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Creator:          Henry Dexter, 1806-1876                   

Title:               Papers

Dates:             1841-1891

Call No.:         Col. 405

Acc. No.:         67x31

Quantity:        ca. 170 items

Location:        9 B 5






Portrait sculptor Henry Dexter was born in 1806 in Nelson, New York.   By age eleven, he aspired to become an artist after viewing portraits of local merchants and the illustrations in their books. When his father died, the family moved to Connecticut where Dexter went to live with a family who schooled him in exchange for farm labor.  However, he was soon apprenticed to a blacksmith through whom he met his first painting instructor, Francis Alexander.  Dexter moved to Boston in 1836 and opened a portrait studio.  Two years later, he began sculpting portraits of well-known people.  Though completely self-taught as a sculptor, his first commissioned work, a bust of the Rev. Dr. Anderson, began four decades of marble and plaster portraits that produced over 200 sculptures.  Some of the most noted figures who sat for him were Charles Dickens (1841) and President James Buchanan (ca. 1859).


In 1859-1860, Dexter attempted to sculpt portrait busts of all United States governors in office at that time with the intent of offering the collection to Congress to be placed in the Capitol or some other public building in Washington, D.C.  He traveled from state to state (excepting California and Oregon), first modeling his sitters in clay, then making a plaster mold which he shipped back home to Cambridge, Massachusetts.  He intended to ultimately sculpt them all in marble.  Dexter succeeded in finishing only 33 busts before the Civil War broke out, and placed the plaster series on exhibition in Doric Hall in the State House in Boston.   In 1861, he offered marble copies of these busts for sale to the respective states for the sum of $500.00 each and reportedly sold several. After his death, the original collection was donated to the Smithsonian Institution in 1889 by Dexter’s daughter, Anna Douglas.





This collection contains business and personal papers of sculptor Henry Dexter.  A number of the letters are from the governors whose busts were executed by Dexter in 1859-1860.  Besides business letters and invoices, the collection contains personal correspondence between Dexter and his family; exhibition advertisements; publicity for sculpture sales; and a deed for a patent of a bust.  Of particular interest are a manuscript entitled "History of Sculpture in America," a manuscript catalog of items in his studio, and a manuscript autobiography.


After Dexter's death in 1876, his daughter, Anna Douglass, continued his business affairs.  Her correspondence and letters acknowledging gifts of her father's work are also part of this collection, as well as some of her notes from lectures by Louis Agassiz and her diary of a trip to Florida.


Miscellanea in this collection include Dexter's spelling book and a genealogy of the Johannot and Brigham families.





The papers of Dexter are filed first, followed by the papers of his daughter Anna Douglass.





Purchased from John Martin.






            Johannot family - Genealogy.

            Brigham family - Genealogy.

            Dexter, Henry - Biography.



            Smithsonian Institution.

            Sculpture, American - 19th century.

            Governors - 19th century.


            Voyages and travels.

            Sculpture - Catalogs - 19th century.



            Art patrons.



            Sculptors - United States - Correspondence.



            Additional author:

                        Douglass, Anna.





Location: 9 B 5



Box 1


Folder 1:          Business letters to Dexter from others, 1841-1849


                        .21       E.L. Magoon, Richmond, to Dexter, Boston, September 30, 1841; trip to New York City and Washington, Mr. White willing to publish the article of which they had been speaking, not much art in Richmond but some fine architecture;

                        .22a     Dexter, Boston, to Messrs. Tiffany & Young, [New York], February 28, 1842; disappointed in New York art scene, marketing bust of Dickens;

                        .23       Tiffany & Young, New York, to Dexter, March 4, 1842; about bust of Dickens;

                        .24       Saml. A. Eliot and Henderson Inches, Jr., Boston, to Dexter, February 28, 1844; enclose money for bust of Commander Mackenzie

                        no numbers – three envelopes addressed to Dexter


Folder 2:          Business letters to Dexter from others, 1850-1859


                        .27a-b  Matilda D. Mountfort, New Orleans, to Dexter, February 14, 1854, about her tomb at Mount Auburn Cemetery; also Mountfort coat-of-arms;

                        .19       G. Washington Warren, Boston, to Dexter, June 5, 1854, about statue of Joseph Warren for Bunker Hill Monument;

                        .29       Dexter, Boston, to Ebenezer Kelly (or Kelley), February 21, 1855; about finding someone to work the farm;

                        .30       Saml. A. Eliot, n.p., to Dexter, September 2, 1856, about cleaning marble;

                        .31       printed invitation from Bunker Hill Monument Association (G. Washington Warren, Wm. W. Wheildon, Timo. T. Sawyer), to inauguration of statue of General Warren, April 7, 1857;

                        .20       Alex. H. Rice, Boston, to Dexter, Cambridge, July 15, 1859; is anyone authorized to raise money for his bust of President Buchanan?

                        .32a-b  Ichabod Goodwin, Portsmouth, to Dexter, Cambridge, August 12, 1959, with envelope; about sitting for his bust;

                        .33a-b  G. Washington Warren, Charlestown, Mass., to Henry T. Duncan, Lexington, Kentucky, November 17, 1859, with envelope; letter of introduction for Dexter;

                        .34a-b  E.D. Morgan, Albany, to Dexter, November 30, 1859, with envelope; encloses money for bust;

                        .35a-b  Isham G. Harris, Nashville, to Dexter, Frankfurt, Kentucky, December 7, 1859, with envelope; willing to pose for him;

                        .36a     John W. Ellis, Raleigh, to Wm. H. Gist, South Carolina, December 28, 1859, letter of introduction for Dexter to governor of South Carolina;

                        .36b     general letter of introduction for Dexter, from John W. Ellis, Raleigh, December 28, 1859.


Folder 3:          Business letters to Dexter from others, 1860-1861


                        .37       Joseph E. Brown, Milledgeville, Georgia, to M.S. Perry, [Florida], January 16, 1860; letter of introduction for Dexter;

                        .38       M.S. Perry, Tallahassee, to Gov. [Andrew B.] Moore, [Alabama], January 23, 1860; letter of introduction for Dexter;

                        .9a-b    John J. Pettus, Jackson, Miss., to R.C. Wickliffe Bayou Sara, Louisiana, February 12, 1860, with envelope; letter of introduction for Dexter;        

                        .40       Elias N. Conway, Little Rock, to Robert M. Stewart, Jefferson City, Mo., March 16, 1860; letter of introduction for Dexter;

                        .41       R.P. Lowe, Davenport, Iowa, to Henry S. Sibley, [Minnesota], April 13, 1860; letter of introduction for Dexter;       

                        .42       Moses Wisner, Lansing, Michigan, to A.P. Willard, [Indiana], April 25, 1860; letter of introduction for Dexter;       

                        .43       Tho. H. Hicks, Annapolis, May 24, 1860, a general letter of introduction for Dexter, with praise for his work;         

                        .44       W. A. Buckingham, Norwich, Conn., to Dexter, Cambridgeport, July 28, 1860; about busts of governors project; hopes to see him in Boston;

                        .46a-b  M.S. Perry, Micanopy [Florida], to Dexter, Boston, September 30, 1860, with envelope; is shipping the bust to Dexter;

                        .47a-b  Lot M. Morrill, Augusta, Maine, to Dexter, October 2, 1860, with envelope; hopes to visit his studio;

                        .48a-b  W.A. Buckingham, Norwich, Conn., to Dexter, Cambridgeport, October 13, 1860, with envelope; encloses check for marble bust;

                        .49a-b  Elias Conway, Little Rock, to Dexter, Cambridge, December 8, 1860, with envelope; orders marble bust of himself; please let me see any biographical sketch you write of me before you publish it;

                        .50a-b  B. Magoffin, Frankfort, to Dexter, December 11, 1860, with envelope; encloses money for models; hopes they can avert “the frightful catastrophe of a dissolution” of the union;

                        .51       Wm. H. Gist, Union Court House, South Carolina, to Dexter, January 16, 1861; political views – hopes north will let southern states depart in peace; please send casts by rail as it is too dangerous to send goods into Charleston harbor;

                        .52a-b  John G. Lowe, Dayton, to Dexter, Cambridgeport, January 17, 1861, with envelope; may be interested in purchasing a cast of his brother’s bust;

                        .53       Wm. H. Gist, Union Court House, South Carolina, to Dexter, February 11, 1861; more political views; bust not yet received;

                        .54       A.B. Moore, Montgomery, Alabama, to Dexter, February 19, 1861; orders three casts of his bust;

                        .55       Wm. H. Gist, Union Court House, South Carolina, to Dexter, February 25, 1861; busts received, nose of President Buchanan’s was injured; more preparations for war;

                        .56       John J. Pettus, Jackson, Miss., to Dexter, March 5, 1861; about his bust;

                        .57a-b  W.A. Buckingham, Norwich, Conn., to Dexter, Cambridgeport, March 12, 1861, with envelope; inquires about progress on marble bust;

                        .58       Wm. F. Packer, Williamsport, Penn., to Dexter, Boston, March 25, 1861;

                        .59       F.R. Conway, Columbia, Missouri, to Dexter, Cambridgeport, June 25, 1861, please deliver the bust of his brother (the governor of Arkansas) to him;

                        .60       Joseph E. Brown, Milledgeville, Georgia, to Dexter, July 22, 1861; plaster bust received and friends think it is not a perfect likeness; also writes about the war;

                        .61a-b  F.R. Conway, Columbia, Missouri, to Dexter, Cambridgeport, July 24, 1861, with envelope. Bust of brother received, payment delayed because war had stopped mails;

                        .62       A.B. Moore, Montgomery, Alabama, to Dexter, Boston, August 28, 1861; cannot send money north while the war lasts so cannot pay for bust;

                        .63a-b  Wm. F. Packer, Williamsport, Penn., to Dexter, Boston, November 30, 1861, with envelope; money is scarce at present and cannot afford to pay for bust so please don’t start work on it.



Folder 4:          Business letters to Dexter from others, 1862-1869


                        .82       Secretary of the Academie Royale de Belgique, Brussels, to Dexter, Cambridge, February 29, 1862, in French;          

                        .64a-b  B. Magoffin, Frankfort, to Dexter, Boston, March 31, 1862, with envelope; bust safely received but scarcity of money will cause a delay in payment;

                        .66a-b  E.D. Morgan, Albany, to Dexter, Boston, June 10, 1862, with envelope;

                                    dislikes hairstyle on plaster bust – can that on marble be changed?

                        .67a     B. Magoffin, Frankfort, to Dexter, Boston, June 30, 1862; money still tight but will try to collect the money due him;

                        .69a-b  W.A. Buckingham, Norwich, Conn., to Dexter, Cambridge, January 22, 1863, with envelope; would like marble pedestal on which to display bust;

                        .68a-b  Tho. H. Hicks, Washington, to Dexter, Boston, January 29, 1863 [Hicks had been governor of Maryland; in 1863, he was a U.S. Senator]; what is cost of marble bust?  Mr. Partridge mentioned; Hicks is doing his duty and supporting his country;

                        .70a-c  B. Magoffin, Chicago, to Dexter, Boston, May 13, 1863, with envelope; encloses partial payment and other news;

                        .71a-b  E.D. Morgan, Albany, to Dexter, Cambridgeport, September 25, 1863; encloses money for bust;

                        .72a-b  Ichabod Goodwin, Portsmouth, to Dexter, Cambridgeport, May 23, 1864, with envelope; encloses money for bust;

                        .73a-b  M.M.K.E., Raleigh, to Dexter, Cambridgeport, June 30, 1864, with envelope, on which is written “from Mrs. Gov. Ellis”; please keep bust safe until such time as can be safely sent to North Carolina;

                        .73c     F.C. Foster, Woods Hole, Mass., to Dexter, September 5, 1864; encloses Mrs. Ellis’ letter (which was received through blockade), Foster and Dexter had already taken care of the matter; (see also .153);

                        .75a-b  Nathaniel Thayer(?), Boston, to Dexter, March 6, 1867, with envelope; Mr. Agassiz will call upon you soon so you can do a bust of him for me.


Folder 5:          Business letters to Dexter from others, 1870-1879


                        .76a-b  S. Hooper(?), Washington, to Dexter, July 5, 1870, with envelope; encloses some money for the busts of himself and the Chief Justice;

                        .78       Joseph Henry, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, to Dexter, Cambridge, November 15, 1871; ordering bust of Prof. Agassiz;

                        .79       T.S.(?) Watson, Art Union of London, to Dexter, March 20, 1872; the society is not able to purchase a bust of Agassiz;

                        .81       T.L.(?) Webster, Athenaeum Club, London, to Dexter, March 28, 1872;          have no room for a bust of Agassiz;

                        .80       Edw. N. Kirk, Hadley(?), to Dexter, May 1872; agrees to pose for a bust;

                        .83a-b  Geo. L. Boutwell, Washington, to Dexter, Cambridge, January 23, 1873; Senator Morrill in charge of the busts of the Chief Justice, etc.;

                        .84       E.S. Tobey, Mt. Vernon Church, Boston, to Dexter, Cambridge, May 14, 1874; commissioning a bust of Edw. N. Kirk;

                        .89a     E.S. Tobey, Boston, to E.H. Stuart(?) & Co., Philadelphia, March 18, 1875; Dexter needs to know to whom to write about exhibiting sculptures at Centennial;

                        .90       A.T. Goshorn, U.S. Centennial Commission, to Dexter, Cambridge, printed form letter letting Dexter know that his application for space has been received;

                        .77       Lot M. Morrill, [illegible], to Mr. [illegible] B. Mason(?), New York, July 31, 1877(?); about busts


Folder 6:          Business letters to Dexter from others, no year


                        .87a-b  Geo. Ticknor, Park St., no city, to Dexter, Washington St., January 4, with envelope; please stop by to pick up model of hand to be done in marble;

                        .22b     Geo. W. Putnam, Carlton House, no city but probably New York City, February 22, possibly 1842; about advertising bust [of Dickens?] in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington;

                        .88a-b  L.M. Morrill, Augusta, to Dexter, Cambridgeport, August 24, with envelope; about a time for the two of them to meet;

                        .85       F.C. Gray, Park St., to Dexter, Washington St., December 30, commissioning a bust of William Appleton;

                        .86a-b  Lot M. Morrill, Augusta, to Dexter, Cambridgeport, October 26, with envelope; thinks he can see Dexter Friday next;

                        .65       Sam Swett(?), Boston, to Dexter, Cambridgeport, April 23, 6-; how best to send money to someone else


Folder 7:          Business letters to others from Dexter


                        76x116            Dexter, Cambridge, to John Owen, January 2, 1874; would like his opinion of bust of Agassiz on display at Shreve, Crump, & Low;

                        .143     Henry M. Dexter, Roxbury, to “My dear sir” [Dexter], March 7, 1866; would like to come visit him, genealogical information;

                        .1         Dexter, Boston, to Mrs, Greeley, January 19, 1861, about exhibit of busts of governors at the State House in Boston


Folder 8:          Business letters to and from others concerning Dexter’s work


                        .146     Henry Wilson, State Central Committee, Republican Office, no city, August 1850, urging the recipient of the note to “get out the vote” for Mr. Palfrey;

                        .25       Gov. Crosby, Augusta, Maine, to Abm. Loring(?), Cambridgeport, January 22, 1853; remembers Loring(?) as friend from youth;

                        .26       same as above to same, February 14, 1853; let me know if you received money that was sent;

                        .145a-b            John Bolton O’Neal, Springfield, to Gov. [William] Gist, Unionville, South Carolina, May 20, 1859, with envelope; requesting that Gist appoint James M. [illegible] to a post, the young man being the husband of O’Neal’s wife’s niece;

                        .45       Saml. A. Eliot, August 10, 1859, general reference letter for Dexter;

                        .144     [Millard Fillmore], Buffalo, to Hiland Hall, August 20, 1859, with information about his father’s family, [Fillmore’s signature was removed and placed in an album which is not part of this collection];

                        .153     [no name, but Genl. Butler is penciled in], Fortress Monroe, Virginia, to Edward Everett, Boston, March 30, 1864; has no objections to the bust going through the lines at New Bern [probably refers to the bust of Gov. Ellis of North Carolina];

                        .74       L.M. Morrill, Augusta(?), to N. Thayer, Cambridge, December 26, 1865; [difficult to decipher];

                        .147a-b            Daniel Seagram, Worcester, to the Rev. L. R. Paige, Cambridgeport, July 19, 1889, with envelope; the bust of “Honest John Davis” was safely received by the library and is on display.


Folder 9:          Bill from Dexter


                        .91       receipted bill, from Mrs. James W. Mason, Cambridgeport, to Ichabod Goodwin, Dec. 1876, for plaster bust, box, and packing;

            on reverse: prices for bust of Agassiz, medallion of Dickens, a monumental piece, plaster, nails, chisels, squares, hatchet, files, piece of marble, mallets, try square


Folder 10:        Bills and receipts to Dexter and family

.16       Bill, Charles Copeland, confectioner, Boston, to Henry Dexter for

wedding cake, August 19, 1860.

.17        Bill, M. Y. Lewis, Boston, to Henry Dexter for fabric and sewing notions, August 186


Folder 11:        Personal letters from Dexter to family:


.3          Letter to his wife, Calista Dexter, reporting burglary of home, Boston, Massachusetts, [ca. 1840].

.4         Letter to his mother, Clarissa Dexter (Mrs. James Dexter), c/o Jesse Dexter, Connecticut, describing work on statues "The First Lesson" and "The Backwoodsman," Cambridge Massachusetts, December 12, 1847.

                  .5a,b    Letter and addition to daughter, Anna [A. E. Douglass],in New York, January 9-10, 1859; cold weather; working on pediment figures; news about friends;

.6a-c    Letter to daughter, Anna [A. E. Douglass],from Washington, D.C., June 22, 1859, describing dinner at the Executive Mansion with President Buchanan, Miss Lane, and Governor Cobb of Georgia; working on a bust and a pediment;

.7a-b    Letter to brother, Cambridgeport, Massachusetts, July 24, 1864; describing a visit to an aunt in Nelson, New York (by way of Detroit, Michigan, and Lockport); inquires about brother’s crops; family news;

.8a-d     Letter to daughter, Anna (Mrs. Robert Douglass), from Nelson, New York, May 14, 1869, reminiscing about childhood;

.9         Letter to daughter, Harriet, and son-in-law, James Mason, Cambridge- port, Massachusetts, June 26,1872; family news, gardening news; has not yet been to the Jubiliee;.

.10a-c Letter to daughter, Harriet (Mrs. James W. Mason), Cambridge, Massachusetts, July 11, 1875; continues the narrative on a trip begun in an earlier letter;

.11       Letter to [Anna Dexter (Mrs. James Dexter)], [1859]; saw Mr. and Mrs. Merriam to their vessel; hurried home to meet Joe, his sitter; cold weather, etc.;

.12       Letter to granddaughter Hattie, Cambridge, [1874]; asks if she has recovered from measles; their kitten is lost; please come visit;


Folder 12:        Personal letters to Dexter from family


                        .1         Jenks and Caroline, Allehany, to “Dear Brother & Sister,” addressed to Henry Dexter, Killingly Center, Conn., November 11, 1829; thanks for presents; Caroline had a baby girl, named Clarissa; plan to leave for Ohio next week and will send their new address; crop report; religious thoughts;

                        .2         Harriet, Brooklyn, to “Dear Father,” October 13, 1863; family news; prices are going up


Folder 13:          “History of Sculpture in America” manuscript (original and photocopy)


                          .141    the manuscript is by an unknown author; in it are mentioned Clevenger, Dixey, Rush, Powers, Thomas Crawford, Henry Dexter, Mrs. Wright


Folder 14:        Autobiography


                        .18       autobiography addressed to Mrs. Lee (see last page); one page seems to be missing (between sheets 3 and 4); mentions these names: Francis Alexander; the Rev. Dr. Anderson; General Carpenter; J.P. Cushing; Charles Dickens; Samuel A. Eliot; Horatio Greenough; Peter Harvey; William Hayward; William Lane; Robert G. Shaw; Col. S. Swett; Ellen Tree(?); the painter White; Wm. P. Winchester; and Hubbard Winslow


                                    [note: this autobiography was prepared for Hannah Farnham Lee, who used it in her book Familiar Sketches of Sculpture and Sculptors (Boston: Crosby, Nichols & Co., 1854, pp. 154-166.]


Folder 15:        Business agreement about a patent on a bust of General Warren


                        .92       Dexter assigned his patent in a statue of General Warren to William Carlton of Charlestown; Carlton is to advertise the statue and provide as many copies as are purchased; Dexter to receive 10% of what Carlton receives; dated June 16, 1857  Witnessed by Susan Willis.


Folder 16:        Exhibition advertisements


                        .94       Dexter’s statues of “The Backwoodsman,” “Observation,” and “The First Lesson” on exhibit at Horticultural Hall, no place, no date.

                        .95       booklet about the exhibition advertised above, Boston, October 1848; inside the front cover is a handwritten list of sculptures at the Art Museum; inside the back cover is a list of works in the modeling room


Folder 17:        Publicity to promote sales of busts of governors


                        .93a-b  handwritten and printed notices about Dexter’s series of busts of governors, January 3, 1861; both copies note that the manuscript notice was written by Edward Everett; printed copy also has note that the war “prevented [Dexter] from making application even to the individual states” for selling the busts; the notices are signed by Everett; W.A. Stearns; C. C. Felton; Jacob Bigelow; Samuel A. Eliot; G.S. Hillard; Robt. C. Winthrop; Geroge S. Boutwell; Charles Hale; Ezra Lincoln; Peleg W. Chandler; and George Tyler Bigelow.


Folder 18:        Manuscript catalogs of studio items

                        [an index to these two items is appended to this finding aid]


                        .96       original draft of catalogue, listing sculptures completed by Dexter 1824-1851.

                        .97       “Catalogue of [Dexter’s] Statuary & Paintings in His Gallery at Cambridge, Massachusetts, arranged in order of their execution,” 1824-1875 [handwritten]; includes notes about the works


Folder 19:        Spelling book


                        .168     Webster’s spelling book, before 1814.  With note on cover that Henry Dexter covered it with sheepskin himself


Folder 20:        Miscellaneous


                        .148     paper with address of H. Dexter, sculptor, Cambridgeport, Mass., with note that it is in Agassiz’s handwriting

                        .149-.140         calling cards of Mrs. Henry Dexter and Henry Dexter

                        .151     page 15 from a pamphlet about brass cannon in Massachusetts

                        .152     “Rubber stamp for recording chess moves” – notes about a chess board



Box 2


Folder 1:          Personal letters to Dexter’s daughters from other family members


.13       Letter from Esther Kelley, Killingly, Connecticut, to her daughter, Calista Dexter, Boston, Massachusetts April 13, 1834; family news

.14       Letter from Esther Kelley, Killingly, Conn. to Calista Dexter, June 21, 1841 [obverse]; letter from aunt A. R. Bennet to Harriet and Ann [reverse]; Esther hopes her grandchildren can come visit soon; Aunt Bennet sends news of their cousins.

.15        Letter from cousin Lucia, Killingly, Conn. to Anna E. Dexter, 1853, about grandparents’ visit to New York and Pennsylvania.

                        . 28      partial letter, [from Anna?], Cambridgeport, to Harriet, July 19, 1855; writes about trip to New Hampshire; went to Divinity School [Harvard?] and saw Henry Ward Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe; hope Harriet’s sick baby is soon well; Pa would like James to pose for statue of General Warren


Folder 2:          Business letters to Anna Douglass from others


                        .98a-b  P.L. Everett, Third National Bank, Boston, to Mrs. A.E. Douglass, Cambridgeport, October 26, 1876, with envelope; about bust of his late wife;

                        .99       Mrs. Arthur Wilkinson to Mrs. Douglass, October 27, 1876; about bust of her husband;

                        .100     Carie Frazar, Mt. Auburn, to Mrs. Douglass, October 29, 1876; about purchasing items from Dexter’s studio;

                        .101     P.L. Everett, Third National Bank, Boston, to Mrs. A.E. Douglass, Cambridgeport, November 17, 1876; about bust of Moses Williams and statue of General Warren;

                        .102     P.L. Everett, Third National Bank, Boston, to Mrs. A.E. Douglass, Cambridgeport, November 18, 1876; same subjects as above;

                        .103a-b            A,D, Sinclair, Boston, to Mrs. James W. Mason [Harriet Dexter Mason], Cambridgeport, November 29, 1876, with envelope; will take the bust of the late Mr. Taylor;

                        .104     Anna L. Minning(?), Cambridge, to Mrs. Douglass, December 4, 1876; encloses check for busts;

                        .105a-b            P.L. Everett, Third National Bank, Boston, to Mrs. A.E. Douglass, Cambridgeport, December 9, 1876, with envelope; Warren statue arrived safely; check enclosed for Williams bust;

                        .106a-b            James C. Blagden(?), North British and Mercantile Insurance Co., New York, to Mrs. Douglass, Cambridgeport, December 16, 1876, with envelope; encloses check for bust;

                        .107a-b            Marshall P. Wilder, Boston, to Mrs. Robert Douglass, Cambridgeport, January 21, 1878, with envelope; would like copy of bust;

                        .108     Marshall P. Wilder, Boston, to Mrs. Robert Douglass, Cambridgeport, February 5, 1878; please give my bust to the bearer, money enclosed;

                        .109a-b            Emirich(?) Rein(?), Providence, to Anna E. Douglass, Cambridgeport, December 22, 1879, with envelope; is gratified          to receive pictures by Dexter


Folder 3:          Business letters to Anna Douglass from others--gift acknowledgments


                        .110a-b            Alexander McKensie, First Church, Cambridge, Mass., to Annie E. Douglasss, Cambridgeport, November 29, 1886, with envelope; thanks for gifts of statues to unnamed college;

                        .111     Alice E. Freeman, Wellesley College, to Mrs. Douglass, December 15, 1886; thanks for gift of statue to college;

                        .112     Thos. A. Dickinson, Librarian, W.S. of A., Worcester [Mass.], to “Dear Madam,” June 18, 1889; thanks for bust of Gov. Davis;

                        .113     A.L. Hayward, Public Library, [Cambridge], to Mrs. Douglass, June 21, 1889; thanks for busts;

                        .114     printed form, thanks from Worcester Society of Antiquity for bust, July 17, 1889;

                        .115     printed form, thanks from Massachusetts Historical Society for bust of Governor John Davis, signed by George E. Ellis and F.E. Oliver, July 23, 1889;

                        .116a, c            J.C. Learned, St. Louis, to Mrs. Douglass, September 19, 1890 with envelope; would like a bust of Agassiz for Church of the Unity;

                        .116b   J.C. Learned, St. Louis, to Mrs. Douglass, October 10, 1890; encloses money for bust of Gov. Stewart for the Missouri Historical Society;

                        .117     Daniel S. Durrie, Librarian, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison, to H. E. Kelley, Sparta, Wis., October 29, 1890; the society would be please to have a bust of Gov. Randall;

                        .118     [Mrs. Douglass], Cambridgeport, to Gov. F. P. Fleming, [Florida], November 7, 1890; wishes to send a bust of Gov. Madison Perry to Florida;

                        .119a-b            F.P. Fleming, Tallahassee, to Anna E. Douglass, Cambridgeport, November 11, 1890, with envelope; would be happy to receive the offered bust;

                        .129     Daniel S. Durrie, Librarian, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison, to H. E. Kelley, Sparta, Wis., November 12, 1890; the society would be please to have the busts of Gov. Chase [Ohio] and Houston [Texas] as well;

                        .120a-b            Harriet A. Tenney, State Librarian, Michigan State Library, Lansing, to Anna E. Douglass, November 23, 1890, with envelope; would be pleased to have bust of Gov. Wisner;

                        .130     J.C. Learned, St. Louis, to Mrs. Douglass, November 24, 1890; thanks for bust of Agassiz;

                        .121a-b            Mendel Cohen, secretary, Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, to Anna E. Douglass, November 29, 1890, with envelope; the Society would be happy to have a bust of Gov. Thomas H. Hicks;

                        .122a-b            F.P. Fleming, Tallahassee, to Anna E. Douglass, Cambridgeport, November 29, 1890, with envelope; thanks for donation of bust;

                        .123     printed form, thanks from State Historical Society of Wisconsin for busts of Randall and Chase, December 1, 1890;

                        .124     printed postcard, thanks from State Historical Society of Wisconsin for bust of Houston, December 4, 1890;

                        .125     printed postcard, thanks from Maryland Historical Society for bust of Hicks January, 1891;

                        .126a-c                        Miss Sumner Johnson, Walthan Public Library, to Mrs. Robert Douglass, July 29, 1891, with envelope; library would be happy to accept donation of bust;

                        .127     Joseph F. Gibbs, Waltham Public Library, to Anna E. Douglass, September 5, 1891; thanks for bust of Gov. Banks;

                        .128     S.M. Taylor, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., to Anna E. Douglass, October 27, 1891; thanks for bust of Longfellow and letter from Dr. Peabody;

                        .131a-b            S.P. Thompson, Boston, to A.E. Douglass, November 21, no year; brother would like to have bust of their father, the Rev. Dr. Blagden;

                        .133     letter to editor of Boston Daily Advertiser, no date, advising that Dexter’s bust of Agassiz is on display for the week, with added note that the notice was written by the Rev. Dr. A.P. Peabody of Harvard

                        .132     Mrs. E.S. Mead, Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass., to Mrs. Douglass, no date, thanks for bust of Agassiz


Folder 4:          Correspondence between Anna Douglass and the Smithsonian Institution


.134-.140         the letters concern her donation to the Smithsonian of plaster busts of the governors and President Buchanan executed by Dexter in 1859-1860; also two newspaper clippings about the donation


Folder 5:          Business letters to others from Anna Douglass (copies)


                        .155     draft of letter from Anna Douglass offering to contribute works of her father to an exhibition, after February 1889;

                        .156     draft of letter from Anna Douglass about donating two statues to Wellesley College, wants a granite base for one of them;

                        .157     draft of letter from Anna Douglass to Sen. Morrill, inquiring about Hall of Statues at U.S. Capitol; looking for home for her father’s busts of the governors;

                        .158     draft of letters from Anna Douglass to the Minnesota Historical Society, an unnamed society, and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, about placing busts of governors with them;

                        .159     a brief, partial biographical statement about Dexter;

                        .160     “Copy of the fly leaf of vol. of photos given to Nat. Society of Sculpture, New York,” about the governors’ busts executed by Dexter


Folder 6:          Lecture notes of Anna Douglass


                        .142     “Notes of lecture given by Prof. Louis Agassiz before the Cambridge High School, when I was a pupil there about 1848”; lectures about animals, particularly insects


Folder 7:          Travel diary of Anna Douglass, n.d.


                        .169     describes a trip to Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Daytona, with detailed descriptions of towns and hotels


Folder 8:          Johannot and Brigham family genealogy


                        .161     letter, Persis Elizabeth Brigham to her grandson Harris E. Johonnot, August 17, 1902, about Brigham family history, particularly herself;

                        .162     genealogical information about John Oliver Johannot, died 1929;

                        .163     fragment of manuscript about Daniel Johonnot (born ca.1668) and his wife;

                        .167     Brigham coat-of-arms


Folder 9:          photo of portrait of Daniel Johannot (born 1732) (.164)


Folder 10:        photo of portrait of William Johannot (born 1789) (.165)


Folder 11:        photo o f portrait of Daniel Brown Johannot (son of William) (.166)


Index to names in acc. 67x31.96-.97 – catalogs of Dexter’s works


Adams, Alvin  .97 (p. 21)

Agassiz, Louis  .97 (p. 23)

Allen, S. P.  .96, .97 (p.10)

Allen, Mrs. S. P.  .97 (p. 13)

Allen, Samuel P.  .96, .97 (p. 10)

American Academy of Arts & Sciences  .97 (p. 10)

Amherst College   .97 (p. 16)

Anderson, Rufus (Rev. Dr.)  .96, .97 (p. 3)

Andrews, Wm.  .96, .97 (p. 5)

Appleton, Nathan   .97 (p. 11)

Appleton, Samuel   .96, .97 (pp. 11, 14, 16)

Appleton, Wm.  .96, .97 (pp. 12, 14, 21)

Armstrong, S.  T. (Gov.)  .96, .97 (p. 8)


Banks, Gov. [N. P.]  .97 (p. 19)

Barker, Gov.  .97 (p. 18)

Barton, Gov.  .97 (p. 18)

Batchelder, Frances  .97 (p. 16)

Beck, Dr.  .97 (p. 23)

Bigelow, Jacob, M.D.  .97 (p. 16)

Binney, [Emily]  .96, .97 (p. 4) 

Bissell, Gov. [William H.]  .97 (p. 18)

Blagden, Dr.  .97 (p. 24)

Boston Advertiser  .97 (p. 23)

Boston Athenaeum  .97 (pp. 3-6, 8, 12)

Boston Savings Bank  .97 (p. 23)

Brattle St. Church  (Boston)  .97 (p. 24)

Briggs, Gov.  .96, .97 (p. 10)

Brooks, Edward .97 (p. 12)

Brown .97 (p. 24)

Brown, Gov. [Joseph E.]  .97 (p. 18)

Bryant, John (Jr.)  .97 (p. 12)

Buchanan, James  .97 (p. 17)

Buckingham, Gov. [Wm. A.]  .97 (p. 17)

Burlingame, Anson  .97 (p. 15)


Cam[bridge?] Chron[icle?]  .97 (p. 16)

Carlton House - New York  .97 (p. 6)

Chase, Gov. [Salmon P.]  .97 (p. 17)

Chase, John   .96, .97 (p. 12)

Chickering, Jonas  .96, .97 (pp. 7, 12)

Clark, (Mrs.) Alvin   .96, .97 (p. 5)

Colby  .97 (p. 13)

Coleman  .97 (p. 2)

Conway, Gov. [Elias N.]  .97 (p. 18)

Crowningshield   .97 (p. 14)

Curtis, Thomas B. .96, .97 (p. 6)

Cushing, J. P.  .97 (pp. 12, 13)

Cushing, John G.   .96, .97 (p. 13)

Cushing, Maria Louise  .97 (p. 13)

Cushing, Robert M. .96, .97 (p. 13)

Cushing, Thomas F.  .96, .97 (p. 13)

Cushing, Willie  .96, .97 (p. 13)


Davis, (Governor) John  .96, .97 (p. 6)

Dexter, Anna E.  .96, .97 (pp. 5, 7)

Dexter, Caroline .96, .97 (p. 6)

Dexter, Harriet   .96, .97 (p. 10)                 

Dexter, Harriet J.  .97 (p. 4)

Dexter, Jencks  .96, .97 (p. 10)

Dickens, Catherine  .97 (p. 6)

Dickens, Charles  .96, .97 (p. 6)

Douglass, Robert   .97 (p. 23)

Dwight  .97 (p. 12)

Dwight, Edmund  .96, .97 (pp. 11, 12)


Eaton, (Mrs.) J.  .97 (p. 9)

Eliot   .97 (p. 19)

Eliot, Hon. S. A.  .96, .97 (p. 3)

Eliot, Samuel A.  .97 (pp. 9, 12)

Ellis, Gov. (John W.]  .97 (p. 18)

Evening Gazette - Boston  .97 (p. 22)

Everett  .97 (p. 19)

Everett, Edward  .97 (pp. 16, 21)

Everett, P. L.  .97 (p. 22)

Everett School, Boston  .97 (p. 16)


Farm School (Westborough)  .97 (p. 4)

Felton, C. C.  .97 (p. 7)

Felton, [Cornelius Conway]  .97 (p. 21)

Felton, Samuel  .97 (p. 21)

Finn   .96, .97 (p. 5)

First Mechanicks Fair (Boston)  .97 (p. 4)

Folsom  .97 (p.15)

Forest Hill Cemetery   .97 (p. 15)

Frazee  .97 (p. 2)

Free, Ellen   .96, .97 (p. 4)


Gardner, Frank  .96, .97 (p. 14)

Gilpin  .97 (pp. 16, 21)

Gist, Gov. [Wm.]  .97 (p. 18)

Goodrich, E. D.  .96, .97 (p. 13)

Goodwin, Gov. [Ichabod]  .97 (p. 17)

Gray, Francis C.  .96, .97 (pp. 7, 12, 14)

Gray, John C.  .97 (pp. 12, 14)

Gray, William   .96, .97 (pp. 7, 14)

Greenough  .97 (p. 2)


Hall, Gov. [Hilandl  .97 (p. 17)

Hamilton, Alexander  .96, .97 (p. 12)

Harding, C.  .97 (p. 5)

Harding, C. L.  .97 (p. 23)

Harding, Edgar  .97 (p. 23)

Harris, Gov. [I. G.]   .97 (p. 18)

Harvard University   .97 (pp. 15, 21)

Harvey, Peter . 96, .97 (p. 3)

Hayward, Wm.  .96, .97 (p. 13)

(see also Heyward)

Heyward, Dr. George  .97 (p. 16)

Heyward, Wm.  .97 (p. 11)

(see also Hayward)

Hicks, Gov. [Thomas]  .97 (p. 18)

Historical rooms, Boston  .97 (p. 15)

Hogg, Brown and Taylor  .97 (p. 24)

Horticultural Hall (Boston)   .97 (pp. 21, 22)

Horticultural Society   .97 (p. 4)

Houston, Gov. [Samuel]  .97 (p. 18)

Hovey, C. M.  .97 (p. 14)

Hyden  .97 (p. 16)


Inches, Henderson (Jr.)  .97 (p. 9)

Ingalls, Dr.  .96, .97 (p. 5)


Jackson, Judge  .96, .97 (p. 5)


Keep, Dr. Solomon   .96, .97 (p. 3)

Kings Chapel (Boston)  .97 (p. 16)

Kirk, Dr.  .97 (p. 24)


Lane, F. W.   .96, .97 (p. 2)

Lawrence, Abbot  .97 (p. 11)

Lawrence, Amos  .96, .97 (p. 10)

Lawrence, William .97    .96, (pp. 10, 11)

Lewis, (Mrs.) Winslow   .96, .97 (p. 3)

Lewis, Winslow, (M. D.)  .96, .97 (p. 3)

Lincoln, Charles   .97 (p. 8)

Little, James L.  .97 (p. 22)

Livermore, George  .97 (p. 15)

Livermore, Isaac  .97 (p. 15)

Lodge  .97 (p. 9)

Longfellow, Henry W.  .97 (p. 23)

Loring, Wm.     .96, .97 (p. 6)

Lothrop, Dr.  .97 (p. 24)

Lowe, Gov. [Ralph P.]  .97 (p. 18)

Lyman, Gen.  .97 (p. 4)

Lyman, George W.  .97 (p. 11)

Lyman, Hon. Theadore  .96, .97 (p. 4)


Mackenzie, Alexander  .97 (p. 8 [p. 9])

Magoffin, Gov. [Beriah]  .97 (p. 18)

Magoon, Aaron B.  .97 (p. 23)

Magoon, E. M. (Rev.) .96, .97 (p. 4)

Magoon, E. L. (Rev. Dr.)  .97 (p. 3)

Mary Magdaline, statue of   .96, .97 (p. 10)

Marys at the Sepulcher, The   .96, .97 (p. 11)

Mason, James W.  .97 (p. 22)

Mason, Wm.  .97 (p. 15)

Massachusetts General Hospital   .97 (p. 14)

Massachusetts State House   .97 (p. 20)  

McLane Hospital (Boston)  .97 (p. 16)

Mills, (Miss)   .96, .97 (p. 10)

Moore, Gov. [Andrew B.]  .97 (p. 18)

Morain, Charley  .97 (p. 23)

Morgan, Gov. [E. D.]  .97 (p. 17)

Morrill, Gov. [Lot M.]  .97 (p. 17)

Morton, Marcus   .96, .97 (p. 5) 

Mt. Auburn Cemetery  .97 (p.4, 14, 15)

Mt. Vernon Church (Boston)  .97 (p. 24)

Mountfort  .97 (p. 15)

Mudge, E. R.  .97 (p. 22)


Newell, Gov. [Wm.   A.]  .97 (p. 18)

Newell, Rev.  .96, .97 (p. 3)

Nichols, Charlotte  .96, .97 (p. 9)


Old South Church (Boston)  .97 (p. 24)

Orne  .97 (p. 16)

Orne, Caroline F.  .97 (p. 14)


Parker, Joel   .97 (p. 23)

Parkman, (Mrs.)   .97 (p. 12)

Peabody, Dr.  .97 (p. 23)

Pearl & Galaxy  .97 (p. 3)

Perkins, T. H.  .97 (p. 14)

Perkins, Thomas H.  .97 (p. 11)

Perkins, Thomas H. (Col.)   .96, .97 (pp. [4], 7)

Perry, Gov. [Madison S.]  .97 (p. 18)

Pettus, Gov. [John J.]  .97 (p. 18)

Pickering, John   .96, .97 (pp. 10, 21)

Powers  .97 (p. 16)

Prescott, Judge  .97 (p. 3)

Putnam, Judge  .97 (p. 21)


Quincy, Josiah (Jr.)   .97 (p. 12)


Randall, Gov. [Alex.]  .97 (p. 18)

Rice, Alexander H.  .97 (p. 16)

Richardson, Eunice   .96, .97 (p. 8) 

Richardson, George C.  .97 (p. 22)

Rogers, (Miss)  .97 (p. 3)


Sears, David  .97 (p. 11)

Shattuck, Dr.  .97 (p. 11)

Shattuck, George C. (Jr.)  .97 (p. 12)

Shaw, Robert G.  .97 (p. 14)

Shepard, Isaac F.  .97 (p. 16)

Sibley, Gov. [Henry H.]  .97 (p. 18)

Stanwood, L.   .96, .97 (p. 11)

Stewart. Gov. [Robert M.]  .97 (p. 18)

Stickney, Josiah  .97 (p. 22)

Story, Chief Justice  .97 (p. 3)

Studley, Sophia  .96,  .97 (p. 10)

Swett, Tasker  .96, .97 (p. 10)

Swett, Samuel (Col.)   .96, .97 (p. 2)


Taylor .97 (p. 24)

Thayer, Nathaniel  .97 (pp. 12, 22, 23)

Thompon, N. A.   .96, .97 (p. 11)

Tudor, Frederic  .97 (p. 15)

Turner, Gov. [Thomas]  .97 (p. 17)


Valentine, Charles   .96, .97 (p. 13)


Walker, Rev. Dr.  .97 (p. 15)

Ward, Wm.   .96, .97 (p. 3)

Warren  .97 (p. 16)

Warren, Gen.  .97 (p. 16)

Warren, Justice  .97 (p. 16)

Warren, John C. (Dr.)   .97 (p. 14)

Webster, Daniel  .97 (p. 3)

Welch, A. K. P.  .97 (p. 24)

Wheatland (residence)  .97 (p. 17)

Wickliffe, Gov. [R. C.]  .97 (p. 18)

Wilder, Marshall P.  .97 (p. 21)

Wilkinson, Arthur  .97 (p. 23)

Willard  .97 (p. 18)

Williams  .97 (p. 15)

Williams, Aaron  .97 (p. 23)

Williams, John D.  .96, .97 (pp. 9, 12)

Williams, Moses  .97 (p. 22)

Williston  .97 (p. 16)

Wilson, Henry  .97 (p. 16)

Winchester., E.  .96, .97 (p. 7)

Winchester, Wm. P.  .97 (p. 7)

Winslow, Rev. Dr.  .96, .97 (p. 22)

Winslow, Rev. Mr.  .97 (p. 3)

Winthrop, Robert C.  .97 (pp. 4, 15)

Wise, Gov. [Henry A.]  .97 (p. 19)

Wisner, Gov. [Moses]  .97 (p. 18)

Wood, Caleb  .97 (p. 24)