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Creator:         Laidacker, Samuel H., 1904-1994                 

Title:               Papers

Dates:             1880-1991

Call No.:         Col. 64

Acc. No.:        87x172, 88x210, 89x55, 91x36, 05x46, 11x23; 2020x9

Quantity:        84 boxes, 3 volumes

Location:        14 G-H 1-5






Samuel H. Laidacker was an antiques dealer in eastern Pennsylvania.  His specialties were American historical glass and Anglo-American historical Staffordshire china.  Early in his career, he also dealt in other antiques, such as furniture, prints, coins, stamps, and firearms.  In addition to selling antiques, he sought to educate collectors through writing, publishing, and selling books and a magazine.


Laidacker was born in 1904, the son of John Gideon (1867-1927) and Katie May (or Mae) Deibler Laidacker.  John Gideon Laidacker was an antiques collector and dealer, beginning his career in the 1880s. He was well-known for his interest in antique firearms, both as a collector (at his death, he was said to have 5000 guns) and dealer, but he also sold coins, china, bottles, furniture, and crude implements.  Some of his business correspondence and records are preserved in this collection.  In addition to Samuel, John and Katie also had two daughters, Edith May (1909-2002) and Katherine Margaret (b.1916), and three other sons, John Daniel (1899-1990), Robert (1900-1903), and Richard (1907-1908).


Samuel attended Bloomsburg Normal School and then Pennsylvania State College.  After their father’s death, Samuel and his brother John Daniel turned their attention to running their father’s antiques business. Samuel Laidacker conducted his business in several ways: selling at auctions, from a shop, by mail order, and at shows.  His residences and shops were in the following Pennsylvania towns (with approximate dates): Shickshinny (1927-28); Wilkes Barre (1929) (with the brother still operating out of the Shickshinny store); Wyoming (1929-37); Meshoppen (1938 with a "summer shop" here as early as 1935); Scranton (1936-47); Bristol (1947-63); Bloomsburg (1963-83); Watsontown (1983-88); and Northumberland (1989-?).  In addition to running his own business, Laidacker also did cataloging for auction houses over a number of years, particularly for Parke-Bernet in New York.  


In January 1961, Laidacker introduced himself in a mimeographed letter titled "Bottles & Flasks" this way:


            I started out to be an engineer and wound up in the antiques business.  Over 25 years ago I got into the stamps and coin business and was quite successful at it.  The thought came to me that the antiques business would be much better, more interesting and more profitable if guide books, with prices if possible, were in general circulation.  While I dealt in bottles and rare glass before I became so interested in china and involved in the publishing business, it was for historical china that I first attempted a classification.  I am happy to say that I believe that I have covered it very thoroughly in my several books and in AAC 'The American Antiques Collector,' that small magazine that I have been publishing for nearly twenty years.  In each issue there have been many notes about bottles, some of them not obtainable anywhere else.  Those notes are taking shape to come out in book form.

                        My books 'Anglo-American China' practically put me out of the china business.  So many people collect it that as soon as some comes on the market it goes into a collection…. While I am best known in the field of china, in recent years I have been much more active with rare glass, especially bottles and flasks of all types - and there are many.


In 1938 Samuel published The Standard Catalogue of Anglo-American China.  This small book arranged, classified, and described--for the first time--the many varieties of Staffordshire wares manufactured for the North American market.  A special feature was the inclusion of recent auction prices realized for individual pieces.  (The first copy of this book is part of this collection.)  According to an ad in the back of this work, Laidacker planned to issue a similar work for historical bottles and flasks, although it is unclear whether this was ever published.


Laidacker followed the successful issue of this groundbreaking volume with the premier issue of his long-running, albeit irregular (e.g., volume 3, nos. 7-9, the last 3 issues, were released in 1949, 1952, and 1956 respectively), magazine called The American Antiques Collector.  By publishing recent auction prices in this magazine, he was able to keep his Standard Catalog… up-to-date.  As he tells it in an undated mimeographed letter:


            While this is the smallest publication in the field of American Antiques in size, it is the second oldest and the most frequently read and referred to because it contains so much practical and permanently valuable information.  Actually, it contains more classified and condensed auction records than all of the others combined.

                        AAC - the abbreviation for 'THE AMERICAN ANTIQUES COLLECTOR' was started in 1939 as my [mail order] list with information added in printed form.  By that time I had been conducting a successful mail order business for about 10 years and, as today, my mimeographed lists contained notes of new discoveries, auction reports, current happenings and items of interest to antiques collectors.  Demand for those lists (collectors' glass, china, fla[s]ks, prints, etc) was so great that it was decided to print them and the information.  Competitors asked for advertising and that is how AAC began.  Collectors reported notes and I acquired many while dealing, cataloging for leading auction galleries, lecturing, traveling, etc, etc.  The information became more specialized and more detailed and the illustrations greater in number.  Costs of publication and accumulating material for future issues have always run ahead of receipts.  Recent issues have been all information and advertising and no lists.


Laidacker also revised, expanded, and updated his Staffordshire china book.  It came out as Anglo-American China, part I and part II.  Part I covers American and Canadian views in printed transfer, Gaudy Dutch, Gaudy Welsh, Gaudy Ironstone, Spatter and other hand decorated wares by Staffordshire and other potters.  Part II covers literary series (Dr. Syntax, Wilkie, and Don Quixote), sentimental subjects, English and other foreign views in transfer and patterns including ironstone by Staffordshire and other potters.


Samuel H. Laidacker was married to Katherine Ruth (Kay) Brace, who died in 1977.  Their son John Samuel (also called Jack) followed his father and grandfather in the antiques business, specializing in firearms and British campaign medals.  Samuel died on November 15, 1994, at the Klingerman Nursing Center in Orangeville, Pennsylvania.  John Samuel Laidacker died on June 13, 2001, at the age of 69.






The collection consists of Samuel Laidacker's business papers, including correspondence; card files; sales lists and sales records; issues of American Antiques Collector; photographs; printed material from antiques shows and auctions, including auction catalogs and price lists; newspaper and magazine clippings; and miscellaneous publications.  As well, there are some papers, mostly correspondence and catalogs, from John Gideon Laidacker’s antiques business, and some nineteenth century documents, mostly records of land sales, that have nothing to do with the antiques business but which came with the rest of the papers.  The collection includes some family correspondence and photographs, as well as photos of John Gideon Laidacker’s gun collection.


Important correspondents include Alma and Paul Brunner, Albert W. Claflin, Henry Francis du Pont, Charles B. Gardner, Ima Hogg, Ruth Webb Lee, Albert C. Marble, George S. McKearin, Jim Rose, Lorraine Southern, Mrs. J. Watson Webb, and R. H. ("Dick") Wood.


The card files include names and addresses of collectors and dealers, subscribers to American Antiques Collector, and notes on the classification of china.  The box of magazine and newspaper clippings offers research material on glass and ceramics.  The photographs are pictures of china, furniture, glass, textiles, people, metal objects, etc., but unfortunately many are not identified or documented.


The materials about auctions are arranged by name of auction house and are not indexed by the name of the person whose estate was being offered for sale. The show literature is arranged geographically; researchers should note that the names of annual shows sometimes change.


The sales lists, the dates of which range over 40 years, include those issued by Laidacker as well as those issued by some of his competitors.  Laidacker coded his lists in the following way: List 5603 is May 1960, list 3; while List 12581 is December 1958, list 1.





The papers are arranged in twelve series:

I.                    Correspondence [except with George S. McKearin, for him see Series VI], Boxes 1-15;

II.                 Business papers (bills, sales ledgers), Boxes 16-17, and volumes 1-3;

III.              Issues of American Antiques Collector, Boxes 18-19-A-B;

IV.              Sales lists of Laidacker and his competitors, Boxes 20-22;

V.                Materials about shows and auctions, Boxes 23-26;

VI.              George S. McKearin papers, Box 27;

VII.           Photographs and printing blocks, Boxes 28-33

VIII.        Biographical and miscellaneous material, Box 34;

IX.              John Gideon Laidacker papers, and John Samuel Laidacker papers, Boxes 35-A-B;

X.                Card files, Boxes 36-78;

XI.              Research materials (clippings and publications), Boxes 79-81;

XII.           Old documents, Box 82.





The materials are in English.





Collection is open to the public.  Copyright restrictions may apply.





Accessions 87x172, 88x210, 89x55, and 91x36: gift of Samuel Laidacker.

Accession 05x46 purchased from Joslin Hall Rare Books.

Accession 11x23.1-.2 gift of Katherine Bucher.

Accession 2020x9 gift of Katherine Bucher.





Laidacker donated auction catalogs and other materials that dealt with glass to the Corning Museum of Glass. 






                        Laidacker, John Gideon, 1867-1927.

                        Brunner, Alma.

Brunner, Paul.

                        Claflin, Albert W.

                        Du Pont, Henry Francis, 1880-1969.

                        Gardner, Charles B.

                        Hogg, Ima.

                        Lee, Ruth Webb, 1894-1958

                        Marble, Albert C.

                        McKearin, Helen.

                        McKearin, George S. (George Skinner), 1874-

                        Rose, James.

                        Southern, Lorraine.

                        Webb, Electra Havemeyer.

                        Wood, Richard H.




            Antique dealers - Pennsylvania.

            Antiques - Prices.

            Antique auctions.


                        Pottery - Collectors and collecting.

                        Pottery - Prices.

                        Staffordshire pottery.


                        Glassware - United States.

                        Glassware - Collectors and collecting.

                        Bottles - Collectors and collecting.

                        Firearms - Private collections.

                        Schuylkill County (Pa.)


                        Auction catalogs.

                        Bills (financial).
                        Business cards.



                        Galley proofs.





                        Antique dealers.





Location: 14 G-H 1-5



Series I: Correspondence


Box 1:


Uncertain origin

A - miscellaneous

Aalressel, Delverne, 1966

Adams, Frank; Laverne; and Samuel K., 1934-39

Ader, Herb, 1964

Adler, Ija, 1948

Agadjanian, Serge and Carol, 1963-72

Albany Institute of History and Art (re: ten Eyck collection)

Albert, Ruth, 1930

Alexander, Mrs. J. F., 1947, 1962-64

Allen, Raymond, 1947-53

Allen [various]

Allman, Felicia, 1968

American Antiquarian Society, 1938, 1954

American Art Association/Anderson Galleries, Inc., 1938

American Association of Antique Dealers, 1938

Anderson, Bart, 1941, 1953

Andrews, Mary W., 1938

Arbuthnot, Thomas S., 1936

Arkenburgh, Miriam V. (Mrs. Weber Hill), 1948

Arman, David and Linda, 1972

Arment, Helen G., 1947

Ashby, Agnes, 1942-49

Attman-Weiss, 1937

Atwater Kent Museum, 1955-66

Austin, George, 1956-80

Ba--- miscellaneous

Baer, Margaret (Mrs. Howard A.) (and grand-daughter Robin Hamlin), 1968-73

Ballister, F. E., 1938

Banahan, Mrs. J. P., 1928-32

Barenholtz, Edith (Mrs. Bernard), 1964-69

Barnes Foundation, 1940

Barrus, Arthur W., 1961-63

Bass, Gordon, 1955-62

Bassett, Katherine E. (Miss), 1947-63

Bassett, Preston R., 1961-62

Baver, Faith and George

Beatty, George, 1976

Beaumont, Howard B., 1935

Bell, Carrie (Mrs. Frank E.), 1964-66

Benedict, Mrs. Elbert, 1955-60

Benkard, Mrs. Harry Horton, n.d.

Bennett, Mrs. Gerald W., 1948

Bergstrom, Evangeline H., 1940-41

Bernet, O., n.d.

Bernstein, Milton L., 1929, 1947

Besant, G. Montz, 1939

Bezette, H. J., 1960-64



Box 2:


Bierce, George William, 1939

Bigelow, Paul W., 1941-45, 1956

Bigstaff, Edith D., 1947

Bilhuber, Gertrude, 1942

Bill, Clare R., 1948

Billups, Melvin P., 1954-61

Bl--- miscellaneous

Blair, Jesse, 1964

Blair, Streeter and Camille, 1947

Blaske, Edmund R., 1960-61

Blaske, Edmund R., 1962-67, 1971, 1979

Blumenthal, M. L., 1931

Boehm, Edw. D., 1950-55

Bohnstengel & Sayles (Willard J. & Neil D.), 1962-65

Bollinger, Arthur F., 1938-1940

Bond, Marie, 1972

Boston Antique Shop, 1929-41

Bowers, John W., 1963-65

Bown, W. J., 1942, 1950

Boyer, Alden Scott, 1942

Boyer, Marion L., 1972-77

Br--- miscellaneous

Brady, Mrs. Thomas F., 1942-56

Brandon, Patricia (Mrs. Ralph F.), 1971-77

Brewer, George, 1963-68

Brezany, Violet, 1963

Bricker, Patricia, 1970

Brinton, Francis D., 1934, 1941



Box 3:


Brogan, Hannah C., 1961-67

Brown, Dudley, 1945-48

Brown, Naomi S. (Mrs. W. K.), 1942

Brunner, Alma and Paul, 1978-84

Brunner, Alma and Paul, 1956-78

Brunner, Alma and Paul, 1953-55

Buckles, E. Joseph, 1937-39

Bulman, Mrs. John, 1940-51

Burbage, Beverly S. and Margaret (Mr. and Mrs.), 1949, 1965

Burg, Chester E., 1941

Burr, Marjorie, 1965

Burroughs, M. S., 1938, 1956-76

Burk, Dr. J. M., 1958

Buten, Harry M., 1959

Butler, Harold F. and Miriam, 1959-67

Buzick, Joyce E. and Joseph, 1972-73

Ca--- miscellaneous

Cannon, Harry, 1946

Caplan, Theresa, 1965

Carey, Helen M. (Mrs. Louis A.), 1943-44, 1948

Carey, Sue (Susan) (Mrs. Edward J.), 1942-57

Carey, W. W., 1940-48



Box 4:


Carter, Marvin O., 1963-64

Carter, Mary, 1967

Ceramic Book Company, 1956-59

Ch--- miscellaneous

Chandler, Mardee, 1967

Chapman, Gay L., 1944-46

Charles, John R., 1963-64

Cl--- miscellaneous

Clarke, D. S., 1951, 1953, 1958

Claflin, Albert W., 1945-55

Claflin, Albert W., 1947-55

Co--- miscellaneous

Cohen, William 1960-62

Connor, Mrs. J. J., 1942-45

Conrad, Werner R., 1940-45

Coolidge, Marcus A. (Mr. & Mrs.), 1939-44

Cooper, Everett K., Jr.

Cooper [various]

Copeland Antiques, 1979-80

Corning Museum of Glass, 1956-68

Covill, William E., Jr., 1959-64

Cr--- miscellaneous

Cross, William E., 1947-53

Crowninshield, Mrs. F. B., 1945

Cruikshank, Douglas M., 1942-47

Cu--- miscellaneous

Da--- miscellaneous

Dambach, L. Earl, 1953-58

Davis, Frank W., 1963-64

De--- miscellaneous

Denchfield, Lou R., 1964



Box 5:


Derr, Jane C. (Mrs. Louis), 1938-42

de Volpi, Charles P., 1960-72

Di--- miscellaneous

Dicke, L. E., 1945-46

Diehl, John A., 1961

Diehl, Marie, 1969-75

Do--- miscellaneous

Dr--- miscellaneous

Drepperd, Carl W., 1944-50

Dryfoos, Leon, 1942-43

du Pont, Henry Francis, 1927-68

Duckworth, Harold G., 1953

Dumas, Oralee (Mrs. Joseph A.), 1973-74

Dunlap, Sarah B. (Mrs. Roy E.), 1950

Durrell, Hal, 1939-41

Dwyer, Mrs. Raymond J., 1963; Dyke, Sydney, 1930

E--- miscellaneous

Ehlermann, Maude E., 1951-63

Fa---, Fe---, and Fi--- miscellaneous

Feidt, John Thorpe, 1951

Fiedler, Reta, 1963-64

Finegan, Mrs. Edwin H., 1938

Firth, Alfred, 1955-62

Fl---, and Fo--- miscellaneous

Flack, Paul, 1966, 1978

Foster, Helen B. (Mrs. Robert G.), 1960-62

Fowler, A. V., 1943-44

Fr---, and Fu--- miscellaneous

Frank, Norman S. (Mr. & Mrs.), 1941-43



Box 6:


Frank, William K. and James A., 1964

Freeman, Larry G., 1943-44

Freeman, M. H., 1931

Freeman, Samuel T., 1943-60

Fuller, Constance, 1944-63

Gabell, James R. and Thelma S., 1944-49

Gardiner, Avis & Rockwell, 1949-70

Gardner, Charles B., 1933-75

Gardner, Laurence H., 1934-36

Garrison, Lois & Preston, 1965

Gathers, Harry and Pat

Gebhart, B. R., 1954-67

Geesey, Titus C., 1939-42, 1955

Gest, Niel C., 1937-42

George, Warren, 1974

Giesler, Mrs. J. V., 1940-44

Gilbert, Frank, 1966-72

Gilbert, O. Rundle, 1938-60

Gillette, Leda, 1962-66

Gimbel Brothers, 1950

Gl--- miscellaneous

Go--- miscellaneous

Goldsmith, Doris (Mrs. Herbert), 1959-66



Box 7:


Gr--- miscellaneous

Graham, Lloyd J., 1944-56

Greenawalt, Irene, 1938-39

Greensport, Charles and Mark, 1969-71

Greer, Everett S., 1948-55

Gribbel, W. Griffin, 1938-40

Gu--- miscellaneous

Haa--- miscellaneous--Ham--- miscellaneous

Hall, James S., 1963

Hamilton, Miss Rene, 1961-65

Hankele, Allen J., 1944-48

Har--- miscellaneous--Haw--- miscellaneous

Harbour, Jerry, 1986

Harpending, Abram R., 1967-72

He--- miscellaneous

Henry, Claire, 1941 [with article on and photographs of Toby jugs]

Hi--- miscellaneous

Higgins, Marian Hill (Mrs. Marshall), 1941

Ho--- miscellaneous

Hobbies Magazine, 1957

Hoffmann, Edgar F., 1940

Hogg, Ima, 1957-63

Hollander, David, 1938-54

Howard, Whitney (Mrs. Neal D.), 1940-44

Hu--- miscellaneous and Hy--- miscellaneous

Hubbard, Clarence T., 1945-63

Hughes, Ed, 1961-62



Box 8:


I--- miscellaneous

Ja--- miscellaneous--Ju--- miscellaneous

Jenkins, Harold C., 1947-55

Jones [various]

Ka--- miscellaneous--Ke--- miscellaneous

Kavka, Jaroslav, 1957-68

Ki--- miscellaneous--Kl--- miscellaneous

Kinne, Anne Spencer, 1970-76

Klaner, Melba (Mrs. Joe), 1953-55

Kleinsorge, Elizabeth B., 1952-71

Kn---, Ko---, Kr---, and Ku--- miscellaneous

Knittle, Mrs. Earl J., 1939

Kohn, Solomon, 1958-60

La--- miscellaneous

Lang, Harold D., 1966-68

Lanmon, Dwight, 1968-73

Lansing, Ernest R., 1941-44

Larsen, Ellouise Baker, 1938-55

Latimer, A. G., 1932-35

Laughlin, Ledlie I., 1936

Le--- miscellaneous



Box 9:


Lee, Ruth Webb, 1936-41

Lee, Ruth Webb, 1940-56

Lee, Ruth Webb--Rose, Jim--Laidacker, Sam, July-August 1952

Lee, Ruth Webb, 1944-57

Leersmachers, J. A., 1959-60

Lefevre, Edwin, 1939-40

Leffingwell, B. H., 1929-63

Lemley, Vernon, 1938-39

Li--- miscellaneous

Lightner, O. C., 1943

Lindquist, H. L., 1937-41

Lippincott, Carol, 1961-67

Little, Nina Fletcher (Mrs. Bertram K.), 1940-59

Lo--- miscellaneous--Lu--- miscellaneous

Lockard, Roy, 1933

Loose, M. A., 1939

Ludwig, Esther, 1945-48

Lyon, Ravenna (Mrs. H. M.), 1948-49

Lyons, Louis, 1943-63

Ma--- miscellaneous

MacBarron, Philip C., 1955-58

Madlener, Elaine W. (Mrs. Otto), 1941-66

Marble, Albert C., 1936-51

Marden, Richard G.

Mariner's Museum, Newport News, VA, 1949-51

Martin, Laura O. (Mrs. George R.), 1957-60

Marx, Mrs. Harpo, 1954

Mayes, Mary H., 1961-63

Mc--- miscellaneous

McCall, D. L., 1940



Box 10:


McCauley, Robert H. and Edna P., 1938-40

McCauley, Robert H., 1940-46

Me--- miscellaneous

M.E.S.D.A. (Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts), 1968

Metcalf, Addison M., 1947

Meyers, William R., 1962

Mi--- miscellaneous

Micklos, Charlotte (Mrs. Charles P.), 1970-71

Miller, Edgar G., 1939-40

Mo--- miscellaneous

Montgomery, Charles B., 1928

Montgomery, Charles F., 1944-48

Morley, Wm. D., 1940-59

Moses, H. Clarke, 1948-52



Box 11:


Moyer, Forrest D., 1960-65

Mu--- miscellaneous--My--- miscellaneous

N--- miscellaneous

National Association of Dealers in Antiques, Inc., 1962-63

National Bottle Museum, 1982

National Early American Glass Club

Neefe, Leon S., 1956-65

Nevil, J. E., 1937-49

Newton, Ewell L., 1956-58

Newton, Wilma, 1968-69

Norcross, Hiram and Kathryn, 1943-54

O--- miscellaneous

Old Sturbridge Village, Old Sturbridge, MA, 1955

Oliver, Frances C., 1945-58

P--- miscellaneous

Paige, Robert E., 1946-49

Paine, Stephen D., 1963-67

Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc., 1940-70

Patton, Gerald M., 1953-63

Payne, Henry Fleming and Lee, 1938-59

Pennoyer, Oscar, 1968-74

Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission, 1961-66

Pepper, Adeline, 1961-63

Plough, Cyrus T. (also Evans, Roy css. put here by SHL), 1970-74

Powell, Ida (Mrs. R. A.), 1966



Box 12:


Quattlebaum, W. D., 1946-55

Queen, S. W., 1947

Quigley, Richard S., 1941

Quirk, Anne, 1950-51

Ra--- miscellaneous

Ramsdell, Ada C. (Mrs. Bentley F.), 1939-51

Re--- miscellaneous

Reeves, Alfred, 1936

Ri--- miscellaneous

Riffle, H. F. ("Pete"), 1968

Riggins, Minnie (Mrs. S. P.), 1956-57

Ro--- miscellaneous

Roach, Lew D. and Lois, 1970-71

Roloff, Walt H., 1947

Rose, Jim, 1937-72

Rowan, H. Leo, 1946-54

Ru--- miscellaneous--Ry--- miscellaneous

Sa--- miscellaneous

Sawyer, Eleanor, 1949-73

Sc--- miscellaneous

Schock, Thomas U., 1960-69

Scholl, J. A., 1939

Schuster, Martin, 1946-47

Schwarz, Herbert A., 1942-45

Se--- miscellaneous

Sh--- miscellaneous

Shumway, George, 1967-70

Si--- miscellaneous

Simonsgaard, Jens and Sara, 1964-70

Sirrine, Helen C. (Mrs. Horace S.), 1946-62



Box 13:


Sittig, Charlotte and Edgar, 1940-72

Sk---, Sl---, Sm---, and Sn--- miscellaneous

Smith [various]

Smith, Amy W. (Mrs. Frank C., Jr.), 1938-43

Snow, Julia D. S., 1937-41

So--- miscellaneous

Southern, Lorraine (Mrs. Frank E.) [none date sorted]

Southern, Lorraine (Mrs. Frank E.)

Southern, Lorraine (Mrs. Frank E.)

Southern, Lorraine (Mrs. Frank E.)

Southern, Lorraine (Mrs. Frank E.)

Southern, Lorraine (Mrs. Frank E.)

Sp--- miscellaneous

Spiegel, Grace F., 1939-40



Box 14:


St--- miscellaneous

Stanley, Raeburn (Mrs.), 1948-65

Stauch, Loren G., 1939-40

Stefano, Frank, Jr., 1971-75

Stevens, Gerald, 1955

Sturtevant, C. K., 1931-35

Su--- miscellaneous

Szanton, Jules, 1960

Ta--- miscellaneous

Tener, Gertrude C. (Mrs. Robert W.), 1928-47

Th--- miscellaneous

Thiel, Mat, Sr., 1952-61

Thornton, Mary R., 1938-39

Thompson, James H., 1942-45

Ti--- miscellaneous

Tobias, Daniel Omer [includes newspaper clippings]

To---, and Tu--- miscellaneous

Treasury Department, 1942

Tracy, Elizabeth M., 1928-33

Traphagen, Janet V., 1937

Tunison, William H., 1962-73

U--- miscellaneous

V--- miscellaneous

Valley Forge Historical Society, 1955-68

Van Winkle, William Mitchell, 1927-32

Vanderbilt, Merritt D., 1958-63

Wa--- miscellaneous

Wallace-Homstead Book Co., 1973

Walsh, Raymond J., 1940



Box 15:


Watson, Richard, 1962-77

We--- miscellaneous

Webb, Electra (Mrs. J. Watson), Shelburne Museum, 1952-54

Webb, J. Watson, Jr., 1949-54

Webb, Varnia Hayes (Mrs. Gerald B.), 1930-33

Weigel, Henry L., 1952

Weld, L. D. H., 1943

Westmoreland Glass Company, 1941

Wh--- miscellaneous

Wheeler, Mrs. Dwight C., 1936

Whitlock's Incorporated, 1959-64

White, Harry Hall, 1940-44

Wi--- miscellaneous

Wieder, F. W., 1941-45

Wilcox, Gregor Norman (Los Angles Museum of History, Science and Art), 1939

William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art, Kansas City, MO, 1946

Williams, Jewell D., 1966-67

Willis, Katharine, 1940-42

Wilson [various]

Winterthur Museum

Wo--- miscellaneous

Wood, R. H. ("Dick"), 1943-68

Woolley, G. L., 1938-39

Wirtham, Alvin, 1936-42

Ya--- miscellaneous

Yeager, John B., n.d.

Yeager photos

Yo--- miscellaneous

Young, George W., 1975-77

Z--- miscellaneous



Series II:  Business Papers


Box 16: Bills to SHL, and sales ledgers


Uncertain origin

Abington Print Shop - Abington, PA, 1956-58

Abraham, George - West Granville, MA & Detroit, MI, 1953-62

American Art Association/Anderson Galleries - New York, 1935-38

B--- miscellaneous

C--- miscellaneous

D--- miscellaneous, and E--- miscellaneous

F--- miscellaneous, and G--- miscellaneous

Gilbert, L. J.

H--- miscellaneous, and I--- miscellaneous

Hosier, David K. - Belvidere, NJ, 1953-55

K---, L---, and M--- miscellaneous

Kende Galleries Inc. at Gimbel Brothers - New York, 1941-43

Kleinfelter, C. A.

Nevil, James E. - Cincinnati, OH, n.d.

P---, and S--- miscellaneous

Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc. - New York, 1938-61

Pennypacker, James G. - Kenhorst, Reading, PA, 1952-75

Plaza Art Galleries - New York, 1943-62

Reed, Ira S. - Philadelphia, PA, 1935-41

Roan, Bob, Chuck & Rich - Cogan Station, PA, 1965-67

Slatoff, Lester M. - Trenton, NJ, 1963

Loose Sheets of Sales Records, 1933, 1929

Expense accounts, 1944-1949

Miscellaneous purchase records and sales records



Box 17: SHL's Sales Ledgers


SHL Ledger [in back part of an 1870s ledger for (apparently) a boarding house], 1927-30

SHL Sales Book, 1932-41

SHL Sales Book, 1928-38

Loose Sheets of Sales Records and Purchase Records


Vol. 1-3 (acc. no. 92x102.1-.3)

Vol. 1  Sales ledger, with inventory and purchases, 1953- 1963, bulk 1957-1959

Vol. 2  Sales ledger, with inventory and purchases, 1950-1956, bulk 1953-1956

Vol. 3  Sales ledger, with purchases and book business, 1948-1952

Series III: American Antiques Collector


Box 18:


"American Antiques Collector" sample issues

"Anglo-American China, Part 1" - proofed and pasted galleys

Scott Duckers & Co., Solicitors [legal quibble from England over name of SHL's magazine]

AAC, v. 1

AAC, v. 1, #19 [sic]

AAC, v. 2, #8

AAC, v. 2, #8

AAC, v. 2, #9 duplicate

AAC, v. 2, #9 final copy

AAC, v. 2, #10

AAC, v. 3, #1

AAC, v. 3, #2

AAC, v. 3, #4



Box 19-A:


AAC, v. 3, #6 duplicate

AAC, v. 3, #6 advertising

AAC, v. 3, #7

AAC, v. 3, #8

AAC, v. 3, #9

AAC, v. 3, #9 advertising

AAC, v. 3, #9 final copy and dummy

AAC, v. 3, #10 dummy



Box 19-B:


The American Antiques Collector: mailing envelope; and correspondence

Drafts of articles

Proof sheets[?] for “Luster Decoration on English Pottery,” part 1

Proof sheets[?]; photos of ceramic pitchers, for publication

Proof sheets[?] of bottles and flasks, possibly for a catalog rather than for AAC



Series IV: Sales lists


Box 20: SHL's Lists


SHL's Lists, (origin uncertain), undated

Edith Laidacker Sale List, undated

SHL Want List, undated

SHL's Lists, (from Wilkes Barre, PA), undated

SHL's Lists, (from Wyoming, PA), undated

SHL's Lists, (from Meshoppen, PA), undated

SHL's Lists, (from Scranton, PA), undated

SHL's Lists, (from Bristol, PA), undated

SHL's Lists, (from Bloomsburg, PA), undated

SHL's Lists, early (1920s)

SHL's Lists, 1930

SHL's Lists, 1931

SHL's Lists, 1932

SHL's Lists, 1933

SHL's Lists, 1934

SHL's Lists, 1935

SHL's Lists, 1936

SHL's Lists, 1937

SHL's Lists, 1938

SHL's Lists, 1939

SHL's Lists, 1940



Box 21: SHL's Lists, and mimeographed letters (often mailed with lists)


SHL's Lists, 1941

SHL's Lists, 1942

SHL's Lists, 1943

SHL's Lists, 1944

SHL's Lists, 1945

SHL's Lists, 1946

SHL's Lists, 1947

SHL's Lists, 1948

SHL's Lists, 1949

SHL's Lists, 1950

SHL's Lists, 1951

SHL's Lists, 1952

SHL's Lists, 1953

SHL's Lists, 1954

SHL's Lists, 1955

SHL's Lists, 1956

SHL's Lists, 1957

SHL's Lists, 1958

SHL's Lists, 1959

SHL's Lists, 1960

SHL's Lists, 1961

SHL's Lists, 1962

SHL's Lists, 1963

SHL's Lists, 1964

SHL's Lists, 1965-67

SHL's mimeographed letters (often mailed with lists)



Box 22: Others' Lists Received


Others' lists - uncertain provenance

Others' lists - Baker, Ann - Canton, NY

Others' lists - Bill, Lester I. - Canandaigua, NY

Others' lists - Broadhurst, J. W. - Waterloo, NY

Others' lists - Buckley of Binghamton - Binghamton, NY

Others' lists - Cobweb Bottle - Stamford, CT

Others' lists - Dambach, L. Earl - Pittsburgh, PA

Others' lists - Dwyer, Raymond - East Hartford, CT

Others' lists - Fogle, C. G. - Williamsport, PA

Others' lists - Gardner, C. B. - New London, CT

Others' lists - Geddes, John M. - Williamsport, PA

Others’ lists – Goehring, Reaves F., Jr. – Columbia, Pa.

Others' lists - Goetcheus, Hazel A. - Binghamton, NY

Others' lists - Golden Horseshoe - Dutch Flat, CA

Others' lists - Good, Hattie B. - Lawrence, KS

Others' lists - Goodrich, Clementine - Fort Wayne, IN

Others' lists - Harpending, Hazel H. - Cazenovia, NY

Others' lists - Hart, William S. - Goshen, IN

Others' lists - Headley, Boyd G. - Winchester, VA

Others' lists - Hoover, Mrs. Don - Qunicy, IL

Others’ lists – Hunt, E. C. – Englewood, NJ

Others' lists - Hulse, H. & H. - Cuddebackville, NY

Others' lists - Jenkins, Mrs. Charles R. - Dixon, IL

Others' lists - Keystone Antique Shop - Williamsport, PA

Others' lists - Lane, Warren C. - Leicester, MA

Others' lists - Lee, Ruth Webb - Pittsford, NY and Framinhgham Centre, MA

Others' lists - Linss, W. C. - Kirkwood, MO

Others' lists - Little Eagle Antique Shop - Line Lexington, PA

Others' lists - Mann, Samuel - Philadelphia, PA

Others’ lists – Marden, Richard G. – Wolfeboro, NH

Others' lists - Marshall, John - Centralia, IL

Others' lists - Martins Antique Shop - Armstrong, MO

Others' lists - McCready, Jessie - Bedford, PA

Others' lists - McKeeby, Una B. - Binghamton, NY

Others' lists - Murdock, Catherine - Leroy, NY

Others' lists - Nagy, Stephen K. - Philadelphia, PA

Others' lists - Nevil, J. E. - Washington C.H., Madisonville, Cincinnati, OH

Others' lists - Ole Empty Bottle House - Sacramento, CA

Others' lists - Paige, Robert E. - San Diego, CA

Others' lists - Pillsbury, Mrs. R. T. - Salisbury, MD

Others' lists - Ramsay, E. L. - York, PA

Others' lists - Robinson, Myrtle P. - Rochester, NY

Others' lists - Rose, J. H. - Canton, OH

Others' lists - Schuman, Lucile Peirson - Geneva, NY

Others' lists - Steigerwalt, Chas. - Lancaster, PA

Others' lists - Stony Batter Antique Exchange - Chambersburg, PA

Others' lists - Strom, Mrs. William T. - Dayton, OH

Others' lists - Sturtevant, C. K. - Seattle, WA

Others' lists - Thomas, Paul - Parkesburg, PA

Others' lists - Turner, S. O. - Glens Falls, NY

Others' lists - Van Nosdall, G. A. - New York, NY

Others' lists - Van Nostrand, Mary G. - n.p.

Others' lists - Von Trott, Stella - Philadelphia, PA

Others' lists - Whitfill, J. T. - Wilkinsburg, PA

Others' lists - Willis, Katharine - Jamaica, NY

Others' lists - Wood, Richard H. and Virginia A. - Baltimore, MD



Series V: Show and auction literature


Box 23: Show literature


Show literature. CT. Stamford. Hobby and Antiques Show. 1940

Show literature. FL. various cities. shows organized by American Association of Antique Dealers. 1938

Show literature. FL. various cities. shows organized by Helen Bratfish. 1942

Show literature. IL. Chicago. Chicago Antiques Exposition and Hobby Fair, file 1. 1937-42

Show literature. IL. Chicago. Chicago Antiques Exposition and Hobby Fair, file 2.

Show literature. 1943-47

Show literature. IL. Chicago. Greater Chicago Antiques Show & Sale. 1971

Show literature. MD. Baltimore. Baltimore Antiques Show. 1939-53

Show literature. MA. Boston. Boston Antiques Exposition. 1929

Show literature. MI. Detroit. Detroit Antique Show. 1937

Show literature. MO. Kansas City. Kansas City Fall Antiques Show. 1942

Show literature. NJ. various cities and shows.

Show literature. NJ. Morristown. Community Antiques Sale and Exhibition, file 1. 1938-42

Show literature. NJ. Morristown. Community Antiques Sale and Exhibition, file 2. 1941-43

Show literature. NJ. Morristown. Spring Morristown, NJ Antiques Show. 1939

Show literature. NY. various cities and shows. 1933-48[?]

Show literature. NY. Binghamton. Binghamton Antiques Show. 1937-38

Show literature. NY. Cortland. Central New York Antique Show & Loan Exhibit. 1939-43

Show literature. NY. New York. Antiques Exposition. 1938

Show literature. NY. New York. Arts and Antiques Show. 1945

Show literature. NY. New York. Country Antiques Fair. 1951-56

Show literature. NY. New York. International Antiques Exhibition & Sale. 1956

Show literature. NY. New York. International Antiques Exposition. 1930-46, 1956



Box 24: Show literature


Show literature. NY. New York. League Antiques Exhibition. 1944

Show literature. NY. New York. National Antiques Exposition. 1938-42, 1953

Show literature. NY. New York. National Antiques Show. 1945-64

Show literature. NY. New York. National Hobby Collector's Show. 1934

Show literature. NY. New York. New York Antiques Exposition. 1935-53

Show literature. NY. New York. New York Antiques Fair, file 1. 1937-49

Show literature. NY. New York. New York Antiques Fair, file 2. 1951-64

Show literature. NY. New York. New York Coliseum Antiques Fair. 1967

Show literature. NY. New York. New York Coliseum Antiques Fair and Sale. 1959-62

Show literature. NY. New York. New York Collector's Show. [1930s]

Show literature. NY. New York. New York Hobby-Collectors' Show. 1934-35



Box 25: Show literature


Show literature. NY. New York. Winter Antiques Show. 1955, 1956, 1970

Show literature. NY. Utica. Utica Antiques Show.

Show literature. NY. White Plains. Eastern States Antiques Fair. 1939, 1943-60

Show literature. NY. White Plains. Southern New York and Connecticut Antiques Exposition and Sale. 1936-42

Show literature. OH. Cincinnati. Greater Cincinnati Antique Show. 1950

Show literature. OH. Cleveland. Cleveland Hobby Show. 1935

Show literature. OH. Columbus. Columbus Antique Show. n.d.

Show literature. PA. various cities and shows. 1942-63

Show literature. PA. Allentown. Annual Antique Show. 1953-54

Show literature. PA. Allentown. Great Eastern U.S. Spring Antique Show & Sale. 1979

Show literature. PA.  Bloomsburg.  Spring Antique Fair

Show literature. PA. Philadelphia. various shows. 1931, 1944

Show literature. PA. Philadelphia. Greater Philadelphia Antique Show & Sale. 1974

Show literature. PA. Philadelphia. Philadelphia Antiques Fair. 1953, 1955

Show literature. PA. Philadelphia. University Hospital Antiques Show. 1964

Show literature. SC. Columbia. Columbia Antiques Exposition. 1941

Show literature. VT. Rutland. Annual Vermont Antiques Show and Sale. 1949

Show literature. VA. Alexandria. Annual Alexandria, Virginia, Antiques Show. 1951

Show literature. Washington, D.C. National Hobby-Collectors' Show. 1935

Show literature. Washington, D.C. Washington Antiques Exposition. 1950

Show literature. Washington, D.C. Washington Antiques Show. n.d.

Show literature. Washington, D.C. Washington Hobby Collectors' Show. 1936

Show literature. WV. Charleston. Antique Show. 1940

Show literature. Unknown locations.

Museum and gallery exhibits



Box 26: Auction materials


SHL's compilations of prices realized

Auction materials.  uncertain origin

Auction materials.  Aldrich, Michael E.

Auction materials.  Allgyer, David S.

Auction materials.  American Art Galleries

Auction materials.  Anderson Galleries

Auction materials.  Arman, David and Linda

Auction materials.  Autotore, John

Auction materials.  Birnbaum Auction Galleries

Auction materials.  Brown Bros. Gallery

Auction materials.  Clement, Samuel (1817)

Auction materials: Conestoga Auction Company

Auction materials.  Cox, A. R.

Auction materials.  Dahlberg, R. N.

Auction materials.  Donaldson's Antique and Auction Company

Auction materials.  Freeman, Samuel T., & Co.

Auction materials.  G--- miscellaneous

Auction materials.  Gilbert, L. J., & Son [note: includes notice of auction of estate of J.G. Laidacker, 1930]

Auction materials.  Gilbert, O. Rundle

Auction materials.  Gilbert, Paul K.

Auction materials.  Gilbert, Richards C.

Auction materials.  H--- miscellaneous

Auction materials.  K --- miscellaneous

Auction materials.  Kleinfelters

Auction materials.  Laidacker, S. H.

Auction materials.  Langdell, T. R.

Auction materials.  Morely, Wm. D., Inc.

Auction materials.  O'Reilly's Plaza Art Galleries, Inc.

Auction materials.  Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc.

Auction materials.  Pennypacker, James G.

Auction materials.  Portland Auction Gallery

Auction materials.  Queen, S. W.

Auction materials.  R--- miscellaneous

Auction materials.  Reed, Ira S.

Auction materials.  Roan, Bob, Chuck & Rich, Inc.

Auction materials.  Skinner, Robert W., Inc.

Auction materials.  Slathoff, Lester & Robert

Auction materials.  Taylor, I.

Auction materials.  Thieves Market (Arlington, VA)

Auction materials.  Walpole Gardens.

Auction materials.  Weirick, W. S.

Auction materials.  Withington, Richard W., Inc.

Auction materials.  Zimmerman, Elmer D.



Series VI: George S. McKearin papers


Box 27:


George S. McKearin - Biographical

George S. McKearin - Price lists, items for sale, 1940s-50s

George S. McKearin correspondence, n.d.

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1928

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1930

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1937

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1938

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1939

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1940

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1941

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1942

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1943

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1944

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1945

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1946

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1947

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1948

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1949

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1950

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1951

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1952

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1953

George S. McKearin correspondence, 1954

George S. McKearin correspondence,1960s

George S. McKearin - Auction catalogs of his estate.  1961-63



Series VII: Photographs and printing blocks


Box 28: Photographs


[The photographs in these two boxes were all loose when the collection was processed.  They have been somewhat classified by subject, and housed in file folders.]


See also photos in John Gabriel Laidacker papers, Series XI.


Display of china

Glass, with accompanying letters

Plates made from glass

Personal and family photos (includes a photo of a [white?] woman in Native American attire, taken in a studio; and photos of Laidacker’s booths at antique shows)

Loose negatives

Furniture (and other antiques--but not glass or ceramics)

Displays or exhibits



Box 29: Photographs


Plates and platters, file 1

Plates and platters, file 2

Bowls, pots, figures and other ceramics

Photos with some documentation

Bottles, flasks, and glass

Printed photographs (halftones, cuts)



Box 30: Photographs


[The photographs in boxes 28-30 were somewhat classified by subject before final processing of the collection was undertaken.  It is likely, though not certain, that this classification was done by Winterthur staff members.  These photographs are housed in envelopes.  The titles were assigned by earlier staff members.]





3 Stools

2 Washstands

Weathervane (Des Moines, IA)


Piano Stool

4 Tracings (trademarks)

2 Quilts and other objects

Pier Table



Box 31: Photographs


[see note at Box 28]




Storage Bench

4 Pictures, Dog Statue

Corner Cupboards



Secretary Desks




Identification Tag - "Pocahontas Bottle"




Box 32: Photographs


[see note at Box 28]


Metal objects


Misc. groups

Misc. printed & photographs from printed material

Misc., unidentified

Negatives, unidentified



Card tables

Clippings of ceramics



Sofas and loveseats



Box 33: Printing blocks


Thirteen wooden blocks with copper printing plates attached to one side.  Used at one time for printing pictures of antiques.  Otherwise unidentified.

[two plates: acc. 11x23.1-.2



Series VIII: Biographical and miscellaneous materials


Box 34:


Biographical and miscellaneous materials relating to Laidacker

Family correspondence

Introduction/Preface to British Views book

British Views book manuscripts

Writings, chiefly on antiques and collecting: file 1

Writings, chiefly on antiques and collecting: file 2

Loose cards

The Standard Catalog of Anglo-American China, 1938 – first copy

Bills for printing book

Sales of books and magazines

Some subscription and book sales records

Anglo-American China, part 1 – sample pages; and ad for part II

Miscellaneous materials



Series IX: John Gideon Laidacker papers; John Samuel Laidacker papers


Box 35-A:


Correspondence – A – miscellaneous (Adams; Albro; Allard; Amerman; Ault)

Correspondence - Alger, Mrs. Sanford, 1902

Correspondence - Anthony, E. P., 1923

Correspondence - Anderson, O. M., 1924-27


Correspondence - B--- miscellaneous

Correspondence - Ballart, F. A., 1907

Correspondence - Bierly, Otto J., 1905-08

Correspondence - Boyle, Edward J., 1907

Correspondence - Brinkley, G. M., 1906

Correspondence - Brown, G. Elsworth, 1909-20

Correspondence - Buck, H. E., 1904


Correspondence - C--- miscellaneous [includes Congressman John J. Casey]

Correspondence - Carter, N. E., 1910-27

Correspondence - Clark [various]


Correspondence - D--- miscellaneous

Correspondence - Davis Brothers (Kent, OH), 1905-19

Correspondence - Dean, Thomas G., 1907-1908

Correspondence: Dillon, J. G. (Capt.) – mostly about rifles


Correspondence – E – Miscellaneous (E.J. Willis & Co.; Eisenhower; Eldredge; Ellis; Erwin)

Correspondence - F--- miscellaneous

Correspondence - Fink, Alvin J., 1907-16


Correspondence - G--- miscellaneous

Correspondence - Ha--- miscellaneous

Correspondence - Hesslein, William, 1906-07

Correspondence - Hi---, Ho---, and Hu--- miscellaneous


Correspondence – I-J: miscellaneous

Correspondence - K--- miscellaneous


Correspondence - L--- miscellaneous

Correspondence: Laidacker family (chiefly to and from J.G.L.) (acc. 2020x9)


Correspondence – M-N--- miscellaneous

Correspondence - P--- miscellaneous

Correspondence – Q and R--- miscellaneous


Correspondence - S--- miscellaneous

Correspondence - Schuyler, A. L., 1906-07

Correspondence - Sherwood, S. S., 1922-23


Correspondence - T and V--- miscellaneous

Correspondence: Vauclain, Mrs. J. L. (Myra), and Anne, 1920s; includes letters from both J. G. and Samuel Laidacker

Correspondence – W-Z--- miscellaneous


Partial letters and stray envelopes [some with interesting illustrations]

Correspondence addressed to Jerome Remington, Vosberg, Wyoming Co., PA; mostly from A. E. Brooks; came with J. G. Laidacker material, but relationship is unknown



Box 35-B:


Letterbook, 1902-04

Memorandum book, 1891-98 (partially in shorthand)

Auction catalogs; price lists; advertisements [not from Laidacker’s business]

Auction catalogs [not from Laidacker’s business]

Bills and statements; and shipping receipts

Laidacker, John Gabriel: business ephemera: stationery, trade cards, checks [especially printed for him]

Lists and catalogs of antiques for sale by J.G.L.

Estate sale of  J.G.L.

Photographs [for more family photos, see box 28]

Unclassified/miscellaneous papers

Laidacker, John Gabriel: biographical material and family photographs


Laidacker, John Samuel (1932-2001): papers




Series X: Card files


Boxes 36-51:   names and addresses of collectors and dealers, arranged by state


Boxes 52-61:   notes on ceramics and glass, with some photographs


Boxes 62-78:   sales records of SHL's books and magazine, in several groups





Series XI: Research materials


Box 79: Clippings


One large cubic foot box of articles clipped from newspapers and magazines.  Most deal with glass or ceramics, though other antiques topics are also represented.  These clippings were not sorted when the collection was processed in 1991.


Box 80: Publications


Paperweight Collector's Association. Publications, Letters, and Clippings of paperweights.

The Antique Trader Price Guide to Antiques and Collectors' Items, Fall 1971

Spinning Wheel, January-February 1964

The Print Collectors' Chronicle, 1:2

Hobbies Magazine, 1:3-4 (Dec 1918-Jan 1919)

Hobbies Magazine, 1:1 (Oct 1918)

CDT The Exchange Medium, 4:4 (Feb 1921)

Monthly Bugle, No. 50 (November 1973)

Apollo Art & Antique [catalog] 1986

1906 A Price List of United States and Foreign Postage Stamps...for sale by W. F. Gregory

A.A. Importing Company, Inc. [catalog], 1971

The National Early American Glass Club [brochure]

Bulletin of the National Early American Glass Club 1938-51 (Nos. 1-28)

Old Bottle Magazine, Jan 1980

Old Bottle Magazine, Dec 1979

Antique Guide (4 issues, 1960-62)

N. Flayderman & Co., Inc. catalog #111, June 1986

China Students' Club, Sixth Year of Ceramic Study, 1939-40

China Students' Club, Five Years of Ceramic Study, 1934-39

"The Romance of Old Sandwich Glass" by Frank W. Chipman

"How Glass Bottles are Made" by Elizabeth M. Bacon

The Mentor, 1:35 (Oct 13, 1913)

The Mentor, 1:4 (March 10, 1913)

The Mentor, 1:32 (September 22, 1913)

The Mentor, 1:43 (December 8, 1913)

The Treasure Chest Guide for the Collector of old Treasures, July-August 1960 (with article inscribed to SHL by author Michael Bozek "Old Glass Paperweights"

"The Real George Washington; with notes" issued by American Bar Association, Citizenship Committee

"Mansion Museum Frontier Travel Gallery" conducted by Oglebay Institute, Oglebay Park, Wheeling, West Virginia [museum brochure]

The A.S. of C.C. Bulletin, 2:1 (Autumn Number 1906)

The Hobbyist, 1:1 (March 1941)

"Standard Pattern Glass Dealer Prices, Clear and Colored Pressed Tableware, 1945" by T. T. Foley (inscribed to SHL by author)

Directory of Dealers in Antiques U.S.A. by Mortimer J. Downing, second ed., 1929

Friends of Blue Club. "Bulletin No. 5" ; May 1974. (photocopy of typed newsletter from London, England)

Bottle show flyers

"Collection of American Historical and Pitkin Flasks" May 1971. (photocopy of typed list from John B. Darrah, Huntington Valley, PA)

"Montgomery Glass Collectors ; Third Exhibition ; May 8-16, 1938 ; Catalogue of Bottles ; compiled by Peter A. Brannon ... Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts ; Montgomery, Alabama, 1938"

The Dirty Bottle (3 issues : Nov 1972; July and Sept 1973) newsletter from the Pennsylvania Bottle Collectors Association



Box 81: Publications


The Bottle Bug's Bazaar ; the only publication devoted exclusively to old bottles and their lore ("published monthly by James H. Thompson, Bristol Center, NY"), Vol. I, Nos. 5-10 (July-August 1944 -- Feb 1945)

The Numismatist, Vol. 23, No. 4 (April 1910)

The Numismatist, Vol. 23, No. 1 (January 1910)

The Antiquer (formerly West Coast Hobby Monthly) Vol. 2, No. 3, July 1947 (opened to article by W. Dan Quattlebaum on "Amelung Glass")

"The Belle Vue Pottery, Hull" by T. Sheppard. From the Transactions of the British Ceramic Society, Vol. XL, January, 1941.

The Collectors' Journal. Vol. I, No. 1, (January 1909).

Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Vol. XXIII, No 6 (June 1928)

The Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin. Vol. 29, No. 2 (April 1964)

The Plate Collector. Vol. 8, No. 96 (Jan. 15, 1980)

Stamps ; a weekly magazine of philately. Vol. 16, No. 5; whole No. 203 (August 1, 1936)

The Auctioneer. Vol. 9, No. 6 (June 1967) [newsletter published by College-Grenville, Ltd., in Canada]

"Old Masters ; a collection of Polish-owned works of art ; World's Fair, New York, 1940 ; official catalogue ; completely illustrated."

"Glass in New England" by Kenneth M. Wilson. Sturbridge, MA: Old Sturbridge Village, 1959.

Delmarva Antiques Forum and Dealer's Directory; Sponsored by Salisbury Exchange Club, 1957.

The Collectors' Journal. Vol. 1, No. 6-7 (June-July 1909)

The Hobby Reporter and Yankee Enterprise. Vol. 1, No. 3 (October 1947)

The Antique Bulletin, Vol. 4, No. 3 (March 1930) ["A Bulletin of Rarities on exhibition and for sale by Fred J. Peters, Inc....New York, NY"]



Series XII: Old documents


Box 82:


[Contains some old documents, unrelated to the antiques business of the Laidackers.  Our conjecture is that they had been acquired at one point by Laidacker and were simply contributed to Winterthur along with his personal and business papers.]


Folder 1:          Records of Treasurers’ sales, unseated lands, 1858, by township, Schuylkill County, Penn.;


                        Records for C.W. Wells, S.A. Garrett, and Joseph Dolan, from deed books, Schuylkill County, chiefly 1870s, but also some in 1880s;


                        Records of income and expenses for unknown person, 1887-1890, most probably Schuylkill County;


                        Miscellaneous accounts, 1887-1890 [probably related to those above];


                        Tax assessment addressed to Lewis B. Walker, 1892, no county, signed by Chas. B. Evans


Folder 2:          Records of land sales in Schuylkill County, by township, ca.1856-ca.1886 (bound volume of clippings); additional papers are laid into the back of the volume

                        Note: some pages are stuck together – open with care


Folder 3:          Nathan B. Crary receipt and invoice scrapbook, 1866-1868; most purchases were made in Philadelphia, but Crary lived in Luzerne County, Penn.  He may have had a store.  Most of the billheads are printed, but few are illustrated.


Folder 4:          Pittston Election of Borough Officers, 2 May 1853


Folder 5:          Bill for timber for a barn built for John Heck, n.d., 19th century; endorsed to JEP for John Hebe, bill of timber