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Creator:          Raymond, Percy Edward, 1879-1952                         

Title:               Papers

Dates:             1905-1952

Call No.:         Col. 63

Acc. No.:         75x79; 84x166

Quantity:        9 boxes

Location:        16 F 1-2






Percy Edward Raymond grew up in New Canaan, Connecticut, and graduated from Cornell in 1902.  He studied at Yale University for a couple of years, and then from 1904 to 1910, he was assistant curator in charge of Invertebrate Paleontology at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  After working on the Geological Survey of Canada, he went to Harvard University in 1912 as an assistant professor of paleontology and curator in the museum.  He was promoted to full professor in 1919 and served until 1945.  Raymond was active in the Paleontology Society of America, of which he was president in 1934. He wrote many articles on paleontology, stratigraphy, and sedimentation, his areas of study. 


Raymond’s hobby, however, was pewter.  In addition to collecting pewterware, a large number of pieces of which was purchased by Colonial Williamsburg, he also investigated the history of early pewterers and their methods.  He was instrumental in founding the Pewter Club of America and was its first president.  He wrote numerous papers about pewter.  Raymond died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on May 17, 1952.  He married Eva Grace Goodenough in 1904, and they had a daughter named Ruth.





 This collection of papers deal with all aspects of pewter and its makers. The history of pewter making, including methods and makers, is covered. There are drafts of many of Raymond's talks and articles as well as correspondence and photos. There are also many other references to pewter in the form of clippings and notes from various sources.            





Research notes, articles and drafts of articles, correspondence, Raymond’s record book of his collection, and clippings are found in Boxes 1-6.   They are arranged mostly in accession number order, not alphabetical order.  The scrapbooks are in Boxes 7-9.  An index to items in the collection is available at this repository.





The materials are in English.





Collection is open to the public.  Copyright restrictions may apply.





Both accessions: gift of Dean and Martha Gandy Fales.






                        Fales, Dean.

                        Brunstom, John Andrew.


                        Dow, Mary.

                        Bapst, M. Germain.

                        Bell, Malcolm.

                        Raymond, Percy Edward.

                        Ineson, Stanley B.

                        Dolbearne, John.

                        Otis, Harrison Gray.

                        Crossman, William W.




            Pewter - Marks.

            Pewter - Collectors and collecting.



            Paleontologists - Recreation.

            Drafts (preliminary versions)












Note: all accession numbers begin with 75x79, unless otherwise noted)


Location: 16 F 1-2


Box 1:  

Folder 1:          Composition of pewter: research notes (.1)

Folder 2:          Composition of pewter: research notes, typescript & manuscript (.2)

Folder 3:          Alloys called pewter (“Chapter 2”) (.3)

Folder 4:          "Pewtering"  (“Chapter 3”) (.4)

Folder 5:          References to pewter (.5)

Folder 6:          Notes on pewter (.6)

Folder 7:          Pewter notes, 1948 (includes information on Dickens, “The Gondoliers,” John Hancock, and George Dow) (.8)

Folder 8:          Pewter notes, 1949-50 (.9)

Folder 9:          Pewter notes, 1950 (.10)

Folder 10:        Pewter notes, 1952 (.11)

Folder 11:        Pewter notes, inventories, etc.: Essex County; Harvard pewter (.12)

Folder 12:        Miscellaneous useful notes on pewter; Connecticut pewter, Hogarth, pewter books in Boston libraries (.13)

Folder 13:        Early New England pewter (.14)

Folder 14:        Boston pewterers (.15)

Folder 15:        Brunstrom, John Andrew (.16)

Folder 16:        Calder daybook (.17)

Folder 17:        Calder: notes from daybook (.18)

Folder 18:        Buttons (.19)



Box 2:  

Folder 1:          Flagons, tankards & measures (.20)

Folder 2:          “A Unique Tudor Measure”: notes, papers, etc. (.21)

Folder 3:          Pipes (.22)

Folder 4:          6" plates (.23)

Folder 5:          Notes on porringers (.24)

Folder 6:          Plain handled porringers: notes & sketches (.25)

Folder 7:          Metropolitan Museum collection (.26)

Folder 8:          Sadware: various notes & references (.27)

Folder 9:          Tea & coffee pots (with list of makers)  (.28)

Folder 10:        Teapots: notes (.29)

Folder 11:        Notes on teapots & coffeepots (.30)

Folder 12:        Early teapots: clippings, notes (.31)

Folder 13:        Weights & measures (.32)

Folder 14:        English pewter notes, 1650-1720 (.33)

Folder 15:        inventory, English pewter, 1950 (.34)

Folder 16:        French porringer notes (.35)

Folder 17:        Continental pewter other than French (.36)

Folder 18:        Glasgow Exhibition, 1938: pewter (.37)

Folder 19:        Scotch pewter notes (.38)

Folder 20:        Bapst, M. Germain: porringers (.39)

Folder 21:        Bell, Malcolm; "old pewter" (.40)

Folder 22:        Paige: notes (.41)

Folder 23:        Welch: history of the Pewterers' Company (.42)

Folder 24:        Biography of Percy Edward Raymond, by Henry C. Stetson (.59)

Folder 25:        "An Analysis of the English Hallmarks on Pewter," by Percy E. Raymond (.60)

Folder 26:        "Basins, Bowls & Pans": notes (.61)

Folder 27:        "Coffeepot? Teapot!": notes relating to pewter, price list, typescript of article (.62)

Folder 28:        "Common American Britannia Lamps": notes and typescript of article (.63)

Folder 29:        "Crown-handled porringers": article from Antiques (.64)

Folder 30:        "Four tankards from one mold": manuscript (.65) [continued in Box 4]



Box 3: 

Folder 1:          Notes on pewter, 1945-1947 (includes information on collection of C. K. Davis, sheets from a sales catalog, list of pewterers, etc.) (.7)

Folder 2:          Clippings, 1921-1949 (.43-.45)

Folder 3:          Clippings, 1927-1949 (.46-.48)

Folder 4:          Clippings, 1936-1951 (.49-.50)

Folder 5:          Clippings, etc., 1946-1950 (.51-.52)

Folder 6:          Flower-handled porringers: notes, typescript of article (.69)

Folder 7:          "Princess & Porringers": draft (.77)

Folder 8:          Carl and Celia Jacobs' pewter lists [dealers’ catalogs] (.107)



Box 4:  

Folder 1:          "Four tankards from one mold": typescript (.66) [see also folder 30 in Box 2]

Folder 2:          "English pewter in the colonies": typescript, notes about Massachusetts pewter, Garvan Collection, Addison Gallery, porringers, Mary Dow (.67)

Folder 3:          "Heart-pierced pewter porringers": manuscript and typescript of article (.68)

Folder 4:          “Pewter candlesticks," by Raymond (.70)

Folder 5:          Pewter candlesticks: notes, clippings, photos, sketches (.71)

Folder 6:          "Pewter porringers": notes (.72)

Folder 7:          “Pewter spoons”: notes and article (.73)

Folder 8:          Tankards, flagons & measures: notes (.74)

Folder 9:          "The Pewtering Thomases" (Danforths) (.75)

Folder 10:        "The Porringer: General Utility Vessel": article manuscript (.76)

Folder 11:        Tudor pewter measure: notes and article (.78)

Folder 12:        "Sadware": article (.79)

Folder 13:        "Salts, casters, snuff boxes" (.80)

Folder 14:        "Some pewter spoons": notes, and list of silver spoons compiled by Stanley B. Ineson (.81)

Folder 15:        "The Troublesome Danforth Lions": article (.82)

Folder 16:        Crown-handled porringers: correspondence, notes, article (.83)

Folder 17:        "What is a porringer?": article by Raymond (.84)

Folder 18:        "Why Collect Pewter": article and photos (.85)

Folder 19:        Photos, 1950-51: pewter and pewter marks (.86)

Folders 20-21: Photos: pewter belonging to Raymond, also pewter marks (.87)



Box 5:  

Folders 1-2      Photos, Raymond, miscellaneous: pewter, marks (.88)

Folder 3:          Photos: exhibits, pewter, marks, etc. (.89)

Folders 4-5:     Photos, pewter objects (.90)

Folder 6:          Negatives (.91)

Folder 7:          New Bedford exhibition (.92)

Folder 8:          Pewter shown at first Pewter Collectors Club, 1935 (.93)

Folder 9:          Pewter shown at Pewter & Rushlight meeting, 1935 (.94)

Folder 10:        Talk of John W. Webber on the Trasks  (.96)

Folder 11:        Problems of the pewter collector (.97)

Folder 12:        Inventory, American pewter, 1950 (.98)

Folder 13:        Silver vs. pewter (.99)



Box 6: 

Folder 1:          Notes on silver porringers (.100)

Folder 2:          "Harrison Gray Otis Pewter": notes (.101)

Folder 3:          Danforth touch: notes (.102)

Folder 4:          Crossman, William W.: notes on this jeweller  (.103)

Folder 5:          Correspondence to Raymond about pewter (.104)

Folder 6:          Pewter book introduction (.105)

Folder 7:          Supplement bibliography; includes list of books about pewter belonging to Howard Herschel Cotterell (.106)

Folders 8-9:     Mrs. Fitzgerald's catalog work sheets (.108)

Folder 10:        Pewterers' Hall: notes (.109)

Folder 11:        Life of Richard Lee (.110)

Folder 12:        Miscellaneous [no number]

Folder 13:        Record book [notes about pewter] (acc. 84x166)

Folder 14:        Record book: Raymond's collection (acc. 84x166)

Folder 15:        Correspondence and research notes of Dean Fales (acc. 84x166)



Boxes 7-9:

Seven scrapbooks which contain clippings and articles either about pewter or written by Raymond.  Accessions 75x79.53-.57 contain information on American pewter; .58 concerns continental pewter.  Accession 75x79.95 contains information on the Kerfoot Pewter Collection.


Box 7: Scrapbooks, 75x79.53-.54


Box 8: Scrapbooks, 75x79.55-.56


Box 9: Scrapbooks, 75x79.57-.58, .95