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Creator:         Latimer family                        

Title:               Papers

Dates:             1801-1876, bulk 1815-1838   

Call No.:         Col. 235         

Acc. No.:        [various – see detailed description]

Quantity:        3 boxes

Location:        15 K 1






James Latimer  (May 19, 1719 -1807) was the founder of the Latimer family mercantile and political interests in America.  In 1736, he and his father, Arthur, emigrated from Ireland to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  James moved to Delaware and became one of the founders of Newport, New Castle County.  He married Sarah Geddes in 1749 and shortly thereafter built a home and store.  His business activities expanded to include milling and shipping grain and flour.  He was a supporter of American independence and was president of the Delaware convention which ratified the constitution in 1787.  James and Sarah had eight children.  The oldest two, George (1750-1825) and Henry (1752-1819) both became prosperous in their own right.  While Henry remained in Newport, George settled in Philadelphia, Pa.


After receiving a B.A. in 1770 and A.M. in 1773 from the College of Philadelphia, Henry attended medical school in Edinburgh.  Returning to Delaware in 1777, he received a commission as a surgeon in the Continental Army and for the hospital of the United States Army in 1781.  In addition to being a distinguished surgeon, Henry participated in local and national politics.  He served in the Delaware state legislature and then as a Representative in the U.S. Congress from 1793 to 1795.  He was a Senator from 1795 until he resigned in 1802.  Henry helped found and became the first president of the Agricultural Society of Delaware in 1804.  He was a member of the Delaware State Society of the Cincinnati.  Henry was also engaged in mercantile activities with his brother, George, and nephew, James. 


Dr. Henry was thirty-three when he married Ann Cathcart.  She died in 1785 and he married Ann Richardson on February 26, 1789.  The two had five children: Sarah, John Richardson (1793-1865), Mary Richardson, Henry (1799-1885), and James, all born and raised in Newport, Delaware.  When Dr. Henry died in 1819, Henry, Jr. and John Richardson Latimer served as executors of his estate.


Sometime before 1816, John Richardson Latimer went to Philadelphia to receive training in a counting house, probably that of his uncle, George.  George arranged for John R. and his son, James, to enter the China trade.  John R. made his first supercargo voyage to Canton in 1815.  From that time until 1838 John R. made regular voyages between China and his home in Delaware, spending most of his time abroad.  Profits from his years in China allowed him to retire at the age of forty.  In 1838, he and his wife, Elizabeth Caldwell Keppele, moved to an estate which they named "Latimeria."  During his retirement years, John R. was elected to the Delaware constitutional convention, served as president of the Pennsylvania Society of the Cincinnati, and was a member of the executive committee for the Soldiers National Cemetery at Gettysburg.  He died at his home in 1865.


Like his brother John R., Henry also seems to have received early training in his uncle's counting house.  He took an interest in agriculture and spent his early years farming family land.  Henry was the most settled of the Latimer children.  When John R. was abroad, Henry held his power of attorney and invested his profits in the stocks and bonds of American firms.  On June 6, 1822, he married Sarah Anne (Sally) Bailey, daughter of Joseph Bailey, president of the Bank of Delaware.  They resided at Woodstock, near Newport, the family home he had inherited from his father.  The following year, Henry became a director of The Bank of Delaware.  In 1841, he became its president, a position he held for thirty-one years.  He remained active in Delaware affairs until his death in 1885.  


The family of Henry Latimer belonged, for a time, to the Quaker faith.  Henry Latimer and Sarah Anne Bailey’s children were sons Henry (called Junior in his father’s will), Joseph B. (born 1830), and John R. (born 1831), and daughters Elizabeth T. (1823-1895), Anna R. (1826-1905), and Mary R. (1834-1929).    Elizabeth and Anna were disowned by the Quakers in 1847, while Joseph, Henry Jr., John, and Mary resigned from the Wilmington Monthly Meeting [Quaker] in 1853.  Joseph B. Latimer graduated from Delaware College [University of Delaware] in 1848 and studied law at the University of Pennsylvania.  He was not mentioned in his father’s will written in 1878.  The three daughters were referred to by their maiden names in their father’s will.





The collection is comprised of documents relating to the Latimer family which fit into three series.  The first series contains original family documents.  Most of these items document household expenses, such as bills, receipts, and other documents that pertain to household purchases and expenses, including schooling for Latimer children in 1801 and 1815, clothing, household furnishings, china, silver, kitchenware, and passes for tolls on Delaware roads.  The bulk of the bills and receipts are for items purchased by or for Sally Anne Bailey in preparation for her marriage to Henry Latimer, Jr., in 1822 and in the first few months of their marriage.  Also featured is the estate inventory of Dr. Henry Latimer.  The appraisal was done in the form of a room by room listing on April 6, 1820.   Also of note is a receipted bill for a coal stove purchased by Henry Latimer in 1839 that includes a printed warranty.  Also in this series are a few letters between John Richardson Latimer and John Williams Andrews about the purchase of Andrews’ estate in Christiana Hundred, a few bills to J.R. Latimer’s estate, some scattered letters, and a silk ribbon from the International Exhibition in London in 1862.


The second series, China trade, relates primarily to John Richardson Latimer's activities importing tea, opium, fabric, some lacquer ware, and porcelains from China.  Included are an invoice for merchandise shipped (china, textiles, and tea) and bill of lading for the same shipment with ten samples of silk (acc. 60x27), imported by James Latimer, Jr. and John Stocker, Jr. in 1807; two letterbooks used by John Richardson Latimer and George Latimer from 1815 to 1820 to record letters to customers about orders and market conditions; a record book (1828-1834) listing dates of arrival and departure of American ships at Canton, their destinations, and products being imported and exported; John Latimer's cashbook used in 1822 and 1823 and his daybook used from 1828 to 1833; a price and order book used in 1833; and other items showing imports, exports, and values of products. 


In the third series are photocopies of letters from John Richardson Latimer to his family (with some transcriptions), a lecture and an article about John Richardson Latimer by Charles Hummel, various notes bout J. R. Latimer, and correspondence from various people, but primarily descendants of the Latimer family, with Hummel and with others.  Included with the correspondence are some photographs and negatives of the estate “Latemeria,” including views of the garden and the Gothic style stable.  As well, there is a rough sketch of the layout of the garden.





The collection is organized into three series: I. Original documents, many about household expenses; II. China trade; and III. notes on the Latimer family collected by Charles Hummel.  Each series is arranged chronologically.





Purchases and gifts from various sources.

Accessions 96x105, 11x54, and 12x66: gifts of Charles Hummel.  Also, one folder from accession 2018x7 was added to Col. 235.





The materials are in English.





Collection is open to the public.  Copyright restrictions may apply.





Thill, Joan Kerr Farley.  "A Delawarean in the Celestial Empire: John Richardson Latimer and the China Trade," thesis, University of Delaware, June 1973.


Garden gates and a summer house from the “Latimeria” garden are now in the Winterthur garden.  Winterthur Museum has a small pantry from “Latimeria” installed adjacent to the Port Royal Parlor.


Additional material about John Richardson Latimer is held by the Library of Congress.






            Latimer, Henry, 1752-1819.

            Latimer, Henry, 1799-1885.

            Latimer, John Richardson, 1793-1865.

            Latimer, Sarah Anne Bailey.

            Latimer, Ann Richardson, 1760-1840.

            Latimer, George, 1750-1825.

            Latimer, James.

            Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, 1819-1901 - Portraits.



            International Exhibition of Industry and Art (1862 :  London)


            Accounting – Study and teaching.

            China trade porcelain.

            Clothing and dress.

Dowry - Delaware.



House furnishings.

Household linens.

Household supplies.

Inventories of decedents' estates - Delaware - Newport.

Kitchen utensils.

Lectures and lecturing - Manuscripts.


Marriage customs and rites.

Opium trade.

Porcelain, Chinese.


Shipping - Accounting.

            Ships - Cargo.

            Shipment of goods.

            Silk, Chinese.


Stables - Pictorial works.



            Textile fabrics - Sample books.

            Canton (China) - Commerce.

            Latimeria (Del. : Estate)


            Bills of lading.



            Bills (financial).




Additional author:

            Hummel, Charles.






Location: 15 K 1



Series I:  Original documents, chiefly concerning household expenses


Box 1: (flat box)


Folder 1: Bills and receipts, 1801-1817:


            60x1.1             Bill from Mary Wayne to Henry Latimer for schooling and firewood, May 1, 1801.


            60x1.2-.3         Printed bills from John Bullock, Wilmington, to Ann Latimer, May 12 and August 10, 1815.  Each bill is for two quarters of schooling, stationary and fund for maps, etc.


            60x1.4             Receipted bill from John McClung to Mrs. Ann Latimer for cloth, thread, buttons, tape, etc., and for making coats, vests, and trousers.  Items listed date from October 18, 1816 to March 5, 1817.


            Ph-865             Photocopy of a receipted bill from the Pennsylvania Hospital to George Latimer for board of Dr. Henry Latimer and servant, Philadelphia, 1817.  Payment was received from Henry Latimer.


            52.75.14          Receipted bill (printed billhead) from Charles C & J Watson, 92 Chestnut St., Philadelphia to Henry Latimer, Dec. 31, 1817.  For tailoring work.


Folder 2: Estate inventory:


            60x1.5             “Inventory of household goods, livestock, farming utensils, &c &c, late the property of Dr. Henry Latimer….”  Wilmington, Del., April 6, 1820.  Appraisal given in the form of a room by room listing of 123 Market Street.  Also includes some items on two farms.  The house and farm land are not appraised.   Appraisal signed by Edward Gilpin and Joseph Baily.

                                    [paper watermarked M in two places]


Folder 3: Bills and receipts of Sally Ann Bailey Latimer, 1822:


            Consists of bills, receipts, etc. for articles purchased by Sally Ann Bailey in preparation for her marriage to Henry Latimer and by her and Henry shortly after their marriage.


            52.72.2             Bill from Allan Thomsom to Sally Ann Bailey for fabrics, notions, table linens, gloves, sewing notions, etc.  December 1821 to June 1822.


            52.72.29          Bill from John M. Vanharlinger for linen, Philadelphia, March 1822.


            52.72.33          Bill, R. Tyndale to Samuel Bailey for 1 Canton china dining set (pieces listed), glassware, 4 plain glass plates, 2 blue printed chamber sets, etc., Philadelphia, March 4, 1822.


            52.72.9             Bill, Gardiner, Vernon & Co. to Mr. S. Bailey for French china, Sheffield plated castors, silver mustard spoon, etc., Philadelphia, March 5, 1822.


            52.72.30          Bill, George Blackwell to Miss Bailey for trimming a pair of shoes, March, 1822.


            52.72.23          Receipted bill, Thomas J. Fassitt to Samuel Bailey for gilt frame glasses, andirons, coffee pot, etc., Philadelphia, March 6, 1822.


            52.72.5             Bill, John Roset to Miss Bailey for quilt and table cloth, April, 1822.


            52.72.20          Receipted bill, Townsend Sharpless to Samuel Bailey for quilts, blankets, table cloths, napkins, and other household linens, Philadelphia, April 3, 1822.


            52.72.22          Receipted bill, Levi Talley to Miss Bailey for "super furniture chintz," Wilmington, April 17, 1822.


            52.72.28          Receipted bill, Eli Mendinhall to Sally Ann Bailey for linen, crush, and thread, April 4 and May 14, 1822.


            52.72.14          Bill, John Jacobs to J. Archer for matting, Philadelphia, April 24, 1822.


            52.72.19          Receipted bill, from Joseph B. Lapsley for venetian and single border (paper?), stair rods, etc., Philadelphia, April 24, 1822.


            52.72.4            Receipted bill, Earp & Brothers to Miss Bailey for tea trays, Philadelphia, April 25, 1822.


            52.72.24          Bill, P. Perdriaux to Miss Bailey for French china, Philadelphia, April 25, 1822.


            52.72.3             Bill, R. Tyndale to Miss Bailey for china plates, tumblers, custards, cut pickle glass stands, etc., Philadelphia, April 25, 1822.


            52.72.25          Bill, from Thomas Jones for habit cloth, silk frogs, and silk velvet, Philadelphia, April 25, 1822.


            52.72.16          Receipted bill from Claypoole & Wilson to Miss Bailey for window cornices, muslin, fringe, etc., and making draperies, April 25, 1822.


            52.72.10          Bill from M. Bouvier for furniture (side board, tables, lounge, work stand, wash stands, etc.) with a note "the above furniture is to be made as verbally described ... by the last of April 1822."  Prices for the furniture included.


            52.72.31          Receipted bill from George Blackwell to Mrs. Latimore for shoes, May 4, 1822.


            52.72.7             Receipted bill, Henry J. Pepper to Mr. Joseph Bailey for soup ladle, spoons, etc., May 16, 1822.


            52.75.15          Receipted bill, Albert Robinson to Henry Latimer for marble mantel, marble hearth, etc., Wilmington, May 19, 1822.


            52.72.17          Bill, L. Sharpless to Miss Bailey for materials and making a dress, May 21, 1822.


            52.72.34          Bill, Edward Lownes to Miss Bailey for silver plated tea set including coffee pot, teapot, water pot, etc., Philadelphia, May 28, 1822.

                                    (Lownes was a silversmith active from 1817 to 1833; set was made in a transitional style)


            52.72.12          Receipted bill, James Bringhurst to S. A. Latimer for trimming shoes, May-June, 1822.


            52.72.32          Receipted bill, Newlin & Woolston to Mrs. Sarah Ann Latimer for cooking equipment (pots, pans, ladles, tea kettles, etc.), May-July, 1822.


            52.72.15          Receipted bill, William G. Jones to Sarah Ann Bailey for furniture, Wilmington, June 3, 1822.


            52.72.21          Receipted bill, D. Smyth to Sally Ann Latimer for jars, baking dishes, etc., Wilmington, June 24, 1822.


            52.72.18          Receipted bill, Thomas C. Alricks to Mrs. Latimore for pots, pans, etc., June 24, 1822.


            52.72.1             Bill, Allan Thomson to Henry Latimer for fabrics and pins, June-July, 1822.


            52.72.8            Receipted bill, John Wright to Henry Latimer for "56 lbs. of cattails..." Wilmington, July 3, 1822.


            52.72.6             Receipted bill, John Witsil to Henry Latimer for tubs and a bucket, Wilmington, August 7, 1822.


            52.72.26          Receipted bill, Edith Yarnall to Sally Ann Latimer for Russian sarkings (undershirts), August 14, 1822.


            52.72.13          Receipted bill, Jane Alldrich to Sarah Ann Latimer for ribbons, combs, etc., August, 1822.


            52.72.27          Receipted bill, Mary Harbison to Mrs. Latimer for making and altering dresses, September 25, 1822.


            52.72.11          Bill, Samuel Wollaston to Henry Latimer for shoes, September-October, 1822.


Folder 4: Bills and receipts, 1823-1845, 1866


            52.72.3             Printed receipt and pass for Henry Latimer and family at gates 1 and 2 on the Wilmington and Christiana Turnpike Road, March 25, 1823.


            52.75.5             Printed receipt and pass for Henry Latimer and family on the New-Castle Turnpike Road, March 1824.


            52.75.11          Receipted bill, William G. Jones to Henry Latimer for small mahogany bookcase and repairing, polishing, etc., Wilmington, 1827.


            52.75.7             Printed permit granted to Ann Latimer to pipe Brandywine Water into her house on Market St., between Hanover and Queen, Wilmington, signed by Mahlon Betts, chairman for Watering Committee, 1828.


            52.75.6             Printed pass for James Latimer and family for the Wilmington Bridge for the year 1829.


            52.75.8             Printed pass for James Latimer and family for Gate 1 on the Wilmington and Christiana Turnpike Road, 1833.


            52.75.4             Printed order on the Bank of Delaware to pay John Torbet $260, signed by James Latimer, Jr.  Order form sold by J. Wilson, No. 105, Market St., 1834.


            52.75.12          Receipted bill (printed billhead), Thomas Natt, Looking Glass Manufactory, No. 192 Chestnut St., Philadelphia to Mr. Latimer for one white looking glass plate, Dec. 7, 1835.


            52.75.10          Receipted bill, William G. Jones to Henry Latimer for repairing and varnishing a bureau, ten knobs, and key, Wilmington, 1838.


            52.75.9             Printed pass for John Latimer and family at Gate 1 on the Wilmington and Christiana Turnpike Road, 1838 and 1839.


            53.75.13          Receipted bill (printed) for postage, Wilmington Post Office to H. Latimer, March 31, 1839.


            52.75.1             Receipted bill (printed, with picture of stove), Griffin and File, Stove Manufactory at No. 18 Market St. to Mr. Latimer for coal stove, etc., Wilmington, 1839.  Warranty printed at bottom of the bill.


            52.75.2             Printed receipt, Lewis Wilson to Henry Latimer for a copy of the Wilmington Directory, Oct. 13, 1845.


            Ph-866             Photocopy of list of personal bequests of the property of John R. Latimer, ca. 1860-1865.

                                                Includes Bible, Bishop Latimer’s sermons, silver bowl, silver cake basket, Cincinnati eagles, sea wash stand, telescope, gold watches, gold snuff box, etc.



            74x147.15       receipted bill, Henry Latimer paid Robinson & Bro., carriage builders, Wilmington, Del., July 12, 1866, for painting carriage, new carpet, and covering shaft and foot board.

                                    Printed billhead; has internal revenue stamp.



Box 2:


Folder 1: John Richardson Latimer and John Williams Andrews, 1838-1839 (acc. 12x66.1-.8)


            .1         letter, Andrews, Andrewsia, [Christiana Hundred], to JRL, Philadelphia, July 30, 1838.  Offers to sell his estate to JRL.

            .2         letter, JRL, Philadelphia, to JWA, July 31, 1838 [contemporary copy].  Is interested in the estate and asks JWA to state a price.

            .3         letter, Andrews, Andrewsia, to JRL, Philadelphia, August 1, 1838.  Sets his price.

            .4         bond no. 1, JRL to JWA, Aug. 23, 1838.  [printed form from E.A. Wilson, stationer, Wilmington].  Terms of payment by JRL to JWA.  Signed Henry Latimer and Wm. Connolley[?].  With added assignment, JWA to Enos Painter, Delaware County, Penn.  [note: bond now in two pieces]

            .5         bond no. 2, JRL to JWA, Aug. 23, 1838.  [printed form from A. Walker, Philadelphia].  Terms of payment by JRL to JWA.  Signed Henry Latimer and Wm. Connolley[?].                 

.6         assignment of mortgage, JWA to Enos Painter, March 13, 1839.

.7         power of attorney, Enos Painter to JWA, August 12, 1839.

.8         letter, JRL, near Wilmington, to JWA, March 7, 1839.  About making a payment.


Folder 2:  Deed, John R. Latimer & wife [Elizabeth C. K. Latimer] to Nelson Cleland, Dec. 14, 1839 (acc. 12x140.5)


            The Latimers convey the property in Christiana Hundred recently purchased from John Williams Andrews to Nelson Cleland.  The indenture gives the names of the owners of the adjacent properties.  Witnessed by Marcus E. Capelle and Jonas Pusey.  On parchment, with seals.


            [Other deeds involving Nelson Cleland are found in Col 292 in this repository.]



Folder 3: estate of John R. Latimer, 1865 (acc. 12x66.9-.13)


            .9         part of will of JRL (top half of pages only), with stamp dated Jan. 26, 1865.  Signed by Robert C. Frarin[?], register for the probate of wills.

            .10       bill to estate of JRL from John Ball, for taxes, Feb. 18, 1865.

            .11       William Reston, Wilmington city treasurer, acknowledges receipt of $2000 left to the city by JRL, July 14, 1865.

            .12       bill to estate of JRL from Wm. Foord, for dozens of something, August 7, 1865.

            .13       bill to estate of JRL from George W. Vernon, for subscription to the Delaware Republican, Feb. 5-6, 1866



Folder 4: miscellaneous items pertaining to John R. Latimer (acc. 12x66.14-.15, .17-.20a-b)


            .14       accounts, Sarah R. Latimer in account current with JRL, acting administrator to the estate of Dr. Henry Latimer, about stock and bonds transferred to her, 1820.

            .15       letter, JRL, Philadelphia, to William P. Israel, Feb. 3, 1821 [probably copy of letter], about repayment of money owed to JRL.

            .17       letter [in pieces], W.M. Meredith, Philadelphia, to JRL, near Wilmington, Nov. 18, 1839.  About receipt of ground rent, family news, etc.

            .18       letter, JRL, Philadelphia, to “my dear sister,” no date.  About illness and wellness in family and other news.

            .19       poem which begins “When spring assumes her bright attractive dress….”  With note in pencil: “J.L.’s last, unfinished, left in pencil”

            .20a-b  blank envelope and letter sheet, blind embossed with a crest



Folder 5: silk ribbon, 1862 (acc. 12x66.21a-b)


            .21a     silk ribbon from International Exhibition, London, 1862, with woven portrait of Queen Victoria, within a floral wreath, in shades of cream, gray, black.

            .21b     envelope which held ribbon



Folder 6: letters and receipts pertaining mostly to Henry Latimer (1799-1885) (acc. 15x94.2-.30)


            .2         hand-written calling card for Mr. H. Latimer


            .3         letter, [illegible] Borrie, York, Pa., to Henry Latimer, Philadelphia, March 31, 1820.


            .4         letter, [illegible] Borrie, York, Pa., to Henry Latimer, Philadelphia, April 24, no year.


            .5         letter, Thomas Mifflin, York Co., [Pa.], to Henry Latimer, Philadelphia, May 10, 1820.  Mentions that Henry’s brother has a store to sell East India goods.  Writes about his long ride to Meadville, Penn., and back to York.


            .6-.7     receipts for postage, Wilmington, Del., April 1 and Occtober 1, 1825.  Charles T. Grubb received payment for N.G. Williamson.  Postage accounts were for Mrs. Ann Latimer, Miss Mary R. Latimer, Henry Latimer, and James Latimer, Jr.


            .8-.9     Henry Latimer, Wilmington, promises to pay John R. Latimer, July 1, and Sept. 2, 1836.


            .10       Receipt, Henry Latimer paid McGovern & Fitzpatrick, Aug. 26, 1836, for items bought at public sale, including blankets, coverlets, a ladle, and a large kettle.


            .11       Henry Latimer, Wilmington, promises to pay John R. Latimer, Nov. 4, 1836.


            .12       Receipt, Henry Latimer gave stock certificates in Bank of the United States to Capt. John Gallagher, U.S. Navy, Wilmington, Del., May 1, 1837.


            .13       Bill from Samuel Baily, Stanton Mills, for building and repairs to property in Newport and for rent, July 5, 1837-March 25, 1842.  The property was owned by John R., Henry, and Mary Latimer.

                                    The bill mentions a store house, a house and kitchen, a wharf, and a dock.  Work done included installing flooring, roofing, and digging out a foundation.  Materials purchased included scantling, poles, joists, nails, hinges, and other building supplies.  Workmen are named. 


            .14       receipted bill, Henry Latimer paid John Coleman for blacksmithing work and shoeing horses, July 11, 1837-Jan. 6, 1838.


            .15       receipted bill: H. Latimer paid George Zantzinger, Philadelphia, for Roman cement, Sept. 6, 1837.  Printed billhead.


            .16       receipted bill: Henry Latimer paid William Foord, Wilmington, for porter, Sept. 16-Nov. 17, 1837.


            .17       receipted bill, Henry Latimer paid Samuel Richardson, Mill Creek Mill, for superfine flour and cornmeal, Nov. 29, 1837.


            .18       receipted bill, Miss E. T. Latimer paid Miss M.C. Smith for music lessons, use of piano forte, and music, May 14, 1838.


            .19       receipt, Henry Latimer paid money due to estate of John L. Morris, received by executor Jno. L. Robeson, June 8, 1838.


            .20       receipted bill: Henry Latimer paid C. Kimber, Wilmington, for tuition for sons Henry Jr., Joseph B., and John R., plus pen, ink, and a copy book, July 6, 1838.


            .21       receipted bill [printed form]: H. Latimer paid Miss Maria C. Smith, Wilmington, for tuition of Miss E. Latimer, also two books, July 14, no year [possibly 1838].


            .22       receipted bill: Henry Latimer paid F.C. Labbé for tuition in dancing for 4 scholars [not named, Oct. 25, 1838.


            .23       receipted bill: Henry Latimer paid C. Kimber, Wilmington, for tuition for sons Henry Jr., Joseph B., and John R., plus pen and ink, Oct. 25, 1838.


            .24       part of a bill: Henry Latimer bought from John Fullimer[?]:  purchase and mending of books and shoes, including shoes for a black woman, Nov. 26, 1840-June 14, 1841.


            .25       Henry Latimer, Wilmington, promises to pay John R. Latimer, Nov. 12, 1841.


            .26       short letter, V. & J.F. Gilpin, no place, to Henry Latimer, Wilmington, no date but endorsed as received Nov. 11, 1843.  About purchases of stocks and bonds. 


            .27       short letter from M.R. Latimer to Henry Latimer, Woodstock, not dated by received by Henry on Sept. 5, 1852.  It concerns payments made by him to her.

                                    [This M.R. Latimer was probably Henry’s sister Mary Richardson (1796-1871).]


            .28       copy of short letter, Henry Latimer, Wilmington, to President of Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore Railroad, Philadelphia, Jan. 16, 1857.  Requesting compensation for a cow belonging to J.R. Ware, a tenant of Latimer’s, which cow was killed by one of the railroad’s trains.  The railroad’s fence along the tracks was in poor repair.


            .29       letter, H.L. [Henry Latimer, Jr.], Nashville, [Tenn.], to Pa, Sept. 10, 1857.  Gives his route from Philadelphia to Nashville, via Wilmington, N.C., and Atlanta.  Is leaving soon for St. Louis.


            .30       Henry Latimer, Jr., in account with Henry Latimer, Nov., 16, 1875-Aug. 15, 1876.  Lists amounts of money.



Folder 7: accounting book of Joseph Latimer, 1844 (acc. 15x94.1)


            It is not entirely clear who Joseph Latimer was.  Likely, he was Joseph B. Latimer, son of Henry (1799-1885) and Sarah Anne Bailey Latimer, who was born in May 1830.  The volume was probably a school or apprenticeship exercise book.  On the front fly-leaf, it was noted that the volume was “commenced Jan. 24th, 1844, ended February 7.”  The entries, however, are all dated 1836.  It contains sections headed Cash book, Invoice book, Sales book, Bill book, and Book keeping.  It was used to record sales and purchases, and international trade is mentioned (Cuban tobacco, Malaga wine, Java coffee, Brazil sugar, Virginia hams).


            The accounts were kept in a blank book of the sort often used by students.  Printed on the front cover are views of The Battery - New York and the Pyramids - Egypt.  On the back cover is found a multiplication table, and the name Joseph Latimer, January 24, 1844.




Series II: China trade


Box 1: (flat box)


Folder 5:


            69x4    Invoice for merchandise shipped from Canton, China by James Latimer, Jr. and John Stocker, Jr. on the ship Dorothea, Martin D. Dougherty, master, and consigned to Robert Coleman in Philadelphia.  Dated Dec. 8, 1807.  Merchandise included twelve boxes of china, bales of cloth, textiles, and tea.


            60x27  Bill of lading for the same shipment, with ten samples of silk that were carried in one of the boxes (mounted on Chinese paper).  There is writing in Chinese on the sheet.


            85x128.6         “invoice of merchandise shipped by J. R. Latimer on board the ship Julia, William Fleming, commander, bound for Philadelphia …,” from Canton, January 4, 1834.  Merchandise included teapoys, lacquered plates, watch stand, painted silk fans and feather fans, claret bottle stands of bamboo, Manilla hats, silver gilt tea strainers, palm leaf and paper fans, books of paintings in watercolors, pearl fish knives and salt spoons, lacquered tea boards, wash basins and pitchers, soap boxes, brush boxes, mugs, cuspidors, jars, bidets, oil paintings, jars of candied ginger, floor matting, Japan wares (cabinet, stand, box and board, Bengal sealing wax, etc.), lacquered screen with eight leaves, teas, Chinese bamboo hats and baskets, Madiera wine, etc.

                                    Also a document: Jno. R. Latimer attested that the invoice was a true statement of what was being shipped, sworn before the French consul in Canton, there being no American consul or commercial agent.

                                    The document is endorsed with the date May 8, 1834, presumably the date the shipment was received in Philadelphia.

                                    Watermark on paper: Amies, Philada.


Folder 6:


            Ph-864             List of sea clothing of John R. Latimer, Philadelphia, Pa. ca. 1816.


            Ph-867             Newspaper clipping about Ship Bengal (used by John R. Latimer to transport goods).  It quotes from a letter of supercargo.  April, 1816.


            Ph-863             John R. Latimer's copy of the Macao Directory, 1830.


Folder 7:


            60x1.6             Manuscript copy of "statement of the American Trade to Canton during the season of 1828/29" with four extensive tables showing imports, exports, ships in the trade, home ports of ships, value of cargo, etc.


            60x1.7             Manuscript copy of "Statement of consumption and value of Indian opium in China from the 1st April 1829 through January, 1830," showing types and value of opium and losses in a typhoon at Macao.


            12x66.16         letter and receipt, JRL, Canton, to Capt. E. Rosseter, Ship Superior, Capsingmoon, Sept. 9, 1833.  F. Jauncey’s receipt for Turkey opium.



Folder 8:          60x1.11b         Tea wrapper found in 60x1.11a (which is in Box 2)


Folder 9:          60x1.8             Letterbook, 1815-1819.  62 pp.


                        Kept by John R. Latimer, the volume contains correspondence and accounts relative to the China trade in chinaware, especially Nankeen, opium, tea, silks, etc.  Most of the letters were written from Canton to Philadelphia by Latimer to customers about their orders and the market (copies of orders included).  Some instructions from Philadelphia to agents in Canton are also featured.  The volume closes with lists of products (types of teas, silks, opium) and descriptions of china patterns.


                        Paper watermarked T. Gilpin & Co., Brandywine.


Folder 10:        60x1.9             Letterbook, 1819-1820.  18 pp.


                        Kept by John R. Latimer, the volume contains letters relative to business Latimer had conducted for the recipients in Canton.  Many were accompanied by invoices for goods, price lists, or instructions for sales; several refer to business ventures in Spanish ports.  A few were written on John's behalf by his uncle, George Latimer.


                        The letters were dated from Philadelphia.  Correspondents were (in alphabetical order) David Correy & Co. (Port au Prince), James Crawford, George M. Eyre, John Gibson, Capt. George L. Israel, Joseph Israel, William P. Israel, John M. Kittera, Wm. & Abr. R. Luyster (New York), Samuel W.[?] Morris (Wellsboro), L. Petty (Savannah), George Read (New Castle, Del.), Josiah Roberts (London), Benjamin Rush (Canton), Messrs Smith & Bailey (New York),  John M. Souffront (St. Thomas), F. W. Sperry, Robert R. Stewart. B. C. Wilcocks (Canton), Capt. Peter Wiltberger,


Folder 11:        60x1.13           Price and order book, 1833.  6 pp.


                        Order pages were ruled and set up to show from whom each item was acquired, number and marking of boxes, number of piculs, price, and (in some cases) what was exchanged.  Merchandise listed on the few pages that were filled in includes textiles, shawls, satins, and boxes of china. 

                                    The volume is made from Asian-made (probably Chinese) paper, with a blue paper cover.  The leaves are folded at the fore-edge and secured at spine in a typical Chinese structure.



Box 2:


Folder 8:          60x1.14           Cash book, 1822-1823.  49 pp.


                        Records John R. Latimer's current accounts and expenses.  A number of transactions with the estate of Henry Latimer (d. 1820) are noted.  Profit and loss statements and bank dividends were included.  The volume also contains a listing showing disbursements for the ship Superior and expenses associated with a factory.


Folder 9:          60x1.11a         Account book, 1827.  13 pp.


                        Lists teas purchased and sold by John R. Latimer.

                        [note: tea wrapper which was laid into this volume is in Box 1, folder 8]


Folder 10:        60x1.12           Daybook, 1828-1833.  42 pp.


                        Records John R. Latimer's purchases, sales, hiring of a linguist, imports, exports, shipping charges, and inspection fees as well as ship's names and destinations, money equivalents, etc. while in Canton.


Folder 11:        60x1.10           Record book, 1828-1834.  63 pp.


                        John R. Latimer's lists of American ships, dates of arrival and departure at Canton, destination, imports, and exports.  The volume also includes notes on the delivery, Calcutta sales, and consumption of opium.



Series III: Notes from Charles Hummel


Box 3:


Folder 1:          Notes by Charles Hummel Latimer family (mostly hand-written transcriptions of letters) (acc. 2018x7)


Folder 2:          “John Richardson Latimer Comments on the American Scene”: drafts, notes, and page proofs of article, circa 1955 (acc. 11x54)


Folder 3:          “John Richardson Latimer and the China Trade”: lecture and article by Charles Hummel, 1958 (acc. 96x105.1 and 11x54)


Folder 4:          Photocopies of letters from John Richardson Latimer, circa 1824-1837. (acc. 96x105)


Folder 5:          Photocopies of letters from John Richardson Latimer, circa 1820s. (acc. 96x105)


Folder 6:          Photocopies and transcriptions of letters from John Richardson Latimer, circa 1815-1823.  (acc. 96x105)


Folder 7:          Photocopies and transcriptions of letters from John Richardson Latimer, circa 1830s; notes from Charles Hummel (acc. 96x105)


Folder 8:          Transcriptions of letters, chiefly of John Richardson Latimer, circa 1805-1823.  (acc. 11x54)


Folder 9:          Transcriptions of letters, from John Richardson Latimer to family, 1821-1834 (acc. 12x66)


Folder 10:        Photographs, chiefly of Latimer portraits (James and Sarah Geddes Latimer , John R. Latimer, Ann Richardson (Mrs. Henry) Latimer) (acc. 11x54 and 12x66)


Folder 11:        John Richardson Latimer papers at Library of Congress  (Ph 906)


Folder 12:        Correspondence with Charles Hummel about the Latimers; includes photos and negatives of “Latimeria” and sketch of garden plan (acc. 11x54)


Folder 13:        Franklin, Mrs. Walter S.: correspondence, 1929, 1956, n.d.  About Latimer family papers.  (acc. 12x66)


Folder 14:        McGovern, Geo. H.: letter (carbon copy) to Willard Saulsbury, U.S. Senator, about James (1719-1807) and Dr. Henry Latimer (1752-1819), Oct, 4, 1915.  The purpose of the letter was to encourage that portraits of the two Latimers be hung in the U.S. Capitol in recognition of their service to the cause of independence.  (acc. 12x66)