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Creator:         Bierstadt, Albert, 1830-1902                         

Title:               Collection

Dates:             1815-1909, bulk 1854-1899.

Call No.:         Col. 276         

Acc. No.:        [various – see detailed description]

Quantity:        2 boxes

Location:        15 K 5






Albert Bierstadt was a popular American landscape painter in the 19th century.  Born in Germany on January 7, 1830, he came to America when an infant and grew up in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  He returned to Germany at the age of 23 and studied painting there and in Rome until 1857.  In 1858, Bierstadt made a trip to the American West; he became particularly known for his grand portrayals of the western mountains and Yosemite Valley.  In 1860, he settled in New York City permanently; he died there on February 18, 1902.  Bierstadt's sister, Eliza, was involved in his career.





The collection consists of letters, signatures and calling cards, a printed description of Bierstadt’s painting “The Rocky Mountains,” a newspaper article, watercolors, photographs, and a pencil sketch.  Most of the letters were written by or to Bierstadt or his sister Eliza.  Topics mentioned include invitations to social gatherings, offers to give speeches, descriptions of trips, real estate ventures, buying and selling Bierstadt's paintings, and placing Bierstadt's works in exhibitions.  One requests Bierstadt to contribute some of his art work to raise money for Garibaldi's efforts in Italy.  Many letters were originally in a scrapbook compiled by Eliza to document her brother's career and to collect signatures of noted people of her day.  The artwork features several oils of butterflies done by Bierstadt, a butterfly done by Eliza Bierstadt, photographs of Albert and Eliza, and a pencil sketch of a mill.


A number of correspondents are represented in the collection: George Bancroft, Edwin Booth, Frederic Edwin Church, George William Clinton, Jessie Benton Fremont, Horace Howard Furness, Winfield Scott Hancock, Constance Cary Harrison, the Marquess of Lorne (Governor-General of Canada), Thomas Moran, John Sherman, William Tecumseh Sherman, Horace Dutton Taft.  Other artists, writers, and notables of the day are also represented, sometimes by just a signature, such as that of William Howard Taft.





The collection is divided into three series: I. Letters; II. Artwork and art reproductions and materials about art; and III. the scrapbook and its contents, which includes additional letters, artwork, and photographs. The loose items in the scrapbook have been removed from the book and placed in separate folders.


Within each series, the items are arranged in accession number order.  The letters are not in chronological order.





The materials are in English, with a few items in German or French.





Collection is open to the public.  Copyright restrictions may apply.





Purchased from various sources.





Additional Bierstadt letters are in the Carson Autograph Collection, Col. 66.






                        Bierstadt, Eliza, 1833-1896.

                        Bancroft, George, 1800-1891.

                        Fremont, Jessie Benton, 1824-1902.

Stoddard, W. O.

                        Church, Frederic Edwin, 1826-1900.

                        Sellstedt, Lars Gustav, 1819-1911.

                        Taft, Horace Dutton, 1861-1943.



            White House (Washington, D.C.) – Pictorial works.

            United States Sanitary Commission.

            Butterflies - Pictorial works.

            Watercolor painting.

            Painting, American.

            Real property, Exchange of.

            Art patrons - Correspondence.

            Artists - Social life and customs.

            Artists - Correspondence.

            United States - Description and travel.

            China – Foreign relations.


            Photographic prints.









Location: 15 K 5



Series I: Letters:


[note: for letters found in scrapbook, see Series III]



Box 1:


Folder 1:


            68x101.1         From A. Bierstadt, San Francisco, to [W.O.] Stoddard, 1872 [month and date unclear]. 

                                    Giving Stoddard permission to start on Mt. Hood artwork.  Bierstadt had just received letter from Russian minister that the Russian Order of St. Stanislas (2nd class) had been conferred on him.  [see also acc. no. 69x53a] 


                                    [possibly this is William Osborn Stoddard.]


            68x101.2         From A. Bierstadt, San Francisco, to [W.O.] Stoddard, May 8, 1872. 

                                    Relates to property and mines in Owens Valley.  Bierstadt spoke of immense amounts of ore and noted that two men had realized $600,000 from what they took out the previous year.  He strongly urged Stoddard and friends to get involved in land speculation.


            68x101.3a-b    From A. Bierstadt to W.O. Stoddard, no date; includes envelope postmarked San Francisco, Feb. 17, addressed to New York. 

                                    Note may have accompanied a picture which had been insured for $25,000.  Discusses a frame for the picture, such as he had on the picture of Mt. Vesuvius.  Letter refers to picture of Mt. Hood.


            68x101.4a-b    From A. Bierstadt, San Francisco, to W.O. Stoddard, New York, February 14, 1873; includes envelope. 

                                    Refers to "Emerald Pool" art work being sent to Vienna exhibition.  Gives instructions to Stoddard regarding making deposit and sending a check to cover taxes on Jersey property and Ball Black Bills.   Also discusses a subscription for a picture.


68.101.5                    From A. Bierstadt, Irvington-on-Hudson, to [W.O.] Stoddard, August, 19, 1875. 

Speaks of land speculation in California; Bierstadt had given a map to his friend, Mayor Egbert, who was looking at property.



Folder 2:


            68x135.1         Letter from A. Bierstadt to Miss Harrison, no date. 

                                    Gives advice on photographs [evidently of one of her paintings] she had brought to him.  “There is no demand for pictures just now and therefore I cannot advise you what dealer to go to.”


            68.135.2          Letter from A. Bierstadt, New York, to Gardner Brewer, Nov. 28, 1870.  Bierstadt offers to sell his pictures to Brewer.  Bierstadt and wife are preparing to leave for California for one year.


                                    [Gardner Brewer was a wealthy Boston merchant.]


68.135.3                    From A. Bierstadt to “Dear Sir,” March 26, 1873, written from San Francisco. 

                        He recommended the services of friend, Col. Eddy, who has access to a steamer, available for an excursion.  Also recommends his former guide for a visit to Yosemite.  Col. Eddy and Bierstadt were at Occidental Hotel.


            68x135.4         From A. Bierstadt, New York, to Mr. Edwards, April 11, 1886. 

                                    Declining invitation due to illness.


68x135.5         From A. Bierstadt, New York, to Mrs. Clark, April 20, 1891.

Note accompanied sketch for her daughter of autumn woods.  Ill health prevented him from making delivery in person.  He had been hospitalized and suffered from rheumatism.  Sends his congratulations to Mrs. Clark’s daughter.



Folder 3:


            69x52              Letter from A. Bierstadt, Irvington, to Mr. Hartly, June, 22, 1864.

                                    Haggling over price of frame, dispute over measurement and price.


            69x53a-b         Letter from A. Bierstadt, San Francisco, to M. Bodisco, Imperial Consulate of Russia, New York, Dec. 29, 1872. 

                                    Asking Bodisco to forward the insignia of the Russian Order of St. Stanislaus, which had been awarded to Bierstadt, to California.


                                    Also the envelope for the letter.  Letter and envelope are embossed with a bee superimposed on an A.


69x54              Letter from A. Bierstadt, New York, to Mr. Tait, dated February 14, 1881.  Relates to Art Committee.  Recommends sending his picture to Philadelphia.  Mentions John Sartain and William Merritt Chase.


[This Mr. Tait is possibly Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait, American artist, lived 1819-1905.]



Folder 4:


69x228                        Letter from A. Bierstadt, New York, to “my dear sir” [possibly a Mr. East,] June 6, 1888. 

Text relates to possible purchase of property; he appears to be seeking a business partner.


            72x41              From A. Bierstadt, New York, to Mr. Parker, December 30, 1863. 

                                    Bierstadt describes trip to New Bedford and Indian artwork, carvings in wood and stone, made by Indians near "mouth of Columbia."  Refers to Haida tribe, inhabiting Queen Charlotte Island, and their skill with slate.  Also has a very good flute.  Invites Mr. Parker to come see him [presumably to show him these things, possibly with view of selling them].


            73x158a-b                   Letter from Albert Bierstadt, New York, to L.G. Sellstedt, [month illegible] 29, 1864. 

                                    Requested two photo prints of a picture entitled "Indians Travelling."  Bierstadt intended to reproduce them in India ink for publication.  Bierstadt offered his large picture of the Rocky Mountains to be loaned for the summer.


                                    [Lars G. Sellstedt, Swedish-born artist who lived in Buffalo, N.Y.; see also Col. 177 in this repository.]



Note: Additional correspondence was found in the scrapbook in Series III, and those letters are described under that series.


Series II: Artwork and art reproductions; materials about art work


Box 1:


Folder 5:


            75x29              Artwork (butterfly) done by Miss Eliza Bierstadt, sister of Albert.  Dated September 26, 1866.  Note at bottom refers to how she produced the effect.


            [no acc. no.]    Reproduction of a butterfly drawing by Bierstadt, with a note on the back about how it was done and the location of the original


Folder 6:


            12x108                        “The Rocky Mountains,” by Albert Bierstadt, a two-page flyer describing the painting  by this name, which depicted the Wind River Range, including Mt. Lander, and a Shoshone village.  The painting was done after Bierstadt’s 1858 trip.



Note: Additional artwork was found in the scrapbook in Series III, and those items are described under that series.

Series III: Scrapbook: Letters, calling cards, newspaper clippings, etc.:



Box 1:


Folder 7:


            64x39.2           From A. Bierstadt to [Mr. Taft], no date, fragment of letter only.  

                                    Mentions presenting work to art gallery and trying to change his room on a steamer.


            64x39.9           Signature of Albert Bierstadt, New York, dated August 1, 1877.


            64x39.10         Two signatures of Albert Bierstadt, New York, dated November 30, 1897, and December 1, 1897.



Folder 8:


            64x39.13         Signed by J.B. Aldrich, addressed "Dear Madame," dated December 8, 1884.  On letterhead of The Atlantic Monthly, Boston. 

                                    “I can give you until the 16th.”


            64x39.14         From W. B. Astor, New York, to Bierstadt, New York, December 8, 1865.  Astor declined Bierstadt's offer to lease eight lots for a term of years.


            64x39.15         From Geo. Bancroft, New York, to Bierstadt, March, 21, 1864. 

                                    Directed Bierstadt to finish within the year the best picture that he could for $750.00  Bancroft said he was a "man of letters" and apologized for his limited resources.


            64x39.16         From Geo. Bancroft, New York, to Bierstadt, May 1865.

                                    Postpones commission of picture Bierstadt would do for him.


            64x39.17         From Geo. Bancroft, New York, to Bierstadt, January, 24, 1866. 

                                    Extends dinner invitation.


            64x39.18         From Geo. Bancroft to Miss Bierstadt, May 31, 1866. 

                                    Confirmed meeting to take place at Bierstadt's studio.


            64x39.19         From Geo. Bancroft, Berlin, to Bierstadt, February 3, 1873. 

                                    Advised Bierstadt to exhibit his work in Vienna.  Bancroft pledged to help secure an excellent position in the rooms at Vienna.  Sent his regards to Bierstadt's wife.


            64x39.20         P. T. Barnum(?), [place illegible,] to Bierstadt, March(?) 18(?), no year. 

                                    “Let the Indians(?) come … to see the curiosities, but .. let them see the play only in the evening.”


            64x39.21a-b    From W.H. Beard, New York, to Miss Eliza Bierstadt, April 17, 1867. 

                                    Apologizes for delay in answering her letter.  Mr. LeClear and he have been buying a house.  Said he had sold art work for $12,000 over past summer, including sales in Cleveland and Chicago.  He was currently painting a companion to the "Old Woman in a Shoe" to be entitled "Gulliver's Foot," which he intends to reproduce as a chromolithograph.  [He described the painting.]  Has a pet monkey which is constantly getting into mischief.  Mrs. LeClear does not improve in health.  Mrs. Beard has also been unwell.


                                    [The letter writer is William Holbrook Beard, lived 1824-1900.  His friend was Thomas LeClear, lived 1818-1882.]


            64x39.22         From W. H. Beard, New York, to Miss Eliza Bierstadt, dated April 20, 1884.       

                                    His answer to her request for a print that he had sold to Harper Bros.  He would attempt to get it back, making a substitution.


            64x39.23         From Henry W. Bellows, New York, to Bierstadt, October 30, 1865. 

                                    To make arrangements for meeting between Bierstadt and Mrs. T. Starr King.  She and her children were staying at St. James Hotel in New York.


            64x39.24         No addressee, signed Burton, C Street, December 9, 1855. 

                                    Writer was upset at administration's figure of $71 million for the year.  Asked for total number of army and navy [i.e. personnel in each branch], and expense to obtain and sustain them.


            64x39.25         From W. P. Blake, San Francisco, to Bierstadt, December, 8, 1865. 

                                    Mr. Wilkinson has arrived.  Blake has had Bierstadt's chromo of "Light and Shadow" framed and hung in his parlor.  Refers to stereoscopic picture of the moon.  W. has photos of Yosemite.



Folder 9:


            64x39.27         Printed letter, from V. Botta, President [of the Italian Committee in New York,] to A. Bierstadt, June 16, 1860.

                                    Requests the contribution of a sketch, drawing, or painting to help raise aid for Garibaldi's efforts for Italian freedom and nationality.  Funds raised would be sent to Gen. Garibaldi as the donation of artists in America.


            64x39.29         From Geo. H. Boughton, London, to Bierstadt, March 3, 1866.

                                    Unable to fulfill his commission – suggests Bierstadt write to the council of the Art Union.  Happy for Bierstadt’s success.


            64x39.30         Samuel Bowles, Brevout(?) House, to Bierstadt, no date.

                                    Appears to be dinner invitation - mentions "mule meat and mustard,"


                                    [Samuel Bowles, lived 1826-1878, was a journalist in Springfield, Mass.]


            64x39.31         Samuel Bowles, Springfield, to Miss Bierstadt, Feb. 24, no year. 

                                    Regarding waterproof cardboard and where it could be found.  Family news.  Has sent her a copy of his book about Colorado.


                                    [Bowles’ book Switzerland of America was published in 1869.]


            64x39.33         Signature of Bierstadt(?), dated February 28, 1863.



Folder 10:


            64x39.34         From Frederic E. Church, Hudson, to Miss Bierstadt, September 3, 1869.  She wanted to purchase some of his work but he had nothing available, having just returned from Europe.


            64x39.35         From Frederic E. Church, Hudson, to Miss Bierstadt, September 8, 1869.  Further explaining his inability to send her any of his work.


            64x39.36a-b    From Frederic E. Church to Mr. W. Forrest, August 18, 1873. 

                                    Mentions a Mr. McClure, living in Canada, and his picture of Niagara Falls.  Also, McClure had engaged D. W. C. Boutelle to make a copy of Church’s painting “Cotopaxi.”  Church was very unhappy with results and repainted part of Boutelle’s copy.  Church has not received any proceeds from chromos made by McClure from his paintings.  Has been intending to ask Forrest to engrave some pictures for him.  His country home is almost completed; construction had been delayed because of loses in fires in Chicago and Boston.  Refers to Forrest’s “rendering” of Niagara.


                                    [William Forrest was a Scottish engraver, lived 1805-1889.]


            64x39.37         No date, no signature.  Note on engraving of “Cotopaxi.”


            64x39.38         Receipt, signed W. Forrest, October 15, 1878, Edinburgh. 

                                    “Received from H. B. Thompson, Esq. (per A. Bierstadt), the sum of two hundred pounds ster. as payment in full of price for picture of Cotopaxi sold to him by me.”

                                    With Inland Revenue stamp.


            64x39.39         Judge Clinton (writing in third person), to Miss Bierstadt, September 29, 1868, on stationery of Cataract House, Niagara Falls. 

                                    Request that Miss Bierstadt will allow Judge to join her in looking for shells.  Also mentions Mr. Selllstedt.


                                    [Judge George William Clinton, of the distinguished New York Clinton family, had been mayor of Buffalo.  He was interested in botany as well.  A portrait of him was painted by Sellstedt.]


            64x39.41         G. W. Clinton, Buffalo, to Miss Bierstadt, November 15, 1868. 

                                    Sends a copy of publication mentioning Vesuvius.  Gives the location of Madison University in Hamilton, Madison County, New York.


            64x39.42         Signature, unable to read, no date.


            64x39.43         Schuyler Colfax, Washington, D.C., to Bierstadt, February 2, 1866; on letterhead "Thirty-Ninth Congress, U.S. House of Representatives."

                                    Setting time to meet.


                                    [Colfax was U.S. representative from Indiana and served as vice president of the United States.]


            64x39.44         Schuyler Colfax, South Bend, Ind., to L. Prang & Co., May 26, 1869.

                                    Instructions to send the companion to the "Barefoot" as soon as possible.


            64x39.45         Signature: Schuyler Colfax, V.P., no date.


            64x39.46         From Saml. Colman, Irvington, to Miss Bierstadt, dated April 10, 1869. 

                                    He did not have water colors for Buffalo which she had requested.  Colman was waiting for photographs and would send them along when available.


                                    [Samuel Colman, American artist, lived 1832-1920.]


            64x39.47         Signature of Dr. Crockett, Feb. 10 [no year].



Folder 11:


            64x39.49         Signature of Jasper F. Cropsey, no date.


            64x39.50         From G. W. Curtis, North Shore, Staten Island, to A. Bierstadt, March 26, 1865. 

                                    Declining invitation for dinner.


            64x39.51         From G. W. Curtis, North Shore, Staten Island, N.Y., dated December 27, 1865. 

                                    Declining invitation to club meeting.


            64x39.52         From Elizabeth B. Custer, Secretary of Society of Decorative Art, to A. Bierstadt, Dec. 13.

                                    Thanking him for donation to the Society.


            64x39.53         Signature of Richard H. Dana, Boston, April 19, 1854, removed from letter to R. T. Chilton, Washington,


            64x39.54         Anna [surname illegible, but appears to end in -kinson], New York City, to Eliza Bierstadt, March 5, 1867.           

                                    Expressing thanks for Eliza's letter in which she praised Anna and her work.


            64x39.55         Calling card of A. Bierstadt; on back: signature of John A. D[illegible].


            64x39.56         From Mary A. Dodge to Miss Bierstadt, no date. 

                                    Dodge explained she had had no photographs taken.


            64x39.57         From Mr. Dufferin (?), Chapel Street, Park Street, to A. Bierstadt, June 26, 1883. 

                                    Apologizes for not being able to see Bierstadt due to work schedule.


            64x39.58a       Note from Dunraven to Bierstadt, no date.

                                    Asks Bierstadt to accompany him to see a collection.


            64x39.58b       Envelope for invitation, addressed to Bierstadt at Brevort House.


            64x39.59         From Timothy Dwight, New Haven, to Mr. Wilder, November 7, 1890. 

                                    Declining invitation for dinner.



Folder 12:


            64x39.60         Scrap of paper, no date.  Lists three names (and addresses, possibly in Philadelphia): Harrison Earle, Samuel B. Fales and C. Schuessde. 


            64x39.61         From O. L. Elliott, March 19, 1866 [possibly 1868], to "Madam."   

                                    Refers to the enclosed "Carte D'Visite" for the “artists album” to be presented to the “Fair.”


            64x39.62         memorandum in pencil, noted as being in the handwriting of Edward Everett, instructing receiver of note to request Mr. Barringer at Madrid to have copies made of Washington Irving dispatches, to be sealed and addressed to Mr. Irving and forwarded to the Department.


            64x39.63         From James T. Fields, Boston, January 29, 1862, to "Dear Sir"

                                    Complimenting art work.


            64x39.64         From J. T. Fields to Bierstadt, December 27, 1865. 

                                    Declining invitation.


            64x39.65         Signature of John Fiske, Waterbury, Conn.,  February 3, 1897.


            64x39.66         For Mr. Bierstadt, October 4, 1865, a list of five names, possibly signatures: W. B. Franklin, Maj. Gen. [illegible], C. [illegible] Reach(?), R. [illegible] Jarvis, [illegible]


            64x39.67         From Mrs. J. D. Freeman ("Periwinkle"), New York, to A. Bierstadt, January 28, 1862. 

                                    Note relates to her visit to Bierstadt's studio in company with Mrs. Ga[illegible].


            64x39.68         From E.(?) B.(?) Fremont, Pocaho, near Tarrytown, to Miss Bierstadt, February 16, 1874. 

                                    Sent addresses of Anna de Raasloff, who was traveling in Europe.


            64x39.69         From J. B. [Jessie Benton] Fremont to Miss Bierstadt, no date. 

                                    Remarks about the art being so appreciated by a certain man [probably reference to her husband] and about selling art only to those who truly appreciate it. Invitation to dinner.


            64x39.70         From J. B. [Jessie Benton] Fremont to Miss Bierstadt, no date. 

                                    Invitation to visit their new place.



Folder 13:


            64x39.71         From Jessie B. Fremont to Miss Bierstadt, no date. 

                                    Explained that rain and plumbing work would prevent them from taking planned outing.


            64x39.72         From J. B. [Jessie Benton] Fremont, Pocaho, near Tarrytown, to Miss Bierstadt, February 16, 1868. 

                                    Writes of inability to purchase picture due to lack of funds.  Notes that A. Bierstadt's "Storm in the Rocky Mountains" had sold for a great price.  Mentions the Queen's interest in his work.


            64x39.73         [illegible] de Ville(?), Washington, to Miss Bierstadt, dated May 2, 1868. 

                                    Miss Bierstadt had had a question about sending package; writer instructs her to send it to Danish Consul in New York.  [Parcel is intended for Miss Raasloff.]


            64x39.74         From J. B. [Jessie Benton] Fremont, Arlington, to Miss Bierstadt, January 21, 1875. 

                                    Sent news of mutual friends, including Anna de Raasloff


            64x39.75         From J. C. [John C.] Fremont. to A. Bierstadt, April 8, no year. 

                                    Note with check for $4000.  “I promise myself much pleasure in seeing the picture at the Academy.”


            64x39.76         From Horace Howard Furness, Philadelphia, to A. Bierstadt, Feb. 9, no year.         Profusely thanks Bierstadt for picture of Mt. St. Helens.  [Writer had done some service for Bierstadt and this was means of repayment.]


                                    [H. H. Furness was a lawyer and Shakespeare scholar, living in Philadelphia.  His brother Frank Furness was a noted architect.]


            64x39.77         Scrap of paper with signature: "Lucretia R. Garfield."  No date.


            64x39.78         Admission ticket for Mrs. William Gay to Reception Ball in honor of H.I.H. The Grand Duke Alexis at the Academy of Music, November 29, 1871.  Signed by Albert Bierstadt.


            64x39.79         From W. Allan Gay, Boston, addressed to "Madame," March 13, 1870.  Acknowledges her note and request.  Mentions Mr. Gerry.


            64x39.80         Regis Gignoux, New York, to Mr. McHenry, October 17, 1865,

                                    Writer had been told by Bierstadt that McHenry wanted to buy art work entitled "Spring."  It was presently owned by W. A. Fowler who offered to sell it for $2000.  Offers his most important work, a view from the top of Mt. Washington, which he planned to exhibit at Paris.


                                    [Gignoux was a painter from France, working in the U.S.]


            64x39.81         From Parke Godwin, Roslyn, to Bierstadt, May 29, 1865.

                                    Invitation to visit.



Folder 14:


            64x39.82         From Arthur T. Hadley, New Haven, to Mrs. Taft, January 16, 1899.  Declining her request for him to lecture.   Colleague Irving Fisher is away and has resulted in more work for Hadley.


            64x39.83         From Constance Cary Harrison to Mr. Taft, no date. 

                                    Letter concerns Archie, a student of Mr. Taft.  Harrison is concerned about his weakness in algebra.


                                    [Mrs. Burton Harrison was a noted writer in her day.  Archie was her youngest son.]


            64x39.84         Reproduction of document dated June 1775, signed by John Hancock.  Begins “The delegates of the United States…," addressed to George Washington.


            64X39.85        From Winfield Scott Hancock, Governor’s Island, N.Y., to Bierstadt, New York City, dated December 16, 1881. 

                                    Encloses a printed letter of Lt. Gen. Sheridan concerning his trip through Rocky Mountains.  Asked for return of letter when Bierstadt was finished.


             64x39.86        From Winfield Scott Hancock, Governor’s Island, N.Y., to Bierstadt, New York City, November 14, 1885. 

                                    Requested information concerning an artist named Rev. Johannes A. Oertel who had a studio in either New York or in Garden City.


            64x39.87         From Townsend Harris to Bierstadt, New York, December 26, no year. 

                                    Declining Bierstadt's invitation to come and meet the "Travellers."


            64x39.88         From Thomas Hicks to Bierstadt, January 17, 1864. 

                                    Invitation to lunch with Miss Cozzens, the Hicks family, and others.


            64x39.89         From M. J. Holmes, Brown Cottage, Brockport, N.Y., to Miss Anne A. Thompson, April 22, 1893. 

                                    Declining invitation to speak at her church.


            64x39.90         From D. Huntington to Bierstadt, Christmas 1865. 

                                    Sends Christmas greetings and promises to visit Bierstadt's studio the following evening after attending "old-fashioned tea party."


            64x39.91         From J. B. Irving, Jr., Greenville, to Miss Bierstadt, March 20, 1866. 

                                    Note accompanying likenesses of Irving which she had requested.



Folder 15:


            64x39.92         From J.F. Kensett to Bierstadt, Jan. 2, 1866. 

                                    Declining invitation.


            64x39.93         Small card, no date.  Signature of and note from Thomas Starr King.


            64x39.94         From George B. Lambdin, Germantown, Pennsylvania, to Bierstadt, dated December 2, 1860. 

                                    Congratulates Bierstadt on reviving the Rotary exhibition project.  Promises to aid Bierstadt in plans and to see what directors of the Academy [in Philadelphia] can do.  He agrees French and German picture are bought while Americans "look in vain" for purchasers.


            64x39.95         From George B. Lambdin, Lanark, to Mr. Taylor, June 20, 1866.  Apologizes for forgetting Miss Bierstadt's request [apparently for a picture for an album].


            64x39.96         From F. W. Lander, to Bierstadt, May 4, 1859. 

                                    Letter of introduction for the Honorable Delegate from Utah, Dr. Bernhisal [sic].


                                    [Dr. John Milton Bernhisel was Utah’s first delegate to U.S. Congress.]


            64x39.97         From Charles Lanman, Newburyport, Massachusetts, to Bierstadt, Glen House, New Hampshire, August 4, 1862. 

                                    Comments on recent meeting at Glen House, N.H.  Mentions visiting Athenaeum Gallery in Boston and seeing Bierstadt's "Lucerne" and “Cathedral Porch.”  Praised Bierstadt's work and offered $100 for one of his small pictures.  Refers to war news in newspaper.


            64x39.98         Card signed Charles Lanman, September 26, 1862.


            64x39.99a-b    No date, fragments of letter signed E. [Emanuel]. Leutze. 

                                    Offers praise for Bierstadt. 

                                    Other fragment mentions Mr. Whitridge, and is signed by A. Achenbach, Jno. B. Irving, Jr. of Charleston, S.C., and William S. Hasseltine of Philadelphia.


            64x39.100       May 17, 1925, page 18 from the New York Times Magazine.  Article about recently discovered work of Leutze, a painting of Washington at battle of Trenton [photocopy]


            64x39.101       From Cecilia Lewis, Roxbury, to Bierstadt, April 28, 1863. 

                                    Poem she wrote in praise of Bierstadt's talent.


            64x39.102       Signature of Will (?) H. Les[illegible].  No date.


            64x39.103       From John A. Logan, U.S. Senate, Washington, D.C., to Bierstadt, July 20, 1882. 

                                    Pledging his support of art and artists.


            64x39.104       From Lorne [John Campbell, Marquess of Lorne,] to Bierstadt, May 25, 1882. 

                                    Lorne hopes to see Bierstadt in Quebec.  Almost ran into Bierstadt in Montana.  Polar bears have been seen close to the Gulf Stream.  The picture of Montmorencie(?) is the most valued of his pictures.


            64x39.105       From Lorne [John Campbell, Marquess of Lorne,] Victoria, B.C., to Bierstadt, November 14, 1882. 

                                    Expresses his and the Princess’ [his wife, Princess Louise] sympathy for disaster at Bierstadt's place on the Hudson.  Lorne had gotten the news from the Telegraph.



Folder 16:


            64x39.106       From Jervis McEntee, Rondout, to Bierstadt, May 14, 1864. 

                                    Thanked Bierstadt for sending check for $150 for the Count's picture.  Lamented lack of news in the country.  Am getting settled in new home.  Debating whether to go trout fishing or to New York City to conduct business.


            64x39.107       From Jervis McEntee, Kingston (Rondout), N.Y., to "Madame," September 5, 1874. 

                                    Apologizes for not having sketches for her to purchase.  Suggests she visit his studio in the city.  Preparing to leave for a sketching season.


            64x39.109       From T. Moran, New York, to Eliza Bierstadt, July 8, 1881. 

                                    Note sent with prescription for Salicylic Acid for rheumatism and gives direction for taking it.  Prescription is by Dr. W. O. Gorman [or Ogorman] of Newark.


            64x39.110       From Levi P. Morton, Paris, to the Hon. Alonzo Taft, U.S. Minister in Vienna, Dec. 3, 1883. 

                                    Reports the withdrawal of a decree of 1881 which prohibited the importation of American pork in France.  Refers to epidemic of trichinosis in Germany.  Greek government had also prohibited American pork.


            64x39.111       Name card of M de Munkacsy, Hoffman House, with note in German, no date. 


            64x39.112       Name card of M de Munkacsy, with note in German, no date. 


            64x39.113       two signatures of M de Munkacsy, 1886.


            64x39.114       Signature of M de Munkacsy, 1886.


            64x39.115       two signatures of M de Munkacsy, 1886.


            64x39.116       From Hugo Musterburg, Cambridge, Mass., to Mr. Taft, June 12, 1908.  Discusses school and education philosophy, argues against idleness of vacations and Saturdays for students, lack of discipline, and distraction of sports.




Folder 17:


            64x39.117       Signature of Joel Parker, no date.


            64x39.118       From William Lyon Phelps, Yale University, to Mrs. Taft, January 17, 1899.  Accepts invitation to speak on the "Origins of Modern Theatre."


            64x39.119       From Wendell Phillips to Eliza Bierstadt, no date. 

                                    Note with something he had sent to her, no indication what this was.


            64x39.120       From Sir Morton Peto, Clarendon Hotel, to Eliza Bierstadt, October 28, 1865. 

                                    Invitation for concert and dinner at Delmonico's.


                                    [Sir Samuel Morton Peto lived 1809-1889.  He was a civil engineer and entrepreneur.]


            64x39.121       From to H.J. Raymond, New York to L.J. Brideman(?), November 18, 1864.

                                    Declining invitation to give lecture.


            64x39.122       address for Mr. Bierstadt, Buchanan Road, 14th & Broadway.  Signed Wm. P. Brannan. No date.


            64x39.123       From William T. Richards, Germantown, Philadelphia, March 20, 1866, to Eliza Bierstadt. 

                                    Note accompanied a carte de visite.  Too busy at present to contribute to her art table for the fair.


            64x39.124       From P.F. Rothermel, Philadelphia, to Bierstadt, April 10, 1865. 

                                    Refers to Bierstadt's Rotary exhibition; wishes to advance art in the U.S.; has heard good things about Bierstadt's painting of Mt. Hope.


            64x39.125       From W. Raasloff, Washington, to Miss Bierstadt, January 31, 1866. 

                                    Thanked Miss Bierstadt for photographs of Anna; included a sketch of two Danish flags, one used on merchant ships and the other for a man-of-war.


                                    [General Waldemer Raasloff, 1815-1883, father of Anna Raasloff; was representative of Denmark to the United States during the Civil War.]


            64x39.126       From W. Raasloff , Clinton Place, to Bierstadt, no date. 

                                    Refers to delivery of box.  Anna is indisposed in Long Branch.



Folder 18:


            64x39.127       From F. B. Sanborn, Concord, Massachusetts, to Mrs. H. D. Taft, Wamscott, Long Island, July 1, 1904. 

                                    Refers to articles written by Sanborn dealing with genealogy of Sanborn family.  Refers to Rev. S. Bachler, founder of town of Hampton, N.H.


            64x39.128       From C. Samm(?), Detroit Post, Detroit, Mich., to J. R. Kochler, December 14, 1866. 

                                    Text in German. 

                                    Writer refused to give a lecture in Hoboken.  Engagements in West by Association of Western Literary Societies. 


            64x39.129       From John Sherman, Senate Chamber, Washington, to A. Bierstadt, June 9, 1886. 

                                    Had received Bierstadt's letter and referred it to Secretary of Treasury.


            64x39.130       Signature of John Sherman, cut from a letter, no date.


            64x39.131       From W. T. [William Tecumseh] Sherman, New York, to A. Bierstadt, New York, February 13, 1889. 

                                    Invitation to dinner with Sherman and friends.


            64x39.133       From Edward Seymour, Earl of Somerset, to Mrs.(?) Bierstadt, November 13, 1864 [possibly 1867].             

                                    Invitation to meet the Lord Chief Baron(?); please bring some sketches.


            64x39.134       From William L. Sonntag, New York, to Bierstadt, April 24, 1866. 

                                    Short note mentioning Bierstadt's brother.


            64x39.136       From E. C. Stedman, New York, to Bierstadt, September 4, 1893. 

                                    Accepting Bierstadt's invitation to join him at the Union League Club.


            64x39.138       From W. J. [William James] Stillman, Saranac Lake, Franklin County, N.Y., to Bierstadt, September 16, no year [but probably 1861]. 

                                    Invitation for Bierstadt to come to Adirondacks and take photographs.  Stillman offers to provide outfit for woods (boat, tent, etc.), and to serve as guide.


            64x39.139       From Elizabeth B. Stoddard to Bierstadt, April 26, no year. 

                                    Invitation to visit Stoddard and friends.


            64x39.140       From Alfred B. Street, Albany, to Judge Charles P. Daly, April 6, 1866. 

                                    Note sent along with gift.


            64x39.141       From Charles Sumner, Senate Chamber, [Washington, D.C.,] to "Dear Sir," March 31, 1862. 

                                    Note seeking recipient’s cooperation with Bierstadt as he traveled to Rocky Mountains.



Folder 19:


            64x39.142       Place card with name of Mrs. Horace D. Taft, March 4, 1909, decorated with watercolor of The White House.


                                    [Winifred Shepard Thompson Taft died in December 1909.]


            64x39.143       Place card with name of Mr. Horace D. Taft, March 4, 1909, decorated with watercolor of The White House.


                                    [Horace Dutton Taft, 1861-1943, founded the Taft school in Watertown, Conn.  He was a younger brother of President William Howard Taft.]


            64x39.144       Signature of William Howard Taft, signed Wm. H. Taft, taken from letter to his brother Horace D. Taft, the Taft School, Watertown, Connecticut. 


            64x39.145       From Theodore Tilton, The Independent, New York, to Bierstadt, December 5, 1864. 

                                    Introducing Lyman Beecher Carhart and ladies who wished to see his studio.


            64x39.146       From Theodore Tilton to Bierstadt, no date. 

                                    Asking price of Bierstadt's picture "Light and Shadow."


            64x39.147       From George Otto Trevelyan, London, April 30, 1902.  Addressed "Dear Sir." 

                                    Answering questions about the impending publication of his book on the American Revolution. 


            64x39.148       From Ross Turner, Salem, Mass., to Miss Bierstadt, March 8, 1888. 

                                    Answering her questions about prices of his watercolors.


            64x39.149       From Richard Grant White, Secretary, Metropolitan Fair for the U.S. Sanitary Commission, N.Y., to Bierstadt, April 16, 1864. 

                                    Bierstadt's communication about Indians then performing at the Fair had been read to the Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Committees of the Fair, and it was “resolved that Mr. Bierstadt be empowered to continue the engagement of the Indians, & to pay them for their services."


            64x39.150       Signature of W. Whittredge, no date, on portion of a letter to unknown person.


            64x39.151       From Geo. Wickersham to Mr. Taft, Oct. 28, 1909. 

                                    Expressing sympathy for Mrs. Taft's illness and operation.  Offers assistance while she is in Baltimore.


            64x39.152       From O. B. [Orlando Bolivar] Willcox, Wilson’s Station, above Petersburg, [Va.,] to Bierstadt, April 13, 1865. 

                                    Mr. Rennard and party did not visit.  Inquires if Bierstadt plans to paint any battle pieces.  He suggested Fort Steadman or Fort Mahone.  Will miss Bierstadt’s Richmond visit.  Sends greetings to members of Travelers Club, whom Willcox had met at Bayard Taylor’s rooms.


            64x39.153       Printed visiting card of N.P. Willis, Idlewild, no date.


            64x39.154       From O. Jennings Wise, Secretary, Legation of the U.S., Berlin, to Bierstadt, January 5, 1854.

                                    In answer to Bierstadt's question about a passport and travel in Germany.  Bierstadt was instructed to write to State Department in Washington for appropriate passport.  Mentions that Bierstadt has a Massachusetts passport, which is not recognized by all foreign countries.





Box 2:


Artwork and Photographs from scrapbook:


Folder 1:


            64x39.1           Photograph of Eliza Bierstadt, no date.  [in frame]


Folder 2:


            64x39.3           carte-de-visite photograph of Albert Bierstadt, with signature, no date.

                                    printed on back: Bierstadt Brothers, photographers, New Bedford, Mass.


            64x39.4           Photograph of unknown man.  He is elderly, with beard and appears to be wearing a cloak.


            64x39.5           Photograph of unknown man, no date.  Elderly with full beard.

                                    Blind-embossed on paper: Photo-plate Printing Co., Alberttype Process, E. Bierstadt supt. N.Y.


Folder 3:


            64x39.6           oil on paper, 1889.  Title - "Butterfly,"  signed and dated: Albert Bierstadt, July 15/89.  [in frame]


Folder 4:


            64x39.7           oil on paper, 1889.  Title - "Butterfly," signed and dated: Albert Bierstadt, July 15/89.  [in frame]


Folder 5:


            64x39.8           oil painting of butterfly, unsigned, undated


Folder 6:


            64x39.11         Albert Bierstadt's calling card, no date, with two men’s heads drawn onto the card.  [in frame]


Folder 7:


            64x39.137       carte-de-visite photo of Theo. R. Stevens, May 15, 1876.  Inscribed in German to Miss Bierstadt.

                                    Studio: A.J. Fox, 205 N. Fifth St., St. Louis. 


            64x39.155       carte-de-visite photograph of a woman, inscribed to Miss Bierstadt, no date.  Photographer: Bushby & Hart, in Lynn, Massachusetts.


Folder 8:


            64x39.156       Pencil sketch of water mill, rural scene.  Unsigned, undated. 



Scrapbook and items in scrapbook


Note: the items in Col. 276 whose accession numbers begin with 64x39 came out of this scrapbook.  Most of the items were loose and have been removed from the scrapbook and placed into separate folders.  However, a very few items remain in the book and are described below.


64x39              Scrapbook


64x39.40         Letter, G. W. Clinton, Buffalo, to Miss Eliza Bierstadt, Oct. 2, 1868. 

                        Sending her some shells; thanks for hospitality.


                        [additional Clinton letters: 64x39.39 and .41]


64x39.26         A. F. Bonheur, Magney-les-Hameaux, to Bierstadt, no date.

                        letter in French. 

                        Will be happy to receive him and his traveling companions.


                        [French artist August-Francois Bonheur, brother of Rosa Bonheur, lived 1824-1884.]


64x39.32a       a loose page, almost certainly describing the men in the photo in .32b.  The names include Anson Burlingame,  J. M’Leavy Brown, and E. de Champs.  There are also a number of Chinese characters, probably the names of the Chinese in the photo.


                        [Burlingame was an American diplomat; M’Leavy Brown was a member of the British Legation; and the Frenchman de Champs was an acting commissioner of customs.  The 3 of them were part of a Chinese diplomatic mission to the U.S. and Europe, which was formed in 1867.  Burlingame died in 1870.]


64x39.32b       photo of 8 men on a footbridge leading to Terrapin Tower at the Horseshoe Falls of Niagara Falls.  Five of the men are Chinese and the other three are Europeans or Americans. 


                        The man on the far left is Anson Burlingame.  Undoubtedly, these men are members of the Chinese diplomatic mission formed in 1867.


64x39.48         Note, G. Croly to “My dear Sir,” July [day and year illegible.] 

                        Penciled in: Paris, 1815. 

                        Invitation to take coffee with Croly’s mother.


                        [someone has identified this as the English poet George Croly]


64x39.28         Edwin Booth to Miss Bierstadt, June 6, 1864. 

                        Thank you for the gift.


64x39.135       signature of Jared Sparks


64x39.108       Don G. Mitchell [in pencil underneath: Ike [sic, i.e. Ik] Marvel], Edgewood, [Conn.,] to Bierstadt, Dec. 27, 1865. 

                        Declining invitation.


64x39.12         Ls [Louis] Agassiz, Cambridge, to Bierstadt, April 28, 1863. 

                        His young friends are not able to accompany Bierstadt on his travels.  Hears only praise for Bierstadt’s latest picture.


64x39.132       “B. P. [Benjamin Penhallow] Shillaber with compliments to A. B.,” [date illegible]; written in pencil: Mrs. Partington


                        [Mrs. Partington was a creation of the humorist Benjamin Penhallow Shillaber.]