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Creator:          Charles Grafly                                                  

Title:               Photographs

Dates:             1888-ca.1901

Call No.:         Col. 198          

Acc. No.:         81x454

Quantity:        22 photographs

Location:        13 D 3






Charles Grafly was a sculptor and a teacher.  Born in Philadelphia in 1862,  he began working as a stone carver at the age of 17.  He attended night classes in art at the Spring Garden Institute and in 1884 entered the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, where he studied with Thomas Eakins.  In 1888, Grafly went to Paris, studying at the Academie Julian and later at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.  He began teaching sculpture at the Drexel Institute and the Pennsylvania  Academy in 1891.  Grafly was a member of the Architectural League, the National Institute of Arts and Letters, the National Sculpture Society, and the Philadelphia Art Club.  He won the Geo. D. Widener gold medal in 1913.  His most known work is the Meade Memorial, Washington, D.C.  Grafly died in 1929.





Consists of 22 photographs of Charles Grafly, his family, and his classmates at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the Academie Julian.  Two feature sculptures that he created.  Grafley's family home at 2209 Summer St., Philadelphia is in the background of a few of the family shots, while his studio, located at 22nd and Arch Sts., is depicted in others.  Also of note is a photograph of a float entered in a parade by the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.





The photographs are arranged in accession number order.        





Purchased from Charles B. Wood.       






                        Grafley family - Photographs.




            House furnishings - Pennsylvania - Philadelphia - Photographs.

            Dwellings - Pennsylvania - Philadelphia - Photographs.

            Sculpture - Photographs.


            Artists' studios - Pennsylvania - Philadelphia.


            Albumen prints.






Location: 13 D 3


Note: all numbers begin with 81x454.


.1         Closing feast of the class (depicting class members) of 1887-1888 of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts at G. Frank Stevens studio, "before the supper."  June 1888.


.2         "Closing act," also from the feast.  Shows class members after they had been drinking. June 1888.


.3         Class members of the Academie Julian from the archive of M. Chapin.  Paris.  December 1889.  The photograph was taken by G. Bouulle  34, Fauborg, St. Martin 34, Paris.


.4         Charles Grafly, August 19, 1890.  He is standing beside a fireplace.


.5         Charles Grafly, sitting with a spinning wheel and fireplace in the background.  ca. 1890.


.6         Charles Grafly, 1893, looking at a painting.


.7         Float of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts at a jubilee, October 28, 1898.


.8         Albert Laessle and Charles Grafly working on a sculpture, February 22, 1899.  Photograph was taken by Henry A. Laessle.


.9         Albert Laessle beside a plaster clock for Pennsylvania Co. made by Charles Grafly in his studio, 22nd and Arch Sts.  February 7, 1901.


.10        Sculpture. "Symbol of Life," by Charles Grafly.


.11        Sculpture of William Penn holding land charter to Pennsylvania.


.12        Sculpture made in memory of Morris Patterson.  Charles Grafly, Jr., 2209 Summer St., Philadelphia, Pa. stamped on the back.


.13        Charles Grafly, Net Calder, and Frances Grafly.


.14        Net Calder. 


.15        A.S. and Net Calder.


.16        A.S. and Net Calder.  She is sitting at a desk and he is leaning on the side of the desk.  Other room furnishings are depicted


.17        Mr. Wilkinson in Charles Grafly's studio.


.18        Grafly family, 1892.


.19        Grafly family.


.20        Grimee and Grimpa Sehseles.


.21        Grimpa, Island Heights.  Depicts small boats on the edge of a lake.


.22        Mary Stokes, shown feeding chickens.