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Creator:         Unger, C. W.              

Title:               Watermark collection

Dates:             1632-1934

Call No.:         Col. 69

Acc. No.:        76x166

Quantity:        23 boxes (ca.7.5 cu. ft.)

Location:        15 C 2-5






C. W. Unger was an antiques, rare book, manuscripts, and printed ephemera dealer from Pottsville, Pennsylvania. He became a member of the Pennsylvania German Society in 1935 and was active in researching eastern Pennsylvania German families.





This collection is comprised of papers, some blank, but most containing writing or printing, with watermarks, and in some cases countermarks.  Even though items in the collection are themselves identifiable, they were gathered because of their watermarks.  These marks reveal that paper in the collection was made in England, the Netherlands, France, and the United States.  Also included are photographs of watermarks.  As well, there are some notes, newspaper clippings, and correspondence about watermarks and paper mills.  Mr. Unger frequently corresponded with James F. Magee, Jr., who wrote about watermarks and eastern Pennsylvania paper mills for local newspapers. 


Many of the papers in the collection were used in Pennsylvania, New York, or New Jersey.  The papers chiefly concern business, both bills and letters, or judicial matters, such as notes about court cases, but there are some personal letters.  As well, there are pages out of printed books and blank pages.  Because the papers are arranged by watermark, papers related to one person or firm are usually scattered throughout the collection.  Sometimes an entire document was not saved, but merely the watermarked section or page. 





The papers are arranged alphabetically by name or initials in the watermark.  Watermarks which consist only of designs are filed at the end.  Boxes 13-14 contain legal size papers, and Box 15 contains oversize papers.


The finding aid is in three sections.  The first is a list of the watermarks.  The second section gives details of all the documents in the collection, many of which are of interest because of their content.  The third section is an index to the names found in the documents (but not to the watermarks).  The index might not be complete, and the names in the index have not been checked against the actual documents for accuracy.





The materials are mostly in English, with some in German, and a couple in French or Spanish.





Collection is open to the public.  Copyright restrictions may apply.





Purchased from Ken Hottle.






            Magee, James F., Jr.



            Paper mills.


            Watermarks - United States.

            Watermarks – France.

            Watermarks - England.

Watermarks - Netherlands.




Marriage certificates.

Bills (financial).










Location: 15 C 2-5

[note: all accession numbers begin with 76x166]


Finding Aid Section One: Watermarks



Box 1:


Folder 1:          A, A 1816 (.1-.3)


Folder 2:          CBA; CRA; HKA (.4-.5, .49)


Folder 3:          MA & Co (.6)


Folder 4:          PA (.7-.10)


Folder 5:          I Adam & Co; J Adam & Co (.11-.12)


Folder 6:          Allen, with dove holding olive branch (.13-.14)


Folder 7:          All Linen 1886, All Linen 1888, with coat of arms (.16-.17)


Folder 8:          The American Linen Paper (.18)


Folder 9:          D Ames (.19-.29)


Folder 10:        B. Amies, Phila; R. Amies, Phila; Amies (in script, with dove) [with other variations] (.32-.76)     


Folder 11:        W. Amies & Co, Phila [with variations] (.77-.122)


Folder 12:        Argyle Linen (with thistle) (.123-.133)


Folder 13:        WH Arthur & Co, New York (.135)


Folder 14:        Austin, with fleur-de-lis (.137-.139)


Folder 15:        B (.140-.144)


Folder 16:        B & Co, PTRSBg (.145)


Folder 17:        BB (.146-.148)


Folder 18:        B & B (.149-.152)


Folder 19:        BH & B (.153)


Folder 20:        CB (.154-.195)


Folder 21:        C & B (.198-.200)


Folder 22:        CB & B (.201)


Folder 23:        C & IB (.202-.209)


Folder 24:        DB (.210-.212)


Folder 25:        DB NH (.213-.215)



Box 2:


Folder 1:          DB & Co (.216-.217)


Folder 2:          FB (.219-.234)


Folder 3:          F & JB (.235)


Folder 4:          H & B (.236)


Folder 5:          H & F of B Vt. (.237)


Folder 6:          IB (.238-.246)

(some sheets include a scene with a lion inside a fence, Britannica keeping watch, and the motto Pro Patria)


Folder 7:          IFB (.248)


Folder 8:          I & R B (.1808)


Folder 9:          JB (.249-.254)


Folder 10:        JSB (.258)


Folder 11:        J & WB (.259)


Folders 12-13:             LB (.260-.262)


Folder 14:        MB (.263-.267)


Folder 15:        NB & Co (.268)


Folder 16:        PB (.269-.289)


Folder 17:        S & AB (.291-.292)


Folder 18:        TA & B (.293)


Folder 19:        TB (with a crest) (.294)


Folder 20:        T & GB (.295)


Folder 21:        WB (.300-.307)


Folder 22:        W & BO (.308-.309)


Folder 23:        W & B Co. (.310)


Folder 24:        WB & Co (.311)


Folder 25:        BH & W (.312)


Folder 26:        WS & B (.313-.322)


Folder 27:        Bailey Banks & Biddle, Philadelphia (with lion) (.323-.325)


Folder 28:        Baker (.326, .549)

[so identified, although the name Baker does not appear; there is a crest with Conn. Valley beneath it]


Folder 29:        Balto. (.327-.328)


Folder 30:        Band (with figure of Britannica) (.329)


Folder 31:        Banken(?) Linen (.330)


Folder 32:        Barbour & Mullen (.331-.333)


Folder 33:        Bath (.334-.335)


Folder 34:        P Bechtel (.336-.339)


Folder 35:        Bell, P. Bell (.340-.343)

[Note: accession .341 is two documents attached to each other, one with the P Bell watermark and the other with the watermark AK]


Folder 36:        L Bemis; D. Bemis & Co (.344-.348)


Folder 37:        Bevan & Co 1834 (with figure of Britannica) (.362)


Folder 38:        J Bigg (.363)


Folder 39:        Bissell & Pease (.364-.365)


Folder 40:        B. Blake (.366-.368)


Folder 41:        S. Boyer (.369-.373a; .372 and .373b in legal size box)


Folder 42:        Bratton (.374)


Folder 43:        C. Brenchley (.375)



Box 3:


Folder 1:          Wm Brown & Co., London; LL Brown Paper Company (with crest) (.376-.378)


Folder 2:          C Bunce (with hunting horn) (.379-.380)


Folder 3:          Busbridge (.381)


Folder 4:          D Butler, NH (.382)


Folder 5:          Butler (.383)


Folder 6:          J. Butler (.384-.408)


Folder 7:          John Butler (.409-.411)


Folder 8:          S & A Butler, US; S & A Butler & W Ward; Butler & Ward (.412-.429)


Folder 9:          C Burbank; Burbank (.430-.433)


Folder 10:        E Burbank (.434)


Folder 11:        C (.435)


Folder 12:        A & C (.436-.437)


Folder 13:        B P & C (.438)


Folder 14:        AGC (with head of woman) (.439)


Folder 15:        CC (.441-.446, .448)


Folder 16:        DC (.449-.455)


Folder 17:        EC 1831 (with Prince of Wales feathers) (.456)


Folder 18:        IC (.467-.475)


Folder 19:        JC (with coat of arms and the initials GR) (.476-.478)


Folder 20:        JIC & Co, BF Vt (.479-.480)


Folder 21:        J & LC (.481)


Folder 22:        KC, Nederlanden (.1047)


Folder 23:        LC (.482-.485)


Folder 24:        P & C (.486-.488)


Folder 25:        RC (.489, .491)


Folder 26:        SC (with coat of arms and dates) (.492-.511)


Folder 27:        T & C (.512)


Folder 28:        WC & Co (.513-.516)


Folder 29:        ZC (.517-.519)


Folder 30:        Caligraph Linen (.542-.545)


Folder 31:        Carew Co (with different versions of shield) (.520-.528)


Folder 32:        Certificate Bond (.546)

[this is probably the brand name, not the maker]


Folder 33:        Chevron Bond (.638)

[this is probably the brand name, not the maker]


Folder 34:        John Cirrons(?) [partial mark only] (.1571)


Folder 35:        John C Clark, Phila; J C Clark & Sons (.529-.536)



Box 4:


Folder 1:          Clarke (.537)


Folder 2:          Joseph Coles, 1797 (.547)


Folder 3:          A Cowan & Sons (with figure of Britannica) (.552)


Folder 4:          H Cox; B Cox (.550-.551)


Folder 5:          H Craig; I Craig; J Craig (.553-.564)


Folder 6:          Cranes (.538-.539, .601)


Folder 7:          Z Crane (.540-.541)


Folder 8:          D Crouse (.565-.567)


Folder 9:          Crown [1890s] (.568-.574)


Folder 10:        A C & W Curtis (.575)


Folder 11:        D & D NY Mill (.576-.578)


Folder 12:        DMD (.579)


Folders 13-14:             DWD (.580-.581)


Folder 15:        H & D (.582-.583)     


Folder 16:        JD (the initials appear in an archway) (.585-.588)


Folder 17:        M & D (.589-.590)


Folders 18-19:             PPD (with a plow and the motto “work and be rich”) (.591-.594)


Folder 20:        WD (two different styles, one in script with a crest, the other plain block letters) (.598-.599)


Folder 21:        D & Co (.600)


Folder 22:        V Dablan [England] (.606)


Folder 23:        W Debit (.602)


Folder 24:        Delaware (.603)


Folder 25:        Devries & Son (.605)


Folder 26:        R Donaldson; R Donaldson Phenix [sic] Mill; RD (with a phoenix design) (.595-.597, .608-.615)


Folder 27:        And Dumas (.616)


Folder 28:        Duhham & Co (.617)


Folder 29:        I Duvall(?) (.604)


Folder 30:        BE (.618)


Folder 31:        C & E (different styles of initials, one with a hunting horn) (.619-.620)


Folder 32:        EBE (.1802)


Folder 33:        T & E (.623)


Folder 34:        Edmeads & Pine (.632-.633, .635)


Folder 35:        T. Edmonds, 1824 (.634)



Box 5:


Folder 1:          Ehrhart (.636-.637)


Folder 2:          Ephrata (.624-.625, .627-.630)


Folder 3:          Ephrata – 1762 imprint, with crown (.631)


Folder 4:          F (with various dates, and a coat of arms on one sheet) (.639-.642)


Folder 5:          BF (below a coat of arms) (.643)


Folder 6:          CHF  (with a shield bearing a hunting horn, and the initials DB below that) (.644)


Folder 7:          DF (.645-.648)


Folder 8:          PF (.651)


Folder 9:          RF (.652)


Folder 10:        Fairfield (.653-.655)


Folder 11:        Farra (.656)


Folder 12:        Fellows (with various dates) (.657-.662)


Folder 13:        Floyd & Co (.663)


Folder 14:        Forge (.664)


Folder 15:        G (.665-.666)


Folder 16:        G & Co (.667-.671)


Folder 17:        BG (.672)


Folder 18:        C & G (.673)


Folder 19:        F G & Co (.674)


Folder 20:        GBG (under a crest) (.675)


Folder 21:        GG (.676)


Folder 22:        HG (under an eagle) (.677)


Folder 23:        IG (.678)


Folder 24:        ILG (.679, .821)


Folder 25:        J & EG (in script, with date 1826) (.682)


Folder 26:        J [could be I] G Sons & Co (.683)


Folder 27:        JMG (.693)


Folder 28:        LG (with a fleur-de-lis) (.694)


Folder 29:        LVG (one sheet includes a crest with a hunting horn, another has a crest with a fleur-de-lis) (.695-.696, .876)

                        [see also LV Gerrevink(?)]


Folder 30:        RG (.490, .697)


Folder 31:        TG & Co (one sheet includes a crest with a hunting horn) (.698-.699)


Folder 32:        WG (.700)


Folder 33:        Gardner (neither shows a complete watermark) (.701-.702)


Folder 34:        Garsons [could be Carsons] & Brown (.703)


Folder 35:        J Gater (.704-.705)


Folder 36:        Gen Stamp of [watermark incomplete] (.706)

                        [with added identification: William Young]


Folder 37:        LV Gerrevink(?) (under a crest with a hunting horn) (.707-.708)

                        [see also LVG]


Folder 38:        John Gibbons (.711-.716)


Folder 39:        Gilmour & Brothers (.717)


Folder 40:        T Gilpin & Co Brandywine (.718-.719)


Folder 41:        Goodwin (.720-.723)


Folder 42:        Gookin & Co, Rutland Vt (.724)


Folder 43:        P Gougon [in lower case script] (.725)


Folder 44:        J Green (dated 1815 and 1817) (.731-.732)


Folder 45:        Greene (.733)


Folder 46:        Gt Spring; I & L GtSpring (.680-.681, .727-.730)


Folder 47:        Guard Bridge Mill, Pirie (three pieces of paper, two with Guard Bridge Mill mark, and one with Pirie, document dated 1920) (.726)

                        [see also .1143 and .1144 for additional Pirie paper]


Folder 48:        H (.734-.746, .802-.803)


Folder 49:        CH (.747-.751)


Folder 50:        DH (with cloverleaf) (.752-.753)

                        [identified as Donald Hagey]


Folder 51:        FH (.754)



Box 6:


Folder 1:          GH (with fleur-de-lis) (.755) 


Folder 2:          HH; H & H (.756-.759)


Folder 3:          JH; JH & Co (on one sheet, the initials appear below a fleur-de-lis) (.760-.763)


Folder 4:          MH [or could be HM] (.764, .766-.767, .956, .958)

                        [note: there are various styles of initials]


Folder 5:          O & H (some sheets include Britannia figure) (.768-.776)


Folder 6:          TH [could be HT] (.778)


Folder 7:          SH (.777)


Folder 8:          WH [could also be HW] (.780, .1825)


Folder 9:          Hayes & Wise, 1800 (.782)


Folder 10:        Holdship (.783-.785)


Folder 11:        Holmes (.786)


Folder 12:        Hooker & Son (with a coat of arms that has the initials GR under it) (.787)


Folder 13:        E House (.791, .1806)


Folder 14:        AH Hubbard (.788-.790)


Folder 15:        R Hubbard (.792-.794)


Folder 16:        Hudson (several sheets include various designs of eagles and/or sailing ships, or the Britannia figure) (.795-.801, .804-.816)

                        [note: two sheets from New Orleans bear the watermark “For Records” – the name Hudson does not appear but someone has penciled in Hudson on one of them]


Folder 17:        SI (.817)


Folder 18:        Irving Mill (.818-.820)


Folder 19:        JLJ (.822)


Folder 20:        LJ (.823)


Folder 21:        Japanese Linen (with a crane) (.824-.827, .1655-.1656)

                        [possibly a brand name, rather than a company name)


Folder 22:        Jessups (.828-.831)


Folder 23:        Joynson (.832-.834)


Folder 24:        GK (.835)


Folder 25:        JK (.836-.837)


Folder 26:        M & K, N York (.838)


Folder 27:        A Kelty (with a dove) (.846)


Folder 28:        Kempton Mills (.863)


Folder 29:        Kent Mills (some sheets with Britannia figure, others with globe in an envelope) (.847-.854, .864)


Folder 30:        King (.855-.862)


Folder 31:        L (.877)


Folder 32:        L & Co (.878)


Folder 33:        AL (.879-.884)


Folder 34:        CL & Co; CL & Co, Balto. (.885, .1253)


Folder 35:        DL (.886)


Folder 36:        JL (.887-.888)


Folder 37:        L-JDL & Co (.890)


Folder 38:        L & L (.889)


Folder 39:        PL; P & L (.891-.892)


Folder 40:        R.P. & L. (.893)


Folder 41:        SL (.894-.896)


Folder 42:        SWL; S & WL (with a bell) (.897-.900)


Folder 43:        T& J L (some sheets include an eagle) (.903-.907, .1807))



Box 7:


Folder 1:          TWL(?) (.908-.909, .1103)

                        [might be TWP]


Folder 2:          WL (.910)


Folder 3:          Lathrop & Willard (.1513)


Folder 4:          Linwood Mills (.923-.925)


Folder 5:          Litchfield (?) (.926)


Folder 6:          Lydig & Mesier (with figure of Britannia) (.928)


Folder 7:          Lyons (.927)


Folder 8:          M (.929-.941)


Folder 9:          A & M (.943)


Folder 10:        AFM (.942)


Folder 11:        BM (.944)


Folder 12:        B & M (.945-.949)


Folder 13:        CM (.950-.951)


Folder 14:        C & McC (.952-.953)


Folder 15:        D & M (.954)


Folder 16:        DTM (.955)


Folder 17:        G & R M (in script under a shield) (.1293)

                        [G and R Munn? – see also folder 38 below]


Folder 18:        HM(?) (with star) (.779)


Folder 19:        HM [or could be MH] (.765, .957)


Folder 20:        IPM (with design of a phoenix) (.978)


Folder 21:        JM (some have design of a beehive) (.959-.976)


Folder 22:        JM & M (.979-.984)


Folder 23:        PM (.985)


Folder 24:        SM (initials on either side of a fleur-de-lis) (.986)


Folder 25:        WM, 1801 (with lion in an oval topped by a crown) (.1459)


Folder 26:        YM (.987-.988)


Folder 27:        GioroMagnani/Al Masso (with a crest that has an eagle on it) (.996-.997)


Folder 28:        Magnay & Pickering (.998)


Folder 29:        J Markle; Markle (.999-.1000)


Folder 30:        Matthews, 1836 (.1001)


Folder 31:        TMcC (.989-.993)


Folder 32:        Meeteer (.1019-.1021)


Folder 33:        Mercantile (.1022)


Folder 34:        PA Mesier; Peter A Mesier (.1023-.1028, .1117)


Folder 35:        Mode (.1034-.1038)


Folder 36:        A Mode (.1039)


Folder 37:        Moiniers Patent (.1029-.1033)


Folder 38:        G & R Munn (.1040)

(.1293 is probably another of their watermarks, see folder 17 above)


Folder 39:        W F Murphy & Sons, Philada (.1041-.1042)


Folder 40:        HN; IV [these are kept together because they came from the same book] (.1043-.1045)


Folder 41:        AO & Co (.1054-.1057)


Folder 42:        NO (.1064-.1065)


Folder 43:        Ohio (under an eagle) (.1058-.1059)


Folder 44:        Old Berkshire Mills (.349-.361)


Folder 45:        Old Ivanshire Mills (.1060-.1063)


Folder 46:        CC Olney (.1066-.1067)


Folder 47:        A Onderdonk (with an eagle) (.1068-.1072)


Folder 48:        Orholm (name inside a ring) (.1073)


Folder 49:        Owen & Hurlbut (includes the wrapper for a ream of their paper) (.1074-.1077)


Folder 50:        P (script letter, with a shield on which there are three circles) (.1114-.1115)


Folder 51:        AP (.1083)


Folder 52:        B & P, 1794 (.1090-.1092)


Folder 53:        BP & Co (.1087-.1089)



Box 8:


Folder 1:          BS & P (.1086)


Folder 2:          E & P, 1794 (.1084)


Folder 3:          HP (.1099-.1100)


Folder 4:          H & P (.1101-.1102)


Folder 5:          JP (.1108-.1113, .1809-.1810)


Folder 6:          KVP (.1082)

                        [from Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Co., Michigan]


Folder 7:          REP (with liberty cap on a pole) (.1107)


Folder 8:          SP (inside a heart) (.1817-.1818)


Folder 9:          WP (.1104, .1126)

                        [identified as William Park of Virginia]


Folder 10:        WP (with arms of Virginia) (.1105)


Folder 11:        WP (.1106)


Folder 12:        L Paine (.1116)


Folder 13:        R Park & Co (.1118-.1125)


Folder 14:        W Parker (.1127)


Folder 15:        Parsons Co, Holyoke (with shield of United States Congress (.1128-.1130)


Folder 16:        N Patten (.1131-.1132)


Folder 17:        Patterson & Co (.1135-.1138)


Folder 18:        E Patterson (.1133)


Folder 19:        J Patterson & Co (.1134)


Folder 20:        Philadelphia (one sheet has a dove) (.1139-.1140)


Folder 21:        G Pike (.1141-.1142)


Folder 22:        A Pirie & Sons (.1143)

                        [see also .726 and .1144 for other Pirie papers]


Folder 23:        Pirie’s (.1144)

                        [see also .726 and .1143]


Folder 24:        Porter & Clark (.1145)


Folder 25:        Pure Linen (with an iron cross) (.1146-.1147, .1624)


Folder 26:        R (also includes a design of some sort) (.1148)


Folder 27:        AR (.1202-.1204)


Folder 28:        CR (with a design of some sort) (.1159-.1163)


Folder 29:        DR (.1164-.1166)


Folder 30:        GR (on one sheet, the GR is under a crest with a hunting horn on it) (.1167-.1171)


Folder 31:        HR (.1172-.1175)


Folder 32:        JR (.1176-.1180)


Folder 33:        JVR (.1181-.1184)


Folder 34:        MR (.1185-.1186)

[the initials are in the form of a monogram and are difficult to read; it could be a fancy M or a different combination of letters]


Folder 35:        NIR (.1813)


Folder 36:        SBR (with deer in ring) (.1815)


Folder 37:        WR (with a cloverleaf) (.1187)

                        [identified as possibly being William Rittenhouse II]


Folder 38:        Z & R. (.1188)


Folder 39:        A Rahn (.1189-.1201)


Folder 40:        G Reid (?) (.621)


Folder 41:        Rhoads & Sons (.1205-.1206)


Folder 42:        Rockville (.1207-.1209)


Folder 43:        Adrian(?) Rogge(?) (with design of flag flying on a ship(?) (.1212-.1213)

                        [paper is damaged, so name is difficult to read and design is difficult to see]


Folder 44:        Romev (name under a crest) (.1210-.1211)


Folder 45:        Royal Linen (with tau cross on a shield) (.1214)


Folder 46:        S & Co (on most sheets, this is within a five-pointed star) (.1236-.1242, .1333)


Folder 47:        ANS (within a ring) (.1243)


Folder 48:        B & S (.1244)


Folder 49:        BS & Co (.1085, .1245, .1798)


Folder 50:        CS (.1799)

                        [not Sauer]


Folder 51:        CS (with snake on cross) (.1800)


Folder 52:        CS (with star in circle) (.1801)


Folder 53:        S & D (.1816)


Folder 54:        ES (.1270-.1271)



Box 9:


Folder 1:          HS; HS, Sandy Run (.1272-.1278, .1314-.1315)


Folder 2:          IS & Co (.1279)


Folder 3:          JRUS, 1808, Bondon (.1280)


Folder 4:          J & S (on two sheets, these letters are inside a five-pointed star) (.1282-.1284)


Folder 5:          JS (.1281)


Folder 6:          JS & Co (.1285-.1290)

                        [some of the watermarks look like JSOC]


Folder 7:          JS, Gardner (.1291)


Folder 8:          JHS (with various designs, including one of a person with upraised arms) (.1292)


Folder 9:          LS (.1811)


Folder 10:        OH & S (.1301-.1304)


Folder 11:        TS, 1794 (.1305)

                        [might be FS]


Folder 12:        WS (two sheets include a fleur-de-lis) (.1306-.1313)


Folder 13:        Satorre (includes a cross within a circle) (.1316)


Folder 14:        Sauer (.1317-.1318)


Folder 15:        TH Saunders (.1319)


Folder 16:        Shepang Valley Mills (.1320-.1322)


Folder 17:        Sherer (.1323-.1332)


Folder 18:        Smith & Allnutt (.1338)


Folder 19:        Smith & Ingle (.1339)


Folder 20:        ST Smith, NY (.1335-.1337)


Folder 21:        J Smyth (.1334)


Folder 22:        Snyder (.1340-.1341)


Folder 23:        W Swan (.1342)


Folder 24:        C & T (with fleur-de-lis) (.1348)


Folder 25:        E ET (.1347)


Folder 26:        F & T (initials under a decorative design) (.1346)


Folder 27:        IT (.1343-.1345)


Folder 28:        MT (one sheet includes a plow) (.1363, .1677)

[a note identifies the sheet with the plow as coming from Morris Truman of Philadelphia]


Folder 29:        R & MT (.1354)


Folder 30:        S & T (.1349)


Folder 31:        ST & Co (with an anchor) (.1350-.1351)


Folder 32:        W & T (.1355)


Folder 33:        WT (.1476)

                        [might be TW]


Folder 34:        Thomas (with a lion inside an oval topped by a crown) (.1390-.1391)


Folder 35:        J & J Town (.1395)


Folder 36:        Truman’s & Co (with a design of some sort, perhaps a plow) (.1397-.1401)


Folder 37:        Turkey Mill (includes an eagle atop an American shield, with stars around it) (.1402)


Folder 38:        J & R Turner (.1403)


Folder 39:        W Turner & Son (.1404)


Folder 40:        U (.1408)


Folder 41:        U & Co (.1405)


Folders 42-43:             GU (.1364-.1367, .1369-.1372)


Folder 44:        JU & Co (.1374-.1379, .1381-.1389)


Folder 45:        PU (.1356-.1361)


Folder 46:        P Ulrick (.1406-.1407, .1409)


Folder 47:        US Army (with design of cannon, rifles, flags, and tents) (.134)


Folder 48:        US Congress (with design of eagle and little flowers) (.548)


Folder 49:        US Department of State (with an eagle) (.607)


Folder 50:        US Navy (.1046)


Folder 51:        US Post Office Department (with a man on horseback) (.1410)


Folder 52:        C Unkley (with fleur-de-lis) (.1823)


Folder 53:        IV (one sheet has the arms of Great Britain on it) (.1411-.1412)

                        [might be VI]


Folder 54:        BFV (.1413)



Box 10:


Folder 1:          W & CV (.1423)


Folder 2:          P Valentine & Co, Suffield Conn (.1414-.1417)


Folder 3:          van Gelder Zonen (.1419)


Folder 4:          W Venables & Co (with heart design) (.1420-.1421)


Folder 5:          Victoria Linen (with a crown) (.1422)


Folder 6:          W (with embellishments) (.1698)


Folder 7:          W Pure Linen (.1435-.1436)


Folder 8:          BW (.1437)


Folder 9:          B & W (.1438-.1445)


Folder 10:        DJR&W (.1446-.1447)


Folder 11:        EW & Co (.1448)


Folder 12:        E & W (.1449)


Folder 13:        H & W, Third River (with logo of two doves) (.781)


Folder 14:        JW (one sheet includes an eagle, the other a coat of arms topped with a crown)(.1450-.1451)


Folder 15:        JW & Son (.1452-.1456)


Folder 16:        LW; L&W (.1457-.1458)


Folder 17:        MW [could be WM] (.1461-.1465)


Folder 18:        RW & Co (.1352-.1353)


Folder 19:        S & W (.1474)


Folder 20:        SW & Co, N York (with logo of two doves) (.1475)


Folder 21:        WWW (inside a ring) (.1477)


Folder 22:        Walsh (.1478)


Folder 23:        Marcus Ward & Co (.1479)


Folder 24:        Wm. H. Ward & Co (.1480)


Folder 25:        J Webb (.1481-.1485)


Folder 26:        Weston’s (.1486-.1489)


Folder 27:        J Whatman; J Whatman Turkey Mill (.1497-.1499, .1502)


Folder 28:        Whiting Paper Co (.1490-.1496)


Folder 29:        Wilcox, Philada; JM Wilcox, Philada (one sheet has an ivy leaf) (.1503-.1512)


Folder 30:        Williams & Plum, Newark, N.J. (with an eagle) (.1514)


Folder 31:        C Wilmott (.1515-.1516)


Folder 32:        Woronoco Bond (.1517-.1518)


Folder 33:        HY (.1523)

                        [could be YH]


Folder 34:        WY & Co, Delaware (.1525-.1529)


Folder 35:        H Yates (.1530)


Folder 36:        W Young (.1519-.1522)


Folder 37:        Z (.1531)


Folder 38:        JZ (.1532-.1535)


Folder 39:        ampersand (.1708-.1710)


Folders 40-41: anchor (.1582-1587)


Folder 42:        arms of England (with garter) (.1548-.1549)


Folder 43:        arms of Massachusetts, with the letter M (Burbank) (.1550)


Folder 44:        arms of New York (various styles) (Samuel Campbell) (.1551-.1556)


Folder 45:        arms of Virginia (WP) (.1564)


Folder 46:        crossed arrows in double circle (Burbank) (.1707)


Folder 47:        beehive (John Matthews) (.1580-.1581)


Folder 48:        bell under crown-like design (Samuel Lewis) (.1631-.1633)


Folder 49:        bells (PB?) (.1576-.1579)


Folder 50:        bird (Allen) (.1608, .1613)


Folder 51:        Britannia with bell (.1575)


Folder 52:        Britannia in an oval, 1797 (.1557-.1558)


Folder 53:        Britannia in an oval, 1810 (.1559)


Folder 54:        Britannia in an oval, with partial date (1_1_) (.1560)


Folder 55:        Britannia in a circle (D) (.1561)


Folder 56:        Britannia in a circle (H) (.1562)


Folder 57         Britannia with GR (.1563):


Folder 58         Britannia in ovals, some with crowns, some without (.1565-.1569)



Box 11:


Folder 1:          castle tower (.1574)


Folder 2:          circle (.1637)


Folder 3:          circles with designs (.1572-.1573)


Folder 4:          clover leaf in circle (Saur, sower, CS, C. Saur) (.1627-.1629, .1821-.1822)


Folder 5:          clover leaf (DH – Daniel Haga-Hegy) (.1625-.1626)


Folder 6:          compass and right angle (Masonic symbol?) (.865-.875, .1700-.1706)


Folder 7:          crown and GR (.1634-.1636)


Folder 8:          crown and garter belt (blank center) (.1630)


Folder 9:          dates (1813, 1817, 1830) (.1543-.1547)


Folder 10:        deer (2 bodies and heads) (H. Katz) (.1622-.1623)


Folder 11:        dove (.1605-.1606)


Folder 12:        dove (Amies) (.1609-.1612, .1614-.1621)


Folder 13:        dove (Kelty) (.1607)


Folder 14:        Dutch lion and bell (PB) (.1602-.1604)


Folder 15:        Dutch vryhet lion, with a star; one sheet has a crowned GR (.1536-.1542)


Folder 16:        eagle with arrows and olive branch in its talons (.1588-.1589)


Folder 17:        eagle (small) (.1590-.1596)


Folder 18:        eagle in circle (Onerdonk?) (.1597-.1600)


Folder 19:        eagle above crossed flags (.1600a-b)


Folder 20:        eagle on cliff above river, ships in background (Hudson) (.1601)


Folder 21:        eagle with crown (.1716-.1717)


Folder 22:        eagle and post horn (.1685-.1686)


Folder 23:        eagles (.1718-.1719)


Folder 24:        eagles (Sellers style, K & B) (.1687-.1689)


Folder 25:        fish (H & B) (.1683)


Folder 26:        fleur-de-lis inside shield (,1803-.1805)


Folder 27:        fleur-de-lis (also pages marked IV and H) (.1736-.1737)


Folder 28:        flower (J Boies) (.1691-.1692)


Folder 29:        flowers (two tulips – Katz)  (.1715)


Folder 30:        harp (IC, I Copeland) (.1682)


Folder 31:        heart (.1681)


Folder 32:        Indian (C Bemis)  (.1680)


Folder 33:        ivy leaf (James Wilcox, 1830s) (.1693)


Folder 34:        lamb/sheep (J Robinson (.1679)


Folder 35:        leaf (.1713-.1714)


Folder 36:        lion (Genoa?) (.1678)


Folders 37-38: plows (.1668-.1676)


Folder 39:        post horns (some in shields, some not; Gilpin) (.1663-.1667)


Folder 40:        post rider (Dutch – A Rogge) (.1654)


Folder 41:        form of Pro Patria with lion inside fence watched over by Britannia (.1657, .1659-.1662)


Folder 42:        Pro Patria (.1658)


Folder 43:        starfish wheel [more like a flower] (.1720)


Folder 44:        ship (Thos. Amies) (.1653)


Folder 45:        star (SC – Simon Close) (.1639-.1640)


Folder 46:        star (H Katz) (.1641-.1642)


Folder 47:        star with six points (.1643-.1644, .1646-.1649)


Folder 48:        star with six points (WJ, Wm Idler) (.1650-.1652)


Folder 49:        star with five points (.1712)


Folder 50:        star wheel (.1820)


Folder 51:        star with five points, Linen 1881 (.1711)


Folder 52:        stitch (Sewald, York Me., 1796/1814 (.1570)


Folder 53:        sun with crown (Genoa) (.1684)


Folder 54:        Washington’s profile (Hudson) (.1695)


Folder 55:        wreath (partial) (.1638)


Folder 56:        miscellaneous partial symbols (and some blank paper) (.1721-.1735)



Box 12:


Folders 1-5:     unmarked paper and articles about paper (.1749-.1756, .1758-.1764, .1766-.1772, 1774-.1779, .1783-.1797)


Folder 6:          “Curious Paper Facts,” published by The Paper House of Pennsylvania, vol. 1, no. 1-7 (.1757, .1757a-f)


Folder 7:          Accessions book (.1781)



Box 13 (legal size):


Folder 1:          Allen (with dove symbol) (.15)


Folder 2:          Amies, Philada. (.90, .106, .110)


Folder 3:          Amies (unnumbered pages, many of the documents are in pieces)


Folder 4:          Austin & Carr (.136)


Folder 5:          CB (.177, .184, .196-.197)


Folder 6:          FB (with design of a crown atop a ring, with a bell underneath) (.229)


Folder 7:          JS, SB (both sets of initials appear on the paper) (.255-.257)


Folder 8:          PB (.277-.278, .287)


Folder 9:          S Boyer (with dates) (.372, .373b)


Folder 10:        CC (under a crown) (.440, .447)


Folder 11:        C & P (on some sheets, the initials are inside a heart) (.1093-.1098)


Folder 12:        E & C (.457-.466)


Folder 13:        Ephrata (FR on either side of a large 4)(.626)


Folder 14:        EF (with a crown)(.649-.650)


Folder 15:        RF (on either side of a stack of circles with a cross on top) (.1814)


Folder 16:        JLG (.684-.686, .690-.692)


Folder 17:        L Gevel (.709-.710)


Folder 18:        Gilmour & Brothers (.385.1)

                        [note: the G and the B are missing, so it really reads ilmour & rothers)


Folder 19:        CH (.750)


Folder 20:        PJK (.839-.845)


Folder 21:        TL (the T and the L are run together – so the bar of the T is crossing the L, also includes design of a plow) (.901-.902)


Folder 22:        Levan (.911-.922)


Folder 23:        M & T (.1362)


Folder 24:        JM (.977)


Folder 25:        TM & Co (.994-.995)


Folder 26:        Matthews (some sheets have a sheaf of wheat, others a beehive, and some are dated) (.1002-.1018)


Folder 27:        Needham & Co (.1048-.1049, .1051)


Folder 28:        Newton (.1052-.1053)


Folder 29:        NO (.1050)


Folder 30:        LP (.1078-.1081)


Folder 31:        AR; A & R (.1150-.1158)


Folder 32:        S (one sheet includes a three-leaf clover) (.1227-.1235)


Folder 33:        BS & Co (.1246-.1251)


Folder 34:        C & S (one sheet of paper has an eagle design, but it does not have C&S on it) (.1252, .1254-.1269)


Folder 35:        IS (? Could be TS) (.1149)


Folder 36:        NC S (.1299-.1300)


Folder 37:        SS (.1819)


Folder 38:        M & ET (.1812)


Folder 39:        E Towgood (.1392-.1394)


Folder 40:        Truman’s & Co (with plow) (.1396)



Box 14 (legal size):


Folder 1:          GU (.1368)


Folder 2:          W (.1824)


Folder 3:          JW & Son (.913)


Folder 4:          MW (with a dove design) (.1460)


Folder 5:          PW (with an eagle design) (.1466-.1473)


Folder 6:          J Whatman, Turkey Mill (.1500-.1501)


Folder 7:          WY & Co (.1524)


Folder 8:          WIZ (with eagle) (no accession numbers)


Folder 9:          bell (.218)


Folder 10:        crowned shield; fleur-de-lis (.1699)

[these on pages that are supposed to be from the 2d folio of Shakespeare’s plays, 1632]


Folder 11:        eagles (Sellers style) (.1690 and .1690a)


Folder 12:        fleur-de-lis (various styles, none on a shield or inside an oval (.1738-.1748)


Folder 13:        monogram (no accession number)


Folder 14:        post rider (no accession number)


Folder 15:        Pro Patria (with Britannia tending a lion inside a fence, also a coat of arms (.1658a)


Folder 16:        star with six points (.1645)


Folder 17:        tulip (.1694)

(A. Keller or Kellen)


Folder 18:        wheat sheaf inside an oval (John Matthews) (.1696-.1697)


Folder 19:        unmarked papers, picture of a paper mill, newspaper clippings about mills (.1751, .1763, .1770, .1773)


Folder 20:        some correspondence, pictures of watermarks, information on embossed revenue stamps (.1765)


Folder 21:        not watermarked papers (no accession numbers)


Folders 22-23: correspondence, pictures of watermarks, information about papermakers (.1772, .1775)


Folder 24:        alphabetical list of papermakers (.1780)


Folder 25:        newspaper: Atkinson’s Saturday Evening Post, January 4, 1834, includes an ad announcing a paper mill for sale in Chester County (.1786)


Folder 26:        correspondence: to Mr. Unger (.1782)


Folder 27:        correspondence and notes (.1788-.1796)


Folder 28:        notes about paper mills and watermarks (no accession number)



Box 15 (oversize):


Folder 1:          I & RB (.247, .622)


Folder 2:          IC (with a logo of some sort – perhaps a harp) (.470-.472)


Folder 3:          SC (with logo of a flower or sun) (.494)


Folder 4:          JGL (with fleur-de-lis in a shield) (.687-.689)


Folder 5:          J Robeson, Phila (some sheets have a design of a sheep) (.1215-.1226)


Folder 6:          LS (.1294-.1298)


Folders 7-8:     JU (.1373, .1380)


Folder 9:          P Valentine & Co, Suffield Conn (.1418)


Folder 10:        W (some sheets have a hunting horn on a shield above the letter W) (.1424-.1434)



Boxes 16-17: note cards about watermarks



Boxes 18-23: photographs of watermarks, arranged alphabetically by name or initials, or by design (bell, cat, etc.; the designs are in Box 23)

Finding Aid Section Two: Description of items in each folder:


[note: all accession numbers begin with 76x166]


The following accession numbers were not used or the items were lost before the collection was described: .30-.31, .290, .296-.299, .584.  Some items were not numbered at the time of acquisition and have been assigned letters in the descriptions which follow.



Box 1:


Folder 1: A, A 1816 (.1-.3)


.1         Letter: Stephen Whitney, New York, to John S. Hunn, Cashier, Bank of Newburgh, Feb. 2, 1820.  Instructions for payment of notes.  Reply on the back. 

.2         Bill to Jos. Diver from Manuel Eyre, 1830, no place.  [see Col. 657 for additional Eyre material]

.3         Mortgage indenture between Benjamin Boyers, yeoman, Charlestown, Chester County, Penn., and Caleb Brinton. Birmingham township, Chester County, for $300.00. April 5, 1816.


Folder 2: CBA; CRA; HKA (.4-.5, .49)

.4         Bill, to Sloop "Commerce", signed William Belcher for William Millward, mast maker, for booms, etc.  Philadelphia, April 20, 1792

.5         Disbursements of the Brig Nancy, Capt. Isaac Silliman, at San Lucar, Jan. 29, 1802, by George B. Dawson.

.49       Pamphlet - pp.213306, passim. "The Young Man's Best Companion."


Folder 3: MA & Co (.6)

.6         Letter from Joseph D. Farnsworth, Fairfield, to Thomas Astly, Philadelphia, Sept. 9, 1823. Payment of notes.


Folder 4: PA (.7-.10)

.7a-b    Administration account for the estate of Jacob Boyer, cooper, Reading, Berks County, Penn., with John Strohecker, administrator, 1808.  [see also .1650]

.8         Bond between John Eissenhour [or Eissenhower], Windsor township, Berks County, Penn. and Godfried Seidle, yeoman, Windsor township, May 27, 1809.

.9         Blank page.

.10       Letter from John McDowell, Lewistown, Pa., to N. B. Boilieu, Secretary of the Commonwealth of Penn., Lancaster. Oct. 25, 1809, affirming a bond.


Folder 5: I Adam & Co; J Adam & Co (.11-.12)

.11       Note concerning a discharged mortgage, between Richard Duryer & wife, Walters W. Meyer [or Heyer] and wife Phebe, John F. Duryer and Cornelius Meyer [or Meyer] of New York City, on the one part, and Jacob Wilkins Jr., of the other, May 20, 1798, signed by Jane Dies of Catskill, Albany County. The bond is on the back.

.12       Notice of a sale (land), n.d., New York.  Names on notice: Doctor Benton, Mr. Birdsall, Mr. Gilbert, Col. Lindsey


Folder 6: Allen, with dove holding olive branch (.13-.14)

.13       Deed hiring Alfred Brooks and John Humphrey of New York as attorneys for Tappan & Mansfield of Boston. May 22, 1828.

.14       Power of attorney given to George W. Talbot, merchant of New York City, from Henry Dorr of Boston, April 26, 1821.  Inside: signature of notary public Charles Hayward.


Folder 7: All Linen 1886, All Linen 1888, with coat of arms (.16-.17)

.16       Typed letter from Thomas B. Prosser to John Edward Siddall, both of Philadelphia, Nov. 8, 1889           

.17       copy o f will of Louisa S. Kates, Sept. 20, 1882, Philadelphia.  Names nieces and nephews, all surnamed Kates (one niece married to a Hood).  Louisa S. Kates died August 20, 1884.


Folder 8: The American Linen Paper (.18)

.18       Grant by the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, of belong­ings of Benjamin P. Sutter of D.C., to Daniel Sutter of Philadelphia. Witness, Walter S. Cox, Justice.  June 17, 1884.


Folder 9: D Ames (.19-.29)

.19       Letter from Charlotte Miller, South Hadley, to Miss Experience Chapin, West Springfield, [Massachusetts], May, 1805. [see also .182 and .937]

.20       Letter from W. H. Crawford [but Bradford penciled in, also], [Albany – penciled in], to Hon. O.C. Merrill, Congress Hall, Dec. 3, 1817. Matters of the court.

.21       Letter from Aug. Eichhorn, Baltimore, to W. Cramond, Philadelphia, February 6, 1819.  Encloses letter from Matthew O’Brien about carriage lamps of Baron de Dupuy.

.22       Letter from Joseph B. Lyon, Natchez, to John Gill Jr., and Francis Worley, New Orleans, March 12,  1822. Concerns cotton.

.23       Letter from Robert Gill, New York, to John Gill Jr., New Orleans, Jan. 26, 1822.  Concerns cotton.

.24       Letter from Robert Gill, New York, to John Gill Jr., New Orleans, Feb. 19, 1822.  Concerns cotton.

.25       Letter from Joseph B. Lyon, Natchez, to John Gill Jr., New Orleans, March, 7, 1822.  Concerns business.

.26       Bond on notes owed to William Taylor, Jr. by various people.  Hopkinsville and Russellville, Kentucky, Aug. 24, 1819.

.27       Letter from R. B. Magruder to John White.  n.p., Aug. 2, 1821, requesting the release of Mr. Davidges’(?) mortgage to Mr. Henry Nicolls.

.28       Letter from Rob. Abbott Jr. & Co., Richmond, Va., to E. A. Russell, Peters­burg, Va. April 5, 1821.  Concerns business.

.29       Letter from E. Wainwright, Hartford, addressed to Peter Wainwright Jr., but intended for his mother Mrs. Wainwright, Boston. Sept. 27, 1817.  [see also other Wainwright letters in collection]


Folder 10: B. Amies, Phila; R. Amies, Phila; Amies (in script, with dove) [with other variations] (.32-.76)

.32       Letter from J. Francis Fisher, Philadelphia, to Henry M. Walker, n.p., June 30, 1837.  Concerning a note of Joshua Sutcliff.

.33       Letter from Thos. C. Cash, New Orleans, to R. Ashhurst & Sons, Philadelphia, May 20, 1834.  [additional Ashhurst material in Co.. 290]

.34       Letter from Lewis B. Fenwick, Frankfort, to John Gill, Jr., New Orleans, March 11, 1822.  Concerns property.

.35       Power of attorney.  John Gill, Jr. and Thomas Washington Little, to John Peyton Little, all merchants of Philadelphia, Sept. 18, 1820.

.36a-b Two pages of a document concerning the settlement of a will, seemlingly that of John Hollinshead.  Mentions Daniel Newbold in Burlington County as executor.  Also mentions Levi Peacock as orator and Lettis Hollsinhead Peacock as oratrix.  n.p., no date, but after 1786. [also see .90a-f].

.37       Letter to the Supreme Court [of New York], from Oliver Hutchinson of Wood & Hutchinson. New York, Oct. 3, 1835.  Concerns a deed.

.38       Notes on instructions for a company.  Dr. Fifield(?) vs. Loew(?) Co. n.p., n.d.

.39       Letter from Charles Witman, Reading, Pa., to Charles Graff, March 1, 1823. Concerns insertion of notice in newspaper.  [additional Graff papers in Col. 388]

.40       Blank folded letter sheet – blue.

.41       Pages G and S of an index, removed from some large volume, probably from Philadelphia, n.d.  [see also .50 and .101]

.42       Letter from Thomas W. Langley, Warren P.O., Chester County, to Robert Arundale [Arundel], Philadelphia, July 27, 1831. Concerns a settlement claim on estate of Mr. Hirsch(?). 

.43       Letter from John Hallowell, president of Court of Common Pleas, Philadelphia, to Thomas Davis, West Chester, Penn., July 12, 1821. Warrant for holding a special court; and an appointment pledge by John Hallowell for Thomas Davis at court.

.44       Letter from Hite & Ormsby, Louisville, to Richard Ashhurst, Philadelphia, July 12, 1822. Concerns the bank accounts of R. Ashhurst.  [see also Col. 290]

.45       Letter, George Weaver, Montgomery Square, to George Duffield, Comptroller General, [Lancaster, Penn.,] Feb. 14, 1806.  Not sufficient evidence to convict John Little for murder of his son.  [Original address wrapper for this letter is .68 below]

.46       Wrapper for a lease, Jacob W. Seitzinger et al to James Wild, Joseph Lyon, and Backies(?) W. Birge.

.47a     No. 5: Description of a plot of land in the Northern Liberties, abutting land belonging to Samuel Leech, Michael Hillegar, Thomas Leech, William Shippen, and Isaac Leech. In 1786, land leased to Johannes Hinckel.

.47b     No. 6: description of a piece of ground in the Northern Liberties, Samuel Leech to M.H., 1767.

.48       Plan of lots at corner of Franklin and Girard(?) Streets, probably in Philadelphia, n.p., n.d. 

.50       Pages M [no entries], N and O of an index, removed from some large volume, probably from Philadelphia, n.d.  [see also .41 and .101] 

.51       Letter from John Wiley, Philadelphia,.to Henry W. Smith, Reading, Jan. 12, 1830.  Please assist John Rubsam(?) attain information in relation to Whitman & Boyd and Seitzinger notes. 

.52       Letter from Alexander Irvin, Senate Chamber, [Harrisburg,] to Henry M. Walker, Philadelphia, Dec. 26, 1838.  Will attend to his request later. 

.53       Letter from Leslie Combs, Lexington, to Richard Ashhurst & Sons, Philadelphia, Nov. 11, 1836. Concerns John Crawford's debts. 

Also a letter from S.H. Anderson, Lancaster, Ky., to Ashhurst, concerning Crawford.  Oct. 25, 1836.

.54       Letter from Paul Shipley, Nashville, Tenn., to John Gill Jr., Philadelphia, May 15, 1833. Concerns finances of a business.

.55       A list of G.E. Mason's notes.  June 1, 1837, n.p.

.56       R. R. Dorsey in accounts current with Mrs. Maria Dorsey, Philadelphia, Nov. 19, 1833. 

.57       Letter from Patterson B. West, Nashville, to John Gill Jr., Philadelphia, July 8, 1833.

.58a-b  Letter and sales account.  William Taylor & Son to Peter Aurand Sr. and Jr. Philadelphia, Dec. 11, 1828.

.59       Letter from John W. Scheetz, Norristown, to Robert J. Arundel, Philadelphia, Jan. 18, 1830.  Concerns payment of a bill. [additional Scheetz materials are also in this collection]

.60       Letter from Anderson & McMeehan, Russellville, Alabama, [postmarked Nashville, Tenn.,] to Rich. Ashhurst & Sons, Philadelphia, July 10, 1839.  Also a list of goods, mostly textile fabrics. 

.61       Mortgage bond indenture.  James Hamilton Moore, Bristol Township, Philadelphia County, to Matthias R. Miller and Edward Royal, Germantown, Penn., Jan. 1, 1846.

.62       Letter from David Snyder, Harrisburg, to J. Arundel, Philadelphia, Feb. 9, 1829. Concerns the Montgomery Benevolent Society.

.63       Bond and warrant for $3,000 between Robert R. Dorsey, M.D., Philadelphia, and the Union Insurance Co. of Philadelphia.  Jan. 18, 1844.

.64       Land purchase agreement between George Beamer and Benjamin King, n.p., July 23, 1839.

.65       Land agreement for division between Samuel Boyer and Jacob Benfinger [or Bensinger], Schuylkill County, and John Dresh and family [members named], Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, March 3, 1832.

.66       Letter from James Dykes & Co., Norfolk, to Mr. Cramond. Philadelphia, July 7, 1817.

.67       Letter from John Gill, Jr., Philadelphia, to Yeatman & Kent, Huntsville, Ala., Jan. 30, 1826. Concerns money transactions and cotton.  [see also .89]

.68       Address sheet, to George Duffiel, Comptroller(?), Lancaster, Penn., contained the letter from George Weaver, Montgomery Square, Feb. 14, 1806, that is number .45 [see above]

.69       Deed. Poll. Daniel Fitler, High Sheriff of Philadelphia City and County, to George Gelback, 1839.  Concerning property of George C. Baker, Kensington. 

.70       Thomas Mason's estate; written explanations of estate ownership, n.p., n.d.  Names Mason’s heirs.  He died September 29, 1793.

.71-.72             Notes on Ogden vs. Jonas Phillips, 1832, n.p.

.73       Letter from the District Court of Philadelphia to Remdale(?) Hutcheson(?), Philadelphia, March 7, 1819.  Judgment in favor of John C. Smith.

.74       Note to J. M. Neace from JUS(?), concerning money owed, n.p., March 7.

.75       Sworn statement by John Titus in New Jersey Chancery concerning the Trenton Banking Co. and Zachariah Rossele, trustee of Ann E. Woodruff, et al.  Signed by William Halsted.  April 6, 1835. Mortgage due.

.76       Sworn statements by Liscomb R. Titus and Philemon Dickinson in New Jersey Chancery concerning the Trenton Banking Co. and Zachariah Rossell for Ann E. Woodruff.  April 6, 1835, and a sworn statement by Philemon Dickinson... April 7, 1835.


Folder 11:  W. Amies & Co, Phila [with variations] (.77-.122)

.77       Letter from James [no surname, probably McFarland, see .80 below], Philadelphia, to Miss Elizabeth Shannon ("Dear Cousin"), Norriton township, Montgomery County, Penn., Oct. 30, 1828.

.78       Letter from Senator Baulay, Harrisburg, to Robert Stewart, Bedford, Penn., April 9, 1838.

.79       Letter from Gab. Nourse, Washington, D.C., to Bryant, Auditor General, Harrisburg, Penn., Sept. 30, 1818.  Concerns Henry Young, “a poor old solderi of 89 years,” and what is needed to secure his pension.

.80       Letter from Jas. B. McFarland, Philadelphia, to Miss Elizabeth Shannon, Norriton township, Montgomery County, Penn., Feb. 19, 1834.  Sends cambric which he requests that she make into handkerchiefs.

.81a-c              Various geometrical drawings by hand, n.p., n.d.  pink and yellow papers

.82       Various geometrical drawings by hand, n.p., n.d.  blue paper

.83       Account of a bond.  William Craig to John and William Penn. n.p., Oct. 27, 1821.

.84       Receipted bill, Bernard Soulia [or Soulis], paid W.(?) & D. Lowber, signed by John Burrows.  Philadelphia, Dec. 31, 1820.  For boots and shoes for Bernard and Albion.

.85       List of payments on account of Beaver costs.  1814, Beaver County.

.86       Benjamin B. Cooper in account with Charles C. Gaskill from 1831 to 1832. n.p.

.87       Agreement between Abraham Potts, Norwegian township, Schuylkill County, and Jacob W. Sietzinger, Berks County, for land sale. Aug. 23, 1833. 

.88       Lease contract between Frederick Graff and Charles Graff, and Thomas W. Stewart, Philadelphia, Dec. 1, 1840.  [see also Col. 388]

.89       Copy of a letter from John Gill, Jr., Philadelphia, to Yeatman & Kent.  July 28, 1826.  Concerns banking.  [see also .67] 

.91       Letter from A. Ferguson, Philadelphia, to John Gill, Jr. Oct. 12, 1827. Con­cerns Deshler’s business.

.92       Letter from Jacob Sulger, Philadelphia, to John Godf. Wachsmuth, Germantown.  Aug. 6, 1827.            Encloses a check for $3,547.83 on Tobias Beckler's mortgage.

.93       Letter from J. F. Groome, Elkton, Md., to John Gill Jr., Philadelphia, Jan. 2, 1830.  Concerns payment of a bill.

.94       Letter from Geo. Morris, Baltimore, to John Gill, Jr., Philadelphia, June 10, 1830.

.95       Letter from John C. Groome, attorney, Elkton, Md., to John Gill & Co., Philadelphia, Sept. 19, 1829.   About the claim against Bouchell.

.96       Letter from John H. Scheetz, Norristown, to Henry Smith, Reading, Penn.  Jan. 3, 1827.

.97       Rental agreement between Hugh Colhoun and Mrs. Margaret Richards, Philadelphia, July 4,1837.

.98       Blank paper - blue.

.99       Blank paper - blue.

.100     Letter from A. M. Upshaw, Philadelphia, to Mr. John Gill, Jr., Philadelphia, March 31, 1836.  Concerns debts of a firm.

.101     Page N of an index, removed from some large volume, probably from Philadelphia, n.d.  [see also . 41 and .50]

.102     Letter from John Scheetz, Norristown, to Robert J. Arundel, Philadelphia, Jan. 27, 1830. Concerns a debt. 

.103     Blank paper, with faint embossed design.

.104     Letter from Thomas C. Cash, New Orleans, to R. Ashhurst & Sons, Philadelphia., Nov. 21, 1830.  Concerns commerce between them.

.105     Letter from Rory P. Smith, Philadelphia, to Joseph Thomas, Pottsville, Pa., July 6, 1832.  Payment of a note for $250.

.107     Settlement of the estate of Magdalene Kolb deceased. Upper Hanover township, Montgomery County, Dec. 9, 1824.  George Kolb, administrator. 

.108     Lease of Rent to Messrs. Kay & Troutman from Mrs. Ann Graff, Phila., July 1, 1849.

.109     Letter from John Wiley, Philadelphia, to Alexander L. Hayes, Reading.  Dec. 21, 1826. Concerns the late William Wiley and his brothers John, Joseph, Robert.

.111     "Abstract of interest..." by Thomas Turner, Collector for Georgetown, D.C. June 30, 1827.  Names obligers.

.112     Letter from John Scheetz, Norristown, to Frederick Smith, Reading, Pa., 1827, April 7.  Concerns a possible suit between McCaulis & Chamber, and Nathaniel B. Hobart.

.113     Letter from William Miller to W. D. Lewis, n.p., Aug. 25, 1834.  Concerns money due.

.114     Note swearing of no indebtness on the part of Marks John Biddle to Jonathan Wynn.  Unfinished.  n.p., n.d.

.115     Letter from Frederick Graff and Charles Graff, Philadelphia, to James S. Martin Sept. 26, 1845.  Demand of payment for store leases or face eviction.

.116a-d            Part of a lease agreement, unsigned, n.d., n.p., Wild, Lyon & Birge to take over leases of coal mines from Patterson & Pott, Hoch & Stauffer, and Beech & Craven.  Mines might be owned by Seitzinger, Wetherill & Gumbes(?).

.117     Letter from Joseph Thomson, Philadelphia, to cousin Hannah Harrington, Westfield, New Jersey, Oct.7, 1829.  Purchasing writing paper; family news. 

.118     Blank paper - blue.

.119     Blank paper - blue.

.120     Blank paper - blue.

.121     Letter from William Lambert Dorr, Billerica, to "Dear Aunt" Miss Charlotte Lambert, Roxbury, Mass. Feb. 9, 1823.

.122     Drawing of streets (Sixth and Weaver) and calculations. No name, n.d., n.p.


Folder 12: Argyle Linen (with thistle) (.123-.133)

.123     Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury, Pa., to Hon. R. L.Ashhurst, Philadelphia, March 15, 1909.  Concerns the case of Timony vs. Kemmerer & Co.

.124     Notice to the case of Daniel J. Timony vs. M.S. Kemmerer & Co., Court of Common Pleas, Luzerne County, Penn., May 1906.

.125     Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury, to Hon. R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, March 1, 1909.  Concerns the Timony vs. Kemmerer & Co. case.

.126     Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury, to R. L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, Dec. 17, 1909.  Concerns the Timony vs. Kemmerer & Co. case. 

.127     Page 2 of a letter from S. P. Wolverton to Hon. R. L. Ashhurst, n.d., n.p., concerns the Timony vs. Kemmerer & Co. case.

.128     Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury, to W. R. Webster, Philadelphia, Feb. 22, 1909.  Concerns the Timony vs. Kemmerer & Co. case.

.129     Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury, to Hon. R. L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, March 2, 1909.  Concerns the Timony vs. Kemmerer & Co. case.

.130     Page 2 of no. .129.

.131     Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Jr., Sunbury, to Hon. R. L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, April 13, 1909. Concerns the Timony vs. Kemmerer & Co. case.

.132     Page 2 of no. .131.

.133     Letter from S.P. Wolverton, Sunbury, to Hon. R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, April 10, 1907.  Concerns court cases.



Folder 13: WH Arthur & Co, New York (.135)

.135     Letter from Charles M. Dupuy, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., to "Dear H", July 14, 1856. Concerns renting the house to J. C. Dewald.


Folder 14: Austin, with fleur-de-lis (.137-.139)

.137     Account page of Benjamin B. Cooper(?), about orchards, July 1, 1830. n.p.

.138     Deed from Rachel Ridgway, formerly Murell, Springfield township, Burling County, New Jersey, to Israel Hewan (or Ewing), Gloucester County, Dec. 9, 1812.

.139     Deed from William Henry, Sheriff of Beaver County, Penn., to Hugh Davis of Allegheny County.  Pennsylvania, Beaver County, Feb. 6, 1806.


Folder 15: B (.140-.144)

.140     Blank paper.

.141     Blank paper.

.142     Letter from A. (?). Henderson, Baltimore, to W. D. Lewis, Philadelphia, May 1, 1834.  Concerns a meeting of the board and a decision about an afternoon line.

.143     Blank paper.

.144     Blank paper.


Folder 16: B & Co, PTRSBg (.145)

.145     Letter from Thomas Foulke, Richmond, to Thomas Ashley, Philadelphia, Nov. 22, 1814.  Concerns business.


Folder 17: BB (.146-.148)

.146     Letter from Elton & Beck, Philadelphia, to Henry W. Smith, Reading, Penn., June 19, 1828.  Business.

.147     Note of a transaction/payment to Richard Smith, singed S. Smith, Washington, July 29, 1835.  Addressed to Jno. M. Read, Philadelphia.

.148     Hand written duplicate letter from Elton & Beck, Philadelphia, to Henry W. Smith of Reading, at Lancaster, Penn., May 22, 1828.  Concerns payment of a bill.


Folder 18: B & B (.149-.152)

.149     Receipt for payment by C. Master for a note by L. Biles to Robert Campbell, signed John Brown, Aug. 5, 1829. n.p.

.150     Cornelius Martin in account with W. & I. Brooks, n.p., 1829-1832.

.151     One half of a bond of land, of James Gray and Robert Russel, commissioners of Warren County, Penn., to James Benson, Asa Winter, & Jacob Mead, then sold the land to Cornelius Masten [or Martin], n.d.

.152     Letter from Laurie & Telfer, Norfolk, to Francis Bell, with added note from Warren Ashley to deliver to Arthur Jones of Edenton. Jan. 11, 1800.  Concerns payment of a note.


Folder 19: BH & B (.153)

.153     Entry of merchandise imported in the ship "Grand Turk," Wm. Loring, master, from Liverpool, by Thos. Hewitt, N.Y., Oct. 22, 1810.  Crates of earthenware.


Folder 20: CB (.154-.195)

.154     Note: promise to pay David Bricker, from Frantz Brumbach, n.p., May 23, 1788.  Also signed by Samuel Eby.

.155     Letter to Jabez Clark, Windham, from Elisha Stearns, 1811.  Concerns bill of Justice of the Peace J. Barnes.

.156     Bond of Godlieb Ebert, yeoman of Franklin County, Penn., to Margaret Jack, same place, Oct. 7, 1788.  On April 27, 1803, she reassigned the bond to George Gillespie and Joseph Strong.  More about bond, Sept. 7, 1821, Philadlephia.

.157     Bond from Henry Werfel, Dauphin County, Penn., to Jacob Keiver, same county, May 11, 1796.

.158     Expense notes of John Forer. n.p., Sept. 28, 1780.

.159     Bottom half of a sheet of expenses to unknown, n.p., 1784-1785.

.160     Page of a ledger dated 1792-1794. n.p.

.161     bill to John Myley, n.d., n.p.

.162     Articles of an agreement between Andrew Ary, a free man of color in Berks County, Penn., and John Creek, same place, Aug. 27, 1805.

.163     Blank page.

.164     Essay, hand written on cases from "the early record," for the County of New Haven, Conn.  Concerns settlers of the region, n.d.

.165     Article of agreement between Christian Hunt, Lancaster County, and David Grove, yeoman, same county, Penn., Feb. 23, 1801.

.166     Expense note paid by Capt. Vansytes to Wood & Hamlet.  Dec. 1787, for bolts, marlin pike, staples, etc., for sloop, n.p.

.167     Note. "John Biemensduffer for making rails.” In German, 1791, n.p.

.168     Deposition of Christian Carpenter, a witness to the case of Timothy Peaceable Lees, John Ritt, and Thomas Troublesome with notice to John Hoffer.  Berks County, Penn., 1805.

.169     Letter from Morrow & McCormick, Chambersburg, to Messrs. Andrew Clow & Co., Phila., Nov. 9, 1790.  Concerns business. [For more about Andrew Clow & Co., see Col. 363 at this repository; additional Clow & Co. material is found in this collection, as well.]

.170     Statement concerning militia Dauphin County, Penn., mentioning John Grum, captain of the first Battalion, and John Gloninger(?), lieutenant, 1787.

.171     Page of a ledger.  Names and debts, n.p., n.d.

.172.    Bond written in German from Johannes [illegible] to [illegible], Lancaster County, Penn., March 1786.

.173     Note, promise to pay, from Andrew Clow & Co. to Henry Seckel. Philadelphia, Feb. 4, 1792.

.174     Blank page.

.175     blank page

.176     Bond between Abigail Shepherd and Joseph Curtis, Roxbury, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, March 1806. For a tract of land.

.178a-d            4 Blank pages.

.179     Letter from Samuel [or James] Hopkins to Jasper Moylan, n.d., n.p.  Compensation for services.

.180     List of court cases, sent to Edward Burd by Thos. Duncan et al., Philadelphia, n.d.

.181     Letter from James Short, York, Pa., to Messrs. Andrew Clow & Co., Philadelphia, Oct. 13, 1790.  Concerns credit of James Short.

.182     Letter from Hiram Levy, Boston, to Aunt Experience Chapin, Easthampton, Mass., Jan 4, 1821. Concerns the death of Hiram's mother; has heard the Rev. Mr. Ward of India preach. [see also .19 and .937]

.183     Agreement (not paid) between John, Joseph, and Daniel Becker with Jacob Becker, all of Lancaster County, Penn., Oct. 15, 1785.

.185     Receipt, received by Jacob Garber for the sum of 1:2:6 pounds, from Lutwig Gross, n.p., April 6, 1809.

.186     Bond between John Plitt of New Holland, Lancaster County, Penn., and Jacob Ringwalt of Earl township, Lancaster County, to settle differences between John Plitt and John Hoffer, Penn., May 13, 1807.

.187     Letter from William Boyce, York, Pa., to Messrs. Andrew Clow & Co., Philadelphia, June 9, 1790.  Concerns debts.

.188     Bond between Henry Snotterly, Jr, administrator for Rudolf Souder deceased,

and Sabina Snevely and John Gloninger, administrator for Caspar Snevely, deceased. Signed: J. Hubley. Dauphin County, Penn., Aug. 1785.  Not completed.

.189     Letter from Joseph Wheaton, Andrew G. Fraunces and Edward Scott(?), Philadelphia, to Thomas Mifflin, Governor of Pennsylvania.  April 17, 1792.  Concerns the National Guard.

.190     Bond, unfinished.  Joseph Smith and John Clarke and his wife Mary

formerly Smith) to Conrad Wolfley and Jacob Rouke, executors of the last will and testament of Stephen Poorman.  Lancaster County, May 1784.

.191     Note in German. Manheim, Penn., 1782.  Concerns Margaret Kline, widow.

.192     Arbitration Bond.  From George Glaze, miller, Lancaster County, to Isaac Adams, yeoman, Berks County, Penn., March 10, 1796.  On the back: Sebastian Miller, John Van Read, and John Ludwig, arbitrators, ordering George Glaze out of his property to Isaac Adams. 1796.

.193     Blank page.

.194     Bond, in the Orphans Court, Lancaster County, Penn., March 24, 1783.  Concerns audits.

.195     Receipt, Joseph Bomberger (or Bamberger) for a copy of the will of Peter Shitz. Signed by Andrew Forrest(?). n.p., Dec. 15, 1798.


Folder 21: C & B (.198-.200)

.198     Discharge of a mortgage between John and Mercy Schrank and Joseph and Sarah Dubois, made the 6th of Jan., 1797. New York, June 24, 1797. On the back: James Kent witnessing the discharge.

.199     wrapper for .198).

.200     Blank page.


Folder 22: CB & B (.201)

.201     Petition of William Nailer, administrator of John Williams, deceased, to the Court of Common Pleas, Stark County, Ohio, April 4, 1811.


Folder 23: C & IB (.202-.209)

.202     Appointment of Marks Grove of Earl township as guardian over the estate of Jacob Winger, minor son of Michael Winger, by the Orphans Court of Lancaster County, Sept. 1794. Signed: Henry D. Hubley and John Hubley.

.203     Blank page.

.204     Letter from G. Smith, York, to David Lenox, Philadelphia, Jan. 4, 1796.  Concerns Jno. Lukens and a payment for shoes.

.205     wrapper for .207, although Geenour is misspelled as Shenour

.206     Blank page.

.207     Letter of power of attorney. Andrew Geenour and Margaret his wife, Lancaster County, appointing Henry K. Helmuth as attorney. Penn., April 29, 1793, to recover what was due to her deceased son Peter Raup, who served in the 10th Pennsylvania Regiment under Capt. Jacob Weaver.

.208     Bond between Jacob Becker and Joseph Bomberger. Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, March 1, 1808.

.209     Mr. Duponeau request Mr. Wachsmuth to send him a note of James Newport.  Other men mentioned.  Receipt signed by Gustavus F. Goetz.  n.d., n.p.


Folder 24: DB (.210-.212)

.210     Letter from John G. Eason, Jonesboro, to Richard Ashhurst, Philadelphia. Oct. 7, 1832. Concerns business.

.211     Letter, copy of. From C. Gulager, Canton, to John R. Latimer.  Nov. 16, 1830.  Concerns cigars and mentions Manuel Eyre.

.212     Letter, Alfred Willard, Boston, to Frederick White. May 17, 1828. Appointment of White as Willard's attorney.


Folder 25: DB NH (.213-.215)

.213           Shipment order for goods on the Boston, Gould being master, shipped by Lowe & Reed from Boston to New York, to be delivered to Geo B. Archer. Boston, April 12, 1829.

.214           Letter from J. M. Eddy, [Bridgewater,] to Samuel Breck, Cambridge, Mass.,  March 28, no year. Concerns some personal business about some letters misinterpreted.

.215           Account sheet of the Life & Fire Insurance Company with Jacob Barker "in relation to the Fulton Bank and Morris Canal Bank Stock.." New York, Aug. 23, 1826.



Box 2:


Folder 1: DB & Co (.216-.217)

.216     Letter from Daniel McNeil, Point Peter, near Wilmington, to Isaac Brumen [or Brunsen], Philadelphia, pertaining to payments, April 4, 1792.  Other names: Messrs. E. Dutilh and Wachsmuth; F.(?) Fountain(?)

.217     Miscellaneous matters and calculations with the names of Joseph Young and Joseph & Father Co. n.d., n.p.


Folder 2: FB (.219-.234)

.219     "Das IV Buch". Part of Ezra, pages 969-976, in German, n.p., n.d.

.220     "Das II Buch": part of Samuel, pages 289-296, in German, n.p., n.d.

.221     Drawing/Draft of lots along Browne St., between Third and Charlotte St., n.d., n.p. but probably Philadelphia. [see also .245]

            On back: rental agreement between J. [or I.] Kessler and John Havelin of the Northern Liberties, n.d.

.222     Bill of Spain & Lodor to Capt. Vansitz for supplies for brig, n.p., 1792.

.223     Bill of John Johnson to Messrs. Massey & Shoemaker. Philadelphia, April 7, 1800, for soap.

.224     Account of wages paid laborers on board ship Hannibal, n.d., n.p.  [lists names]

.225     Bill of John R. Taylor to Capt. Thomas Lillibridge et. al., for the schooner Little Will, Philadelphia, Sept. 18, 1799. (sails, rope, canvas, thimbles, etc.)

.226     Bills of Peter Gear or P. Tally to Robert, Tom & Sall Graff, n.d., n.p.

.227a   Measurement of the lots on Front Street, between Maiden and Canal Streets. Watering Committee, [Philadelphia], 1834.  [lists residents’ names]

.227b   Measurement of the paving on Front Street, between Maiden St. and Cohocksink Creek, by Joseph Siddall, [Philadelphia], 1834.  [lists residents’ names]

.228     Measurement of the lots fronting Germantown Road between Laurel and Canal Streets, taken for the Watering Committee, [Philadelphia], 1834.  [lists residents’ names]

.230     Letter of attorney, William M. Camac of Philadelphia appoints Joseph H. Siddall, surveryor of Philadelphia, for rent collection, March 5, 1834.

.231     Part of the book An Extract of Miss Mary Gilbert’s Journal.... London; Philadelphia: Re-printed and Sold by David Hall, and William Sellers, 1769.    pp.iii-viii, 1-66, with two pages listing other books.  Signed: Elizabeth Ash.  

.232     Sheet cut off from a ledger, no names, n.p., n.d.

.233     Receipted bill, Paul Seimen paid Jacob Downing for flour, Philadelphia, July 10, 1788.

.234     Letter from Vin. M. Pelez(?), Philadelphia, to Mr. Kay, June 7, 1793.  Concerns payment of a bill.


Folder 3: F & JB (.235)

.235     Pages 82-88 of a German book with no title,  n.p., n.d.


Folder 4: H & B (.236)

.236     Letter from Benj. Dunkin, Mooresville, Ala., to Richard Ashhurst & Son, Philadelphia, Jan. 3, 1829.  The letter is attached to a list of goods purchased.


Folder 5: H & F of B Vt. (.237)

.237     Letter to Master William P. Hill, New Hampton Academy, N.H., from father Isaac Hill, Concord, N.H., July 19, 1830.


Folder 6: IB (.238-.246) (some sheets include a scene with a lion inside a fence, Britannica keeping watch, and the motto Pro Patria)

.238     Note in French, account of expenses of James J. Mazurie from Philadelphia to New York, February, 1803, on the ship Le Gascon. E. Dutilh mentioned.

.239     Letter from Patrick Orr, Bridgeton, to Thos. Macdonald, Sept. 20, 1798. Concerns William Orr and the ownership of a ship with others.

.240     Expense sheet for sugar shipped from Havana to Philadlephia on board a ship of which Joseph Glenn was master, no date.

.241a-c            Three blank sheets.

.242     Deed from Benjamin Rice to Joseph Rice, Grafton, New Hampshire, June 17, 1783.

.243     Receipted bill, Capt. Watson of the schooner Little Will, paid Carmichael & Farr for provisions, Philadelphia, March 18, 1790.

.244     Account sheet of Mary & William Wood [or Woods], in acc't. with William Wister. n. p., 1792-1793.

.245     Draft of streets and lots along Brown St., between Charlotte and Third, n.d., n.p. [see also. .221]

.246     Receipt, Christian Streib received from Jacob Graff, executor of estate of Jacob Graff, April 21, 1786 and July 27, 1787, no place


Folder 7: IFB (.248)

.248     Blank page.


Folder 8: I & R B (.1808)

            .1808   Pages 361-364 of Book II of Wars of the Jews.  n.p., n.d.


Folder 9: JB (.249-.254)

.249     Letter from J. K. [or H.] Douglas, Camden, to Colonel Andrew Pickens, Salisbury, N.C., Oct. 13, 1812.

.250     Bond between Jacob Bower and Michael Bower, Sr., Berks County, Penn., Nov., 27, 1795.

.251     Bond and Warrant from Emmon [or Emmor] Carter to John Dilworth, Chester County, Penn., Aug. 4, 1819.

.252     Bill to Edward Lawrence from Rufus Weer, for shoeing a horse, n.p., 1822.

.253a   Discharge of mortgage between William & Anna Secor & Caleb Horton. New York City, Sept. 10, 1817.

.253b   Discharge of mortgage between Letty Debaun and James Dusenberry, New York City, April 30,1825.

.254     Deed between Andrew Bell of Perth Amboy and Benjamin B. Cooper of Monmouth County, New Jersey, April 21, 1823.


Folder 10: JSB (.258)

.258     Indictment, West Chester County Court in White Plains, [New York,], against

Francis Galler, Abraham Forman and Thomas Golden, all of York Town, for inciting a riot. Sept. 10, 1792.


Folder 11: J & WB (.259)

.259     Letter from Michael Kutzner, Shippensburgh, to Cramon , Leman & Homes, surviving partnership of Andrew Clow & Co., Philadelphia, Nov. 16, 1798. Concerns a note to be discharged.


Folders 12-13: LB (.260-.262)

.260     Paving measurements in Weaver Street, between Green and Coats Streets, by Joseph H. Siddall. n.p., 1834. [lists residents]

.261     Note, Johanes Strewback, to Banyer, via John Huttey, n.p., n.d.  Strewback wishes  the entire lot.  [for Banyer, see also .437 and .1057]

.262     pages 297-304 of a Bible in German, with passages from II Samuel, n.p.


Folder 14: MB (.263-.267)

.263     Public sale notice.  A house for sale on the 21st of June, from estate of deceased Joel Barlow.  March 31, 1834. Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County, Penn.

.264     Article of agreement between John, Dewald & Jacob Drash, Samuel Boyer & Jacob Bensinger, and Henry Drash,  Jonathan Benckes (married to Polly Drash), Elisabeth Drash, & Jacob Herring (married to Charlotte Drash), Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, 1832.

.265     Conveyance; Adam & Maria Weise of East Hanover Township, Lebanon County, to Abraham R. [or K.] Clark of Berks County, Penn. Jan. 14, 1830.

.266     Public sale note at John Shaffer's [or Shaeffer] house., Jan. 26, 1822. Signed by sheriff.  [lists purchasers and items sold]

.267     Letter from John Hamill, Georgetown, D.C., to George Sibbald, May 14, 1801. [one edge of letter torn off]


Folder 15: NB & Co (.268)

.268     Bond on a mortgage between Smith Johnson and Israel Butler, Dec. 15, 1828,  Huntington, Suffolk County, New York.


Folder 16: PB (.269-.289)

.269     survey by or for Thomas Leeper, April 15, 1819, no place, but begins at Frankford Road.  Mentions other landowners.  Lists rooms in Mansion House.  Plat map.  [.273 below might be part of this]

.270     Letter from James Burns, Philadelphia, to Charles Graff, Jan. 1, 1814.

.271     Mortgage between Michael and Magdalena Billig, Greenwich township, Berks County, and George Shartle, Berne township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, July 22, 1818.

.272     Receipted bill, Martin Jorif paid John Stow. For screws and auger handels; 1802.

.273     part of a survey, showing placement of farm buildings: stone building, pump and bath house, frame farm house, bake oven, wagon house, barn and stable, millhouse, ice house and summer house.  [might be part of .269]

.274     Note on a payment of land.  Benjamin Shoemaker to Samuel Griscome. Concerns a deed between the two signed Aug. 15, 1747.  Kensington, Philadelphia; includes plat map.

.275     Copied notes on a road, probably Philadelphia, by Robert Brooke, Feb. 10, 1799.

.276     Transcript of appeal proceedings from the settlement of the account of Peter Moser as overseer of the Poor of Douglas Township, n.p. [but probably Berks County, Penn.], n.d.

.279     Notes concerning the case of Cumru vs. Reading: order removing Thomas Smith, pauper, from Cumru to Reading, Pennsylvania, n.d.  Margaret Smith also made a statement.

.280     Receipted bill, John M. Soulier paid John Carlisle for shoes and boots, n.p., Jan. 2, 1821.

.281     Letter in French from J. Barralino [or Barrabino, place illegible,] to Mr. Notnagel, Philadelphia, July 21, 1810.  [see also .644 and .1281]

.282     lots along Sharkamaxon and Frankford Streets [lot owners listed,] a plat map, and list of names.

.283     Incomplete certification of dividing line between Jacob Beideman and Peter Baker of Kensington, June 26, 1806.  Also notes about survey of lots of William Ball and Isaac Coats in Northern Liberties.

.284     Deed from John Moore and Juliana White of Woodbury, Gloucester County, to Benjamin B. Cooper, Newton township, Gloucester County, New Jersey, July 29, 1806.  Includes plat map.

.285     Draft of a plot of land, with surveying notes.  No place, but mentions land sold by Thomas Shute to John Renshaw Jr., Nov. 28, 1748. 

.286     Certificate.  John Baxter, late sheriff, respecting Isaac Cooper's land, Waterford township, Gloucester County, Feb. 10, 1821.

.288     Measurement of paving curbstone, n.p., 1818.  Tammany Street, from Third St. to Old York Rd.  Lists residents.

.289     Calculations to ascertain the size of Abraham Mitchell’s ground, on Third St. between Beaver and George Streets, n.p. [probably Philadelphia], n.d.


Folder 17: S & AB (.291-.292)

.291     Receipted bill, James and William Parks paid Everly & Rees, Philadelphia, March 9, 1838.  Payment received by Peter Naughton.  Bill had been sent to R. Ashhurst.

.292     Certification: William Lawrence certifies that Henry and Catherine Yates discharged their mortgage. New York City, March 20, 1834.


Folder 18: TA & B (.293)

.293  Note to Doctor Brigham, Maryfield, from Joseph Pulman, n.d.


Folder 19: TB (with a crest) (.294)

.294     Letter from Barry Cole & Barry, Baltimore, to Arthur Jones, Edenton, North Carolina. April 7, 1800.


Folder 20: T & GB (.295)

.295     Plan of a lot on the Delaware River between Callowhill and Willow Streets, Philadelphia, surveyed by Joseph H. Siddall, n.d.  (Water St. and Delaware Ave. also shown.)


Folder 21: WB (.300-.307)

.300     Notes on case of Thomas Smith vs. David Delong, n.p., n.d.

.301     “Representation of John Marshal & Josiah Albertson, Jr.’s survey.” Calculations and a draft of land, with owners’ names.  Survey, n.p., n.d.

.301.1 survey of land in unknown location, possibly New Jersey, mentions landowners.

.302     Statement of George Beyer in case of Nicholas Haas v. Henry Myer, suit for a 1808 trespass. Berks County, Penn., April, 1808.

.303     Release of attorneys etc., in settlement of will of Margaret Shuy of Berks County.  Casper Stoever, Jr. had power of attorney of Christian Moyer of Montgomery County, Ohio (son of Mrs. Shuy); payment received from Godfrey Rehrer, executor of Mrs. Shuy’s estate.  April 28, 1810.

.304     bill, Michael Fisher bought of N. & R. Hunter, Moselem [Moselem Springs, Berks County, Penn.?]

.304a   Witness reports in case of Michael Madera vs. Commissioners of Berks County, ca. 1804.

.304b   Notes on Amity & Colebrookdale pauper case, n.p., n.d.

.305     survey notes, with calculations, scribbles, etc., n.p., 1809.

.306     Notes: George Ollinger vs. John Fisher, n.p., n.d.

.307     Indenture deed of Thomas Letts to Samuel Brown, Jr., Stafford township, Monmouth County, New Jersey, Dec. 30, 1809.


Folder 22: W & BO (.308-.309)

.308     Entry of merchandise, sloop Caroline, Capt. Henry Morris, from New London to New York, Dec. 23, 1800.  Signed Joseph [illegible].

.309     Entry of merchandise, sloop Sea Horse, master N. Swan, transported for Jacob Barker, from Nantucket to New York, Feb. 25, 1807.  Also mentions schooner Franklin from Madeira, with mater Cowell, for Aaron Mitchell & Co.


Folder 23: W & B Co. (.310)

.310     Doctor James Austin, Carlisle, Penn., attesting to birth of child mulatto child named Mary, born Sept. 19, 1817.


Folder 24: WB & Co (.311)

.311a-b            Bond/Deed of witness.  William Wells, et al., Prince Georges County, 1817.  [item is in two pieces and part of it is missing]


Folder 25: BH & W (.312)

.312     Discharged mortgage.  George Barnewall, President of United Insurance Co. of N.Y., to Samuel and Eliza Boyd, New York City, 1813.


Folder 26: WS & B (.313-.322)

.313     Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury, Penn., to R.L. Ashhurst, subject: Fell v. Markle, Jan. 15, 1886.

.314     Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury, Penn., to R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, Sept. 24, 1888.  

.315     Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury, Penn., to R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, March 21, 1887.

.316     Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury, Penn., to R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, re: Fell v. Markle et al case, March 7, 1887.

.317     Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury, Penn., to Geo. M. Dallas, Philadelphia, re: Fell v. Markle case, Jan. 25, 1888.

.318     Page two of no. .317.

.319     Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury, Penn., to R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, re: Fell v. Markle case, March 9, 1886.

.320     Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury, Penn., to R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, Sept. 13, 1888.  

.321     Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury, Penn., to R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, Sept. 10, 1888.

.322     Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury, Penn., to R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, re: William Jenks Fell v. George B. Markle et al case, May 8,1887.


Folder 27: Bailey Banks & Biddle, Philadelphia (with lion) (.323-.325)

.323-325          Three letters from Anna W. Baird, Bradwold, Merion, [Penn.], to Mr. Siddall, Jan. 10, 1891; Jan. 7, 1891; Jan. 14, 1891.


Folder 28: Baker (.326, .549) [so identified, although the name Baker does not appear; there is a crest with Conn. Valley beneath it]

.326     Copy of points of fact and law on part of defendants: Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne County, Penn., case of William. Jenks Fell v. Charles L. Keck & Ziba Fairchild, 1881, pages 1-2.

.549     page 3-4 and wrapper for above


Folder 29: Balto. (.327-.328)

.327     Writ of Error, John Kilty(?), executor for Allen Quynn, versus John Sullivan, Maryland, 1810.

.328     Bill to New Bank Estate from Richard. L. Green. n.p., Nov. 10, 1802.  Lists names of workmen.  [additional bills are below; also a bill in Col. 68]


Folder 30: Band (with figure of Britannica) (.329)

.329     Blank sheet.


Folder 31: Banken(?) Linen (.330)

.330     Memorandum for Mr. Evans from C.K. B. n.p., n.d.  Mentions Governor Hoyt.


Folder 32: Barbour & Mullen (.331-.333)

.331     Letter from James Bell, Carlisle, to Abner Marsh, Chester County, [no month,] 25, 1827.  Has heard two accounts of "death" of Abner Marsh.

.332     Letter from John W. Tilford, Huntsville, Ala., to John Gill Jr., Philadelphia, Jan. 15, 1827.

.333     Deed. Jonathan W. and Jane Reddicks to Jacob Fickes. Bedford County, Penn., Dec. 10, 1828.


Folder 33: Bath (.334-.335)

.334     Note from Sylvant Van Nest and Austin S. Wells to Messrs. Willard Walker & Co., requesting payment to Heermans, Rathbone & Co., Albany, New York, Oct. 1, 1829.

.335     List of articles purchased by C. Masten [or Marten] at sale of S. Van Nest’s property. n.p., no year.


Folder 34: P Bechtel (.336-.339)

.336     Division of land owned by the late William I. Coats, yeoman, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, 1750: to John and Mary Browne, Levi and Elizabeth Budd, and John Coats.  Statement of Robert Brooke about division, Sept. 17, 1805. 

.337     Letter from Edward Abbott, Cape Henlopen, to Read & Ford, Philadelphia, June 17, 1806.  About condition of ship.

.338     Bill sent to Manuel Eyre, Jr. for work done on the ship Olive Branch by Joseph Grice, Philadelphia, Sept. 1803.

.339     receipted bill, paid by Stephen Dutilh for the Spanish ship San Joseph, master J. V. Murietta, from Havana, bound for Cadiz.  Bill from George Hartley, Philadelphia, Nov. 12, 1804.


Folder 35: Bell, P. Bell (.340-.343) (Note: accession .341 is two documents attached to each other, one with the P Bell watermark and the other with the watermark AK)

.340     Shipment record, for the ship Latona(?), master James L. Stevens, shipping bear skins for C. Gregoire of St. Genevieve, from New Orleans to Philadelphia,  June 24, 1815.

.341a   Approval of the Will of Christian Herman, yeoman, Lancaster County, Pa., Nov. 22, 1806.  This is attached to .341b:

.341b   Last Will and Testament of Christian Herman, Earl township, Lancaster County, Pa., Aug. 1, 1806.  Names as heirs wife Elizabeth, sons Joseph and John, and daughters Peggy (married to John McCloud), Elizabeth (married to John Meyer), Mary (married to John Bender), Catharine (married to Ludwig Gross), and Salome (married to John Seitz).

.342     Bond warrant from Horatio L. Melchor, house carpenter, to Gabriel Kern and John Kern, tailors, Philadelphia, March 18, 1809.

.343     Page of a ledger in German, n.p., 1826-1833.


Folder 36: L Bemis; D. Bemis & Co (.344-.348)

.344     Bill, New Bank Estate owes to Richard L. Green, n.p., 1802.  Lists workers’ names.

.345     Notes, To Hon. Oliver Prescott, Judge of Probate, concerning the late Daniel Goodenow of Sudbury, n.p., 1788 (Middlesex, Conn.)

.346     Letter from Alexander Love, Norfolk, to Arthur Jones, Philadelphia, June 20, 1796.

.347     Bill, New Bank Estate owes to Richard L. Green, n.p., 1802.  Lists workers’ names.

.348     Arthur Jones in account with William Wynn, n.p., 1800.  Mentions ships.


Folder 37: Bevan & Co 1834 (with figure of Britannica) (.362)

.362     Will and Testament of Sarah Finn, widow of Stephen Finn, Philadelphia, March 25, 1835.  Names daughters Catherine and Sarah D. Finn


Folder 38: J Bigg (.363)

.363     Letter from Alexander Buchan, Alexandria, to Andrew Clow & Co., Philadelphia, Sept. 9, 1785.


Folder 39: Bissell & Pease (.364-.365)

.364     Letter from James Rees, Geneva, [N.Y.?], to C. Masten, New York,  April 20, 1827.

.365     Letter from Chauncey Shipman, Berlin, Conn., to Henry W. Smith, Reading, Penn., March 10, 1828.


Folder 40: B. Blake (.366-.368)

.366     Letter from Hannibal Wright, Boston, to Alexander Holmes, Kingston, Mass., Feb. 10, 1829.

.367     Letter from Charles B. Penrose, Carlisle, to Robert J. Arundel, Philadelphia, Juen 5, 1829.

.368     Appointment of Messrs. Johnson & Neilson of New York as attorneys for James H. Foster of Boston, Nov. 21, 1828.


Folder 41: S. Boyer (.369-.373a; .372 and .373b in legal size box)

.369     Letter from George D. B. Keim, Reading, to “dear sir,” this being a copy sent to Mr. Basley [or Bayley], March 11, 1834.

.370     Notes on a tract of land now owned by Daniel J. Heister, Penn Township, Northampton County (now Rush township, Schuylkill County,) March 31, 1835. First proprietor was John Kunkle, 1796.

.371     Bond from Jacob Tice and John Deffenbach, to John Fisher, all of Berks County, Pa., Aug. 9, 1836.

.373a   Letter from Heilner & Bast to Col. George D. B. Keim, Reading, Pa., n.d.


Folder 42: Bratton (.374)

.374     Samuel Rex, Lebanon County, Penn., appoints brother Abraham Rex and Abraham K. Clark of Berks County his lawyers to sell property, Nov. 6, 1834.


Folder 43: C. Brenchley (.375)

.375     Blank sheet.



Box 3:


Folder 1: Wm Brown & Co., London; LL Brown Paper Company (with crest) (.376-.378)

.376     Columbia Avenue Saving Fund, Safe Deposit, Title & Trust Co.: policy of insurance for $4,000 to Rebecca McInnes, Philadelphia, 1897. (no. 1623)

.377     Same as .376, but policy no. 1735; names Rebecca as wife of Hugh McInnes.

.378     Pages 1 through 6 of written notes about court cases, Pennsylvania, 1850s.


Folder 2: C Bunce (with hunting horn) (.379-.380)

.379     Shipment notes, addressed to Jacob Le Roy & Son, probably from Messrs. Antonio de Feas(?) & Co., .n.p., 1809.

.380     Samuel Hughes and Enos B. W. Hughes, (Samuel Hughes & Son), New Haven, Conn., appoint James Henry of New York as their lawyer, signed by Justice of the Peace Dennis Kimberg, Jan. 7, 1833.


Folder 3: Busbridge (.381)

.381     Copy of the plan of the late Joseph Ashton's farm in Lower Dublin township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, surveyed by E. J. Hall., Dec. 1852.  Shows placement of house, barn, other outbuildings, and orchard.


Folder 4: D Butler, NH (.382)

.382     Letter from Robert A. Taylor & Co., Baltimore, to Richard Ashhurst, Philadelphia, May 7, 1825.


Folder 5: Butler (.383)

.383     "Account sales of coffee put on board the sloop Sally," by Mr. Lavaud, consigned to Daniel Paddock master, New York, May 15, 1795.


Folder 6: J. Butler (.384-.408)

.384     Letter from Amire Barnes, Berlin, Conn., to Henry W. Smith, Reading, Pa., Dec. 15, 1828.

.385     Letter from Jno. B. Thomson, to Read, Princeton, to "My dear Read," Nov. 23, 1846.

.386     wrapper for papers in case of “Magniac v. Perit & Cabot, papers returned by Judge Baldwin Nov. 9, 1836." [see also .1568 and .815, and .1394, which may be a different Magniac]

.387     Memorandum of an rental agreement between Mrs. Sarah Biddle and William M. Gowan, Philadelphia, April 24, 1845.

.388     receipted bill, George Gallagher for the Greek Committee bought of I. Newton, New York, 1828.  Sloop Dewitt Clinton mentioned.

.389     Statement and Receipts sheet.  Real estate of John Connelly purchased by John Ashhurst.  Property later sold and profits distributed to Ashhurst’s heirs, which are named and include several members of the Eyre family.  Philadelphia, 1846.

.390     Note on the Supreme Court Trial of John Denesdem, Seneca Sennickson & James Bruere Sennickson vs Henry Snitcher, William Robinson & Anna Blackwood, Salem County, 1891.

.391     notes about Supreme Court of New Jersey trial of Sarah Coxe (widow of Daniel Coxe) vs. Laurence Lomison, Warren County, 1827.

.391.1 notes about Supreme Court of New Jersey trial of Sarah Coxe vs. John and Mary Anderson et al (mostly people surnamed Morgan), Warren County, 1827.

.392     notes about case in Court of Appeals, John W. Lott, administrator of John Wetherill vs. Alice Morgan et al, n.p. [probably New Jersey], 1833.  [see also .400]

.393     notes about Supreme Court of New Jersey trial of Sarah Coxe vs. Archibald Ayres for land, 1827.

.394     notes about Supreme Court of New Jersey trial of Sarah Coxe vs. Elijah Blackwell, 1827.

.395     notes about Supreme Court of New Jersey trial of Sarah Coxe vs Christopher Kirkhoff, Warren County, New Jersey, 1827.

.395.1 Letter from A. Browning(?) to Wm. M. Jeffers, n.p., n.d.

.396     Letter from J. E. [or V.] Carey, New York, to Cornelius Martin, Nov. 15,1845.

.397     Letter from William Whitney, Philadelphia, to William D. Lewis, Boston, July 17, 1830.

.398     Letter from Thomas Jefferson Smith, New York, to R. J. Arundel, Philadelphia, Aug. 28, 1830.

.399     Letter from William Whitney, Philadelphia, to William D. Lewis, Boston, July 13, 1830.

.400     notes on Court of Appeals case, John W. Lott, administrator of John Wetherill et al, v. Alice Morgan et al, May 27, 1833. [see also .392]

.401     deed to sawmill of Artimus [sic] Gurley from Samuel Gurley, Mansfield, Windham County, Connecticut, 1796, 1799.

.402     Deed between Jacob Gurley and Artemas Gurley, Mansfield, Conn., 1795, 1799.

.403     Payment sheet, the United States to Tench Ringgold, for repairs to the D. C. jail in 1819, dated 1831.

.404     Deposition of Theodore Graham concerning cargo from the schooner Star, New Orleans, 1847.

.405     Letter from William Whitney, Philadelphia, to William D. Lewis, Boston, July 15, 1830.

.406a   Letter from B., Philadelphia, to brother George G. Laurie, c/o Godfrey, Laurie & Small, New Orlean, Dec. 30, 1839.  Family news.

.406b   Letter from B. Wistar, Philadelphia, to George G. Laurie, c/o Godfrey, Laurie & Small, New Orleans, Jan. 1, 1840.  Family news.

.407     Letter from R. E. Kerr to J. M. Carlisle. n.p., n.d.

.408     Letter from Brome Robb & Co., Philadelphia, to Messrs. Ashhurst & Sons, Jan. 23, 1840.


Folder 7:  John Butler (.409-.411)

.409     Letter from John S. Washington, Cincinnati, to Mr. John Gill, Jr., Philadelphia, Sept. 13, 1828.

.410     Letter from M. Torrance, Milledgeville, to Y.(?) D. Crawford, Augusta, Georgia, Aug. 18, 1827.

.411     Letter from John Kennedy, Tuscumbia, to John Gill, Jr, Nashville, Dec. 22, 1827.


Folder 8: S & A Butler, US; S & A Butler & W Ward; Butler & Ward (.412-.429)

.412     unsigned letter to Miss Eliza Hook, Salem Mass., Nov. 16, 1819.

.413     Letter from John Wiley, Philadelphia, to Henry W. Smith, Reading, Feb. 9, 1828.

.414     Blank sheet.

.415     Letter from Philip Armiston(?,)Boston, to E.A. Rupill(?), c/o Messrs. Geo. Dunlap(?) & Co., May 8, 1830.

.416     Notes about laws(?), dates, March 1804-Dec. 23, 1824.  Word on back: Melfordbridge(?).

.417-.420         Notes and extracts from books read, n.p., n.d.

.421     Blank sheet except for a small round drawing of river or sea, mountains and sky, n.p., n.d.

.422     Letter from Jane Moonney [sic, probably should be Mooney], New York, to A. Rondel [or Bondel], Philadelphia, Nov. 12, 1828.

.423     Letter from Jane Moonney [sic, probably should be Mooney], New York, to A. Rondel [or Bondel], Philadelphia, Nov. 7, 1828.

.424     Letter from John Wiley, Philadelphia, to Henry W. Smith, Reading, March 5, 1828.

.425     Letter from Dwight Boyden, Boston, to Israel Thorndike, Sept. 8, 1825.

.426     Notes in case, Bank of Metropolis vs. Causten, Signed Richard Coxe, Sept. 30, 1837, n.p.

.427     Letter from Abijah Bigelow, Clerk’s Office, Worcester, J.C. Calhoun; name Samuel Whitney is in endorsement, May 1, 1821.

.428     Letter from James A. Mahay, Harrisburg, to Robert J. Arundel, Philadelphia, March 9, 1825.

.429     Shipping record, shipped by Delano & Whitney on schooner George Stack [or Stork], from Boston to New York, to be delivered to George B. Archer, March 9, 1830.  Addressed to Archer.


Folder 9: C Burbank; Burbank (.430-.433)

.430     Deed, Oliver Drake, Leeds, Kennebec County, Mass. [now Maine,] to Isaiah Beals, Scarborough, Cumberland County, Mass. [now Maine], Oct. 20, 1807. [document in two pieces]

.431     Deed, from Royal Makepeace, Cambridge, Mass., to Jacob Thompson, Plymouth County, Mass., Nov. 4, 1807.  Royal’s wife was Rebecca K.(?) Makepeace.

.432     Entry of Merchandise, imported by John Murray from London to New York, Feb. 7, 1798.

.433     Note from Nathaniel Parsons to Storah(?) Sewall, York, [Maine,] July 13, 1809.  on back: accounts


Folder 10: E Burbank (.434)

.434     Poems, by John Marriot. Printed in England, 1803.  New-Bedford: re-printed by A. Shearman, Jun., 1805. Written on the front flyleaf: "Nancy Shove, 1807."  [Disbound book, part missing: have pp. v-xlii, 57-88, 97-141.] 


Folder 11: C (.435)

.435     Letter in German; name Henry Warfell appears after endorsement, n.p., 1801.


Folder 12: A & C (.436-.437)

.436     Letter from Elianor Schneider to "My dearest child," Philadelphia, May 19, 1803.                          Mentions Mr. Dutilh.  News of family and friends.

.437     Letter from Jacob LeRoy, New York, to Goldw. Banyer, Albany, Jan. 1, 1802. [for Banyer see also .261 and .1057]


Folder 13: B P & C (.438)

.438     Power of attorney from Lewis Willcocks, New York City, to John Mel, New York City, Jan. 6, 1836.


Folder 14: AGC (with head of woman) (.439)

.439     bill, Stephen Dutilh bought from Thomas Cuthbert, n.p., no year


Folder 15: CC (.441-.446, .448)

.441     Promise to pay pledge from Andrew Clow & Co. to Thomas Allebone [or Allibone], n.p., Oc.t. 12, 1791.

.442     Certificate that Christopher and Rachel Steymets have made a payment, signed Andrew Van Tuyh, executor of Joanna Young, New York, Aug. 10, 1790.

.443a-b            Pages 25 and 42 of Notes, n.p., n.d.

.444-.446         Ruled pages.

.448   Payment pledge, from Andrew Clow & Co., Philadelphia, to John Taylor, April 1790.


Folder 16: DC (.449-.455)

.449     “Payments to be made to Peter Bain…,” by various people listed, most of whom lived in Albany or New York City, Aug. 21, 1830.

.450     Sheet of numbers and names with 1824, and 1826 written on it. n.p., n.d.  [possibly election returns]

.451     Letter from C. Masten, Penn Yan, to Thomas Beals, Canadaigua, Jan. 19, 1824.

.452     Promise to pay from Dutilh & Wachsmuth (crossed out) to Vanexum & Lombard,
Philadelphia, July 24, 1793.

.453     bill to Vannest [or Van Nest] & Wells from Heermann & Rathbone. Albany, Oct. 26, 1829.

.454     Part of a letter or note. "Bill of Sundries for the Brig Lydia." n.p., n.d.

.455     Note, Joseph Danoise requests Messrs. E. Dutilh and Wachsmuth to pay bill for brig Lydia, Philadelphia, Jan. 10, 1792.


Folder 17: EC 1831 (with Prince of Wales feathers) (.456)

.456     unsigned letter to Thos. Latimer Bowie, Philadelphia, n.d.


Folder 18: IC (.467-.475)

.467     "Quotas for the year 1792." n.p., n.d.  Names of towns, including Albany, Colebrookdale, Greenwich, Maiden Creek, Manheim, Reading, Rockland, etc.

.468     “Received of Henry Sheffer for Alexander Sheffer, deceased,” signed by Jacob Lesaft(?), Dec. 3, 1787.

.469     About a suit brought by Henry Snotterly against administrators of estate of Caspar Snevely, namely Sabina Snevely and John Gloninger, Dauphin County, 1785.

.473     Andrew Clow & Co, in account with John Angus, 1791.

.474     Letter from William Leckie, Philadelphia(?)., to McClay(?), June(?) 29, 1790.

.475     Blank page, with ruled lines.


Folder 19: JC (with coat of arms and the initials GR) (.476-.478)

.476     letter from Thomas Dekay, Warwick, to John S. Hunn, May 14, 1817.

.477-.478         exemplification deed, Edward Cathrall, shopkeeper and his wife Rachel to and George Kelly, blacksmith, Philadelphia, Feb. 1, 1745.


Folder 20: JIC & Co, BF Vt (.479-.480)

.479     Letter from Thomas Dixon, Boston, to Seth Low, New York, Nov. 8, 1830. 

.480     Letter from Sam. Stillman, Boston, to Peter Wainwright Jr., New York, May 12, 1830. [see also other Wainwright letters in collection]


Folder 21: J & LC (.481)

.481     receipted bill, A.A. Hand paid by Miss Lawrence, New York, Dec. 1, 18[illegible], for fabrics and ribbon.


Folder 22:  KC, Nederlanden (.1047)

.1047   receipt, John Conway received a box directed to LeRoy Bayard & Co. of New York, from John Henry Tilver, notary public in Amsterdam, Aug. 12, 1818.


Folder 23: LC (.482-.485)

.482-.484         Certificate to cancel a mortgage from John Day, house carpenter, and wife Abigail, to Alexander Ogsbury. New York City, June 1790. 

.485     "Acts & Laws," [of Connecticut,] pp.17-24, 33-40,153-160, 169-176, 299-214; also acts from another book, possibly for Vermont or New Hampshire, pp. 299-302. [trex 6955]


Folder 24: P & C (.486-.488)

.486     Delivered to Mr. Stoddard, teamster, for Mr. Martin(?), [place illegible,] by J. Leet., Jamestown, May 11, 1831.

.487     Payment receipt.  C. Masten paid Gilbert Knapp, n.p., 1831.

.488     Letter from Gilbert Knapp and William Curtis, Portland Harbor, to C. Masten, Pine Grove, Penn., Dec. 5, 1831.


Folder 25: RC (.489, .491)

.489     Deed from Rufus Johnson to Thomas Osborn, both of Rensselaer County, New York, July 6, 1808.

.491     Deed/Mortgage from Aaron McNaughton to Benjamin Clark, Addison County, Vermont, 1810.


Folder 26: SC (with coat of arms and dates) (.492-.511)

.492     Memorandum of agreement between Arthur Jones of Philadelphia but now at Edenton, and Asa Vinal, master of schooner Sally of Scituate, May 1, 1800.

.493     Letter from John T. Irving, New York, to Peter D. Vroom, Hunterdon County, N.J., July 8, 1817.

.495     wrapper for schooner Jenny, Isaac Wharf, n.p., n.d, with notes inside, including name John Leamy(?).

.496     Copies of drafts on Walker & Kennedy, and letters to Jas. Brown and Henry Harford by A. Jones. Edenton, 1800.

.497     Bill to Wachsmuth & Co. for the Brig Jason from Archibald Shaw, n.p., Nov. 22, 1792.

.498     Letter from Samuel S. Seward, Florida, to Isaac Belknap, Jr., Newburgh, Nov. 25, 1812.

.499     Bill from George Flake, to Sloop Charming Lady, Capt. Robert Lillibridge master, n.p., June 25, 1791.

.500     Petition of Joseph Turner, assignee of Robert Turner, to Nicholas Sheets concerning a debt. Wilkes County, Georgia, 1808. [in two pieces]

.501     disbound book: The Wanderer of Switzerland, and Other Poems by James Montgomery.  First American from 2d London ed. New York: S. Stansbury, 1807. (pp. 1-36.)  Inscribed on one page: N. P. Hobart, 1809.

.502     A part of a German/English language book, pp. 225-282.

.503     Receipts of William Davis with various people, Philadelphia, 1789.

.504     Letter from John Van Alppen(?), Schodack, to Henry Platt, Stephentown(?), Aug. 4, 1800.

.505     Bill to Andrew Clow & Co. from Michael Waltman, n.p. , 1793.

.506     Description of two tracts of land in Northumberland County in the names of Thomas Martin and Geo Sheets, surveyed by William Gray, Pa., March 19, 1789.

.507     Bill to Capt. Robert Lillibridge from Charles Dominick for painting the sloop Charming Sally, Philadelphia, March 24, 1791.

.508     Letter from John T. Irving, New York, to Peter D. Vroom, Jr., Hackettstown, N.J., Jan. 7, 1817.

.509     Letter from Jacob McKinney, Chenango Point, to John D. Lawson, Newburgh, recommending the David C. Case, March 6, 1814.

.510     Bill to Dutilh and Wachsmuth from William and Abia Brown, for schooner [illegible] Green, n.p., March 1798(?)

.511     copies of letters from Robert Abbatt, Pleasant Valley, to John Woodsworth, William Hawley, Philo Ruggles and P. Anthony, 1802.


Folder 27: T & C (.512)

.512     Blank sheets.


Folder 28: WC & Co (.513-.516)       

.513     Oath of Robert Cocks on a mortgage discharge, signed Thomas Cooper, New York, 1798.  Part of papers of Edward Moran and wife Sarah to Preserved Sisson.

.514     Mortgage papers of Catharine and her husband Preserved Sisson, New York, 1798.

.515     Certificate from Camp Ayres, mason, to William W. Gilbert, about a mortgage, New York, 1797.

.516     Bill to Mr. Monnel from owners of schooner Eagle, Capt. McDugall; Seton & Co. also mentioned; New York, Jan. 27, 1794.


Folder 29: ZC (.517-.519)

.517     Testimony of William J. and Anna Collister Waldron (she daughter and executor of Thomas Collister) and Philip Embury, about payment of mortgage by Harmanus and Maria Blauvlet to children of Joseph Smith (Hannah, Jane, Mary), New York, 1805, filed 1832.

.518     Appointment of Edward Roome to be attorney for Charles Oakley, New York, Nov. 2, 1830.

.519     Appointment of Samuel Nicholson to be attorney for John Gibson, New York, May 21, 1830.


Folder 30: Caligraph Linen (.542-.545)

.542-.545         Copy of a Covenant of Indemnity from loss by fire, for Mahlon S. Kemmerer and John Leisenring with William Jenks Fell, in the case Fell v. Markle.  Copy for R. L. Ashhurst, [Penn.,] Aug. 18, 1879.


Folder 31: Carew Co (with different versions of shield) (.520-.528)

.520     Receipt, received from M.B. Callaghan by Shields & Son, Albany, March 11, 1871.

.521     Letter from Geo. A. Jenks, [illegible town, Pa.,] to J.H. Siddall & Son, May 1, 1878.

.522     Cedar Swamp; part of a survey, n.p., but names some land owners, n.d.

.523     Indenture from Philip S. P. Conner and Edward E. Conner (by William Ralston their attorney) to Henry Loth, Philadelphia, Dec. 1861.

.524-.526         Pages 1-3 of a copy of an agreement between William Gihon and Samuel R. Brown, of the firm of Gihon & Co., with Alexander Duncan, Watts Sherman, Charles H. Dabney, William B. Duncan, and David Duncan, of the firm Duncan Sherman & Co., New York, Jan. 14, 1859.

.527     Indenture of William Gihon with Elizabeth (Mrs. John) Gihon, New York, Oct. 23, 1857.

.528     Letter from Thomas A. Walker, Washington, D.C., to Benjamin Fitzpatrick, March 4, 1857.  Recommending Mr. Summers of Mobile for a government job.


Folder 32: Certificate Bond (.546) [this is probably the brand name, not the maker]

.546     Letter from Williams Brush Co. to Adelphia Bank and Trust Co., attn: Samuel Vance, Jr., all of  Philadelphia, April 8, 1929, concerning a correction to be made.  [printed on stationery is a list of kinds of brushes available from this company]


Folder 33: Chevron Bond (.638) [this is probably the brand name, not the maker]

.638     Letter, Albert H. Ladner, Jr., to Adelphia Bank and Trust Co., attn: Samuel Vance, Jr., all of  Philadelphia, July 3, 1929


Folder 34: John Cirrons(?) [partial mark only] (.1571)

.1571   letter, S. Harris, [place illegible,] to William D. Lewis, Dec. 8, 1851.  About visit of Mr. Patton.


Folder 35: John C Clark, Phila; J C Clark & Sons (.529-.536)

.529     blank certificate from the Soldier's Monument Park Association, Schuylkill County, Pottsville, Penn., 188-.

.530     request for a search for unsatisfied mortgages given by Matthias Schlecht since 1845; with an answer signed by Frank Knight. Philadelphia, Aug. 13, 1861.

.531     Deed, William Christman, gentleman, to Joseph H. and Joseph S. Siddall, surveyors, Philadelphia, May 31, 1858.  With endorsement from T. J. Walker, registerfor Hickman County, Tennessee.

.532     Copy of a map of Inskep's Division made by William Sharp and others, n.p., Jan. 16,1863.  The page is torn and only a small part of the map remains.

.533     Map of property of Eliz. Leiper et al to S.G. on 11th Street, near intersection with Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, July 27, 1826.

.534     "Notes Burns Pond and lack line to Ross Line, 1862." [surveying notes]

.535     “Plan of Penrose and Kirl’s land, Sidbrooks Island, Passyunk,” n.d. [part of a surveyor’s map]

.536     Mortgage between Jacob M. Hinson, minister of the gospel, and James Gillinder, trustee of will of Thomas Hamilton, Philadelphia, Oct. 20, 1890.



Box 4:


Folder 1: Clarke (.537)

.537     Bond, Ephraim Stevens, yeoman of Winthrop, Lincoln County, Mass., to Joseph Rice and Moses Wood of same place, Nov. 11,  1796 [with later additions].


Folder 2: Joseph Coles, 1797 (.547)

.547     Costs of Thomas Stuart Harris, George Stuart Harris, and others in passing the Receivers account in the case between Mark Stuart Harris v. Charlotte Bruere and others, 1798, n.p.


Folder 3: A Cowan & Sons (with figure of Britannica) (.552)

.552     Bill for Injunction in the case of John Wilson vs. Charles H. Lieberman, D.C., 1854. [seems to be just a part of the document]


Folder 4: H Cox; B Cox (.550-.551)

.550     Plea recorded of James McClaskey , James Jackson, Abraham Van Ness & al., n.p., May 19, 1815.

.551     Letter from Lucy H. Cleveland, Lancaster, [Mass.,] to sister [or sister-in-law] Charlotte Lambert, Roxbury, April 6, 1817.  Family news; music concert.


Folder 5: H Craig; I Craig; J Craig (.553-.564)

.553     Copy of Power of Attorney, John Vignardonne appoints his wife Louisa Caroline Milanie Vignardonne, New York, Oct. 24, 1820.

.554     shipping record, importation of carpeting by Robert Watts, aboard ship Enterprize, Capt. Packwood, from London, signed by John [illegible] Kearny, New York, Nov. 17, 1806.

.555     Bill of Beekman & Johnson to Huron & Sawyer, New York, 1830, for textiles.

.556     Promise to pay by David Harmon to Selah Rewelson(?), New York, May 23, 1825.

.557     Letter from Solomon Royce, Thompson, to John S. Hunn, Cashier, Bank of Newburgh, July 24, 1820.

.558     Letter from John [Vinton?], Boston, to brother Reverend Francis Vinton, Newport, R.I., June 8, 1842.  [see also .671]

.559     Bill to New York Greek Committee from Adam Pentz, for coopering work, New York, May 1828.  George Newbold was treasurer of the committee.

.560     Letter from William Vanderwod, New York, to Messrs. Wheeler & Ashhurst, Philadelphia, Jan. 14, 1811.

.561     Special power appointment by Peter Muschietti, Philadelphia but formerly of Tampico(?), to Sampson Boiceau of Boiceau & Roguin(?), New York, Nov. 12, 1830.

.562     Promise to pay from C. Wood to Charles Bodle, Newburgh, May 18, 1826.

.563     Note about payment by Frederick May, endorser for S. E. Jew(?), probably a rough draft for a letter, unsigned, Washington, n.d.

.564     Letter, unsigned and not addressed to anyone, n.p., no year.


Folder 6: Cranes (.538-.539, .601)

.538     Court Letter announcing a settlement has been reached in the ease of

William Jenks Fell vs. George B. Markle, William Lilly and the Highland Coal Co., Circuit Court of U.S. for Pa., 1885.

.539     Letter from Rufus Waples & Co. to Adelphia Bank & Trust Co., changing stock from Laura A. Humphreys to Mrs. Susie E. H. Condie, Philadelphia, May 18, 1934.

.601     Letter from H.B. Helffrich of the Philadelphia.Trust, Safe Deposit & Insurance Co., to R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, July 5, 1904; concerns a deed to exchange coal.


Folder 7: Z Crane (.540-.541)

.540     Letter from Isaiah Nathans, Philadelphia, to Henry W. Smith, Reading, Oct. 20, 1828.  Inquiring about G. W. Oldenhimer(?) case.

.541     Protest against Alexander O. Spencer, on account of a bill from T. R. Emmet, signed by Harmanus Schuyler Van Ingen, the Notary Public. Albany, Oct. 1, 1830.


Folder 8: D Crouse (.565-.567)

.565     Letter from Thomas Butler, Delaware, Ohio, to John Gill, Philadlephia, Feb. 25, 1829.

.566     Letter of attorney: Jacob Shoemaker, Fairfield County, Ohio, appointing son-in-law Philip Liest, Pickaway County, Ohio, May 11, 1825.

.567     Receipt for a bill of costs in case of  Richard Ashhurst v. McLaughland & Kinkead,  paid by James McClintick, signed by James Clifford, n.p., Oc. 21, 1823.


Folder 9: Crown [1890s] (.568-.574)

.568     Copy of a letter from A.B. Cochran & Son, Pottsville, Penn., to J.S. Wentz & Co., July 21, 1898; re: Josiah Haines tract.

.569     Letter from A.B. Cochran & Son, Pottsville,  to R.L. Ashhurst, July 23, 1898. re: Josiah Haines tract.

.570     Letter from William Jenks Fell, Philadelphia, to R.L. Ashhurst, May 26, 1892.

.571     Letter from A.B. Cochran & Son, Pottsville, to R.L. Ashhurst, July 5, 1898. re: Josiah Haines tract.

.572     Letter from William R. Webster, Philadelphia, to R.L. Ashhurst, Oct. 15, 1890.

.573     Letter from A.B. Cochran & Son, Pottsville, to R.L. Ashhurst, Sept. 12, 1898.

.574     Testimony of Charles F. Berger about his parents and siblings: father Charles F. Berger and his widow are now deceased; father left these children: Charles F. Bergre, Anna F. Maxwell, Mary E. Curry, and Clara A. Berger, who died without issue, Philadelphia, May 18, 1895.


Folder 10: A C & W Curtis (.575)

.575     Letter from "Cousin Elizabeth G. G.," Providence, Rhode Island, to Miss  C. Wainwright, New York, Jan. 13, 1828.  [related to other Wainwright letters in collection?]


Folder 11: D & D NY Mill (.576-.578)

.576     Certificate to cancel a mortgage, Andrew Gifford onto Ahas. Turk, n.p., 1801; part of document only; see also .578.

.577     Blank sheet.

.578     Mortgage discharged by Ahasuerus Turk, turner of New York, to Andrew Gifford, cabinet maker, and his wife Agnes, also of New York, Nov. 3,1797.


Folder 12: DMD (.579)

.579     Bill to Capt. Clowser [Christ. Clouser] of the ship Hanabal from William Davidson, Philadelphia, Aug. 1, 1794.


Folders 13-14: DWD (.580-.581)

.580     disbound book: The American Instructor, or Young Man's Best Companion, title page missing; pp.1-30, 35-42, 115-138, 159-186, 259-282,- 307-356, 361-372.  [This title appeared in several printings in the 18th and early 19th centuries.]

.581     disbound book: An Account of the Life of that Ancient Servant of Jesus Christ, John Richardsn [sic, i.e. Richardson]..., London printed: Phila., reprinted and sold by William Dunlap, 1759.  pp. iii-vi, 3-220.


Folder 15: H & D (.582-.583)

.582     Letter from Garrett D. Wall to Charles Ewing concerning John Den v. Joshua Carman and Joseph Carman in trespass, New Jersey, 1816.

.583     Deputation of Ralph V. M. Cooper of Gloucester County in surveying matters, by Burr Woolman, New Jersey, April 4, 1842.


Folder 16: JD (the initials appear in an archway) (.585-.588)

.585     Court notes in Chancery of New Jersey between Joseph Read, complainant and Joseph E. Butterworth, Benjamin Allan and his wife Lettice, and Francis Prickett, defendants, n.d. [only part of the document]

.586-.588         Parts of a court notes but not in any order, John B. Innes v. John Summers et al., n.p., n.d.


Folder 17: M & D (.589-.590)

.589a-b            Letter from Paul Shirley, Russellville, to John Gill Jr., Philadelphia, March 17, 1823.  Also, envelope sheet for letter, with notes.

.590     Certificate of appointment of Abraham Helm as the special guardian of his sister-in-law Mary Bechtle for the purpose of receiving a legacy of 80 pounds willed her by her late grandfather Henry Bitten of Reading (her father William Bechtle was residing in Upper Canada at the time), Greensburg, Westmoreland County, April 21, 1817.


Folders 18-19: PPD (with a plow and the motto “work and be rich”) (.591-.594)

.591     part of disbound book: The Schoolmasters Assistant, pp. 85-92, 181-192, n.p.,                                circa 1770.

.592     Blank Sheets

.593     receipted bill, the Widow Chrisler paid Wm. Roberts, per order of Jacob Graff Jr., n.p., Oct. 1776.  For scantling and fixing doors.

.594     Blank Sheets.


Folder 20: WD (two different styles, one in script with a crest, the other plain block letters) (.598-.599)

.598     Protest of William Davies about failure to pay a note  of Wheeler & Ashhurst, payable on Branch Bank of U.S. at Savannah, Georgia, May 16, 1810.

.599     Blank Sheet.


Folder 21: D & Co (.600)

.600     Mortgage Certificate discharged from Robert F. Manley to Hiram Retts [or Betts] and his wife Catherine, and Frederick Groshon to Dudley Selden, New York City, Aug. 1828 [in two pieces]


Folder 22: V Dablan [England] (.606)

.606     Promise to pay Jasper Jackson by William Deakins, Jr., received by Andrew Clow & Co., Georgetown, Sept. 10, 1791.


Folder 23: W Debit (.602)

.602     Certificate of a mortgage paid to Stephen Potter from John Van Allen, a carpenter, and his wife Mary, New York City, April 30, 1835.


Folder 24: Delaware (.603)

.603     Letter in Spanish from Fomay Ve Tuanal(?), Hav., to A.D. Juan Batista Rougier, Philadelphia, July 29, 1803.


Folder 25: Devries & Son (.605)

.605     Appointment of Messrs. Chs. Graebe & Victor of New York as attorneys for Charles Starke, Baltimore, Dec. 6, 1833.


Folder 26: R Donaldson; R Donaldson Phenix [sic] Mill; RD (with a phoenix design) (.595-.597, .608-.615)

.595     Indenture from David Cathcart (Lord Alloway) and Masterton Ure to Anna Parker (widow of Edward Parker), Ontario County, New York, 1825.  [see also .809]

.596     Entry of Merchandise (ginghams) imported by G.L. Dwight on the ship Virginia with master T. Childs, from Liverpool to Providence R.I., 1828.

.597     Special power of attorney from William Augustus Archbald of William Augustus Archbald & Co. to Elias M. Willard, New York, March 8, 1828.

.608     Bill to C. Reilly from John Murray, Lancaster Pa., 1837.  

.609     Letter from Samuel Swartout, New York, to P. D. Vroom, Jr., Trenton, N.J., Nov. 5, 1830.

.610     Release of liens to Charles Graff from construction workers on six new tenements in Philadelphia. Sept. 1830.  Signed by the workmen, with their jobs (for lumber, painting, glazing, brick making, plastering, etc.)

.611     "List of Taunton Prints on Hand," from L. & Co., Philadelphia, to Wm. D. Lewis, June 17, 1830.

.612     Letter from Charles Graff, Harrisburg, to Doctor Smith, concerning his conduct before the Senate, Pennsylvania, March 25, 1833.

.613     Endorsed on back: William B. Parsons to Geo Barclay and Schuyler Livingston, New York, Jan. 3, 1831.  However, in document, Parsons name has a line drawn through it, and the name Thomas Barclay Livingston has been penciled in. 

.614     Deed Poll from William Cochran, sheriff of Dauphin County, to Simon Cameron, for a lot in Harrisburg, 1839.  Document also names Jacob Miller, Lewis Williams, John Snevely, and Francis Wyeth.

.615     Deed of Thomas and Frances Darling and Charles and Catherine De Forest to Lebeus [or Sebeus] Chapman, New York, 1836.


Folder 27: And Dumas (.616)

.616     Deed of Samuel Haines of Burlington County to Joseph C. Swett, John Sickler and Christopher Sickler of Gloucester County, New Jersey, April 30, 1818.


Folder 28: Duhham & Co (.617)

.617     William Hanson's invoice to Andrew Clow & Co., Manchester, Sept. 2, 1790.


Folder 29: I  Duvall(?) (.604)

.604     receipted bill to John M. Soulier from William Cramond, Philadelphia, April 7, 1815.  Receipt signed by William Ford.


Folder 30: BE (.618)

.618     notebook: "Chester [illegible], Oswestry District, Oswestry 2d Division, Postmaster's Entries of Horses Hired for 28 days," 1837-1840, n.p.  Most pages blank; recipe on last page.


Folder 31: C & E (different styles of initials, one with a hunting horn) (.619-.620)

.619     Certificate to cancel a mortgage from Samuel Stansbury, bookseller, and his wife Eliza, to Robert Mott, by John L. Bourne, executor for the deceased Robert Mott, New York, Dec. 30, 1807.

.620     Letter from Robert Bourne, New York, to John B. Wallace, Philadelphia, and a bill attached from Pennsylvania Population Co. owing to Robert Bourne, Jan. 9, 1813.


Folder 32: EBE (.1802)

.1802   pages from an English language Bible: parts of Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, I and II Samuel, and II Chronicles.


Folder 33: T & E (.623)

.623     Copy of a letter from Arthur Jones, Norfolk, to Warren Ashley, n.p.,  concerning the account of Josiah Granbery, Jan. 24, 1800.


Folder 34: Edmeads & Pine (.632-.633, .635)

.632a-b            Pages of notes about financial drafts, A. Clow & Co. mentioned, as well as other names, unsigned, n.p., 1791-1793.

.633     same as above, although A. Clow & Co. not mentioned

.635     Notes of omissions, etc. on the account of William Wilson & Co., Alexandria, with Andrew Clow & Co., 1793.


Folder 35: T. Edmonds, 1824 (.634)

.634     Blank sheet.



Box 5:


Folder 1: Ehrhart (.636-.637)

.636     Receipt: Treasury Office of Pennsylvania received of Thomas F. Wharton, Joseph H. Newbold, Benj. Hughler, Samuel S. Shoeber and Jacob F. Brinting, n.p., Jan. 21, 1832.

.637     notebook of poems written by various people, one is signed Sarah Ann [illegible].


Folder 2: Ephrata (.624-.625, .627-.630)

.624     title page, EinTestament, in German, n.p., dated 1745.

.625     Notes, generally calculations, plus a list of purchases of wheat, whiskey, etc., n.p., n.d.

.627-.629 blank pages

.630     Blank piece of paper except for the words "Ephrata, Water-mark" and 1744.


Folder 3: Ephrata – 1762 imprint, with crown (.631)

.631     pages from an unknown religious book, in German, n.p., n.d., pp. 7-54.


Folder 4: F (with various dates, and a coat of arms on one sheet) (.639-.642)

.639     Letter from Isaac Wilson, Bedford.County, to John Tod, concerning a petition for the appoint­ment of a justice of the peace in St. Clair Township, Penn., Feb. 19, 1809.

.640     Request to Mr. Dutilh to pay John Allen for services done on the brig Manervy, [i.e. Minerva?], Capt. Heddy, Philadelphia, April 28, 1808.

.641     Account of George Simson with the Estate of J. Cramond, Philadelphia, Jan. 17, 1800.

.642     Pages of a ledger in German, 1767-1788, n.p.


Folder 5: BF (below a coat of arms) (.643)

.643     Several deeds written on one sheet:  Samuel Blair, doctor of divinity, and his wife Ann, of Germantown, to Abraham Coats, blacksmith of Kensington, and the Blairs to John Mclntire, a sawyer of Kensington, n.d.


Folder 6: CHF  (with a shield bearing a hunting horn, and the initials DB below that) (.644)

.644     Account of Messrs. Notnagel Montmollin & Co., Philadelphia, with Freres Sethmann, Frankfort, Sept. 30, 1800.  [see also .281 and .1281]


Folder 7: DF (.645-.648)

.645     Letter about a petition from Jacob Hubley, addressed to Jacob Rush and associate judges in Berks County, Dec. 10, 1804.

.646     Debt of John Henry Heins and Samuel Zimmerman, Schuylkill County, to Stephen Hoffman, Adm. of Peter Hoffman, deceased, Pennsylvania, June 30, 1838.

.647     Debt of George Pfaff, Abraham Haldeman, and Samuel Zimmerman to Isaac Levan, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, Dec. 5, 1837.

.648     Court case notes on Samuel Kenig [or Koenig] vs. Daniel Lichty, and a testimony of Jacob Sallade, Berks County, 1798.


Folder 8: PF (.651)

.651     Letter from James Liddell [or Leddell] to Mr. Kay, Front Street, n.p., n.d.


Folder 9: RF (.652)

.652     German religious poetry book [The Psalms?]:  pp. 71-86, 263-278, 503-518, n.p.


Folder 10: Fairfield (.653-.655)

.653     Copy of a letter from A.B. Cochran & Son, Pottsville, to J.S. Wentz & Co., concerning the Josiah Haines Tract. July 21, 1898.

.654     Copy of a letter from J.S. Wentz & Co., Mauch Chunk, Pa., to A.B. Cochran & Son, as a reply to the above; concerning the Josiah Haines Tract, July 22, 1898.

.655     Copy of a letter from A.B. Cochran & Son, Pottsville, to R.L. Ashhurst, concerning the Josiah Haines Tract. July 23, 1898.


Folder 11: Farra (.656)

.656a   Statement of debt owed by Cornelius Conrad and Elijah Funk, yeomen of Charlestown township, Chester County, Penn., to Isaac James, of same place, 1813.

.656b   Verdict for the charge of manslaughter in Isaac Stewart vs. the State, and the testimony of John Cabine, Burlington, Nov. 5, 1831.


Folder 12: Fellows (with various dates) (.657-.662)

.657     Letter from M. Robinson & Co., Orange County, to John S. Hunn, Bank of Newburgh, Feb. 11, 1817.

.658     Letter from R. W. Latimer for D. A. Smith, Baltimore, to William Cramond, Philadelphia, April 15, 1816.

.659     Letter from Ogden Ferguson & Co., New York, to Thomas Astley, Philadelphia, April 2, 1839.

.660     Letter from Samuel Akerly, New York, to George Newbold, Treasurer of the  New York Greek Committee, March 31, 1828.  Requesting payment to Samuel G. Howe for expenses of his tour up the North River.

.661     Letter from J. Wright, West Point, New York, to J. S. Hunn, Cashier, Bank of Newburgh, concerning a deposit in a bank account. May 3, 1817.

.662     Letter from M. Robinson & Co., Bank of Orange County, to John S. Hunn, Bank of Newburgh, Jan. 31, 1817.


Folder 13: Floyd & Co (.663)

.663     Bill from John Lynch, “sold for account of Messrs. Andrew Clow & Co.,”  Philadelphia, June 21, 1793.


Folder 14: Forge (.664)

.664     Blank sheets, and a marbled page.


Folder 15: G (.665-.666)

.665     Deed from Mary Dunham to Norman Brigham, both of Mansfield, Conn., March 19, 1831.  [see also .771]

.666     Deed from Lewis B. Dunham of Coventry, Conn., to Norman Brigham, Mansfield, Conn., March 2, 1831.


Folder 16: G & Co (.667-.671)

.667     Letter from Thomas C. Cash, New Orleans, to R. Ashhurst & Sons, Philadlephia, Jan. 21, 1832.

.668     Letter from Thomas C. Cash, New Orleans, to R. Ashhurst & Sons, Philadlephia, March 20, 1832.

.669     Letter from Thomas C. Cash, New Orleans, to R. Ashhurst & Sons, Philadlephia, March 31, 1832.

.670     Letter from E. B. Stedman, Hartford, to Norman Brigham, Mansfield, Conn., Oct. 11, 1833.

.671     Letter from Mother Vinton, postmarked Pomfret, to Lieutenant Francis Vinton, New London Conn., Oct. 28, 1832. [see also .558]


Folder 17: BG (.672)

.672     survey map of properties, with landowners’ names, n.p., n.d.


Folder 18: C & G (.673)

.673     Bond between John Jourdan and William Adams, to Christopher Green, Governor of  Kentucky, May 25, 1807.


Folder 19: F G & Co (.674)

.674     Letter from Edward Edwards, Chenango Point, to John S. Hunn, Newburgh, Orange County, Feb. 26, 1814.


Folder 20: GBG (under a crest) (.675)

.675     Note of John R. Townsend, concerning an unpaid debt, n.p.,  1817.  


Folder 21: GG (.676)

.676     Deed from Joseph Barnard, Coventry, Conn., to Mary Dunham, Mansfield, Conn., Feb. 23, 1824.


Folder 22: HG (under an eagle) (.677)

.677     Subpoena to appear in court, issued to Christian Singenfelter [or Lingenfelter], Patrick Cassaday, and Jacob Gunfair, to testiy in court in case between Joseph Myers and Jacob Beightel, issued by David Mann, Proth., Bedford County, Penn. Nov. 10, 1809.


Folder 23:  IG (.678)

.678     Note in French, signed by Archier Wund & Co., n.p., March 23, 1792.


Folder 24: ILG (.679, .821)

.679     owners of ship Active in account with Capt. William Kennedy, Philadelphia, April 9, 1791.  Lists members of crew.

.821     bill, Messrs. Zollickoffer & Messonier at Baltimore owe to Gasphard Sollicoffre of Marseilles, France, March 1, 1788.


Folder 25: J & EG (in script, with date 1826) (.682)

.682     Copy of a letter from James Bovard, Slippery Rock, to Robert Craig, concerning a lot of land. Feb. 14, 1834.


Folder 26: J [could be I] G Sons & Co (.683)

.683     title page and pages 281-282 of the Laws of the State of Delaware, Dover: John Robertson, 1818.


Folder 27: JMG (.693)

.693     Bill, in French, to Mr. Soulier from Dorfeuille for the schooling of M. Martin, Philadelphia, Nov. 16, 1801.  Includes charges for music and violin lessons, writing supplies, grammar lessons, pocket money, etc.  Endorsed on back: Young Martin’s account.


Folder 28: LG (with a fleur-de-lis) (.694)

.694a   Release from Anna Maria Becker, widow of Jacob Becker, to all her children [not named in document], to Michael Shenk and Joseph Bomberger, concerning moneys received, Lebanon Township, Lancaster County, Penn., Feb. 15, 1787.

.694b   receipted bill, Frederick Shinckle paid Jno. Phile, n.p., 1786-1787.  Receipt signed by Jos. James.

.694c   Promise to pay from Andrew Clow & Co. to Pearson Hunt, Philadelphia, Nov. 15, 1790.


Folder 29: LVG (one sheet includes a crest with a hunting horn, another has a crest with a fleur-de-lis) (.695-.696, .876) [see also LV Gerrevink(?)]

.695     Account current of Andrew Clow & Co. with Parish & Co., Philadelphia, 1792.  Signed by E. E. Hamburg(?).

.696     Letter and invoice from Roe & Kershaw, Manchester, [England,] to Andrew Clow & Co., Philadelphia, July 21, 1791.

.876     blank sheet


Folder 30: RG (.490, .697)

.490     Certificate that Abraham Martin had settled a tract of land, Crawford County, [Penn.?], 1808; patented to Thos. Astley, 1816.

.697     Letter from H. [possibly J. C.] Stocken, Philadelphia, to Mr. Keppele, July 6, 1812.


Folder 31: TG & Co (one sheet includes a crest with a hunting horn) (.698-.699)

.698     Copy of a sworn statement on bills to Clement Biddle, notary public, by Stephen Dutihl and William Davy, Philadelphia, May 1808.

.699     Letter from John Imlay, St. Bartholomews, to Reed & Ford, Philadelphia, Nov. 27, 1805.  


Folder 32: WG (.700)

.700     Part of a survey of Peter Browne’s land near the Buck, n.p., n.d.


Folder 33: Gardner (neither shows a complete watermark) (.701-.702)

.701     Appointment of Andrew Rogers as Surveyor of Highways by people of Augusta, [Maine,]  April 16, 1822.

.702  Appointment of Andrew Rogers as Surveyor of Highways by people of Augusta, [Maine,] May 31, 1821.


Folder 34: Garsons [could be Carsons] & Brown (.703)

.703     Index to unknown volume, for letters C to W., n.p., but probably Pottsville, Penn., n.d.  


Folder 35: J Gater (.704-.705)

.704     Page of a notebook on Insurance and Interest, probably a school exercise, n.p., possibly England or Canada, n.d.

.705     Account book of Storer [or Stover] Sewall, a tanner, York [Maine?], ca.1788-ca.1795.

Also included are loose notes numbered a-v; n.p., n.d.:

a.       account for calf skins, leather, hemlock bark, n.d.;

b.      receipted bill, Story Sewall paid Thomas Lowe, for bloth and button, York,  Oct. 10. 1792;

c.       Bill, James Patrick in account with Sewall, 1788-1795;

d.      Bill to Joseph Young from Sewall, n.p., 1791-1792;

e.       Account with Robert and Nathaniel Raynes, for leather, 1794;

f.       Mr. Larrill’s payments, 1795;

g.  short letter from Wm. Moutton to Sewall, Jan. 26, 1791;
h.   Note to James Bradbury from Wm.(?) Allen(?), York, March 8, 1786; mentions Nicholas Sewall;

          i.  account with Nathaniel Raynes 1793-1794;

          j.  note from Stover Sewall, n.p., n.d.

       k. account of Zebadiah Simson with S. Sewall, 1787-1793;

       l.  settles with Mr. Junkins, Dec. 1794;

       m.  receipted bill, paid to Edw. Eder, Boston, 1793;

       n.  account wih Nicholas Dicot, 1793-1794;

       o. account with Richard Beard(?), 1791;

       p. account of Richard and Thomas Talpy with Nicolas Sewall, n.p, 1775-1781;

       q. account with Capt. Thomas Savage, 1793-1802;

       r. account with Joseph Young for hemlock bark, n.d.;

       s. account with Joseph Young, 1788;

       t. account with Thomas Baker, 1793;

       u. account with Decon Lovat, 1792;

       v.            account with Samuel Baker, 1792-1793


Folder 36: Gen Stamp of [watermark incomplete] (.706) [with added identification: William Young]

            .706     Receipt for a United States direct tax payment made by Edward S. Bird, on behalf of widow Clayton, whose land was sold by James McKean to Peter A. Brown, Philadelphia, Jan. 2, 1807.


Folder 37: LV Gerrevink(?) (under a crest with a hunting horn) (.707-.708)  [see also LVG]

            .707     Blank sheet except for two names: Alex. Paterson, Henry J Kershaw.

            .708     Blank sheet.


Folder 38: John Gibbons (.711-.716)

            .711     Notes pertaining to court case of William Donaldson, Schuylkill County, Penn., 1850-1851.

            .712     Letter from William Donaldson to C.M. Straub, concerning the case of William Levan & Son vs. William Donaldson, Schuylkill County, Pa., 1851.

            .713     Letter from William Donaldson to C.M. Straub, Schuylkill County, Pa., 1851. Concerning the case of William Donaldson vs. Bank of Danville.

            .714     Letter from William Donaldson to C.M. Straub concerning the case of William H. Magill vs. William Donaldson, Schuylkill County, Pa., 1851.

            .715     Letter from W.B. Wells, Pottsville, to F.W. Hughes, Philadelphia, Nov. 6, 1850.  

            .716     Copy of a letter from E.G. [Graff?], Philadelphia, to W. Ulrich, Reading, Dec. 6, 1851.


Folder 39: Gilmour & Brothers (.717)

            .717a-b            Pages from a ledger: Maria Dorsey in account current with Robert Ralston, n.p., 1830-1833.


Folder 40: T Gilpin & Co Brandywine (.718-.719) 

            .718     Letter from Thos. Astley, Philadelphia, to Jasper Moylan, Philadelphia, concerning Andrew Clow & Co. estate. Jan. 29, 1808.

            .719a-b            Plan in pencil, perhaps of a railroad trestle (girders and sleepers mentioned), n.p., n.d.


Folder 41: Goodwin (.720-.723)

            .720     Letter from Jno. Robertson, Charleston, to William Cramond, Philadelphia, Nov. 1, 1827.

            .721     Letter from William Lucas, Russellville, to John Kennedy, Tuscumbia, Jan. 2, 1827.

            .722     Mortgage Deed of Henry and Rachel Snapp of Jerusalem, Yates County, N.Y., to Ontario Insurance Co., Geneva, Ontario County, New York, Aug. 30, 1825.

            .723     Letter from J. P. Shaw, Boston, to Samuel Breck, South Bridgewater, concerning Breck's attention to Shaw's sister, Sept. 28, 1826.


Folder 42: Gookin & Co, Rutland Vt (.724)

            .724     appointment by Asa Gardner, Troy, N.Y., of William C. Boardman of New York City as his lawyer for receiving merchandise at custom house,  March 2, 1832.


Folder 43: P Gougon [in lower case script] (.725)

            .725     Letter from James Lyle to William Cramond, n.p., March 12, 1811.


Folder 44: J Green (dated 1815 and 1817) (.731-.732)

            .731     Letter from F.(?) Townsend to Harold C. Folly(?), n.p., April 29, 1820.

            .732     Letter from Doct. S.(?) Watkins, Baltimore, to Col. N. Towson, March 30, 1820.


Folder 45: Greene (.733)

            .733     Letter from J. J. Marshall, Frankfurt, to John Gill Jr., Philadelphia, July 11, 1833.


Folder 46: Gt Spring; I & L GtSpring (.680-.681, .727-.730)

            .680     Part of a plan of property owned by various 'people along an unnamed street, near intersection with Masters Street, n.p., n.d. 

                        On back: Penciled document, Philadelphia.

            .681     Court note on the procedure of the recovery of moneys  owed by Thomas Williamson to Pennock and Nathan Edwards, Delaware County, Penn., Feb. 14, 1811.

            .727     Letter from A. Ferguson, Philadelphia, to John Gill, Jr., Nashville, Oct. 30, 1830.

            .728     Letter from A. Ferguson, Philadelphia, to John Gill, Jr., Nashville, Nov. 21, 1830.

            .729     Letter from John Gill, Jr., Philadelphia, to John W. Tilford, n.p., April 2, 1830.

            .730     Letter from John King, Ceres, [Penn.,] to Henry M. Walker, Philadelphia, Oct. 19, 1834.


Folder 47: Guard Bridge Mill, Pirie (three pieces of paper, two with Guard Bridge Mill mark, and one with Pirie, document dated 1920) (.726)             [see also .1143 and .1144 for additional Pirie paper]

            .726     Duplicate Invoice from H. Shirakami, Kobe, Japan, to M.S. Levy & Sons Inc., Baltimore, Dec. 22, 1920.  Invoice for shipping natural straw braids.


Folder 48: H (.734-.746, .802-.803)

            .734     receipted bill to schooner Isabella(?), Capt. [illegible] from John Brown, signed by Jas. M. Kover n.p., 1792-1793.

            .735     Letter from Abraham Diehl(?) to John Bamberger, in German, n.p,, 1804.

            .736     Receipt: received of George Cress by Jacob Shultz for his mother Anna Schultz, from estate of Philip Weaver, n.p., July 14, 1797.

            .737     Certificate of Mortgage from Alexander Ogilvie, grocer, to Thomas Hunt, grocer, New York, March 11, 1795.

            .738     Bond from William Prescott, Pottsville, to Frederick Plummer, Philadelphia, Feb. 24, 1831.

             .739    Map, in pencil, of lots on Buttonwood Lane [or Street], near 5th Street and Old York Road, n.p., n.d.

            .740     Petition statements concerning Robert Mattox, Jr.'s land, deceased. (copy), n.p., 1801.  Stained with purple ink.

            .741     Check, or bank payment note, from Stephen Girard's bank, payable to William & John Miller, signed by Richard Ashhurst, [Philadelphia] Aub. 21, 1821.

            .742     Bond from Lloyd Wharton, Reading, to William Pott, Pottsville, due Feb. 1831.

            .743     measurement of paving in St. John Street, between Coats & Brown Streets, Philadelphia, measurement by Joseph H. Siddall, Sept. 8, 1830.  Lists names of landowners.

            .744     Oath about proceeds of a property sale, made by Conrad Lamb, York County, Penn., May 20, 1806.

            .745     Copy of the court proceedings in Chancery Court of New Jersey of Benjamin, John and Eliza Ann Van Mater vs. Henry Walton, executor of Gerard Walton, New Jersey, 1822.

            .746     Two pages of receipts received by J.R. Smith, n.p., 1824.

            .802     blank index pages for letters L-O, n.p., n.d.

            .803     letter and account, William Luton(? or Suton), Sampson County, North Carolina, to Arthur Jones, Philadelphia, Sept. 29, 1800.


Folder 49: CH (.747-.751)

            .747     Note in German, from Valentine Getroy(?) to A. Zweier, n.p., 1816.

            .748     Bond between Abraham and John Shire and John Weydner, Berks County, Pennsylvania, March 23, 1811.

            .749     Note about a complaint received by John Guldin, a justice of Berks County, Pa., Dec. 19, 1805.  Henry Delacamp complained that Samuel Oyster(?) took a ram from him.

            .751     Deed from Michel Gotner, yeoman, to Francis Joseph Smith, Northampton County, Pa., Sept. 1, 1789.


Folder 50: DH (with cloverleaf) (.752-.753) [identified as Donald Hagey]

            .752     Blank sheet.

            .753     Account sheet of Daniel Levy to Moses Levy, n.p., 1797.


Folder 51: FH (.754)

            .754     Letter from John Shanahnaud, Stone Arabia, [Montgomery County, N.Y.,] to Mr. Baynerd, Albany, June 27, 1797.



Box 6:


Folder 1: GH (with fleur-de-lis) (.755)

            .755a-b            Two blank sheets.


Folder 2: HH; H & H (.756-.759)

            .756     “Sales by Footman & Co. by order of the executors of David Cay, surviving partner of Andrew Clow & Co.,” Philadelphia, May 2, 1794.  Lists liquor, furniture, stove, hen coop, dog house, etc.

            .757     Blank sheet.

            .758     Letter from R. [Robert] Craige, Portersville, to Henry N. Walker, Philadelphia, April 8, 1839.

            .759     Letter from Robert Craige, Portersville, to Henry N. Walker, Philadelphia, April 13, 1838.


Folder 3: JH; JH & Co (on one sheet, the initials appear below a fleur-de-lis) (.760-.763)

            .760     Drawing of a plot of land on the Savannah River, in Granville county, Township of New Windsor, South Carolina, of Thomas Smith's 550 acres.  Certified by J. Gillespie, South Carolina, 1737.  This copy made in 1787.

            .761a   Account of  New Bank Estate with Richard Green, n.p., Dec. 22, 1802.  Lists workers’ names.

            .761b   Letter from Mary Baily to brother John Wilson at Christana Mills,  May 1801.

            .762     Account of  New Bank Estate with Richard Green, n.p., Dec. 8, 1802.  Lists workers’ names.

            .763     Letter from Henry Harford, Elizabeth City, [N.C.,] to Warren Ashley, Norfolk, June 24, 1800.


Folder 4: MH [or could be HM] (.764, .766-.767, .956, .958) [note: there are various styles of initials]

            .764     Letter from William Laird, Milton, to William Donaldson, Danville, Columbian County, Penn., 1837.

            .766     Memorandum, by P. Basil, New York, to J. Rules, 1826, in relation to agreement of Rules And Rogers.

            .767     Letter from Comyngham [or Conyngham],  Wilkes Barre, to Thomas Astley, Phildelphia, May 28, 1833.  

            .956     Letter from William Lewis, Wilkes Barre, to Charles Treichel, Philadelphia, July 16, 1827.  Concerns court business between the two.  

            .958     Letter from George Tracy, Towanda, Penn., to R. J. Arundel, Philadelphia, Jan. 5,

1830. Concerns Arndt & Kuler, a firm that went bankrupt, and a list of names of people who knew Arndt.


Folder 5: O & H (some sheets include Britannia figure) (.768-.776)

.768     Letter from M. Watson, New Orleans, to Peter Walker, Philadelphia, Feb. 1, 1855. .769    Letter from C. [illegible], Albany, to Gov. L. Marcy, Albany, Jan. 20, 1838.  Tendering resignation as judge for Yates County.

.770     Bond between Christopher Cammack and Allison Nailor, District of Columbia, Aug. 19, 1842.

.771     Deed from Norman Brigham to Jesse Reed and Ralph Dunham, Mansfield, Conn., March 29, 1830.  [see also .665 and also Dunham documents].

.772     Deed of sale, John L. Thielen, sheriff, Louisiana: between Thomas Slidell and Richard Ashhurst & Sons v. Stephen Atwater Treat and James Plant, 1842.

.773     Bond from James Chalfant to Susan Forceman, n.p., 1843.  Also included are notations of payments on the back of the manuscript.

.774     Letter from Beattie & Hamlin, Greenville, South Carolina, to Richard Ashhurst & Sons, Philadelphia, May 26, 1841.

.775     Letter from Hopkins & Parsons, Huntsville, Alabama, to Richard Ashhurst & Sons,  Feb. 18, 1839.

.776     Letter from George C. Wurzbach [or Wurtzbach], New York, to C. Masten, Penn Yan, Oct. 1, 1839.


Folder 6: TH [could be HT] (.778)

.778     Form of a plea or oath of some kind, not signed or filled in, n.p., n.d.


Folder 7: SH (.777)

.777     "Eine Restitution" part of a book printed in German print, [Philadelphia, 1763].  Q             Pages 146-153.


Folder 8: WH [could also be HW] (.780, .1825)

.780     Receipted bill, Wachmuth paid James Gallagher, signed by Hugh Green, n.p., 1793.

.1825   printed item, “Votes and Proceedings,” November session, 1806, Maryland.  Pages have not been cut or trimmed.


Folder 9: Hayes & Wise, 1800 (.782)

.782     Letter from Willing & Francis to Thomas Mifflin, Philadelphia, Oct. 31, 1801.


Folder 10: Holdship (.783-.785)

.783     Letter from R. Craig, Portersville, Pa., to Henry M. Walker, Philadelphia, March 12, 1833.  

.784     Letter from Robert Craig, Portersville, to Henry M. Walker, Philadelphia, June 19, 1833.

.785     Allowance of a writ of Habeas Corpus to free the body of Christopher Garmine from Jail (copy) signed by Walter W. Beelie(?), Harrison County, Ohio, 1829.


Folder 11: Holmes (.786)

.786     pages from Apology for the Bible, by R. Watson (New York: John Bull, 1796). pp. 97-108, 205-216.


Folder 12: Hooker & Son (with a coat of arms that has the initials GR under it) (.787)

.787     Release of Mortgage from John McKim to Jacob Steigar, Baltimore County, August 1805.


Folder 13: E House (.791, .1806)

.791     Deed from Sarah Jewitt, Coventry, Conn., to Capt. Seth and Mary Dunham, Mansfield, Conn., May 3, 1798.

.1806   summons for John Ripley of Coventry, Conn., to appear in court in a case with Ashbel Stanley of Windsor, Jan. 27, 1801, signed by Samuel Whitlessey(?), justice of the peace


Folder 14: AH Hubbard (.788-.790)

.788a   receipted bill, George Newbold paid Anthony A. Jacobus, New York, Dec. 30, 1824.  For carpentry work and supplies.

.788b   “Sales of 18 bales of cotton received by brig Orythia, Capt. Wales from New Orleans, on account of Mr. Thomas Campbell,” account with Robert Gill & Co., New York,  Oct. 27, 1827.

.789     Special appointment of Seth Peirce [or Pierce] as attorney for Edward Butler, New York, July 25, 1828.

.790     Letter from Smith & Goddard, Norwich, Conn., to E.A. Russell, New York, April 28, 1829.


Folder 15: R Hubbard (.792-.794)

.792     Letter from Dr. Charles Pugsley and Nashville, to Mr. Gill, Philadelphia, ordering furniture, curtains, picture frames, and a lamp, Dec. 2, 1830.  Endorsed on back as orders for Dr. Pugsley and Thomas Washington, but Washington’s order is not included with this.

.793     Letter from B. Day, Bank of Geneva, to C. Masten, Penn Yan, April 20, 1827.

.794     Letter from "Mother," La Plaisance, [postmark: Pomfret, Conn.,] to Francis Vinton, Prot. Ep. Theo. Seminary, New York, Aug. 9, 1836. [additional Vinton letters also in this collection]


Folder 16: Hudson (several sheets include various designs of eagles and/or sailing ships, or the Britannia figure) (.795-.801, .804-.816)

[note: two sheets from New Orleans bear the watermark “For Records” – the name Hudson does not appear but someone has penciled in Hudson on one of them]

.795     Letter from H. Morris, Philadelphia, to Edward Owen Parry, Sept. 16, 1834. [envelope wrapper for this letter is .134; see also .819]

.796     Ledger page: lands in account with Henry M. Walker, 1833-1836.  Philadelphia.

.797     Verdict not Guilty in Comm. vs. John Snyder, for keeping tippling house, n.p., 1837.

.798     Appeal in the Martin Weaver vs. Benjamin Heffner case, n.p., 1835.

.799     wrapper sheet labeled: "Foeglie v. Kline & Hower Trespass," n. p., n.d. [see .804]

.800     Court case of Benjamin Pott for the use of Daniel Hill vs. Charles W. Clemmens and Francis G. Parvin, n.p., Oct. 25, 1839.

.801     Letter from Chauncey Shipman, Berlin, Conn., to Henry W. Smith, Reading, Penn., Jan. 21, 1829.

.804     Court case of Henry Foeglie vs. Jacob Kline and Solomon Hower for trespass, n.p., Oct. 24, 1839.  [see .799]

.805     Letter from William Talmage, New York, to Robert J. Arundell, Philadelphia, June 29, 1830.  With added penciled notes.

.806     Letter from Dudley Marvin, to John Martin, Penn Yan, N.Y., Feb. 28, 1827.  Further addressed to Dr. William Holden, Penn Yan.

.807     Seizure of property by Sheriff Charles F. Hozey, Orlean Parish, La.,  concerning court case of Richard Ashhurst & Sons vs. David Adams and Thomas Barrett, New Orleans, June 16, 1840.

.807a   Mortgage of Christopher Adams, planter of Iberville Parish, to William Kenner & Co., New Orleans, 1823, with note added April 19, 1834.

.808     Blank sheet.

.809     Indenture from David Cathcart (Lord Alloway), Masterton Ure, Joseph Fellow, and Robert Troup, to Anna Parker (widow of Edward Parker), late of Gorham, Ontario County, New York, Dec. 20, 1827.  [see also .595]

.810     statement in court case made by C. Ingersoll, addressed to W.H. Tod, concerning Samuel and Ann Thompson v. Hannah Taylor and her executor Joseph Watson, Philadelphia, April 27. 1831.

.811     notice to call Militia of Massachusetts to duty, issued by Jeremiah Blake, commanding officer, Wrentham(?), to Joseph Bailey, April 29, 1834.  List of militia men on back.

.812     Certificate issued by Charles Cobb, Clerk of all Judicial Courts, admitting Nathan F. Barnes to practice as attorney in Maine, April 1843.

.813     Bill of complaint in the Samuel Burch vs. Murray, Cough, Swimley(?) and Wallach heirs case, by Richard Wallach, District of Columbia, 1830s.

.814a-c                        Letter from S. Parker, Washington, to J. [or I.]  F. Winchester, Aug. 2, 1843.

.815     Part of a circuit court resume, John W. Perit and Joseph Cabot, in partnership in Philadelphia as Perit & Cabot, in case with Hollingsworth Magniac and David Magniac, heirs of Charles Magniac, subjects of Great Britain, a case of trespass occurring in Canton, China, 1829.  [see also .1568 and .386]

.816     Letter from Geo Douglass, Baltimore, to Edward A. Russell, Messrs. Geo. Douglass & Co., New York, Nov. 19, 1830.


Folder 17: SI (.817)

.817     Mortgage of Daniel McBride, grocer, to Edward Shippen Burd, cancelled, Philadelphia, July 12, 1813.


Folder 18: Irving Mill (.818-.820)

.818     Letter from Brodhead & Brother per The. Burkhart, Philadelphia, to F. W. Hughes, Dec. 6, 1860.

.819     Letter from James C. Goward, Philadelphia, to Edward Owen Parry, Nov. 30, 1858. [see also .795]

.820     Letter from J. H. McClung, Rome, Georgia, to Richard Ashhurst & Sons, Philadelphia, Feb. 8, 1861.


Folder 19: JLJ (.822)

.822     Court case of David Baker vs. Eleanor Baker, New Jersey, n.d.


Folder 20: LJ (.823)

.823     Certificate of mortgage by Andrew and Martha Alexander, grocer of New York, to George McKay, New York, 1810.


Folder 21: Japanese Linen (with a crane) (.824-.827, .1655-.1656) [possibly a brand name, rather than a company name]

.824     Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury, Pa., to R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, Feb. 18, 1889.

.825     Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury, Pa., to R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, Feb. 21, 1889.

.826     Letter from W. A. Collins, Toledo, Ohio, to Col. F. D. Curtis, Charlton, New York, Oct. 18, 1889.

.827     Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury, Pa., to R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, Dec. 28, 1889.

.1655   Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury, Pa., to George M. Dallas, Philadelphia, Dec. 14, 1889.

.1656   Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Sunbury, Pa., to R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, Dec. 14, 1889.


Folder 22: Jessups (.828-.831)

.828     Letter, from [illegible,] to F. W. Hughes and J. Hoffman, n.p., July 11, 1857.

.829     Letter from John M. Read to J. Randall, n.p., Feb. 22, 1847.  With added notes.

.830     Copy of the August Report signed by G. W., Post Office, Hartford, Conn., to the auditor, Sept. 1, 1838.

.831     Letter from Lawrason [or Lawrison] Riggs, St. Louis, to Josiah L. Hale, New York, April 20, 1843.


Folder 23: Joynson (.832-.834)

.832     Letter from Mary F. Thomson to Judge John M. Read, n.p., no year.

.833-.834         Blank sheets.


Folder 24: GK (.835)

.835     Copy of the report of Auditors on the estate of Abraham K. Clark, yeoman, Bethel township, Berks County, Penn., Jan. 5, 1841.  Jacob Walborn and John Kurr were administrators.


Folder 25: JK (.836-.837)

.836     Letter from Charles B. Penrose, Carlisle, to James A. Mahany, Harrisburg, Penn., Feb. 8, 1828. [see also .948 and .1020]

.837     Blank sheet, except for name Gabl. Benoist(?).


Folder 26: M & K, N York (.838)

.838     Letter from Robert Abbatt [or Abbott] & Co., Richmond, Va., to Edward A. Russell, Petersburg, Va., July 5, 1821.


Folder 27: A Kelty (with a dove) (.846)

.846     Deed from Isaac and Catherine Hipple [or Kipple], Bedford County, Pa., to Peter Shoenburger, Allegany County, Pa., April 1844.


Folder 28: Kempton Mills (.863)

.863     Settlement sheet of Matilda Hamrick and Miss J. Armstrong, for the purchase of property, J.H. Siddall & Son Conveyancers, Philadelphia, May 15, 1875.


Folder 29: Kent Mills (some sheets with Britannia figure, others with globe in an envelope) (.847-.854, .864)

.847     Letter from Effingham B. Morris, Philadelphia, to R. L. Ashhurst, about Fell v. Markle, Sept. 12, 1882.

.848- .849        Notes by unidentified person about court cases, n.p., n.d.

.850-.854         Blank sheets.

.864     Letter from Effingham B. Morris, Philadelphia, to R.L. Ashhurst, June 22, 1885.


Folder 30: King (.855-.862)

.855     Deed Poll: Daniel Fitler, sheriff of Philadelphia County, took goods from Constantine B. F. O’Neil to pay a debt owed to Robert Wallace, which led to sale of property to William M. Camac, Philadelphia, 1841.

.856     Release of Dower endorsed, Sarah Wright (widow of Thomas Wright of the Northern Liberties), to John Wright, n.d. (concerning the Deed Poll of Daniel Fitler, sheriff, to John Wright.).

.857-.858         Deed Poll: Daniel Fitler, sheriff of Philadelphia County, in settlement of case of John Wright v. Archibald Wright, John F. Bird and his wife Jane Wright Bird, Thomas Wright, Mary Ann Wright, William Miller Wright, and Henry Moffitt Wright (some of whom are minors), Philadelphia, 1841.

.859     Letter from Geo Grant, Philadelphia, to William Donaldson, Danville, Columbia County, Pa., March 3, 1837.

.860     Notes concerning the real estate and deeds between John Potts and Jonathan Wynne, Pottsville, 1825.

.861     Part of a statement concerning Mr. Ringgold and Mr. John Gibbs, n.d., n.p.

.862     Account book of unknown person, 1834-1844, n.p.  An account of butter and eggs traded for other goods.


Folder 31: L (.877)

.877     Letter from Mr. Hollinshead, St. Paul, to Messrs. King, Anderson & Sage, Oct. 22, 1857.


Folder 32: L & Co (.878)

.878     Letter from Josias Cox, Snowhill, Maryland, to Wheeler & Asher, Philadelphia, March 6, 1811.


Folder 33: AL (.879-.884)

.879-.880         In Chancery Court, New Jersey, a bill between John Steelman and Matthew Whilldin and Nathaniel Holmes, Executors of Seth Hand's estate, (copy) New Jersey, 1814.

.881     Bond from John Harrison, board merchant, to Edward Shippen Burd, both of  Philadelphia, March 24, 1813.  On form printed and sold by Joseph Crukshank.

.882     Bond from John Tophan, house carpenter, to William Tilghman, Chas Smith and Edward Shippen Burd, executors of Thomas Smith, all of Philadelphia, Oct. 1, 1813.  Same form as above.

.883     Bond between James Owens, house carpenter, and Edward Shippen Burd, Philadelphia, Nov. 1, 1813.

.884     Little notebook, or a part of a larger notebook on geometry, in German, unsigned, n.p., n.d.


Folder 34: CL & Co; CL & Co, Balto. (.885, .1253)

.885     Marriage license of Peter Cook to Hannah Haggard [or Hazzard], Roane County, Tennessee, June 26, 1810.  Also signed by George Cook.

.1253   letter, John Davidson, Washington, D.C., to Messrs. William M. Biddle & Co., Philadelphia, July 6, 1809.  Mentions Andrew Clow & Co. and D. Cay.


Folder 35: DL (.886)

.886     Pledge for delivery of merchandise received of D. A. Smith, from William McDewald(?), Baltimore, to William Cramond at Philadelphia, 1816.  Form printed by William Warner.


Folder 36: JL (.887-.888)

.887     Letter from Edmond Milne, Philadelphia, to John Tod, Nov. 30, 1811.

.888     Power of Attorney granted by Seth Chapman, Northumberland County, Penn., to Nathaniel B. Boileau, March 17, 1814.


Folder 37: L-JDL & Co (.890)

.890     Letter from Rose, Pottstown, to Martha, Nov. 14, 1889.


Folder 38: L & L (.889)

.889     Bill from Robert Bethell & Son for the ship Charleston Packet, n.p, March –April 1803.  For line, twine, lantern, nails, etc.


Folder 39: PL; P & L (.891-.892)

.891     Letter from [A. Reigen(?)] to L.P. Woodbury, n.p., Aug. 20, 1844.

.892     Letter from J.W. Wilson, Nashville, Tenn., to Thomas Campbell, n.p., May 30, 1824.  Mentions John Gill, Jr.


Folder 40: R.P. & L. (.893)

.893     Letter from Enoch Marvin, Pittsburgh, to Thomas Astley, Philadelphia, July 14, 1824.


Folder 41: SL (.894-.896)

.894     “Invoice of sundries shipped by Robert Carson on board the schooner Betsy, John Brock, Master, for New York for Account & risk of Daniel W. Coxe…,” shipped from New Orleans, June 29, 1795.

.895     Testimony of Matthew Clarkson, Mayor of Philadelphia, that Paul Sieman, merchant in firm Wynkoop & Sieman, native of Hamburg, is a U.S. citizen, Nov. 6, 1793.

.896     “Commissions” for June 10-15, by unknown person, for unknown purpose, n.p., no year.  A long list of names.


Folder 42: SWL; S & WL (with a bell) (.897-.900)

.897     receipted bill, Capt. Jonas Holmstedt received the money due him for sale of wine, by William Sonntag for Andrew Clow & Co., Philadelphia, May 19, 1790.

.898     Account current of owners of the brig Chance, with William Smith, n.p., 1790-1791.  Andrew Clow & Co. mentioned.  Marked paid and settled.

.899     Account settled for Hannah Stobart [or Hobart] with Warner Mifflin, n.p., 1784-1786.

.900     Trials of the Human Heart: A Novel, in four volumes, by Mrs. Rowson. (Philadelphia: Mountford, Bioren & Co., 1795.)  Vol. IV, title page, p. [3]-14, 23-24, 29-32, 37-48.  (disbound book)


Folder 43: T& J L (some sheets include an eagle) (.903-.907, .1807)

.903     statement about money arising from sale of property of William Connelly, deceased, to be given to Mary Bendle and the children of his brother John, namely Patrick, John, William, Deborah, Catharine, and Sarah; Nathaniel Chew named as attorney to accept money, April 12, 1807.

.904     Copy of power of attorney from Johannes Sarkeis of Calcutta, Bengal, to Elliston Perot and John Perot of Philadelphia, 1805.  Shipping goods on William Penn, which belongs to Messrs. Philips, Cramond & Co.

.905-.906         Blank papers.  .905 has lines.

.907     "Draught" - Draft or map of land, n.p., n.d.  Landowners named.

.1807   pages from a book of the laws of Virginia enacted in 1805.



Box 7:


Folder 1: TWL(?) (.908-.909, .1103) [might be TWP]

.908     Typed letter from J.S. Wentz & Co., Philadelphia, to R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, April 25,1898, re: the Haines tract.

.909     Typed letter from J.S. Wentz & Co., Philadelphia, to R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, April 18,1898.

.1103  Typed letter from J.S. Wentz & Co., Philadelphia, to R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, April 8,1898. Concerns Mr. DuBois of the Philadelphia Trust, Safe Deposit & Insurance Co. and coal.


Folder 2: WL (.910)

.910     Letter from Alex M. Piper, Lancaster, to John Tod, Bedford, April 18, 1810.


Folder 3: Lathrop & Willard (.1513)

.1513   A. Swett, Dedham, to Eliza Wainwright, Roxbury, Feb. 25, 1828.  [see also other Wainwright letters in collection]


Folder 4: Linwood Mills (.923-.925)

.923     Letter from S.P. Wolverton, Sunbury, Pa., to R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, Jan. 10, 1884. Concerns Mr. Fell's case.

.924     Letter from S.P. Wolverton, Sunbury, Pa., to R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, March 7, 1885, concerning the Fell vs Markle et al case.

.925     Letter from S.P. Wolverton, Sunbury, Pa., to R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, April 11, 1885. Concerns the Fell vs. Markle et al case.


Folder 5: Litchfield(?) (.926)

.926     Letter from Corn.(?) [Cornelius?] C. Beekman, [place illegible,] to Golden Banyar(?), Albany, April 18, 1798.  Concerns a lot owned by Mr. Hulsted.


Folder 6: Lydig & Mesier (with figure of Britannia) (.928)

.928     Letter from Abraham Brinckerhoff, New York, to Jeremiah Lansingh [i.e. Lansing?], Albany, Nov. 9, 1810.


Folder 7: Lyons (.927)

.927     Certificate: American Associa­tion for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) certifies election of George M. Hosmer of Boston as a member, signed by F. W. Putnam, secretary, August 1880.  Mounted on another piece of paper.


Folder 8: M (.929-.941)

.929     Appointment of Abraham Van Ness as fourth Sergeant to Capt. Jacob BaurhitesCompany, by Lt. Col. Philip Staats, Rensselaer County, New York, Sept. 4, 1809.   On back: notes on other matters.

.930     Part of a bond, involving Thomas Astley of Philadelphia, n.d. 

.931     note, Jno. Myers to Mr. McDermott, request to pay Mr. Cramond for the schooner Margaret, on account of William Robinson, n.p., April 12, 1818.

.932     Letter from John J. Wheeler, Lexington, Ky., to Ashhurst, Philadelphia, concerning credit and cash demands, Dec. 16, 1819.

.933     An Abstract of a mortgage from Benjamin B. Cooper, Gloucester County, New Jersey, to John B. Wallace Philadelphia, 1818.

.934     Exportation Certificate for gin on board the sloop Halcyon, William Cahoone, master, shipped by George Champlin from Newport, R.I., bound for New York, April 22, 1807.  The gin was imported from Amsterdam aboard the brig John Adams, John Burroughs, master.

.935     Bond between Jacob Reed, Henry Bittle and John Gable, all of Schuylkill County,  to Jacob R. Boyer, assignee of George Rohn, sheriff of Schuylkill County, March 1825.

.936     Letter from Benjamin Cleveland, Athens, to Frederick Dugass, Augusta, Ga., Jan. 26, 1823. Concerns an exchange of perishable goods, (salt, cotton) for cotton.

.937     Letter from Persis Pease, Hinsdale, to "Dear Sister" Miss Experience Chapin, South Hadley, August 5, 1810.  Concerns the "departure" (death) of their mother, and an invitation to visit. [see also .19 and .182]

.938     Deed between Lovell Barnes and Rebecca Barnes, his wife, and Lewis How, all of  Marlborough, Middlesex County, Mass., April 16, 1814.  For a tract of pasture land, and meadow land.

.939     disbound book: Votes and Proceedings of the Senate of the State of Maryland, November Session, 1803.  (Annapolis: Frederick Green).  Title page and pp.[3]-32, 41-80, 89-108, and "By the House of Delegates...," p.[1]-2 and a blank page.

.940     Letter wrapper addressed to to Deborah P. Cresson, Philadelphia, with a note, saying Sarah wanted a handwritten copy of Job Scott’s "Vision," n.d.

.941     Letter from Jno. Letchworth, E. Fallowfield, to niece Deborah P. Cresson, Jr., Philadelphia, July 30, 1822, praising her and bringing news of his family, but mostly religious talk.


Folder 9: A & M (.943)

.943     Liquidation of payments, where it is found a debt is to be paid to C. Masten from various other people, n.p., 1828,1829.


Folder 10: AFM (.942)

.942     Letter from Perez Morton, Boston, to John Pickering, Portsmouth, Aug. 26, 1785.  Concerning a suit, Mr. Apthorp vs. Richardson.


Folder 11: BM (.944)

.944     Copy of an account of Briscoe and Munjan(?), May 5, 1788. n.p.


Folder 12: B & M (.945-.949)

.945     Letter from James Bredin, Carlisle, to Robert Arundel, Philadlephia, June 19, 1830. Concerns $20 dollars owed to Mr. Palender, and offering services.

.946     Letter from Samuel Fahnstock, York Springs, to R. I. Arundel, Jan. 2, 1829. Concerning debts and collecting of money owed.

.947     Letter from James Bredin, Carlisle, to Robert Arundel, Philadelphia, March 29, 1830. Concerning the state of affairs of a friend and enquiring as to the state of Mary Ann Allison of Philadelphia.

.948     Letter from Charles B. Penrose, Carlisle, to R.I. Arundel, Philadlephia, Sept. 29, 1828.  Concerning the account of Mr. Mahany and former ward Richard O'Brien. [see also .836 and .1020]

.949     Letter from James Bredin, Carlisle, to Robert J. Arundel, Philadelphia, Dec. 19, 1829. Concerning business, miscellany.


Folder 13: CM (.950-.951)

.950-.951         disbound book: Das Kleine Davidische Kalterspiel der Kinder …,  Germantown: printed by Christoph Sauer, 1764.


Folder 14: C & McC (.952-.953)

.952     "Certificate of a determination to become a citizen." Northumberland County, Penn, blank form, n.d., but after1800.

.953     "Orphans Court writ of partition or Valuation." Northumberland County Penn., n.d. but after 1800, blank form.


Folder 15: D & M (.954)

.954     Certification by John Robinson of payment of mortgage between Abraham Binninger, grocer, and Jasper Ward, merchant, all of New York City, Jan. 23, 1806.


Folder 16: DTM (.955)

.955     receipted bill, Capt. Vansyth of the brig James paid William Coats, for one hide of rigging leather, n.p., May 14, 1789.


Folder 17: G & R M (in script under a shield) (.1293) [G and R Munn? – see also folder 38 below]

            .1293   blank paper


Folder 18: HM(?) (with star) (.779)

.779     part of disbound book: identified as Eine Restitution, printed in Philadelphia by Anton Ambruster [or Armbruster], 1763. pp. 130-134, 144-145.  In German.


Folder 19: HM [or could be MH] (.765, .957)

.765     Blank sheet.

.957     Blank sheet.


Folder 20: IPM (with design of a phoenix) (.978)

.978     Letter from S.D. Smith, Newburgh, to Mrs. Griggs, [Windsor?]April 11, 1858.


Folder 21: JM (some have design of a beehive) (.959-.976)

.959     Letter from A.S. Sander, n.p., to J.[or I.] M. Read, So. 6th St., no city, Nov. 12, 1833. Concerns deeds enclosed with the letter belonging to Com. Bainbridge.  Also mentions wife of late Com. Capt. Hayes.

.960     Letter from J. B. Smith, Dock St., to John R. Smith, Attorney at law, n.p., April 19, no year.  Concerns land recently purchased by Mr. Wallace from Huntington.

.961     Letter from William Laird, Turbutville, McEwensville Post Office, to William Donaldson, Danville, Columbia County, Penn., March 16, 1827. Concerns land Geo Grant was to sell according to an agreement.

.962     Copy of two letters fromWilliam Laird, Turbutville, Northumberland County, to William Levan, n.p., Jan. 24 and Feb. 20, 1837. Both concern the Schuylkill County coal lands which Laird wished to purchase.

.963     Deed between Joseph and Ann Abbott of Burlington County, N.J., and Jacob Ridgway of Philadelphia, for a tract of land in Cumberland County, New Jersey, Feb. 15, 1826.

.964     Blank sheet except for numbers and calculations, written in pencil, n.p., n.d.

.965     Appointment of Jacob Seitzinger as attorney for and by William Wiley, in the court of commons pleas of Northumberland County, during the case of John Riebsam and Wm. Wiley (of Riebsam & Wiley) vs, Lorentz Deporte, 1821.

.966-.968         three checks from Richard Ashhurst, payable  to W. & Co. (.966), I. [or J.] & M. Brown and M. D. Lewis (.967), and J. Latimer (.968).  All drawn on Stephen Girard’s bank, Philadelphia, 1818, 1827.

.969     Certificate of release after payment made from Henry Beagle, blacksmith of the Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, July 18, 1820.  Signed by 15 men in the building trades, such as bricklayer, plasterer, ironmonger, painter, carpenter, lumber supplier, lime supplier, etc.

.970a-b            Certificate [in two pieces] of John Tromp to cancel Ann White's mortgage to him, New York, Aug. 20, 1791.

.971     Account sheet from Wm. Wollerton to Farmers Brewery, n.p., 1823-1827.

.972     Letter, White & Lynn, Courtland, Alabama, to Richard Ashhurst, Philadelphia, Feb. 18, 1825, with “memo’ of articles the firm needs (textiles, hats and bonnets, buttons, combs, sewing silk, etc.)

.973     Promise to pay from John Middleton to Benjamin B. Cooper, John Marshall and James Cane Jr., $48.90, n.p., Feb. 7, 1834.

.974-.976         Checks signed by Richard Ashhurst, payable to Wiggin & Whitney.  Drawn on Stephen Girard banker, Philadelphia, 1819.


Folder 22:  JM & M (.979-.984)

.979-.984         Blank Sheets, some with lines.


Folder 23: PM (.985)

.985     Deed from Joseph Cook, Cornwell, Vermont, to Abel Wright, Weybridge, Vermont, Dec. 22, 1789. Concerns a share of land in Weybridge.


Folder 24: SM (initials on either side of a fleur-de-lis) (.986)

.986     Order to Dutilh & Wachsmuth to pay the bearer [illegible]for two days aboard the Hannibal, signed by Jas. McKever, n.p., April 29(?), 1794.


Folder 25: WM, 1801 (with lion in an oval topped by a crown) (.1459)

.1459   letter, Benjamin Clarke Cutler, Boston, to Charles Walker, Concord, N.H., July 1, 1802.


Folder 26: YM (.987-.988)

.987     bill of M.B. Callaghan to Richard M. Kennedy, n.p., 1860, for one pair of gloves.

.988     Copy of a map by Beeker(?) Cole.  George N. [or W.] Moore written in pencil, n.p. n.d.


Folder 27: GioroMagnani/Al Masso (with a crest that has an eagle on it) (.996-.997)

.996     Accounts written in Portuguese, for Carroll Forbes and Co., [Rio de Janiero,] from the schooner Mexico, 1835-1836. See also .997.

.997     Accounts written in Portuguese(?) and English; to Consulate of USA, following names appear: William Rysdyk(?), A. W. Peacock, Capt. William Sheffield, n.p., 1835-1836; probably part of the .996.


Folder 28: Magnay & Pickering (.998)

.998     Receipt for a Georgia certificate signed by George Davis, from Arthur Jones; the certificate concerns Abraham Jones and others, Philadelphia, Oct. 1, 1800.


Folder 29: J Markle; Markle (.999-.1000)

.999     Order for sewing equipment and textiles, placed with Richard Ashhurst of Philadelphia by by Charles Nourse & Co., Bardstown, Ky., Sept. 12, 1827.

.1000   Accounts current of  Given McAlister and Given; Dickson and Joseph R. Given; and Dickson Given, n.p., 1826.


Folder 30: Matthews, 1836 (.1001)

.1001   list of amounts not collected because the debtors dispute the debts or don’t have the money, n.p., n.d.  Lists names of debtors. 


Folder 31: TMcC (.989-.993)

.989     Lease, article of agreement made between George Beatty and Thomas

McQuoid, leasing two lots of ground and a double house for three years, Harrisburg, Nov. 24, 1835.

.990     receipted bill, John Zinn paid John Learing, n.p.,  1831-1832.  For shoes and boots and their mending.

.991     receipted bill, John Zinn paid Sewall C. LeBaron for Wm. LeBaron, for grinding two tons of plaster, n.p., April 27, no year.

.992     Note in Commons Pleas Court of Dauphin County, Penn., concerning the Union Canal Co. of Pennsylvania. 1838. 

.993     Letter from R. T. Leech, Harrisburg, to Abraham Kerns, Bedford, Penn., June 12, 1834, concerning patents and the rejection of them.


Folder 32: Meeteer (.1019-.1021)

.1019   Letter from John W. Telford, Huntsville, Alabama, to John Gill Jr., Philadelphia, March 8, 1827.  Concerns changing jobs due to poor success at business, with settlement of debts.

.1020   Letter from Charles B. Penrose, Carlisle, to James A. Mahany, Philadelphia,  Jan. 26, 1827. Concerns a land investment in Capt. O'Brien's Estate. [see also .836 and .948]

.1021   Appointment of Byrnes, Trimble and Co. of New York, as attorney for Isaac McPherson, merchant of Baltimore, May 23, 1835.


Folder 33: Mercantile (.1022)

.1022   Letter from J.B. Thompson, Princeton, N.J., to "Dear Read", n.d. Complaining of poor health.


Folder 34: PA Mesier; Peter A Mesier (.1023-.1028, .1117)

.1023  Letter from John Lanning, Awego(?), to John S. Hearn, Newburgh, Sept. 17, 1813.  Concerns a business venture.

.1024   Check or money order payable to James Orr, signed by Daniel Belknap, drawn on Bank of Newburgh, Newburgh, [N.Y.,] Feb. 13, 1816.

.1025  Check or Money order payable to Lewis W. Young, signed by Henry Ogden, drawn on Bank of Newburgh, Oct. 28, 1840.

.1026   Deposition note of Frederick A. Tracy, merchant of New York City, for the Ashbel Stanley and John Ripley case, Jan. 19, 1814.

.1027-.1028     Sworn statement by Cornelius Ray on the discharge of a mortgage between Andrew and Eleanor Morris and Cornelius Ray, New York, Oct. 24, 1820.

.1117   Account of the estate of Rulef Van Mater with J. Croes, Jr., one of the administrators, n.p., 1819-1820.  [for Van Mater, see also .1055]


Folder 35: Mode (.1034-.1038)

.1034   uncut page of 3 unused checks, Bank of the United States, Philadelphia, 1820s.  Checks printed by Lydia R. Bailey, No. 10, North Alley.

.1035  Copy of the story of John Steel, and his religious testimony given at the settlement of a dispute between John Story and John Wilkinson, n.p., n.d., but the event occurred during the life of William Penn.

.1036-.1038     Checks signed by Richard Ashhurst & Sons, made payable to J. Latimer & Co. (.1036), to J.M. & F.H. Preston (.1037), and to Marseilles & Martin (.1038), drawn on Stephen Girard, Banker, Philadelphia, 1831.


Folder 36: A Mode (.1039)

.1039a-b          Mortgage from James Hildreth, Cape May County, N.J., and Joseph Fifield, Philadelphia, Aug. 4, 1846, for farm in Middle township, Cape May County.


Folder 37: Moiniers Patent (.1029-.1033)

.1029   Letter from Samuel M. Reesh(?), Custom House, Philadelphia, to A.D. Lewis, Nov. 2, 1869.  Concerns a loss of merchandise and another route offered for traveling.

.1030-.1033     notes on various court cases: Can vs N. Lehrtes(?); Rennard vs R. Road; Rogers vs. Sam.(?) (.1030); Bradley vs R.R.Co. (.1031-.1032); Buldauf(?) vs. Camden & Amboy Railroad Co. (.1033)


Folder 38: G & R Munn (.1040) (.1293 is probably another of their watermarks, see folder 17 above)

.1040   Blank sheet.


Folder 39: W F Murphy & Sons, Philada (.1041-.1042)

.1041-.1042     Value of the real estate on Broad Street from League Island to Mont­gomery County, Philadelphia, calculating cost "to make Broad St. a railroad avenue...," July 2, 1867.


Folder 40: HN; IV [these are kept together because they came from the same book] (.1043-.1045)

.1043   a note beginning "These two watermarks come from a small book...." This item should not have been numbered.

.1044-.1045     Blank sheets.


Folder 41: AO & Co (.1054-.1057)

.1054   Letter from Ralph Goddigen(?),Newbegun(?) Bridge, to Arthur Jones, merchant, March 8, 1798. Concerns a bridge and a cargo.

.1055  Indenture between Robert Wilson, printer, and his wife Mary Wilson, of New York, and Rulef Van Mater of Monmouth county, N.J., Aug. 20, 1802, for the release of estate title granted to Mary Wilson from the testament of her father, James Kearney.  [for Van Mater see also .1117]

.1056   Receipted bill, Exum Newby received payment from Arthur Jones for 115 barrels of tar, n.p., May 6, 1800.

.1057   Letter from William Cooper to G. Banyer(?), n.p., May 11, 1798. Concerns a lot of land and the exchange of deeds for the land. [for Banyer see also .261 and .437]


Folder 42: NO (.1064-.1065)

.1064   Certificate for a discharged mortgage between John Gelston and Ammi and Phoebe Chase, New York, Sept. 8, 1814.

.1065   Certificate for a discharged mortgage between George Pye, lockmaker, and David and Saphira Mersereau, New York, Feb. 2, 1818.


Folder 43: Ohio (under an eagle) (.1058-.1059)

.1058   List of "unseated lands of Thomas Astley and James Gibson in Fallowfield Township for 1809."  A bill of tax, received by Jacob Herrington, Meadville, Jan. 32, 1811.   Includes list of settlers. 

.1059   Petition for Eli Miles "to keep a house of entertainment" (tavern) in Osensburgh(?), addressed to Court of Stark County. Signed by 13 people, n.d.


Folder 44: Old Berkshire Mills (.349-.361)

.349     Amounts, 1891-1897.

.350     Letter from G. L. Halsey, Wilkes-Barre, to R. L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, April 1, 1880.

.351     Letter from R.L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, to G. M. Dallas, Jan. 16, 1886.

.352     Page two of a letter from R.L.A. to G.M.D. [Ashhurst to Dallas,] n.d.

.353     Letter from R. L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, to G. M. Dallas, May 23, 1889.

.354     Letter from R. L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, to H. S. McCloy, July 9, 1904.

.355     Letter from R. L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, to G. M. Dallas, June 30, 1882.  Concerns the Fell vs. Markle case.

.356     Harvard College certificate of admission for C. H. Pennypacker, signed by Clement L. Smith, Dean.  Cambridge, Mass., July 11, 1884.

.357     Letter from Effingham B. Morris, Philadelphia, to R. L. Ashhurst, concerning the Fell v. Markle case, Jan. 9,1884.

.358     Letter from Samuel Dickson, Philadelphia, to R. L. Ashhurst, Nov. 27, 1890.  

.359     Letter from Samuel Dickson, Philadelphia, to R. L. Ashhurst, Dec. 16, 1890.  

.360     Letter from S. P. Wolverton, Philadelphia, to R. L. Ashhurst, May 19, 1882.

.361     Letter from Effingham B. Morris, Philadelphia, to R.L. Ashhurst, concerning the Fell vs. Markle case, Jan. 30, 1884.


Folder 45: Old Ivanshire Mills (.1060-.1063)

.1060   Page two of a letter from S. P. Wolverton, attorney, Sunbury, Pa., to R.L. A. [Ashhurst], 188-.  Concerns a trip to Philadelphia.

.1061-.1062     "Draft of four (4) tracts of land situated in West Buffalo & Lewis Townships, Union Co. Pa..." two copies, n.d.  Include landowners’ names.

.1063   Letter from G. L. Halsey, attorney, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., to G. M. Dallas, May 19, 1880. Concerns a meeting on the Jencks Fell vs. Coal. Co. case.


Folder 46: CC Olney (.1066-.1067)

.1066a-b          wrapper for document below, concerning John B. Hicks and wife to John Neasie. n.p., filed May 19, 1800.

. 1067  Robert Carter and Richard Furman certifying the discharge of a mort­gage between John B. Hicks, physician, and his wife Catherine, and John Neasie, New York, May 13, 1800.


Folder 47: A Onderdonk (with an eagle) (.1068-.1072)

.1068   Discharge of a mortgage between Catharine Storm of Harlem, widow, called Catharine [illegible] and George Bolland, merchant, New York, Dec. 16, 1795.

.1069-.1070     Certificate of a receipt of money due on a mortgage to Richard Van Varick, deceased baker(?), from Samuel Dodge, house carpenter, New York,  Dec. 10, 1795.  Money received by Richard Varick, attorney.  Also wrapper for document.

.1071   Letter from Blake Parker, Tarborough, to Arthur Jones, Philadelphia, Nov. 17, 1797.  Concerns the debt of Andrew Greer and other financial matters.

.1072   Letter from Aaron Ogden, Elizabethtown, to James Morris, New York, Dec. 27, 1792.  Concerns a cancelled bond and other financial matters.


Folder 48: Orholm (name inside a ring) (.1073)

.1073   Receipt of Capt. Wm. Capan [or Cassan], of the ship Olive Branch, from George B. Kelly, St. Croix, July 31, 1801.


Folder 49: Owen & Hurlbut (includes the wrapper for a ream of their paper) (.1074-.1077)

.1074   Printed:"One Ream Fine White Laid Satin Foolscap. Ruled. Owen & Hurlbut," with an eagle at the top.  Part of a wrapper for a ream of paper.  In Back written: "Freight Bills. Receipts for Money, [illegible]" n.p., n.d.

.1075   Account of Thomas Astley with Judah Colt, 1825, n.p.

.1076  Letter from G.G. Steven, Baltimore, to Charles Graeff [i.e. Graff], Philadelphia, July 15, 1825.  Concerns the death of Dr. A. Seybert.  On the inside is a copy of Graff’s reply, July 20, 1825.

.1077  Letter from Caroline L. Backus, n.p. but probably New York City, to Anne Maria Hubbell, Bennington, Vermont, n.d. [postmarked June 20], where she complains of her deteriorated friendship to Miss Hubbell.


Folder 50: P (script letter, with a shield on which there are three circles) (.1114-.1115)

.1114-.1115     Blank sheets, with lines.


Folder 51: AP (.1083)

.1083  note from William Lark, Philadelphia, to Messrs. Reed & Forde, requesting they pay Philip Rowlin for pilotage of the Ship Lennox, "drawing 14 feet water." May 15, 1799.  And a receipt from Reed & Forde, for 14 pounds, signed by, Philip Rowland, n.p., May 16, 1799.


Folder 52: B & P, 1794 (.1090-.1092)

.1090   Accounts of cash paid and received by Daniel Dupuy, adm. on account of the estates of Mrs. Hannah Hood and Miss Ann Meredith, Deceased, n.p., 1823-1829. 

.1091  Letter from James Pumpelly, Owego Village, N.Y., to Thomas Astley, Philadelphia, June 3, 1822.  Concerns the return of the "halves of $200,"and some acreage sold.

.1092  Certificate of discharged mortgage from Washington Coster and Samuel M. Fox, concerning the mortgage between Eli Sanford, builder, and Charles J. [or I.] Clark, New York, June 15, 1832.


Folder 53: BP & Co (.1087-.1089)

.1087  Letter from Chas. Pendle(?), New York, Jan. 3, 1835, n.p., with miscellany written inside.

.1088  Appointment of George W. Riggs.Jr. of New York as attorney to and by Romulus Riggs, merchant, Philadelphia, July 2, 1833.

.1089  Letter from Francis Vinton, Fort Constitution, [postmarked –mouth, N.H.) to Mrs. Mary Vinton (his mother) and Capt. J.R. Vinton, Portland, Maine, March 12, 1836.  [see additional Vinton letters in this collection]



Box 8:


Folder 1: BS & P (.1086)

.1086  Letter from A.H. Read, Montrose, to George Bryon, auditor general, Harrisburg, Oct. 25, 1819. Concerns charges placed against Austin Howell and Daniel Lamb.


Folder 2: E & P, 1794 (.1084)

.1084  Copy of a letter from David Cay, Philadelphia, to unknown person, Spet. 12, 1793.  Concerns Cay's misfortunes and the sale of his ship Ceres in connection with Mr. Hadfield and Muilman & Co.  Also mentions Capt. McAllister.


Folder 3: HP (.1099-.1100)

.1099  Bill from H.D. Watson to the ship George, for carting 27 loads of goods from Dr. Savage’s wharf to William Littlejohn’s warehouse.  Signed by Edward Johnston for Mr. Littlejohn, Edenton, Nov. 7, 1785.

.1100   Letter from B. Goulding, Baltimore, to Mr. Johnes of John Leamy(?) & Co., Philadelphia, July 3, 1795. Concerns Goulding’s plea for help.


Folder 4: H & P (.1101-.1102)

.1101  Letter from Chas. Christie, n.p., to Capt. John Bonnell, Charlestown, May 1800.

Concerns a cotton purchase from R.R. Forbes and the duties on that purchase.

.1102  Letter from John M. Robinson,  Havre de Grace, Md., to John Stoddart and H. Waters, Feb. 4, 1811. Concerns the payment of notes due to Wheeler and Ashhurst.  


Folder 5: JP (.1108-.1113, .1809-.1810)  

.1108  order for goods, W.B. Shapard, Columbia, Tenn., ordering from Richard Ashhurst and Son. Feb. 9, 1829.  The goods are textiles, gloves, buttons, ribbons, lace, etc.

.1109  Letter from John H. Poston, Clarksville, Tenn., to Richard Ashhurst, March 2, 1827. Letter to be delivered by Mr. Granville Garth and concerns purchasing goods.

.1110  Letter from Jno. Kennedy, Tuscumbia, to John Gill, Jr., Philadelphia, Jan. 6, 1827.  Concerns Gill's claim against George Martin.

.1111  Letter from James Breathett, Hopkinsville, Ky., to Thomas Campbell, Nashville, Tenn., Aug. 24, 1827.  Concerns business transactions.

.1112  Letter with receipts. Letter from Riddle & Forsyth,Pittsbugh, to Richard Ashhurst, Philadelphia, April 1827. Receipts of Riddle & Forsyth for tobacco.

.1113  Deed from Allen Webster to Lathrop Eldenkin(?), Floyd County, Indiana, Oct. 29, 1828, for a parcel of land in New Albany.

.1809   letter, James Robinson & Co., Winchester, Tenn., to Richard Ashhurst, [Philadelphia,] Sept. 3, 1827.

.1810   letter, Jacob Drinkhouse, Pottstown, to Robert E. Hobart, n.p., March 20, 1824.  About a request to the governor.


Folder 6: KVP (.1082) [from Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Co., Michigan]

.1082  printed in one corner: "Hand Made Paper. Century of Progress, 1933. Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Company.  Parchment (Kalamazoo County) Michigan.”


Folder 7: REP (with liberty cap on a pole) (.1107)

.1107  Note: “Messrs. Reed & Ford Bill please pay the bearer John Laferty for watching 12 nights on board the ship Lennox … [signed] Christian Erich, Jr., n.p., n.d.


Folder 8:  SP (inside a heart) (.1817-.1818)

            .1817-.1818     pages from books printed in German


Folder 9: WP (.1104, .1126) [identified as William Park of Virginia]  

.1104  Part of a Bible printed in German, n.p., n.d., pp. 201-208, 435-438, 473-480.  Includes parts of the books of Joshua, Ezra, and another.

.1126  Part of an English language magazine, "The Philosophical Miscellany," pp!61-168, n. p. , n. d. but ca. 1759.


Folder 10: WP (with arms of Virginia) (.1105)

.1105  "Evangelia," pages from a book in German, n.p., n.d., pp. 25-48.


Folder 11: WP (.1106)

. 1106a            -j          "T'agliches Hand Buch in guten und bösen Tagen...," title page of a German daily prayer book, with the 5th and 6th parts a daily booklet for barren women and others. Book by Johann Friedrich Start, published Stuttgart: Johann Christoph Betulius, 1798.  Includes title page, 3 prints marking the first, third and fourth parts, and pp. 7-10, 17-18, 323-326, 331-334, 437-438, 443-444, 457-460.  Print for 1st part: Christ giving flowers to a woman in a garden, fountain and building behind them.  Print for 3d part: Christ and angels at bedside of sick woman, while a man reads from a book.  Print for 4th part: angels carrying soul of a dead woman up to Christ in heaven, while her body remains in the graveyard below.

.1106k             Receipt, Lawr. Stillwagon received payment from Jacob Graye on behalf of his father John Stillwagon, n.p., March 4, 1760.


Folder 12: L Paine (.1116)

.1116  Certificate of a paid mortgage between Jacob Polhemus and Joseph Latham and his wife, New York, May 15, 1784.


Folder 13: R Park & Co (.1118-.1125)

.1118  Letter from G. Merrill, Warren, to C. Masten, Penn Yan, N.Y., March 30, 1827.  Concerns a survey map requested by Archibald Towne to be done of Warren County.

.1119-.1120     Bill of Edward Lawrence from William Peck, Flushing, March 4, 1822.  For boots and shoes and mending.

.1121  Articles of Agreement between Thomas Leggett, farmer of Westchester, and Benjamin Akin, Isaac Akin and Aaron Burr Akin, farmers, Greenbush, Rensselaer County, New York, April 14, 1823. For selling a farm in Greenbush, formerly owned by John W. and Garrit J.[or T.] Van Veghten, at a place called Wolvenhook.

.1122  Letter from Simon Kinney, Towanda, to R. J. Arundel, executor of James A. Mahany, Philadelphia, Aug. 22, 1829.  Concerns the copy of a certain record requested by R. J. [or I.] Arundel.  [additional Mahany material in collection]

.1123  Appointment of David Crowther, merchant, as attorney to and by Thomas Wright, merchant, New York, Oct. 10, 1821.

.1124  Appointment of William Stevens of New York as attorney to and by William Marston and William Tucker, to receive all merchandise imported by Marston & Tucker, Boston, April 17, 1824.

.1125  Letter from Jno. Browne, [postmark Baltimore,] to Samuel W. Emlin, Philadelphia, June 17, 1822. Concerns a check enclosed for an amount due.


Folder 14: W Parker (.1127)

.1127  Letter from E.W. and Peter, [postmarked Boston] to “My dear Eliza," Miss E. Wainwright, New York, no year, postmarked Dec. 18 [see also other Wainwright letters in collection]


Folder 15: Parsons Co, Holyoke (with shield of United States Congress (.1128-.1130)

.1128a             R.H.F. Horton statement of account with Swatara Railroad Co. n.p., 1856-1857.

.1128b             R.H.F. Horton per C. J. Kneedler in account with the Swatara Railroad Co., n.p., 1858.

.1129   Calculations concerning Donaldson to Pinegrove...involving the Swatara Railroad Co. and Union, n.p., n.d.

.1130   Letter from Will. B. Norris, surveyor, Port of Philadelphia, to Wm. D. Lewis, collector, Philadelphia, Nov. 16, 1849.  Concerns the poor condition of the Night Revenue barge on the Dela­ware River.


Folder 16: N Patten (.1131-.1132)

.1131   Certificate of discharge of a mortgage between Samuel and Elizabeth Sacket, and Eliphalet and Martha Wickes and Charles LeRoux, New York, May 30, 1794.

.1132  Bill for delivering beef and salt to the sloop Commerce by Henry Aslov(?), signed also by W. Belcher, New York, Jan. 31, 1792.


Folder 17: Patterson & Co (.1135-.1138)

.1135  Letter from John W. Tilford, Huntsville, Alabama, to John Gill, Jr., Feb. 6, 1822. Concerns the purchase of land in Tennessee and financial troubles.

.1136  Certificate of Archibald Tanner, treasurer of Warren County, Penn., acquiring

land (no. 683, 165 acres) through failure to pay taxes, and selling the land to James Benson, Asa Winter and Joseph Mead, commissioners of the county, Dec. 8, 1820.

.1137  Same as .1136, for a different tract, no. 100, 225 acres.

.1138  Printed form for the case of Portage County vs. Alonzo Dee in a plea in Commons Pleas Court, 1832.


Folder 18: E Patterson (.1133)

.1133   Letter from John Davidson, Washington, to John Leamy, Philadelphia, April 5, 1811.  Concerns a certificate sent by John Leamy.


Folder 19: J Patterson & Co (.1134)

.1134  List of two court cases: John R. Smith et al for Jonathan B. Smith vs. Thomas M. Pettit for Albion Coxe, 1824; and Robert Ralston et al for Jonathan B. Smith vs. same defendant, 1824.  Signed: J. R. Smith, attorney, n.p.


Folder 20: Philadelphia (one sheet has a dove) (.1139-.1140)

.1139   Notes on bonds, deeds and loans by unknown person, n.p., n.d.

.1140  note from J. Read, Jr. to John M. Read, n.p., Dec. 19, 1841.  Letter enclosed an insurance policy form completed by D. Heylin.


Folder 21: G Pike (.1141-.1142)

.1141  Letter from George Hagedorn to Wachsmuth & Soullier, Philadelphia, Nov. 24, 1810. "please to pay Mrs. Mary Harris..."

.1142   Letter from Buccleuth(?) to "My Dear Huntly," n.p., n.d.  Praises their friendship.


Folder 22: A Pirie & Sons (.1143) [see also .726 and .1144 for other Pirie papers]

.1143   Letter, unsigned, Camden, to "My Dear Marte(?)," n.d., no date. Stationery has "C" monogram. Exchanging family news and invitations.


Folder 23: Pirie’s (.1144) [see also .726 and .1143]

.1144   Letter from Augustus N. Sampson, Massachusetts Adjutant General's Office, Boston, to Maj. Genl. Samuel Dalton, Inspector General, MVM, March 27, 1889. Calls attention to the sorry condition of Co. K, 1st Regt. Infantry, Capt. Henry Parkinson.  Includes a note about transmittal of inspection report.


Folder 24: Porter & Clark (.1145)

.1145   Certificate on a discharged mortgage held by Samuel D. and Phoebe Chase, signed by Walter Bowne, mayor, New York City, Dec. 6, 1832.


Folder 25: Pure Linen (with an iron cross) (.1146-.1147, .1624)

.1146   Typed letter from John M. Broomall, Media., Pa., to J. H. Siddall, May 14, 1886. Concerns a plot of land and a deed.  Not signed.

.1147   Typed letter from John M. Broomall, Media, Pa., to J. H. Siddall, May 17, 1886. Concerns a deed for a plot of land.  Not signed.

.1624   letter, G. L. Halsey, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., to George M. Dallas, Philadelphia, Dec. 2, 1881.


Folder 26: R (also includes a design of some sort) (.1148)

.1148a-d          certificate to cancel a mortgage given to Jacob Fay, tanner of New York by White Matlack, merchant of New York, Oct. 11, 1791.  [document in four pieces]


Folder 27: AR (.1202-.1204)

.1202   Notes on Miller vs Miller, n.p., n.d.

.1203  Measurement of the paving and curbstone in Wood [or Word] St., from 3d to 4th Streets, July 1818, n.p. but probably Philadelphia.  With the names of the owners of lots.

.1204   Notes on Groh vs. Lehr, n.p., n.d.


Folder 28: CR (with a design of some sort) (.1159-.1163)

.1159   Blank sheet.

.1160-.1163     Certificate for a discharged mortgage from John G. Leake to James Nallot(?), Jr., coachmaker, New York City, April 20, 1796. [certificate in several pieces]


Folder 29: DR (.1164-.1166)

.1164   Sworn statement by Elizabeth Louks to Justices of the Peace for Berks County, Pa., that John C. Baum "had carnal knolede of her body," and is the father of her child, Berks County, Pa., Feb. 18, 1802.

.1165  Deed Poll from William Evans to Bastian Mosser and Samuel Everett, Northampton County, Pa., for land in Penn Township, Pa., Feb. 20, 1788.  With later notes.

.1166   Letter from John Umstid [i.e. Umstead] to Freadreck Smith, n.p., n.d. Concerns "the Sircomstants in Regard to the Action Now Depending Betwene me and George Kerst..." on the Event of Umstead's dog killing Kerst's sheep.


Folder 30: GR (on one sheet, the GR is under a crest with a hunting horn on it) (.1167-.1171)

.1167  Letter from Daniel Rogers, [Newburgh?] to John S. Hunn, Newburgh, June 8, 1823.  Concerns a suit against Rogers won by the "bank" and payment due thereof.

.1168  Blank sheet.

.1169-.1170     "Extract of a duplicate letter of Simpson & Davidson, merchants, London,

dated 15 Dec. 1797. Original of which was sent by ship Fame..." Concerns some certificates.  No indication of the recipient of the original letter.

.1171   Invoice from Greenway, Nash & Co., Manchester, to Andrew Clow & Co., Feb. 1, 1792.  For textile fabrics.


Folder 31: HR (.1172-.1175)

.1172   Account sheet of Enoch Hobart with John Franks, 1760, Halifax.

.1173   Andrew Marseilis, executor of  Rebecca Borhead, certifies that Elizabeth Richards has discharged her mortgage, New York City, Jan. 7, 1785.

.1174  Promise to pay from Joseph Headfields, Baltimore, to Richard Curson; accepted by Andrew Clow & Co., May 22, 1788.

On back: three orders for payments to the order of: Robert Gilmor & Co. (signed by Richard Curson), Mordecai Lewis & Co. (signed by Gilmor), and William Bingham (signed by Lewis).

.1175   Sales & Account of Enoch Hobart, merchant, Philadelphia, from John Franks, Halifax, for the sales of "8 Barrells Sugar and One Barrell Coffee received rec’d from on board the snow Success, Henry Styels, Master," 1759.


Folder 32: JR (.1176-.1180)

.1176   Bill from Robert Bethell & Son to schooner Little Will, for work done on the schooner, n.p., 1799.  Endorsed on back: Bethell & Cooper.

.1177  Bill from John Weaver to Schooner Little Will, for deck rails, n.p., 1799.

.1178   "Thomas Reade Rootes Sketch of account, Mr. A. Jones." Notes on various court cases and payments due. n.p., 1800.

.1179a-b          "Part of an Agreement between Peter Turner, yeoman of Chester County, and Henry Smith of Montgomery County, " concerning a plantation and land, altering the terms of an earlier agreement, Pa., Jan. 15, 1801.

.1180   Copy of a letter to Mess. William Wilson & Co. from John Leamy, William Cramond and Hugh Holmes, Executors of David Cay, surviving partner of A. Clow & Co., Philadelphia, Feb. 28, 1794.


Folder 33: JVR (.1181-.1184)

.1181   Notes on court cases: John Spyker(?) for the use of John Meyer(?) vs George Krick, an appeal, n.p., n.d.

.1182   Release from Christian and Catherine Merckel (she being daughter of Jacob Boyer) to John Strohecker for the sum of their portion of money due them from estate of Jacob Boyer, late of Reading, Berks County, Penn., May 18, 1811.

.1183   Bond between Jacob Meyer of Heidelberg township, Berks County, Pa., and Valentine Meyer of Tulpehocken township, Berks County, Pa., for 200 pounds, April 1, 1823.

.1184  Notes on Henry Blat's estate for Orphan's Court; statements of Frederick, Adam, and Daniel Blat, n.p., ca. 1810.


Folder 34: MR (.1185-.1186) [the initials are in the form of a monogram and are difficult to read; it could be a fancy M or a different combination of letters]

.1185  Measurement of the paving and curbstone in Paschall's Alley from 4th St. to the Old York Road, n.p. [Philadelphia], June 27, 1818. With the names of owners of plots.

.1186a Measurement of paving and curbstone in Old York Road, from the intersection of 5th St. to Noble St., n.p. [Philadelphia],  Aug. 4, 1818. With the names of owners of plots.

.1186b Attached to above: measurement of corporation paving on Buttonwood, Tammany, and Noble Streets, written on the back of an invitation to Mr. Brookes to attend the funeral of Thomas M. Hall, n.p. [Philadelphia], Sept. 9, 1818.


Folder 35: NIR (.1813)

.1813   letter, C. [Conrad] Grove, Northd., Pa., to Mrs. Sarah Boyer, care of Peter Nagle, Reading, Jan. 27, 1830.  Concerning sale of a tract of land.


Folder 36: SBR (with deer in ring) (.1815)

            .1815a-b          pages from books printed in German.


Folder 37: WR (with a cloverleaf) (.1187) [identified as possibly being William Rittenhouse II]

.1187  Several blank sheets except for penciled miscellany, including the names Hannah, Susanna, and Charles Mears, and diagrams of labyrinths, n.p., n.d.


Folder 38: Z & R. (.1188)

.1188   Bill from John C. Peinbzins(?) to David Grim, Signed: William Belcher, n.p., n.d. For ship’s bread.


Folder 39: A Rahn (.1189-.1201)

.1189   Bond between Henry M. Richards of Reading, Pa., and Ephraim Moyer of Schuylkill County, for 50 pounds, April 17, 1823.

.1190   Bill written in German and signed by Jacob Clij (?) to John Bamburger, n.p., 1814.

.1191   Notes for the Daniel Kicker vs. Thomas Wenrich case, n.p., n.d.

.1192  Bond between John Sharp of Berks County, and Abraham Mench for 224 pounds. April 5, 1821.

.1193   Notes on William Long's case, unsigned, n.p., n.d.

.1194   Notes on George Clemen's business, his estate (also spelled George Klemens), n.p. n. d.

.1195   Notes on Slenker vs. Grenewalt, n.p., n.d.

.1196  Bail bond for John, Samuel, and Adam Strauser (or Krauser) to sheriff Henry Betz for $200.  Berks County, Pa., April 3, 1823.

.1197   Statement in the Mary Sharp, adm. of Mary Smith vs John Smith, executor for Tappen Smith case, n.p., Aug. 15, 1825.  Signed : J. Baird.

.1198  Notes on Sweier vs Sweier and High vs Sweier, n.p., n.d.

.1199  Bail bond of Susannah Hartinger and Peter Mohn, to sheriff Henry Betz, Berks County, Pa., for $120. Dec. 10, 1821.

.1200   Bill, in German, from Michael(?) [illegible] to John Bamburger, n.p., 1811.

.1201   Bond with warrant between Peter Spang, Heidelberg township, Berks County, and Daniel Rhoads, Jr., Reading, Pa., July 23, 1823.


Folder 40: G Reid (?) (.621)

.621     mortgage indenture between Matthew and Jacob Van Bunschoten, Fishkill, N.Y., and John and Elizabeth Brush, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Nov. 1, 1817.


Folder 41: Rhoads & Sons (.1205-.1206)

.1205   Letter from W. Parker Foulke(?), Philadelphia, to Francis W. Hughes, Pottsville, Nov. 9, 1855. Concerns a loan and a proceeding.

.1206  Letter from J.R. Thomason to John M. Read, Philadelphia, Mar, 28, 1880.


Folder 42: Rockville (.1207-.1209)

.1207   Appointment of James Reyburn, merchant, and Edward Andariese, both of New York, as attorneys to Thomas Benjamin Adair of the firm William & Thomas Adair of Baltimore, June 30, 1836.

.1208a-b          Power of attorney given to Edward Noltemius, merchant of New York City, by Charles Fischer and Burchard Meyer, merchants of Baltimore in the firm Charles Fischer & Co., Dec. 5, 1836.   Also a wrapper for the document.

.1209   Power of attorney from William A. Tyson of Balti­more, owner of the schooner Alpha of Baltimore, to John A. Parker and John S. Bagley of New York, Sept. 21, 1833.


Folder 43: Adrian(?) Rogge(?) (with design of flag flying on a ship(?) (.1212-.1213) [paper is damaged, so name is difficult to read and design is difficult to see]

.1212-.1213     written on front: "Dickinson's writ, July Term 1791."

Back: Letter from James Forrest, Poughkeepsie, to the legislature of the state of New York, March 14, 1786.  Petition of James Forrest, native of Great Britain, for naturalization. 


Folder 44: Romev (name under a crest) (.1210-.1211)

.1210   Account of David West for "his guardianship of the estate of Sarah Griffin, daughter of David Griffin...," presented to the Register for the probate of wills, n.p., 1791-1802.  Includes expenses for school, boarding, clothing and textiles, a mahogany dressing table, building a small house, etc.

.1211   wrapper labeled “Daniel Yost, Esqr., Report of Sett. between Philip Hahn and Philip Hurst," n.p., n.d.


Folder 45: Royal Linen (with tau cross on a shield) (.1214)

.1214   Letter from Joseph R. Rhoads, Philadelphia, to Richard L. Ashhurst, Jan. 20, 1891. Concerns counseling over estate matters.


Folder 46: S & Co (on most sheets, this is within a five-pointed star) (.1236-.1242, .1333)

.1236   Bill for hardware, lumber, stoves, from Ingle & Lindsley, sent to the U.S. Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, signed for the Court by Daniel Homan(?) and C. Tippet, payment received from T. Ringgold, 1819-1820.  Materials were used in building a jail.  

.1237   "Account of taxes assessed on lands claimed by Ashley & Gibson situate in Crawford County for 1813, Fallowfield Township.”  Receipt for payment signed Sept. 2, 1815.

.1238   order to extend time to procure witnesses in the case of Hamilton Brunell vs

James L. Barton and Cornelius Masten, in Chancery 7th circuit, Penn Yan, N.Y., June 16, 1841. Signed: Daniel Wright.

.1239  Letter from John Bell, McConnells, to John Todd,  Bedford, June 8, 1818. Concerns a proce­dure to follow in business.

.1240   Letter from Robert Farquharson, Nashville, Tenn., to Richard Ashhurst, [Philadelphia,] Dec. 11, 1825.  Concerns debts and bank business.

.1241   Deed from Henry S. Fifield to Albert G. Fifield, both of Newhampton, Belknap County, New Hampshire, for a certain shop. n.d.

.1242   Deed between Jacob Dreyer and his wife and John Dreyer, and William Smith, all of Bedford County, Pa., Sept. 29, 1818.  For lands once belonging to Robert Allen (whose heirs are named).

.1333   letter, Robert McCoy, Carlisle, to William Findlay, state treasurer, Lancaster, Penn., Dec. 1, 1811(?).  Enclosed money for militia exempt fees and tavern licenses.


Folder 47: ANS (within a ring) (.1243)

.1243   Petition of Process of Mathias Mahar, Quinton Hamilton and Arthur Hasper (all of M. Mahar & Co.) vs. Richard Bradly and David Flanikin, Wilkes County Georgia, 1795. Signed by R. Walker.


Folder 48: B & S (.1244)

.1244   Pay Bearer Note. From [illegible] Dykman, Philadelphia, to Capt. A. Dreeres(?), please pay the bearer Robert Hoskins for work done on board the ship Pilgrim, March 14, 1805.


Folder 49: BS & Co (.1085, .1245, .1798)

.1085  Letter from John Dodson, Huntington, to Thomas Astley, Philadelphia, April 28, 1832.  Concerns the sale of a tract of land to David Wyant and other matters.

.1245   Insolvent bond from William Shoemaker of [county illegible], and Isaac Moser and Simon Morburger of Schuylkill County, Penn., to John Kleckner, Schuylkill County, Pa., April 21, 1832.  

.1798   deed, Joseph and Priscilla Sailer to Ralph V. M. Cooper, all of Gloucester County, N.J., June 27, 1836.  [note: document is in distressed condition and in several pieces]


Folder 50: CS (.1799) [not Sauer]

            .1799   pages 187-210 from The Young Man’s Best Companion


Folder 51: CS (with snake on cross) (.1800)

            .1800   pages from a book in German


Folder 52: CS (with star in circle) (.1801)

            .1801   pages 97-112 from a book in German


Folder 53: S & D (.1816)

            .1816   blank pages, with lines


Folder 54: ES (.1270-.1271)

.1270   document written in pencil; concerns deeds and other matters concerning Jesse(?) Matlack, n.p., n.d.

.1271   Notes of Samuel Clement, adjusting Richard Cheesman's 1771 survey of the Slum(?) tract, n.p., n.d.



Box 9:


Folder 1: HS; HS, Sandy Run (.1272-.1278, .1314-.1315)

.1272   Letter from James McCurach, Philadelphia, to David Cay, Dec. 7, 1792.  Concerns John Huddle and the sum of 50 pounds at 60 days.

.1273   letter from James McCurach to David Cay, n.p., n.d.  Concerns MC. & Co.'s account.

.1274   Copy of a letter from an unknown person in Philadelphia to Joseph Peel and Peter Clement in London, July 1797.  Concerns a debt and business transactions.

.1275   Letter from James McCurach, Philadelphia, to David Cay, Dec. 12, 1792.  Concerns a bank note to be deposited.

.1276   Letter from James McCurach, Philadelphia, to David Cay, June 21, 1793.  Concerns McCurach’s inability to pay a debt.

.1277   Letter from George Irwin, York, to David Cay, Philadelphia, June 29, 1790.  Concerns Jacky, who is to start in business, and his need to attend a writing master to improve his writing.

.1278   claim of Thomas & Peter Mackie against the estate of Andrew Clow & Co., surviving partner David Cay. Philadelphia, May 16, 1794.

.1314   wrapper addressed to John Nicholson; with endorsement: letter from Messrs. Morgan & Evan committee(?), June 7, 1793.  N.p.

.1315   Letter from James Calbraith & Co. to David Cay, n.p. Sept. 19, 1793.  Concerns a banknote.


Folder 2: IS & Co (.1279)

.1279   Deed of Ralph M. and Louisa F. Cooper to William J. Cash.  Camden, N.J., Aug. 7, 1846.  Concerns a debt binding Benjamin B. Cooper deceased & thereafter R.M. Cooper.  On form printed by P. J. Gray, Camden.


Folder 3: JRUS, 1808, Bondon (.1280)

.1280   Letter from Jos. B. Lyons, Natchez, to John Gill, Jr., Jan. 21, 1822.  Concerns money owed.


Folder 4: J & S (on two sheets, these letters are inside a five-pointed star) (.1282-.1284)

.1282   Letter from J. B. Parker, Carlisle, to Wheeler & Ashhurst, merchants, Philadelphia, Jan. 4, 1811. Concerns Mr. Moore and a business transaction.

.1283   Letter from Luke Walpole, Springfield, Ohio, to Wheeler & Ashhurst, [Philadelphia,] Jan. 31, 1811.  Concerns the latter's property and some goods on credit.

.1284   Letter from Thomas Foulke, Baltimore, to Thomas Astley, Dec.7, 1810.  Concerns money owed on account of Broom Little & Co.


Folder 5: JS (.1281)

.1281   Notes on Joseph Coulon vs. Nottnagel Montmollin & Co., 1798.  Involves a ship Eagle and the bill of sale. n.p. [see also .281 and .644] 


Folder 6: JS & Co (.1285-.1290) [some of the watermarks look like JSOC]

.1285   Bill from William Jacob, Fells Point, to the owners of the schooner Fily (?), Capt. Vasige, 1793.  For work on the ship, particularly lines and sails.

.1286   Letter from Robert Shepard, Shippensburg, to Arthur Jones, executor for Andrew Clow & Co., Philadelphia, Nov. 14, 1795.  Concerns some cloth purchased that Shepard denies buying.

.1287   Letter from Bell & Givin, Shippensburg, to Holmes & Rainey, Philadelphia, Feb. 12, 1794. Concerns the sale of 12 barrels of flour and credit extended to Andrew Clow & Co.

.1288   letter wrapper addressed to John Nickleson, Comptroller General, Philadelphia; endorsed: letter from Benja. Martin, [illegible,] Bedford County, recd. Aug. 26, 1791.

.1289   Letter from Rob. Shepard, Shippensburg, to Hugh Holmes, William Cramond and John Leamy, execu­tors of Andrew Clow & Co., Philadelphia, Aug. 17, 1795.  Concerns the debts of Andrew Clow & Co.

.1290   Letter from David Mann, Bedford, to Richard M. Crain, register general, Lancaster, Penn., April 15, 1809.  Transmits the fines set by the Court and a list people "recommended to the Governor for his License to keep a tavern...."  [The list, however, does not accompany this letter.]


Folder 7: JS, Gardner (.1291)

.1291a-b          Letter from John Mussey Jr., Clerk of District Court, Portland, Maine, to Thomas Morris, Marshal, New York City, Aug. 12, 1819.  Concerns the execution of a precept.


Folder 8: JHS (with various designs, including one of a person with upraised arms) (.1292)

.1292   mathematics notebook, in German, signed: Johann Henrich Tollegeiz(?), June 1797, n.p.


Folder 9: LS (.1811)

.1811   deed indenture between Michael Ihrich, yeoman of Greenwich township, Berks County, and Anna Margaretha Geist, of same place, daughter of Ihrich, for land in Pine Grove township; names other landowners as well.  Feb. 1, 1802.  [document in several pieces]


Folder 10: OH & S (.1301-.1304)

.1301   Letter from M. L. Sheppard, Albany, to C. Masten, Penn Yan, Yates County, N.Y., Nov. 1828.  Concerns a Mr. Van Valkenburgh.

.1302   New Jersey Supreme Court case of Benjamin Deacon and Edward B. Thomas, assignees of Allen Southwick vs. Thomas Kinsey, Jr., Burlington County, N.J., 1829. The case involves a plea of trespass and various outstanding debts.

.1303   Letter from M. L. Sheppard, Albany, to C. Masten, Penn Yan, March 26, 1829.  Concerns a business transaction.

.1304   Certificate of a discharged mortgage between John and Hannah Chappel and Aryet Minthorne, et al., executors of Maryle Minthorne's last will and testament. Certified by Daniel H. Tompkins, New York, Aug. 21, 1832.


Folder 11: TS, 1794 (.1305) [might be FS]

.1305   draught (map) of John Logan's Land in Providence Township, 106 acres.  Surveyed in 1797 by Robert Brooke.  Lists adjoining land owners, including Deborah Norris.


Folder 12: WS (two sheets include a fleur-de-lis) (.1306-.1313)

.1306   Part of a certificate signed by Henry Rankin, in New York, May 12,1821.  [bottom part of  .1310]

.1307   Certificate to discharge a mortgage between Gideon Lee and Patrick Conway, New York, March 17, 1820.  Signed by Caleb Haight.

.1308   Certificate to confirm a discharged mortgage between Edward J. and Catherine McGloin and James Brooks, New York, June 12, 1828.

.1309   Certificate to confirm a discharged mortgage between Edward W. DeGrove and Robert Mathison, New York, March 27, 1827.

.1310   Part of a certificate to confirm a discharged mortgage between Jesse Scofield, merchant sailor, and his wife Betsy, and Henry Rankin, merchant, New York, May 12, 1821. [top part of .1306]

.1311   Bill of Rapely, Clarke & Co. to James Rapely(?), n.p., Sept. 7, 1812., for making a uniform, including sward, hat, feather, belt, and military coat.

.1312   Appointment of John Agnew, merchant, as attorney to and by Cornelius Agnew, merchant, New York, July 14, 1824.

.1313a-b          Bond between Daniel M. Hitchcock, physician  of New York City, to President and Directors of the New York Equitable Insurance Company, Sept. 1823.


Folder 13: Satorre (includes a cross within a circle) (.1316)

.1316   Notes and map on three lots on Hickory Lane and Steinmetz St., owned by Thomas Rose, with three deeds corresponding to these lots from J. Kepler [or Kessler], ca.1813.


Folder 14: Sauer (.1317-.1318)

.1317   “Drittes Buchlein,” n.p., n.d.  Prayer book in German.  pp. 362-432.

.1318  Prayer or Psalm book, in German, n.p., n.d.  pp. 39-44, 49-54, 103-118, 343-358.


Folder 15: TH Saunders (.1319)

.1319   Letter from James Macfarlane, Towanda, to Thomas W. Clymer, Jan. 4, 1870.  Concerns Mr. Ouston's will sent to Jos. H. Siddell.


Folder 16: Shepang Valley Mills (.1320-.1322)

.1320-.1322     list of deeds transferring some property, 1791 to 1835, n.p.


Folder 17: Sherer (.1323-.1332)

.1323   Copy of the will of Christian Seltzer, Jonestown, Swatara Township, Lebanon County, Pa., April 23, 1829.  Sent to William B. Potts, Schuylkill County, Penn. after Aug. 30, 1834.

.1324   receipted bill, William H. Ashhurst paid Charles McNichol for making and repairing boots, Philadelphia, 1833. 

.1325   Draft (map) of Thomas Hall's land in Willistown Township, Chester County, surveyed by Elijah Brooke, surveyor, April 1832.

.1326-.1327     Bond of Indemnity of Eli Pyle, Thornbury township, Delaware County, to Brinton Jones and Townsend Sharpless, Executors of Samuel Jones of Birmingham township, Chester County, Pa., Dec. 31, 1831. [document in several pieces]

.1328   Letter from John C. Lowber, to Christian Hamill, n.p., April 27, 1830.  Concerns a transcript and George and John Reese.  Also, on the back of the letter, the court case of Christian Hamill vs. George Reese and John Reese, the transcript mentioned above, 1830.

.1329   Letter from Plessy Morris, Philadelphia, to Edward Owen Parry, Pottsville, July 14, 1834.  Concerns a rocking chair and other business transactions, mostly neighborly.

.1330-.1331     Deed between Jacob Green, engineer of Philadelphia, and Robert Barret, bricklayer of Penn township, of one part, and Joseph Green, executor of the last will and testament of John Green, deceased, of the other part, Nov. 5, 1831

.1332   Deed between Robert Barret, bricklayer, and Jacob Green, engineer, on the one part, and Joseph Green, executor of the last will and testament of John Green, deceased, for the other part, 1831. [bottom part missing]


Folder 18: Smith & Allnutt (.1338)

.1338   Letter from David Parish, Antwerp, to Jacob Burker, New York, Oct. 10, 1816.  Concerns the bearer of the letter, Chas. Parish, his brother, and his visit to the United States to "attend to the concerns of his house [i.e. business] at Hamburg ...."


Folder 19: Smith & Ingle (.1339)

.1339   Letter from John Barclay, Wilmington, North Carolina, to Arthur Jones, Edenton, June 1, 1800. Concerns the debt of Mrs. Jane Walker and a list of goods and their prices.


Folder 20: ST Smith, NY (.1335-.1337)

.1335-.1337     Typed letters from S.P. Wolverton, attorney at law, Sunbury, Pa., to R. L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, March 10, April 7, April 11, 1884.  All concern the Fell vs. Keck case.  (3 letters)


Folder 21: J Smyth (.1334)

.1334   Part of a statement in a court case, concerning a plea of trespass between Henry G. Livingston and John Crooke, New York City, 1796.


Folder 22: Snyder (.1340-.1341)

.1340   Letter from John Baskin, Selins Grove, Pa., to Jacob K. Boyer, Reading, Pa., Oct. 26, 1831.  Concerns Mr. Grove and various business transactions.

.1341   Letter from E. Greenough, Sunbury, Pa., to James A. Mahany, Philadelphia, Aug. 9, 1824. Concerns Rittenhouse and Mr. Carson, with a list from Mr. Carson's cash books.


Folder 23: W Swan (.1342)

.1342   power of attorney granted to Christian J. Burckle by Emanuel Burckle, New York City, "for securing the duties on any such goods, wares, or merchandise...," Sept. 22, 1824.  


Folder 24: C & T (with fleur-de-lis) (.1348)

.1348   Blank sheets.


Folder 25: E ET (.1347)

.1347   statement of Jacob Graeff concerning the court case of Abraham Graeff vs. Henry Strauch in the Court of Common Pleas of Berks County, Pa., Nov. 18, 1805. Concerns property seized.  Mentions Daniel Rothamel, who was a paper maker.


Folder 26: F & T (initials under a decorative design) (.1346)

.1346   Account sheet of Major Samuel Turbut Wright, with John Davidson, from 1785 to 1787.  For textiles, thread, buttons, dishes, sugar, tea, saltpeter, etc.  n.p.


Folder 27: IT (.1343-.1345)

.1343-.1345     Certificate to confirm a discharged mortgage between William Cunningham, merchant, and William and Ann Constable, merchant, all of New York City, March 16, 1799. [document in several pieces]


Folder 28: MT (one sheet includes a plow) (.1363, .1677) [a note identifies the sheet with the plow as coming from Morris Truman of Philadelphia]

.1363   Blank sheet.

.1677   deed indenture between James and Agnes Plumer, Versailles township, Allegheny County, Penn., and Joseph Younker, Westmoreland County, Penn., March 30, 1802.


Folder 29: R & MT (.1354)

.1354   receipted bill, owners of the ship Hanible [sic] paid Anthony Cuthbert for maintenance on the vessel, n.p., 1796-1797.


Folder 30: S & T (.1349)

.1349   wrapper only for a deed from John I. Vanderkemp to Benjamin B. Cooper, "joining lands of B.B. Cooper Holly Swamp tract...," Westerford Township, Gloucester County, N.J., 1831.


Folder 31: ST & Co (with an anchor) (.1350-.1351)

.1350-.1351     "Quit Rent Accounts to be paid by the people on Cosby"s Tracts,"all money to be paid  to Rem Remsen, n.p., 1787.   Bills were sent to Thomas Beverly, William Clark, David Murray, Nathaniel Campbell, George Robe, Bartholemew Dodd, John Devenpeck, Robert Casey, and Jacob Van Hoesen.


Folder 32: W & T (.1355)

.1355   Certificate to confirm a discharged mortgage between Jacob C. and Mary Mott and Jeremiah Mallough, New York, Nov. 5, 1812.


Folder 33: WT (.1476) [might be TW]  

.1476   summons to Able [or Abbe] Goun and Henry Merer(?) to appear in court, signed by Jno. Edwards, Delaware County, Penn., Feb. 10, 1802.


Folder 34: Thomas (with a lion inside an oval topped by a crown) (.1390-.1391)

.1390   Copy of the account sheet of the estate of Jonathan Bayard Smith in account

current with William Rush, Abraham Kintzing and Robert Ralston, trustees, Philadelphia, 1812-1817.

.1391   Account sheet of Elizabeth P. Cox (late E. P. Dorsey) in account current with Robert R. Dorsey, her guardian, Penn., 1829-1832.


Folder 35: J & J Town (.1395)  

.1395   Letter from Geo W. Sterling, [postmark might read Falkirk],  to Thos. Mansfield, Edinburgh, 1838.  Concerns Mr. Sterling and his father's reputation.


Folder 36: Truman’s & Co (with a design of some sort, perhaps a plow) (.1397-.1401)

.1397   Receipt: Benj. Prince received from William B. Mich, $18 for the freight, Philadelphia, July 12, 1793.  Name on back: Dutilh.

.1398   receipted bill of sales and charges, signed by Jas. H. Hughes, for Jas. McCurach & Co., Philadelphia, Oct. 28, 1793.  Don’t know to whom bill was addressed.

.1399   Promise to pay note signed by E. Dutilh & Wachsmuth to Lane & Godfrey for values received, Philadelphia, May 29, 1795.

.1400   Receipt signed by Joseph Higbee for Alexander Love; bales and trunks received from Wm. Cramond, Hugh Holmes and John Leamy, executors of David Cay, surviving partner of Andrew Clow & Co., Philadelphia, Jan. 14, 1794. 

.1401   Letter from Saml. Myers and Brothers, Petersburg, to Arthur Jones, Fredericksburg, Dec. 28, 1795. Concerns A. Clow & Co.


Folder 37: Turkey Mill (includes an eagle atop an American shield, with stars around it) (.1402)

.1402   letter of thanks from Caroline Norris(?), Pine Street, to "My dear Judge." July 24, 1869.


Folder 38:  J & R Turner (.1403)

.1403   Bill from Richard L. Green to the New Bank Estate, n.p., July 1803.  Includes a list of workmen and the days they worked.


Folder 39: W Turner & Son (.1404)

.1404   Bill with receipt for work done "for the use of the Jail," Washington City, Sept. 24, 1819.  From William Salter to Tench Ringgold, Marshall, D.C.   With certification of C. Tippett.  Includes making hand cuffs and repairing lock and key.


Folder 40: U (.1408)

.1408   Notes on Michael Croll vs. Adam Kline, tried before arbitrators.  Involves witnesses' accounts.  Maiden Creek township, Berks County Pa., Oct. 31, 1811.


Folder 41: U & Co (.1405)

.1405   "Survey made to Abraham Leeds, 30 acres, 1784."  Notes and lots, drawn in pencil, n.p., n.d.  Land “now belongs to Cheesemans, Benj. B. Cooper, Wallace Lippincott, etc.”


Folders 42-43: GU (.1364-.1367, .1369-.1372)

.1364   Copy of an agreement between Daniel Kemp and George Knoll, written in German, n.p., copy made April 13, 1807.

.1365   Bill, Smith & Ridgway bought of John Long, 22 boxes of candles, n.p., Oct. 1, 1800.  

.1366   Notes on Macunzie vs. Maxatany. Witness Alexander Gross testifying, n.p., n.d.

.1367   Deed between Benjamin and Barbara Weiser, administrators of Conrad Weiser, deceased, and Jacob and Frederick Lechner, Penn Township, Northumberland County, Pa., Aug. 21, 1805. For three lots.

.1369   Bond between Peter Wolbert of Northampton County, Penn., and John Wolbert of Berks County, and Henry Keehl [or Kechl] of Berks County, Pa., April 13, 1807.

.1370  note written in German, signed Peter Bartrass, n.p., 1805.

.1371   "Certification about Notice to Defendant of Judgment in suit of George Wingert vs. Chatarina Hefflys," George Sharff giving notice to John Seaman, Berks County, Pa., Jan. 9, 1807.

.1372   "Orphans Court Order to Jean Rosebrugh to receive a Pension...," concerns

a petition from William Lattimore for Jean Rosebrugh (widow of the Rev. John Rosebrugh, chaplain to local militia), Easton, Northampton County, Pa., April 13, 1803.


Folder 44: JU & Co (.1374-.1379, .1381-.1389)

.1374   Recipe for making cider, with eggs added, n.p., n.d.

.1375   Letter from Wm. A. Lloyd, Northumberland County, Penn.,  to Frederick Smith, Reading, Penn., April 11, 1823.  Concerns a trial involving the heir of Muhlenburger.

.1376   Letter from [illegible], Harrisburg, to Dr. Peter Zahnesock, Chambersburg, Penn., June 27, 1829. Concerns the debts against the firm of Peter Zahneslock & Co.

.1377   Articles of Agreement between John Small of Reading, and Henry Niely, William Niely, and Robert Niely, Allen township, Northampton County, Pa., Nov. 9, 1829. For a house and ground in Pottsville.

.1378   Mortgage indenture between John Stewert[sic] to Henry Flanery, for a tenement and tract of land in Union, Berks County, Pa., April 2, 1841.

.1379   Receipt: received from Charles Bradford "a bond from Henry Orvig to Frederick Kramer for 500 pounds, 1792," and Orvig to maintain title to 400 acres in Pinegrove township, signed C. Leoser, July 28, 1824.

.1381   Receipt for a mortgage payment signed by Mark(?) Jno. Biddle, Nov. 1, 1826, from Michael Maher to Joseph Wistar, n.p.

.1382   Letter from Edw. B. Hubley to F. Smith.  Concerning the court case of David Grish, administrator of the will of Catharine Derr, deceased vs. Samuel Derr, and Henry Yergy(?), executors of John Derr, deceased.  Berks County, Pa., 1827. 

.1383   Agreement between James Sillyman of Reading, and John Saltan Wharton of Pinegrove, Schuylkill County, of the first part, and Enoch G. Rex, carpenter, Schuylkill County, Pa., of the second part, Aug. 8, 1830.  For building a house in Pinegrove.  Gives details of size and construction.

.1384   Oath of Jacob Huntzinger: swears to support the constitution of Pennsylvania as treasurer of Schuylkill County, Pa., Jan. 24, 1824.

.1385   "General Draft of five tracts on Locust Mountai," Penn Township, Northampton County, Penn.  Copy, signed by Gabl. Hiester, surveyor general, and F.(?) W. Jackson, 1830.  Includes names of landowners.

.1386   Letter from Lane & Orrick, Reading, to Richard Ashhurst, Oct. 18, 1823.  Concerns a check to cover a bill and a new order for butter.

.1387   Letter from Wm. A. Lloyd, Northumberland County, to Frederick Smith, attorney, Reading, March 26, 1823. Concerns business and a defense suit, also P. Muhlenburgh.

.1388   Letter from Jacob B. Weidman, Lebanon, to Charles Graff, Philadelphia, March 28, 1825. Concerns three certificates related to Michael and Christian Ley.

.1389   Letter from Geo. W. Kleine, Lebanon, to Frederick Smith, attorney, Reading, April 21, 1825. Concerns the George Ream vs. George Kess suit over rent.


Folder 45: PU (.1356-.1361)

.1356   Promise to pay Wharton & Lewis $105.41 or 39 pounds 11 shillings "for value received." Signed by E. Dutilh & Wachsmuth, Philadelphia, April 6, 1791.

.1357   Blank sheet, except for notation: French and Spanish letters

.1358   document in German; on back: part of a will in English, not signed, but mentioning youngest daughters Deborah, Maria, and Sarah, n.p., n.d.

.1359   Order to Mr. Dewalter, to pay bearer William Scott Cooper of the Brig Jason $16, from David Ross, n.p, May 22, 1793.  Scott acknowledged receipt of money. 

.1360   Promise to pay Mr. Beissure(?) $100, from E. Dutilh & Wachsmuth.  These names were crossed out and Antoine et Rolant Ciersieve(?) signed.  On back: receipt acknowledged by Arch. Bingham.  Philadelphia, Dec. 10, 1793.

.1361   Receipt from Henry Sheaffer and Joseph Bombarger, executor of the estate of Peter Sheetz, deceased, 24 pounds to Catharine Sheetz, Pa., Aug. 10, 1799.


Folder 46: P Ulrick (.1406-.1407, .1409)

.1406   Notes on a court case invoving trespass and an attack on Henry Ernst and Jacob Loenard, Berks County, Pa., 1790. 

.1407   Bill of Bethell & Cooper to the schooner Carlton, for various articles needed for the boat, n.p.,1792.

.1409   A bond or deed written in German, 1802, signed by Jacob [illegible], n.p.


Folder 47: US Army (with design of cannon, rifles, flags, and tents) (.134)

.134     envelope wrapper addressed to Edward Owen Parry, Pottsville.  Endorsed as being from Henry Morris, Philadelphia, Sept. 1834. [letter of Morris to Parry which was in this envelope wrapper is .795; see also .819]  


Folder 48: US Congress (with design of eagle and little flowers) (.548)  

.548     letter from George H. Potts, New York, to Davis Pearson, Nov. 1, 1856.


Folder 49: US Department of State (with an eagle) (.607)

.607     Department of State, passport of Arthur W. Sheafer, May 4, 1889, Washington, D.C.


Folder 50: US Navy (.1046)

.1046   Receipt of G.H. Wheeler for 5 ploughs received from C. Martin [or Masten], n.p., Aug. 4, 1829.


Folder 51: US Post Office Department (with a man on horseback) (.1410)

.1410   Typed letter from Richard L. Ashhurst, postmaster, Philadelphia,  to George H. Fenner, Philadelphia, April 16, 1906.  Concerns the standing of George H. Fenner as a Member of the Philadelphia Bar.


Folder 52: C Unkley (with fleur-de-lis) (.1823)

            .1823   pages from the Bible books of Luke and John, printed in German


Folder 53: IV (one sheet has the arms of Great Britain on it) (.1411-.1412)             [might be VI]

.1411   Blank sheet [flyleaf from a printed book]

.1412   Document, a bond or a deed, written and printed in Dutch, between Willem

Ebeling and Sylvanus Bourne in Amsterdam, Nov. 1, 1801, signed by Willem Ebeling and Leonardus Scheffen. 


Folder 54: BFV (.1413)

.1413   Part of a deed from Jonathan Moulton to Daniel Moulton, for $25, both of Lyman, New Hampshire, May  20, 1814.



Box 10:


Folder 1: W & CV (.1423)

.1423   Importation Invoice for Rum transported aboard the brig Iris, imported by Gilbert Robertson & Co., New York, from Jamaica, April 5, 1804.  [document in two pieces]


Folder 2: P Valentine & Co, Suffield Conn (.1414-.1417)

.1414   Payment order, sent to John M. Read of Philadelphia, from A.C. Smith, Washington, payment to be made to Samuel A. Smith, Oct. 23, 1835.

.1415  Notes on the New Jersey Supreme court case of Israel Kinsman vs. William McKnight, New Jersey, Feb. 1836.

.1416   Letter from Rogers, Devens & Co., Boston, to Messrs. S. Low & Co., New York, March 2, 1835. Concerns a business transaction of isinglass.

.1417   Letter from Henry Masten, Buffalo, June 3, 1836, to "Dear Father," C. Masten, New York, concerning E.V.B. and Mr. Winant, who is on a trip out west, and land around Penn Yan.


Folder 3: van Gelder Zonen (.1419)

.1419   Blank sheet.


Folder 4: W Venables & Co (with heart design) (.1420-.1421)

.1420   Part of a testimony of Richard Wallach and others, “bear[ing] testimony to the character & standing of Mr. Henry A. Klopfer,” Washington, n.d. [the part of document bearing the signatures of the character witnesses is missing]

.1421   Letter from Samuel Ewing, Louisville, Ky., to Richard Ashhurst & Sons, Philadlephia, Dec. 30, 1837. Concerns a payment of a debt for land.


Folder 5: Victoria Linen (with a crown) (.1422)

.1422   Typed letter, to Mr. Sheafer, listing the addresses requested from William Thompson of L.C. Thompson Wholesale, and Retail Dealer in Hardware, Pottsville, Penn., March 19, 1904.


Folder 6: W (with embellishments) (.1698a-b)

            .1698a note with title of book from which .1698b was removed

            .1698b blank sheet removed from a German book printed in Nuremberg in 1805.


Folder 7: W Pure Linen (.1435-.1436)

.1435-.1436     Typed copy of a letter from Geo. D. Kugler, Sandy Run, Luzerne County, Pa., to M. S. Kemmerer, New York City, March 3, 1909.  Concerns the Timony vs. Kemmerer court case.  Mentions Senator Wolvertaon and Mr. Ashhurst.


Folder 8: BW (.1437)

.1437   Letter from Thos. Nixon, Bedford, to John Tod, Member of Assembly, Lancaster, Penn., March 13, 1809.  Concerns money owed on a patent.


Folder 9: B & W (.1438-.1445)

.1438   Notes on case involving Thomas M. Mitchell, grandson of Frances Mitchell, and settlement of estate, n.p., n.d. but after 1801.

.1439   Deed between Joshua and Sina Crawford and Joseph Fifield, all of Cape May County, N.J., Dec. 21, 1831.  For a lot of land in Middle Township, Cape May County, N.J.

.1440   Letter from Patterson B. West, Nashville, to Gill, Ferguson & Co., Philadelphia, Sept. 10, 1831.  Concerns a check from Yeatman, Woods & Co. for John Gill, Jr.;  the sale of a negro slave, and the cotton crop.  Also, a receipt signed by Thomas Washington from Patterson B. West for $104, a commission.

.1441   receipted bill, signed by L.J. Levy of L.J. Levy's French and English Fancy Dry Goods Store, Philadelphia, to Mrs. Campbell, 1831.

.1442   notes on New Jersey Supreme Court case: Richard Jaques and Samuel R. Jaques vs. Sarah Chapman (widow of William Chapman), 1833.  Against S. Chapman for committing "waste, sale and destruction on certain lands..." in Nottingham.

.1443   Masters Report of Chancery Court of New Jersey case of Amy Page, complainant, vs. Abner Page, surviving of Asa Page deceased, defendant, n.p., n.d.

.1444   Letter from Patterson B. West, Nashville, to John Gill, Jr., Philadelphia, Sept. 6, 1831, concerning A. Balcher and debts owed.

.1445   Receipts of Stephen W. Smith from Eliz. Taylor for $60.00, Oct. 5, 1830; from William J. Duran(?) for Miss Taylor, $72.00, Oct. 5, 1831; from Wm. J. Duran for Miss Taylor, $1229.94, March 9, 1832, n.p.


Folder 10: DJR&W (.1446-.1447)

.1446   Appointment of Jacob Baugher of Fairfield County, as attorney for and by Daniel Wagner of Fairfield County, Ohio, to demand money owed by Jacob Kline of Berks County, Penn., April 12, 1814.

.1447   Letter from Poston & Garth, Trenton, Ky., to Rich. Ashhurst & Son, [Philadelphia], April 22, 1830. Concerns orders put in for sewing needs and from other firms.


Folder 11: EW & Co (.1448)

.1448   Agreement between Abner Wright and Silas Thomas, both of Stephentown, Rensselaer County, New York, for half Wright's farm to Thomas now, and the whole farm in 1804.  Agreement dated March 19, 1803.


Folder 12: E & W (.1449)

.1449   Bond between Stephen Cornish of Steuben, Oneida County, and Oliver Booth, of Steuben County, New York, June 1, 1805, for possession of lots.


Folder 13: H & W, Third River (with logo of two doves) (.781)

.781     letter from S. Mills for William Clapp & Co., New York, to John House & Co., Waterford, Dec. 13, 1813.  Enclosed: account of House & Co. with Clapp & Co.


Folder 14: JW (one sheet includes an eagle, the other a coat of arms topped with a crown) (.1450-.1451)

.1450   brief letter from Jacob Lorrillard, New York, to John S. Hunn, New Bergh, July 8, 1816.

.1451   wrapper, endorsed as once holding papers concerning a case, with names George Woods, sheriffs James Pepper and William Proctor, and Charles Sissna(?)


Folder 15: JW & Son (.1452-.1456)

.1452   Appointment of John Legget of New York City as attorney for and by Nathaniel Starbuck and Benjamin Starbuck of N. Starbuck & Son, Troy, New York, July 11, 1833, for goods and merchandise imported on the Rhode Island from Liverpool.

.1453   Blank sheet except for label: Mrs. Van Ness’s papers.

.1454   Letter from E. W. Dixon to Nathan Warren, Third Street, n.p., n.d.

.1455   Agreement that Daniel Sprague was to work for Cornelius Masten for one year, to be paid in cash and land, March 17, 1832, n.p.

.1456   Copy of a lease of a farm in Ontario County, N.Y., from Cornelius Masten to Isaac and Lewis Smith, n.p., March 17, 1832.


Folder 16: LW; L&W (.1457-.1458)

.1457   Indenture between Soloman Sibley and Jonathan Kersley(?), administrator of the

estate of Edward Purcell, deceased, of one part, and Erastus(?) P. Hastings of the second, Detroit, April 30, 1831.

.1458   power of attorney granted to Foster & Giraud of New York City, merchants, by Henry Payson & Co., Baltimore, Maryland, April 7, 1829, for goods on the brig Brutus from Rio de Janeiro.  Hugh Birckhead signed for Payson & Co.

[printed form]


Folder 17: MW [could be WM] (.1461-.1465)

.1461   Account current of Joseph Walker with Jacob Hallett, n.p., 1784.  For food (sugar, chocolate), snuff) and duties.

.1462   Blank sheet.

.1463   note to Jacob Barg, Philadelphia, "per favor of Mr. Clark." From Jonathan Jarman, n.p., Feb.(?) 25, 1785.  Concerns two watches given to Barg by Captain Thomas Wolle in pledge for six guineas.

.1464-.1465     Blank sheets.


Folder 18: RW & Co (.1352-.1353)

.1352   Satisfaction of a mortgage between William C. and Charlotte Mulligan and William S. McCoun," New York, Aug. 11, 1835.

.1353   Appointment of Townsend Harris as attorney for and by Edmund B. Bostwick,

"to sign for all duty or Penal Bonds" from Harris & Chauncey, merchants, New York, Oct. 14, 1835.  Power of attorney form sold by Mesier & Rich.


Folder 19: S & W (.1474)

.1474   German language almanac for 1784, with parts cut out (probably wood cuts), n.p.


Folder 20: SW & Co, N York (with logo of two doves) (.1475)

.1475   Appointment of Margarite Thiollier Gamier as attorney for and by her husband, Charles Garnier, merchant, New York, Nov. 24, 1818, to do all mercantile transactions.


Folder 21: WWW (inside a ring) (.1477)

.1477   Miscellaneous notes concerning Joshua Johnson, Robert Johnson and Mr. Charlton, n.p., 1780-1792.  Concerns debts.


Folder 22: Walsh (.1478)

.1478   Check drawn on the Bank of Newburgh, signed by James Halsted, payable to John F. Butterworth for $600.00., Newburgh, Oct. 4, 1832.


Folder 23: Marcus Ward & Co (.1479)

.1479   Letter from W[illegible] Arning(?),  Exeter, New Hampshire, to Charles Marsilles, n.p., March 29, 1887.  


Folder 24: Wm. H. Ward & Co (.1480)

.1480   Letter from Henry M. Holt, no city, to R. L. Ashhurst, n.p., Dec. 6, no year.


Folder 25: J Webb (.1481-.1485)  

.1481   Court bill in the case of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Philip Harvey and Richard Titus, Chester County, Pennsylvania, May 24 and May 31, 1804.

.1482   Court ledger of bills owed by various convicts, Chester County, June 19, 1804.  Accounts were sent to sheriff James Kelton.  Convicts (including women) and crimes are listed.

.1483   Account of James Brian with Jno. Dauphin, for oil, coffee and freight, n.p., 1806-1807.  Mentions shipping coffee on the brig Susanna from Havana.

.1484   Letter from John and Alaice Craig, n.p., to respected children, addressed to John Willson Howard, Baltimore, April 30, 1805.  Concerns the deed of Gabriel Clark for land that Howard holds in Kennett.

.1485   Joshua Baker on account with Jas. Wollaston, n.p., 1796-1805.


Folder 26: Weston’s (.1486-.1489)

.1486-.1488     three letters from Geo. M. Dallas of Crawford & Dallas to R. L. Ashhurst, both of Philadelphia, 1888-1889.  Concerns the Fell vs. Markle case.

.1489   R. L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, to George M. Dallas, Oct. 30, 1879.  About Fell.


Folder 27: J Whatman; J Whatman Turkey Mill (.1497-.1499, .1502)

.1497   Invoice to Mr. A. Clow from Roe & Kershaw, listing contents (textiles) of five trunks, n.p., n.d.

.1498   Two poems, one entitled "Native Beauty" and the other "On a Fountain Invisibly Supplying a Canal," both unsigned, n.p., n.d.

.1499   Letter from Delano & Whitney, Boston, to Seth Low & Co., New York, Jan. 7, 1837. Concerns an order. 

.1502   Survey of streets, not all of which are named, and lots, n.p., n.d.


Folder 28: Whiting Paper Co (.1490-.1496)

.1490   Letter from Theo. Schwan, assistant Adjutant General, War Department, Washington, to R. McAllister, Jr., attorney, Washington D.C., July 30, 1887.  Concerns the "application for removal of the charge of desertion from the record of Jas. M. Collyer” of the 11th Mass. Vol.

.1491   Typed letter from S. P. Wolverton, attorney, Sunbury, Pennsylvania, to Geo. M. Dallas, Philadelphia, Oct. 18, 1888, about the Fell vs. Keck case.

.1492   Typed and dictated letter from S. P. Wolverton, attorney, Sunbury, Pennsylvania, to R. L. Ashhurst, Philadelphia, Feb. 21, 1884.  Concerns the Fell vs. Keck case.

.1493   Letter from S. P. Wolverton, attorney, Sunbury, Pennsylvania, to R. L. Ashhurst, March 11, 1882.  Concerns C. R. Buckalew and Mr. Dallas.

.1494-.1495     Two letters from S. P. Wolverton, attorney, Sunbury, Pennsylvania, to Geo. M. Dallas, Philadelphia, May 23 and June 12, 1882.  Concerns the Fell vs. Keck case.

.1496   Letter from Wm. A. Ingham, president, Highland Coal Co., Philadelphia, to R. L. Ashhurst, June 6, 1888.  Concerns the coal company.


Folder 29: Wilcox, Philada; JM Wilcox, Philada (one sheet has an ivy leaf) (.1503-.1512)

.1503   Note from John M. Read to Mary R. Fisher explaining a reduction in a trust debt, n.p., Feb. 26, 1846.

.1504   Bond and warrant from Joseph Green, builder, and his wife Rachel, to Ann McCaffrey, single woman, for a lot of land costing $300.00, Philadelphia, March 13, 1869.

.1505   Survey of lots on Savery and Hanover Streets, between Belgrade Street, by James P. Davis, city surveyor, Philadelphia, June 30, 1864.

.1506a-c          "Map of Inskeep’s division and lands adjoining," n.p., Dec. 1876. [map in three pieces]

.1507   Letter from Rev. Joel Parker, Philadelphia, to Henry Hill, Boston, July 3, 1848. Concerns the meeting of the A.B.C.F.M.

.1508   "Estate of Susannah Schipper, deceased, in account with C. Graff, formerly executor", Penn., Oct. 19, 1846.

.1509   "Estate of Susanna Schipper, deceased, in account with Charles Graff...", Penn., 1838-1846.

.1510   Letter from Benj. R. Howard, Gallatin,Tennessee, to R. Ashhurst & Sons, [Philadelphia,] Jan. 11, 1834.  Concerns a payment from Howard & Rawlings, and an order for various goods, mostly material (textiles, linen, thread).

.1511- .1512    "Affidavit of Defense": Robert S. Stephens in the Supreme Court  of Pennsylvania for Eli K. Price, trustee, etc., vs. Philadelphia, Germantown & Norristown Railroad Company, 1864.


Folder 30: Williams & Plum, Newark, N.J. (with an eagle) (.1514)

.1514   Quit-Claim Deed between Samuel H. Shreve of New York City and Ralph V. M. Cooper of Camden, New Jersey, Feb. 24, 1871.  Form printed by Williams & Plum, Newark, N.J.


Folder 31: C Wilmott (.1515-.1516)

.1515   Quit-Claim deed between George Powers of Kings County, and Ann Davis (his daughter, now wife of Thomas Davis) of Waterford, New York, July 5, 1817, for a lot of land in Waterford, Saratoga County.   Attached to the form is another certifiying that Joseph Dean was a commissioner when he signed the paper.

.1516   deed poll from James Wheeler, sheriff of Luzerne County, Penn., to Samuel Baird of Stowe, Montgomery County, for property once belonging to Jonathan Crosswell in Lycoming County and Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.


Folder 32: Woronoco Bond (.1517-.1518)

.1517   Typed letter from James A. G. Campbell, treasurer of the Delaware County Trust, Safe Deposit and Title Insurance Co., Chester, Pennsylvania, to J. H. Siddall & Son, Philadelphia, July 3, 1894.  Concerns the Holmes mortage and bonds.

.1518   Typed letter from Jno. Caldwell Hinkson, title and trust officer of the Delaware County Trust, Safe Deposit and Title Insurance Co., Chester, Pennsylvania, to J. H. Siddall & Son, July 2, 1894. Concerns property on the west side of Potter Street, belonging of late to William Volhardt to Nancy Holmes in a mortgage in 1891.


Folder 33: HY (.1523) [could be YH]

.1523   receipted bill, C. Masten paid Allen & Rice, for a wide variety of goods, n.p., Sept. 7, 1822.  


Folder 34: WY & Co, Delaware (.1525-.1529)

.1525   Declaration of John Jack, druggist, that he has purchased the stock and shop furniture from Gillaspy & Strong, Philadelphia,  April 27, 1803.  About payment with bonds and notes; mentions Robert Arundel.

.1526   Part of a witness’ account, concerning coffee and merchants, n.p., n.d.

.1527   "Remarks on No.4 or Wm. Gramond's account with Thos. Philips & Co.", n.p., after March 1803.

.1528   Bond from Peter Bauer, yeoman of Longswamp township, Berks County, to Michael Bauer, tanner of Rockland township, Berks County, for 67 pounds, Pennsylvania, June 2, 1801.

.1529   "Letters testamentary and copy of John Nice's will 1806", Germantown, Philadelphia, Penn., Sept. 27, 1806.  Executors are widow Sarah Nice and son James Nice.  John Nice was a cooper.  Children were James, Mary, Ann, Washington, and Levy.


Folder 35: H Yates (.1530)

.1530   Letter from C. Butler, n.p., to Wm. Baird [or Bard], Albany, n.d.


Folder 36: W Young (.1519-.1522)

.1519   Measurements, including length, breadth, and depth, in feet and inches, n.p., n.d.

.1520   note from Murdoch & Duffield, Philadelphia, to Charles Graff, Oct. 31, 1807. Expects Graff to pay for the freight when it arrives from Havanna on board the schooner John, Captain Haynes, master.

.1521   "Portledge bill of ship Charleston Packet, Isaac Silliman, master, from Bordeaux, Dec. 29, 1805."  Seamen's accounts, account sheet of wages and other money paid out to James Beston, William Harrison, John Andrews, Christopher Robertson, John Beatly and David Wilson.

.1522   Letter from Cornelia Montieth, Philadelphia, to Samuel Goodman, St. Thomas, Aug. 6, 1807 . Concerns property belonging to her late husband, Captain Benjamin Montieth.


Folder 37: Z (.1531)

.1531   Please to pay note from Will Deakins, Jr., Georgetown, Maryland, to Andrew Clow & Co., Philadelphia, July 22, 1791.  Note on back: contents received of Archd. Campbell, signed Stewart & Plunket.


Folder 38: JZ (.1532-.1535)

.1532   Letter from Philip Stoubing, n.p., to John M. Price, Sunbury, n.d.  Concerns a case made against him by Wm. Wistar.

.1533-.1534     Deed between Anthony C. Pelin and Simon Snyder for seven acres of land, Union County, Pennsylvania, July 3, 1813.

.1535   An order for $200.00 found in favor of Joseph Bitting from Charles Graff, April 1815, Buffalo township, Union County.


Folder 39: ampersand (.1708-.1710)

.1708-.1710     Copy of last will and testament of Jasper Smith, formerly attorney of Flemington, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, but now of Maidenshead township, same county, Jan. 1, 1811.  The will includes a brief autobiography.  Frees two slaves (Charles and Mary) and makes bequests to family and friends, including wife Anna.  


Folders 40-41: anchor (.1582-1587)

.1582   Three receipts of payment by David McCarty in three court cases, money received by H. H. Wendell, sheriff, n.p., 1804.  The other parties in the cases were Wm. J. Van Wagoner, Thomas Mather, and Robert Nutt.

.1583   "Statement of Money to be paid by Vanzandt".  Bill to Mr. Vanzandt for Mr. Banyar et al, n.p., 1802. 

.1584   Letter from Woodworth and Murphy, Norfolk, to Arthur Jones, Eadington [sic, probably Edenton is meant,] North Carolina, March 4, 1800.  Notice of shipping on board schooner Seaflower, Capt. McNeal, 300 bushels of coarse salt.

.1585   Continuation of account of Philip Cramond & Co. with Wm. Cramond, n.p., 1803-1809.

.1586   Letter from H.H. for A. J. [Arthur Jones], Camden, to Thomas C. Amory, Boston, March 10, 1800.  Concerns a bill of lading for pipe stove shipped by schooner Sally to Arthur Jones.

.1587   Account of Israel Ridgway dec'd; his estate in account with Moses Kempton, 1799-1805.  With receipt, William Ridgway paid Moses Kempton the money owed him, Aug. 8, 1810.


Folder 42: arms of England (with garter) (.1548-.1549)  

.1548   Miscellaneous sheet with calculations and the days of the week written in German.

.1549   Blank sheet.  Royal English arms (with garter) watermark.


Folder 43: arms of Massachusetts, with the letter M (Burbank) (.1550)

.1550   Account of Jonathan Palmer with Andrew Rogers, 1808-1809.


Folder 44: arms of New York (various styles) (Samuel Campbell) (.1551-.1556)

.1551   Account of Arthur Jones with John Horniblow, dec’d, 1799.  Jacob Bloing(?) received the money due, Edenton, Jan. 6, 1800.

.1552   Letter from Hen. Baker, Scotland Neck, to Arthur Jones, n.p., Jan. 7, 1800.  Concerns an order of corn and debts owed to "Northward."

.1553   agreement between Arthur Jones of Philadelphia and Stephen Young, master of schooner Lucy of Scituate, for delivering freight to Mears & Garvin in Little St. Mary’s, Georgia, dated Edenton, April 30, 1800.

.1554  proposal of Nathaniel Baker to proceed with the schooner Polly to pick up freight (tar) from Newby Bridge and take it to Boston, dated May 2, 1800, Edenton.

.1555   Mortgage paid off between Jacob Simonson, house carpenter of New York City, and Elizabeth Van Dyck, widow, late of New York City, but now of Burlington, New Jersey, April 30, 1795.

.1556   Blank sheet.


Folder 45: arms of Virginia (WP) (.1564)  [see note inside folder about paper]

.1564   pages of Ezra and Nehemiah from a German Bible n.p., n.d. (pp. 433-434; 439-440)


Folder 46: crossed arrows in double circle (Burbank) (.1707)

.1707   Bill to Andrew Rogers, Exeter, from Wm Neil, N.H., for provisions, Jan.-March 1810.