannah died in early 1747.  A year later, Joseph married Mary Allen, daughter of Nathaniel and Hannah Webb Allen; Mary died in 1787.   Joseph and Mary had two sons and three daughters: Joseph, Jr. and Nathaniel, both of whom also became silversmiths, and Hannah (who married Samuel Clark, see  Box 3, folder 12), Mary (who married Samuel Taylor), and Rebecca (who never married).  In addition to silversmithing, Joseph dealt in real estate and merchandising.


Nathaniel Richardson, son of Joseph Sr., was born in Philadelphia on February 2, 1754; he died on September 2, 1827.  Nathaniel apprenticed as a silversmith under his father and was associated with his older brother, Joseph, Jr., in the silversmithing firm of Joseph and Nathaniel Richardson, 1785-1791.  However, he decided to give up silversmithing and became an ironmonger.  He never married and was known as the "bachelor uncle" in the family.


Joseph Richardson, Jr., was born in Philadelphia on December 4, 1752; he died in Philadelphia on March 11, 1831.  Joseph was married on June 15, 1780, to Ruth Hoskins, daughter of John and Mary Raper Hoskins, in Burlington, New Jersey.  They had eight children, four sons (of whom two died young) and four daughters.  Joseph Richardson worked in both gold and silver and was in partnership with his brother, Nathaniel Richardson, from 1785 to 1791 in the firm of Joseph and Nathaniel Richardson.  Later, he was in partnership with James Howell under the name of Richardson & Co.  On December 12, 1795, George Washington appointed Joseph Richardson Assayer of the Mint, a position he held until his death in 1831.  Neither of Joseph, Jr.’s sons followed him in the silversmithing business.


John Richardson, the older surviving son of Joseph Richardson, Jr., and Ruth Hoskins, was born on May 13, 1790 and died on October 1, 1866; he married Martha Gibbons on March 4, 1835. John Richardson succeeded his father as Assayer of the Mint, being appointed by Andrew Jackson on March 21, 1831; finding the job not to his taste, however, he resigned thirteen months later. He was a book dealer in Philadelphia and had three sons.


Dr. Joseph Gibbons Richardson, son of John and Martha Gibbons Richardson, was born in Philadelphia on January 10, 1836, and died there on November 13, 1886.  He married Mary Randolph Parry on January 6, 1864.  Mary was born on August 26, 1841 and died on February 22, 1916; she was the daughter of Oliver and Rachel Randolph Parry.  Joseph Gibbons Richardson was an eminent physician in Philadelphia, specializing in microscopic research, blood analysis and hygiene.


There are a few other Richardsons mentioned in this collection who are not listed above.






Nathaniel Allen I was born in Great Britain and lived on Redcliffe Street, Bristol, England.  In 1681 he came to America with his wife, Eliner, and three children, Nehemiah (d.1736), Eliner and Lydia.  He sailed on the ship "John and Sarah" commanded by the master Henry Smith. In 1692, he died.  Allen was not only one of the "First Landers" in Pennsylvania, but he also served as one of the three commissioners appointed by William Penn to settle the new colony of Pennsylvania, to lay out the territory, and to treat with the Indians.  Additionally, he was active as constable.


His son, Nehemiah, was born in Redcliffe Parish, Bristol, England, and died in Philadelphia,

May 20, 1736.  He was married first to Mary Earlishman, on August 29, 1685, at Middletown

Meeting in Pennsylvania.  Mary had come from London in the ship "John and Sarah"; she died in

1699.  In 1700, Nehemiah was married a second time, to Hester Tyson, and after her death,

married a third time, to Rebecca Blackfan. Nehemiah and his first wife, Mary, had six children:

Nathaniel, Elizabeth, Nehemiah, Richard, Mary, and John.


Nathaniel Allen II, the son of Nehemiah and Mary, was born June 1686 and died in 1757.  A cooper, he was married in Philadelphia on January 27, 1713, to Hannah Webb, daughter of Joseph Webb of Gloucester City, England. Nathaniel Allen was a Member of the Common Council in 1739. Nathaniel II and Hannah had eight children of which six survived: Nathaniel III (who married Sarah Hughes; for a list of their children see .296 in Box 3, folder 11), Nehemiah, Joseph (who married Jane Casdorp), John, Mary, and Hannah Allen. Hannah was engaged to William Pickering, son of John Pickering, Governor of the Island of Barbados, but he died before they were married; she died in 1765, shortly after the death of her fiancé.  Mary Allen (1716-1787) married Joseph Richardson, Sr., in 1748.



Nothing is known about the Samuel Clark who married Hannah Richardson, the daughter of Joseph and Mary Allen Richardson.  Hannah died in 1817.  She left two daughters, Mary and Jane, both unmarried at the time their mother died.



John Gibbons and his wife Margery came to America in 1683 and settled near Chester, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  Both died in 1721. They had two sons, James and John, Jr.  One of their descendants was Joseph Gibbons.  Born October 16, 1762, he was the second son of John and Martha Griffith Gibbons.  He was married on April 23, 1789, to Sarah Milhous[e] (January 1771-November 29, 1835).  They had ten children, including daughters named Martha and Mary P., and sons Joseph, Jr., and William.  The elder Joseph died May 1, 1837.


Martha Gibbons, (September 21, 1799-January 31, 1879) was married on March 4, 1835, to John Richardson (May 13, 1790-October 1, 1866), son of Joseph and Ruth Hoskins Richardson.  They had three sons, Joseph, Frank, and another (name unknown).



Joseph Growden was born in Trevose, Cornwall, England, and died in Pennsylvania on September 10, 1730 or 1731.  He and his wife, Elizabeth, had six children, including daughters named Elizabeth and Hannah and sons named Joseph and Lawrence.   The elder Joseph was one of the First Purchasers of Pennsylvania; he and his father, Lawrence, were granted a tract of 10,000 acres by William Penn.  The Growdens established a residence in Bensalem Township on the Neshaminy Creek.  Daughter Elizabeth married Francis Richardson II on April 18, 1705.  Elizabeth died in 1714, shortly after giving birth to a child who also died.  Hannah Growden, who died unmarried on October 10, 1783, left one-half of her estate to nieces and nephews, children of Joseph Richardson, Sr., silversmith in Philadelphia, and one-half to the children of John Gill of Philadelphia.  The younger Lawrence Growden (brother of Elizabeth and Hannah) was a jurist and a merchant and served in the Pennsylvania Assembly during the 1730s.  He boarded with his nephew Joseph Richardson, Sr., while doing business in Philadelphia.



John Hoskins and his wife, Mary, came from Cheshire, England, and were among the pioneer settlers of Chester, Pennsylvania.  He was one of the original purchasers from William Penn, and obtained a warrant dated July 21, 1683, for 250 acres in Middletown Township.  They had two children, John Hoskins, Jr. (1677-1716), who married in 1698 Ruth Atkinson (d. 1739), and Hannah Hoskins who married Charles Whitaker in 1698.  John Jr. and Ruth had five children.


A later John Hoskins married Mary Raper.  They had twelve children, including Ruth Hoskins (1756-1829), who married Joseph Richardson, Jr., on June 15, 1780, in Burlington, New Jersey.

One of Ruth’s brothers was Raper who was born April 1754 and died in 1798.  He was married on May 2, 1781, to Eleanor Graham, daughter of Henry Hale Graham; they had five children. 


One of the Joseph Hoskins married as his first wife Jane Fenn, an esteemed Quaker minister.  Joseph Hoskins was a noted citizen of Chester, Pennsylvania, and started the first school there.  Neither Jane and Joseph nor Joseph and his second wife Esther Birkdale had children, but they did have a rather large estate.  A great portion of this estate went to support the school, and another part went to the Hoskins/Richardson family. 


Howell Family

John Howell, progenitor of the Howell family in America, was born in Wales, came to this country in 1692, and died in Philadelphia, January 26, 1721.  His son, Jacob Howell (d.1786), married Sarah Vernon, August 17, 1709.  Their son, Joseph Howell (February 6, 1718- November 6, 1790) was married in 1741 to Hannah Hudson, daughter of William and Mary Richardson Hudson.  Joseph Howell was Overseer of the Poor in 1753.   [The two copies of his will found in this collection do not corroborate the source material published in: Thomas Richardson of South Shields, Durham County, England, New York, 1929, p. 129.]


Arthur Howell, son of Joseph and Hannah Howell, was born October 20, 1748, and died January 26, 1816.  He was married in 1778 to Mary Mott, daughter of Asker and Deborah Tallman Mott.  Arthur Howell was a member of the Yellow Fever Relief Committee and a noted Quaker cleric. 


James Howell was partner with Joseph Richardson, Jr.  Presumably, he was also related to the Howells above.  In a later generation, Elizabeth R. Richardson married a Howell, but it is not known if her husband was related to these earlier Howells.  Whether or not there were earlier marriage ties between the families of Richardson and Howell, there were ties of friendship and business.


Shippen family

Edward Shippen (1639-1712) married the widow Rebeccaa Richardson in 1689.  They then moved to Philadelphia and there Shippen and Rebecca raised her children from her first marriage.  (Their only child, a daughter, died young.)  It is said that he distinguished himself for three things: being the biggest man, owning the biggest house and having the biggest carriage in Philadelphia.  Edward Shippen (1703-1781), grandson of Edward Shippen and son of Joseph Shippen, became a mayor of Philadelphia, and as a merchant he worked with Samuel Storke of London in the 1740s.


Taylor family

Samuel Taylor, brushmaker and son of John and Abigail Taylor, married Mary Richardson (1749-1835), the daughter of Joseph and Mary Allen Richardson, in 1781.  Taylor died in September 1793.  Samuel and Mary had two daughters, Mary and Elizabeth.  In his will, Samuel also named his brother, Thomas, as an heir.


Webb family

Hannah Webb was the daughter of Joseph and Hannah Webb, of Gloucester, England; she came to this country in 1700.  She married Nathaniel Allen on January 27, 1713, in Philadelphia.  They had eight children, of whom six survived.  One of the daughters, Mary Allen, became the second wife of Joseph Richardson, Sr.


Evidently, other members of the Webb family came to Pennsylvania as well.  After the death of Joseph Webb, his widow, Hannah, married a John Lee.  In 1714, the Lees were living in Concord, Chester County.  (Perhaps the Lees brought the Webb children to Pennsylvania?)


Other families

Joseph Richardson, Sr., was asked to be executor of several estates belonging to people outside the immediate family, and records for those estates are preserved in this collection.  Among those whose estates he administered were David Harper (d.1761), Alexander Robertson (d.1751), and Philip Hulbeart (  He also served as executor for family members, including in-laws.





The collection contains personal and business letters, recipe books, account books, leases and deeds, wills and estate inventories, some genealogical material, silhouettes (mostly hollow-cuts from the Peale Museum), stencils, printed books, and newspapers.  Some of the material is from the Richardsons’ silversmithing business, including an account book of Francis II, Joseph Sr.’s commonplace book, a few receipts, business letters and letter books, and inventories of goods.  Other records were generated by the Richardsons’ real estate interests.  There are a number of accounts, copies of wills, and some inventories relating to the settlement of the estates of various people, both friends and members of the extended Richardson family.


Many of the receipts in the collection show the payment of taxes.  Others record the purchase of clothing and shoes, coffins, medical services, building supplies, food items, school tuition, and other goods and services.  Some of the items and medical services were noted as being for Negro servants.


In volume, the bulk of the collection relates not to the Richardsons themselves, but to the people who married into their family, particularly members of the Allen, Gibbons, and Webb families, but also Clark, Growden, Hoskins, Howell, Shippen, and Taylor.  As well, there are papers from others, chiefly resulting from the settlement of estates for which Joseph Richardson, Sr., served as executor.  There are also some stray individuals represented in the collection, perhaps more distant relations or perhaps family friends.





Box 1 houses manuscript volumes which, because of their size, could not be interfiled with the letters and other documents.  Boxes 2-5 contain the bulk of the collection, arranged by family: first the Richardsons and then their related families, arranged in alphabetical order.  At the end of Box 5 are several folders of miscellaneous materials which are not associated with the Richardsons or their allied families.  Printed books are to found in Box 6.  Boxes 7-9 house oversized materials.   The items in Boxes 7 and 8 are arranged by family name, but those in Box 9 (chiefly deeds) are listed in chronological order. 





The materials are in English.





Collection is open to the public.  Copyright restrictions may apply.





Purchased from Philadelphia Antique Shop; transferred to the Downs Collection from the museum collection.





Joseph Richardson account book, 1733-1748, on microfilm, Mic. 4, Downs Collection (original at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania).


Joseph Richardson, Jr., daybook and ledger, 1796-1801, on microfilm, Mic. 89, Downs Collection (original at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania).


Receipt book of Joseph and Nathaniel Richardson, 1780-1800, on microfilm, Mic. 208 (original in private hands at time of filming).


Letter books of Joseph and Nathaniel Richardson (acc. no. 53.165.209a and .223) are also available on microfilm, Mic. 264.


Martha Gandy Fales’ Richardson Family Research Papers, Col. 573, Downs Collection; also her book Joseph Richardson and Family: Philadelphia Silversmiths. 






                        Richardson, Francis, 1681-1729.

Richardson, Joseph, 1711-1784.

                        Richardson, Joseph, 1752-1831.

                        Richardson, Nathaniel, 1754-1827.

                        Richardson, John, 1790-1866.

                        Richardson, Joseph Gibbons.

                        Harper, David, d.1761

                        Robertson, Alexander, d.1751

                        Lloyd, Grace,

                        Hulbeart, Philip,

                        Allen family

                        Clark family.

            Cresson family.

            Gibbons family.

                        Growden family.

                        Hoskins family.

                        Howell family.

                        Shippen family.

                        Richardson family.

                        Taylor family.

                        Webb family.



            United States.  Bureau of the Mint.

            Inventories of decedents’ estates – Pennsylvania.

            Silversmiths – PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia.

            Silhouettes – PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia.

            Real property - PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia.

            Social life and customs – Pennsylvania.

            Men’s clothing.

            Clothing and dress.


            Real property – PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia.

            Coffins – Prices.

            Plants, Cultivated – PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia.


Insurance, Fire – PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia.

            Philadelphia (Pa.) – Mint.

Account books.


Receipts (Acknowledgments)- PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia.

Trade cards.




Tax records.

Marriage certificates.

Stencils (images).







Location: 38 F 2-4


Box 1, vol. 1: Richardson family papers: volume covering 1684-1722


.44             "Francis Richardson His Book ... F.R. over against the Ship & anchor in Ratclif Cross London."

                  Used by three members of the family: Francis I, his widow Rebecca, and son Francis II:

                  First dated entry August 25, 1684. Money was received from Francis Richardson for merchandise, freight expenses, cordage, one Negro, sugar and rum, etc.

                  After the death of Francis Richardson, accounts of the personal expenses of Rebecca Richardson, his wife, are listed up to the last dated entry of May 30, 1689.  At the end of the volume are additional accounts of Rebecca Richardson Shippen, 1695-1696, and some notes relating to the absence of John Canbe, brother of Benjamin Canbe.

                  Then the account book was kept by Francis Richardson, II [1681-1729], listing such items as clothing, buttons, looking glasses, and making and mending silver objects like porringers, rings, thimbles and tankards between 1717-1722.


                  [There are two indexes to this account book, one for the early Francis and Rebecca Richardson accounts, including the accounts of Rebecca Shippen at the end of the volume, and the other index is for the accounts of Francis II.  The indexes are appended to this finding aid.]



Box 1, vol. 2: Richardson family papers: receipt book of Joseph Richardson, Sr., 1740/41-1784


.125           receipt book for ground rents and other accounts of Joseph Richardson, Sr., first entry: February 9, 1740/41 up to April 15, 1784.  The book mostly records payments made by Richardson, not payments to him.


Box1, vol. 3: Richardson family papers: Joseph Richardson’s receipt book, 1769-1784


.126           Joseph Richardson's receipt book, from March 29, 1769 to March 25, 1784 (not consecutive), mostly ground rent payments.


Box 1, vol. 4: Richardson family papers: receipt book, probably of Joseph Richardson, Sr., 1782-1784


.127           receipt book for ground rents dated from 1782 to 1784 with one inlaid receipt; last few pages listing the debts of Hannah Growden, including funeral expenses; dated from the 19th of December 1781 to October 19, 1783.  Book probably kept by Joseph Richardson, Sr., whose mother was a Growden.


Box 1, vol. 5: Richardson family papers: Joseph Richardson, Jr., receipt book, 1785-1830


.177a         receipt book of Joseph Richardson, Jr., for ground rents and services rendered, starting on April 26, 1785 up to the last entry: received November 19, 1830 of Joseph Richardson ... for City & Poor Tax on his estate in Chestnut Ward for 1830. The book is mostly recording payments made by Richardson, not payments to him.

                  (see also: .177b in box 8, folder 3, an inventory which was found inside .177a.)


Box 1, vol. 6: Richardson family papers: invoice book, perhaps of Joseph Richardson, Jr.


.210           invoice book for purchases of silver bars, listing the incurred expenses of separating silver from gold, March 28, 1822.  (Most of the book is blank.)   Perhaps kept by Joseph Richardson, Jr.

Included are eight coin imprints on paper depicting some Spanish coins during the reigns of Philip V (1700-1746), Charles III (1759-1746), and Ferdinand IV (1803-1833).


on shelf: account book of Joseph Webb, 1744-1756 (and later of Charles Dingee, 1849-1851)


65.569              account book of Joseph Webb: includes name index at front of volume;

                  mostly selling building materials, 1744-1756; two laid-in bills, one dated 1752;

                  also a record of some births and deaths on the last page: "1747 Mary Webb was born ye 2 mo: ye 2 Day at 3 in ye Morning; 1749 Sarah Webb was born ye 7 mo: 1st day …; 1751 Hannah Webb was born …, 1753 Joseph Webb Departed this Life…, 1754 Sarah Webb was born ...;

volume later used by Charles Dingee as a Day Book, March 1849-April 1851, selling oats, wheat, and corn.


[typed copy of name index is appended to this finding aid]



Box 2, folder 1: Richardson family papers, 1675-1699


.32             letter to dear friend, about Rebecca and a cold remedy, dated Hartford [?], dated 27(?), 7 mo, 1675. Signed Robert Dimsdale, and R.D.


.25             letter to Rebekah Richardson from Thomas and Elizabeth Greene, personal news, the 17. day 5: mo: [16]81.


.39             copy (made late 19th or early 20th century) of Francis Richardson's will, signed, sealed and declared by Francis Richardson to be his last will and Testament, New York, this seventeenth day of the fifth month, called July, Anno 1688. Leaving to his wife, Rebecca Richardson, a four hundred acre lot within the township of Chittenham [Cheltenham] in Pennsylvania ..., "to my three children by name Francis Richardson, Rebeckah and John the other two thirds of my whole estate ..."


Ph 406       Certified copy of the will of Francis Richardson (copy made in 1956)


Ph 405       Certified copy of the inventory of the estate of Francis Richardson, dated November 8, 1688 (copy made in 1956)


.26             letter for Rebecca Shippen, in Boston, from Wm. Richardson, about a monthly meeting and copy of a certificate with individual names. New York, 25th, 7mo, 1689.


.27             letter to Rebecca Shippen (outer leaf addressed to Edward Shippen), in Boston, signed Wm. Richardson, personal news, illness and religious reflections, written from West Chester, the 10th of the 5th mo, 1691.


.28             letter to My dear and well Beloved friend: "Rebekah Shipien, My Indeared Love to thee and they dear husband and my dear grandchildren Frances and Rebekah Richardson," personal news and religious reflections. Unsigned, written from Batersea, 22 Day 6 mo, [16]93.


.30             letter to loving brother and sister from Elizabeth Richardson, personal news, "My husband has been taken in to France to my and my families sorow he has bin in France seven months untill he had lost all that ever he had he was all most two years of his voyge to vergine he tooke all that he had with him and now he has lost it all ... I hope he is nigh home he came to Plymouth the twenty seventh day of January from France but he has not come to London yett ... my son John seet sail for Virgine and my son Francis with him, John is master of the Vesol ... I rest your loving sister till death Elizabeth Richardson" February, the 2 Day, 1693/4.


.29             letter from mother Watson to most kind and loving daughter [Rebecca and her husband Francis mentioned], personal news. October 29, 1694, signed Dorothy Watson.


.31             letter "For Mrs. Rebecca Shippen wife to Edward Shippen living in Boston in New England but now supposed to live in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania," signed John Richardson. Personal news. London, November 30, 1694.


.33             letter to ever esteemed sister from John Richardson, personal news about Rebecca and Francis, Mrs. Dorothy Watson's business, and the caterpillars. January 30, 1695/6.


.34             letter to ever esteemed and dear sister from John Richardson, family news. Rotterdam, May 20, 1698.


.35             copy of a letter to Susanah Dew [?] sent by Aaron Adkinson, religious reflections; pencilled in: letter Rebecca Shippen, Philadelphia, the 13 of the 8 mo., [16]99.



Box 2, folder 2: Richardson family papers, 1701-1703


.50             letter to mother, personal news, "... I can gett what I entended which is a Stock of tuels with out I give thre times the value as I can have them for in England ... I shal Indever to bring what I can my Brother was gon be for I received the Letter ..." Unsigned and undated.


.49             letter to esteemed friend from F[rancis] R[ichardson], about Joseph's wife who "was delivered of a son, brother Joseph intends home this week but wether by land or by water ...". Undated.


.45             letter to loving Friend Walter Newberry from F[rancis] R[ichardson], about prices for candles, wheat, flower, milk, and some family news. Philadelphia, (?) 23, 1701.


.46             letter to "Unckle" John Richardson at Newcastle in England, from Francis Richardson, about the family "I shold be very Glad to heair of my Grandmother whether she be in being or not. pleais to give a hint of it in thy Letter which would be very exceptable ... ther is no feair of imployment if it Lyes in my Power I shall be Redy to help the in any thing ... Philadelphia, 17 of 6 mo. 1701.


.36             letter to Rebecca Shippen in Philadelphia from Ann Coddington, personal note. Newport, March 22, 1702/3.


.47             letter "for Francis Richardson in Philadelphia, Pennsilvania by Danl.Zachary; “am advised thou art about getting a female companion: but can't tell what truth there is in it;" Signed Walter Newberry, Newport, 28, 1st mo.,1703.


.48             letter to W[alter] N[ewberry] from Francis Richardson, about a shipment "of eight barrels of flower Shipt on board Stephen Codman, to dispose of it to my best advantage ..." visit by Thomas Richardson at the yearly Meeting at Rhode Island, and other family news. Philadelphia, 25, 2 mo. 1703.


.37             letter to dear child F. Richardson, from Rebe. Shippen, personal news, "Thy Brother Edw is gone for Ingland with Capt. Watt[?], my kind love to Walter Newbury & Friends at Rhoad Island & allso to friends & neighbours att Boston." Philadelphia, 11: 5 mo, 1703.


.38             letter to Son Francis [Richardson, att Daniell Zackery in Boston] from Rebe Shippen, "we understand Josephs wife is brought to be with son my love to him & wife ..." and other personal news. Philadelphia, the 23rd: 5 mo, 1703.


.51             letter to dear mother, personal news, unsigned. Boston, 2, 6 mo., 1703.


.52             letter to honored mother [Rebekah Shippen att Phila in Pensilvania] from Francis Richardson, about purchasing tools, "supling my Selfe with what is necessary for my Trade Though it be such a dule time with the goldsmith as ever ..., the later end of this month or the beginning of the next I entand to sett forward on my journey homewards ...," and about an Indian upheaval. Boston,15, 6 mo., 1703.


.53             two-sided letter, one side addressed to loving friend Walter Newberry and the other side to loving friend William Lawrence [from Francis Richardson?], personal news, shipment of flour, a bill of lading for cider and an account note. Philadelphia, 23, 8 mo., 1703.



Box 2, folder 3: Richardson family papers, 1704-1713


.54             letter "for Francis Richardson att Philadelphia, from Newberry, am glad to hear that thou art like to settle & I believe by this, thou knows the Sweetness of keeping bachellours hall, but cant think that thou wilt long be satisfyed therewith." Newport, 20, 11 mo. 1703/4. [Jan. 20. 1704]


.55             letter to Francis Richardson from Samuel Holmes, personal news and ordering "half a Douzen of wash Leather Skins". Rhode Island, 22, 6 mo. 1704.


.56             letter to Francis Richardson from Walter Newberry, personal news, looking for a shipment of Hungary Water. Newport, 26, 6 mo., 1704.


.57             letter to Rebekah Shippen, Philadelphia, from Fran[is] Richardson, personal news, thinking of coming home, "I have also bought a small parcel of tules and other nessesary belonging to my traid ..." Boston, the 6: 9 mo, 1704.


.58             letter to Francis Richardson from Walter Newberry, personal and family news, "thou mentions that J. Growdens daughter is not Likely to live long unmarried: but doth not mention her Spouse: So that I have grounds to think one F.R. is the man ..." Boston, 10, 1 mo., 1704/5.


.59             letter "for Francis Richardson from Samuel Harrison, Letter with a bill of exchanges," personal news about his health, and ordering a gold ring: "At the request of a Relation, I desire thee to send me a Gold Ring by the bearer, tis for a woman who desires it may be handsomely made and have this posie ..." Herrin Creek, March 22, 1704/5.


.60             letter to Francis Richardson from Walter Newberry, thoughts about the upcoming wedding, "thou tells me thou [supposes] my Company would be very acceptable at thy marriage, I should be glad if it could be so, but must tell thee that I scarce Ever go to Weddings on [Suppositions] ..." Boston, 29, 1 mo., 1705.


.61             letter to Francis Richardson from Walter Newberry, personal and family news. Boston, 30, 7 mo., 1706.


.62             letter to Francis Richardson from Walter Newberry, sending a receipt for whale bones by James Gould and asking for three of the largest pigeons to be brought back to him. Boston, 5, 3 mo., 1712.


.63             letter to Francis Richardson from Walter Newberry, personal and family news. Flushing, 4,  8 mo., 1713.


.543a,b      bill from Francis Richardson to Hannah and Mary, for furniture and household goods. Undated.



Box 2, folder 4: Richardson family papers, 1740-1769


.83             letter to Joseph Richardson, goldsmith in Philadelphia, from thy loving brother Fran. Richardson, about ordering Devonshire & Reeves to ship some textiles, duroy, shallon and drugget, "as to your war we scarcely know how to determine of it here whether France will be concerned in it or not, Michael Lightfoot as well as myself desire to be remembered to aunt Lloyd & Jane Hoskins." London, February 12, 1740.


.84             letter to dear brother [Joseph] from Fra. Richardson, about a bill of lading for sundry parcel of goods. London, February 18, 1740.


.85             letter to dear brother [Joseph] from Fra. Richardson, about a shipment of goods. London, March 10, 1740.


.86             letter to dear brother [Joseph] from Fra. Richardson, about a money matter. London, March 23, 1740.


.82             letter to dear brother [Joseph] from Francis Richardson, [Jr.], about his arrival in London, loss of a cargo, and some business transactions. London, January 10, 1740/1.


.87             letter to dear brother [Joseph] from Fra. Richardson, about bills of lading & an invoice for a sundry parcel of goods, textiles and other business transactions. "If I live to get home I shall take a large store and doubt not but I have established myself in a very good way of business both here & at Bristol." London, April 3, 1741.


.88             letter to dear brother [Joseph] from Fra. Richardson, about a shipment of goods from Bristol, hoping to come home soon, "we have but very little news stirring of any kind, no one here expects a French warr it being generaly thot they are no ways inclined to it". London, May 15, 1741.


.89             letter to dear brother [Joseph] from Fra. Richardson, "this comes briefly to acquaint thee of my arrival at this place two days ago and that I design homewards in a few days ... I hear there is a great mortality at Philadelphia which carrys off a great many people ..." about a shipment of goods on the "Minerva" going to William Cox & others. Boston, September 14, 1741.


.124           Commonplace book with entries by Joseph Richardson, Sr. from 1743-1769 [not consecutive] about silver objects made for various customers, objects lost and stolen, rents, and an abstract about gold refinement copied from Chamber's dictionary ...



Box 2, folder 5: Richardson family papers, 1755-1783


.538           letter, personal news, to Joseph from his maternal aunt, Grace Lloyd, of Chester; Dated 26, 1 mo. 1755.


.334           receipt of Joseph Richardson for milk, due from the estate of Nathaniel Allen, the 4th day of the 1st mo., 1758, signed Michael Horn.


.336           receipt of Joseph Richardson for Joseph Allen, January 30, 1758.


.338           bill to your brother Joseph Allen, accepted by me John Allen, March  1758.


.96             bill to Charles Meredith from Scott & W. Michael for 100 Pound Sterling. Philadelphia, December 6, 1758. [in 2 pieces]


.97             receipt, payment received from Joseph Richardson for breaking out doorway in the old house, signed John McCauley. Philadelphia, January 3, 1759.


.98             bill to Charles Meredith. “pay the contents to Daniel Mildred or to his order -- Joseph

                  Richardson,” signed Scott & W. Michael, Philadelphia, February 5, 1759.


.99             bill to Messrs. Allen & Marlar in London, signed Scott & W. Michael, to pay Charles Meredith, Philadelphia, February 5, 1759.


2019x35a-b     notice about a general meeting of the contributors to the Pennsylvania Hospital to choose managers and treasurer, May 7, 1759; the judges of the election were Thomas Stretch, Chas.[?] Thompson, and Anty. [Anthony or Antony] Benezett; the votesr were Thomas Stretch, James Eddy, Anty. Benezett, Jas. Pembertson, Chas. Jones, Joseph Richardson, Isaac Greenleafe, Joseph King, Thomas Lightfoot, and the last name is mostly gone, but the surname is undoubtedly Thompson;

                        [in two pieces, with tears and bottom part of page is missing]


.100           bill to Messrs. George & James Portis, merchants in London for 200 Pounds Sterling, to pay Charles Meredith, signed Scott & W. Michael, Philadelphia, June 14, 1759.


.101           bill to Samuel Touchet Esq. & Co. in London for payment of 100 Pounds Sterling to Joseph Richardson. Signed Francis & Relfe, Philadelphia, October 1, 1759.


.102           bill to Samuel Touchet in London for payment to Joseph Richardson of 200 Pounds Sterling. Signed Francis & Relfe, Philadelphia, February 2, 1760.


.103           receipt for 312 Pounds Sterling from Joseph Richardson. Signed Jno. Frease. June 27, 1760.


.540           inventory, "Household Goods which weare of Aunt Lloyd's Given to My Children & a Division being Made the following fell to Elizabeth, Hannah, Mary and Rebecca Richardson"  made this 2d: 8th mo 1765.


.541, .544  account of the household goods received from aunt Lloyd's estate. Undated, ca.1765.


.80             agreement of Joseph Richardson to subscribe money to a linen manufactory started by Joseph Fox, William Allen, Benjamin Chew, John Ross, Philip Syng, et al., signed by Samuel Preston Moore, January 27, 1766.


.78             promissory note to Joseph Richardson. Signed Benjamin Kendall, 5 mo. 23, 1767.


.79             promissory note to Joseph Richardson from James Gottier. April 4, 1769.



Box 2, folder 6: Richardson family papers: papers relating to the estate of David Harper, 1760-1762


.131           bill from Samuel Bettle to David Harper, for making coats, vests, and breeches,  purchasing thread, cloth, buttons, etc., dated April 1, 1760.


.132           bill from Samuel Bettle to David Harper, for making a banyan and breeches, purchasing thread, buttons, fabric, pair of silk garters, etc., dated August 6, 1760.


.133           David Harper's bond for sixty pounds to Joseph Richardson, dated August 7, 1760.


.134           letter, signed David Harper, to Benjamin Harbeson, about his voyage to St. Anns Grantare and his illness, February 4, 1761

                  (He did not return from this voyage. His former master, Joseph Richardson, was appointed administrator of his estate in April 1761.)

                  endorsed on back: “papers relating to David Harper's affairs at Gandeloop”


.135           William Plumsted, esq., appoints Joseph Richardson to be administrator of estate of David Harper, April 14, 1761.


.136           five promissory notes [on one sheet of paper] to the administrator, Joseph Richardson, of the estate of David Harper, dated October 17, 1761.


.130           obligation of David Harper to Mary Cosgrave; payment received from Joseph Richardson, administrator to David Harper Estate, October 26, 1761 and September 16, 1762.



Box 2, folder 7: Richardson family papers: papers relating to the estate of Philip Hulbeart, 1763


58x31.3     account book entitled "account of Goods Sold of Phil Hulberts"

                  kept by Joseph Richardson, Sr. when settling the estate [together with Phillip Syng] of Philadelphia goldsmith Philip Hulbeart in 1763.

                  Inside the volume is a piece of paper on which are recorded the births of the children of Johnny and Mary A. Surlett (?) and the children of John W. and Catherine Slun (?), 1841-1860

                  [see also Box 8, folder 2]



Box 2, folder 8: Richardson family papers: papers relating to the estate of Alexander Robertson, 1751-1763

                  [see also Box 8, folder 5]


.143           account of the estate of Alex Robertson by Joseph Richardson & Philip Syng, executors. Joseph Richardson, Sr. and Philip Syng served as executors of the estate of Alex Robertson, a Philadelphia goldsmith. April, May 1751.


00x61a-c   Inventory of the estate of Alexander Robertson, May 16, 1751

                  The inventory includes cash, a watch, gold, wrought plate, tools (listed individually), coal, firewood, beds and bedding, furniture, linen, kitchenwares, china, glassware, a pistol, and other items.

                  [color photocopy, not an original]


.142           Joseph Richardson's account of the estate of Alex Robertson, May 16, 1751, 1752, 1753, 1761.


.140           Mrs. [Hannah] Evan's affirmation and controversy about Alexander Robertson's will. June 25, 1754.


.139           Paul IsaacVoto's affidavit about drawing up a will for Alexander Robertson in the presence of Philip Syng [one of the executors], July 26, 1754.


.141           obligation by Mr. Evans and Jane Adams to Syng & Richardson, September 19, 1754.


.144           bill by Philip Syng & Joseph Richardson, to Alexander Robertson [son of the man for whom Syng and Richardson are executors] May 26, 1770.


.145           Philip Syng's account of the estate of Alex Robertson, 1752-1763, incomplete.



Box 2, folder 9: Richardson family papers, 1771-1777


.90             to Lov Brother [Francis] from Joseph Richardson, personal letter, about a quarrel with Patience and Elizabeth Richardson,. Philadelphia, 7th mo. 8, 1771


.91             to Joseph Richardson, Goldsmith in Philadelphia from Fra Richardson, personal news and about a meeting of the Friends. Chester, 10th of 7th mo., 1771.


.92             two letters on same sheet, one addressed to Thomas Wagstaffe and the other to John Masterman.

                  That to Wagstaffe about a shipment of gold and asking "to Send me as many Pair of Good Scales & Weights for Weighing of Gold ...", giving details about the weights "... & the Penny weights I would have One Grain & No more Over Weight the Weights to Each Pair of scales as follows ..." Signed Joseph Richardson, Philadelphia, 26th: 10th mo 1773.


                  reverse side: to John Masterman about a bill of lading for "Cards of Crystol Buttons Set in Silver ... 12 Silver Cream Potts to weigh about 3 oz. a Piece, Plain Single Belleyed Coffe Pott to hold 3 wine Pints ..." Signed Joseph Richardson, Philadelphia, ye 26th: 10th mo 1773.


.81             Joseph Richardson signs over his share "in the Library Company of Philadelphia unto my Son Nathaniel Richardson & desire he may be admited a Member in my Stead, 8th mo 6: 1774."  

                  The above note is added to the 1743 receipt from the Library Company of Philadelphia to Joseph Richardson, acknowledging receipt of his money.


.104           "the Sherifs Deed & his receipt for the money is Dated the 18th 4th mo 1775… no Part of it untill the 14th of the 6th mo. 1775." Unsigned.


.105           receipt for purchase of paper and gold, signed Joseph Richardson. June 14, 1775.


.106           Baynton & Wharton debtors to Joseph Richardson to their bond "to Cash Paid for Discharging the Mortgage to Cash to the Sheriff for Court Charges" and other charges. 7 mo. 17, 1775.


.93             to Joseph Richardson, Gold-smith in Front Street Philadelphia, from Fran. Parvin, personal news, written from Maiden Creek, 1st mo. 28, 1777.


.94             to Joseph Richardson, goldsmith in Front Street, Philadelphia, from Fra Richardson, about having received the goods from J. Miffflins and its payment. Redding, 3d. 7 mo., 1777.


.109           Dr. Samuel Duffield's account for a visit to Hannah Growden; bill sent to Joseph Richardson October 22, 1783..


.108           receipt of money. F. Richardson, 5, 9th mo., 1783.



Box 2, folder 10: Richardson family papers, 1784-1788


.110           bill from Thomas Parke to the estate of Joseph Richardson for medicines and attendance. 1784.


.111           receipt of Benjamin Walton for landing taxes on account of Joseph Richardson estate. January 24, 1784.


.112           receipt of Benjamin Walton for payments to his bond, 1, 4th mo., 1784.


.114           account page, recording rent payments, dated 3rd through 7th mo., 1784.


.67             appropriation of arrearages of rent "due to me and ought to have been paid at or before my decease," 9th mo., 30, 1784, signed Joseph Richardson.


.115           bill to Joseph Richardson from John Lyne [or Syne] for shaving. October 1, 1784.


.113           bill to the estate of Joseph Richardson for making a walnut coffin with tinned handles. 10 mo., 5th, 1784.                    


.66             copy of probate, Joseph Richardson's will. Philadelphia, October 11, 1784.


.116           bill to Mr. Richardson for horse keeping. October 18, 1784.


.117           receipt for payments to the estate of Joseph Richardson, dated March 15, 1781 to November 12, 1784.


.69a           “Cover, Chatel (?) of J.R., 1784.”


.119           receipt for received interest on principal of the Bond. Unsigned, 1, 4th mo.1785.


.71             receipt of payments signed MCulloh & Peterson, July 20, 1785.


.118           bill for interest payments. 2 mo., 4th day, [1786?].


.68             receipt for divers articles from the estate of Joseph Richardson. Signed Andrew Doz for Jacob Duché, May 19, 1788.


.122           bill to Joseph Richardson for carpenter work, Samuel Pancoast, undated.


.123           Joseph’s account, with charges for shirts, stockings, furniture, tea, tea pots, fabric, paint, wood, house cleaning, flour, money paid to various people, etc., undated.



Box 2, folder 11: papers of Mary Allen Richardson (second wife of Joseph, Sr.), 1785-1792


.149           copy of a will, signed January 1, 1785 M R[ichardson].


.150           "I give unto my daughter Hannah Richardson my two mantua gowns, ... to my daughter Mary Taylor my long cloth cloak and silk fine(?) gown, … to my daughter Rebecca Richardson my paduasoy gown, ... to my granddaughter, Mary Richardson  short cloth cloak and small silver cup, the rest of my clothes to be equally divided between my daughters Hannah, Mary, & Rebecca." Signed Mary Richardson, undated.


.147           receipted bill, to Widow Richardson, from William Stroud, Jr., for building materials, July 11, 1785.


.156           bill to the estate of Mary Richardson for invitation to her burial and grave digging, Philadelphia, 12 mo: 25th 1787.


.148           copy & probate of Mary Richardson's will, signed Philadelphia, December 31, 1787.


.151, .152 “inventory of the goods and chattels belonging to the estate of Mary Richardson taken this 7th day of the 1st mo 1788.”

                  Two versions, one more descriptive than the other and marked with initials (probably to signify who was getting that object).  The inventory includes furniture, china, glassware, kitchen wares, bedding, silverware, bonds, cash, etc.


.153           “the estate of Mary Richardson in account with Joseph & Nathaniel Richardson, executors,” dated 1st mo. 2, 1788 through 2nd mo. 29, 1792.


.154           “amount of inventory,” unsigned and undated.


.212           "amount of inventory disposed of as follows - balance in my hands"; initials include ER, JR, H, M & R, undated, contains some of same information as found in .155a, below.


.155a,b,c    inventory "amount of household goods, plate, wearing, apparel &c inventory disposed of as follows…,” unsigned and undated.


.157           "Mary Richardson's Book" of ground rents, 1785, 1787, not consecutively dated.


.157a-i,k    receipts for ground rent, 1785, 1786, 1787, nonconsecutive.   


.157j          blank sheet of paper.



Box 2, folder 12: papers of Joseph Richardson, Jr.: miscellaneous papers, 1805-1831


58x31.4     deed, Joseph Richardson to Nathaniel Richardson for opening an alley. 6th mo., 29, 1805, recorded July 26, 1805.


.217           John Thompson, Edward Shoemaker, and Joseph R. Jenks v. Joseph Richardson and others about a partition of three lots. Philadelphia, March 12, 1808.

                  [this is a printed copy of .216, which is in Box 8, folder 4]


.680           Joseph Richardson and John Hallowell: communication about a case involving three parties: A, B, C, and the insolvency of A. Signed Joseph Richardson, Philadelphia, 4th mo. 1811, and John Hallowell, April 15, 1811.


.159           indenture between Joseph Richardson and his wife, Ruth, and Sarah Jones, aged nine years, to learn the art, trade, and mystery of housewifery. February 1, 1816.


.158           inventory and appraisement of the personal estate of Joseph Richardson, late of the city of Philadelphia, deceased, 3 mo 11th, 1831.

                  Lists values of furniture, tools, etc., as a whole, but not individual values; records kept by his son John as he paid the debts and disbursed the assets



Box 2, folder 13: papers of Joseph Richardson, Jr.: Bills and receipts, 1773-1831


.120           receipted bill to the estate of Benjamin Marshall for brass and iron wires. November 16(?), 1786 (wire was purchased September 1773-November 1775).


.107           bill to Joseph Richardson from Abraham Jones for rebuilding the workshop in 1777; with many details about the material used, the casings, moldings, dimensions of the doors and half a pound of nails. Work done November 1777, bill submitted 3 mo. 1779.


.178           bill for county taxes, June 2, 1780.


.179           bill for making a walnut coffin for his mother from the cabinet maker Daniel Trotter, 12th mo. 24 [?], 1787.


.180           receipted bill for road tax due for 1783, paid January 15, 1789.


62x54        receipt of Josiah Coates for a parcel of silver ware, signed Joseph Richardson, 9th Mo 26th 1795.


58x4.1       receipt, Elizabeth Cadwalader bought of Joseph Richardson a silver tea pot, Philadelphia, the 5th mo. 24, 1798.


65x26        bill to Samuel Meredith from Joseph Richardson, for repair work on silver; credits signed by James Howell, January 10, 1800; work done 1797 to 1800.


.160           receipt for digging and hauling the dirt away, work done by Joseph Richardson, receipt signed Robt. [illegible], August 22, 1810.


.161           bill to Robert Smith for construction work, digging and opening the alley. Philadelphia, September 29, 1810.


.162           bill to the owners of the property on Marble Court sent to Robert Smith for digging and curbstone work. Philadelphia, September 29, 1810.


.163           bill for bricks from George Lybrand, October 15, 1810.


.218           bill to Joseph Richardson from Israel J.Ashbridge & [?], July 28, 1813.


.164           bill to Joseph Richardson, from Philip Garrett for tablespoons and teaspoons. Philadelphia, 3 mo. 30, 1814.


.165           bill for having measured and valued the party fence and stable wall between Joseph Richardson and Harvey [Peter Harvy], from Jacob Walter and Isaac Harbert. May 11, 1814.


.166           bill to Joseph Richardson from Peter Harvy for repairing wagons, carriages, and harnesses.  Work done March 21, 1814 through September 24, 1815.


.167           bill to Joseph Richardson for purchase of some Louisiana Stock. May 29, 1816.


.168           receipt for selling Louisiana Stock. Philadelphia, January 18, 1817.


.169           bill to Joseph Richardson, from John Gest, for flour, March-June 1819.


.170           bill from Stacy Thomas for putting up new blinds, mending cellar steps and repairing the bathhouse. Philadelphia, work done October 7, 1818 through October 27, 1819.


.171           bill to Joseph Richardson, from B. Woodrow, for supplying milk. 11 mo. 1819.


.172           bill to Joseph Richardson, from Jacob [illegible], for repair of boots. February 14, 1820.


.174           bill to Joseph Richardson, from Raper Smith, for repairing the fire place and pavement, bricks and sand. Work done 10 mo. 25, 1825 through 12 mo. 5, 1826.


.173           receipt for taxes paid by Joseph Richardson. Signed John McLeod. 1826.


.176           check written to Joseph Hartshorne, signed Joseph Richardson. Philadelphia, 1st mo.12, 1831.


.175           check written to Benjamin H. Warder, signed Joseph Richardson, Philadelphia, 2d mo. 3, 1831.


.542a,b      list of furniture and household goods (an inventory and valuation for estate purposes?).  Name of Joseph Richardson appears at top. Undated, but prices are expressed in pounds.  (in two pieces)



Box 2, folder 14:  Nathaniel and Joseph Richardson, Jr.: letter book and inventory


.223           letter book dated from 1777 to 1790, to Maurice Lisle & Co, Masterman & Springall, Sommers & Son, and others, signed JNR.

                  [paste paper cover, but of a plain pattern]

                  [also available on microfilm at this repository, Mic. 264]


.222           "inventory of goods belonging to Joseph & Nathaniel Richardson taken the 31st Day of the 5th Month. 1790."



Box 2, folder 15: Joseph Richardson, Jr.: letter book


.209a         "Josh Richardson's Letter Book 1791"

                  letter book dated from 1790 to 1796; to his business partners, Sommers & Son, Masterman & Springall, Maurice Lisle & Co., and others.

                  [note: photographs of the letter book may be found in Box 7, folder 16]

                  [also available on microfilm at this repository, Mic. 264]


.209b         laid in page: an order for arm bands, wrist bands, and two sizes of medals, 1795.



Box 2, folder 16: Joseph Richardson, Jr.: Letters and diary, 1791-1830


.220           partial diary, unsigned but perhaps kept by Joseph Richardson, Jr., dated 7 mo. 1791, about a journey with Jonathan Willis from Philadelphia to New York, thence to Providence and Boston by coach and boat.  Continued by .697 below.


.697           partial diary, perhaps kept by Joseph Richardson, Jr., 7th mo., [1791], dined with brother Scattergood in Boston, travels by stagecoach from Boston to Philadelphia.

                  Continuation of .220, above.


.183           letter to beloved son [Joseph Richardson, Philadelphia] from John Hoskins, personal letter. 9 mo 23, 1793.


.185           letter to Joseph Richardson from J. Griscom, personal letter and  wanting to buy a milk cow from father Hoskins. Green Bank, ? 27, 1801.


.184           letter to Joseph Richardson from Jno. Griscom, about wanting to rent a house. Burlington, 3 mo., 23, 1801.


.186           letter to dear Friends [Elias Boudinot and Benjamin Rush] about trying to settle a misunderstanding. Signed J R, Philadelphia, 10th mo. 11th, 1802.


.187           letter to Joseph Richardson from Benjamin Rush, about depriving Mr. Boudinot’s daughter of her late husband's estate. October 14, 1802.


.188           letter to Joseph Richardson from Edward Shippen, about taking a house in Burlington for the summer in exchange for one near the city on "Skuylkil" down McPherson Lane. "I should be well pleased to exchange with you for that time". Burlington, May 11, 1803.


.189           letter to Joseph Richardson from Edward Shippen, about repair work of the fence and pump, the amount of hay remaining in the loft, and the kitchen chimney smoke annoyance. Burlington, May 15, 1803.


.190           letter to dear Joseph from George Dillwyn, personal news and about moving into a new house. Burlington, 5 mo 28, 1803.


.191           letter to esteemed friend [Joseph Richardson] from George Dillwyn, about the settlement of the house not being according to the agreement. Burlington, 6 mo 4, 1803.


.192           letter to dear Joseph [Joseph Richardson, silversmith, Philadelphia] from George Dillwyn, further discussions about the settlement, rent, price and the memorandum of the settlement. Burlington, 6 mo., 12, 1803.


.193           letter to Joseph Richardson from [?] Coxe, about the purchase of a house and building of a wall. Burlington, July 26, 1803.


.194           letter to dear Joseph from George Dillwyn, still trying to settle the account. Burlington, 8 mo: 20, 1803.


.195           letter about a mistake in the price of the house, and having received money from James Vaux and owing J R [Joseph Richardson] some money. Unsigned, 8 mo., 25, 1803.


.196           letter referring again to the supposed mistake in the price of the house and "presenting thy letter to James Vaux", including a short statement of expenses. Undated and unsigned.


.197           letter to John Hallowell from Joseph Richardson, seeking legal advice, signed Joseph Richardson. Philadelphia, 1st mo. 28, 1808.

                  Also Hallowell’s response, on same sheet, February 5, 1808.


.199           letter to my kind uncle [Joseph Richardson] from your niece Mary, personal and family news. June 1, 1828.


.200           letter to dear uncle from Mary, personal and family news. June 22, 1828.


.201           letter to dear uncle from Mary, more personal and family news. Burlington, November 24, 1828.


.198           letter to dear uncle from your niece, Mary Hoskins, about the illness of her mother and taking brother John to school.  [no month] 24, 1828.


.203           letter to dear brother [Joseph Richardson, Market Street, Philadelphia] from John Griscom, personal news. New York, 1 mo, 23, 1829.   


.204           letter to Joseph Richardson from John G. Hoskins, personal news. 1 mo. 30, 1829.


.205           letter to my dear uncle from your niece Mary [Hoskins], about having moved. February 7, 1830.


.206           letter to Joseph Richardson from Nathan Mendenhall, "Robert Modderwell is going to purchase his spring goods in the North ... he will have business at the mint with a parcel of the previous metal dug out of the mines of our vicinity ... Nathan Hunt ... and his sons have taken a small share in the gold business ... I believe it is best for all to be moderate in their shares, unless the mines were more productive." Greensborough, NC, 2 mo. 24th, 1830.


.207           letter to Joseph Richardson from John Neff, secretary of the Diligent Fire Engine Co., "... thanks of the company be tendered to Mr. Joseph Richardson for his politeness of granting the company the use of his coach house ... whilst the Engine House was in the course of erection." Philadelphia, September 16, 1830.


.202           letter to Joseph Richardson about the death of his dear mother, from J. Griscom, School Run, February 29, no year.


.208           letter to Joseph Richardson from A M, personal news; page missing, undated.


.211           wrapper, addressed to Joseph Richardson, Assayer of the Mint of the US. "the Director would be glad to see Mr. Richardson at Dr. Rush at [illegible, torn] clock this afternoon." undated.



Box 2, folder 17: papers of Nathaniel Richardson, 1788-1829


.229           bill from Mary Drinker to Nathan. Richardson for muslin and gloves, paid 1st Mo: 10th, 1788.


.684           ground rent list, “a balance due NR for cash advanced,” 1804-1805.  Probably has something to do with settling an estate.


.224           copy of Nathaniel Richardson's will, dated 12 mo. 6, 1826.


.227           "inventory of the goods and chattels rights and credits belonging to the estate of Nathaniel Richardson, deceased 8 mo 1827."

                  [printed label on front of volume reads “Made and sold by Thomas Desilver at No. 253, Market Street, Philadelphia”]


.225           "letters testamentary & copy of the will of Nathaniel Richardson, decd., to Joseph, John Richardson & Edward Randolph, three of the executors" dated Philadelphia, August 13, 1827.


.226           "inventory of the real property belonging to the estate of Nathaniel Richardson, deceased," signed John Richardson, acting executor, Philadelphia, 10 mo. 29th, 1827.


.228           "copy of the settlement of the estate of Nathaniel Richardson, 1829."


.230           drawing of lots along Third and High Streets [Philadelphia], with the names of their occupants or owners, one lot was occupied or owned by Nathaniel Richardson. Undated.



Box 3, folder 1: John Richardson: letters, 1812-1859, and trade card


.242           notice that John Richardson has been elected as a member of the Philadelphia Hose Co., June 6, 1812.


.243           mutual agreement between John Richardson and Thomas Kimber, dissolving their partnership. Philadephia, 4 mo., 7th 1815.


.244           copy of a letter from Samuel Moore, for the Mint of the United States, to S. D. Ingham, Secretary of the Treasury, reporting the demise of Joseph Richardson, assayer, on March 11, 1831 and "requesting the son of the deceased, John Richardson, who, during his father's illness, officiated in his place, to continue to discharge the duties of that department, ..." Philadelphia, March 11, 1831.


.245           letter to John Richardson from Samuel Moore, director, Mint of the United States, requesting Richardson to continue in the position of an assayer at the Mint after the death of his father.  March 14, 1831.


.246           copy of a letter of recommendation from Jos. Hopkinson, G. M. Dallas, and I. S.(?) Barker, requesting that John Richardson be appointed as Assayer of the Mint, "we believe him to be entirely competent to discharge the duties of the Office." Philadelphia, March 16, 1831.


.247           copy of a letter to the President of the United States by John Richardson asking for the appointment as Assayer of the Mint.

                  [same sheet of paper] copy of a letter to Samuel D. Ingham, Secretary of the Treasury, requesting that the enclosed application and recommendation "may be laid before the President of the United States."  Both dated 3 mo. 17th, 1831


.248           letter to John Richardson from the Treasury Department, asking him to execute the form of an official bond and return it to the Secretary of the Treasury for his approbation. April 2, 1831.


.249           copy of the bond mentioned in the letter above, 1831.


.250           "I John Richardson do solemnly Affirm that I will support the Constitution of the United States ...and diligently perform the Duties of the Office of Assayer for the Mints." undated.


.251           letter to Samuel Moore, Director of the Mints, from John Richardson, requesting a release from the appointment of Assayer of the Mint on or before the 1st of the 5th month next. Philadelphia, 3 mo. 29th, 1832.


.252           document between John Richardson and Caleb Parker dissolving a co-partnership in coal dealing, 3 mo. 11, 1841.


.253           letter from creditors of John Richardson and Caleb Parker, promising not to bring suit for two years, January 12, 1843.


.254           letter to John Richardson, 27 South 5th Street Philadelphia, from M[artha] G[ibbons] R[ichardson], personal and family news. 7 mo. 28, 1843.


.256.1        invitation to funeral of Thomas Wistar Evans sent to John Richardson at 139 Arch St., 2 mo. 17, 1857 (funeral to be on the 19th).


.255           John Richardson to the President and Directors of the Bank of North America, thanking them for $500, Phildelphia, 12 mo. 5, 1859.


.248a, .256.2, .256.3, .256.4, .256.5, .256.6b; wrappers addressed to John Richardson.


.17             Trade card: “John Richardson, Bookseller and Stationer, 31 Market Street, Philadelphia. Writing paper, &c., Blank books, &c.”

                  Show two customers in bookstore, with a clerk behind the counter, walls lined with book shelves, ink wells, quill pens, and books on table in foreground.




Box 3, folder 2: estate papers of Elizabeth Richardson, d.1804 (half-sister of Joseph, Jr. and Nathaniel), and of an Elizabeth who died ca.1870 (perhaps the daughter of Joseph, Jr., who was born in 1788):


.231           letters testamentary & copy of Elizabeth Richardson’s will, October 12, 1804.


.233           copy of an inventory of goods belonging to the estate of Elizabeth Richardson taken the 18th day of the 10th month 1804: furniture, bedding, fabric and ribbon, sewing items, small hardware items.


.232           “estate of Elizabeth Richardson in A/C with Nathaniel Richardson acting executor.” 10 mo. 13, 1804 through 12 mo. 23, 1805.


.239           receipt of the estate of Elizabeth Richardson, deceased, for collateral inheritance tax. June 8, 1870.


.240           receipt of the estate of Elizabeth Richardson, deceased, for collateral inheritance tax. June 8, 1870.


.241           register of wills, value and appraisal of goods and chattels of Elizabeth Richardson. Undated.



Box 3, folder 3: Rebecca Richardson (daughter of Joseph, Sr., and Mary Allen) and Mary P. Gibbons (d.1892; sister of Martha Gibbons Richardson):

[other Mary P. Gibbons material is in Box 4, with the Gibbons family papers]


.235           copy of the will of Rebecca Richardson signed the twenty-seventh day of the seventh month, 1818.


.234           letters testamentary & copy of the will of Rebecca Richardson, deceased 1826, to Joseph Richardson, one of the executors. Dated Philadelphia, November 3, 1826.


.237a         “Estate of Rebecca Richardson: inventory of the goods and chattels rights and credits belonging to the estate of Rebecca Richardson.” Philadelphia, 1826-1827.  Includes inventory of her goods (furniture, china, glass, tinware, stock, bonds), charges against the estate for nursing, coffin, etc., and dispersal of the estate.

                  Also included is the account of Charles Richardson as executor of the will of Mary P. Gibbons who died November 9, 1892, at 311 South 5th Street, Philadelphia.


.297b         letter written by Charles Richardson to his niece Bessie about her share from an estate, probably that of Mary P. Gibbons. Dated December 27, 1892.



Box 3, folder 4: papers relating to Dr. Joseph Gibbons Richardson


.257           notebook with poems about flora and fauna (two of which were noted as having been written by others), inscribed in front: “Joseph G. Richardson, 5. mo. 1841, from M.P.G.”


.258           "Joseph G. Richardsn's Journal," undated, notebook is mostly blank, includes a list of flowers, a note entitled “Useful Arithmetic” addressed to “dear Joseph,” a very few accounts, and a laid-in page with names.  The blue paper covers contain the remnants of an older label bearing the name Martha.


.259           “Joseph G. Richardson, Garden Book 1850”

                  Describes the planting of vegetables and herbs in his garden; pasted in is a fold-out map with detailed information about his different garden areas; the locations of the plants are indicated by key numbers. Inside the back cover is a pencil drawing of a building and stick figures playing outside, and penned-in is the name of Martha Gibbons.


.260           visa "to permit safely and freely to pass Joseph Gibbons Richardson." Legation of the United States of America at London, July 9, 1878, in the 103 year of the Independence of the United States".


.687           letter to Dr. Richardson from Benjamin R. Smith, letter about their family backgrounds and relationships. Germantown, May 2, 1884(?).


.261           letter of accreditation to Dr. Joseph G. Richardson from the Board of Health in Philadelphia to inquire into the systems of plumbing and drainage in use in the states and cities of Europe. Philadelphia, May 25, 1886.


.262           excerpt from the minutes of the Board of Managers of the Philadelphia City Institute, held December 13, 1886 acknowledging their loss in the death of Dr. Joseph G. Richardson.


.261b, 262a, 263         two envelops addressed to Dr. Jos. G. Richardson, 1835  Chestnut St., and one to Mrs. Joseph G. Richardson, 3238 Chestnut St.


.264           letter to my dear children from your mother [pencilled in: from Rachel Randolph Parry], personal and family news, especially about Christmas. Philadelphia, 1st mo. 1, 1860.


.265           letter to my dear daughters from your mother [Rachel Randolph Parry], family news, especially about Mag’s passing [marriage? death is not meant]. Philadelphia, 2nd mo. 12, 1860.


.267           letter to my dear daughter from your mother [Rachel Randolph Parry], personal news: mother’s illness, daughter’s move.  Philadelphia, March 5, 1865.


.268a,b      letter to dear children from mother, personal news, discussing buying some clothes for the family, the sudden death of Sue Gibbon's father, and other painful news. Philadelphia, 12th mo. 4th, no year.


.266           letter to my dear daughter from your mother [Rachel Randolph Parry], family news and squabbles. New Hope, 6th mo. 26th, no year


.269.1,2,3,4     two envelops addressed to Mary R. Richardson, New York and Pennsylvania, and two to Mary R. Parry, North Carolina, and Bucks Co., PA.



Box 3, folder 5: miscellaneous Richardson family papers


.213           note from Sarah Emlen and Phebe Morris, each agreeing to pay Anne Mifflin $8 when Francis Fairlamb becomes apprenticed to Joseph Mifflin, a tanner, because Francis’ mother Hannah Fairlamb cannot provide for him and therefore he is “in danger of becoming a vagabond,” undated.


.214           agreement between SE [Sarah Emlen?], JR [Joseph Richardson, Jr.?], and NR [Nathaniel Richardson?] to pay for Francis, son of Hannah Fairlamb, to attend the Westown Boarding School; they fear the “growing lad” will be “exposed to the corruption of the Streets” as his mother is too ill to properly care for him; Philadelphia, 3rd of 2nd mo, 1803.


.683           receipt from the Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia for a two story brick dwelling house on Apple Street owned by James Somers, December 10, 1849; on May 16(?), 1851, the title of the policy was signed over to Sarah Richardson.


.19             notebook, containing embossed Italian stamps depicting classical figures, inscribed "Bessie Richardson, Jan. 26, 1883."  The notebook was an advertising give-away from M. & A. Hassler’s Umbrella and Can Manufactory in Philadelphia.


.604           list of surviving children & grandchildren of Nathaniel Richardson [lived 1793-1872] and his wife Hannah Yarnall Richardson, as furnished September 26, 1890, by their son Nathaniel.


.605           letter addressed to Uncle Charlie from niece, Bessie, about some genealogical dates of John Richardson and Martha Gibbons Richardson, Wayne, Pa., April 3, 1910.


.686           typewritten postcard, about an article on the Richardson family, and a forthcoming article about the Howell family, published in The Magazine of American Genealogy, addressed to Elizabeth R. Richardson Howell, postmarked Chicago, January 25, 1930.


.40-.43             extracts copied [in the 20th century] from letters to and from various members of the Richardson family, listing dates and events of the Richardson family, 1681-1713


.219           bill about some real estate(?), paid W. Richardson, undated.


.685a,b.d   envelopes addressed to Martha G. Richardson


.694           pencil drawing of the coats of arms of Richardson of Durham.



Box 3, folder 6: papers of Nathaniel Allen I and Nehemiah Allen


.272           "Ey M. Jacobus Fabricius ...," land laid out to Nathaniel Allen "this 15th day of [illegible] anno Domini 1682," signed M. Jacobus Fabricius, Pastor in Wikako [Wicacoa]


.273           receipt on account of land [text in Dutch] signed M Jacoby Fabricy, no date.


.274           bill to Nathaniel Allen, October 30, 1682, signed M. Jacoby Fabriciy.


.275           "Rewards from Nathaniel Allen of the province of Pennselvania ... for land or other [illegible] due by him to mee ..." Twelfth month 1682, M. Jacoby Fabriciy.


.276           note about land laid out to Nathaniel Allen, six hundred acres of land in the county of Philadelphia ..., 1684.


.280           note about land laid out to Nathaniel Allen on Acct. of 2000 Acres purchased in England, 1681 ...; land in Bensalem, Warminster(?), Chester, and Liberty


.281           note about lands laid out to Nathaniel Allen in lew of 2000 acres, undated.


.276a         wrapper labeled " to the Land on Dellewar Revor sold Nath Allen 1682 Near Burlinton Ferrey"


.278           "At the Request of Nathaniel Allen that we would grant him two hundred and fifty acres of Land in the County of Buxs, ... Philadelphia 14th of the 5th moth 1686. To Capt. Thomas Holme, Survey Genell."


.299           surveyed and laid out land of ten thousand acres unto Nicholas Moore purchaser, by virtue of a warrant dated the 25th day of the 5th month, 1684 [this paper dated 12 mo. 8, 1694/5].


.300           bill for quitrents of Moors 7 lots, in the year 1706.


.301           "Moors 7 lotts sold Nehemiah Allen Pattend to said Allen 1706."


.302           "Ground Rents Due to the Propriotor Computeed Severelly” for land pattened in 1706 for which Nathaniel Allen is to pay part


.303           "Mores Lotts sold N. Allen 1695 pattend 1706 ... 38 years att 16/6 pr."


.304           "Moores Lotts Pattend y 2 mo. 170[torn]"


.297           "Breaf of the Title of Spruce Street lots": ten names and owners, including Nehemiah Allen and Nathaniel Allen


.282           marriage certificate of Nehemiah Allen to Mary Earlishman at Middletown Meeting, Pennsylvania, August 29, 1685


.601           inventory of John Otter's estate, no date

                  [John Otter was the uncle of Mary Earlishman, they came over together from London in the ship "John and Sarah"].


.286           note to "Son Nathaniel Allen from Rebecca Allen; pleas to let my Daughter Blackfan have the five pound due to me by thy Fathers will  ..." signed Rebekah Allen, 6 mo. 2, 1737.


.287           note to "Son Nathaniel Allen from Rebecca Allen; Please to send by my Daughter Elinor Blackfan the Sum of five Pounds due to me by thy Fathers will ..." signed Rebekah Allen, 25th of 7 mo., 1738.

                  On back: note signed by Elianer Blackfan, acknowledging receipt of money, 8 mo. 4, 1738


.288           "My Son Nath: Allen 14th 7 mo. 1739 Please to Pay too my Daughter Elanor Blackfan the Som of Five Pounds Due by thy Fathers will ...," ..." signed Rebekah Allen

                  On back: note signed by Elenor Blackfan, acknowledging receipt of money, 7 mo. 18, 1739


.289           "Loving Son Nath: Allen 13th 8 mo 1740; please to pay to my Daughter Elanor Blackfan the Som of five Pounds due to me in thy Fathers Will;" Rebekah Allen

                  On back: note signed by Elaner Blackfan, acknowledging receipt of money, 8 mo. [illegible], 1740


.290           "Son Nath Allen: Pleas to pay to my Daughter Elanor Blackfan the Soms of five Pounds Due by thy Fathers Will ... the 10th of the 5 mo 1741" signed Rebekah Allen.

                  On back: note signed by Elaner Blackfan, acknowledging receipt of money, no date


.284           obligation between Nathaniel Allen, Nehemiah Allen, and Abel Noble, dated the twentieth day of September, anno 1700, signed and sealed Abel Nobel.


.283a         a document related to .284,  missing seal and signature of Abel Nobel.


.283b         wrapper, "Nehm. Allen to Abel Noble, Bond"


.285           receipted bill for medical services rendered, to the estate Nehemiah Allen, deceased, from Lloyd Zachary, October 13, 1736.  (payment received in 1737)



Box 3, folder 7: papers of Nathaniel Allen II


.270           letter book of Nathaniel Allen, dated from the 8 mo. 4th, 1716, to 7 mo. 9, 1735.

                        The letter book concerns trading of merchandise between Philadelphia and Bermuda.  It includes an order for “red cedar chairs with white straw bottoms and of the newest fashion….”  See index appended to this finding aid for names found in the letter book.


.291           document of rules and regulations governing the responsibilities of a constable, Nathaniel Allen, constable of Lower Delaware Ward, Philadelphia, the 5 mo. 5, 1721.


.295           page from “Nathaniel Allen's Book,” showing some accounts; on reverse side is a record of births, and some deaths, of Nathaniel & Hannah Allen's children.


.292           letter to Nathaniel Allen in Philadelphia from aunt Joyce Brewer: "Remember my hearty Love to my Brother Nehemiah and to his children, & to your Self and Wife and all your family & to sister Lydia Pryor."  Bristol, February 23, 1724.


.293           personal letter to "Nathaniel Allen, Cooper in Philadelphia to ye Care of Arthur Tuft" from aunt Joyce Brewer. Bristol the 15th of the 12mo., 1731/2.


.294           bill to Nathaniel Allen from Lloyd Zachary, for sundries administered Negro child, in July 14, 1735, bill paid in full December 28, 1737.


.312           bill from Evan Evans to Nathaniel Allen for making jackets, coats (including a bearskin coat), breeches, and suits for self and others.  Work done 1748-1751.



Box 3, folder 8: papers relating to the estate of Nathaniel Allen II


.305c         probate and copy of will of Nathaniel Allen, signed by William Plumsted, Register General, dated December 22, 1757.


.307a         inventory of the goods and chattels belonging to the estate of Nathaniel Allen, taken the 29th of the 12th mo. 1757.


.307b         paper wrapper, labeled "Inventory of Goods Belonging to the Estate of Nathaniel Allen"


.311           bill from Enoch Flower to the Estate of Nathaniel Allen for door hinges, hooks and staples, goods purchased 1745-1748, paid in 1760 by Joseph Richardson.


.324           bill to the estate of Nathaniel Allen from Jno. Kearstey for medication, from May 1754 to December 1757.


.309           bill from John Knowles to the Estate of Nathaniel Allen, for "5 years shaving twice a weack” from 1750 to 1757.  Apparently partially paid in molasses.


.310           bill, the estate of Anne Hasell to the estate of Nathaniel Allen for making hoops and barrels. From 1754 to 3rd mo 10th 1756. Signed Alex Huston.


.315           bill, to the executors of Nathaniel Allen from Townsend White for coffee and sugar, 1756.


.321           receipted bill, to Nathaniel Allen, from Thomas Cadwalader, for pharmaceutical items purchased on February 10, 1757, signed: "received the above account in full this 16th of May 1759 of Joseph Richardson, Thos. Cadwalader.”


.317           receipted bill, to Nathaniel Allen from John Morrison for "one Cagg irernbound," purchased 1757; bill marked paid 1778.


.318           receipted bill, to the estate of Nathaniel Allen from Daniel Offley for bolts(?), 1757.


.308           list of ground rents, 1757.


.322           receipted bill, to Nathaniel Allen's estate from John Church, for logs and corner pieces, June 16, 1757, paid 7 mo. 26, 1758 by Joseph Richardson.


.319           receipted bill, to Mr. Nathaniel Allen’s Estate from Wm. Craddocke for fabric and making a jacoat(?) for Jupiter, partially paid with molasses, Philadelphia, September 17, 1757. Bill paid in full by Joseph Richardson, February 8, 1758.


.323           receipted bill, to the estate of Nathaniel Allen for making a night gown, signed James Baily. December 10, 1757.


.331           receipt, "Then Reced. of Nehemiah Allen one of ye Executors of ye Estate of His Father Nathan. Allen a Silver Tankard Bequeathed to me by the said Nathanl. Allen Received By me Sarah Allen." Philadelphia, December 31, 1757.


.335a         bill from Rebekah Seaton for stockings, gloves, mufling, cambrick, and attendence, paid by Joseph Richardson for Nathaniel Allen’s estate, 1 mo. 9, 1758



Box 3, folder 9: papers relating to the estate of Nathaniel Allen II


.320           bill from Phillip Winamore to Nathaniel Allen for work on chimney and horse hire, 1757, paid in full June 17, 1758 by Joseph Richardson; receipt signed by Philip Weinnbeimer.


.314           receipted bill, to the estate of Nathan. Allen from Char. West jun., for salt and iron hoops. 5 mo. 15, 1758.


.329           bill, to Mr. Nathaniel Allen from Cadwalader & Sims, for the expense of digging dirt on the wharf, July 17, 1758.


.316           receipted bill to Nathaniel Allen from Joseph Johnson [or Jonson] for plowing, mowing and harrowing for the period of March 9, 1754 to November 16. 1756; paid the 19th Day of the 7th mo. 1760.


.332           receipt to the estate of Nathaniel Allen for a subscription to the Gazette, signed Franklin and Hall. January 4, 1758.


.333           receipt to Joseph Richardson for paying for bread on account of Nathaniel Allen’s estate. January 4, 1758.  [signature of person receiving money is illegible]


.327           receipted bill to the estate of Nathaniel Allen for traveling expenses to Bucks County, from Joseph Allen, traveling on behalf of the estate, 2 mo. 8th, 1758.


.326           receipted bill to the estate of Nathaniel Allen from Esther Shurlock for gloves and mittens. February 9, 1758.


.337           directive from John Allen to the executors of the estate of Nathaniel Allen to pay Edith Webb. Philadelphia, March 3, 1758.  Accepted by Joseph Allen.


.325           bill to the estate of my father Nathanl. Allen for wood, “work done by my wife,” silk, and making a wrapper for Amarritta, from Joseph Allen, March 3, 1758.


.339           receipt, signed by Nehemiah Allen, acknowledging receipt of money from father’s estate. Philadelphia March 28, 1758. 


.340           receipt for part of the share in their father's estate, signed by Nehemiah Allen, Joseph Allen, John Allen, Nathaniel Allen and Hannah Allen. March 28, 1758.


.341           receipt, signed by James Tanman(?), acknowledging receipt of money from Nathatniel Allen’s estate, April 1, 1758.


.342           receipt signed by Silas Pryor Cobb, acknowledging payment of watch and lamp tax for Nathaniel Allen's estate. April 27, 1758.


.343           receipt signed by Jon. Shoemaker acknowledging payment for a coffin for Nathaniel Allen. May 7(?), 1758.


.328           receipted bill, to estate of Nathaniel Allen, from Josiah Hewes, for carting 55 loads of earth, May 24, 1758.


.344           receipt signed by Alex. Huston acknowledging payment of a debt owed by the estate of Nathaniel Allen. September 4, 1759.


.330           receipted bill to estate of Nathaniel Allen from Nathaniel Allen, jr. for work done. March 22, 1760.


.347           Receipts for money paid by Joseph Richardson on account of the estate of Nathaniel Allen, signed by Nathaniel, Nehemiah, John, Joseph, and Hannah Allen, 1 mo. 10, 1761.


.306           Benjamin Chews’ judgment concerning the will of Nathaniel Allen, Philadelphia, September 2, 1771.



Box 3, folder 10: papers relating to Hannah Allen and to her estate


.348           receipt of Hannah Allen for building two kitchens, signed John Drinker, April 30, 1759 and March 24, 1761.  Includes specifications for dimensions, number and size of windows, and other information.


.349           receipt of Hannah Allen for shoe mending. Benjamin Paschell, February 6, 1758.


.350           receipt of Hannah Allen for one year’s board, signed Joseph Richardson, August 3, 1763.


.398           bill to Hannah Allen in account with Robert Harding for digging the well and her share of garden fence, credit given for ground rent, signed Robert Harding. Philadelphia May 31, 1765.


.351a         Hannah Allen's will; executors of her will were Nehemiah Allen and Joseph Richardson, and it was witnessed by William Plumsted, register general, Philadelphia, June 26, 1765.


.351b         additional page of her will, Philadelphia, June 26, 1765.


.352           addition to Hannah Allen's will, giving to her cousins, Mary Bonsal, Amey Bonsal, and Hannah Richardson, some money, silver objects, and to the latter her new Bible. To her sister Mary any book or books she may choose. Undated but signed.


.353           inventory of the goods and chattels of Hannah Allen, taken the ninth day of the seventh month July 1765.


.354           note "Sister Hannah Allen departed this Life the 23 Day of the 6th Mo 1765 on the first Day of the week Between 3 & 4 o Clock in the Morning Aged 40 Years"


.355           note written at Bessie’s party, February 23, 1884: copy of some of Hannah Allen's requests in her will.


.397           bill from Rebecca Seaton for Hannah Allen’s funeral expenses: four and a half yards muslin, one pair of stockings, two pair of gloves; payment received from Joseph Richardson, July 4, 1765.


.356           receipt for making a coffin for Hannah Allen, signed John Shoemaker, July 8, 1765. 


.357           received of Joseph Richardson, executor, two silver spoons, signed Amey Bonsall, July 8, 1765


.358           received of Joseph Richardson, a silver can, left to me by my cousin Hannah Allen. Jane Clark, July 10, 1765.


.359           received from Joseph Richardson, one of the executors, some money, signed Nehemiah Allen, August 16, 1765 and October 23, 1765.


.360           received from Joseph Richardson, fifty pounds current money of Pennsylvania, signed Nathaniel Allen, junior, August 27, 1765.  (written on back of a page from Joseph Richardson’s copy book)


.361           received from Joseph Richardson, the value of ten pounds of plate, signed Mary Bonsall, October 10, 1765.


.362           receipt of Joseph Richardson for paving tax for the estate of Hannah Allen, signed Robert Greaves, collector, January 2, 1766;

                  watch and lamp tax for Hannah Allen's estate signed John Armitt, January 24(?), 1766;

                  on back: receipt of Joseph Richardson for payment of poor taxes for the estate of Hannah Allen, signed Thos. Williams, April 21, 1766.


.363           receipt of Joseph Richardson for provincial tax on the estate of Hannah Allen, signed James Claypoole, October 11, 1765.




Box 3, folder 11: papers relating to the estate of Hannah Allen and miscellaneous Allen family papers


.364           receipt for payment of county taxes for Hannah Allen by Joseph Richardson, signed Patrick Gommins. July 24, 1766.


.365           receipt for payment of annuity from Hannah Allen’s estate by Joseph Richardson, one signed Nathaniel Allen. August 30, 1766.


.366           receipt for payment of provincial taxes for the estate of Hannah Allen by Joseph Richardson, goldsmith, signed Blathwaite Jones. September 2, 1766.


.367           receipt for payment of money from Hannah Allen’s estate by Joseph Richardson, signed Nehemiah Allen. November 11, 1766.


.368           receipt for payment of poor tax for Hannah Allen's estate, by Joseph Richardson, signed John Mitchell, collector. December 12, 1766.


.369           receipt for payment of watch and lamp tax for Hannah Allen’s estate, by Joseph Richardson, signed William Lownes. February 18, 1767.


.370           receipt for payment of street tax for Hannah Allen’s estate, by Joseph Richardson, signed Joseph Shute. February 23, 1767.


.371           receipt for payment of provincial tax for Hannah Allen’s estate, by Joseph Richardson.  signed Blathwaite Jones, June 9, 1767.  Also a receipt for payment of Richardson’s own tax.


.372           receipt for payment of a poor tax for Hannah Allen's estate, by Joseph Richardson, signed William Savery. June 19, 1767.


.373           receipt for payment of a county tax for the estate of Hannah Allen, by Joseph Richardson, signed Patrick Gommins, collector. July 20, 1767.


.374           receipt for payment of an annuity from estate of Hannah Allen, by Joseph Richardson, signed Nathaniel Allen. August 8, 1767.


.375           receipt for payment of second poor tax on Hannah Allen's estate, by Joseph Richardson, signed William Savory. January 4, 1768.


.376           receipt for payment of watch and lamp tax on estate of Hannah Allen, by Joseph Richardson, signed Jo. Penrose, collector. January 21, 1768.


.377           receipt for payment of paving tax for the estate of Hannah Allen, by Joseph Richardson, signed Gilbert Beacon(?). February 2, 1768.


.378           receipt for payment of poor tax for Hannah Allen's estate, by Joseph Richardson, signed Benja Paschall, May 20, 1768.


.379           receipt for payment of provincial tax on Hannah Allen’s estate as well as for himself, by Joseph Richardson, signed Blathwaite Jones. June 2, 1768.


.380           receipt for payment of legacy from Hannah Allen, by Joseph Richardson, signed Nathaniel Allen. July 23, 1768.


.381           receipt for payment of second poor tax for Hannah Allen’s estate, by Joseph Richardson, signed Benjamin Paschall. November 11, 1768.


.382           receipt for payment of paving tax for Hannah Allen’s estate, by Joseph Richardson signed Samuel Richards(?). May 24, 1769


.383           receipt for payment of provincial tax for Hannah Allen’s estate, by Joseph Richardson signed Patrick Gommins. June 1, 1769.


.384           “received … of Joseph Richardson … on account of my father, Nehemiah Allen,” signed Nathaniel Allen. July 7, 1769.


.385           receipt for payment of four years of annuity due from the estate Hannah Allen, by Joseph Richardson, signed John Allen. July 13, 1769.


.386           receipt for payment of poor tax on Hannah Allen’s estate (and possibly his own, as well), by Joseph Richardson, signed Samuel Caldwell, collector. July 21, 1769.


.387           receipt for payment of annuity from estate of Hannah Allen, by Joseph Richardson, signed Nathaniel Allen. August 30, 1769.


.388           receipt for payment of second poor tax on Hannah Allen’s estate, by Joseph Richardson, signed Samuel Caldwell. Philadelphia, February 15, 1770.


.389           receipt for payment of lamp and watch tax on the estate of Hannah Allen, by Joseph Richardson signed Josha Humphrey, April 6, 1770; and

                  receipt for payment of paving tax for the estate of Hannah Allen, by Joseph Richardson, signed Robert Bayly. April 9, 1770.


.390           receipt for payment of poor tax on estate of Hannah Allen, as well as for Giles Lewis and for himself, by Joseph Richardson, signed Clemt Biddle. June 23, 1770.


.391           receipt for payment of annuity from estate of Hannah Allen, by Joseph Richardson, signed Nathaniel Allen. June 28, 1770.


.392           receipt for payment of annuity from estate of Hannah Allen, by Joseph Richardson signed John Allen. August 6, 1770.


.393           receipt for payment of annuity from estate of Hannah Allen, by Joseph Richardson, signed Nathaniel Allen. July 3, 1771.


.394           receipt for payment of annuity from estate of Hannah Allen, by Joseph Richardson, signed John Allen. July 19, 1771.


.395           receipt for payment of annuity from estate of Hannah Allen, by Joseph Richardson, signed Nathaniel Allen. June 29, 1774.


.396           receipt for payment of annuity from estate of Hannah Allen, by Joseph Richardson, signed Nathaniel Allen. June 26, 1775.


Miscellaneous Allen family papers:


.296           note with names of the Allen family, their marriages and children. Undated and unsigned.


.345           receipt for payment of money owed by Nehemiah and Joseph Allen to John Drinker, Philadelphia, November 20, 1760.


.346           receipt acknowledging payment of quitrent by Nehemiah Allen, Joseph Allen, and Joseph & Mary Richardson, signed by [illegible] for the Propietors. Philadelphia, January 8, 1761.


.401           "acct. of Expense Laid out by Jno. Allen which is Paid to him," paying for a washer  woman, a grave digger, and a book, no date.


.402           receipt, “paid Nehemiah Allen in full” for butter, beef, fowls, etc. Undated and unsigned.



Box 3, folder 12: Clark family papers


.403a         “Hannah Clark's Book” 

                  first entry: “Inventory of the Goods and Chattels belonging to the Estate of Samuel Clark deceased taken the 22nd of the 12th month 1802,” listing furniture, bedding, china, pots and kettles, glassware, cutlery, and other household goods, debts, and bonds.

                  Also accounts showing the settling of Samuel Clark’s estate, first by Hannah Clark and then by Joseph Richardson, Jr.


.403b         bill, laid inside above volume, from Hannah Clark to the estate of Robert Proud, for one years accommodation, 1811-1812.


.403c         memorandum, laid in inside above volume, about board of accommodation of R.P., paid in 1804-1808.



Box 3, folder 13: Clark family papers


.404           “Inventory of the … estate of Hannah Clark deceased taken the 11th of the 4th mo. 1817,” also accounts kept by her acting executors: Joseph Richardson and Ellis Yarnall.

                  In the back of the book are receipts showing payment of bills for estate



Box 3, folder 14: Clark family papers


.405           “Inventory of the Goods and Chattels belonging to the Estate of Samuel Clark decd. taken the 22nd of 12th Mo. 1802.” (another copy of what is found in .403a, in folder 24)


.406a,b      account page of the estate of Samuel Clark, deceased, Hannah Clark acting Administratrix, listing expenses and his heirs, wife, and two daughters, Mary and Jane.


.407           indenture, "Assignment of Bonds & Mortgages Hannah Clark & Joseph Richardson, administrators of Samuel Clark, deceased, to Jane Clark, the City and County of Philadelphia, June 22, 1812."


.408           Letters testamentary and copy of will of Hannah Clark, naming as executors Joseph Richardson and Ellis Yarnell; on April 2, 1817, Mary Taylor and Rebecca Richardson [sisters of Hannah] declared that the original will was in the handwriting of Hannah Clark.


.409           copy of the settlement of the estate of Hannah Clark, deceased, in account with Joseph Richardson, executor, January 12, 1818.


.410           letter written by Jane Clark to her cousin, John Richardson, with request that he invest $1000 in good securities for benefit of his sons, Philadelphia, April 7, 1855.  With a postscript dated June 4, 1855, adding an additional $500 to the above sum.



Box 3, folder 15: Gibbons family papers


.524           Genealogy of John Gibbons, son of Joseph & Hannah Gibbons, born 8 mo. 30th, 1736

                  He was married on 7 mo. 4, 1759 to Martha Griffith, daughter of John & Esther Griffith, born 8 mo. 19, 1738.

                  Names of their Children:

                  James Gibbons, born 10 mo. 18, 1760; Joseph Gibbons, born 10 mo. 16, 1762;

                  Anne Gibbons, born 8 mo. 23, 1764; John Gibbons, born 10 mo. 1766;

                  Esther Gibbons, born 11 mo. 29, 1767; Hannah Gibbons, born 4 mo. 28, 1770;

                  William Gibbons, born 12 mo. 9, 1771; Emily Patty Gibbons, born 11 mo. 12, 1775;

                  George Washington Gibbons, born 10 mo. 6, 1777.

                  The first named Hannah, mother of John Gibbons, departed this life the 12th of 10th mo. 1778, aged 63 years

                  The first named Joseph, father of John, died the [blank] day of 1780 aged about -"


.525           letter to [page torn] Gibbons, Philadelphia, from Norris Jones, addressed to dear cousin, personal letter, Charleston S.C., 8th mo. 5th, 1788.


.453           letter addressed to Joseph Gibbons, but meant for Mr. and Mrs. Gibbons, Philadelphia from William Milhous, about hoping to send this letter by Edward Bonsall [he married Hannah Gibbons, daughter of John Gibbons and Hannah Marshall Gibbons, on February 23, 1796]; announces the birth of his daughter [a new sister for Mrs. Gibbons], hopes they can bring William [their son?] for a visit, written from Uwchlan [Chester Co., Penn.], 6th mo. 14th, 1790.


.437           letter addressed to dear brother from W[illiam?] G[ibbons], about family news and health situation in the area. "The city begins to bear a more pleasant appearance, numbers have been returned to it and several stores more than usual opened." Philadelphia, 10th Mo. 26th, 1793.


.438           letter addressed to dear brother [Joseph Gibbons] from William Gibbons in Savannah, a narrative of a adventurous and perilous voyage starting on March 15 from Philadelphia to St. Thomas "having had the almost incredible Passage of Fifty days - on the 10th of June I left St. Thomas, with flattening prospects, was taken by a British Frigate and after bad usage and long detention arrived at the Cape [where he became ill]... with the remainder of my cash made out to get a cargo of coffee with which I arrived in Savannah on the 28th of July ... [but without being allowed to land was] compelled to leave the Port and knowing myself precluded from entry of any American Port I proceeded for St. Augustine .… I was taken within sight of Land, sent to New Providence, my vessel libelled ... had my voyage terminated less disastrously ...,” Savannah, 28th October 1799.


.526           letter to [page torn] Gibbons from her mother, personal letter about J. Richardson, Aunt Hannah, cousin Anna and little Isaac who has the whooping cough; 10th mo. 21st, 1828.



Box 3, folder 16: Gibbons family: letters


.452           letter to dear uncle Nathan Sharples from Joseph Gibbons, personal and family news, some religious reflections. Belmont County, Ohio, 2nd mo. 13th, 1806.


.439           letter to William Gibbons, Philadelphia from B.B.(?), personal letter, writing about the differences between “William Gibbons of Ohio” and “William Gibbons of Philadelphia.” Shortcreek, 1810.


.484           poem to S G from A M B[olton?], at the end: “For the story of ‘The Iron Man’ or Homme de Fer, I refer thee to Merciers celebrated French work called ‘L'an 2440.’"

                  Locust Ridge, 19 6th mo, 1811.


                        "But nothing of this nature can,

                        Bewitch like Mercier's -Iron Man -.

                        With fancied heroism & pride,

                        Thro'out his wicked world I stride,

                        A Theseus, angel, fay, or elf,

                        In short the -Iron Man- himself, ...



.458           note: "Anna Bonsall and Joseph Hartshorne present their respect to Joseph & Sarah Gibbons and request the pleasure of their company to dine at Isaac Bonsall's on fifth day next. 10th mo. 29th, 1813."


.460           letter to Joseph Gibbons, 64 South Street, Philadelphia, from Joseph Gibbons, Jr., addressed to dear parents, personal news, lengthy description of charming "Caroline that soft blue eyes, that melodious voice ..." Pittsburgh, 9 mo. 5th, 1818. 


.461           copy of a letter sent to Sarah Gibbons at Samuel Lightfoot's, Nantmeal, from Joseph Gibbons, Jr., addressed to dear parents; personal news and about a nightmare he had and feeling so homesick. Richmond, 8th mo. 9th, 1819. Second part addressed to "My Dear" signed J. Gibbons Philadelphia, 9th mo. 6th, 1819, personal news.


.462           letter to [Mrs.] Joseph Gibbons, no. 163 Fourth Street, Philadelphia, from Matina(?), addressed to dear mother, Oley, 10 mo. 24, 1819.


.463           letter to Joseph Gibbons, no. 64 South 4th St., Philadelphia, from J. Gibbons, Jr. addressed to dear parents, about having seen Lake Ontario, attending the Farmington Monthly Meeting, an offer to become a partner in furniture making, or to become an assistant engineer on the canal at two dollars a day, and other business possibilities. Rochester, 5th Mo. 28th, 1822.


.464           letter to Joseph Gibbons, no. 149 South 10th Street, Philadelphia, from M, personal and family news: taking "Lobelia" for a cold, studying Dr. Thomson's root and herb administrations and his recommendations for avoiding taking poison as medicine such as: mercury, arsenic, antimony, calomel, and preparations of copper or lead etc.; letter partly crossed. Maple Grove, 10 mo. 7, 1826.


.465           letter to Joseph Gibbons, Esq., and Ann his wife, Philadelphia, petition, requesting a reassessment of the land by the heirs, signed Benjamin Wright and Hannah [Milhous] his wife and other Milhous heirs. New Lisbon, Columbiana Co., Ohio, September 14, 1826.


.466           letter to Joseph Gibbons, no. 149 South 10th Street, Philadelphia, from Benjamin Wright addressed to dear brother; personal news and a draft of a property, its division, and present ownership. Ohio, 3 mo. 14th, 1827.


.467           letter to Joseph Gibbons, no. 149 south 10th Street, Philadelphia, from Benjamin Wright addressed to dear brother, about his father's estate settlement and the respective dividends to the heirs. Concord, Ohio 6 mo. 21st, 1827.


.468           letter to Joseph Gibbons, south 10th St., No. 149- Philadelphia, from Benjamin Wright, addressed to dear brother, about payments to sister Rachel Lightfoot, including the dividends from Father Milhouses Estate and other requested settlements in this matter. Concord, Ohio 4 mo. 5th, 1828.


.469           letter to Joseph Gibbons, Philadelphia, from Benjamin Wright addressed to dear brother, about some payments and "your son Joseph has bought a handsome lot in Mt. Pleasant with a pretty good Brick house for between eight and nine hundred Dollars .…" Concord, Ohio, 9 mo. 22nd, 1828.


.470           letter signed “thy affectionate sister P S,” personal and family news and illnesses, mentioning Joseph in it. Glenn Hall, 5 Mo. 6th, 1832.


.474           letter to Joseph Gibbons, no 149 South 10th Street, Philadelphia, from J. Gibbons addressed to dear parents, about working very hard and having scarcely any help, but enough money in the community, $800, to build a new meeting house, selling and purchasing land and other personal news. Adrian, 6th Mo. 27th, 1834.


.475           letter to Joseph Gibbons, no. 149 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia, from J. & L. Gibbons, addressed to dear parents, personal and family news. Adrian, 9th Mo. 9th 1834.


.478           folded envelope addressed to: Joseph Gibbons, Junr., care of Benjamin Wright, Jr., Attention of Sydney Bonsall. Oley [PA].



Box 4, folder 1: papers of Hannah Gibbons


(Note: People mentioned in the following letters were mostly identified by initials rather than full names.)


.510           to Hannah M. Gibbons, Weston, from J. S. Miller, personal letter "Love has already taken possession of my heart and I have been led to believe that you would not be displeased with receiving a few lines from me." Philadelphia 3rd mo. 12, 1817.


.513           to Hannah M. Gibbons, personal letter, from unknown person. San Souci, 5th month 9th 1825.


.511           to Hannah M. Gibbons, Mount Pleasant, Ohio, from S G, personal and family news. 23rd of 3 mo. 1831.


.512           to Hannah M. Gibbons, Mount Pleasant, Jefferson County, Ohio, from M[artha Gibbons?], about the influenza, cold winter and snow, price for a cord of wood and other personal and family news, one page is crossed. Philadelphia, 12th mo. 17, 1831.


.514           to Hannah M. Gibbons, 149 South 10th street, Philadelphia from M[artha Gibbons?], Weston, personal letter, completely crossed. 6th mo. 23rd, 1834.


.516           to Hannah M. Gibbons, no. 149 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia from L., personal and family news. The Valley, 7 mo. 4, 1842.


.515           to Hannah M. Gibbons, [dear sister] no 252 Spruce Street, Philadelphia from, J.G., personal and family news and some religious thoughts. Adrian 4th Mo. 6th, 1845.


.517           letter, dated 8 mo. 6(?), 1856, about winter weather and some traveling,

                  signed: H.M.G., with a note signed M.


.518           letter [to Hannah M. Gibbons?] signed Mary Drake, about traveling to the City of Brotherly Love and other personal news. Hillside, 3rd of 10th mo. [18]59.


.519           envelope addressed to Hannah M. Gibbons, 266 South 9th Street, Philadelphia, PA.



Box 4, folder 2: papers of Joseph Gibbons: legal papers, bills, receipts


.441           bill from Edmund J. Yard, collector, to Joseph Gibbons, 9 Marshalls Alley, for taxes for years 1813-1818 in Locust Ward, Philadelphia, August 27, 1818.


.442           bill to Joseph Gibbons from Watson & Bunting(?) for cedar shingles, 11 mo. 15-16, 1822.


.449           copy of Statement made on 3 mo. 22, 1828 "I drew the will of the late John Grandom from written directions furnished by himself ...," signed Joseph Gibbons.


.448           Deed of Joseph Gibbons & wife to Amos Fawcett in the year of our Lord 1828.


.520           receipts of Joseph Gibbons, Joseph Gibbons Jr., Samuel Lightfoot, and Benjamin Wright, for one year's subscription for The Friend, Philadelphia, 1st mo. 20th, 1830.  Receipts signed by John Richardson.


.450           receipt of Hannah & Ann(?) Hibberd (by the hands of Joseph Gibbons) for money, 1830-1831.


.443           receipt, “I have paid to Joseph Gibbons [$306.95] sent by Mary Wright for account of Benjamin Wright, Ohio, 4 mo. 21, 1831,” signed Jeremiah Starr.


.447           "Letter of Attorney, Walter Harper to Joseph Gibbons" [power of attorney], Philadelphia, October 17, 1831.


.444           promissory note to Joseph Gibbons, borrowed and received money and left as a security for payment a gold watch, signed Oliver Weeds, March 3, 1832.


.445           receipted bill from Charles Bonsall to Joseph Gibbons for tooth powder, 5 mo 19, 1834.


.440           ground rent book of Joseph Gibbons dated from 1831 to 1835.  Name index in front


.534           receipted bill, "Gibbons Bot. of R & W Wilson: silver spoons" Philadelphia, February 28, 1835.


.446a-d      bills of expenses for funeral for Sarah Gibbons (wife of Joseph Gibbons), dated 12 mo. 1835, Philadelphia 12 mo. 11, 1835, 11 mo. 29, 1835, Philadelphia 11 mo. 30 1835.  Bills are for carriages, coffin, laying out body, digging grave, etc.


.451           statement of the estate of Joseph Gibbons in account with J. Richardson, 5 Mo. 2, 1837.



Box 4, folder 3: papers of Martha Gibbons [later Richardson] and Mary P. Gibbons

                  [other Mary P. Gibbons material is in Box 3, folder 3]


.521           advertising circular from Mary H. Griscom and Ann Eliza West announcing the opening of boarding and day school for girls, dated Burlington, New Jersey, 2d mo. (February) 1847;

                  on reverse side a list of the missing issues of The Friend.


.523           receipt of B.H. Rand for lessons given to Martha Gibbons in penmanship. Philadelphia, September 29, 1832.


.522           “Penmanship taught upon the most approved system at the academy, Flushing L[ong] Island.” undated.


Mary P. Gibbons [Nov. 25, 1807-Nov. 9, 1892]


.501           advertising flier for "H. M. & M. P. Gibbon's Select School,” at the Friends’ Meetinghouse on Orange St., Philadelphia.


.502           receipt for purchase of wood, by Miss Gibbons for her school on Orange St., from New York and Philadelphia Kindling Wood Co., with a picture of a J.A. Conover wood splitter [a machine], October 1, 1861.


.494           letter addressed to Mary P. Gibbons, Burlington, signed M., Sans Souci, 6th mo. 13, 1828.


.495           letter to Mary P. Gibbons, Burlington, from J.G., personal news. Philadelphia, 12th mo. 6th, 1828.


.496           letter addressed to Mary P. Gibbons, Burlington, NJ from M, personal and family news, some school information. 1st Month 7th, 1829.


.497           letter to Mary Gibbons, from thy friends Samuel and Margaret Killes, pencilled in: J.R. assayer of the Mint Matters, asking for Mary’s help and assistance as a teacher in their boarding school. Wilmington, [no state but probably Delaware] 9. mo. 17, 1829.


.498           letter addressed to Mary P. Gibbons, personal news and illness - cholera being in many parts of the country - unsigned, 6th day, 6th mo. 14, 1833.


.504           letter to H. and M.P. Gibbons, Philadelphia, from M.G.R. [Martha Gibbons Richardson], personal news. Maple Grove, 6th mo. 19th 1840.


.503           letter to H. and M.P. Gibbons, Philadelphia, from M.G.R. [Martha Gibbons Richardson], personal news, some philosophical thoughts. Maple Grove, 7th Month 4th, 1840.



Box 4, folder 4: Martha Gibbons [later Richardson] and Mary P. Gibbons: letters


.505           personal letter addressed to my dear cousin, H.M. & M.P. Gibbons, signed H M[ilhous?] and sent to Hannah Gibbons, 252 Spruce Street, Philadelphia. Colerain, [Ohio], 3 mo 7th, [18]40.


.507           personal letter to unknown person(s), signed M. [Martha Gibbons Richardson], 7 mo. 21st, 1860, family news, has much mending to do.


.499           letter to my dear cousin M.P. Gibbons, from E.H. Bonsall, about the death of cousin H., Philadelphia, 6 mo. 18, 1861.


.493           letter to Miss Mary from Lillie, personal letter, Woodbury 5th day.


.491           letter to Mary P. Gibbons, care of John Gummere, Burlington, from mother and a sister, personal news, undated.


.489           letter to my dear cousin M[ary] P. G[ibbons] from Anna P, personal letter, Wallingford, First day the 28.


.490           letter to Mary P. Gibbons, West Hill, New Jersey, personal letter, unsigned, Sans Souci, 2nd mo. 5th [no year].


.488           letter to Mary P. Gibbons, at Wm. Trimbles’, from H[?], personal news, Evandale, 3rd day.


.492           letter to Mary P. Gibbons, near Burlington, from S[arah] G[ibbons] and J[oseph] G[ibbons], personal letter. 7th mo. 25th.


.500,508,509   two envelops addressed to H M & M.P. Gibbons and one to Mary P. Gibbons, Philadelphia.



Box 4, folder 5: Personal letters to and from Sarah Milhous[e] Gibbons.


.480           letter to Mercy Bonsall, Uwchlan [Chester Co., Penn.], from S[arah] Gibbons, personal and family news, trip to Morgantown. Morgantown, 9th mo. 8th 1805.


.481a,b,c    letter to dear sister, "Last Letter to Mercy Bonsall," from S[arah] G[ibbons], about family and personal news, short description of their travel to a new location and the housing they found, and a short poem: "Content can visit the poor spider’d room ...," an experience of washing their clothes with lye and its result; needing a cistern and catching rain water for daily usage; making bread and using salt for rising, "looked well but tasted dry and crumbly and won't not keep more than a day without getting sour, then used some hop rising instead, what the Dutch called sots, and I have excellent bread without any difficulty"; concluding the letter by saying: "it is high time for me to quit my anecdotical inditing and study housewifery instead of writing." Belmont County Ohio, 10 mo. 17, 1805.


.455           letter from Sarah [Gibbons?] about the departure of our beloved sister [Mrs. Bonsall?], dated 10 mo. 29th, 1806, postscript dated 12 mo. 26th.


.482           unsigned letter to Sarah Gibbons, personal news, 8th month 6th, 1825.


.471           letter to Joseph Gibbons, 149 South 10th St., Philadelphia, from S[arah] G[ibbons], about receiving a package with good cheese, dried beef, and bran bread; family news and some squabbles, 8th mo. 4th, 1833.


.472           letter to Joseph Gibbons, 96 South 3rd St., Philadelphia, from S[arah] G[ibbons], family news and small talk. 9th mo. 8, 1833.


.473           letter to Joseph Gibbons, 96 South 3rd St., Philadelphia, from S[arah] G[ibbons], personal and family news. 7th mo. 2, 1834.


.483           letter to Sarah Gibbons, care of Samuel Kirk, P.M., East Nantmeal Chester County, PA, from J[oseph] G[ibbons], personal and family news. Fourth day, 9 mo. 10th,  [18]34


.479           letter to dear aunt from S[arah] G[ibbons], short note about moving the next morning, undated.


.476           letter to Joseph Gibbons, 96 South Third St., Philadelphia, from S[arah] G[ibbons], personal news, cases of cholera only a few miles away, 3rd day morning, no date.


.477           letter to Joseph Gibbons no. 75 Walnut St., Philadelphia, personal letter, undated and unsigned, sent from East Nantmeal, July 19th.



Box 4, folder 6: William Gibbons (May 13, 1790-October 5, 1820?).


.418           memoir of William M. Gibbons, by BMH [Benjamin M. Hollinshead?], written 1820


.419           William Gibbon’s account book, cover depicts street merchants of London "The London Cries"; first part containing textile entries, also nine sewn-in receipts, for purchases mostly made in Louisville, dated January 13-16, 1817.  (most of book is blank)



Box 4, folder 7: William Gibbons


.431           letter to William Gibbons, New Castle, from J.S. Lloyd; personal letter, Mount Pleasant, Ohio, 12th mo. 7th, 1816(?).


.433           letter to William M. Gibbons, St. Louis, Louisiana, T[erritor]y from S. P. Coates, signed your mother of Newcastle, personal letter, Tuesday evening, April [3], 1817.


.428           letter to William M. Gibbons, St. Louis, Missouri Territory, care of Harvey Gregg from Benjamin M. Hollinshead, personal letter,   Philadelphia, 5th mo. 11th, 1817.


.434           letter to Wm. M. Gibbons, Esq., Saint-Louis, from S.(?) P. Coates, addressed to dear Bill, personal letter, New Castle, May 22, 1817.


.429           letter to William Gibbons, merchant, St. Louis, Missouri Territory, from Father and mother [Joseph and Sarah Gibbons], personal letter from parents being concerned about their son's health, Philadelphia, 6th mo. 11th, 1817.


.432           letter to William M. Gibbons, Saint Louis, M. Territory, from Harvey Gregg, personal letter, Saint Louis, 8 mo. 3d, 1817.


.435           letter to J. Howard March, Consul for the United States, Island Madeira, from Clement March, letter of recommendation for William M. Gibbons; St. Louis, Missouri Territory, October 18, 1817.


.430           letter to William M. Gibbons, St. Louis, Missouri, personal letter addressed to dear William from Benj. M. Hollinshead, Philadelphia, October 20, 1817.


.436           letter to William Richardson, Esq., Mess. Richardson & Fisk, merchants, N[ew] Orleans, letter of recommendation for William M. Gibbons from  J R Ober, Saint Louis, October 22nd 1817.



Box 4, folder 8: William Gibbons: Receipted Bills and Invoices


.421           receipted bill to Mr. William Gibbons from John Romjue(?), for textiles, hose, handkerchiefs, New Castle, July 4, 1816.


.420           receipted bill to Mr. William M. Gibbons from William Hunter, for textiles, New Castle, December 17, 1816.


.422           "invoice of first Goods at New Castle," mostly listing textiles and clothing accessories (hose, suspenders, handkerchiefs, shawls), and some other assorted goods, no date


.423           "invoice of second Goods," listing textiles, no date


.424           "invoice of Dry Goods for George Elley, October 13, 1816,"  textiles, ribbon, buttons, thread, pen knives, etc.


.425           "invoice from Thomas Brown, invoice of Goods for George Elley," includes hardware items, knives, forks, spoons, books, buttons, spices, lace, and many other items , no date


.426           "invoice of made up Clothes," including roundabouts, pantaloons, vests, shirts, and collars, no date


.427           "invoice" [from?] William Dickey, listing textiles, hose, and blankets, no date



Box 4, folder 9: Miscellaneous Gibbons family materials


.527           personal letter addressed to "my dear friend" from M.J. Spenser, Mooreland, 7/9/1861.


.528           personal letter addressed to "dear brother & sister" from J. Gibbons, about the departure of sister H[annah?] and some religious thoughts; Decorah, [Iowa], 7th mo. 7th, 1861


.529           personal letter [torn], family news, unsigned, 11th mo. 2, no year.


.530           corner of a letter, unsigned and undated.


.486           account book in a paper wrapper bearing an advertisement of a book and stationary store: James French, 78 Washington St., Boston. Various entries for stock purchases, their interest and dividends; a Schuylkill Navigation Loan, Pennsylvania Rail Road and Lehigh Valley Rail Road share purchase, and other business transactions. The following names occur most frequently: Joseph Gibbons, Edward H Bonsall, Mary P. Gibbons, Thomas Wiliamson, Charles Richardson, Francis Richardson, but no indication as to who kept these records, dated from March 21, 1850 to February 4, 1876.  (also includes eleven loose items) 


.531           notebook, perhaps belonging to Sarah Milhous [later Gibbons], containing religious reflections, personal thoughts, and some poetry; listed names and dates: Joseph Gibbons left home the 25th of the 1st mo. 1803, brother William came the 25th of the 1st mo., A M B[olton] [same person who wrote the poem to Sarah Gibbons?], Elizabeth Coggeshell, Mary Morton; 1786-1806.


.532           note book, "this is a book in which none must look," poems.


.533           page with religious reflections.



Box 4, folder 10: miscellaneous Gibbons family materials


.485           mileage book covering the traveling, perhaps of a printer’s representative; in addition to miles, there is a "List of Persons to whom proposed papers for the Bible were sent."  July 1813.


PH 1277    photostat of a memorandum between Cornelius Vanderbilt and Thomas Gibbons, made June 26, 1818.


.535           extracts from "the law respecting husband and wife," undated.


.536           "Answers to Historical Questions taken from vol. 14 of the Lady's Magazine for 1783, printed by G. Robinson, London."


.537           list of useful recipes for rice delicacies, taken from the Saturday Chronicle, February 25, 1837.


.506           note to H.M. & M.P. Gibbons, c/o Jno. Richardson, 50 N. 4th Street Philadelphia, “Please call for yr. New Cent.” From some manufacturing company, undated.


.487           scrapbook containing hollow-cut silhouettes, poems, and printed portraits, view of the "Philadelphia Patent Floor-Cloth Manufactory at Bush Hill” and “View of East-River or Sound, taken from Riker's Island, with a distant view of the Seat of Joshua Waddington, Esquire," and others. Signed Mary P. Gibbons, 2nd mo. 23d, 1819.


.487.a-.m   twenty-one stencils and silhouettes; a two cent U.S. Internal Revenue stamp with George Washington on it; and a brandy panada recipe. 

                  The silhouettes, mostly hollow-cut but also two “blockheads,” are probably of family members or friends.  Most of the silhouettes were done at Peale’s Museum, ca.1804-1820. 

                  Some of the stencils are identified, some are not.  A few bear the initials C.K.B., probably the person who cut them out, and are dated 1856.  Figures include Napoleon I, William Shakespeare, Mehemet Ali, “The Ch[illigible] or Bone Gatherer,” a lady, and Widdicombe. 

                  (All the above materials are housed in two envelopes and one mylar folder.)



Box 4, folder 11: Growden Family


.671           land survey of the Growden tract including a short note addressed to dear sir, dated May 18, 1703 and signed Tho. Lowerton [Leverton?], mentioning the names of Humphrey Arthur and John Renolds and wishing him and his family the best at Trevose.


.614           notes about the administration of the estates of Joseph Growden the elder and the younger, Ann Growden, and Samuel Boulkley, 1736-1752.


.606           bill to Hannah Growden from Jn. Kearsley, for "the cure of her Negrowoman's Impostumated Finger" and other apothecary pills, powders, and drops, August 10, 1738-April 3, 1739.


.610           copy of a will of Hannah Growden residing in the city of Philadelphia in the Province of Pennsylvania. October 17, 1775.


.609           legal document transferring a bond and its interest from Hannah Growden to Mary Richardson. Jr., signed Hannah Growden, 6th mo. 30, 1779.


.612           page from Joseph Richardson’s  account book, with note that Aunt Hannah Growden died on 10th mo. 10, 1783.


.611           inventory and appraisal of the Goods and Chattels belonging to the estate of Hannah Growden, including silver objects, books, a few pieces of furniture, some china, and other items,  appraisal by Benjamin Condy and John Elliot, Jr., 11th mo. 10th, 1783.


.613           "John Gill's receipt for papers &c, belonging to the estate of Hannah Growden," a list of deeds and a bond, signed John Gill, April 19, 1786..


.608           "a draught of Hannah Gordon's land," along the Neshaminy Creek, signed J. Pennington, undated.


[no number]     Photocopy of an article about “Trevose,” the Growden estate in Bucks County



Box 4, folder 12: Hoskins Family


.594           note "John Hoskins appointed by Wm. Penn high sherif of the County of Chester in the province of Penna the 30th day of the 3rd mo in the 13th year of the Reign of king William the third over England ..." signed Wm Penn and James Logan, Anno D. 1701.


.595           letter containing genealogical dates of the Hoskins family from 1700 to 1780; “recorded in a copy of Sewells History [probably in the History book: the Rise, Increase, and Progress of the Christian People Called Quakers, initially published in England in 1722 by William Sewel] which belonged to Jane Hoskins formerly, Jane Fenn”


.591           copy & probate of John Hoskins' will, naming children Lydia and Rachel Hoskins, and Abigail (Mrs. John) Griscom, dated the eleventh day of June, 1814.


.238           biographical sketch of Ruth Hoskins Richardson, born at Burlington, NJ, May 26, 1756, died in Philadelphia, January 14, 1829; married at Burlington, June 15, 1780, Joseph Richardson, son of Joseph and Mary Allen Richardson.  Written by one of her children


.593           copy of a letter addressed to dear sister from thy friend & brother [no name given], sent to Martha Hoskins, Burlington, NJ, 2 mo. 3rd, 1829, advising her to set up a boarding house in Burlington rather than in Philadelphia.


.592           letter, no date, "the situation of the [Hoskins] family may be thus described:

                  sister Martha herself entirely helpless and will require the assistance of either Mary or Susan….

                  Samuel is engaged in farming ...

                  Raper although not under Indenture is serving an apprenticeship...

                  John is at home ...

                  Abigail is on a temporary visit ...

                  Charles is on a like visit ...

                  Martha the youngest child is at home ...

                  to separate the family will no doubt prove a trying circumstance to sister Martha ..."



Box 4, folder 13: estate of Raper Hoskins (d.1798) [see also Box 8, folder 10]


.587a,b,c    account book of Raper Hoskins, with two laid-in scrap papers, and accounts for "Eleanor Hoskins Administratrix to the Estate of Raper Hoskins deceased", dated from 1790 to 1799 - not consecutive.


.588           account book of the estate of Raper Hoskins, dated from 4th mo 4th, 1799 to 4th mo 5th, 1809; at back are “memorandoms” about renting houses and about a fire in 1806 damaging houses on Dock Street (thereby rendering them unrentable).  (Back cover is detached.)


.590           letter from Joseph Richardson to John Hallowell, with a question about handling the administration of his brother-in-law Raper Hoskin’s estate,  Philadelphia, 20th of 3rd mo 1809.

                  Reply from John Hallowell to Richardson, on the same paper, dated Philadelphia, March 25, 1809.

                  Joseph Richardson's response to the reply, dated 3rd mo 27th, 1809.



Box 5, folder 1: Howell Family


.636           letter written to Joseph Howell, Amboy, from his brother Arthur Howell, religious reflections, Philadelphia, 8 mo. 9th, 1776.


.637           letter written to [Mrs.] Arthur Howell, tanner & currier, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, from Arthur Howell, addressed to my dear & beloved wife; personal news. Stafford in Virginia, 5 mo. 10th, 1784.


.639           personal letter addressed to: my dear companion, dear Benja, my dear, signed A H.     and Arthur Howell, Haddonfield, 2 mo. 8, 1794.


.620           Memorandum, E[lizabeth Howell] Armitt & Sarah Howell to Arthur and Joseph Howell [release his Life Estate ..., see below], signed Elizabeth Armitt and Sarah Howell, December 13, 1794.


.619           Grant & Agreement between Arthur Howell and Joseph Howell [release of Life Estate in a certain large Lot of Ground called the Tan Yard Lot ...], signed Arthur Howell, December 25, 1794.


.618           "account of monies received on Account of The Estate of Joseph Howell By Arthur Howell," from 1792 to 1796.


.617           general account statement of "the estate of Joseph Howell with the heirs of said estate," 1797.


.616b         certified copy of Joseph Howell's will, 1798; "... true copy from the original will of Joseph Howell deceased, duly proved the 28th day of March 1791."

                  (for another copy see .616a in box 7, folder 4.)


.640           legal paper, documenting the partnership between Arthur Howell, tanner & currier, & Benjamin Williams, currier, under the firm of Arthur Howell & Co., Philadelphia, August 9, 1798.


.454c         note, certifying that Arthur Howell of the city of Philadelphia, tanner and currier, shares in the stock of the Tan Yard ..., signed Thomas and Benjamin Williams, Philadelphia, 8 mo. 29, 1798.


.621           Elizabeth [Howell] Armitt's will, widow of John Armitt, cooper, Philadelphia, June 4, 1802, leaving various parts of her estate to her brother Arthur, sister Sarah Parker, half sister Rebecca (Mrs. Joseph) Ashbridge, cousin Sarah Jones, and to various nieces and nephews.


.641           "article of agreement for old house on Howell lot, 6 Mo. 2 1806, ... NB the neighbors are to have free use of the Water in the Pump during good behavior & no People of colour to be admitted as Inmates, signed by John and Catharine Hiller.  Philadelphia, 6 mo 2, 1806."


.638           letter addressed to Arthur Howell, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, from George Dillwyn about a late payment. Burlington, 11 mo. 10, 1807.


.644           bill, "estate of Arthur Howell to James Wills & Son Dr., Philadelphia, the 11th mo. 29th, 1815," for candles, rush lights, food items, spices, spermaceti oil, covering the period 12 mo. 1, 1815-1 mo. 31, 1816 (although dated November 1815).


.646           receipted bill to the estate of Arthur Howell, for a walnut coffin, from John Townsend; 1 mo. 28, 1816.


.645           receipted bill for digging Arthur Howell's grave, signed John Chapman, sent to Joseph Howell, one of the administrators of the estate of A. Howell, payment received 2nd mo. 23, 1816.


.642           inventory, appraisal of household furniture of Arthur Howell, Philadelphia, 3rd mo 1st, 1816.


.643           receipt of the estate of Arthur Howell to Joseph Kite, for dishes and glasses, payment received 3rd mo. 5, 1816.


.647           receipted bill for the direct tax, on property owned by estate of Arthur Howell, North Ward, Philadelphia, October 31, 1816.


.648           receipt from the Library Company of Philadelphia, for payment of yearly share owned by estate of Arthur Howell, May 13, 1817.


.649           receipted bill from the Collector of Water Rent for Southern Division to Arthur Howell, for the property on 107 Chestnut Street, 28 Market Street and Whalebone Alley, Philadelphia, February 20, 1823.


.650           receipted bill "for assessment of Iron Pipes laid for the Introduction of Schuylkill Water in front of your property," paid by estate of Arthur Howell to the Northern Liberties, September 22, 1828.



Box 5, folder 2: Howell family


.635           account book of the estate of Arthur Howell, dated from 1816 to 1828.

                  Kept in a notebook sold by John Grigg, Philadelphia, whose name and address appears on the front cover.  Also on the front cover are two pictures, one of a fire engine, the other of an artist at work.  On the back cover is an ad about school books sold by John Grigg.


.622           promissory note, signed by Robert Howell, Philadelphia, February 4, 1833.


.626           declaration of Trust by Joseph Howell, currier, in favor of the heirs of Arthur Howell, deceased. Philadelphia, September 2, 1834.


.623           receipted bill, for dimity and huckaback bought from Townsend Sharpless, importer and dealer in cotton, woolen, and worsted goods, etc., by Robert Howell, Philadelphia, March 1, 1837.


.627           certificate of one share of Stock of the "Haverford School Association," issued to Joseph Howell of Philadelphia, September 1, 1841.


.624           certificate of enrollment of Robert Howell in the Volunteer Company of "Washington Grays," Philadelphia, January 1, 1845.


.629           mortgage deed between the Franklin Fire Insurance Co. of Philadelphia and Joseph Howell, Jr., January 10, 1854.

Attached to an indenture between Christian Hines and the Franklin Fire Insurance Co., September 13, 1834.


.628           legal certification of Joseph Howell's will by the Register for the Probate of Wills ... Philadelphia, April 14, 1854.


.632           articles of partnership of Joseph Howell & Co, between Robert Howell Arthur Howell, and Joseph Howell, April 22, 1854, with extensions for 1855-1856.

                  [see also .633]


.633           documents stating the continuation of partnership between Joseph and Robert Howell, signed for the years 1857 to 1873.

                  [see also .632]


.634           document stating the dissolution of the co-partnership between Arthur and Joseph Howell, July 7, 1875.


.631           letter addressed to Joseph Howell, Esq. acknowledging a payment, Office of The Franklin Fire Insurance Co., Philadelphia, June 5, 1877.


.630           letter addressed to Joseph Howell & Co., Philadelphia, from the Department of the Interior, United States Patent Office, informing Howell that his assignment was received. Washington, DC, April 21, 1881.



Box 5, folder 3: Shippen family


68x154      signature of  Joseph Shippen, [illegible, perhaps Willing], and Hugh Roberts, cut from a document signed on March 23, 1746/7.


64x20        “received of Edward Shippen, Jr. … for twelve pictures, John Graves(?),” April 23, 1755.


64x19        receipt showing for gold buttons bought by Edward Shippen, Jr., from Charles Dutens August 30, 1755.

                  [David Harper and Charles Dutens were in partnership as "Gold and Silversmith" by 1755],


64x21        account statement, Edward Shippen, Esq. in account with Francis & Relfe, Philadelphia, 1760, 1761, 1763.


64x21a      Edward Shippen’s account with William Plumsted, Register General, showing receipt of money from Edward Shippen, for wills and administrations in Lancaster, the money delivered by the hands of Joseph Shippen, Jr., Philadelphia, May 19, 1763.



Box 5, folder 4: Taylor family


.598           copy of Samuel Taylor's will, appointing his wife Mary (neé Richardson) as sole executrix, naming his wife, daughters, and brother Thomas Taylor as heirs, September 19, 1793.



Box 5, folder 5: Webb family


.555           receipt book of Joseph Webb, Philadelphia, 1714-1717, with some memorandum entries.

            (volume bound in green vellum with gilt decoration and an engraved metal clasp)



Box 5, folder 6: Webb Family


.548           copy of Joseph Webb's will "I will that my wife do enjoy the proffitts of all my reall and personall estate during her remaining a widow ffor and towards the breeding up of my children and after her I give to my son Joseph ..." The fourth day of the ninth month (called November), 1696.


.545           receipt for money and goods of Joseph Webb, signed William Haynes, January 31, 1714.


.550           "Edmund Humphri's Account of the profits and Disburstments of Joseph Webbs House, 1715, account statement of Joseph Webb, son and heir of J. Webb, dated from 1700 to 1714."


.547a         letter to Mr. Webb from J.W., religious reflections, Gloucester, June 2, 1715.


.564           letter to Joseph Webb, addressed as Son, from Hannah Lee, about an obligation to the "Bishop of Canterbury Cort" Gloucester, 12 mo. 26, 1715/16.


.554           document about ceasing any further continuation of legal proceedings, signed Joseph Webb, April [illegible], 1716.


.558           land agreement between Joseph Webb and Samuel Nutt, October 1716, [upper left-hand corner of document torn off.]


.560           "Rec’d of Joseph Webb and Samuel Nutt a Lease dated the 19th day of October, 1716..."


.556           obligation between Thomas Hurst of the city of Philadelphia and Joseph Webb, witnessed by Nehemiah Allen and Oliver Whitehead, November 20, 1717.


.568           letter to "loving cousins Joseph & Mary Webb" from Aunt Elizabeth Sparrow, about sending some gifts. Rotherhithe [England], 25 of 1st mo. 1724.


.569           letter to Joseph and Mary Webb living in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania from Elizabeth Sparrow; personal news, including breaking her wrist and thanking them for the muff they had sent; the first of the 8th month, 1725.


.565           letter addressed to loving cousins Joseph & Mary Webb "from thy Kinsman Jonathan Sparrow," about a shipment of a looking glass, London the 11th day of the 2nd month 1726. [Difficult to read because of faded ink]


.566           addressed to "Joseph Webb att Philadelphia in Pensillvena," about the shipment of glass arriving safely and asking to have some planks of mahogany or walnut shipped to her, signed Jonathan & Mary Sparrow, September the 4th day, 1727.



Box 5, folder 7: Webb family


.567           letter to "Joseph Webb att filadelpha In Pensilvena - Loving Cozens Joseph & Mary Webb -" personal news, some talk about the sent glass and wooden planks of mahogany and walnut, Rotherhithe, the 29th of the second month, 1730.


.570           to loving cousins from Elizabeth Sparrow, personal news; Rotherhithe, the 21 of the 6th month, 1730.


.571           "This For Joseph Webb at Philadelphia in Pensalvena - lovon koson Joseph and Mary Webb -", personal letter from Elizabeth Sparrow, the 27 day of 11 mo., 1730/31.


.562           letter of administration to Mary Webb "in and for the Province of Pennsylvania & countys of New Castle Kent & Sussex on Dellaware to Mary Webb, widow ..., Philadelphia, the Twenty seventh day of December in the Year of Our Lord, 1731."


 .563          "Inventory of the Estate of Joseph Webb of the City of Philadelphia ..., 11 mo. 24, 1731."


.583           Letter to Mary Webb from Lyonel Loyd about mantua silk being purchased for her and being shipped in her mother’s (Hannah Lea) trunk aboard the Eagle, February 19, 1733. 

The extra money was being accredited to the account of Mary Webb’s brother Nathaniel Allen.


.582           letter to Mary Webb, Philadelphia, Second Street, about receiving a letter from Mrs. Allen, a court case, sending a key by Captain Clerk who forgot to hand it over, and other personal news, from Abiah(?) Alricks (also spelled Albricks), November 28, 1753.


.585           copy of the inventory of Mary Webb’s estate. Inventory taken the 5th of 4 mo., 1755. Listing bedding, furniture, delftware, glassware, curtains, china, kitchen wares, a Negro woman, and other miscellaneous items.


.584           official letter from William Plumsted, Register General for the Probate of Wills…, to Nathaniel Allen, brother of Mary Webb, deceased, naming him administrator of his sister’s estate, April 11, 1755.

                  Attached is a written copy of her nuncupative [spoken] will


.573           letter addressed to Joseph Webb, carpenter in Philadelphia, from your loving cousin, Sarah Pinn, daughter of Nathaniel Parring and Sarah Webb; she had left Philadelphia with John Diniwiddie forty-one years ago (and is now married to William Pinn); she is asking after some family relations. Port Royal, VA, November 26, 1755.


.586           order of Orphan's Court appointing Thomas James as guardian to Joseph James, March 8, 1760;

                  also a receipt signed by Thomas James, Guardian, acknowledging receipt of money due to Joseph James from the estate of Mary Webb [she was Joseph James’ grandmother]; March 20, 1760.


.546a         two-sided letter, signed Jo Webb and Joseph Webb, respectively, defending himself against understated accusations (somewhat unclear in its meaning), undated.


.572           letter to much Esteemed Friend & Aunt [probably Elizabeth Sparrow], from J[oseph] W[ebb], personal letter, undated;

                  second page:  to Coz. Jonathan, from signed JW, undated.



Box 5, folder 8: Cresson family

[note: these papers do not reveal a family relation between the Richardsons and Cressons]


.412           note to Benjamin Cresson, Strawberry Alley, from E[?] Scot, “please to let he bearer have a castor hat the price not to exceed 6 dollars,” 19th December, [17]99.


.414           receipted bill for three month's tuition of his daughter Rebecca, to Benjamin Cresson from Elizabeth Jones, 3 mo. 11, 1810.


.413           bill for tuition of daughter Rebecca, addressed to Benjamin Cresson, owed to the Select School, signed by Henrietta Ridgway, 12th mo. 28th, 1810.


.415           bill to Benjamin Cresson for making a coat, from Henry Wheeler, Philadelphia, December 12, 1817.


.416           notes about the Cresson family, including Pierre and Jacques Cresson.



Box 5, folder 9: Bills and Receipts [not to or from Richardsons or their related families]


.400           bill for surveying some land in tenure of J[?] Noble and Ollery[?], signed John Watson, 7 mo. 28, 1759.


.602           receipted bill to Samuel Biddle, bought of Mordecai Yarnall, some broadcloth, signed Mary Yarnall, Philadelphia, 12 mo. 4th, 1760.


.673           bill for estate tax of the late William Andrews, 1820-1823.


.655           bill to Samuel Dickey from Henry Gouchnous(?), for a fur hat and a waistcoat and to balance on a woman’s dress, partly paid for with a broadax, November 1832, with a statement about the account sworn to March 2, 1837, Cambria County, Penn.


.654           account statement, Isaac Keemle, 1833.


.672           household accounts(?), with expenditures for dentist, textiles, gum shoes, and money paid to Mary, [18]58-61;

                  on reverse side: two real estate offerings and their location.



Box 5, folder 10: items relating to government


.577           letter to William Keith from Henry Gouldney and Joshua Gee, questions about the will of a friend, London, May 22nd, 1724.


.576           petition to the Representatives of the Freeman of the Province of Pennsylvania in general assembly met, undated.  Asks the assembly to let the proprietor know that they are content with the administration of Sir William Keith and do not want a change.


.578           political address of the House of Representatives of the Freeman of the Province of Pennsylvania ... the 7th of the 7th 1725.


.579           political address of the humble representatives of the Freeman of the Province of Pennsylvania ... to "George by the Grace of the God King of Great Britain," November 27, 1725.


.580           speech delivered by Dr. Thomas Watson one of the representatives for the County of Bucks in the Province of Pennsylvania ... the 8th of the 10th month 1725.  [a very short speech]



Box 5, folder 11: miscellaneous letters, legal documents, notes, etc.


.669           legal article, land grant in the Province of Pennsylvania at the request of Edward Land on behalf of William Land, Philadelphia, the 22: 11 mo. 16[?]5, signed James Claypoole and Robert Turner [?].


.674           note, a patent from William Penn, dated Philadelphia, 29th of 4th month, 1684, to Elizabeth Smith for a Lot of Ground ...


.581a-b      Elizabeth Frampton, the widow of William Frampton (and close friend of Richardson, who died in 1686) gives power of attorney given to Charles Pickering of Philadelphia, 1686. [in one piece, despite the two accession numbers]


.22             letter addressed to AC : SR : GO: - unsigned, partly about the resignation of Governor John Blackwell, 9th mo. 7th, [16]90.

                  [note: it has been suggested that this is a copy of a letter written by William Penn]


.603           personal letter from John Cadwallader to his wife about his plans to go on to Antigua thence to Jamaica, written from Barbados the 15th of 11 mo. 1719.

                  [John Cadwallader, of Abington, Pennsylvania, a Quaker preacher, died about 1741 in Barbados, while making a preaching tour in the West Indies.]


.288-90      wrapper addressed to John Cadwallader in Philadelphia.

                  [only one item, despite the multiple accession numbers]


.670           land survey, recording the different parties and a description of the properties: James Steel, Clement Plumsted, Andrew Wheeler, John Stilly, George Fitzwater, December 5, 1720.


.574a         legal article, complaint of Checokenion(?) in behalf of himself and other Indians on Brandywine in relation to some land sold… to Nathaniel Newland, dated the 3d of the 4th mo. 1726.


.575           land purchase and some disputes. "I do at the instance of the assembly of this Province Delaware and promise that neither I nor my heirs will by any means disturb or molest the said Indians in their possessions & claims …,” signed by Nathaniel Newlin, 4 mo. 3, 1726.


.660           copy of a letter from David Hall [the same who was publisher of the Pennsylvania Gazette?] to James Wilson, personal news, observing tradesmen and merchants in London adjusting their affairs at the Royal Exchange, Newport, in the Isle of White [sic], 4th mo. 24th, [17]38.


.659           letter book, "Translation of a letter from some Quakers in France to Edward Fox .… The Quakers of Congenies Calviston &c. to the Virtuous Fox.  Friend Fox ..." signed Jourdan le Compte, Marolier fils, Margenal de Lord, Benezat, no date;

                  another letter [from the above Friends] to Friends at London "from Congeniez near Nimes in Languedoc the 4th of October 1785."


.417           Stephen Phipps’ agreement to let his brother-in-law James Graham and his wife Ethreata(?) to continue to living on the estate where they now reside as long as they keep it in good repair, and also to pay them some money for the next ten years; Philadelphia, April 23, 1794.


.411           letter addressed to dear child from father Stephen Phipps, personal and family news; Philadelphia, July the 1: 1799.


.677           court case, the Common Pleas of Philadelphia County ... judgement, 3rd July, 1800, Thomas Shields vs. John Hatcher.


.663           "letters from a public friend in New England to a newly convinced young man;" addressed to “beloved friend” from E T, includes a poem, Smithfield, 11th of 3 mo. 1800.  The beloved friend worked in a rope walk.


.662           extract of a letter to R L, unsigned, addressed to my dear sister, reminiscing about the old Habitation and the Old World, he pities those who make themselves slaves to fashion and luxury; 12th mo. 13, 1807.


.676           land purchase and its deed located in Springfield in the county of Burlington and state of New Jersey by Thomas and Sarah Brantingham, dated the tenth day of the 2nd mo: February, Anno Domini, 1816. "Covenant of Indemnity George Brantingham to Joseph Brantingham".


.675           land survey, deeds with a record of ownership and a description of the properties, dated 1765-1818.


.661           fragment of a letter, written by an unknown person to an unknown person, 6 mo. 13, 1824.


.657           "Copy of a Testimony of William Williams who departed from this life about the 1st of the 9th mo. 1824 - delivered the week before his death."  A statement about his life.


.656           "Testimony of the monthly meeting of Friends of Philadelphia for the Southern District concerning our beloved Friend Hannah Evans, deceased." 25th of the 11th mo. 1829.  She was the daughter of David and Mary Bacon and was born in 1765(?).  In 1786 she married Jonathan Evans.  “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord….”


.597           Samuel Pleasant, list of debts due by the estate of Samuel Pleasant, unsigned and undated [late 18th or early 19th century].



Box 5, folder 12: miscellaneous notes


.665           Maxim, "that no man has naturally a Superior wright ...," about government.


.221           memorandum, "removed into Front Street the 23 of 1 Mo. 1788 and began House keeping next day," unsigned and undated.


.682           description of assaying precious metals.


.681           legal questions arising from Richard Rue having died intestate and on the 11th day of October 1785, letters of administration were granted to Anthony Rue and Lewis Rue of Middletown.


.678           HHG’s opinion on the succession of executors.


.679           legal questions and their answers, arising from a man being too weak to sign his will, signed Miers Fisher.


.215           note about administration of an estate, specifically about what happens to widow and children when the deceased leaves more debts than assets, unsigned and undated.


.668           “Useful books for teachers.”  Seems to be a list for Sunday school teachers.


.658a,b      poem, unsigned and undated.


.668a, .666      3 poems, one titled “Lesson on Astromony,” about the planets; another titled “On Creation,” about God creating the world, in form of questions and anwers; the third has no title and is very short, about the difference between common and proper nouns; unsigned and undated.


.664           fragment of a poem, unsigned, undated



Box 5, folder 13: miscellaneous items


.121           "Weight of Plate" for tankard, porringer, tablespoons, tea[spoons?] and sugar tongs, with some calculations; no names or dates.


.653a,b      two alphabetical tabbed indexes, listing primarily proper names, but also a few entries such as “Surveying account” and “Lot on Arch St.”  Probably indexes to an account book, owner unknown.


.689           list of names of couples and the year in which they “passed meeting,” evidently marriage dates, mostly in Philadelphia.  The surnames include Allen, Hudson, Richardson, Webb, Growden, Hoskins, Raper, Worrell, Fitzwater, Smith, Carpenter, Owen, Roberts, Powell, and Morris.  The years range from 1682-1719,


.685c         a piece of paper with an address printed on it and the date 2 mo. 2, 1848 written in


.685e         envelope addressed to Sallie Budges


.667           "certain cure for the Tooth Ache," from the Easton Centinel, undated.


.688           note of death dates, 1764, 1765, 1766, 1769, 1808; side of paper on which names were written has been torn off


.690           Someone was figuring out how old father was at his death in 1736 and his age when he arrived in Pennsylvania in 1681; also figured out how old someone was when “he built the ship about the year 1755."


.691           empty wrapper.


.652           blank book covered in marbled paper, with several blank scraps laid in.  First two leaves have been torn out.



Box 5, folder 14: miscellaneous printed items and a recipe book


.18             cartoon: "A new puzzle of portraits: striking likenesses of the King and Queen of England and the late unfortunate King and Queen of France."  profiles in the negative.

                  Ca. 1794.


.693           bookplate with a coats of arms, the motto "jamais arriere” and the name Julianna Randolph.


.21             "A New Confession of Faith," a printed item dated New York, 5th mo. 1825.

                  It begins “I believe in Jonathan Evans … and in Billy Evans his oldest son, who … suffered under Elias Hicks….”  [related to a disagreement in the Society of Friends]


.696           trade card for "W.M. Ogelsby, plumber, gas fitter, and Manufacturer of Gas Fixtures, Philadelphia and Altoona."  Decorated with a picture of a gasolier and something that might be a pump.


.695           business or calling card, decorated with the figures of a man and a woman, musical instruments, and a decorative border, but no words printing on the card.


.261a         Italian railroad ticket, from Milano to Chiasso, issued by Thomas Cook and Son, July 6, 1886 [date perforated].


.651           recipe book, no name, no date.

                  (Includes an index to the recipes)



Box 5, folder 15: silhouettes


58x31.5     twelve hollow-cut silhouettes found in the book Elements of the Art of Assaying Metals by John Arthur Cramer (in Box 6) owned by Joseph Richardson; several are blind embossed with an eagle and “Peale Museum,” others embossed with simply the word “Museum”; all are women; one has some extra details painted onto the paper; one is identified as “Mary L. Smith, more like Mary D. Smith,” this has black fabric stitched to the paper to fill in the opening; all others are plain; done ca.1804-1820.


.692           full-length silhouettes of two men, standing.




 Box 6: Books belonging to members of the Richardson Family.


65.165.20  Constitution and By-Laws of the Good Will Fire Engine Company. Printed for the Company, Philadelphia, 1839.


58x31.5     Cramer, John Andrew. Elements of the Art of Assaying Metals. London: Printed for Tho. Woodward ... and C. Davis…, Printers to the Royal Society, MDCCXLI [1741].

                  With both the book plate of Joseph Richardson and his name inscribed, with the date 1779.  [trex 1119]


65.165.9    An Essay Touching the Gravitation, or Non-gravitation of Fluid Bodies, and the Reasons Thereof .  London: Printed by W. Godbin, for William Shrewsbury, 1673.

                  With the bookplate of Sir R. W. Vaughan, Bart., and inscribed “James B. Alvord(?) from Joseph J. Ray, April 17, 1872” and “To Chas. Richardson from J.B.A., December 24, 1907.”  Inscribed on back leaf: “Lavina Francis Landford[?]”  [trex 54]


72x127.1   Halsted, William. A full report of the case of John Den ex dem. [et al.] ... vs. William Gibbons.  Decided in the Supreme Court of New Jersey …April 1849.   Printed by: Phillips & Boswell, Trenton, 1849.

                  Inscribed on original paper cover:  John T. Foote, Gibbons will suit  [trex 3833]


65.165.12  The Hermit, and the Traveller.  New York: Printed and sold by Samuel Wood, 1814.

                  Back cover lists school books printed and sold by Samuel Wood at the Juvenile Book-store, New York.  [trex 54]

                  [note: in folder with .9, An Essay Touching…, above]


65.165.11  Humphreys, David, [1752-1818]. An essay on the life of the Honorable Major-General Israel Putnam: Addressed to the State Society of the Cincinnati in Connecticut. Published by their order. [New York: Printed by Hodge, Allen, and Campbell, 1790?]

                  Bound with: An Oration on the Political Situation of the United States of American, in the Year 1789.  Pronounced before the State Society of the Cincinnati of Connecticut, at New-Haven, in celebration of the thirteenth anniversary of independence, published at the request of the Society.  [trex 54]


65.165.8    Reading made Easy, in Some Scripture Instructions for Children by Way of Question and Answer. ... Philadelphia: Printed by W. Dunlap, 1765.

                  Inscribed on front fly leaf: Rebekah Richardson, Her Book, 1765.  [trex 54]


65.165.13  [Richardson, S.]  History of a Branch of the Richardson Family, from 1682 to 1860,  in the United States.  New York: Dexter & Co., 1860.

                  Inscribed on front fly leaf: Sept.(?) 25, 1867, Jos. G. Richardson, M.D.

(About descendants of Samuel Richardson who settled in Philadelphia, probably in the 1690s, and died in 1719.)


65.165.14  Rose, Henry, of Virginia. An Inaugural Dissertation on the Effects of the Passions upon the Body….  Philadelphia: William W. Woodward, 1794.

                  Dissertation submitted to the medical professors of the University of Pennsylvania for the degree of Doctor of Medicine, May 19, 1794.


65.165.10  Useful Miscellanies: or, Serious Reflections Mens Duty to God,….  London: Printed. Philadelphia: Reprinted and sold by James Chattin, 1753.

                  Inscribed inside front cover: Joseph Richardson his Book, 1779.

                  Inscribed on reverse of fly leaf: Mary Richardson.

                  Inscribed on title page: Nathl Allen; and Hannah Allen Her Book.

                  Inscribed on p. [3]: Samuel Clarks Book.  [trex 54]



Oversized books on shelf:


65.165.7    A Journal of the Life of Thomas Story: ... as held by the People called Quakers…. Newcastle upon Tyne: Printed by Isaac Thompson and Company, MDCCXLVII, [1747].

                  Inscribed inside front cover: Joseph Richardson his Book, 1779; and The Gift of Mary Richardson to her Daughter Elizabeth Richardson 1787.

                  Inscribed on title page: Mary Taylor.

                  Spine title: Story’s Journal (in worn gilt lettering)


65.165.6    The Third Volume of the Ecclesiaticall Histori: containing the acts and monuments of martyrs….  Recognized and inlarged by the author John Foxe. London: Printed by R. Young, 1631. 

                  Inscribed inside front cover: Joseph Richardson His Book, 1779; and Elizabeth Richardson’s Book Anno Dom. 1831; and Jos. G. Richardson, M.D. 12 mo. 5, 1867.

                  Inscribed on first page of preface: Elizth. Richardson, 1831.  [trex 54]

                  [volume 3 of Acts and monuments of matters most speciall and memorable happening in the church with an vniuersall historie of the same.]



Box 7: folder 1: Letter book of Joseph Richardson, Sr.


.95             Letter book of Joseph Richardson, Sr. dated from the 7th day of the 12th month 1758 to the 5th of the 11th month 1774, with letters to John Masterman, Thomas Wagstaffe, Rebecca Howell, George Ritherdon, and others.  The letters, many of which contain orders for goods, shed light on the goldsmith's business in Philadelphia of the time.   At the end of the volume are a few accounts, 1751-1760, and some scraps from a diary.

                  [also on microfilm: Mic. 2998].



Box 7, folder 2: will of Francis Richardson, d.1729


.64             Will of Francis Richardson, 2nd, who died a few months before his forty-eighth birthday on August 17, 1729.  "I give ... my eldest son Francis Richardson all my part or share of 400 acres of land in Kent County on Delaware .… I give ... my dear & loving wife Letitia my negro girl named Homo & the sum of 10 pounds money .... I give ... unto my son Joseph ... all my working tools…, signed May 21, 1729."



Box 7, folder 3: Allen family papers


.313           "Mrs. Nathaniel Allen [torn] his acct. currt. with Jno. Reardon," dated from 1751 - 1753.  For the making and repair of shoes for family and for her Negroes.



Box 7, folder 4: Howell family papers


.616a         copy of Joseph Howell's will, naming his wife and children as heirs: to my dearly beloved wife, Sidney ...

                  to my two daughters, Rebecca & Sidney ..., to my two sons, Joseph and Arthur ...,

                  to my daughter, Sarah ..., and to my daughter, Elizabeth ....,

                  I give also to my grandson, Joseph, my knee buckles ...

                  and I do hereby nominate and appoint my dear wife, Sidney, and my son, Joseph, the Executors of this my last will ..., November 2, 1790.

                  (for another copy see .616b in Box 5, folder 1)



Box 7, folder 5: [Shippen?] papers


66x51        statement, dated 1741-1744, listing sales of merchandise imported from London by Samuel Storke and “myself” [believed to refer to Edward Shippen] on board the Constantine (Edwd. Wright, master) in 1741.

                  Among the items they imported were barrels of powder, ribbons, knives, fabrics of different kinds, gartering, blankets, looking glasses, rings, lead, kettles, jews harps, flints, beads, and other goods.

                  The names of the purchasers are listed, Benjamin Franklin being among them. 


                  A typed list of the names of the purchasers is appended to this finding aid.



Box 7, folder 6: Webb family papers


.399           letter addressed "to be Left Att Edmund Humphris for Joseph Webb on the City of Gloucester Old England" letter to Joseph Webb from his sister Hannah Allen, answer to a complaint for not having written earlier to his letter sent from Barbados, some legal questions about a will and sale of a house and some other news, Philadelphia, the 1 of the 3 mo. 1715.


.559           article of agreement between Joseph Webb of the Province of Pennsylvania in America, merchant, and Samuel Nutt of the city of Coventry, but now of the province of Pennsylvania, April, 1716.


.561           obligation between Joseph Webb of Philadelphia, merchant, and Samuel Nutt, late of Great Britain, 18th day of May, 1717.


.557           obligation between Thomas Hurst and Joseph Webb, witnessed by William Fishbourn, William Dillworth, and Nehemiah Allen, November 28, 1717.




Box 7, folder 7: Hudson family papers


.600           Hudson, Samuel.  Copy of his will, dated Philadelphia, March 30, 1726.



Box 7, folder 8: Raper family papers


.596           partial genealogical chart of Joseph and Sarah Cooper Raper and their descendants.



Box 7, folder 9: land indenture


.599           indenture for a tract of land between Sir William Keith, governor of the Province of Pennsylvania, and John McNeil, late of the Kingdom of Ireland, July 12, 1722, and with a power of attorney to James Johnston by the widow Mary McNeil, signed Mary McNeil, June 13, 1737.



Box 7, folder 10: silhouette and ad


.478l, .452aa    silhouette of a man, attached to an advertisement: "Humorous Portraits! A Likeness for 10 cents! … Full-Length pictures are 20 cts." undated.  Part of ad is torn off.  These two items are mounted together.



Box 7, folder 11: newspaper


.15a           National Intelligencer, Washington City, Thursday, January 3, 1811.

                  Inscribed with name: R. Patterson


Box 7, folder 12: newspaper


.15c           Central New-Yorker, Union Springs, Cayuga County, NY, July 6, 1865.

                  Inscribed with name: Dr. J. Richardson


Box 7, folder 13: newspaper


.15e           Rochester Daily Democrat, Rochester, NY, Wednesday morning June 17, 1868


Box 7, folder 14: newspaper


.15b           Chester Evening News, Chester, PA., Saturday, September 16, 1882.


Box 7, folder 15: newspaper


.15d           The Norfolk Journal: Supplement, pages 5 & 6, no date, late 1800s (but before telephones)


Box 7, folder 16: photos of Joseph Richardson, Jr., letter book


Ph53.165   photographs of the Joseph Richardson, Jr., letter book, acc. 53.165.209a

                  [note: the original letter book is found in Box 2, folder 15]




Box 8, folder 1: Rebecca Richardson and Edward Shippen marriage certificate


.24             marriage certificate of Edward Shippen of Boston and Rebeckah Richardson, late of New York, widow of Francis Richardson, signed by many witnesses and dated September 4, 1689.



Box 8, folder 2: Richardson family


.75             "Plan of Part of Chester taken from the original - Remaining in the hands of Francis Richardson pr. me Joseph Richardson." Originally surveyed by Edward Penington, June 1, 1699, copy not dated.


.65             marriage certificate of Joseph Richardson and Hannah Worrill, signed by a number of witnesses, August 13, 1741.


.74             indenture between Anthony Duche and his wife Catherine (daughter of Christopher Swanson), to Joseph Richardson, lease for a year of a lot on Society Hill. Dated July 5, 1743.  Rent was one peppercorn.


.73             indenture between Anthony Duche [Jr.] and his wife Catherine (daughter of Christopher Swanson), to Joseph Richardson, lease for a year of a lot on Society Hill. Dated September 28, 1744.  Rent was one peppercorn.


.129           power of attorney from William Hulbeart, weaver, in Bristol, England to Philip Hulbeart and Joseph Richardson, written on the eight day of September, 1764, signed William & Mary Hulbeart.

                  [see also Box 2, folder 7]

                  [William Hulbeart’s brother Philip was a goldsmith in Philadelphia.]



Box 8, folder 3: Richardson family


.72             articles of agreement [real estate] between Benjamin Morgan and Joseph Richardson. Dated 1768.


.128           power of attorney from Joseph Turner to Joseph Richardson. Dated May 27, 1770.


.77             promissory note to Joseph Richardson from John Baynton & Samuel

                  Wharton, Philadelphia, February 10, 1763. 

                  With notes about receipt of interest and part of principal, 1764-1775.


.70             the estate of Joseph Richardson in Acct. with Joseph & Nathl. Richardson, executors. 1784-1795.


.69             "An Inventory of the Goods and Chattels belonging to the Estate of Joseph Richardson deceased taken 10th mo. [December] 18th, 1784.”  Appraised by Joseph Allen and Samuel Clark

                  The estate included furniture, silver, bonds, cash, a clock, china, glassware, bedding, “implements of trade,” many glass bottles, a microscope, kitchenwares, etc.


.177b         inventory page, undated, listing the value (in pounds and shillings) of different items, mostly silver or jewelry, possibly shop inventory for Joseph Richardson, Jr. since this was found inside his receipt book (see .177a in box 1, vol. 5).



Box 8, folder 4: Richardson family



.182           article of an agreement [about real estate in Burlington] between Helene Cruon Bauduy of Wilmington, Delaware and Joseph Richardson. Dated November 6, 1797.


.216           John Thompson, Edward Shoemaker, and Joseph R. Jenks v. Joseph Richardson and many others, about a partition of three lots. Philadelphia, December 6, 1806.

                  [see .217 in Box 2, folder 12, for a printed copy of this]


.236           the estate of Rebecca Richardson, deceased, in account with Joseph Richardson. City of Philadelphia, January 2, 1827.

                  [Rebecca died in 1826.  She was the youngest daughter of Mary Allen and Joseph Richardson, Sr., and a sister of Joseph Richardson, Jr.]


.76             plan of the lots in the Alms House Square, showing lots owned by Joseph Richardson, and by others surnamed Shippen, Bonsall, Riddle, Pennell, Evans, Rich, Pemberton, Elmsley, Snowden, Duche, Armitt, Jewel, Lowness, Dickenson, Morgan, Cooper, Shoemaker, and Matlock. Undated.



Box 8, folder 5: estate of Alexander Robertson, silversmith

                  [see also Box 2, folder 8]


.138           Alexander Robertson's will and probate, signed Wm. Plumstead, Philadelphia, April 26, 1751.

                  [names Philip Syng and Joseph Richardson as executors.  Robertson was a silversmith in Philadelphia.]


.146           Richardson & Syng's account with Alex Robertson, jun. 1751-1763.



Box 8, folder 6: Allen family


.298           deed between Richard Hill, Samuel Preston Moore, and Hannah Moore, to Nathaniel Allen, cooper; dated March 10, 1749, recorded July 3, 1750.


.279           copy of Nathaniel Allen's will, [born June 16, 1686; died 1757] signed Philadelphia the eighth day of June 1756.



Box 8, folder 7: Gibbons family


.454           letter addressed to Joseph Gibbons [but meant for Mrs. Joseph Gibbons], Concord, state of Ohio, signed Wm. Milhous, salutation: dear sister Sarah Gibbons, personal and family news, 5th month 16, 1806.


.456           letter to Joseph Gibbons, no. 163 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, from [Sarah Gibbons, lower part of letter is missing], Ohio, personal news, crisis of influenza, 11th of the 2nd mo., 1810.


.457           letter to Joseph Gibbons, 163 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, from S[arah] G[ibbons?], family and personal news, long story about renting a place and the mischief the children were getting into. Ohio, 2nd mo. 26th, 1810.


.459           letter to Joseph Gibbons, Philadelphia, from Harvey Gregg, Lexington, Kentucky, personal news.  3 mo 1st, 1818.



Box 8, folder 8: Growden family


.607           lease between Hannah Growden and William Dye, allowing him "free liberty to plow and sow the land ..." in Bemsalem, February 20, 1749.



Box 8, folder 9: Grace Growden Lloyd


.539           will of Grace Lloyd of the borough of Chester in the county of Chester in the Province of Pennsylvania, dated the sixth Day of the fourth month 1760.

                  Heirs include brother Lawrence Growden, sister Hannah Growden, kinsman Joseph Richardson, cousin Francis Richardson, and many friends and relatives.  She frees several slaves.  Executors are to be Israel Pemberton and Francis Richardson.



Box 8, folder 10: estate of Raper Hoskins

[see also Box 4, folder 13]


.589           account page: "the estate of Raper Hoskins [1754-1798] in a/c with Joseph Richardson, dated from 1799 to 1809, Philadelphia, June 15, 1809, signed Joseph Richardson.



Box 8, folder 11: Webb family


.549           articles of agreement among the heirs of Joseph Webb of Gloucester, England, the heirs including Hannah (Mrs. John) Lee, (widow of Jospeh Webb), Hannah (Mrs. Nathaniel) Allen, and Mary (Mrs. Edward) Pilkington.,  November 24, 1714.


.551           account statement of the estate of Joseph Webb, deceased, 1700-1714, signed by Edmund Humphris.


.552           account statement, Joseph Webb, debtor, "Edmund Humphris Account taken out of His Answer", 7 mo. 29th, 1700.


.553           account statement, Joseph Webb, Jr., "Edmund Humphris, account of my estate," 1700-1714.



Box 8, folder 12: map of land on Delaware River


.271           a map and certificate of Jacobus Fabrotinus’ [pastor Jacob Fabritius] land, 308 acres

                  situated on the west side of Delaware River, signed the 4th of June 1680; Richard Noble, surveyor of Upland County.  With an unsigned note: “My father informed me that Grandfather bought this land in order to get a front on the river….”



Box 8, folder 13: printed material


.16             map, "Geological profile extending from the Atlantic to Lake Erie, running near the 43 degrees N[orth] L[atitude] ..., taken 1822 & 3 under the direction of the Honorable Stephen van Renssalaer, by Amos Eaton.  Corrected by a resurvey Feb. 1st, 1828."

                  Engraved by Rawdon, Clark & Co., Albany.

                  Includes four illustrations: “Entrance of the Canal into the Hudson at Albany,”  “View of the Aqueduct Bridge at Little Falls,” and “View of the Aqueduct Bridge at Rochester,” all drawn by J. Eights; and “View of the Village of Black Rock, from the Canada Shore in 1825,” drawn by T. H. Wentworth.




Box 9: miscellaneous oversize and deeds


.23             marriage agreement or certificate of Francis Richardson, mariner, son of Thomas Richardson, to Rebecca Haward, daughter of John Haward, January 20, 1680.  Signed by witnesses.


.181           marriage certificate of Joseph Richardson, Jr. and Ruth Hoskins, Burlington, NJ, June 15, 1780.

                  On the back: list of the births of their eight children


.625           marriage certificate of William Hudson Howell (son of Joseph and Sarah Howell of Philadelphia) to Rebecca Hacker (daughter of Isaiah Hacker and Anna Hacker), Philadelphia, April 14, 1841.  Certificate signed by many witnesses.


.137           Will of Anthony Bright, silversmith in Philadelphia dated June 26, 1749.  Registered in probate, October 15, 1751.

                  Joseph Richardson and Jane Bright were named as executors.



Deeds: (all accession numbers begin with 53.165)


.714a         wrapper with names and some dates listed in the deeds.


.714           land lease for one year, John Wilmer of London, silkman, to John Budd and Sarah Morrey, both of Pennsylvania, for 3000 acres in Pennsylvania, dated August 6, 1717.


.703           tripartite deed among Nicholas Moore of Penns Neck, Salem County, West New Jersey; Sarah Hall, widow, of Salem; and Nehemiah Allen, cooper, of Philadelphia, dated October 14, 1718.


.704           deed between Nehemiah Allen, cooper, of Philadelphia, and Joseph Webb, tailor, and his wife, Mary Webb, dated June 10, 1719, for a lot on 4th and Spruce Streets, entered in the Record of Deeds on February 5, 1749.


.705           deed between Joseph Webb, a tailor, and Mary, his wife, and Nathaniel Allen, cooper, for a lot on Spruce Street, dated February 1, 1721.


.706           deed between Hannah Harrison and Nathaniel Allen, for property on Spruce Street, dated September 8, 1739, entered in the Record of Deeds on March 29, 1745.


.707           deed between William Sluby and Nathaniel Allen, dated June 12, 1740, entered in the Record of Deeds on March 14, 1744/5.


.698           deed between Anthony Duche, potter, & wife Catherine Duche and Joseph Richardson, goldsmith, dated July 6, 1743, entered in the Record of Deeds on January 24, 1765.


.699           deed, Edward Evans, cordwainer, and his wife Rebecca, of Philadelphia, to Joseph Richardson, for two lots in Wiccacoe, dated June 2, 1746.


.700           counterpart deed, Joseph Richardson and his wife Mary, to John Chandler, house Carpenter, dated May 1, 1759.


.710           deed, Michael Burnwort and his wife Eve, to David Close, house carpenter, dated December 29, 1766, entered in the Record of Deeds on April 18, 1796.


.711           deed between Michael Burnwort, weaver, & Eve his wife and Lewis Cress, laborer, dated December 29, 1766, recorded in the Office of Deeds on February 3, 1784.  Witnessed by the goldsmith John Browne.


.701           deed, John Chandler and his wife Elizabeth to Joseph Richardson, dated September 8, 1773, entered in the Record of Deeds on January 14, 1774.


.708           deed, Abigail Hamilton & others with Elizabeth Armitt and the children of Joseph and Hannah Howell, for opening a twenty-five foot alley, dated February 27, 1786, entered in the Record of Deeds on August 18, 1786.


.702           deed, John Duche and wife Jane to Joseph Richardson and his brother and sisters, dated March 26, 1805, entered in the Record of Deeds on June 1, 1805.


.713           deed, Charles Robb and his wife Rebecca and David Winebrener and his wife Eliza to Joseph Howell, dated June 25, 1827, entered in the Record of Deeds on June 26, 1827.


.712           deed, Isaac Elliott to John Richardson for messuage & lot of ground & yearly rent charge, also mentions John’s brother and sisters, dated April 12, 1838, entered in the Record of Deeds on April 13, 1838.


.709           deed, Robert Howell to Joseph Howell, Jr., in Trust. Deed poll endorsed. Joseph Howell, Jr., Trustee to Robert Howell, dated March 28, 1853, entered in the Record of Deeds on June 5, 1855.

Index to the early Richardson accounts, and to Rebecca Shippen’s accounts, in acc. 53.165.44


Anderson, John 19                                          

Antill, Edw. 9                                              Ayleway, Jno. 17, 19                               


Badcock, Mary   62

Barberie, John 22, 27                                     

Barnes, Patience(?)  62

Barre, James 23                                            Bayard, Sam 27                                              Bayley, Arther 17                                           

Beasley, Margaret   62

Beavor (ship)  26                                          Blage, Mary    16                                      Blunston, Mary 14                                          Bogardus, W?  3                                            Boules, Thomas  23

Bound, Garsham  9      

Bound, Tho. 12                                              Bown, Geo. Sham 8                                           Bown, John 25                                             Bowne, Andrew 11, 17                                      Boyno(l)?, Joseph  3      

Boyteulse?, G. le (see LeBoyteutz)                                   

Bradford, Wm. J. 28  

Browne, John  18, 25

Bruyn?, J.    27                                       

Budd, James   27                                             Bueno, Joseph 4, 8         

Bunsell, John 20, 21?

Burg, Ed  13

Burr, Danell 12                                          Burr, John 16                                              Burtt, Saml. 17                                           


Carpenter, Hannah  62                        

Clarke, Benjamin 1                                                 Clarkson, Matt 11, 26                           

Clay, Humphrey 20                                     Claypoole, James  5                                         

Cook, Arther? or Archer 12       

Coolley, John 12

Cortland, J. V.  18      

Croker, Alex   13                                           

Crook, Philip A.  21                                

Crooke, Robt. 13                                          


Dam, R.V (see also Vandam)  26

Dann, Frances  3

Davis, William   1

Dearing   19

Dearing, Will   6

DeBruger?   8 

DeKlyn?, Leendert Huygen  18, 24                                                                               

DeLaEatt(?), Hannah  62

Delancey, Stephen 23

Delaplaine, James 13, 20

Delavall, John   13

Delongen, Doctor 27

DeMill, A.   25

Depevster?, A.  24

Depeyster, Abraham 4, 13, 15

Depevster, Joh. 4, 15

DePister (see DePeyster)

Derey?, Micajah 21

Dobs, Marv 20

Donaldson, John 18

Dumares, Nicholas 11


Ealey, D. 14

Ealey, Josaway   14

Edmondson, Jon   21

Edwards, Abiah   4

Ellett, Richard  20

Ellse, Ense or Elye, George (no page number liested on original index)                                      

Ewer, Robt. 23, 27

Eyce or Evre, Simon 12


Finch, Moses 14

Framton, William 7

French, Phillip  14, 18                               Fullerton, Robert   21


Gerrit, Niclos 1, 8, 10

Gibbon, Wm.? 7

Gilberd, George 18, 19

Godefroy, Pierre 21, 26

Gore, Christopher 7, 16, 19, 22

Graham, James 12

Grant, Isaac  6, 7

Griffing, Robert  26                                  Grinland, Hendry   5       


Haig, William   1

Hambolton, Hosine  12

Hampton, Will 2

Harde, Samuel 3

Hareson, James 5

Harmond, Epheram, 9                                   Hawarden, Thos.  12

Hayman, Tho. W.  4, 6

Herman, Casp.  17

Hethcoat, George  10                                         Hicks, Ann 20, 21

Holland, Samuel 15

Hootten?, Thomas 8                                                     Howard, Jo. – opposite 62

Howard, Mary   63                    

Hugg, Elias 0


King, Edward 6, 9                                    Korsay, Hendrick   9                               


LaMoy, P.D.?  1, 6

Lane, Thomas 21                                    Langerelt?, Gabrielib? 5                            Lashner, Jacob 11                                    Leaver, William   11                             LeBoyteutz, Gabriel (LeBoyteaux) 21, 22, 26

Lermount, Alexr. 16, 19                                Lloyd, Mordecai 4                                   Lloyd, Thomas 4, 14                            Lockwood, Gershom   24                          Lockwood, Joseph  24                           

Lodwick, Charles  11, 22, 26

Logan, Robert  20 

Lyrd   Thomas  14                                


McKenzie, George 14, 21, 23                    Malton?, John 6

Marsh, Joseph 16                                                               

Marshall, Jarvis  2                            

Martone or Martin, Richard 14                            Masnt?, Hanen? 4                                   

Mecombe, John   62

Men, Noell 7, 17                                    Milborne, Jacob 1

More, Robert 6                                       Morgan, Benjamin  10                           Morrey, Jon. 3                                        Morrey, Ready(?)   62

Morris, Mary   62, opposite 62  

Morris, Robert, jr.   2

Morris, William    22


Nelson, John 15                                           Newberry, Walter  17                           

Nore, Georg 6                                     


Pain, John 18, 20

Palmer, Thomas 18                                    Parsons, Ed. 17                                     

Payne, Richard 23                                   

Phillips, Tho.  5, 19                         

Primrose (boat)  5                                


Raxsalll, William  1                                  Reneard, Willem 9

(see also: Williams, Reneard)                      Renells, John 16, 21                         

Rennells (see: Renells)                             Reynolds, David   16                                Richardson, Frances   62, 63

Richardson, Francis 0-15, 17-21, 23-24               

Richardson, Joseph 4

Richardson, Rebecca 3, 5-7, 16, 20-27, opposite 62; 63

Roberts, Thomas 7, 8, 14

Robenson, Thomas 11

Robinson, Christian  0

Rodman, John   opposite 62

Roymayning, Chas.   2

Royse or Roys, John  2, 9



Sanders, Charles  17

Sandiford, Ralph  0

Shippen, Edward   26

Shippen, Rebe.  opposite 62; 63

Shore, James  1

Sipthorpe, Mary   opposite 62

Skynner, Martin   15

Slather?, Ed. 19

Smith, Jonathan 14

Spicer, Ester   62                       

Stanbury, Nathan   opposite 62

Stanton, Daniell 2

Stanton, Eliz.  opposite 62

Supply (sloop) 7, 12


Taylor, Joseph 12

Teezil, Hendrich 13, ?

Thomas, John   16

Thompson, John 16

Thorne, Aresstis 10                                Throgkmorton, John  24, 25

Thrognorton, Jos. 7, 24, 25

Tisbury, Henery  27

Tothill, Jeremy 2, 13                                Turnbull, John 16


Vandam, Rip 23, 25

Van Dam, Richard 27

Van der Brugh, Cornelius 27

VanVurden?, Hendrick Janse, 10, 16

Vickors, Thomas 13


Walgove?, George 26

Walters, Robert 3, 5, 12

Webster, Simond 7

Weed, Daniel 15

Weed, Samuel 15

Wenham, Tho 2, 7, 8, 11, 22

West, John 15, 27

Wheeler, John 11                        

White, Robert 25

Wild, Abraham 17

Williams, Reneard  9

(see also: Reneard, Willem)

Wright, John  5

Wrvg?, Jonas 22

Index to the Francis Richardson II accounts, in acc. 53.165.44


Abraham 33                                

Allen, James  13, 35                       

Allen, Nathanial  21                      

Annis, (Capt.) John   42, 43, [6O]

Anthony (Capt.)   14

Aston, Robert 20                          


Baly, James 39                            

Bankson, Joseph   22, 45

Bedson, Thomas   51                 

Bell, John   42, 43, 56, 60, 61    

Bellridg, William     43

(also spelled Bellrige) 

Bellrige, William - see Bellridg

Bing, Jane  17, 33  

Boyden, James  51                          

Brintnel, Grass  49                        

Broadgait, Christian - see  Broadgate

Broadgate, Christian  18, 46  

Broadgate, Thomas  15, 16, 50-52            Brockden, Charles  47                       Brockden, Richard  11                      

Brown, Isaac  19                          

Browne, John  10, 29

Burbin, Thomas 61

Burge, William 3                           


Cable, Robert   8, 44, 47, 48, 50-52 

(also spelled Kable, Keable, Keble)

Cadman, John  56                           

Cadwalater, Martha  41                     

Cadwaletor, John  19, 32, 38               

Calvert, George  24

Canbe, Benjamin  61                         

Canbe, John  61  

Carpenter, John   8                      

Carter, Mary  32                           

Casell, Arnell  12                        

Cash, Calib  19                            

Clapole, George   52                      

Clarke, Rebecca   34                      

Clemin  15

Clemmons, Ann   2, 12 

(also spelled Clemons)                         

Clemons, Ann - see Clemmons            

Cloud, Mary    10, 11, 14

(also spelled Cloude)  

Cloude, Mary  - see Cloud                

Coats, Buley  31                        

Coliston, Elizabeth  61                   

Colman, Henry  56, (61]

Combs, Capt.  43

Conaway, James 47

Conway  20

Cook  57

Cook, Bently  30, 48, 49, [501

Corker, Rebecca  24, 32

Corker, William 25     


Dalmas, Mark  10, 33, 40      

Darlinoth  16

Davis, John  36, 57

Denise, John  23

Derbory, Daniel   13, 45

(also spelled Derborah) 

Derborah, Daniel - see Derbory

Dickinson, John  12         

Dillin, Sarah  14                             

Dole, Hannah  14            

Dorman, Mark  50

Dorson, William  20

Drason, Capt.  44

Drason, William  21, 49

Dunkin, John  6                       

Dunkin   29


Eairie  16

Ellis, Benjamin  41, 46

Emley, George  57

Emson, Hannah  13

England, Daniel  10, 17, 45, 46

England, Joseph  49

England, Mary  12, 19

Evens, David  44, 46


Feney, Elizabeth  7

Fishburn, William   45

Fishwater, George   45

Flower, Henry  50, [52]

Flower, Sarah   20, 24, 45

French  12

French, Nathanial   15

French, Sweetheart   10


Gand, John  3, 40

Gandard, William   15, 20

Garvis, Martin  - see Jarvis

Gatau, Nicholas  2, 18, 49                   

Gibbons  20, 26

Gibbons, John  19

Gibbons, Sarah  30

Goodson, Jobe  15, 22

Gorden, Mary 37, 41                      

Gray  34                                 

Grifeth, Thomas  45                     

Growden, Joseph  28, 53                 


Haistings, Samuel  21

Hakes(?), Thomas  40                     

Hall, Elizabeth  7, 18, 21, 33, 40, 45, 48, 50, 57    

Hambleton, Andrew  3, 11, 28             

Hanson,,Samuel  6                        

Hanson, Timothy  6                      

Harborah, Charles  52                   

Harder, Jane  19                        

Harrison, John  36, 40, 57               

Harry, Quim  47                          

Hasell  23

Hasell, Samuel  50                       

Hastins, Mary  44                        

Haywood  22, 43, 56                      

Haywood, Mary  1, 8, 16, 31, 37          

Haywood, Rebecca  33                          

Hebett, Daniel  18                       

Hiam, Thomas  61                         

Hiberd, Philip  31                       

Hight, John  13, 21                      

Hildel, Susannah  50                    

Hill, Elizabeth  47                       

Hill, Mary  8                            

Hill, Seath  8                           

Holmes, Joseph  61 

Holten, Elizabeth  46                   

(H)ommo  35                              

Hoodt, Casper 12, 30

Hoot, Sarah  7                            

Horn, Edwd.  42                           

Hosbon  50                               

House, George   19 

Howell, Elizabeth  12, 19              

Huchins, Thomas  5                       

Hudson, Hannah  44, 49                   

Hudson, Jane  13                         

Hudson, William, Jr.   10, 18, 53       

Hunt, John 21                           


Jackson, Elizabeth  48    

Jackson, Steven  9                                     

Jacob   28, 38

James, P.  15                             

Jarvis, Martin   29

(also spelled Garvis)                                         

John   28

Johnson, Johnah  21

Jones, John  21, 43

Jones, Margaret  18, 52

Jones, Rebecca  36

Judkins, Matthew  61


Kable, Robert  - see Cable

Keable, Robert  - see Cable    

Keble, Robert  - see Cable     

Kent, Keattren   36

Keos (?), Sarah   44

Kerke, Samuel  21

Kirl, Britt  45

Knight, John  48

Knoles, Francis  38

Know, Sarah  25


Large, Ebenesear  37

Lawrence, Joshua  33

Lea, Capt.  - see Lee

Lee, Capt.   42, 60

(also spelled Lea) 

Levere, Abraham  52

Linsey, (Capt.)  17

Lloyd, Grace  16, 18, 40

Lloyd  8, 20

Lock, John  13

Loyd, (Widow)  45

Logan, James  16

Lownes, Joseph  15, 19

(also spelled  Lowns)

Lowns, Joseph - see Lownes

Low, Isaac  28


Marcey  40

Marsey, Samuel  33

Martha, Benjamin  29

Maryday, Jon.  48

Mastio, Thomas  7

Mather, Benjamin  60

Medcalfe  46

Meed, William  14

Merida   48

 (see also Merriday)

Merida, Hannah  34, 38

Merlander (Marylander?)  46

Merrett, Mary - see Williams

Merrett, Isaac 18, 43, 52

Merriday  47 

see also Merida)

Mickel, Samuel  14, 22, 36

Midleton, Betty  26

Monington, William  2                    

Moor, Richard  10, 14                    

Moor, Will  6   

Morris, Anthony  12, 28                    

Morris, Anthony, Jr.  17                

Mors, William  51                      

Mumford  18                                 

Munday  53                               

Murry, Richard   44                       


Nevell, Thomas   37                       

Nicklin, Joseph   12                    

Nickson, Thomas   51                     


Ogden, John  13                          

Olliver   44                              

Ommo - see Hommo                          

Owen, Even  36, 37                    

Owin, Robert 34, 45                    


Parker, Herter  14                          

Packson, Steven  9                      

Part, Will  8                            

Paschall, Benjamin  23, 25, 39             

Paskell, Benjamin - see Paschall      

Paxton  51                               

Paxton, Elizabeth  15                   

Peckett, Sarrow  30                      

Peel, Rachel   8, 45

Peters, Thomas  17, 24                 

Peters, Thomas, Jr.  5                  

Petters, Rice 18                        

Philip   27

Plasterer, Thomas  7                     

Plumly, George  6, 19                   

Plumsted, Clement  9, 26                

Plumsted, Thomas  42, 61                

Powell, Samuel   27, 39                    

Preston, Margaret   23, 38                

Preston, Willm. 10, 46                   


Quest, James 10                         


Radley, Daniel  2, 34, 40, 46              

Radley, Sarah   47                        

Radlif, Sarah  17, 25                    

Reade, Charles  9, 17, 41               

Reakstraw, William  7                   

Redeford, Rebecca   57                    

Redman, Thomas  11, 37                    Richards, Joseph   44

Richardson, Francis  2, 9, 10, 27, 28, 60

Richardson, Francis, Jr.  1, 2, 13, 15, 16, 19, 23

Richardson, Joseph  1, 13, 15, 16, 23, 35, 41, 52

Richardson, Rebecca  41

Richardson, Zachary  14

Rigg, Richard   61

Rivers, Mary   7, 10, 30

Rivers, Shedlock   39

Robens, Joseph   61

Robert, R.  61

Roberts, Edward  33, 39

Roberts, Jane   18

Robertson, William   21

Robertt, Jacob   28

Robison, Christian  33

Robinson, Ebenezer   46, 49

(also spelled Robisson)

Robinson, William   41, 46

(also spelled Robisson)

Robisson, Ebenezer - see Robinson

Robisson, Jacob  22   

Robisson, William - see Robinson

Rolfe, William   61

Rutter, John   20, 21


Sandever, Ralph   21, 22

Sandiford, Ralph   20

Sanders   33, 38

Sarah  1

Shippen   31

[Shippen], Ann   17

Shippen, Edwd.   17

Shippen, Edward, Jr .  9

Shippard, Edward   41

Shippen, (H)ester   15, 27

Shippen, Joseph   17

Siddons, Sarah   8

Sing, Philip   11, 20, 45

Simmons, Capt. Steven  20, [42, 43], 56, [60]

Siptha, Christopher 61 (Sibthorpe)

Sluden, John   45

Smart, John   51

Smith, John   11, 34

Smith, Joseph  30                         

Smith, William   13, 17

Smith, Ralph   50

Snead, Elizabeth  26, 32                  

Sneed, Mary  39    

Spreagle, Christian  43                   

Stackhouse, Thomas   9, 27, 48 

Stanbury   44                              

Stanbury, Nathan  30

Stapleford, Thomas  29                    

Steel, James  8, 13

Stevens, Martha   5, 15, 34

Stevens, Timothy  7

Stretch, Peter  21                       

Sutton, Mary  12

Tailer, Jacob  9                          


Tailer, Joseph  22                        

Tantom, Joseph   42, 56, 60                

Thom. 1

Tolbart, Barnebe  52                     

Tomson  61                                

Troter, Joseph  32

Trotter, Benjamin  51

Truss, Thomas  12

Truss, Young  22

Tuckitt, Sarah  40


Wainwright, Samuel  5, 30, 40, 47, 50, 51 Waite, Joseph   10

Wagerner, Vinsont  28

Ward  16

Ward, Anthony  19

Ward, James   5, 28

Warner?, Christian  11

Warner, Edward   2, 34

Warner, Iwon   35

Warren, Mary  25

Wellden, Mark   40

Wells   41

Wells, (Capt.)   60

Wesfield, William   61

Wester., Casper   35

Wharton, Elizabeth   26

Wharton, Rachel   32, 39

What, Christopher   22

Whartonby, Elizabeth & Co.   41

Wicher., Peter  10

Widdif[ileld, John  31

Williams, Johnimack   28

Williams, Margaret   36, 38, 48

Williams, Mary   30, 37

Williams, Mary Merrett   35

Wilson, John   16, 22

Witchell, Nicholas   42, 43, 56

Witt, Christopher   11, 22

Wood, John   20, 45, 46

Wright, Patience   22

Wright, Sarah   45


Young, Rebekah  [4?], 43, 56

Zinlow?, Elizabeth 23

Index to acc. 65.569 – ledger book of Joseph Webb


Alldrige, Sarah  16

Allen, John  11, 14, 15a, 16, 35 41-45, 47, 50, 52, 55, 58

Allen, Joseph   26, 46, 61

Allen, Nathaniel   2, 41, 53

Allen, Nathaniel (Jr.)  17, 38-40, 48, 50-52, 57

Allen, Nathaniel (Sr.)  15, 36, 39, 42, 47,  49, 50, 52, 53, 56-58

Allen, Nehemiah   49

Allen, Wm.   11, 15a, 52-55

Allin, Jo - see Allen

Allin, John - see Allen

Allin, Nathaniel (Sr.) - see Allen

Armit, Widow   8

Arscall, Archiball  37

Arskall, Archibal - see Arscall


Baley, Richard   56

Banald, Alexr.  61

Banton  10

Barton, Benj.  42, 53

Bedford, Guning  12, 37, 38

Biddle, John  30

Bizell, Samuel  36

Blake, Isaac  37

Bridge, Christeen  12

Brogdan  45

Brown, Caty  61

Budden, Capt.  37, 40

Budden, Richard   22, 28, 40, 44, 45, 47, 49-51


Carpenter, Samuel  1, 24, 36, 38, 41, 42, 44, 49, 50

Carter  10

Chades, Capt.  9

Clark, Wm.  13, 38, 42, 44, 50-53, 57, 60

Clarke, Wm.  48, 49

Collier, John   37

Coombes Store  2

Cox, John  1

Cresson, John  25, 39, 41, 47-49, 54, 56, 60


Davis, James  53, [44]

Davis, Wm.  7

Dears, Ann  24

Dellworth, Wm.- see Delworth

Delworth & Webb  3

Delworth, Wm.  4, 43, 45, 49, 51, 54, 57       (also spelled Dellworth)

Deton, Gilbart  61

Dillworth  16

Dillworth, Wm. - see Dilworth

Dilworth, Wm.  6, 7, 13

(also spelled Dillworth)

Dingee, Christopher  12, 36, 39, 40, 44, 46, 48, 50   (also spelled Dingge)

I)ingge, Christopher - see Dingee

Doe, Widow   29, 38, 44, 48


Ellick?  33, 37

Elvis, Capt.  11

Elvis, Henery  17

English, John  30


Farmer, Doctor  2

Farrel, Wm.  15a, 34

Few, James  49

Few, Widow  61

Forster, Moses   51

Forster, Ruben   52

Fortner  4, 16

Foster, Moses   51

Fudge, George   50, 58

(also spelled Fugg)

Fugg, George - see Fudge


Garmat  7

Garmatts Shop  7

Gibson, Thos.  55

Gillpin, Thos. - see Gilpin

Gilpin, Thomas  38, 48, 49, 51

(also spelled Gillpin)

Goodwin  30

Goodwin, John  13, 40, 47, 52, 54, 55, 59a

Greeneway?, Joseph 55, 57, 58, 60

(also spelled Grinaway, Grinuay)

Griffith  56

Grinaway, Joseph - see Greeneway

Grinuay   41-43, 46, 52, 53

(see also Greeneway)

Grinuay?, Capt.   15

(see also Greeneway)

Grinuay, Joseph - see Greeneway

Grinuay, Capt. Wm.   47

(see also Greeneway)                                     


Hall, Betty   4

Hall, Richard   41

Hallbert, Phillip   1

Halloway, Thos.  45

Hamilton, Andrew  7, 13

(also spelled Hanbelton)

Hamilton, Richard   58

Hanbelton, Andrew - see Hamilton

Haney, Andrew  18

Hatton, Thos.  45

Hatton, Widow    37, 54, 56

Head, Samuel   4, 7, 12, 16

Henderson, William  10, 38-44, 46, 47, 49, 67

Hewes, Moses  6

Hickcock, Tosh.   50

Hitchcock, John   12, 30, 34, 39, 40, 45, 56

Hitchcok, John - see Hitchcock

Hix (owner of sloop?)  (15a)

Hood, John  3, 11, 16, 24, 48, 54, 56

Hood, Jonathan   6, 40, 43, 51, 52

Hootten, Beniamin - see Hootton, Benjamin Hootton, Benjamin   5, 69 37

            (also spelled Hootten)

Howel, Samuel   6

Hubbard, Enoch   47


Jackson, Thos.  6, 8, 11-13, 27, 30, 36, 37, 40, 47, 52, 56

Jackson, Tom - see Jackson, Thos.

Jackson, William   21, 38

James, Abel  10

James, James  33, 36-38, 42, 46

James, Joseph  10

James, Thomas  4, 15, 31

Janvier, Isaac   45, 49-53, 56

Johns, Mathew  2

Jones  25

Jones, Aquillah  12

Jones, John   51

Jones, Joseph   60

Jones, Widow  61

Joseph Shop? 15


Knight, John  1, 2, 6, 16, 19, 43, 46, 56


Lardner  10, 41

Leak, Margret  19

Levis, Samuel  8

Lewis  47

Lewis & Bisill   44

Lewis, Jonathan   20, 37

Lewis, Samuel   45

Linsey, James   36

Lisle, Henery   31, 49, 52-54

            (also spelled Lysle)

Lisle, Mary   9, 53, 60

            (also spelled Lysle)

Lloyd, Sarah   5, 14, 32, 44, 46-48, 55, 58, 61

            (also spelled Loyd)

Lloyd, Thos.   5

Lloyd, William   6, 7

Lobden, Isaac   46

Logan   10

Logan, James   46

Logan, Wm.   10, 36

            (also spelled Logen)

Logen, Wm. – see Logan

Lord, John   48

Lowens, James    53

Loyd   1

Loyd, Sarah – see Lloyd

Lyons   47

Lysle, Henery – see Lisle

Lysle, Mary – see Lisle


Mackentire   17

Mackentire, George   21

Marks   10

Mashton   9

Mason   15a, 19

Mason, Abraham   36

Meeall, Samuel   11

Meeting House, Philadelphia   55, 56

Meredith, Reese or Riece   23, 29, 36, 38, 39, 41, 42, 44, 48

Merrit, Samuel   4, 6, 7, 11

Mifflin, John   39, 44, 48-50, 52, 54, 60

Miller   24

Mongomierie, Wm. – see Montgomery

Monington, Wm.   54

Montgomary, Wm. – see Montgomery

Montgomerie, Wm. – see Montgomery

Montgomery, Wm.   26, 36, 41, 51

(also spelled Mongomierie, Mongomary, Mongomerie)

Moore, Widow   47

            (also spelled More)

More, Anthony   7

More, Widow – see Moore

Morris, Anthony   12, 15a, 37, 43, 49

Morris, John   11, 45, 46, 49


Nehemiah’s Shop  11, 15                    

Nichols, Anthony   4, 8                        

Nichols, John  1                              

North   47                                      

Norton, Jonathan   8, 15a                   


Ord, John  34                                

Overend, Thos.    40, 58?

Owen, David  15                             

Owen, John   9                                      


Palmer, John   3, 39                        

Pascal, Eliz - see Paschall                       Paschall, Elizabeth   6, 7, 11, 16, 19, 38, 40, 42-46, 49, 54-57, 60

(also spelled Pascal)

Paschall, Widdow   7, 13                       

Paschall, William   7                          

Patterson, David   8, 13, 36, 37           

Pearson   50                                   

Pearson, John   53                             

Philip  13                                    

Phillips  15                                   

Piller, James   34, 36                              

Pole, John  11

Pool, John  11                               

Prest? Elis  57, 60                               

Price? Ellis  58                              

Pywel, Wm. - see Pywell                         

Pywell, Wm.   36, 39, 40, 42, 46

(also spelled Pywel)             


Reuel?, Mary  61

Reynols, John  44                            

Rhoads, Samuel  15a, 53                       

Richardson, Joseph   27, 54, 56, 57, 61           

            (also spelled Richerson)

Richerson, Joseph - see Richardson             

Roberts, Hugh   2                              

Roberts, Isaac   26                            

Robertson, Thos.   42, 46, 54, 55               

Robinson, Thomas   21                                Rockford, Solloman   61                        

Roe, David   61

(see also Row)                   

Rothel? Sam   61                             

Rouse, John   47, 48, 60                       

Rouse, Immanuel   32, 43, 46

(also spelled Rowse)         

Rowse, Immanuel - see Rouse                   

Row, David   57

(see also Roe)               


Scofield, John  43

Sheild, Eliz.  21

Slone   58, 61

Slyder?  28

Smith, Samuel  30

Smith, Wm.  43

Snowden, Isaac  36, 45-48, 55-57

Snowden, Jeddiah or Jedidiah  18, 36-40, 43, 44, 50

Spafford   9

Spafford, John   26, 36, 41, 42

(also spelled Spaford)

Spaford, John - see Spafford

Stretch, Joseph   2


Taylor, Abra.  7

Thomas  16

Tom and Isaac  46- 48

Tounsin, Charls - see Townsend



Tbwndsend, Charles - see Townsend

Towndsend, Isaac - see Townsend

Townsend, Charles   41, 37, 56, 61

(also spelled Tounsin, Towndsend)

Townsend, Isaac   13, 32, 47, 58

(also spelled Towndsend)

Trotter, Capt.   2

Troy, Capt.   15a

Trumble, Francis   3, 15a, 24, 55                        

Turner, Joseph  11

Tyson  19


Warton, Eliz  61

Way, Joseph   35, 54, 55, 58

Way, Samuel   55, 65,

Weakley  36, 37

Webb, Edith   60, 61

Webb, Hannah   67

Webb, J.   1

Webb, Joseph  inside front cover, 59a, 67

Webb, Mary   67

Webb, Sarah   67

Webbster, Samuel - see Webster

Webster, John  35, 65, 66

Webster, Samuel   50, 53, 55, 57

(also spelled Webbster)

White, Mary  56

Williams, Edmon  40, 41

Williams, John  43

Winemore  61

Winemore, Philip - see Winnemore Winnemore, Phillip   18, 37

(also spelled Winemore)

 Woren?   61

Worrel   39

Wrath, Wm.   48-50, 52, 53


Zackery   44

Zackry, Lloyd   14


List of names in acc. 66x51, list of sales of merchandise imported on board the Constantine (Box 7, folder 5)


Anderson, Garland  3, 4

Armstrong (of Chambers and Armstrong)  3

Armstrong, John   2, 5

Armstrong, Thomas (Jr.)   4

Ashton, Margaret   4


Bellangee, Isaac  5

Berry, James   4, 5

Buchannan, Arthur   2

Budden   8

Bumgardner, Peter  3


Cadwallader, Martha  1

Cammel, Andrew  1

Campbell, Thomas   1-3, 5, 6

Cary, Thomas   6

Chambers and Armstrong   3, 5

Chambers, Joseph   2-5

Coats, John   3

Constantine – ship  1, 7, 8

Cousens (of Smith & Cousens)  3

Cousens, Samuel  6


Davinee, Samuel  5

Davis, Evan  1

Dean, Abraham  2

Denniston, John  5

Duffill, Edward & Company  1

Dunning, James  3

Dunning, Robert  4

Durborow, Joseph   1


Edmiston, Thomas   1

Edwards, Edward  3, 5


Follon, Redmond   4

Franklin, Benjamin  5


Galbreath & Potts   2

Galbreath, John   1, 3, 5, 6

Gardner, John   5, 6

Gardner, William   6

Gaverille, George   4

Girtee, Simon   4-6


Hendricks, Henry   2, 5


Kelly, David  1, 5

Kenny, Edward   4, 6

Kinton, Thomas   4


Lawrey, James  1, 2

Lawrey, Lazarus   1, 2, 4

Lawrey, Lazarus and James  1, 2, 4-6

Lindsey, Thomas  1

Logan, James  1, 4-6


Mackarall, John   3, 4

Maddox, Joshua   2

McCracken, James   4

McKee, Thomas   1, 3, 4, 6

Moore, Benjamin   4-6


Paschall, William  1, 5

Patrick, Hugh  2

Paulson, Richard  6

Peters, Richard  5

Porter, David  1

Potts (of Galbreath & Potts)  2

Potts, John  1, 5, 6

Preston, Samuel  4, 5

Price, Abraham  3, 5


Renaudette, James  2

Richardson, Alexander 1, 3-5

Ross, Francis  6

Ross, Francis and James  6

Ross, James  6

Rouse, John  5

Rutherford, Thomas  1


Scipio  5

Seymour   8

Shippen, E.   7

Shippen, Joseph   5

Shippen, Joseph (Sr.)   3

Shippen, William  4-6

Shute, William  5

Silver, James  6

Smith & Cousens  3, 5

Smith, Henry  3, 4, 6

Steward, James  2

Storke, Samuel  1, 7


Tostee, Peter  3-6


Warner, Edward  1

Webbster, Thomas  2, 5

Wright, Edwd.  1, 4, 7, 8


Index to letter book of Nathaniel and Hannah Allen, ca.1716-1735, acc. 53.165.270 (Box 3, folder 7)


Adderly, Captain

Allen, Hannah

Allen, Nathaniel

Arthur, Captain

Audain, Andrew


Ball, Capt.

Boon, Wm.


Cox, Florancher

Cox, Hannah


Dickinson, Capt.

Downen, Hannah


Eves, Capt. Thomas


Goderd, Capt. [Goddard]

Godfre[y?], Capt.

Graham, Patrick


Lobdell, Capt.

London Coffee House

Lusher, Joseph


Martino, Elizabeth

Martino, Peter


Parker, Wm.

Place, Wm.


Reeves, Capt. John

Richardson, Wm.


Shubert, Jno.

Smith, Bellingsly

Smith, Capt.

Somerset, Capt.

Stiles, Capt.


Tines, Capt.

Tucker, Wm.

Vance, John

Vesey, John


Wainwright, Levi

Wilkins, Capt.