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Creator:         Hort, Margaret Janvier (1899-ca.1980)                                 

Title:               Papers

Dates:             1701-1981

Call No.:         Col. 33           

Acc. No.:        81x480

Quantity:        11 boxes, 1 volume

Location:        9 A 1-3






The Janvier family genealogist of the 1960s and 1970s, Margaret Janvier Hort was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  She received the B.S. in Ed. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1921, the B.S. at Syracuse University's School of Library Science in 1934, and the M.S. from Columbia University in 1948.  She was medical librarian at Trudeau Sanatorium, Trudeau, New York (1927-33); librarian, Skaneateles, New York, Library Association (1934-37); assistant librarian and acting librarian, Russell Sage College, Troy, New York (1937-49); librarian, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1949-59); and librarian, The Shipley School, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania (1959-67).  In her retirement, she lived in Bryn Mawr, and then Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.





The collection consists of the genealogical files which Margaret Janvier Hort assembled during her research into the history of the Janvier family, descended from Thomas Janvier (1664-ca. 1729), an early French immigrant to what is now Odessa, Delaware.  It includes her own correspondence, notes, and charts, (boxes 1, 2 and 8) as well as similar materials from earlier family historians, particularly Marie Lyle of California, whose work was done in the 1940s (boxes 1-3).  As well, there is some information about other families related to the Janviers.


Especially important among the great number of original manuscript documents (in boxes 4-7) are letters to or from Mary Fries Janvier (1818-1911), her brother Levi Janvier (1816-1864) a Presbyterian missionary to India, and their father George Washington Janvier (1784-1865), and other near relatives, including C. A. R. (Rodney) Janvier, who was also a Presbyterian missionary in India, where he was president of Ewing Christian College in Allahabad.  One letter includes a description of a cousin’s wedding which took place in Washington, D.C., in 1860.   The collection also includes photocopies of original documents from a number of other archival repositories (most in box 3), typescript copies of other documents (most done by Marie Lyle), and both modern and historical photographs (boxes 7, 9, 10, 11, and photo album on shelf).  The photos of especial interest include those of Captain Alexander Lewden Robeson in his army uniform, James Jones wearing some other kind of uniform, Martha Robeson Janvier Hort in her wedding dress, Joseph Garrison in academic dress, and the boy C. A. Rodney Janvier being held by an East Indian man wearing a turban.


As well, there are Valentine and Christmas cards (one of the Valentines includes a marriage proposal; some are handwritten poems, while others are commercial cards), a paper doll (just head and shoulders, with various head coverings and costumes), drawings and watercolors executed by members of the family, printed materials, autograph albums, poems (most by Francis De Haes Janvier), an elaborate hand-painted reward of merit, silhouettes, stencils, a sampler (alphabets and numbers only, unsigned, undated), and invitations to weddings and graduations.





When received, the collection was in a variety of envelopes.  These envelopes were discarded when the collection was processed in 1990.  The folder titles listed below are, for the most part, taken from those envelopes.  Since there was no apparent order to the folders, the materials were roughly arranged as follows: the more modern materials, notes and correspondence first, followed by copies and secondary material, followed by the original documents.  Oversized materials and artifacts are in Box 9.  





The materials are in English.





Collection is open to the public.  Copyright restrictions may apply.





Janvier family papers, Col. 155, includes family histories for the Janvier, Marley, and McWilliams families.


The January family papers, Col 570, includes genealogical materials about the Janvier and January families of Delaware and Kentucky.  (Some Janvier descendants anglicized their surname to January.) 


Additional Janvier family materials are found in Col. 869 at this repository; this collection also includes materials on the Danforth and Bush families.  Most of this material relates to a branch of the family which included Thomas Janvier (1773-1852).


Members of the Janvier family are mentioned in Fol. 229, the Wilmington Fire Insurance Co. log.


The Winterthur Museum collection includes furniture made by John Janvier, Sr.


The New Castle Historical Society in New Castle, Delaware, also holds Janvier family materials and artifacts, including clothing.





Gift of Francis Hort Sharp.






                        Janvier family.

                        Robinson family.

                        Golden family.

                        Janvier, Levi, 1816-1864.

                        Janvier, George W. (George Washington), 1784-1865.

                        Janvier, C. A. R. (Caesar Augustus Rodney), 1861-1928.

                        Janvier, Mary Fries, 1818-1928.

                        Lyle, Marie C.

                        Honeywell, Martha Ann, ca.1787-ca.1848.



            Pittsgrove Presbyterian Church (Daretown, N.J.)

            Presbyterian Church - Missions - India.

            Art, Amateur.

Christmas cards.

Courtship – Delaware – 19th century.


            Marriage customs and rites.

Missionaries - Correspondence.

Paper dolls.

Religious thought – 19th century.




India – Missions.

Odessa (Del.) - Genealogy.

Odessa (Del.) - History.


Autograph albums.

Card files.






            Photographic prints.


            Rewards of merit.

            Stencils (images).








Location: 9 A 1-3



Box 1A:


Folder 1:         Working folder, Margaret J. Hort


Folder 2:         Working notes, Margaret J. Hort


Folder 3:         Correspondence with Historical Society of Delaware et al., 1978-81


Folder 4:         Some lines of descent from Thomas Janvier I


Folder 5:         Comprehensive Janvier family trees


Folder 6:         Further family trees


Folder 7:         Various typed genealogies compiled by Marie Lyle


Folder 8:         Baltimore correspondence, 1972


Folder 9:         Correspondence, Mrs. Darwin R. Beardsley, Townsend, DE, 1981


Folder 10:       Correspondence, Alma Janvier, 1947-81


Folder 11:       Correspondence and photocopied documents, Mrs. George Janvier, New Orleans,

                        LA, 1972-76


Folder 12:       Mrs. George Janvier, copies of documents and charts


Folder 13:       Correspondence, re: Joseph Janvier (with Mrs. Anthony Hopkins, Mrs. James                                     Franklin Parks), 1978-80


Folder 14:       Correspondence and notes, Mary M. Janvier, Philadelphia, PA, 1944-50 (includes copy of will of Thomas Janvier, written 1723) (continues in next box)



Box 1B:         


Folder 1:         Correspondence and notes, Mary M. Janvier, Philadelphia, PA, 1944-50 (continued from previous box)


Folder 2:         Indenture, apprenticeship papers of Richard See’s Negro boy Peter to Francis Janvier, blacksmith, New Castle, Delaware, June 4, 1787.  Richard See was a yeoman in Appoquinimink Hundred.


Folder 3:         letter from unknown person aboard the New Castle packet in the Delaware River, to Jane, Dec. 3, 1815. 


Folder 4:         letter, John Janvier, Cantwell’s Bridge, to son John, Easton, Penn., Nov. 6, 1833


Folder 5:         “Solemn Dedication” by W. B. Janvier and John Janvier. 

                        John Janvier’s dedication is dated May 20, 1820, in his 51st year.  He writes “I am determined to serve the Lord as fully as my frail nature will admit….”

                        W. B. Janvier’s dedication is not dated, but is a much longer document.


Folder 6:         recipe for durable ink


Folder 7:         publications and notes about Janvier family: 

                        Pittsgrove Presbyterian Church resolution on death of John W. Janvier, April 5, 1874;

                        Ivy Hall graduation invitation (2 copies) for class of 1885, including Mattie R. Janvier, Bridgeton, N.J.;

                        Honorary Junior Orations, Princeton College, Class of 1880, including C.A.R. Janvier;

                        “Address Delivered on the Occasion of the Funeral of Francis De Haes Janvier, January 8, 1885, by the Rev. Byron Sunderland”

                        “History of the Presbyterian Church of Pittsgrove in Salem County, N.J.” (1893), with information about George Washington Janvier, pastor 1811-1857

                        Minutes of the Presbytery of Lehigh, vol. 5, no. 6 (1936), with memorial notice about the Rev. Francis S. Hort

                        Photocopy of p. 244-247 of History of Princeton and Its Institutions, vol. 1 (Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1879), with biographical information about Francis De Haes Janvier



Box 2:


Folder 1:         Genealogical correspondence, Mrs. Robert Janvier, Lakewood, NJ, 1976-77


Folder 2:         Correspondence, Robert Janvier, Spokane, WA, 1980-81


Folder 3:         Correspondence, Amos J. Johnson, San Francisco, CA, 1900-1949


Folder 4:         Correspondence, John Janvier Louderbough (plus correspondence with Mary Lyle and Mary M. Janvier), 1882-1950


Folder 5:         Correspondence, Marie Lyle, Los Angeles, CA, ca. 1946-49


Folder 6:         Marie Lyle, documents including copy of 1702 land grant from William Penn [location of original grant not given]


Folder 7:         Marie Lyle, "Recent Compilations of ...," ca. 1946-48


Folder 8:         Correspondence, Mrs. Jas. F. Parks, Baltimore, MD, 1978-81


Folder 9:         Correspondence, Mrs. Charles Edmund Pugh, Malvern, PA, n.d.


Folder 10:       Correspondence, Miss C. J. Sinnott, New Orleans, LA, 1979-81


Folder 11:       Miss C. J. Sinnott, (earlier Marie Lyle genealogical correspondence and charts)


Folder 12:       Correspondence, Don J. Sublette, Detroit, MI, 1966-72


Folder 13:       Correspondence, Mrs. Mariana Brown Willey, Middletown, DE, 1981



Box 3:


Folder 1:         Thomas A. Janvier (Lyle typescripts)


Folder 2:         Thomas Janvier will; typed genealogies (photostats)


Folder 3:         Charles Albert Janvier, Meredith Janvier, Carmelite Janvier [includes photos]


Folder 4:         William Bradford Janvier (Lyle typescripts; charts)


Folder 5:         Belle G. Janvier (typed charts)


Folder 6:         Belle G. Janvier, Estate Settlement, 1921-22


Folder 7:         "A Righteous Man” [cover title]; “A Discourse in Memory of the Rev. George W. Janvier, D.D., Pastor of the Pittsgrove Presbyterian Church from 1811 to 1857,” preached. June 12, 1865, by Edward P. Shields, pastor.  (Camden: S. Chew, 1865) (2 copies)


Folder 8:         University of Pennsylvania copies re: Wm. Thomson, G. Victor Janvier, Ernest Janvier


Folder 9:         Latrobe survey of New Castle, DE, copies made 1981


Folder 10:       Delaware Archives copies of Janvier wills, ship list, deeds, 1701-1977


Folder 11:       Martha Robeson Janvier Hort, Genealogical notes "copied ... from sister, Mary Fries Janvier's record," n.d.


Folder 12:       Marie F. Janvier, Genealogical notes, 1904; includes silhouette of Mary Lizzie Robeson (paper stamped Sturges & Co.), with note: “cut with the mouth by M. A. Honeywell”; also includes a small painting of a farm cottage.

                        [Martha Ann Honeywell, born in New Hampshire around 1787, was born with partial arms and with only three toes on one foot, but became a proficient silhouette artist and embroiderer.  She died in 1848 or later.]


Folder 13:       Article on Janvier from Gloucester Co., New Jersey, and correspondence, 1930-74


Folder 14:       "Daniel Trotter: Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia Cabinetmaker," by Anne Castrodale Golovin (Winterthur Portfolio 6: pp. 151-184)


Folder 15:       "John Janvier, Delaware Cabinetmaker," by Leon deValinger, Jr. (Antiques, Jan. 1942, pp. 37-39)


Folder 16:       "The January House," by Beverly Jean Wik, Winterim Project, University of Delaware, January 1974


Folder 17:       part of program, 12th Annual Christmas in Odessa, 1976, with information about John Janvier (1777-1850), Delaware cabinetmaker



Box 4:


Folder 1:         Manuscript deeds, release of dower, and marriage certificate, 1821-71:


                        Release of dower, Mary Fries (widow of Philip Fries) to George W. and Margaret Janvier, Henry J. [or I.] Fries, and Ann Mench, Salem County, N.J., Dec. 5, 1833;

                        Release of dower, Jane Hitchner (widow of George Hitchner) to George W. and Margaret Janvier, Salem County, N.J., Dec. 19, 1838;

                        Marriage certificate for George W. Pennington and Annie T. Robinson, both of Wilmington, Del., May 30, 1871;

                        Deed, John and Sarah Hitchner to George W. Janvier, for lot in Salem County, N.J., recorded Sept. 27, 1842;

                        Deed, Matthew Roppy, Azariah Shull, and John Bacon, to John W. Janvier, Salem County, N.J., recorded March 6, 1849;

                        Rough map of bushland of late George Hitchner, bought by Philip Freas;

                        Deed, Samuel Millar to Norton Nichols, Salem County, N.J., recorded July 9, 1821;

                        Deed, Mathew Morrison to Norton Nichols, for land in Pittsgrove, N. J., recorded May 12, 1824


Folder 2:         John [or Thomas] Janvier, Account Book, 1794-96, including drawings of furniture

                        (photocopy, original in Delaware State Archives) 

                        [note: this account book was initially attributed to John Janvier, but later research has now assigned it to Thomas Janvier (1773-1852)]


Folder 3:         M. G. Janvier, Autograph Album, 1824-27;

Includes poems, calligraphy, and some drawings (bird, flowers, shells, landscape, cornucopias), mostly signed or initialed, some dated; a poem illustrated with flowers is signed Bartram, Philadelphia.  One entry is signed and dated Mary E. Robeson, Nov. 5, 1844.

Note: name on cover: M. G. Janvier; names inside front cover: Mary G. Robinson, 1820, and Mrs. Mary Robertson; note on flyleaf: “Mary Elizabeth Robeson’s mother.”  Mary Gaw Janvier (1811-1834, daughter of Thomas and Mercy Archer Janvier) married John Lewden Robeson. 


Folder 4:         Margaret Janvier, Autograph Album, 1832-35;

                        Includes added engravings, a watercolor of flowers, and a bit of green ribbon; the album was given to Margaret by her sister Elizabeth on December 25, 1832; most entries are signed or initialed and dated.  Several of the signers were from Steubenville, Ohio, or Frederick, Maryland.

                        On first flyleaf: Margaret Janvier Hort, Philadelphia, 1920; and from the library of Mary Fries Janvier, Pitt’s Grove, N.J.


Folder 5:         Mary F. Janvier, Autograph Album, 1833-1841;

                        Some of the pages have engravings, also includes a watercolor, drawings, and pressed flowers; some pages have been removed.  Entries are signed or initialed and many are dated.  The album was printed by J. C. Riker of New York.


Folder 6:         Mary Janvier, Album of Poetry for, 1825-26, probably from friends at W.B. School [most probably Wilmington Boarding School]; the album of poetry is laid inside another volume, which is blank except for a plan of Wilmington


Folder 7:         Letters to Mary or Mary G. Janvier (later Mrs. John Lewden Robeson), in Philadelphia or New Castle, 1823-30, with portfolio, bearing label Mary G. Janvier;

                        One letter describes a ball in New Castle in 1828


Folder 8:         Portfolio, with remnants of a lock, inscribed inside: Mary F. Janvier from her cousins Francis and Emma, Pittsgrove, 18th July 1848(?)

Contents: handwritten music entitled “Newark Waltz”; several letters (1874, 1905), and some genealogical notes, ca. 1848-ca.1970


Folder 9:         Letters from portfolio, from Thomas Janvier (1772-1853), New Castle:

                        To daughter Mary, Wilmington Boarding School, Nov. 13, 1824;

To wife Mercy Janvier, Alexandria, June 10, 1842, with news of home and progress on church cupola;

                        To Mary E. Robeson [granddaughter?], Alexandria, Va., May 24, 1847


Folder 10:       Letters from portfolio, to and from Jane Janvier Danforth, 1829-1859, with genealogical notes compiled by someone else


Folder 11:       Letters from portfolio, to and from Mary E. Robeson, 1843-81, and a composition entitled “History of a Needle”; also genealogical notes compiled by someone else


Folder 12:       Letters from portfolio, from Mary F. Janvier, Sr., Pittsgrove to Mrs. Mercy Archer Janvier (Mrs. Thomas), New Castle, March 10, and March 13, 1858, both about birth of Thomas Robeson Janvier


Folder 13:       Letters from portfolio, from Thomas Janvier Robeson, 1846-48; also includes the poem “Friendship” and the titles “The Wild Flower” and “Friendship” in calligraphy; many of the letters were written while he was in school in Pittsfield


Folder 14:       Letters from portfolio, to Mary Elizabeth Robeson (Mary E. Robeson Janvier [Mrs. John Whildin Janvier]), 1845-49; a number of these are addressed to her at the Young Ladies Institute, Pittsfield, Mass.



Box 5:


Folder 1:         Letters to Rev. Geo. W. Janvier, Pittsgrove, Salem County, N.J., from his brothers, 1822-24


Folder 2:         Letter to Levi Janvier, Lawrenceville, N.J., from sister Mary Fries Janvier, Pittsgrove, N.J., June 18, 1833


Folder 3:         Letter to Levi Janvier, Princeton, from his father Geo. W. Janvier, Philadelphia, April 18, 1838


Folder 4:         Letters, from Levi Janvier, various places in India, to various family members, 1841-1873


Folder 5:         Letters, to Mary Fries Janvier, in Baltimore or Philadelphia, from her father, Rev. Geo. W. Janvier, 1831-34


Folder 6:         Letters to Mary Fries Janvier, from her brother Levi Janvier, 1832-39, mostly from Lawrenceville or Princeton; one of the letters is written on his quarterly report of conduct and scholarship from the Brown & Phillips School in Lawrenceville


Folder 7:         Letters to Mary Fries Janvier, from cousin Emma Newbold Janvier, 1857-77


Folder 8:         Letters to Mary Fries Janvier, from nieces and others, 1838-1865 and n.d.; includes a patriotic envelope


Folder 9:         Letters to Mary Fries Janvier, from niece Louise Janvier, 1860


Folder 10:       Letters to Mary Fries Janvier, from niece Louise Janvier, 1861; includes letters written on patriotic stationery


Folder 11:       Letters to Mary Fries Janvier, from niece Louise Janvier, 1862-1863




Box 6:


Folder 1:         Letters to, from, or regarding Allen Janvier, 1860-77, 1922; includes reports of his conduct and scholarship at the Tennent School


Folder 2:         Letters, from C.A.R. (Rodney) Janvier, missionary in Allahabad, India, 1921-28; includes a prospectus about Ewing Christian College; also includes several copies of a letter from Ernest Janvier describing the accident in which his father C.A.R. died


Folder 3:         Letters to and from various members of the Robeson and Janvier families, 1845-1951 and undated; includes a letter written November 5, 1860, describing cousin Jeanie’s wedding; also includes a letter dated 1848 about Janvier genealogy.


Folder 4:         letters to Mary E. Robeson Janvier, 1848-1896 and undated


Folder 5:         Receipts recording payments by Mrs. Experience Archer, Camden, to various people, 1823-26; from small leather pouch in box 9;

                        Note: Experience Archer was widow of Benjamin Archer, a copy of whose will is in folder 6


Folder 6:         Documents, 1853-74, from red purse in box 9;

Includes certificate of pew holders of Pittsgrove Presbyterian Church (1868); receipts; insurance premiums (1868-1874); records of estate of George W. Janvier, 1865-1866; copy of will of Benjamin Archer, 1806; faded photo of Janvier coat of arms


Folder 7:         Genealogical notes and obituaries, newspaper clippings about Janviers, marriage certificate of Mary Patterson and John L. Robeson (1837); extracts from family Bibles


Folder 8:         bills and receipts, various Janviers, 1840-1921        


Folder 9:         wedding invitations and birth announcements


Folder 10:       calling cards and invitations


Folder 11:       inventory of household goods (with values), in handwriting of Mary E. Robeson Janvier, ca.1874


Folder 12:       poetry by Francis de Haes Janvier and others; includes copy of The Sleeping Sentinel (Philadelphia: T. B. Peterson & Brothers, 1863)



Box 7:


Folder 1:         Valentines and Christmas cards


Folder 2:         stencils and paper cutouts


Folder 3:         Photographs and silhouettes


Folder 5:         sketches by various Janviers; also prints and a fashion plate (1831)


Folder 6:         scans of a miniature of John Robeson and of daguerreotypes of members of the Janvier family. 


                        The originals of these materials were transferred to the Historic Odessa Foundation of Odessa, Delaware, in April 2005.  The following accession numbers are museum accession numbers, not Downs numbers.  The descriptions of the original materials are as follows (the descriptions were taken from slips of paper found in the cases):


            81.265a.          Miniature of John Robeson, oil on ivory, with lock of hair.

                                    In red leather case.


                        81.267             Daguerreotype of unidentified woman, in union or gutta percha case.


                        81.268             Tintype of Benjamin Archer Janvier, son of Thomas and Mercy Archer Janvier.  New Castle, Wilmington, De.  Mary Barr, 1835. In black embossed leather case.


                        81.269            Daguerreotype of Mary Fries Janvier, daughter of Geo. & Margaret Fries Janvier, 1811-1911. Pittsgrove (Danetown) & Bridgeton, N.J.  In black embossed leather case.


                        81.270             Tintype of John Whilldin Janvier. 1854 or later. In black embossed leather case.


                        81.271             Ambrotype of baby John Whillden Janvier, son of John Whillden Janvier, being held by his nurse Hannah Thompson. 1860-67. In black embossed leather case.


                        81.272 .           Daguerreotype of Louisa Janvier and her husband, Theodore Crawford, c.1851.  In black embossed leather case.


                        81.273             Daguerreotype of Mercy Janvier (with whom Mother lived). Mercy Archer Janvier, wife of Thomas Janvier, New Castle, De.  1777-1862.  In black embossed leather case.


                        81.274             Daguerreotype of Alexander Lewden Robeson, brother of Mary Elizabeth Robeson Janvier, son of John Lewden and Mary Gaw Janvier Robeson. 1st Lt. Co. H, 24th N.J. Regiment.  This daguerreotype belonged to H. A. Janvier.  Lost in Battle of Fredericksburg, Va.  In black embossed leather case.  (Note identifying the person is written on back of a small photograph of cows.)


                        81.275             Daguerreotype belongs to Henry A. Janvier.  (Does not say who the subject is.)  In black embossed leather case.


                        81.276.1.         Daguerreotype of Thomas Janvier Robeson, brother of Mary E. Robeson Janvier. New Castle, De.  1831-1850.  In plain black leather case.


                        81.276.2.         Daguerreotype of Thomas Janvier Robeson. 1831-1850. In plain black leather case.  [same image as 81.276]


                        81.277             Daguerreotype of Mary Potts, nursemaid in John Whilldin Janvier's household, Pittsgrove, N.J.  Before 1874.  In black embossed leather case.  [No scan available of this image because the original was defaced.]



Box 8: Name file


Margaret Janvier Hort's file of ca. 900 4" x 6" index cards on which she wrote down notes about individual members of the Janvier and related families. Cards are in one alphabetical sequence: people with the Janvier surname are filed by first name; people with other surnames are filed by surname.  In other words, behind the guide card "C", one finds "Janvier, Caroline," and "Janvier, Charles," followed by "Cantwell, Edmund," and "Cohane, Geoffrey."



Box 9: Artifacts and realia


Hand painted Reward of Merit, awarded to Mary E. Robeson, June 5, 1845, for good marks, from her teacher R. J. Pippen; the reward is very large and elaborate, with drawings of urns of flowers, grape vines, weeping willows, and music, all on separate pieces of card stock tied together with silk ribbon


photo of Francis de Haes Janvier


photo of Janvier household at 219 East Commerce St., Bridgeton, N.J., ca.1890-1895; six members of the family eating a meal at the dining table


Photo of the King family, April 1974


Photos of two paintings by Charles Albert Janvier (1832-1896) of New Orleans


Mounted handmade cutwork Valentine, with a poem containing a marriage proposal from William Ritchie to Jane Latta, New Castle, n.d., ca. 32.5 cm. in diameter.


Matted ink and wash drawings of rural scenes, one of a church, the other a mill (the two matted together), by G.W. Janvier, April 1800.


 sampler (alphabets and numbers only), undated, unsigned.


Pink satin bag, which contained the sampler


Small leather pouch (contents now in box 6).


Medium size red leather pouch (contents now in box 6).


Genealogical chart of the Golden family (on one side) and the Janvier family (on the other), begun by William B. Janvier, 1817.  Also a later copy of the chart.


Stationery of Pencader Cemetery Association [no location], of which Mary M. Janvier was Secretary and Treasurer, 20th century (in folder with “Succint Genealogical Account of the Janvier Family”)


Typed copy of “Succint [sic] Genealogical Account of the Janvier Family” by Richard Janvier (in folder with Pencader Cemetery Association stationery


Paper doll [head and shoulders only] with different hats and headdresses, mostly women’s outfits (nun, queen, Scotswoman, Quaker, and white dress and veil with stars), but also includes a man’s mortarboard and academic gown, ca.1800-1830.


Metal identification plate with the inscription: Thos. Janvier, Newcastle [sic], Del. 


An oversize paper cutout (of the sort also found in Box 7, folder 2)



Box 10:


Ornately bound album of carte de visite photographs of members of the Janvier, Robeson, Danforth, Elmer, and Bush families, most identified. 1860s.  Includes a photo of Captain Alexander Lewden Robeson in his uniform.  James Jones is also photographed wearing a uniform of some kind.  (Some of the photos have been removed.) 



Box 11:


Larger photo album, with members of the Hort, Janvier, and Bush families families, most identified, mostly 1880s-1890s, but also some for the 1860s.   Includes photo of Martha Robeson Janvier Hort in her wedding dress and a photo of Joseph Garrison in academic dress.  (Some of the photos have been removed.)



Album on shelf: Louisa Janvier photo album


Small photo album of tintype and carte de visite photographs of members of the Janvier, Kean, Robeson, Elmer, Ralston, and Bush families, all identified, 1860s and 1870s.  Of especial note is a photo of C. A. Rodney Janvier being held by an East Indian man wearing a turban.  “This album belonged to Louisa Janvier” is written on the second blank page.  The album bears a small label indicating that it came from Earles’ Galleries & Looking-Glass Ware-Rooms in Philadelphia.   (A few of the photos have been removed.)