The Winterthur Library

The Joseph Downs Collection of Manuscripts and Printed Ephemera





            Creator:          Charles van Ravenswaay                     

Title:               Papers

            Dates:             1848-1990, bulk 1983-1990

            Call No.:         Col. 132

            Acc. No.          90x75, 96x141

            Quantity:        33 boxes

            Location:        30 F 1 and G 1-6





Charles van Ravenswaay was born in Boonville, Missouri, on August 10, 1911.  His parents were Cornelius and Betty Lionberger van Ravenswaay.  Van Ravenswaay's father, a native of Holland, came to the United States after having finished medical training in Europe; his mother was the granddaughter of Colonel William Talbot, an early settler of Loutre Island, Missouri.  Van Ravenswaay attended local schools and then Kemper Military Academy.  He graduated from Washington University, St. Louis, receiving a B.A. in 1933 and an M.A. in 1934 in liberal arts.  In 1931, he toured Europe.


Van Ravenswaay's first job after graduation was with his father's medical and surgical clinic, where he served as business manager, 1934-1949.  From 1938 to 1941, he was also the state supervisor of the U.S. Work Projects Administration's Federal Writers' Project, co-writing Missouri: A Guide to the "Show Me" State.  From 1942 to 1946, van Ravenswaay was in the U.S. Navy, attaining the rank of lieutenant commander, and serving in the North Atlantic and South Pacific theaters.


From early adolescence Van Ravenswaay was interested in history, art, and architecture.  Just after graduate school, he and Auguste Piaget, a St. Louis photographer, began to document early Missouri buildings.  When Auguste died, his brother, Paul, continued the work.  The collection of photographs that resulted from this collaboration was donated to the Historic American Buildings Survey in 1984.  Even during wartime van Ravenswaay continued his study of Missouri history, writing numerous articles and becoming an expert in Missouri Creole decorative arts.


After his discharge from the service, van Ravenswaay served as director of three historical institutions: Missouri Historical Society (1946-1962), Old Sturbridge Village (1962-1966), and the Winterthur Museum (1966-1976).  In addition, he was president of the American Association of Museums, 1961-1968.  Van Ravenswaay served on several boards and received honorary degrees from Maryville College of the Sacred Heart (in St Louis), and the University of Missouri.  In 1987, the U.S. Secretary of the Interior awarded him the Conservation Service Award for significant contributions to the preservation of America's heritage.


In retirement, van Ravenswaay published several books: The Arts and Architecture of German Settlements in Missouri: A Survey of a Vanishing Culture (University of Missouri Press, 1977), A Nineteenth Century Garden (Main Street Press/ Universe Books, 1977), and "Drawn from Nature": The Botanical Art of Joseph Prestle and His Sons (Smithsonian Institution Press, 1984).  After his death, two other books were published:St. Louis: An Informal History of the City and its People, 1764-1865 (Missouri Historical Society, 1991) and Old Missouri (Patrice Press, 1992).  He left two works in manuscript: "Andre Parmentier: America's First Professional Landscape Architect" and "Those Wonderful Old-Time Apples."


Charles van Ravenswaay died of cancer on March 20, 1990.





The 33 boxes of papers in this collection reflect van Ravenswaay's interest in horticulture and pertain almost exclusively to the study of the American apple.  Included are research notes, correspondence, catalogs, clippings, and articles.  As well, there are several different drafts of his book-length study of the American apple, "Those Wonderful Old-Time Apples" and a draft of "Andre Parmentier: America's First Professional Landscape Architect."





The papers came to the Joseph Downs Collection in two lots; the first group is in Boxes 1-27 and 31-33 the second group in Boxes 28-30.


Boxes 1-4 (plus just a few folders in Box 5) contain research files, correspondence, apple catalogs (some originals, some photocopies), and other miscellaneous materials.  Boxes 5-16 and 28-33 primarily house drafts of his book on old apple varieties.  Boxes 19-27 contain his research notes on apples, fruit, and gardening.  Boxes 16-18 contain some materials on apples and a catalog of van Ravanswaay’s collection of books and pamphlets about fruit and gardening.





Boxes 1-27, 31-33: Gift of estate of Charles van Ravenswaay.

Boxes 28-30: Transferred from the Publications Division, Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library.






Apples - Social aspects - United States.

Apple industry - United States.

Apples - Mythology.

Authors and publishers.

Book proposals.

Publishers and publishing.






Manuscripts (for publication).







Location: 30 F 1 and G 1-6


Box 1


Folder 1:          Ivins, van Ravenswaay letters to, lists of manuscripts sent

Folder 2:          Ivins, Ann

Folder 3:          Ivins: notes, information, etc.

Folder 4:          Ivins: information about song

Folder 5:          Ivins, Ann

Folder 6:          Apple book; Regina Ryan's editorial comments

Folder 7:          Copyright information

Folder 8:          Research file:    Canada, Agriculture Canada, T.J. Cole

Folder 9:          Research file:    Connecticut Historical Society

Folder 10:        Research file: Cornell University, Dept. of Archives

Folder 11:        Research file:    Crawford, Pleasance

Folder 12:        Research file:    Historic Hudson Valley, Montgomery Place

Folder 13:        Research file:    Jansen, H.F.

Folder 14:        Research file:    H. Frederic, articles and clippings

Folder 15:        Research file:    Apples-the Alar Scare, consumer reports

Folder 16:        Research file:    Apples-sprays

Folder 17:        Research file:    Clippings re: apple scare, 1989

Folder 18:        Research file:    Faber, Harold, "Apple Growers Hurt by loss of Alar"

Folder 19:        Research file:    Apples-Andersen Horticultural Library list

Folder 20:        Research file:    "Antique" apples, sources of packs of fruit

Folder 21:        Research file:    Apple-antique varieties

Folder 22:        Research file:    Articles-"Antique Apples"

Folder 23:        Research file:    Apple manuscript-copies of pages from horticulture books

Folder 24:        Research file:    Articles-Arkansas

Folder 25:        Research file:    Apples-correspondence; Brock University

Folder 26:        Research file:    Briggs, Jack, "Apple People" in Garden

Folder 27:        Research file:    Castanea

Folder 28:        Research file:    Cider, apple jack; Laird & Co.

Folder 29:        Research file:    article-cider

Folder 30:        Research file:    Apples-clippings

Folder 31:        Research file:    Apples-clippings



Box 2


Folder 1:          Research file:    Clippings-Dawes Arboretum

Folder 2:          Research file:    Clippings-biographical folder

Folder 3:          Research file:    Red Delicious Apples

Folder 4:          Research file:    Chen, Gerald, "The Big Apple..."

Folder 5:          Research file:    Apples-Draper-McClung Orchard

Folder 6:          Research file:    Hess, John L. and Karen, "The Taste of America"

Folder 7:          Research file:    Fritschner, Sarah, "The Apple of his eye..."

Folder 8:          Research file:    Green, Charles A., "The Garden and Orchard"

Folder 9:          Research file:    Hedrick, U.P. and G.H. Howe, "Apples Old and New"

Folder 10:        Research file:    Hofferfer, Michael, "The Duchess of Oldenburg and other Edible                                               Antiques"

Folder 11:        Research file:    Idaho apple statistics, 1988-89

Folder 12:        Research file:    Indiana Hort. Soc. proceedings for 1872

Folder 13:        Research file:    Kolbert, Elizabeth, "A Haven for Rambo, Lady and Friends"

Folder 14:        Research file:    Lund's apple varieties

Folder 15:        Research file:    McAlphin, Helen, "Making the family orchard pay"

Folder 16:        Research file:    Mendelson, Anne, "Horticultural Hope"

Folder 17:        Research file:    Apples-Michigan production

Folder 18:        Research file:    Apples-misc. newsletters, articles, etc.

Folder 19:        Research file:    New York orchard and vineyard survey, 1980

Folder 20:        Research file:    New York state, production estimate for 1989

Folder 21:        Research file:    Articles, New Mexico

Folder 22:        Research file:    Nomenclature

Folder 23:        Research file:    Articles, nutritional value of apples

Folder 24:        Research file:    Old Sturbridge Village

Folder 25:        Research file:    Ohio St. Uni. Extension Service

Folder 26:        Research file:    Olcott-Reid, Brenda, "In Search of Excellence"

Folder 27:        Research file:    Proulx, Annie, "Making the best apple cider"

Folder 28:        Research file:    Apples-recipes

Folder 29:        Research file:    Recipes, notes; Winterthur books

Folder 30:        Research file:    Riddle, Lyn, "The Last Harvest"

Folder 31:        Research file:    Rouche, Berton, "One hundred thousand varieties..."

Folder 32:        Research file:    Article, scab resistant apple trees

Folder 33:        Research file:    Schroeder, Harold, "Old home orchard apples"

Folder 34:        Research file:    Southmeadow Fruit Gardens, forms of fruit trees

Folder 35:        Research file:    Specialty apple sources by mail

Folder 36:        Research file:    Surette, Ralph, "Where are the apples of yesteryear?"

Folder 37:        Research file:    Stipp, David, "Apple of our eye..."

Folder 38:        Research file:    Tukey, H.B., "Dwarfed apple trees"

Folder 39:        Research file:    U.S.D.A. publications

Folder 40:        Research file:    Articles, Washington state

Folder 41:        Research file:    Utah Agri. Statistics Services,1980-81

Folder 42:        Research file:    Woodier, Olwen, "Apples after Alar"

Folder 43:        Affleck, Thomas

Folder 44:        Bealby, John Thomas

Folder 45:        Ellwanger, George

Folder 46:        Ewan, Joseph W.

Folder 47:        Frederick, John W.

Folder 48:        Gunn, Arthur

Folder 49:        Husmann, George

Folder 50:        Hoopes, Thomas

Folder 51:        Kennicott, Dr. John A.



Box 3


Folder 1:          Mease, James

Folder 2:          National Fruit Product Co.

Folder 3:          University of California Cooperative Extension, Div. of Agriculture

Folder 4:          Gasconade Farm, Maries Co., MO

Folder 5:          Rogier, June; Peter Gideon

Folder 6:          Smithsonian; Warsaw Collection

Folder 7:          Stageman, Peter, "Honour to the Apple"

Folder 8:          Tottenmeier, Carl, "A Diversity of Cultivars of Apples"

Folder 9:          Way, Dr. Roger D.

Folder 10:        Western Historical Manuscript Collection

Folder 11:        Catalog-Stark Bros., 1903

Folder 12:        Catalog-George Leslie & Co., 1848

Folder 13:        Broadside-N.H. Benjamin & Co., 1894

Folder 14:        Catalog-Bayles & Bro.

Folder 15:        Catalog-Brookfield Nursery

Folder 16:        Catalog-Gardening

Folder 17:        Catalog-James Vick, 1872

Folder 18:        Catalog-James Vick, 1878

Folder 19:        Catalog-Peter Henderson & Co., 1880

Folder 20:        Catalog-Ellwanger & Barry, 1888

Folder 21:        Nurserymen's plates, Stecher Lith. Co., 1890s

Folder 22:        Catalog-Southmeadow Fruit Gardens

Folder 23:        Catalog-Husmann & Manwaring, 1859-60, 1864

Folder 24:        Colorado Fruit Growers Premium list

Folder 25:        Catalog-Heine Mette, 1932-33

Folder 26:        Color plates



Box 4


Folder 1:          Platebook of fruit, trees, flowers, Vredenburg & Co.

Folder 2:          Parmentier manuscript

Folder 3:          Wulfing-Berens manuscript, A.E. Schroeder corrections

Folder 4:          Wulfing-Berens article, illustrations, originals

Folder 5:          Wulfing-Berens article, Bill MacIntire sketches

Folder 6:          Berens, Clara Rieger, manuscript (Eliz. Powell corresp.)

Folder 7:          Schroeder, Dolf

Folder 8:          Berens

Folder 9:          Berens letter and translation

Folder 10:        Wulfing

Folder 11:        "New Homes in the West"



Box 5


Folder 1:          "New Homes in the West", illustrations

Folder 2:          "New Homes in the West", old copies

Folder 3:          St. Paul's United Church of Christ, booklet

Folder 4:          Apples: corrected pp. to insert into manuscript

Folder 5:          Apples: edited blurb for publisher

Folder 6:          Apples: edited front matter, "By the author"

Folder 7:          Apples: front matter

Folder 8:          Apples: edited front matter

Folder 9:          Apples: front matter, title, dedication, contents

Folder 10:        Apples: title, dedication, contents

Folder 11:        Apples: contents, copy b

Folder 12:        Apples: preface, copy for A.I.

Folder 13:        Apples: introduction-text

Folder 14:        Apples: edited introduction, a and b

Folder 15:        Apples: introduction-Q and A

Folder 16:        Apples: introduction-text

Folder 17:        Apples: Chapter 1-corrections and additions

Folder 18:        Apples: Chapter 1-text, "In Praise of Apples"

Folder 19:        Apples: Chapter 2-corrections and additions

Folder 20:        Apples: Chapter 2-text, "Apples and People"

Folder 21:        Apples: Chapter 3-corrections, etc.

Folder 22:        Apples: Chapter 4-corrections

Folder 23:        Apples: Chapter 4-corrections, "...various and capricious"

Folder 24:        Apples: Chapter 4-Notes and queries (notes and queries)

Folder 25:        Apples: Chapter 4-corrections, etc.

Folder 26:        Apples: Chapter 4-corrections, "Names Derived..."

Folder 27:        Apples: Chapter 5-text, "St. Lawrence Valley"

Folder 28:        Apples: Chapter 5-text, new section on Illinois to insert

Folder 29:        Apples: Chapter 5-text, section on Arkansas

Folder 30:        Apples: Chapter 5-notes, "St Lawrence Valley"

Folder 31:        Apples: Chapter 5-notes, new notes on Illinois to insert

Folder 32:        Apples: Chapter 5-notes, new to be added

Folder 33:        Apples: Chapter 5-notes, origins of North American apples

Folder 34:        Apples: Chapter 5-edited copy, (also chaps. 6-8)



Box 6


Folder 1:          Apples: Chapter 6-corrections

Folder 2:          Apples: Chapter 6-corrections, "Apple's Golden Age..."

Folder 3:          Apples: Chapter 6-text, "Atlantic Coast Corridor"

Folder 4:          Apples: Chapter 6-notes (a)

Folder 5:          Apples: Chapter 6-notes

Folder 6:          Apples: Chapter 7-"The 20th Century"

Folder 7:          Apples: Chapter 7-text, "Central States"

Folder 8:          Apples: Chapter 7-notes, "Central States", copy b

Folder 9:          Apples: Chapter 7-notes (a)

Folder 10:        Apples: Chapter 8-text, "Three Mountain States"

Folder 11:        Apples: Chapter 9-text, "Pacific Coast Corridor"

Folder 12:        Apples: Chapter 9-notes, "Pacific Corridor"

Folder 13:        Apples: Chapter 10-text, "British Columbia"

Folder 14:        Apples: Chapter 10-notes, "British Columbia"

Folder 15:        Apples: Chapter 11-notes, "The Apple's Golden Age"

Folder 16:        Apples: Chapter 11-text, "The Apple's Golden Age" (b)

Folder 17:        Apples: Chapter 12-text, "Apple Culture in the 20th century"

Folder 18:        Apples: Chapter 12-notes, "Apple Culture...," copy b

Folder 19:        Apples: Bibliography, Q and A

Folder 20:        Apples: Bibliography, A.I. memos

Folder 21:        Apples: Bibliography, additions

Folder 22:        Apples: Bibliography

Folder 23:        Apples: Bibliography, additions

Folder 24:        Apples: Bibliography, preliminary draft

Folder 25:        Apples: Glossary

Folder 26:        Apples: Appendix A-introduction, glossary

Folder 27:        Apples: Appendix B-checklist

Folder 28:        Apples: Appendix B-sources of old varieties of apple trees

Folder 29:        Apples: edited preface

Folder 30:        Apples: Preface

Folder 31:        Apples: edited introduction

Folder 32:        Apples: Introduction

Folder 33:        Apples: Introduction-notes

Folder 34:        Apples: edited introduction-notes

Folder 35:        Apples: Introduction-notes

Folder 36:        Apples: edited Chapter 1, "In Praise of Apples"

Folder 37:        Apples: Chapter 1, "In Praise of Apples"

Folder 38:        Apples: Chapter 1-notes

Folder 39:        Apples: edited Chapter 1-notes

Folder 40:        Apples: Chapter 1-notes (a)



Box 7


Folder 1:          Apples: edited Chapter 2, "Apples and People"

Folder 2:          Apples: Chapter 2, "Apples and People"

Folder 3:          Apples: Chapter 2-notes

Folder 4:          Apples: edited Chapter 2-notes

Folder 5:          Apples: Chapter 2-notes (a)

Folder 6:          Apples: edited Chapter 3-text, "The Versatile Apple"

Folder 7:          Apples: Chapter 3, "The Versatile Apple"

Folder 8:          Apples: Chapter 3-notes

Folder 9:          Apples: edited Chapter 3-notes

Folder 10:        Apples: Chapter 3-notes (a)

Folder 11:        Lighty, editorial comments

Folder 12:        Apples: front matter, Lighty

Folder 13:        Apples: Chapter 1-Lighty

Folder 14:        Apples: Chapter 2-Lighty

Folder 15:        Apples: Chapter 3-Lighty

Folder 16:        Apples: Chapter 3-notes, Lighty

Folder 17:        Apples: Chapter 4-notes, Lighty

Folder 18:        Apples: Chapter 4-Lighty

Folder 19:        Apples: Chapter 5-Lighty

Folder 20:        Apples: Chapter 6-Lighty

Folder 21:        Apples: Chapter 6-notes, Lighty

Folder 22:        Apples: Chapter 3-text (old chap.2), European background        

Folder 23:        Apples: Chapter 3-text, (old), European background

Folder 24:        Apples: Chapter 4-text, (old), "Apples come to North America"

Folder 25:        Apples: Chapter 6-notes

Folder 26:        Apples: Appendix-old draft

Folder 27:        Apples: Chapter 4-original draft

Folder 28:        Apples: Chapter 5-early draft

Folder 29:        Apples: Chapter 5-notes

Folder 30:        Apples: Chapter 3-old draft

Folder 31:        Apples: Chapter 3-notes

Folder 32:        Apples: Introduction-old version

Folder 33:        Apples: Chapter 1-notes

Folder 34:        Apples: Chapter 2-old draft

Folder 35:        Apples: Chapter 2-notes



Box 8


Folder 1:          Apples: Contents-old version

Folder 2:          Apples: Preface

Folder 3:          Apples: Introduction

Folder 4:          Apples: Chapter 1

Folder 5:          Apples: edited Chapter 1-text, "In Praise of Apples"

Folder 6:          Apples: Chapter 2-text, "Apples and Man"

Folder 7:          Apples: edited Chapter 3-text

Folder 8:          Apples: Chapter 3-text, "Versatile Apple"

Folder 9:          Apples: Chapter 4-text, "Apple names revived..."

Folder 10:        Apples: edited Chapter 4-text

Folder 11:        Apples: Chapter 4

Folder 12:        Apples: Chapter 4, "Names derived from various and capricious causes"

Folder 13:        Apples: Appendix A-recipes

Folder 14:        Apples: Chapter 7-text

Folder 15:        Apples: Chapter 7-text, "Central States"

Folder 16:        Apples: Chapter 7-Lighty

Folder 17:        Apples: Chapter 7-text, "Future Trends"

Folder 18:        Apples: Chapter 8-text, "Three Mountain States"

Folder 19:        Apples: Chapter 9-text, "Golden Age..."

Folder 20:        Apples: Chapter 9-correction pages

Folder 21:        Apples: Chapter 9-text, "Pacific Coast Corridor"

Folder 22:        Apples: Chapter 10-text, corrections

Folder 23:        Apples: Chapter 10-text, corrections, "Apple Culture in the 20th century"



Box 9


Folder 1:          Apples: Chapter 5-text, "Eastern Canada and Points South"

Folder 2:          Apples: Chapter 6-text

Folder 3:          Apples: Chapter 6-text, "Atlantic Coast Corridor"

Folder 4:          Apples: Chapter 6-text, "Old South and Points West"

Folder 5:          Apples: Chapter 6-notes, "Atlantic Coast Corridor"

Folder 6:          Apples: Chapter 7-text

Folder 7:          Apples: Chapter 5-text

Folder 8:          Apples: Chapter 5-text, "St. Lawrence Valley and Lakes Area"

Folder 9:          Apples: Chapter 5-queries, notes, A.I.

Folder 10:        Apples: Chapter 5-corrections, A.I.

Folder 11:        Apples: Introduction-edited notes

Folder 12:        Apples: Chapter 1-notes

Folder 13:        Apples: edited Chapter 1-notes, "In Praise of Apples"

Folder 14:        Apples: Chapter 1-notes (b)

Folder 15:        Apples: Introduction-notes

Folder 16:        Apples: Introduction-notes (b)

Folder 17:        Apples: Chapter 2-notes, "Apples and Man"

Folder 18:        Apples: Chapter 2-notes (b)

Folder 19:        Apples: Chapter 3-notes, "Versatile Apple"

Folder 20:        Apples: Chapter 4-notes, "Names derived..."

Folder 21:        Apples: Chapter 4-notes (old)

Folder 22:        Apples: Chapter 4-notes

Folder 23:        Apples: Chapter 5-notes

Folder 24:        Apples: Chapter 5-notes, 5-1 to 5-23

Folder 25:        Apples: Chapter 4-edited notes, "Names derived..."

Folder 26:        Apples: Chapter 5-notes, "Canada east..."

Folder 27:        Apples: Chapter 6-notes

Folder 28:        Apples: Chapter 7-notes, "Central States"

Folder 29:        Apples: Chapter 7-notes, "Three Mountain States"



Box 10


Folder 1:          Apples: Chapter 9-notes, "Golden Age..."

Folder 2:          Apples: Chapter 9-notes, 1-34

Folder 3:          Apples: Chapter 8-notes, 1-12

Folder 4:          Apples: Chapter 10-notes

Folder 5:          Apples: Chapter 10-notes, "Apple Culture in the 20th century", (b)

Folder 6:          Apples: Chapter 10-text, "British Columbia"

Folder 7:          Apples: Appendix A-recipes

Folder 8:          Apples: edited "Old Time Apples Recipes"

Folder 9:          Apples: Recipes

Folder 10:        Apples: Recipe bookshelf

Folder 11:        Apples: Glossary

Folder 12:        Apples: Appendix B, "American and Canadian sources of old varieties of apple trees"

Folder 13:        Apples: Nurseries-checklist

Folder 14:        Apples: Bibliography

Folder 15:        Apples: Bibliography-corrections

Folder 16:        Apples: edited Bibliography

Folder 17:        Apples: Appendix A-introduction, glossary

Folder 18:        Apples: extra copied pages

Folder 19:        Recipes-additions to appendix

Folder 20:        Recipes-version 1

Folder 21:        Select bibliography, version 2

Folder 22:        Notes and queries, select bibliography and recipe source key

Folder 23:        Recipe source key (A,B,C,)-version 2

Folder 24:        Notes and queries-recipes



Box 11


Folder 1:          Recipes-version 2

Folder 2:          Apple manuscript-statement of purpose

Folder 3:          Blurb about author

Folder 4:          Apples: front matter-by the author

Folder 5:          Apples: front matter-title, copyright, dedication

Folder 6:          Apples: edited front matter-"By the author"

Folder 7:          Apples: Preface

Folder 8:          Apples: edited Preface

Folder 9:          Apples: Preface-text

Folder 10:        Apples: edited Contents

Folder 11:        Apples: Introduction

Folder 12:        Apples: Chapter 1-text, "In Praise of..."

Folder 13:        Apples: Chapter 2-text, "Apples and People"

Folder 14:        Apples: edited Chapter 2-text

Folder 15:        Apples: edited Chapter 3-"Versatile apple"

Folder 16:        Apples: Glossary

Folder 17:        Apples: Appendix B-checklist

Folder 18:        Apples: Appendix-nurseries list

Folder 19:        Apples: Index of apple names

Folder 20:        Apples: Introduction-notes

Folder 21:        Apples: Chapter 1, "In Praise of..."

Folder 22:        Apples: edited Chapter 2-notes, "Apples and People"

Folder 23:        Apples: edited Chapter 3-notes

Folder 24:        Apples: Chapter 6-notes, "Old South and Point West"

Folder 25:        Apples: notes, bibliography, version 3

Folder 26:        Apples: manuscript



Box 12


Folder 1:          Apples: Bibliography-notes, version 1

Folder 2:          Apples: notes and queries

Folder 3:          Apples: notes and queries, name index

Folder 4:          Apples: corrections and insertions

Folder 5:          Apples: Notes and queries

Folder 6:          Apples: version 3, Notes and queries

Folder 7:          Apples: Chapter 4-Notes and queries, version 3

Folder 8:          Apples: Notes and queries, corrections, insertions

Folder 9:          Apples: Notes and queries (9 folders)

Folder 10:        Apples: corrections, Notes and queries

Folder 11:        Apples: Notes and queries (2 folders)

Folder 12:        Apples: C and I

Folder 13:        Apples: Notes and queries (3 folders)



Box 13


Folder 1:          Apples: Notes and queries (3 folders)

Folder 2:          Apples: Notes and queries, Southmeadow

Folder 3:          Apples, final version: proposal

Folder 4:          Apples, final version: front matter-title, dedication, contents

Folder 5:          Apples, final version: Introduction

Folder 6:          Apples, final version: Preface

Folder 7:          Apples, final version: Chapter 1

Folder 8:          Apples, final version: Chapter 2

Folder 9:          Apples, final version: Chapter 3

Folder 10:        Apples, final version: Chapter 4

Folder 11:        Apples, final version: Chapter 5

Folder 12:        Apples, final version: Chapter 5-notes

Folder 13:        Apples, final version: Chapter 6

Folder 14:        Apples, final version: Chapter 7

Folder 15:        Apples, final version: Appendix A-Glossary

Folder 16:        Apples, final version: Appendix A-Recipes

Folder 17:        Apples, final version: Chapter 3-notes

Folder 18:        Apples, final version: Chapter 4-notes

Folder 19:        Apples, final version: Appendix B, "Sources of old varieties..."

Folder 20:        Apples: front matter

Folder 21:        Apples: Chapter 1-text

Folder 22:        Apples: Chapter 1-notes

Folder 23:        Apples: Chapter 2-text (old chap. 1)

Folder 24:        Apples: Chapter 2-notes

Folder 25:        Apples: Chapter 3

Folder 26:        Apples: Chapter 4 (old 3)

Folder 27:        Apples: Chapter 5 (old 4)

Folder 28:        Apples: Chapter 4-notes

Folder 29:        Apples: Chapter 5-notes

Folder 30:        Apples: Chapter 6 (old 5)

Folder 31:        Apples: Chapter 6-notes

Folder 32:        Apples: Chapter 7-notes

Folder 33:        Apples: Chapter 7-text

Folder 34:        Bartram, John

Folder 35:        Collinson, Peter



Box 14


Folder 1:          Dewey, D.W.

Folder 2:          Gregory, Mrs. Elmer

Folder 3:          Guilding, Rev. Lansdown

Folder 4:          Hovey, C.M.

Folder 5:          Jaques, George

Folder 6:          Prestele, Joseph

Folder 7:          Onderdonk, Gilbert

Folder 8:          Apples: illustration correspondence-Oregon State University

Folder 9:          Apples: illustrations correspondence-National Archives of Canada

Folder 10:        Apples: index-nurserymen's plate books, van Ravenswaay collection

Folder 11:        Apples: addition, "In Praise of Apples"

Folder 12:        Apples: Grimsby Museum

Folder 13:        Apples: illustrations information

Folder 14:        Apples: University of Delaware-checklist of nurserymen's plate books

Folder 15:        Apples: illustrations clipped

Folder 16:        Apples: illustrations-miscellaneous pictures

Folder 17:        Apples: illustrations-Cornell pictures, captions for

Folder 18:        Apples: orchard scenes

Folder 19:        Apples: fairs

Folder 20:        Apples: evaporating apples

Folder 21:        Apples: Bailey, Liberty H.

Folder 22:        Apples: sampling apples, Cornell students

Folder 23:        Apples: illustrations

Folder 24:        Apples: apple blossoms

Folder 25:        Apples: colored plates of apples, Emmons

Folder 26:        Apples: frontispiece

Folder 27:        Apples: illustrations-Chapter 1, picking

Folder 28:        Apples: illustrations-Chapter 1, music

Folder 29:        Apples: illustrations-Chapter 2

Folder 30:        Apples: illustrations-Chapter 2, crab apple

Folder 31:        Apples: illustrations-Chapter 2, English, 17th c.

Folder 32:        Apples: illustrations-Chapter 3, recipes

Folder 32:        Apples: illustrations-Chapter 3, apple peelers

Folder 33:        Apples: illustrations-Chapter 3, cider mills

Folder 34:        Apples: illustrations-outlines of apples

Folder 35:        Apples: illustrations-U.S.D.A. reports

Folder 36:        Apples: illustrations-grading, packing, labeling, storage

Folder 37:        Apples: illustrations-advertising in supermarkets

Folder 38:        Apples: illustrations-forms of apple trees

Folder 39:        Apples: illustrations-historic apple trees, monuments

Folder 40:        Apples: illustrations-advertising, apple motif

Folder 41:        Apples: illustrations-wooden boxes

Folder 42:        Apples: illustrations-evaporating apples

Folder 43:        Apples: illustrations-exhibits

Folder 44:        Apples: illustrations-horticultural societies

Folder 45:        Apples: illustrations-Hovey, C.M.



Box 15


Folder 1:          Apples: illustrations-insects, diseases

Folder 2:          Apples: illustrations-labels on boxes

Folder 3:          Apples: Last, Jay T.

Folder 4:          Apples: illustrations-nurseries

Folder 5:          Apples: illustrations-orchard care, neglected trees

Folder 6:          Apples: illustrations-orchard care, pruning, cultivation, tools

Folder 7:          Apples: illustrations-orchards, plantings

Folder 8:          Apples: illustrations-Ozarks

Folder 9:          Apples: illustrations-packing apples

Folder 10:        Apples: illustrations-picking apples

Folder 11:        Apples: illustrations-selling apples

Folder 12:        Apples: illustrations-shipping apples

Folder 13:        Apples: illustrations-societies

Folder 14:        Apples: illustrations-spraying

Folder 15:        Apples: illustrations-sorting

Folder 16:        Apples: illustrations-stencils on barrels

Folder 17:        Apples: illustrations-storage

Folder 18:        Apples: illustrations-Wilder medal

Folder 19:        Apples: illustrations-color plates

Folder 20:        Apples: illustrations-plates (captions)

Folder 21:        Apples: illustrations-Stark Bros.

Folder 22:        Apples: illustrations-types

Folder 23:        Apples: illustrations-notes, etc.

Folder 24:        Apples: illustrations-University of Missouri

Folder 25:        Apples: illustrations-plates, sent to Regina Ryan

Folder 26:        Apples: illustrations-Library of Congress

Folder 27:        Apples: illustrations-plates, Royal Botanical Gardens

Folder 28:        Apples: illustrations-lists and notes on sources

Folder 29:        Apples: Research file-White and Schallert

Folder 30:        Apples: watercolors at National Arboretum

Folder 31:        Apples: illustrations-U.S.D.A. yearbook plates, 1901

Folder 32:        Apples: color plates

Folder 33:        Apples: plates, Agriculture of New York, Emmons

Folder 34:        Apples: illustrations-"North American Apples"

Folder 35:        Apples: transparencies



Box 16


Folder 1:          Apples: Illustrations-Natural History of New York, Emmons' plates

Folder 2:          Apples: illustrations-photos, notes, etc.

Folder 3:          Apples: color plates from Horticultural Art Journal

Folder 4:          Apples: illustrations-plates, index cards

Folder 5:          Apples: letters requesting illustrations

Folder 6:          Fruit box labels, Gordon T. McClelland

Folder 7:          Apples: miscellaneous illustrations

Folder 8:          Apples: slides

Folder 9:          Apple recipes from Zoar Village

Folder 10:        Miscellaneous

Folder 11:        Winterthur photos

Folder 12:        Catalog of van Ravenswaay Collection: Vol. I, books, pamphlets, reports



Box 17


Folder 1:          van Ravenswaay Collection: Vol. I cont'd.

Folder 2:          Catalog of van Ravenswaay Collection: Vol. II, books, pamphlets, reports

Folder 3:          Catalog of van Ravenswaay Collection: Vol. III, books, pamphlets, reports

Folder 4:          Catalog of van Ravenswaay Collection: Vol. V, nursery and seed catalogs

Folder 5:          Catalog of van Ravenswaay Collection: Vol. VI, gardening catalogs



Box 18


Folder 1:          Catalog of van Ravenswaay collection: Vol. VII, nursery and seed catalogs

Folder 2:          Apples: Cornell pictures, Bergerson

Folder 3:          Apples: photocopies of plates, Prestele

Folder 4:          Apples: information on illustrations

Folder 5:          Prestele, Joseph, nurserymen's plates-checklist (3 folders)



Boxes 19-27


Research cards on apples, fruit, gardening, etc.



Box 28


Folder 1:          Apples: Chapter 4

Folder 2:          Apples: Chapter 4-notes

Folder 3:          Apples: Chapter 5 (2 folders)

Folder 4:          Apples: Chapter 6

Folder 5:          Apples: Chapter 6-notes (3 folders)

Folder 6:          Apples: Chapter 7 (3 folders)

Folder 7:          Apples: Chapter 7-notes

Folder 8:          Apples: Chapter 8 (2 folders)

Folder 9:          Apples: Chapter 8-notes

Folder 10:        Apples: Chapter 8-revised notes

Folder 11:        Apples: Chapter 9-original text



Box 29


Folder 1:          Apples: Chapter 9

Folder 2:          Apples: Chapter 9-additional corrections

Folder 3:          Apples: Chapter 9-notes (2 folders)

Folder 4:          Apples: Chapter 10-1989

Folder 5:          Apples: Chapter 10-text, 1990

Folder 6:          Apples: Chapter 10-notes

Folder 7:          Apples: Glossary

Folder 8:          Apples: Appendix A-recipes

Folder 9:          Apples: Select bibliography-version 1 (3 folders)

Folder 10:        Apples: Selected bibliography

Folder 11:        Apples: Bibliography-notes

Folder 12:        Apples: Computer disks



Box 30


Folder 1:          Apples: Final Edit

Folder 2:          Apples: Final Edit

Folder 3:          Apples: Final Edit

Folder 4:          Apples: Final Edit



Box: 31


Folder 1:          Editing of Manuscript – Photographs – Col. Plates

Folder 2:          Editing of Manuscript – List of Agricultural Periodicals

Folder 3:          Editing of Manuscript – CVR – Optional Illustrations

Folder 4:          Editing of Manuscript – CVR – Dust Jacket

Folder 5:          Editing of Manuscript – CVR - Chap. 1  “In Praise”

Folder 6:          Editing of Manuscript – CVR – Chap. 2 – Apples and People

Folder 7:          Editing of Manuscript – CVR – Chap. 3 – Versatile Apple

Folder 8:          Editing of Manuscript – CVR – Chap. 5 – Eastern Canada

Folder 9:          Editing of Manuscript – CVR – Chap. 6 – Old South

Folder 10:        Editing of Manuscript – CVR – Chap. 7 – Versatile Apple

Folder 11:        Editing of Manuscript – CVR – Chap. 9 – Golden Age

Folder 12:        Editing of Manuscript – CVR – Chap. 10 – Apple Culture

Folder 13:        Editing of Manuscript – CVR – Chap. 11 – Recipes

Folder 14:        Editing of Manuscript – CVR – Intro

Folder 15:        Editing of Manuscript – Chapter 1

Folder 16:        Editing of Manuscript – Chapter 2

Folder 17:        Editing of Manuscript – Chapter 3

Folder 18:        Editing of Manuscript – Chapter 4

Folder 19:        Editing of Manuscript – Chapter 5

Folder 20:        Editing of Manuscript – Chapter 6

Folder 21:        Editing of Manuscript – Chapter 7

Folder 22:        Editing of Manuscript – Chapter 8

Folder 23:        Editing of Manuscript – Chapter 9

Folder 24:        Editing of Manuscript – Chapter 10



Box: 32


Folder 1:          Editing of Manuscript – Recipes

Folder 2:          Editing of Manuscript – Nurseries

Folder 3:          Editing of Manuscript – Apple Information

Folder 4:          Editing of Manuscript – Illustrations – Bibliography

Folder 5:          Editing of Manuscript – Optional Illustrations

Folder 6:          Editing of Manuscript – Older Version

Folder 7:          Editing of Manuscript – Correspondence



Box: 33


Folder 1:          Those Wonderful Old-Time Apples

Folder 2:          Those Wonderful Old-Time Apples

Folder 3:          Those Wonderful Old-Time Apples

Folder 4:          Those Wonderful Old-Time Apples