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Creator:          Joseph Breck & Sons.                         

Title:               Papers

Dates:             1829-1906, bulk dates 1830-1840.

Call No.:         Col. 517

Acc. No.:         78x223.1-.134

Quantity:        1 box and 1 folder

Location:        9 C 4-5






Joseph Breck & Sons was a seed and agricultural implements wholesaler and retailer in Boston, Massachusetts, during the 19th century.  Its founder, noted early horticulturist and botanist Joseph Breck, was a life-long resident of Massachusetts from his birth in 1794 to his death 79 years later in 1873.  Breck also served as the superintendent of the Horticultural Gardens of Lancaster, Mass., and as president of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society from 1859-1862. His early fame stemmed from a book he wrote in 1833, The Young Florist, only the second book on flowers published in America.  His most important work, The Flower Garden, published in 1851, was reprinted in 1860 and went through several editions.  Besides his own writings, Breck worked as the editor and publisher of the New England Farmer. In 1835, Breck and Thomas Fessenden started The Horticultural Register and Gardener's Magazine, which ceased publication in 1839.  Apparently, Breck took over the business of George C. Barrett after that man’s death around 1836.





This collection contains papers dating between 1829-1906 that relate to the business of Joseph Breck & Sons, the operation of an agricultural implements and seed store business, and the publication of the New England Farmer.  Contained in the collection are letters, orders for such fruit trees as apple, pear, quince, walnut, and almond, as well as grape vines.  Large quantities of seed, including vegetable seed and 15 tons of clover seed are also mentioned.  Implements noted include shovels, spades, hoes, chains, transplant trowels, wood saws, scythes, pitchforks, lead pipe, budding knives, and rakes.  According to one order, many of these tools were imported from England. Other correspondence relates to the shipment of goods and payment of accounts, including a request for a discount.  One letter expresses interest in seeds that propagate faster in order for certain produce to be brought to market quicker. A letter from the U.S. Patent Office requests seeds for purchase and redistribution.  Bills for fire insurance and protests for payment not met are also included.  Receipts document the purchase of stock in the Massachusetts Silk Co. and the Western Railroad.  Also included are drafts of letters to the editor published in the New England Farmer and an 1842 catalog of seeds from Charles H. B. Breck.





The letters are directed to different men, and are so divided: John B. Russell, George C. Barrett, Joseph R. Newell, Joseph Breck, and Charles H. Breck.





The materials are in English.





Collection is open to the public.  Copyright restrictions may apply.





Purchased from N. D. Scotti.






            Seed industry and trade.

            Seeds - Catalogs.


Periodicals, Publishing of - United States - History - 19th century.


            Seeds - Prices.

            Business records - Massachusetts.

            Commercial correspondence.


Additional authors:

            Russell, John B.

            Newell, Joseph R.

            Barrett, G. H.

            Breck, Charles H. B.

            Breck, Joseph, 1794-1873.






Location: 9 C 4-5


All accession numbers begin with 78x223

Box 1:

Folder 1: correspondence of John B. Russell of Boston

.1         Letter, Ebenr. Stedman, Newport (? or New York), to John B. Russell, re grape vines and request for treatise on agriculture, December 31, 1829.

.2         Letter and order, Elisha S. Fisk, Gilsum [New Hampshire], March 3, 1830, to J. B. Russell, with order for varieties of apples and pears

.3         Letter and order, E. Edwards, Springfield, [Massachusetts], March 23, 1830, to John B. Russell, for garden seeds to be sent by the Springfield Stage; includes cauliflower, cucumbers, cabbage, onion, beets, peas, etc.

.4         Order for seeds, P. J. Holland from seed catalog of George Robinson, [Halifax, Nova Scotia], January 22, 1830; includes onions, cabbages, cauliflower, cucumber, peppers, parsley, turnips, corn, clover seed, etc.

.5         Order for fruit and nut trees (pears, quinces, almonds, walnuts, Spanish chestnuts, filberts, plums, figs, also a crab apple, grapes, a holly, and a Norway spruce fir), for Gen. Josiah Newhall, Lynnfield, Massachusetts, March 1830.


.6         Letter and order, I. W. Foster, Portsmouth [New Hampshire], March 19, 1830, to J. B. Russell, for asparagus roots, flower and vegetable seeds and grape cuttings; requests garden tools from Mr. Newell.


.7         Order, R. Toohey to Mr. Russell, for tools and seeds for Mrs. Rebecca Gore, Waltham [Massachusetts], March 7, 1831.


.8         Letter, Henry Van Eden & Co., Haarlem, [Netherlands], March 16, 1832, to J. B. Russell, re shipment of Westphalia Hams, and order for flower Roots


Folder 2: correspondence of George C. Barrett of Boston

.9         Letter, Elisha S. Fisk, Gilsum, Cheshire Co., N.H., March 8, 1833, to George C. Barrett, re: previous order to Mr. Russell.  With long list of apples and pears to be sent, notes about the varieties, and full instructions for sending.

.10       Letter, Neal Dow, Portland [Maine], March 29, 1833, to Geo. C. Barrett, Proprietor of N[ew] England Farmer, re: subscription

.11       Letter, James Gregory, Marblehead, [Massachusetts,] May 2, 1833, to G. H. Barrett, ordering Isabella grape vines

.12        Letter, S. Jaques, Ten Hills, July 2, 1833, to Geo. C. Barrett and J. R. Newell, order for seed and scythes

.13       Letter, D. & C. Landreth, Philadelphia, July 17, 1833, to Geo. C. Barrett, commending the New England Farmer and stating their desire to advertise the exhibition of their Horticultural Society therein; includes D. & C. Landreth account with New England Farmer, 1832-1833.

.14       Letter, Howell Davies, Lynchburg, [Virginia], February 1, Charles P. Bosson, agent for the Estate of G. C. Barrett, Dec'd, sending order for seeds "if you contemplate the continu­ance of my agency"

.15-.16             Meeting notices, directed to Geo. C. Barrett or to his estate, of as proprietor of the New England Knitting Machine Co., Boston [Massachusetts], September 11, 1837, and October 10, 1837 [on printed forms]


Folder 3: correspondence of Joseph R. Newell in Boston

.17       Trade card, Joseph R. Newell, Balance Manufactory, No. 52, North side Faneuil Hall, Boston, has for sale, a complete assortment of J. W. Sivret's balances, [illustrated with picture of a balance weighing a barrel, n.d.,1830-1838]

.18       Order, Gleason & Houghton, Eastport, [Maine], July 21, 1830, to J. Newell, for a butter churn

.19       Order, Little & Hale, Ellsworth, [Massachusetts?], March 21, 1831, to J. R. Newell, Agricultural Warehouse, for ploughs, shovels, potato hoes, and other farm tools

.20       Order, Wm. Saville, Gloucester, [Massachusetts], June 21, 1831, to Joseph R. Newell, Agricultural Store, for rakes and hoe handles, also mackerel pitchfork handles

.21         Order, Justin Ely, West Springfield, [Massachusetts], February 3, 1832, to Mr. Hartshorn, to get a plow for him at the Agricultural Warehouse

.22         Memorandum, John Dean & Son, Newburyport, [Massachusetts], May 12, Joseph R. Newell, additional order for farm tools: shovels. Manure forks, handles, hay forks, potato hoes, etc.

.23         Order, Daniel Leland, Sherborn, [Massachusetts], Sept. 11, 1832, .to J. R. Newell, for "Nails for Grater Mills"

.24       Order, Oliver Ames, Easton, [Massachusetts], December 22, 1832, .to J. R. Newel[l], for lead pipe


.25       Public Instrument of Protest, notice that James Crehore of New Orleans is unable to pay his bill owed to J. B. Newell, July 19, 1833 [printed form] - IN OVERSIZE FOLDER

.26       Order, E. Smith, Quincy Point, [Massachusetts], July 11, 1833, to C. Willis, Agricultural Warehouse, for pump

.27       Order, Benj. Poore, New York, Aug. 24, 1833, to J. R. Newell or Mr. Barrett or Willis, for budding knives

.28       Order, Danl. Leland, Sherborn, [Massachusetts], Sept. 11, 1833, to J. R. Newell, for nails for "Grater Cider Mills"

.29       Printed receipt, Department of State, Patent Office, to Wm. M. Morrison, for "Recording Assn. [assignment] from M. Pennock to J. R. Newell"; signed by Alexr. Mclntire, [Washington, D.C.], June 25, 1834.

.30       Bill, John Otis to J. R. Newell for legal counsel, n.p., 1833-1835.

.31       Circular letter, Geo. C. Thorburn, New York [N.Y.], July 1, 1834.  to Mr. Newell, re dissolution of firm Grant Thorburn & Son, to be continued by himself; includes order for "Beautiful Garden Hatchets."

.32       Printed letterhead, White & Post (Late White & Clark), Storage, Forwarding, Salt & Commission Merchants, Syracuse, New York, 1835.  Addressed to J. R. Newell from I. White, re "Mr. Parker's invention."

.33       notary’s copy of a protest of payment, signed by Isaac Stone, notary public, Newburyport, Mass., August 4, 1835, about a bill owed by William Hill of Newburyport to Joseph R. Newell of Boston


.34       Printed receipt, Joseph R. Newell, for fifty shares in the stock of the Massachusetts Silk Co., signed by Vincent Brown, Treasurer, Boston, [Massachusetts], June 12, 1835.

.35         Letter, John Lovet, Cashier, Hingham Bank, to J. R. Newell, re note for $1400 endorsed by Chas. Howard , n.p., Jan. 22, 1835.

.36       Printed receipt, Joseph R. Newell, for a share of the Wes tern Railroad Cor­poration, Boston [Massachusetts], signed by Josiah Quincy, February 1, 1836.

.37       Printed receipt, Joseph R. Newell from Samuel A. Allen, Public Store Keeper, Custom House, Boston, [Massachusetts,] July 16, 1836.  For storage of casks.

.38       Letter, J. G. Carter, Lancaster Bank , to J. R. Newell, declining request for a discount, n.p., May 16, 1837.


.39       Bond, Joseph R. Newell with Lincoln Fearing, Boston merchant, in the sum of fifty thousand dollars to be paid to the United States of America, "One Hundred & ten Dollars" to be paid for the time being to the Collector of the Customs. . . on certain goods imported in the Bark Nashua… from Liverpool,” [Boston, Massachusetts], June 8, 1837.

.40       Order, Boston Fire Department to J. R. Newell, for 1 chain to be delivered to Engine Company, No. 18, [Boston, Massachusetts], signed by the chief engineer of the B.F. [Boston Fire] Dept., June 22, 1837.

.41       Notice of assessment, David A. Simmons, Treasurer, Mansfield Mining Company, to Joseph R. Newell for "3d Instalment [sic] of 2 Dollars per share on the capital stock," n.p.,  June 23, 1837.

.42       Letter, M. Dickerson, Navy Department, n.p., September 16, 1837, to J. R. Newell, re bill for tools supplied the U. S. Department (Exploring Expedition).  With itemized bill and receipt on second leaf, signed by Joseph R. Newell.  The charges were for hoes, rakes, knives, and other items. – IN OVERSIZE FOLDER

.43       Letter, Bradford & Rankin, Montague, [Massachusetts], October 17, C. Willis, Agricultural Warehouse, proposing to provide scythe snaths [i.e. handles] for his firm

.44-49 Letters, John Merrill Poore to Joseph R. Newhall (i.e. Newell), Agricultural Warehouse, re loans with the Newburyport Bank , West Newbury and Newburyport [Massachusetts],  January 4,  February [no date], February 3, February 19, March 12, March 24, 1838. – ACCESSION 78X223.48 IS IN OVERSIZE FOLDER

.50       Order, Hector Coffin, Newburyport, [Massachusetts], n.d., to J. R. Newell, for "1 set of middle sized ox horn balls, solid brass with the rivets complete…"

.51      Notebook and diary, [Joseph R. Newell], containing "Order for English Tools from S. C. Parkhurst, with brief notes from a (sales?) trip “through 13 different states," including a visit to some falls (Niagara Falls?), etc., n.p., n.d.

.52      Order, "for Ladd & Co., Honolulu, Sandwich Islands, Brig Peru, Rowes Whft [wharf], for "Tin Box for stifling Cocoons," silk worm eggs, assorted garden seeds, trees, etc., [Boston, Massachusetts], n.d.


Folder 4: correspondence of Joseph Breck or Joseph Breck & Co. of Boston

.53       Order, Joseph Breck & Co. to George Charwood, Seedsman, London, for flower and vegetable seeds, Sept. 3, 1836.

.54       Letter, Jos. L. Kelly & Co., Portland., [Maine], to Messrs. Jos. Breck & Co., soliciting the continuance of the seed agency received from Mr. Barrett, predecessor of Breck, Jan. 31, 1837.

.55     Letter, Otis Little & Co., Castine, [Me.], to Messrs. Joseph Breck & Co., re: account for garden seeds due to the estate of Geo. C. Barrett, but already paid, Feb. 18, 1837.

.56     Letter, D. Landreth & Co. Philadelphia, [Pa.] to Joshua [sic] Breck & Co., re: magazine subscriptions, Aug. 23, 1837.

.57     Bill (duplicate), to Samuel Cooper, [no place,] for a wide variety of vegetable seeds, on pictorial billhead of  Joseph Breck & Co., New England Agricultural Warehouse and Seed Store, Dec. 1,1837

.58     Letter, B. Brewster, Montreal, [Canada], to Messrs. J. Breck & Co., re: damaged box of seeds, sent by the late Mr. Barrett, Sept. 12, [1837]

.59     Letter, G. B, Parker, Haverhill, [Mass.] to Messrs. Joseph Breck & Co., re: delivery of seeds to sellers throughout the area, January 6, 1838.

.60     Order, Oliver Ames, Easton, [Mass.], to Messrs. Joseph Breck & Co., for "good garden seeds properly assorted for a country store," April 9, 1838.

.61     Letter, D. Landreth & Co., [Philadelphia, Penn.,] to Messrs. Joseph Breck & Co., re: subscription to New E. Farmer for Wm. M. Davis of Gulph Mill, P.O. Montgomery County, Penn., April 26, 1838

.62       Order, Oliver Ames, Easton, [Mass.,] to Joseph Breck & Co., for potatoes, May 7, 1838.

.63     Letter, James L. Belden, Wethersfield, [Mass.], to Breck, re:  account for garden seeds, 1837-1838; mentions retirement from seed business, June 4, 1838.

.64     Bill, Mrs. Sarah Bullard bought a cow(?) of Nathaniel Livermore, June 9, 1838;  on pictorial billhead of New England Agricultural Warehouse and Seed Store, Boston, the name Joseph Breck & Co. has been crossed out and replaced with that of Livermore

.65     Note, Oliver Ames, Easton, [Mass.], to Joseph Breck & Co., re: payment to Joseph Kingsbury, June 11, 1838.

.66       Account, Joseph Breck & Co. with James L. Belden for seeds, 1837-1838. 

On verso, receipt signed by James L. Belden, Wethersfield, with list of draft payments, June 20, 1838

.67      Order, David Landreth & Co., Philadelphia, to Mess. Breck & Co., ordering a "garden cultivator," July 9, 1838.

.68    Bond, Joseph Breck & Co. with Jesse Howe Of Sumner, Maine, and John Gardner of Paris, Maine, to buy  clover seed, to be delivered to Luther Dana of Portland, or some other person if he cannot attend to the order, to be delivered before March 1, 1839,. Dated Oct. 24, 1838.

.69-70                         Bills of exchange, Ralph Higinbothom with Charles Reynolds, drafts on S. Morris Waln & Co. of Philadelphia, dated Port au Prince, Haiti, Mar. 23, 1839.

.71     Bill of exchange, Ralph Higinbothom with Joseph Breck & Co., draft on Mess. S. Morris Waln & Co. of Philadelphia, dated Port au Prince, Haiti, May 2,1839.

.72     Letter, William Kenrick, Newton, [Mass.,] to Messrs. Jos. Breck & Co., to credit David Griffith's account through him, Aug. 17,1839.

.73     Printed notice, City Marshal's Office, [Boston, Mass.,] to Messr. Joseph Breck & Co., regarding removal of store sign, May 25, 1840.

.74     Letter, Robt. Buist, Philadelphia, [Pa.,] to Messrs. Breck & Co., regarding delivery of merchandise from Sidney, Nova Scotia, May 30, 1840.

.75     Letter, Harper & Brothers, New York, to Joseph Breck & Co., re: shipment of books for James Dawson of Pictou, N. S. [Nova Scotia], June 15, 1840.

.76     Sight draft, Joseph Breck & Co., from J.J. Godfrey, attached to Mr. Godfrey's protest, Albany, N. Y., July 2, 1841.

.77     Order, J. N. Stoddard, Plymouth, [Mass..,] to Messrs. Joseph Breck & Co., for garden seeds, March 24, 1842.

.78     Order, D. Landreth & D. L. Munns, Philadelphia, to Messrs. Joseph Breck & Co., for garden seeds, Mar. 25,1842

.79     Notice of bankruptcy of Linus Barbour, Canton Centre, Conn., a creditor to Joseph Breck & Co., August 10, 1842.

.80     Letter, Neal Dow, Portland, [Me.], to Messrs. Jos. Breck & Co., N. E. Farmer Office, re: poor quality of fruit trees received, Aug. 26, 1842.

.81     Form letter, Charles W. Hegins, Office of the Clerk of the Senate of Penn'a., Harrisburg, Pa., to the Editor of N. E. Farmer, Boston, re: delivery of paper to Mr. Headly, a member of the Senate, Jan. 13, 1843.

.82     Printed Bankruptcy Notice for Anthony Day, New York City, creditor to Joseph Breck & Co. , Jan. 31, 1843. With note to continue his subscription to the New England Farmer.

.83     Letter, Thomas Cunningham, Brook Farm, West Roxbury, Mass., to J. Breck and Company, re: adver­tisement for farm help, March 12, 1843.  (paper bears watermark: O & H)

.84     Notice, Isaac Seymour, Notary Public, Peekskill, Westchester County, [N.Y.,] to Joseph Breck, regarding protest of a promissory note made by Geo. Richison(?), April 1, 1843.

.85     Letter, Mercantile Library Association Lecture Committee (Elliot C. Cowdin, Daniel N. Haskell, Edward Stearns, A. L. Stimson, Thomas Allen), Boston, to Joseph Breck & Co., re: course of public lectures, Sept. 1843.

.86     Letter, Geo. Ripley, Brook Farm, [West Roxbury, Mass.,] to Messrs. J. Breck & Co., regarding superior seeds he is sending, Sept. 19, 1843; attached is newspaper clipping about Brook Farm from the Boston Herald of March 7, 1906

.87     Assessment Notice, Middlesex Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Brighton, [Mass.,] to Joseph Breck, signed by C. Heard, Agent, Dec. 20, 1843.

.88    Assessment Notice, Middlesex Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Brighton, [Mass.,] addressed to Edward Chamberlain, signed by C. Heard, Agent, Dec.  20, 1843

.89    Note, D. Landreth & Munns, Philadelphia, to Mess. Breck & Co., regarding shipment of scythes and cradles to D. M. Landreth, Charleston; May 18, 1844.

.90    Letter, Wm. O. Smith, St. John, [Canada,] to Mess. J. Breck & Co., regarding debt, Aug. 20, 1844.

.91     Letter, John G. Ladd, University of Virginia, [Charlottesville, Va.] to Joseph Breck, Esq., Ed. New England Farmer, re: Ladd’s previous letter printed in the paper; writes an additional letter entitled "Virginia Agriculture No.2", signed Buckskin, Nov. 13, 1844.

.92     Receipted bill, Brook Farm, Boston to Messrs. Jos. Breck & Co. for "Seed Sweet Corn", Jan. 26, 1845.

.93     Letter, Benj. Shurtleff, no place, to Joseph Breck, Esq, requesting insertion from "Loudon's Encyclopaedia of Agriculture 2nd Edition, page 869....," April 1845.

.94    Letter, Col. C. J. Sanders, Lexington, Kentucky, to Messrs. Joseph Breck & Co., regarding opening of Agricultural store and need for seed, Aug. 2, 1845.

.95    Letter, Edmund Burke, Commissioner of Patents, United States Patent Office, [Washington, D. C.,] to Messrs. Joseph Breck & Co., requesting prices on a list of seeds, Nov. 20, 1845.

.96.      Letter, Edmund Burke, , Commissioner of Patents, United States Patent Office, [Washington, D. C.,], ordering garden seeds, Dec. 27, 1845.

.97       Letter & Order, Saml. Cabot, Beverly Farms, for guano and a scythe, with shipping instructions, June 23, 1846.

.98       Letter, [Mansfield?] H. Smith, Warren, [Me.,] to Messrs. Joseph Breck & Co.. requesting receipt for draft, Aug. 25, 1846.

.99       Assessment bill, Middlesex Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Concord, [Mass.,] to Mess. J. Breck & Co., Dec. 1, 1846; on printed form with picture

.100     Assessment bill, Middlesex Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Concord, [Mass.], to Edward Chamberlain, Dec. 1, 1846; on printed form with picture

.101     Letter, J. M. Sherburn, New York, to Messrs. Jos. Breck & Co., requesting "Sapling" clover if available, Feb. 18, 1847.

.102     Letter, Chas. Heard, Brighton, [Mass.,] to Joseph Breck, Esq., re: have not had enough proprietors of the Brighton Military School Fund in attendance at meetings, March 15, 1847.

.103     Letter, Licentia Prescott, Fitzwilliam, N. H., to Joseph Breck, order  for herb seeds, March 13, 1849

.104     Telegram, J. H. Bull, New York, to Jos. Breck & Co., April 27, 1849; re: have sent  by the afternoon steamer; on printed form of Magnetic Telegraph Office.

.105    Telegram, J. H. Chipman, St. John, to J. Breck & Co., re: order of "20 pounds Swedish turnip seeds," June 6, 1849.  On printed form of Magnetic Tele­graph Office.

.106     Letter, W. C. Strong, Newton, [Mass.,] to Joseph Breck, requesting information as to the qualifications of Mr. Quant (Mr. Crowninshield's former gardener) and his character for enterprise, Oct. 4, 1849.

.107     Letter, Bme. Blanco, New York, to Messrs. Joseph Breck & Co., re. payment of bill for two machines, Oct. 23, 1849.

.108     Circular letter, Henry H. Crapo, Wasemaquia Nursery, New Bedford, [Mass.] to J. Breck & Co., with additional list of seedlings, ornamental and fruit trees, fruits and roses available,  1850.   Also contains order for "chrysanthemum seeds, with yellow flower, exhibited last fall from a private garden," etc., March 15, 1850

.109     Promissory note, Joseph Breck to pay Edward Chamber la in, Boston, April 1, 1852.

.110    Telegram, J. H. Chipman, St. John, to J. Breck & Son, clover and timothy have been mailed, Boston, April 12, 1852. On printed form of Morse Line.

.111    Letter on pictorial letterhead, J. C. Whitin, Whitinsville, [Mass.,] to Messrs. Joseph Breck & Son, cancelling order for tulips, Aug. 5, 1852.  Letterhead has view of  a textile mill along a waterway

.112     Telegram, D. A. & R. B. Stearns, Woodstock, [Vermont,] to Joseph Breck & Son, ordering "Southern clover," April 16, 1853. On printed form of Vermont & Boston Tele­graph Line.

.113     Circular letter, David Wilder, Jr., Auditor, Auditor's Office, Commonwealth of Massachusetts,  Boston, to the Proprietor of the Horticulturalist,  requesting account for copies of paper furnished during present session of Legislature, April 23, 1853.

.114     Telegram, S. R. Byram, Eastport, to Breck & Co., send a box of assorted garden seeds, May 6, 1853. On printed form of Boston and Portland Telegraph Co., Bain's Eastern Line .

.115     Telegram, J. F. Allen, Salem, [Mass.,] to Jos. Jas. [sic] Breck, Aug. 1853. "The flower is blooming".  On printed form of Boston and Portland Telegraph Co., Bain's Eastern Line.

.116     blank printed receipt: 185-/ Received of Joseph Breck and Son … box of garden seeds, (no.  ) containing  papers, to be sold on their account and to be accounted for, at 3 cents per paper, net, or returned when called for, in good order.

Printed by Hugh H. Tuttle, Printer, 21 School Street, [Boston, Mass.]

.117     Bill, Union Telegraph Company, [Boston, Mass.,] to Messrs. J. Breck & Son, for telegram from C.D. Waterman of Fall River," Oct. 18, 185[blank]

.118     Letter, John Craig, Clinton, Mass., to Joseph Breck & Son, requesting current garden catalogs and "a catalogue of the different kind of Books on shrubs, plants and flowers," Feb. 15,1860.

.119     Letter and order, Saml. Cabot, Brookline, Mass.,] to Messrs. Joseph Breck & Son, for asparagus plants, March 30,1860.

.120     Circular letter, Antrim Shovel Co. of Antrim, N.H., announcing sale of company to Messrs. Treadwell & Co. of Boston, Oct. 8, 1860.

.121     Letter, (Rev.) Charles Brooks, Medford, Mass.,] to unknown person [Joseph Breck & Co.?], requesting aid in finding a "young Irishman or German to help" him on farm, Nov. 1, 1860.

.122     Letter, Geo. C. Thorburn, New York, to Messrs. Joseph Breck & Co., ordering "stone roller' and other business, March 11, 1862.

.123     Telegram, A. H. Estes, New York, to Joseph Breck & Son, Sept. 10, 1864. Where are press and horse power?  On printed form of the American Telegraph Company.

.124     Article, written after 1883, defining the necessity of republishing "Breck's New Book of Flowers."  [eight pages]

.125     Printed Notice, "Henry M. Lewis, Montgomery, Alabama, Will take Bills to collect on Alabama and Tennessee; Israel E. James … Philadelphia [will cover New England, mid-Atlantic and rest of Southern states], C. W. James … Cincinnati [will cover Midwest and Kentucky]  n. p., n. d. (For insertion in periodicals)


Folder 5: correspondence of Charles H. B. Breck, Boston

.126-127     Pictorial billheads for Charles H. B. Breck, New Seed Store, Boston [Massachusetts], 184-.  With picture of a greenhouse and a list of the kinds of goods for sale

.128     Pictorial billhead and/or letterhead, Charles H. B. Breck, Seed Store, Boston [Massachusetts,] 184-.  (Two leaves used for quantity orders.)  Decorated with a basket of flowers, scroll work, and two birds.

.129-130 ... Printed price lists: Charles H. B. Breck, New Seed Store, advertising
"Garden Seeds of the growth of 184-, raised for, and put up by … Breck, at his seed establish­ment, No. 45 North Market Street (Up Stairs), Boston.  With decorative border – IN OVERSIZE FOLDER

.131     "Catalogue of Vegetable, Herb, Tree, Flower and Grass Seeds, for Sale at the New Seed Store, … by Charles H. B. Breck, Seedsman and Florist, Boston [Massachusetts], 1842.  Printed by Tuttle & Dennett.  Nineteen pages; vegetable seeds not priced.

.132-133          Circular: "Catalogue of Garden Seeds for sale by Charles H. B. Breck, Seedsman and Florist, No. 45 North Market Street, Up Stairs, Boston, n. d., no prices.  (one copy is just the seed list; the other copy is a folded sheet, with blank space for writing orders)

.134     Order, R. Tremain, Jr., Halifax, [Nova Scotia], to Chas. H. B. Breck, Esq., for scythe snaths, rakes, manure forks, hay forks, etc., June 12(?), 1842.  Also requests "books with patterns of such implements as the above …";

with copy of letter on second leaf requesting help in importing a Durham Short horn bull from the United States "per resolution of the County of Guysborough Agricultural Society.”


Folder 6: oversized items

.25       Public Instrument of Protest, notice that James Crehore of New Orleans is unable to pay his bill owed to J. B. Newell, July 19, 1833 [printed form]

.42       Letter, M. Dickerson, Navy Department, n.p., September 16, 1837, to J. R. Newell, re bill for tools supplied the U. S. Department (Exploring Expedition).  With itemized bill and receipt on second leaf, signed by Joseph R. Newell.  The charges were for hoes, rakes, knives, and other items.

.48       Letter, John Merrill Poore to Joseph R. Newhall (i.e. Newell), Agricultural Warehouse, re loans with the Newburyport Bank, West Newbury, [Massachusetts],  March 12, 1838.

.129-130          Printed price lists: Charles H. B. Breck, New Seed Store, advertising
"Garden Seeds of the growth of 184-, raised for, and put up by … Breck, at his seed establish­ment, No. 45 North Market Street (Up Stairs), Boston.  With decorative border

Name index to Col. 517 (acc. 78x223.1-.134):


Allen, J. F.   .115

Allen, Samuel A.  .37

American Telegraph Company  .123

Ames, Oliver  .24, .60, .62, .65

Antrim Shovel Co.  .120


Bain's Eastern Line  .114, .115

Balance Manufactory .17

Barbour, Linus  .79

Barrett  .27, .54, .58

Barrett, G. H.  .11, .14

Barrett, George C.  .9  .10, .12, .13, .15-.16, .55

Belden, James L.  .63, .66

Blanco, Bme.  .107

Bosson, Charles P.  .14

Boston Fire Department  .40

Bradford & Rankin  .43

Breck's New Book of Flowers  .124

Breck, Charles H. B.  .126-.134

Brewster, B.  .58

Brighton Military School  .102

Brooks, Charles .121

Brown, Vincent  .34

Buist, Robt.  .74

Bull, J. H.  .104

Bullard, Sarah  .64

Burke, Edmund  .95, .96

Byram, S. R.  .114


Cabot, Saml.  .97, .119

Cartee, J. G.  .38

Chamberlain, Edward  .88, .100, .109

Charwood, George .53

Chipman, J. H.  .105, .110

Coffin, Hector  .50

Cooper, Samuel  .57

Craig, John  .118

Crapo, Henry H.  .108

Crowninshield  .106

Cunningham, Thomas  .83


D. & C. Landreth – see entries under Landreth

Davies, Howell  .14

Davis, Wm. M.  .61

Dawson, James  .75

Dean, John, & Son  .22

Dey, Anthony .82

Dickerson, M.  .42

Dow, Neal  .10, .80


Edwards, E.  .3

Ely, Justine  .21

Estes, A. H.  .123


Fearing, Lincoln .39

Fisk, Elisha S.  .2, .9

Foster, I. W.  .6


Gardner, John .68

Gleason & Houghton  .18

Godfrey, J. J.  .76

Gore, Rebecca  .7

Gregory, James  .11

Griffith, David  .72

Gusborough Agricultural Society [Nova Scotia]  .134


Harper & Brothers  .75

Hartshorn  .21

Headly  .81

Heard, C.  .87, .88

Heard, Chas.  .102

Henry Van Eden & Co.  .8

Higinbothom, Ralph  .69-70

Hingham Bank  .35

Holland, P. J.  .4

Horticultural Society (Philadelphia)   .13

Horticulturist  .113

Howard, Chas.  .35

Howe, Jesse .68


Jaques, S.  .12

John Dean, & Son  .22

Jos. L. Kelley & Co.  .54


Kelley, Jos. L. & Co.  .54

Kenrick, William .72

Kingsbury, Joseph  .65


Ladd & Co.  .52

Ladd, John G.  .91

Lancaster Bank  .38

Landreth, D. & Co.  .56, .61

Landreth, D. & C.  .13

Landreth, D. & D. L. Munns  .78

Landreth, D. & Munns  .89

Landreth, D. M.  .89

Landreth, David  .67

Leland, Daniel .23, .28

Lewis, Henry M.  .125

Little & Hale  .19

Little, Otis & Co.  .55

Livermore, Nathaniel  .64

Loudon's Encyclopaedia of Agriculture  .93

Lovett, John O.  .35


Magnetic Telegraph Office .104, .105

Mansfield Mining Company  .41

Massachusetts Auditor's Office  .113

Massachusetts Silk Co.  .34

Mclntire, Alexr.  .29

Mercantile Library Association  .85

Middlesex Mutual Fire Insurance Co. .87, .88, .99, .100

Morrison, Wm. M.  .29

Morse Line  .110

Munns, D. L. (of Landreth, D. & D.L.Munns)  .78


Nashua (Bark)  .39

New England Agricultural Warehouse and Seed Store  [number not given]

New England Farmer  .10, .13, .61, .81, .82, .93

New England Knitting Machine Co.  .15-.16

Newburyport Bank  .44-49

Newell  .6, .31

Newell, J.  .18

Newell, J. R.  .12, .19, .23, .24, .27, .28-.30, .32, .35, .38, .40, .42, .50

Newell, Joseph R.  .17, .20, .34, .36, .37, .41, .44-49, .51

Newell, Joseph R., Balance Manufactory .17

Newhall, Joseph R.  .44-49

Newhall, Josiah (Gen.)  .5

Niagara Falls  .51


Otis, John  .30


Parker  .32

Parker, G. B.  .59

Parkhurst, S. C.  .51

Pennock, M. . .29

Pennsylvania Senate, Office of the Clerk .81

Peru (Brig)  .52

Poore, Benj.  .27

Poore, John Merrill .44-49

Post  (of White & Post)  .32

Prescott, Licentia .103


Quant  .106


Reynolds, Charles  .69-70

Richison, Geo.  .84

Ripley, Geo.  .86

Robinson, George  .4

Russell  .7, .9

Russell, John B.  .1-.3, .6, .8


S. Morris Wain & Co.  .69-70, .71

Sanders, C. J. (Col.)  .94

Saville, Wm.  .20

Seymour, Isaac  .84

Sherburn, J. M.  .101

Shurtleff, Benj.  .93

Simmons, David A.  .41

Sivret, J. W.  .17

Smith, E.  .26

Smith, [Mansfield?] H.  .98

Smith, Wm. O.  .90

Stearns. D. A. & R. B. .112

Stedman, Eben.  .1

Stoddard, J. N.  .77

Strong, W. C.  .106


Thorburn, Geo. C.  .31, .122

Thorburn, Grant & Son  .31

Toohey, R.  .7

Treadwell & Co.  .120

Tremain, R., Jr.  .134

Tuttle, Hugh H. (Printer)  .116


Union Telegraph Company .117

U.S. Navy Department, Exploring Expe­dition  .42

U.S. Patent Office .95, .96

University of Virginia  .91


Van Eden, Henry, & Co.  .8

Vermont & Boston Telegraph Line  .112


Wain, S. Morris & Co.  .69-70, .71

Wasemaquia Nursery  . 108

Waterman, C. D.  .117

Western Railroad Corporation  .36

White & Post (late White & Clark)  .32

White, I.  .32

Whitin, J. C.  .111

Willis  .27

Willis, C.  .26, .43