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Title:               Rose Valley Collection

Dates:             1859-1945 (bulk 1900-1927)

Call No.:         Col. 41

Acc. No.:        82x273-275, 82x370, 83x210, 86x109, 87x177-179, 88x209, 94x11

Quantity:        23 boxes, 1 map case drawer

Location:        15 A 1-4, and Map case D, drawer 7






In 1901, William Lightfoot Price, a noted Philadelphia architect, and M. Hawley McLanahan, a real estate developer and architect, founded the Rose Valley Association near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as an artistic community adhering to the principles of the Arts and Crafts movement.  Their interest in the almost deserted mill village of Rose Valley was in its potential as a site for a community of artisans.  Price and McLanahan wanted to promote the Arts and Crafts movement by establishing a place where furniture workers, weavers, bookbinders, potters, and jewelers could live and work together, using their skills to beautify the world.  Their dream became the Rose Valley Association.  While the Association's active life as a community of artists only lasted about eight years, the name carried on (tax returns from the 1940s still listed the Rose Valley Association [Box 3]), and some projects associated with it continued at least until 1971.  The Borough of Rose Valley (chartered in December 1923) continues the name, as do a chorus and theater group.


Will Price acquired eighty acres of the former Rose Valley Mills property on April 29, 1901, and the Rose Valley Association was incorporated on July 17, 1901.  The association’s purpose was “the manufacture of structures, articles, materials and products involving artistic handicraft.”  On the property were former homes of mill workers, the burned-out shell of the old mill, and a small gristmill, all in a neglected condition.  The homes were refurbished into housing for guests and artists; the mills were rebuilt and renovated into workshop and studio spaces.  Furniture making was the first craft established, beginning in October 1901.  Other artists and artisans had studios in Rose Valley, and a magazine, The Artsman, was published, but the next real craft shop to be established was the pottery shop, begun in1904 by W. Percival Jervis.


The Artsman was published by the Rose Valley Press, whose editor was Horace Traubel (1858-1919).  His office was in Philadelphia, not in Rose Valley.  Thirty-three numbers of this magazine were issued from October 1903 through April 1907.  Some other publications were also produced by the Rose Valley Press.  Not only was Traubel editor and primary writer of articles for The Artsman, he also set the type for the publications, which were then printed by Innes & Sons.  After The Artsman ceased publication, Traubel published another magazine called The Conservator under the imprint of the Rose Valley Press.  This latter publication was issued by the Ethical Society of Philadelphia and had been started by Traubel in1890; it ceased with Traubel’s death in 1919.   


However, all these operations were short-lived; by 1907 the pottery and the furniture shop had closed, and The Artsman had ceased publication.  The Rose Valley Association’s precarious finances forced it to sell most of its property to Hawley McLanahan and his father-in-law Charles Schoen.  Their Rose Valley Improvement Company developed the land into a picturesque suburb, with some of the houses designed by Will Price.  Today, the offices of the Borough of Rose Valley are in the old furniture shop, which was part of the old burned-out mill.   The small gristmill is the home of the Hedgerow Theatre. 





This collection consists of four groups of papers.  The papers were created by the Rose Valley Association, the Rose Valley Press, and M. Hawley McLanahan, with some later photographs taken around 2000.


The Rose Valley Association (RVA) papers document the formation of the Association.  Minutes of meetings, financial records, land records, and tax records round out the collection.  While most of the material in this group of papers deals with the business end of the operation (as opposed to the artistic or philosophical angles), it does include a letter book from the Rose Valley Shops that documents the production standards and schedule for their furniture.  A few items relating to the Rose Valley Folk Theatre are also included.  In addition, there are photographs showing Henry W. Hetzel's home and furniture.  Hetzel was the secretary of the RVA and a mechanical drawing teacher in Philadelphia who had his own small metalworking shop in Rose Valley.


The Rose Valley Press (RVP) items consist mainly of examples of their printing (which was actually done in Philadelphia) and over 100 line cuts (printing blocks of lines of type) used by the Press, from various publications.  As well, there is a small amount of correspondence relating to the business of the Press.


The M. Hawley McLanahan (McL) papers include a great many papers generated in the course of his professional life as partner in the architectural firm Price & McLanahan, which was formed in 1903.  The collection includes letter books, bills and receipts, tax records, project files, and bound account books.  William L. Price died on 14 October 1916, but the firm name Price & McLanahan continued to be used for several more years.  McLanahan then joined with Ralph Bencker in a new partnership; McLanahan & Bencker was formed in the first half of 1920, although some clients continued to address correspondence to Price & McLanahan.  This partnership dissolved in 1926, and McLanahan continued in independent practice until his death in 1929.  From 1885 to 1890, he had been in a real estate partnership called Whiteside and McLanahan; this firm was incorporated in 1922.


In addition to papers relating to the Rose Valley Association, the McLanahan group contains documents describing involvement in proposed or completed architectural projects.  These projects include a bridge across the Hudson River designed by Gustav Lindenthal; the Flamingo Hotel at Alton Beach, Miami, Florida; the Miami [Florida] Aquarium (which includes virtually the only architectural drawings in the collection, and correspondence from John O. La Gorce of the National Geographic); and a proposed resort to be called "Overhanover" in New Hanover County, North Carolina (including correspondence from H. B. Wall, and a number of maps).  The bridge and the resort were never built.  The hotel was not built as designed because the bids were too high.  The aquarium was built, but suffered a partial collapse.


The McLanahan papers also include records of McLanahan's involvement in the Musical Art Club of Philadelphia (1916-1927), and papers documenting his importing European antiques.  McLanahan was involved in settling Price's estate (which papers give some interesting information on Price), and the estate of art dealer Georges J. Demotte (the records of which are in the bound account books in Box 19).


The photographs taken around 2000 depict some chairs attributed to Rose Valley furniture maker John Maene, a piece of pottery, the two bear statues, and some homes in Rose Valley.  Found with the photos was a 1971 zoning map of Rose Valley borough.


Also of interest are scans of photograph albums from the family of Walter Ferris Price, a Philadelphia architect and brother of Rose Valley founder William Lightfoot Price.  There are a number of photos of people and homes in Rose Valley, including stills from plays produced there.  In addition, there are photos of the extended Price family, its friends, and their homes; a parade celebrating the centennial of the U.S. constitution; ships on the Delaware River; classic tableaux stages by the students of the Pennsylvania Museum School of Industrial Art; and people outside the Arch Street Meeting House. 





This collection  is divided into four series: I. Rose Valley Association; II. Rose Valley Press; III.  M. Hawley McLanahan (and his various partnerships); and IV. Photographs from circa 2000 and scans of photo albums.


Rose Valley Association papers (Series I) are found in Boxes 1-4, with oversized materials in Box 20 and in Map Case D.  Rose Valley Press Papers (Series II)  are in Boxes 4-12, with oversized materials in Boxes 4A and 20.  M. Hawley McLanahan papers (Series III) are in Boxes 13-19.  The photographs from circa 2000 and the scans of photos albums (Series IV) are in Boxes 18-A and 18-B.





The materials are in English.





Collection is open to the public.  Copyright restrictions may apply.





Some of the papers were gifts from William Ayres and from an anonymous donor.

Other papers were purchased from The Americanist (Pottstown, PA), Hedgerow Partnership, and William Homer.


The photographs in Series IV were transferred from DAPC backlog, February 2016.  The scans in Series IV were done in 2014 and the original albums were returned to the owner (a descendant of Walter F. Price).





Some of this material is available at this repository on microfilm, reels 2805 and 2806.


Several books about Rose Valley are available at this repository; check the on-line catalog.


The Library of Congress Manuscripts Division holds the papers of Horace Traubel, which includes correspondence with William Price.


The Athenaeum of Philadelphia lists works by Price and McLanahan in its database of Philadelphia architects.


Items (chair, window, carvings) designed or attributed to William L. Price are owned by the Philadelphia Museum of Art.






                        Price, William L., 1861-1916.

                        McLanahan, M. Hawley (Martin Hawley), 1865-1929.

                        Demotte, Georges J., 1877-1923 - Estate.

                        La Gorce, John Oliver, 1880-1959.

                        Wall, H. B. (Henri Block)

                        Lindenthal, Gustav, 1850-1935.

                        Hetzel, Henry W.

                        Traubel, Horace, 1858-1919.

                        Yellin, Samuel, 1885-1940.

                        Price family – Homes and haunts.



Price and McLanahan.

            McLanahan & Bencker.

            Rose Valley Association.

            Rose Valley Press.

            Rose Valley Folk Theatre.

            Musical Art Club (Philadelphia, Pa.)

            Miami Aquarium.

            Overhanover (North Carolina : Resort)

            United States.  Constitution.


            Antique dealers.

            Arts and crafts movement - Pennsylvania - Rose Valley.

            Aquariums, Public - Florida - Miami.

            Decedents’ estates.

            Hotels - Florida - Miami.

            Hotels - New Jersey - Atlantic City.

            Furniture - Photographs.

Interior decoration - Photographs.

Resort architecture - North Carolina - New Hanover County.

            Seaside resorts.

            Seaside architecture.

Suspension bridges - New York (State) - Design and construction.


            Rose Valley (Pa.)

            New Hanover County (N.C.) – Maps.





            Bills of sale.



            Tax returns.    



            Photographic prints.










Location: 15 A 1-4, and Map Case D, Drawer 7



Series I: Rose Valley Association papers


Box 1: Rose Valley Association papers


Folder 1:          mortgage indenture between Lydia Yarnell, Lucinda Peters, B. Frank and Sarah Thomas, Robert and Lydia Ferman, and George and Susanna Neeld of one part and Martha H. Ogden of other part, for land in Middletown township, Delaware County, 20 Dec. 1898


Folder 2:          Deed poll, with names of Isabella V. and William H. Osborne (administrators of estate of Antrim Osborne), the Pennsylvania Company for Insurance, Edward H. Coates, and Gustavus English (deceased), mentioning Rose Valley Mills;

                        Also a plat map, focusing on a road to Media passing through lands of S. M. Holms, April 1, 1898


Folder 3:          Certificate of incorporation of Rose Valley Association, 1901


Folder 4:          stock certificate in Rose Valley Association, issued to Ruth Oliver, 1923, signed by treasurer William Price and President L. Stauffer Oliver


Folder 5:          Land title insurance, 1901


Folder 6:          Land titles, deeds, 1901-1902:

                        Deed from Pennsylvania Company for Insurance to William L. Price (1901) and deed from William L. Price and wife to Rose Valley Association (1902)


Folder 7:          Bills for supplies and work, 1892?-1902: plaster and plastering, fixing and painting roofs, taking down ranges, gutter work, etc.  The metal- work bills specify which buildings in Rose Valley were being repaired.


Folder 8:          Statements of receipts and disbursements: for purchase of Rose Valley property, repair work, taxes, etc.; and receipts of money from sales of stock and scrap iron, rent, etc., 1901-1902

Folder 9:          Report of Corporate Loans, 1908, for Rose Valley Association


Folder 10:        reports on tax on capital stock, filed with  Auditor General’s office, 1901-1909


Folder 11:        Ledger book of shares of RVA, 1902-1932 (name index in front)


Folder 12:        Minutes book of RVA: Board of Directors and stockholders, 1901-1910


Folder 13:        Letter book, including records of furniture, 1902-1907 (name index in front)



Box 2: Rose Valley Association papers


Folder 1:          Mortgage deed with Swarthmore College, 1903;

                        Bond and warrant, RVA to Swarthmore College, 1903;

                        Bond and warrant, William L. Price to Swarthmore College, 1903


Folder 2:          Minutes of Association meetings, 1903-1909

                        (stockholders, 1903; board of directors, 1903, 1909)


Folder 3:          statement of assets and liabilities, 1903;

                        Audit of treasurer’s accounts, 1904


Folder 4:          Accounts, 1905-1909; includes trial balance, synopsis of loss and gain, statement of assets and liabilities, statement of treasurer’s account


Folder 5:          Proxies to vote shares, signed by various shareholders and appointing different people (usually W.L. Price or H. McLanahan) to act as proxy, 1904-1908


Folder 6:          Rights given to Price & McLanahan to buy shares, 1907-1908


Folder 7:          “Sketches of land, Association principles, Accounts, Paid and unpaid bills,” specifically:

                        W.LP. payments 1902-1903 and 1904;

                        Other financial notes, with initials of various people;

                        An article about Rose Valley;

                        Part of a page from a used book catalog [this probably has nothing to do with Rose Valley]


Folder 8:          Indenture: RVA leasing land to M.H. McLanahan, 1907


Folder 9:          Description of various Rose Valley land tracts, 1909;

                        Bill from accountant, 1909;

                        Receipt for payment of interest to Swarthmore College, 1909;

                        A letter about a stock certificate, 1910;

                        Miscellaneous financial notes


Folder 10:        Correspondence referring to financial conditions of RVA, 1908-31 October 1910; also corporate income tax return for 1910; state of assets and liabilities for 1910


Folder 11:        Papers and correspondence re financial conditions, 1 November 1910-1917; includes corporate income tax returns for 1911-1913; and letter from Schoen stating that he would like to sell his Rose Valley property


Folders 12-13: Finances, 1908-1910; includes report of corporate loans, 1909, and capital stock report, 1909; and reports on state taxes on capital stock, 1901-1910


Folder 14:        Financial papers and documents, 1906-1910, including tax receipts; an agreement between Shoen, McLanahan, and Price about stock holding; various financial notes; etc.


Folder 15:        Financial papers and documents, 1910-1917; including bills for work done to various buildings; minutes of directors’ meeting, Nov. 1910; etc.


Folder 16:        Rental agreements between RVA and Rose Valley Folk Theatre, 1913, 1923, 1924


Folder 17:        Rose Valley Folk Theatre, Safety rules for theatre, 1921



Box 3: Rose Valley Association papers


Folder 1:          title search for RVA property, 1932


Folder 2:          Mortgage papers, 1925; notice of desire to incorporate borough of Rose Valley; permit to construct sewer line, 1934, etc.


Folder 3:          RVA account book, 1932-1944


Folder 4:          2 bonds, 1937-1941


Folder 5:          Bank statement, cancelled checks, 1944-1945


Folders 6-7:     Tax reports, returns, receipts, 1910-1922


Folders 8-9:     Tax reports, returns, receipts, 1923-1934


Folders 10-11: Tax reports, returns, receipts, 1935-1941


Folder 12:        Guild Hall and Hedgerow Theatre legal papers, 1924-1930


Folder 13:        Booklet: "Rose Valley: Then and Now" [borough history], 1966


Folder 14:        "Discription [sic] of the ... lands of the Rose Valley Association ... to be divided" [photocopy], 1909


Folders15:       Henry Hetzel photographs (acc. 94x11)

            1. Hetzel in his workshop

            2. Hetzel and his wife, Miriam, at home (another woman also in photo)

            3. Hetzel house, Price’s Land, Rose Valley, exterior

            4-8. Hetzel house interior [one photo is published in Handicrafts in the Home by Mabel Tuke Priestman, 1910]

            9-13. Furniture attributed to Hetzel, some of which was published in The Artsman.



Box 4: miscellaneous materials about Rose Valley


Folder 1:          "The Rose Valley Players," by Wm. W. Price [photocopy] (4 p.), 1922


Folder 2:          "The Artsman," a play by Will Price [photocopy] (23 p.), n.d.


Folder 3:          "Wat the Tyler," a play by William L. Price [photocopy] (29 p.), n.d.


Folder 4:          "History of Rose Valley,” kept by Margaret and William Price with assistance of Owen Stephens [photocopy] (129 p.), 1907-1914


Folder 5:          "This Was Rose Valley: A Study in Community and Personality," by Eleanore Price Mather [typescript], n.d.


Folder 6:          photo of concert poster by Alice Barber Stephens [original poster is in map case]



Box 20: Oversize materials for Rose Valley Association


Folder 1:          Rose Valley Association stock certificate book, 1901-1937


Folder 2:          Rose Valley Association, tax returns, 1910-1922


Folder 3:          Rose Valley Association, tax returns, 1923-1934


Folder 4:          Rose Valley Association, tax returns, 1935-1941



Map Case D, Drawer 7:


Poster advertising a concert to benefit the Rose Valley Guild Hall.  Pastel drawing depicts woman holding guitar.  Concert to be held on June 29, 1905 and to feature voice, flute, violin, and piano.  Drawing initialed A. B. S. [Alice Barber Stephens] (acc. no. 95x117)


Blueprint: “Plan of property belonging to Rose Valley Association…, June 12, 1903…”; endorsed on back: “Plan showing division of Long Point property, Rose Valley”



Series II: Rose Valley Press papers



Box 4: Rose Valley Press papers


Folders 7-8:     Printed material from The Artsman, 1903-1908, includes subscription forms, photo of Horace Traubel, etc.


Folder 9:          Proofs of advertisements, illustrations (The Artsman), 1903-1910


Folder 10:        Innes & Sons, printers, 1904


Folder 11:        Printed material: The Conservator, 1903-1917 [note: this was a publication of the Ethical Society of Philadelphia and was begun by Horace Traubel]


Folder 12:        The Conservator, (copies, etc.), 1899-1917


Folder 13:        Horace Traubel poems, 1910-1915


Folders 14-15: The Butterfly Quarterly, nos. 3-4 (spring and summer 1908);

                        500 copies of each issue was printed; these are copy 354(?) for the spring issue and 304 for the summer issue; 

                        [see box 4-A for issue number 7];

                        [note: this was published by George Wolfe Plank of Philadelphia and printed by Innes & Sons]


Folder 16:        Related Arts and Crafts documents: includes materials from School of Industrial Arts (Trenton, New Jersey), Society of Arts and Crafts (Boston, Mass.), International Studio announcement, ad for Mosher Books (Portland, Maine), two items from the Roycrofters


Folder 17:        Hitchcock, Frederick H.  Book-Builder’s Handbook of Types, Scales, Bulks, Equivalents, Etcetera.  New York: Fleming & Carnrick, 1899.



Box 4A: Rose Valley Press papers (oversized; see also Box 20)


Folder 1:          Rough sketch for cover for The Artsman


Folder 2:          The words The Artsman printed in different type fonts


Folder 3:          The Butterfly, number 7 (summer 1909), copy no. 246, front cover is missing

                        [see box 4 for two additional issues of this periodical]


Folder 4:          Photograph of cover of The Butterfly, summer 1909


Folder 5:          The Conservator, November 1906, proof copy, marked “OK Traubel,” printed for Rose Valley Press


Folder 6:          The Conservator, September 1907, proof copy, marked “OK Traubel,” printed for Rose Valley Press


Folders 7-10:   The Conservator, April 1915, printed for Rose Valley Press;

                        The Conservator, October 1915, printed for Rose Valley Press;

                        The Conservator, February 1917, printed for Rose Valley Press;

                        The Conservator, September 1917, printed for Rose Valley Press



Box 5: Rose Valley Press papers


Folder 1:          Accounts, 1903-1908 and undated


Folder 2:          Bills and receipts, Curtis & Brother, Nonantum Paper Mills, Newark, Del., 1903-1906


Folder 3:          Bills and receipts, Duncan & Company, 1903-1906


Folder 4:          Bills and receipts, Innes & Sons, 1903-1904


Folder 5:          Bills and receipts, John Dickinson & Co. Ltd., 1905-1906;

                        Includes a paper sample


Folder 6:          Bills and receipts, Keystone Type Foundry, 1903-1904, 1906


Folder 7:          Bills and receipts, Liberty Binding and Mailing Co., 1903-1906


Folder 8:          Bills and receipts, Photo-Chromotype Engraving Co., 1903-1906


Folder 9:          Bills and receipts, United States Postal Service, 1903-1904


Folder 10:        Bills and receipts, Various vendors, 1903-1904, 1906

                        (paper mills, type founders, box makers)


Folder 11:        Correspondence, General, 1903-1906; includes:

                                    The Society of Arts and Crafts (Boston);

                                    Ray Williams of the Roycroft Shop;

                                    The Morris Society (Chicago);

                                    and a number of others


Folder 12:        Correspondence, Henry McBride, School of Industrial Arts, Trenton, NJ, 1903-1906


Folder 13:        Correspondence, The International Studio, John Lane, Publisher, 1904


Folder 14:        Correspondence, The Upholsterer, Clifford & Lawton, Publisher, 1904


Folder 15:        Documents, Miscellaneous, including copies of The Artsman, a bill for The Rose Valley Guest House [on card printed with that name], lists of names and addresses [subscribers or potential subscribers?], etc.


Folder 16:        Subscription Correspondence, 1903


Folder 17:        Subscription Correspondence, 1904


Folder 18:        Subscription Information



Box 6: Rose Valley Press papers: Printing blocks:


Side of box which held some of printing blocks;

seals for Rose Valley Press, different sizes (7 envelopes);

Line cut for The Artsman, March 1906;

detail of furniture piece, initialed W.P.;

details of a chair, “Cut 1: dowel construction,”  “cut 2: mortise construction,” “Cut 4: mixed construction,”  “Cut 5, When you next look at a chair,” all initialed W.P. (4 envelopes);

details of furniture, cuts 2 and 3; both initialed W.P. (2 envelopes)



Box 7: Rose Valley Press papers: printing blocks


details of furniture, cuts 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8; all initialed W.L.P. (6 envelopes);

facsimile reproduction of a letter from Kelmscott House, June 11, 1889, praising Walt Whitman;

“Rose Valley String Quartet, Season 1909-1910,” ads giving dates for concerts (2 copies, 2 envelopes);

name: J. William Lloyd;

Name: Robert G. Ingersoll;

Name: George Gluyas Mercer;

Name: William Ordway Partridge;

Name: Thomas B. Harned



Box 8: Rose Valley Press papers: printing blocks from The Conservator


Name: Charles Ferguson

The Conservator – heading for title page or front cover;

“The Conservator stands for the best and the freest….”

“The Conservator is broad and clean….”

“To turn from the inanities and the sensationalism….”

“Conservator?  Yes, this paper is radical enough….”

“I have it on my mind for some time….”

“… many brilliant epigrams about God….”

Column title: “Why I Like the Conservator,” Bliss Carman;

“I read the Conservator because….”

“You ask me for an opinion of the Conservator.”



Box 9: Rose Valley Press papers: printing blocks


“Basis of Charges,” table of fees for an architect’s work. [see box 16, folder 9 for pamphlet about Price and McLanahan which includes this page]


Line cuts from unknown publications, some of which refer disparagingly to industrial trusts  (18 envelopes)



Box 10: Rose Valley Press papers: printing blocks


Line cuts from unknown publications, some of which refer disparagingly to industrial trusts  (21 envelopes)



Box 11: Rose Valley Press papers: printing blocks


Line cuts from unknown publications, some of which refer disparagingly to industrial trusts  (16 envelopes)



Box 12: Rose Valley Press papers: printing blocks


Line cuts from unknown publications, some of which refer disparagingly to industrial trusts; one is the caption title Cartoons  (8 envelopes);

 “Philadelphia: Monthly: one dollar a year/ John Burroughs/ Hamlin Garland”;

Illustration: painter in front of his easel[?];

Illustration: buildings [Rose Valley?];

Metal grid [heavy];

Printing type such as those used by Traubel for The Conservator; from the George Reed School, New Castle, Del.



Box 20: Oversize materials Rose Valley Press [additional oversize materials in box 4-A]


Folder 5:          Rose Valley Press, sample cover for The Artsman, October 1903


Folder 6:          William Price, Drawing of a workman’s cottage in Rose Valley, perhaps used in one of the press’s publications


Series III: M. Hawley McLanahan papers


Box 13: Price and McLanahan papers


Folder 1:          Mortgage for property in Norwegian township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, November 10, 1859, William Chamberlain, Henry C. Carey, Joseph Pancoast, Charles M. Allen and Enoch W. McGinnes to Thomas Williamson of Philadelphia


Folder 2:          Agreement between William L. Price, John O. Gilmore, and McLanahan, 1900, respecting patents;


                         Agreement between William L. Price and McLanahan to perform architectural work together under the firm name Price and McLanahan, August 18, 1902


Folder 3:          Receipts for applications to state of New Jersey for certificates to practice architecture, 1905-1917 [1905 addressed to Price and McLanahan, the remainder to McLanahan alone]


Folder 4-20:     Bills and receipts, 1902-1918

                        Bills addressed variously to McLanahan, Price, Price & McLanahan, and Whiteside & McLanahan, for rent, utilities, office supplies, building supplies, books, rugs, etc.



Box 14: Price and McLanahan papers


Folder 1:          Stationery envelope from the firm, n.d.


Folder 2:          Letter book, March 1903-May 1904; name index in front of volume


Folder 3:          Letter book, May 1904-April 1905; name index in front of volume


Folder 4:          Letter book, April 1905-September 1905; name index in front of volume


Folder 5:          Price and McLanahan: Letter book, September 1905-December 1905; name index in front of volume



Box 15: Price and McLanahan papers


Folder 1:          Letter book, December 1905-March 1906; name index in front of volume


Folder 2:          Letter book, March 1906-September 1907, December 1909; name index in front of volume


Folder 3:          Accounts and agreement, 1910-1913


Folder 4:          Accounts, 1916


Folder 5:          Hotel Traymore, Atlantic City, New Jersey, and other accounts, 1915



Box 16: Price and McLanahan papers; McLanahan papers


Folder 1:          Price and McLanahan: Proposed "Overhanover" resort, New Hanover County, North Carolina, 1902-1923


Folder 2:          Price and McLanahan: Overhanover correspondence, 1909-1910


Folder 3:          Price and McLanahan: Overhanover, options to purchase land in New Hanover County, North Carolina, 1910


Folder 4:          Price and McLanahan: Overhanover correspondence, soil and property maps, 1911


Folder 5:          McLanahan: Settlement of William Price estate, 1917


Folders 6-10:   McLanahan: Tax records, McLanahan and Rose Valley Association, 1913-1922



Box 17: Whiteside & McLanahan papers; McLanahan papers


Folder 1:          McLanahan: M. Hawley McLanahan diary, 1914;

                        Mostly entries about business, especially about the hours worked by P. [presumably Price]


Folder 2:          McLanahan: Sale of Rose Valley property, 1917-1919


Folder 3:          McLanahan: Rose Valley properties and estate of Charles T. Schoen, 1911-1919;

                                    Includes a pamphlet: Price and McLanahan, Architects: Schedule of Professional Practice and Charges [note: the printing plate for one of these pages is in box 9];

                                    Also includes a pamphlet about Todmorden Hall, the former Bancroft family home near Rose Valley


Folder 4:          McLanahan: Charles Schoen estate, 1920-1922


Folder 5:          McLanahan: Patents (U.S. and Canada) for new and improved train sheds, 1918-1922


Folder 6:          McLanahan and Whiteside & McLanahan: Legal correspondence, 1923-1925


Folder 7:          McLanahan and Whiteside & McLanahan: Real estate correspondence, 1920-1922


Folder 8:          W.H. Farnham: proposal for Palace America and Coliseum of Art, Music, Social, and Intellectual Amusement, New York City, 12 July 1910


Folder 9:          McLanahan: Musical Art Club of Philadelphia, 1916-1920;

                                    Includes correspondence with Samuel Yellin, about making ironwork for the Musical Art Club, 1918


Folder 10:        McLanahan: Musical Art Club of Philadelphia, 1921-1927


Folders 11-12: McLanahan: European tour: customs vouchers, brokers' papers for antiques bought in Italy, France and England, 1920-1922, 1923-1927



Box 18: McLanahan papers


Folder 1:          Old Colony Club, 1918;

                        letter about Florida, 1924


Folders 2-3:     Hudson River Bridge project, 1920-1924


Folders 4-5:     Florida project: The Flamingo Hotel at Alton Beach, Miami, January 22, 1918-April 30, 1919


Folder 6-7:       Florida project: The Flamingo Hotel, May 2, 1919-July 31, 1919


Folder 8-9:       Florida project: The Flamingo Hotel, August 1, 1919-August 19, 1919


Folder 10-12:   Florida project: The Flamingo Hotel, August 20, 1919-April 12, 1920



Box 18-A: McLanahan papers


Folders 1-8:     Florida project: Star Island Project, December 12, 1918-November 14, 1921


Folders 9-12:   Florida project (Miami Aquarium Project), May 26, 1919-January 21, 1924



Box 19: McLanahan papers: estate of Georges J. Demotte


Five bound books in which are kept the accounts stemming from the settlement of the estate of Georges J. Demotte, 1923-1925: journal, ledger, cash receipts, accounts receivable, and “ancillary administrator as agent for domiciliary administratix.”

            The journal includes an inventory of items sold for the estate in September 1923.  The items, furniture, artwork, and decorative art objects, are described in some detail.

            Georges [or George] Joseph Demotte (1877-1923) was a Belgian-born art dealer, specializing in the sale of medieval art, with galleries in Paris and New York.  When returning from a hunting trip, he was accidently shot by his friend Otto Wegener, another French art dealer.  His accounts show that his customers included the Metropolitan Museum of Art, William Randolph Hearst, Raymond Pitcairn of Bryn Athin, Penn., etc.



[box 20: contents are part of series I and II, and are described in those series]

Series IV: Photographs taken circa 2000, transferred from DAPC; and scans done in 2014


Box 18-A:


Folder 13:        Buildings, chiefly (perhaps all) houses

                                    The buildings are not identified.


Folder 14:        Furniture, bear statues, pottery, contact sheets

                                    Includes chairs attributed to John Maene, a piece of pottery made by W.P. Jervis, the bear statues made by David Lightfoot


Folder 15:        zoning map of Rose Valley borough, March 1, 1971



Box 18-B


Acc. 14x80.1-.5: Scans of 5 photo albums of the Price family, its friends, and scenes from Rose Valley, Pennsylvania; the albums are owned by a descendent of architect Walter F. Price (brother of Rose Valley founder Will Price).


[Walter Ferris Price (1857-1951), son of Sarah D. Lightfoot and James Martin Price, was an architect in Philadelphia.  He married Felicia Hemans Thomas (1872-1967), and their daughter was Eleanore May Price (1910-1985).  Walter’s brother William Lightfoot Price was also an architect and founded of Rose Valley.]


.1         “Album”: photos by James M. Price and sons, circa 1884-circa 1889

.2         “Scrap album” [title on cover, but is a photo album]: by Walter F. Price, 1887-1893; includes photos of parade celebrating centennial of U.S. Constitution, ships on Delaware River, home of William L. Price, classic tableaux by students of the Pennsylvania Museum School of Industrial Art, photos of family and friends;

.3         [untitled album]: Walter F. Price: family and friends, including photos of Rose Valley and people outside Arch Street Meeting House

.4         “Eleanor’s First Home, Rose Hedge,” 1913-circa 1925: family and friends, many taken at Rose Valley, plays at Rose Valley

            [name spelled Eleanor on cover, but identification on photos spell name Eleanore]

.5         “Home Pictures for Felicia T. Price, from W.F.P.,” 1913: home in Rose Valley, family and friends.