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Creator:          Drury, Luke, d.1811.                           

Title:               Papers

Dates:             1785-1811

Call No.:         Col. 524

Acc. No.:         78x134; 79x313

Quantity:        10 items

Location:        34 K 4






Colonel Luke Drury lived in Marlborough, Massachusetts, until his death in 1811.  His occupation is unknown.




This small collection contains papers pertaining to Luke Drury and his estate.  Included are several bills and receipts for rum, brandy, cash, and transportation of goods; a list of names; probate records; an indenture for a farm in Cavendish, Vermont; and records for the sale of an estate owned by Tim Darling.  An account book kept by Moses Ames, executor of Drury's estate, documenting expenses related to its administration is also part of the collection. The accounts note primarily travel expenses and surveying expenses prior to selling real estate.





The items are in chronological order.





The materials are in English.





Collection is open to the public.  Copyright restrictions may apply.





Accession 78x134 purchased from Craig Ross.

Accession 79x313.1-.9 purchased from The Manuscript Company of Springfield, Virginia.





            Decedents' estates - Massachusetts.

            Real property.


            Administration of estates.



Additional author:

            Ames, Moses.





Location: 34 K 4


Folder 1:


78x134            account book kept by Moses Ames, executor of Drury's estate, October 9, 1811-1815, 1824


                        In this notebook, Ames kept an account of the expenses he incurred as administrator of the estate of Luke Drury.  It begins with expenses for attending the probate court, getting a copy of an inventory, and a charge for time spent going over old papers.  In November, Drury’s belongings were sold at vendue; his real estate was sold in June 1812.  He had to journey to Framingham, Cambridge, Marblehead, and Concord on estate business, and several times records visits to his fellow administrator Dr. Drury.  On June 27, 1815, he notes “to 1 day going to Framingham to settle with Judge Prescott, horse hire expense,” this seeming to be the final settling of the estate.  However, on the last page is a note of an expense incurred in 1824 for attending probate court, but this may have been for another estate.


                        The paper in the notebook bears a watermark: an Indian within a shield, with the initial M under the shield, and an arm holding a sword over the shield.


79x313.1         statements about the sell of real estate belonging to the estate of Doctor Tim Darling, late of Grafton, May 7, 1787; and a statement that the property was sold to Lt. Moses Hoyden, May 14, 1787, all signed Luke Drury, administrator


79x313.2         receipted bill from Benj. Reed(?), Marblehead to Drury, for [illegible] to Grafton, July 19, 1790, paid November 7, 1790


79x313.3         bill from Bruce & Wait, Roxbury, to Drury, Grafton, for rum and brandy, June 13, 1799


79x313.4         indenture, August 13, 1810, in which Luke Drury of Marlborough, Middlesex County, Mass., gentleman, leases a farm to Joshua Leland of Chester, Windsor County, Vermont; the farm was in Cavendish; the farm was to be used to support Lydia Turner, wife of Capt. Joshua Turner, and her children


79x313.5         receipt signed by Mary Drury, Jamestown, August 20, 1811: “received of Daniel Howland, administrator to the estate of Isaac Howland, $286, in party payment of the personal estate”


79x313.6         form naming Doctor John Drury of Marblehead and Moses Ames of Marlborough executors of the estate of Luke Drury, late of Marlborough, signed by the judge James Prescott, Framingham, October 9, 1811


79x313.7         document recording expenses incurred in settling Drury’s estate, April 1812


79x313.8         statement on the “loss on the personal estate of Luke Drury”


79x313.9         list of men’s names, with Col. Drury at the top


List of names found in account book, acc. 78x134, in Col. 524


Ames, Moses


Biglow, Gershom

Bingham, Hollis


Darling, Jonas

Drury, Luke (Col.)


Goulding, J.


Jones, Lemuel


Peters, A.

Peters, Lovett

Phelps, K.

Prescott, Judge


Rice, Benjamin

Rice, Wm


Shanmon, Moses


Thomson, Allen

Index to bills, acc. 79x313.1-.9


Adams, Moses   .9

Adams, Rhodes &  Co.   .6

Ames, Moses    .6, .7


Brigham, Joseph, Jr.  .4

Bruce & Wait    .3


Darling, Timothy (Dr.)  .1

Drury, Ephraim   .4, .7

Drury, Grace     .4

Drury, John      .6

Drury, Luke     .1-.4, .6-.8

Drury, Luke (Col.)   .7, .9

Drury, Mary   .5


Hayden, Moses (Lt.)   .1

Howland, Daniel    .5

Howland, Isaac    .5


Lealand, Joshua     .4

 (also spelled Leland)


Prescott, James   .6


Reed, Benj.    .2


Thompson, Allen    .4

Turner, Joshua (Capt.)  .4

Turner, Luke    .4

Turner, Lydia   .4


Walker, Elijah   .4

Winthrop, James  .6