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Creator:         Gebelein, George Christian, 1878-1945                                            

Title:               Portfolio of designs

Dates:             1903-1930s

Call No.:         Col. 21

Acc. No.:        89x17, 94x1, 97x110, 99x66, 99x132, 07x102, 14x18

Quantity:        21 boxes and 3 map case drawers (ca.475 items)

Location:        42 F 3-6, G 1-14; Map Case D, Drawers 1-3; wire wall: 21 G






George Christian Gebelein, perhaps America's foremost silversmith of the 20th century, has been referred to as "the modern Paul Revere." He was born in Germany in 1878, the son of Margeretha Solger and Johann Nicolaus Gebelein.  The family moved to the United States shortly after his birth, settling in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  George Gebelein graduated from the Harvard Grammar School in June 1893. 


After graduation, Gebelein worked briefly at a woolen mill and then began an apprenticeship in silversmithing at Goodnow and Jenks of Boston.  There he developed a passion for handcrafted silver.  After working for several other silversmiths, including Tiffany’s, Gebelein opened his own silversmithing and jewelry business at 79 Chestnut Street, Boston, in 1909.  Here, he sold not only his own work, but also those of his assistants, items produced by other companies, and antique silver goods, as well as pewter, brass, and copper ware. In addition, he crafted domestic and ecclesiastical silver, flatware, and such presentation pieces as trophies and cups, including the Harvard Cup.   Gebelein employed a jewelry designer, but in all likelihood the jewelry settings themselves were probably done elsewhere. During his early years in business, Gebelein taught silversmithing to a select group of pupils.


During his fifty-year career, Gebelein exhibited his work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Currier Gallery of Art.  The Boston Society of Arts and Crafts awarded him its Master Craftsman's Medal, and he garnered other honors from the Art Institute of Chicago, and at the Panama Pacific Exposition of 1915.  In addition to producing items for private individuals, Gebelein had commissions from the United States Military Academy at West Point, the College of William and Mary, and the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.


In 1901, Gebelein married Eva May Pelren, the daughter of Rosa and Moses Pelren, of Concord, New Hampshire.  They raised four sons and three daughters at their home in Wellesley Hills, outside Boston.  One son worked in his father’s shop, although not as a silversmith.  After George Gebelein died in 1945, his family kept the business going, but in 1984 it was sold.


For more information about George Gebelein’s life and work, see George Christian Gebelein, Boston Silversmith, 1878-1945, by Magaretha Gebelein Leighton (Boston: The Author, 1976), and George Christian Gebelein: The Craft and Business of a “Modern Paul Revere,” by Alexandra Deutsch, a 1995 thesis done in the Winterthur Program in Early American Culture.


As many retailers do, George Gebelein used a price code for his products.  His code used the phrase TRADEQUICK, with each letter corresponding to the numbers 1-0; thus a T would stand in for the number 1, Q stood for the number 6, etc.  An item priced QAK cost $630.





The collection consists of drawings, mostly watercolor, for a wide variety of silver work and jewelry, including designs of reproduction English and colonial pieces, as well as original designs showing the influence of the Arts and Crafts Movement.  Over half of the drawings show tea and coffee services, including creamers, sugar bowls, and waste bowls.  There are, in addition, depictions of pitchers, candlesticks, plaques, frames, urns, and ceremonial cups.  Some of the leaves are annotated in pencil, revealing the names of those who commissioned Gebelein's work, prices, and directions for improving the way an object was to look.  A few have Gebelein's small paper labels affixed to the reverse.  The drawings from the 1930s and 1940s may have been done by Walter Edward Werner, who did a great deal of that sort of work during those years.


The jewelry designs are for bar pins, stick pins, brooches, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, a watch, watch fobs or seals, rings, cuff links, etc.  Some are marked with the initials G.E.G., one is dated 1914, some betray an influence of Art Deco work, and some indicate for whom the piece was designed.  A number of the jewelry designs include notes about which stones were to be used and a few indicate that the customer would supply the stones.  Finally, prices are recorded on some of the drawings.  It is not known who executed the jewelry designs.  The jewelry designs have been scanned.


In addition, there are a few printed items: an article about Gebelein’s work, and an advertisement and a price list for his silver lined copper bowls.  As well, the collection includes a copy of the finding aid for the Gebelein papers held by the Henry Ford Museum and photocopies of some of the papers held by the Henry Ford, chiefly dealing with jewelry design.


Much of this collection is also available on microfilm, reel number 3017. 





Silver drawings are arranged by type of object depicted and then roughly in accession number order, in Boxes 1-17.  Oversized silver drawings, listed at the beginning of this inventory, are in map case drawers.  Drawings of jewelry are in Boxes 18-20 and are arranged by size and then by type of jewelry shown.  Scans of these designs are found in Box 21 and should be used before the original designs.  Materials from the Henry Ford Museum are also in Box 21. 





Collection is open to the public.  Copyright restrictions may apply.  Permission to quote from the materials held by the Henry Ford Museum must be obtained from that institution.





Accession 89x17, purchase from C. Richard Becker;

Acc. 94x1and 97x110 gift-purchase from Dave Thomas;

Acc. 99x66 purchase from Thomas G. Boss;

Acc. 99x132 gift from Alexandra Deutsch McKee;

acc. 07x102 gift of Patricia Edmonson;

acc. 14x18 gift of David Thomas;

an unaccessioned drawing of a Simon Chaudron goblet was transferred from papers of Milo Naeve in November 2017.





George Gebelein’s silversmithing tools and business papers were donated to the Henry Ford Museum.


See Alexandra Deutsch, “George Christian Gebelein: The Craft and Business of a ‘Modern Paul Revere,’” thesis, University of Delaware, 1995.






            Silverwork - Massachusetts - Boston.

            Silverwork – Designs and plans.

            Jewelry – Design.

            Jewelry – Massachusetts - Boston.

            Colonial revival (Art).







Location: 42 F 3-6, G 1-14; Map Case D, Drawers 1-3; wire wall: 21 G



Note: All the drawing signed G.E.G. bear the statement “property of George C. Gebelein, Boston.”



Oversize:  Map Case D, drawer 1


94x1.38           Tea pot, coffee pot, sugar bowl, creamer, and waste bowl, with sketch of border pattern


94x1.39           Kettle and coffee pot, with ebony handles, or option of ebony or ivory insulators with silver handles, designed for the U.S.S. Lexington


94x1.40           Four piece tea set of teapot, sugar, creamer, waste bowl, probably part of set in .39


94x1.42           #10298a, Serving kettle and stand, $375; kettle and trivet, $335


94x1.45           Tea pot on trivet, kettle on stand, sugar bowl with handles, creamer, and waste bowl


94x1.46           #10298a, Tray with border pattern, $600


94x1.47           Tray with simple incised line border and hand grip slots (side view also shown)


94x1.48           Tray with scalloped edge and handles (side view also shown)


94x1.49           #10298, Tray with scalloped edge and rectangular handles, $700


94x1.50           #17327, Tray with notes about construction (side view also shown)




94x1.41           Large covered two-handled bowl or cup, with two small cups and a plate or shallow bowl


94x1.43           Ewer decorated with sea nymphs and coral, “plaster was at 4 Clff Rd., discarded 9/56”


94x1.44           “Design of urn used in Virginia, Old Sheffield plate, capacity 16 pints,” on reverse: sketch of outline of body and base



Oversize:  Map Case D, drawer 2


94x1.51           #16763, Tray, shown with two different handles (side view also shown)


94x1.52           #16824, Tray (side view also shown)


94x1.53           Tray with festoon engraving, Jan. 21, 1926


94x1.54           Special tray for service 3028, refer to #16564


94x1.55           Tray, 24" (side view also shown)


94x1.57           Tray


94x1.58           Tray, 26 1/4"  Note: when ordering refer to #16763.  Also number 3026 (partial side view also shown)


94x1.59           Sterling silver salver, 30", engraved with a seal that includes a Revolutionary war soldier


94x1.60           Tray


94x1.61           #174887, scalloped tray with feet, shield with "A" in it, festoon border in the federal style


94x1.62           Tray, larger version of that in .62 (side view also shown)




94x1.56           Tray with feet and initials "FNG" (side view also shown)


94x1.66           Design for sterling silver oval tray (side view also shown)  


94x1.187         Candelabra



Oversize:  Map Case D, drawer 3


94x1.63           Tray


94x1.64           “Paul Revere Batwing” tray


94x1.65           Tray (side view also shown)


94x1.161         #17413, Lexington set-- Sketches of sugar bowl, waste, kettle on a stand, creamer, coffee pot, tea pot, all with dimensions; on back: outlines of bases


94x1.183         Candelabra with flame finial and crossed arms, 6 1/2 "


94x1.186         Candelabra, similar to .183 (blueprint)


94x1.189x       Blueprint of candelabra


94x1.189y       Blueprint of candelabra


94x1.189z       Blueprint of candelabra


94x1.365         Kettle, tea and coffee pots, sugar, creamer, waste bowl, and tea caddy




94x1.363         Silver candelabra, “5 lights and 4 arms, approximately $600. 7 lights and 6 arms, $800”


94x1.364         Cross, with symbols of the four Gospel writers.  Base available in different shapes.




Box 1: Tea kettles, urns and pots, creamers


Tea kettles, etc.:


Folder 1:


            94x1.1             Kettle on a stand for Miss Storer (?)


            94x1.2             #4330, kettle on stand


            94x1.3             “Colonial urn (round)”, on stand


            94x1.4             Urn with lion heads.  Signed G.E.G.


            94x1.5             Urn on a stand, with note: “separates and locks here”


            94x1.6             “#16 Urn,” $600; decoration on this design, $100


Folder 2:


            94x1.7             Kettle on stand; designed to match George III silver tea set by John Emes, London 1800


            94x1.8             Kettle. “designed for Mrs. W. S. Booth, Aug. 1937.  Called March 2, ‘38 stating this too large-- likes size of [illegible]Revere


            94x1.9             Kettle on stand, with engraved design and wooden handle


            94x1.10           Urn on a stand


            94x1.11           #5127, kettle (probably copper), with an alteration in pencil to a watercolor drawing; labeled on back: Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, see Mrs. Ropes


            94x1.12           Copper kettle on stand, shown in both pencil and watercolor


Folder 3:


            94x1.13           “Design for a kettle to match old English tea set for Dr. Terhune.  Similar to a sugar bowl by John Angell, London, George III-IV”


            94x1.14           Kettle on stand, for Mrs. B. Devereux Barker


            94x1.15           #17405, Windsor service kettle, engraved with initials M.L.  Note: “Redraw see G.E.G., have knobs same as flats(?)”


            94x1.16           Windsor water kettle, with drawing of regular hinge on reverse


            94x1.17           F88, kettle to match service #3252 with side swings


            94x1.18           #10298, Urn bearing the initials FNG, $600


            94x1.19           Kettle on stand


            94x1.20           #2736, Kettle engraved by McSmall; Instructions for engraving tray for tea pot to match this style of ornament as indicated with festoons,border, and shield.  Engraving to copy old tea pot, August 17.


            94x1.21           Kettle on stand


Folder 4:


            94x1.22           #21411, kettle on stand, with ivory knob, for Gardener, July, 1928


            94x1.23           Kettle on stand


            94x1.24           #26646, rough sketch of sugar, creamer, waste bowl, and teapot


            94x1.25           "Motley" kettle on stand


            94x1.26           Round urn from Paul Revere


            94x1.27           Fluted urn from Paul Revere


            94x1.28           Kettle on stand, with ivory handle and knobs; design of cover and top of the kettle; after a teapot by John Scofield, London


            94x1.29           #28203, kettle on stand, for McNulty, with shield engraved on it.


Folder 5:


            94x1.30           #55167, stand for kettle, Mrs. H.B. Dickerman and Mrs. H.P. King, Manchester, Mass., with notations for making alterations


            94x1.31           Kettle and stand, a corrected version of 94x1.30


            94x1.32           #34757, handle and lid of tea pot


            94x1.33           #34757, handle and lid of tea pot, with corrected sketch for ebony handle


            94x1.34           #34757, kettle on stand; with notes: this shape for ebony handle; 7/10/33 Proud, to match teapot by R. Wallace & Son


BOARDS:  Creamers   


            94x1.35           #30301, Creamer, to be engraved, decoration to copy to sugar bowl


            94x1.36           Creamer, the name Harrison appears on the paper


            94x1.37           Creamer, initial "G" on front, initials BN on back, in the Revere style




 Box 2: Tea kettles, urns and pots; water pitchers


Tea kettles, urns and pots:


Folder 1:


            89x17.1           Kettle on stand


            89x17.8           Kettle on stand, $125


            89x17.10         Kettle on stand, EBN on the back


            89x17.48         Kettle on stand, with index card stating “Design not made”


            89x17.49         Kettle on stand, round or oval


Folder 2:         


            89x17.2           Kettle on stand, with "C" in corner of paper, rough sketch of water kettle drawn on back


            89x17.3           Kettle on stand, Mrs. Graham T. Winslow, Chestnut Hill


            89x17.13         Kettle on stand, DR#95 standard, this design, DR #421; with variation of stand drawn on back


            89x17.42         Kettle on stand, with dimensions given, "Motley"


            89x17.43         Pencil sketch of a kettle on stand


            89x17.44         #1782, kettle on stand, “Cotton,” with notes about available variations

                                    [designed or made for Mrs. Joseph Cotton, whose husband was under-secretary of state for President Coolidge]


            89x17.45         #21708, Oval, fluted kettle on stand, with additional sketches on back


            89x17.60         Kettle on stand


            89x17.66         Kettle on stand


Folder 3: Water pitchers:


            89x17.4           Water pitcher


            89x17.20         #414, Water pitcher, sterling silver $200


            89x17.29         Water pitcher


            89x17.32         Water pitcher, 3 1/2 pints


            89x17.35         Water pitcher with sketch of a tray; on back: sketch of a lid


            89x17.36         “Thayer” water pitcher, initials "IB" on back


            89x17.38         “Copp (?)”water pitcher, with initials "AN" on back


            89x17.50         Water pitcher


            89x17.67         Water pitcher with tray, letter "B" on front


            89x17.79         Water pitcher, 3 1/2 pints, with two 7" trays sketched on back



Box 3: Tea sets, including tea pots and accessories


Folder 1:


            94x1.67           Tea pot, with detail of lid, with pineapple finial, after a Paul Revere original, $256.00. On back: sketches of tray and coffee pot, as well as dimensions and prices of all pieces shown, plus pieces not shown, such as sugar and creamer, etc.


            94x1.68           Tea pot with c-scroll handle; curved spout


            94x1.69           "Design for tea pot in sterling silver to match sugar and creamer that I made for Mrs. Lucien Howe"


            94x1.72           Tea pot with etched pattern


            94x1.73           Coffee pot, after John Schofield.  “JHG thought the set was never made, the coffee pot the only original piece.  This coffee pot drawing was … hung in the shop in 1984.”


            94x1.74           #29913, tea pot to match sugar and creamer for Mrs. Anthony Bell, 1935


Folder 2:


            94x1.75           Tea pot, Moulton (?)


            94x1.76           Tea pot with pineapple finial


            94x1.77           Tea pot, with round body and wooden finial


            94x1.78           #23315, Tea pot for Harrison, May 24, 1929


            94x1.79x         #39620, Tea pot for Mrs. P.R. Sharples, Camb., 1935                      


            94x1.79y         Tea pot with etched design and c-scroll handle


Folder 3:


            94x1.86           #17863, Creamer and sugar


            94x1.87           #27138, Creamer and sugar


            94x1.89           #10278B, Tea set, with sketches of tea pot, tray, creamer, and sugar; and prices of the above as well as other pieces: waste, tea caddy, and coffee pot.  Photograph #3252.  Note indicates the order was cancelled


            94x1.90           #28203, Tea set, with sketches of waste bowl and tea pot, various notes, Sept. 1930




            94x1.70           Tea pot with wooden handle


            94x1.71           Tea pot with gilt finial


            94x1.80           #38737, sugar and creamer


            94x1.81           #24041, sketch of sugar bowl and rough outline of creamer, with notes about an entire tea set


            94x1.82           #25647, Tea caddy, for Harrison


            94x1.83           Sugar and creamer


            94x1.84           #9675, Creamer with feet


            94x1.85           #9675, Waste bowl, Morse, 1924


            94x1.88           #2315, 4 piece tea set (tea pot, creamer, sugar, waste bowl), J. Coburn, adaptation of original tea pot design




Box 4: Tea sets, including tea pots and accessories


Folder 1:


            94x1.91           "Revere" tea set with options for a square or round base (original square).  Hooked handle on the creamer, tea pot, and waste bowl

                                    [March 2014: this is on view in museum gallery]


            94x1.92           3 piece tea set with coffee pot and sugar with lid.  Taller than Revere, but same engraving and same handle.


            94x1.93           Kettle on a stand with same engraving (tassel/swag) as .92


            94x1.94           Waste bowl


            94x1.95           Sugar bowl with lid, and creamer


            94x1.96           Teapot and sugar with lid, for Dr. Storer, April 17, ‘31.  Prices for these as well as for pieces are given



Folder 2


            94x1.103         Advertisement for "A Family Tea Service from the shop of Gebelein, designer and maker to private order of exclusive hand-fashioned silver,” n.d.  The picture in the ad shows a tray, coffee and tea pots, kettle on stand, creamer, sugar bowl, and waste bowl.


            94x1.104         Urn shaped coffee pot, sugar with round base, and a pitcher (?) with a lid


            94x1.105         Tea pot, waste and creamer, to match the items in .104 above


            94x1.106         #4330, Tea pot, sugar, creamer; “Robert Adams & Brother Period”


            94x1.107         Creamer, waste bowl, and sugar


            94x1.108         “Design for oval tea & coffee service in sterling silver for Miss Alice Garfield”


            94x1.109         Creamer, waste, sugar


            94x1.110         Tea and coffee pots, one has an "x" beneath it




            94x1.97           #17445, Body of what could be a tea pot, with half sd wire inside


            94x1.98           #17440, creamer, with detail of handle, “as made for Burnhouse (?)”


            94x1.99           Tea pot with pineapple finial, engraved top; body 13 3/4" long.  [OB]


            94x1.100         #4330, creamer and sugar with handles.  Dimensions given for these and also for “black coffee”


            94x1.101         #17445, Body with handles, possibly a sugar bowl 


            94x1.102         #4330, Coffee pot with "A" engraved in shield, sketches on back with dimensions




Box 5: Tea sets, including tea pots and accessories


Folder 1:


            94x1.111         #27869, Sketches for creamer, sugar, and bases for them, for McNulty


            94x1.112         #27869, Coffee pot sketch with ivory finial on lid, ivory handle, tapered body


            94x1.113         [number not used]


            94x1.114         #27869, Tea & coffee pots, with ivory handles, "coffee teapot by John Scofield, London"


            94x1.116         #27869, Tea pot with ivory handle, creamer, and sugar, "George III London, 1779-1783, John Scofield


            94x1.118         Tea pot “copied from an old tea pot date 1780, London.”  "May be made taller to this line"  Ebony handle, ebony knob or black ivory, $210


            94x1.119         #32146, 3 bowls, two engraved and one plain.  Suggestions for #32146 for Mr. T.J. Coolidge, May 1, 1932; also a sketch on the back


            94x1.120         Tea pot with ebony knob and handle


            94x1.121         Tea pot and tray (or trivet).  Note: “make a coat of arms”


            94x1.122         Kettle on stand for Mrs. Lloyd B. Anderson (Rosamund Fiske).  Note: “use the body for kettle, different stand, use side swings”


            94x1.123         Creamer, sugar, and waste bowl


Folder 2:


            94x1.124         Kettle on stand, engraved with "P" in a shield, signed Gebelein


            94x1.125         Kettle on stand, signed Gebelein


            94x1.126         Pieces for a tea set: creamer, waste bowl, sugar bowl with lid (or tea caddy), and another bowl (or a sugar without a lid), engraved with "P" in a shield.  With note: “Engrave only the border, call me about covers, do not engrave shields”


            94x1.127         Tea pot and tray or trivet with ball and claw feet


            94x1.128         [number not used]


Folder 3:


            94x1.131         #4330, Coffee pot


            94x1.132         #9154, Tea pot in “Major Hartt Revere Style,” with notes on back


            94x1.133         Kettle on stand, sugar, and creamer


            94x1.134         Kettle and stand, $375


            94x1.135         Tea pot


Folder 4:


            94x1.136         Waste bowl


            94x1.137         Sugar bowl


            94x1.138         Creamer


            94x1.139         Coffee pot


Folder 5:


            94x1.140         Kettle on stand


            94x1.141x       #22595, kettle on stand,  “Design for silver service adapted from the orginal tea caddy made by Joel Sayre, 1778-1818 for Mrs. Rommey Spring, Boston, 1929”


            94x1.141y       Tea pot with tray (or trivet) to go with .141x


            94x1.142         #22595, Three pieces of a tea service: sugar, creamer, waste bowl; with note: “make cream to size indicated, convert other into hot water jug.”  On back: sketches of bases; goes with .141x and .141y




            94x1.115         Design for colonial tea pot with pineapple finial


            94x1.117         Coffee pot with pineapple finial


            94x1.129x       Bowl, without lid


            94x1.129y       Bowl, without lid


            94x1.130         Waste bowl



Box 6: Tea sets, including tea pots and accessories


Folder 1:


            89x17.22         Tea pot, sugar, and creamer, “optional with or without decoration, section round”


            89x17.23         Tea pot, with "REB" on back


            89x17.30         Creamer, sugar, and waste bowl, engraved with the initials "MCA"


            89x17.39         Sugar, creamer, and waste bowl for Mrs. John Thayer, March 1933; also pencil sketches of variations


            89x17.45         Tea pot and creamer


            89x17.54         Tea pot and water pitcher (?) (possibly a coffee pot)






            89x17.15         #24697, Creamer and sugar bowl, Harrison, June 22


            89x17.5           #34845, Sugar bowl, with pencil sketches of creamer and tea pot


            89x17.59         Sugar bowl, with handles


            89x17.62         Creamer


            89x17.37         Creamer, for Mrs. Higginson, with feet like horse legs


            89x17.26         Sugar bowl with ebony knob


            89x17.51         Sugar bowl, “round or oval”


            89x17.52         Creamer, “round or oval”


            89x17.53         Tea pot, “round or oval”


            89x17.61         Tea pot with silver handle and brass accents


            89x17.63         Bowl, for sugar or waste


            89x17.47         Bowl, for sugar or waste


            89x17.73         #301B, tea pot with ebony handle and knob, 1919


            89x17.74         #301A, tea pot




Box 7: Coffee pots and sets


Folder 1:


            94x1.143         #29103, “Sterling silver jug to match the service, option: ebony knob, Mrs. Romney Spring”


            94x1.144         Cruet with cross shaped finial.  Note: Cruet design for Washington Cathedral


            94x1.145         Cruet with scalloped finial.  Note: Cruet design for Washington Cathedral


            94x1.146         Water pitcher (?) with scalloped lip, bulbous body, heart-like motiff on belly.  The back features a sketch of circles.  “Mrs. J.H. Morrison, … accepted April 29, 1915, subject to order”


            94x1.147         Coffee pot with silver handle


Folder 2:


            94x1.151         #6937, 55954, “Capitol” coffee pot for Mr. Clifford. 


            94x1.152         Coffee pot with ball feet.  Note: “This is exactly like the design of the original showing no flutes on the neck of the coffee pot.” 


            94x1.153         Coffee pot with elaborate engravings on pot and handle, for Miss Nourse; also a detail of the lid


            94x1.154         Coffee pot, engraved with "A" in shield, and with pineapple finial


Folder 3:


            94x1.155         #32734, Coffee pot, designed for Dr. Terhune.  An ad for the coffee pot from the Boston Evening Transcript is stapled to the drawing.


            94x1.156         Coffee pot


            94x1.157         Coffee pot, for Miss Storer


            94x1.158         Coffee pot, with engraved design


            94x1.159         [number not used]



Folder 4:


            94x1.162         French coffee set, #4347.  Two sketches of the coffee pot at two different angles with weights noted.  Sold to Mrs. Avery.  Also a sugar bowl and creamer


            94x1.167         F302, Coffee pot, for Barker service


            94x1.168         F302, Creamer, sugar with sketched lid, and waste bowl, for Barker service


Folder 5:


            89x17.12         #1796B, Coffee pot, sugar and creamer


            89x17.27         #69573, Hot water jug, handwrought, for Miss Amelia Peabody, includes variations on lids


            89x17.65         #10298a, “Black coffee” pot, with initial "A," $215




            94x1.148         Coffee pot with flame finial; drawn for Miss E. Curtis.


            94x1.149         Water jug (?), handle has pinpricks for transfer to another design


            94x1.150         Coffee pot, with the initials "MG."  Note: “spout to be higher on body even with socket”


            94x1.160         Coffee pot with fluted body and elaborate flame finial


            94x1.163         Old Newbury silver coffee pot, $334


            94x1.164         Tea caddy (?), unadorned except for finial.  On back: "Motley"


            94x1.165         Waste bowl. On back: "Motley"


            94x1.166         #72830, creamer and sugar bowl, with note "Make another cover for sugar," 1949


            89x17.18         Coffee pot, done in yellow wash


            89x17.16         Coffee pot.  Note: "Please hurry on ivories allow cover to open so knob will be free. Can I have the pot back today.  Tell my boy the time to get it Gebelein."  For Prf. Roger Gilman, Harvard Univ.


            89x17.72         Coffee pot


            89x17.25         Coffee pot with rough sketch for handle


            89x17.19         Coffee pot with sketch for finial


            89x17.56         Federal style coffee pot, with initials "MCA" $225


            89x17.58         Coffee pot with foliate handle


            89x17.78         #4227, Coffee pot, with sketch for alterations


            89x17.71         Small unornamented coffee pot




Box 8: Coffee pots and sets



Folder 1:


            89x17.68         #28707, Design for coffee pot in copper or silver for Mrs. H.B. Cabot.  Note: “Oval, smaller size than sample coffee.  If the copper coffee pot is desired brass handle sockets would be used.  If made in silver these sockets would be of heavier material to have same strength.  Estimate in silver $120.00 in copper, $60.00.  Hinged cover, would be easier to clean if hinged there.  Hot water jug option, side handle.  Estimate in silver $90.00, estimate in copper, $50.00.”


            89x17.64         Coffee pot


            89x17.46         Coffee pot and sugar bowl


            89x17.24         Coffee pot and sugar bowl, in urn shape with urn shaped finials


Blueprints and blue line drawings:


Folder 2:


            94x1.169         Cruet with shell finial (see 94x1.145)


            94x1.170         Cruet with cross finial (see 94x1.144)


            94x1.171         Old Sheffield Plate Tea Urn, capacity 6 1/2 pints.  Front and side views of legs


            94x1.173x       Urn with round body, square base, and round feet.  Capacity, 14 pints, #A1546-4


            94x1.174         Two views of a sauce boat, original was by Joseph Richardson.



Folder 3:


            94x1.178         Coffee pot


            94x1.179         Kettle on a stand


            94x1.180         #1233, Tea pot  (94x1.178-.180 have the same finials)




            89x17.17         Sketch of coffee pot, partially pinpricked.   Note: “please rush.”  Dimensions given


            89x17.77         Drawing of same coffee pot as in .17


            89x17.76         Coffee pot to match a tea set made for Mrs. Lee Hoffman in 1913.  Sent to Portland, Ore.  Also a couple of rough sketches on the back.


            89x17.55         Coffee pot      


            89x17.57         Coffee pot with foliate handle


            89x17.28         Hot water jug with wicker handle, and sketches of two bases and a lid


            89x17.9           Small pot or jug, perhaps for hot water, unornamented


            94x1.172         Old Sheffield plate tea urn, Identical to 94x1.171 but on brown tracing paper


            94x1.173y       Urn with round body, square base, and round feet.  Capacity, 14 pints, #A1546-4 (identical to 94x1.173 but on tracing paper)


            94x1.175         Sugar bowl with handles (blueprint)


            94x1.176         Creamer (blueprint)


            94x1.177         Waste bowl (blueprint)



Box 9: Candlesticks


Folder 1:


            89x17.11         #21349 D, Candlestick, 10 3/8" high.  Oval or round fluted candlesticks to match special silver service, Society of Arts and Crafts, Detroit, 1928.  Est. AEKxx per pair, 1928.

                                    Also: a blank receipt from the Society of Arts and Crafts, Detroit, with the price of $400 a pair written on the back.


            89x17.40         Candelabra for three candles.  Note: “This sketch no good.”


            94x1.184         Design for Candelabra with square base, for 2, 3, 4, or 5 lights


            94x1.185         Candelabra, for three candles





            94x1.181         Candlestick with fluted column


            94x1.182         Candlestick, telescope or stationary, 9 1/6" extended, 6 5/8" closed


            94x1.188         Candelabra, 1/2 sketch on tracing paper


            89x17.80         Candlestick


            89x17.75         Candlestick for Miss Cary, July 15, 1924, approximately $125 pr.  Note: Pr. Repurchased, sold to EGG


            89x17.6           Candlestick


            89x17.7           #6407, Candlestick, with corrections to the sketch



Box 10: Flatware, picture frames, plaques




Folder 1:


            94x1.193         Spoons in three sizes, two forks, and two knives, labeled “Colonial – Pointed end, Designed for Mr. [blank]”


            94x1.194         Small knife, spoon, fork, and large knife


            94x1.195         Larger version of the pieces depicted in 94x1.194


Picture frames, miscellaneous:


Folder 2:         


            89x17.69         Corrected sketch for frame.  Note: “Would you kindly put a little design in each of the four corners of the frame and let us see the sketch again to see about the design”


            94x1.207x       #46149, Design for cradle to hold mace







            94x1.190         Delivery receipt, jug sketch, 1963


            94x1.191         Colonial chop fork, ca. 1750


            94x1.192         Spoon and fork, front and side views of each


            94x1.196         Knife


            94x1.197         Knife, spoon, and fork, Cxx for set of 3 pieces


            94x1.198         Napkin ring, with name Margaret engraved on it


            94x1.199         Strainer


            94x1.200         Strainer, larger version of 94x1.199


            94x1.201         Mote spoons and bread knife.  Note:” Spoons for use on Communion table, Second Church Boston, by Paul Revere.  Bread knife communion silver, Thomas Pemberton maker.”


            94x1.203         #16896, Sketches of knives, one with a scimitar blade


            94x1.202         Sugar tongs, “to be used with service”


            94x1.204         Front and side views of a spoon


            94x1.205         Sugar tongs, bright cut.


Picture frames/name plaques:


            94x1.206x       #29324, Plaque (or frame around picture) of Virgin and Child, with angels.  Note: “Silver back and silver front, I offer the suggestion of having small balls on feet so you can lift it from the communion table - these maybe of any desired shape.”


            89x17.31         Plaques with names: Augustus Porter Thompson, and William Thompson Reed.


            89x17.33         Plaque with name: Paul Mascarene Hamlen


            89x17.34         Rough sketch for plaque or frame inscribed: Paul Mascarene Hamlen, from Dorothy Devens Hamlen, Nathaniel Hamlen, Devens Hamlen, Elizabeth Hamlen Ferguson, Christmas 1928




Box 11: Church silver


Wire wall:


89x17.81         large watercolor drawing of a cross, with symbols of the Four Evangelists decorating part of the column; the label in the pamphlet file about a “sketch of a cross done by George Germer, ca. 190[torn]” almost undoubtedly refers to this drawing


Folder 1:


            94x1.286         Gold bowl, with cross as finial on lid, for Washington Cathedral


            94x1.287         #54508, a paten? or a chalice with a very shallow bowl?


            94x1.288         Two illustrations of caudle cups from the First Congregational Church of Quincy.  The first was by Thomas Savage, the second by Robert Sanderson


            94x1.289         Two caudle cups and a chalice from the First Congregational Church of Quincy.  One cup designed by Jeremiah Dummer sold for $250.00.  The chalice by Hull & Sanderson was $275.00  The second cup was also $250.00


Folder 2:


            94x1.290         Ewer, from the First Church of Beverly, made by Paul Revere, ca. 1798


            94x1.291         Tankard, from the Second Church, Boston, made by John Burt


            94x1.292         Ewer, made for St. Paul's, Dedham, Mass., 1912


            94x1.293         Two tankards from the Second Church, the first by John Potwine and the second by John Burt, ca. 1724


            94x1.294         Bowl and tankard.  The bowl was from St. Luke's in Germantown, Penn., and was designed by Paul Revere.  The Tankard, also by Revere, was from the Deerfield Church of Christ, 1763.


Folder 3:


            94x1.295         Tankard, 13 1/4", from Church of Christ, Hollis St., by Paul Revere


            94x1.296         Tankard, from the Church of Christ, Andover, by Paul Revere, 1801


            94x1.297         Tankard, from the Second Church, by Peter Oliver, 1711


            94x1.298         Tankard, from the Second Church, by Samuel Bartlett, 1733


            94x1.299         Tankard, from the Second Church, by John Bridge, 1753


Folder 4:


            94x1.300         Communion silver cup and tankard from the Second Church.  Cup by Jacob Hurd and tankard by Thomas Trott


            94x1.301         #39847, Loving cup, with curved handles on a footed base, Sept. 6, 1935, special design


            94x1.302         Three cups, two from the First Church of Christ, Gloucester, and the third from a church in Long Lane.


            94x1.303         Two mugs and a cup.  The first mug is from the First Church of Boston.  The second, from the North Church of Salem, Ma., was done by Paul Revere in 1802.  The cup, from the New Utrecht Reform Church of Brooklyn was designed by Jacob Boelen, 1707.


            94x1.304         Communion silver cups from the Second Church, Boston, made by Joseph Glidden, which were shown at the Museum of Fine Art in 1930


            94x1.305         Communion silver cups from the Second Church, probably made by Joseph Richardson


            94x1.306         Two communion silver cups from the Second Church, one by George Hanners.  Note: “note difference in foot”




            94x1.280         #18153, Chalice, with a stand (or prop, so model could be stood in place and checked for size)


            94x1.281         #18153, Larger version of the chalice in .280, also with a stand


            94x1.282         Urn, with a stand


            94x1.283         Urn, larger version of 94x1.282


            94x1.284         Communion set (chalice and paten) for Grace Church, Newton, 1919


            94x1.285         Communion set (chalice and paten)




Box 12: Church silver, plates


Folder 1:


            94x1.307         #28243, Chalice with a lid


            94x1.308         Two chalices from Old South Church, Boston.  The first was by Jeremiah Dummer, the second by Paul Revere.  Copies were $275.00 each


            94x1.309         Chalice


            94x1.310         Gold chalice, Note: not Gebelein work.  For Mrs. J.L.R., 1941


Folder 2:


            94x1.311         Alms basin, from above and from side.  Original at Kings Chapel, made by Paul Revere


            94x1.312         Alms basin, from above and from side.  Original at First Church, Boston, made by Paul Revere.


            94x1.313         Alms basin, from above and from side, 12 1/2" in diameter.  Made for the First Church of Gloucester, June 6, 1762.


            94x1.314         Alms basin, from above and from side, made in 1773 by Paul Revere, for the First Church of Marblehead.


            94x1.315         Alms basin, from above and from side, made in 1798 for Kings Chapel, possibly by Paul Revere


Folder 3:


            94x1.316         Receiving basin, made by Edward Winslow, for the Second Church of Boston


            94x1.317         Basin made in 1768 by Paul Revere for the First Church of Christ, Hollis St.


            94x1.318         Alms basin, presentation piece, made by Edward Winslow for the Second Church of Boston


            94x1.319         Basin made by Paul Revere in 1801 for the First Church of Beverly


Folder 4:


            94x1.354         Collection plate, signed "GEG"  "Of Thine Own Have" written around the edge


            94x1.355         Small tray on feet, from above and from side, shield in the center


            94x1.356         Lemon dish, to have glass lining, for Mrs. G.G. Hammond, signed "GEG"


            94x1.357         Serving dish with lid


Folder 5:


            94x1.358         Lidded vegetable dish with partition


            94x1.359         Butter dish, with ivory knob


            94x1.360         #24468, Serving dish with lid


            94x1.361         Presentation tray, from above and from side, $185.00


            94x1.362         Dish, from above and from side



Box 13: Cups, mugs, and tankards


Folder 1:


            94x1.331         #45614, Sugar and mug. Designed for Mrs. R.L. Goodale, also shows the mug converted to a creamer.


            94x1.340         #47873, mug, with note: RHT to RHT, Jr. Dec. 25, 1938


            94x1.344         2 views of a cup-shaped item with spouts on either side, $75.00


            94x1.345         2 views of a cup-shaped item with spouts on either side, $112.50 each


            94x1.346         #16972, Three cups, early American types, with handles on both sides


            94x1.347         #28539, Wine cup, or chalice, on a plate


Folder 2:


            94x1.348         Same as .347 above, inscribed "Memorial"


            94x1.349         #6557, Wine cup or chalice


            94x1.350         Design of old American chalice, $235.00


            94x1.351         Chalice with round base, “paten to be included”


            94x1.352         Chalice


            94x1.353         Pencil sketch of 94x1.352




            94x1.320         #7499, Mug made March 7, 1920 for James Lawrence Houghtcling, III


            94x1.321         Mug with scrolled handle


            94x1.322         #28334, cup.  Note: “ok Samuel M. Felton”


            94x1.323         Mug, $40.00


            94x1.324         Mug, $35.00


            94x1.325         #1499A, Mug


            94x1.326         Mug, $32.00


            94x1.327         Two mugs


            94x1.328         Old English Tankard, $45.00


            94x1.329         Tankard, $75.00


            94x1.330         Design of silver can (mug) for Barrett Wendell


            94x1.332         #116D, Tankard


            94x1.333         Two casters (or shakers), for Mrs. Phaelser


            94x1.334         Mug, with several names to be engraved on it


            94x1.335         Tankard with lid


            94x1.336         #1457, mug


            94x1.337         #1045, Tankard, $75.00


            94x1.338         #1522, ci[, $37.00                  


            94x1.339         Cup, with shading showing different heights


            94x1.341         Mug with handle


            94x1.342         Tankard with lid, notes hours of labor


            94x1.343         Mug, original design for Prof. Barrett Wendell, Dec. 2, 1931



Box 14: Center pieces


Folder 1:


            94x1.206y       Covered dish or tureen, with feet


            94x1.207y       Center piece, made for Albert S. Brown


            94x1.208         Top view of oval bowl with acanthus leaf handles (see also .209)


            94x1.209         Oval centerpiece in silver repoussé, with acanthus decoration.  Present for silver anniversary, designed for Mr. Garrison (?), est. $950.00 (see also .208)  (These may be the designs for the Eastern Yacht Club bowl; see .253 in Box 15)


            94x1.210         #21349, Oval sterling silver bowl, fluted.  Blue line indicates outline of top.  Made for Society of Arts and Crafts, Detroit, July 1923, by George C. Gebelein


            94x1.211         2 sizes of a footed bowl with handle, by Revere


Folder 2:


            94x1.216         Bowl on a pedestal with swags, initialed "BN"


            94x1.217         “Revere” fluted bowl, concave fluting design, with engraved festoons, on a square base


            94x1.218         Bowl with fluted pedestal, for Mrs. Herbert L. Bowden


            94x1.219         Bowl with columnar pedestal


            94x1.221         Centerpiece bowl with lion's heads, on stand with fluted edge.


            94x1.228         Broad rimmed bowl on stand [reported missing March 2014]


            94x1.231         Gold bowl, also outline of top


            94x1.232         Gold bowl on pedestal




            94x1.212         Two-handled cup, with sketch for cover.  For Mrs. J.R.  Hamlin, 24 Marlborough


            94x1.213         Three bowls with heraldic shields


            94x1.214         Loving cup


            94x1.215         Two porringers with two different handles, one labeled "D" and the other "E."   On back "D -- EB" and "E – PN”


            94x1.220         Covered dish and shallow bowl


            94x1.225         Bowl


            94x1.227         Notes about making piece F58


            94x1.222         Tray and bowl, engraved to indicate sailing or boating trophies won,


            94x1.223         Early English silver bowl in Colonial America, “Jeremiah Dummer worked in this design decoration.”  $650 for tray and bowl


            94x1.224         Adapted Paul Revere bowl and tray, $750.00 for both


            94x1.229         Silver bowl on pedestal


            94x1.230         Two-handled cup.  Note "refer F568”


            94x1.233         Sterling silver bowl without cover and suggestion with cover.  Variation of F568


            94x1.234         Pear shaped bowl on a stand




Box 15: Center pieces, commemorative silver, bowls


Folder 1:




            94x1.245         Bowl, 15 5/8 long, 9 5/8 wide, initialed "LB"


            94x1.246         Bowl


            94x1.247         Bowl on a pedestal


            94x1.248         Design of a Paul Revere bowl, hand made and hammered from a flat circle of silver, designed for Mr. Charles T. Treadway, Bristol, Ct.


Commemorative silver:


            94x1.250         #13276, “Percy D. Haughton Memorial Cup Presented to the Tennis & Racquet Club, 1926.”  Notes include dimensions and engraving instructions


            94x1.252         Bowl-shaped trophy for the Boston C[?] Club, with pencil sketch showing lid and handles


Folder 2:


            94x1.253         Scrap of paper that contained the design for the Eastern Yacht Club bowl, probably .208 and .209 in Box 14


            94x1.255         #30012, Salver for Mr. D.C. Crockett; decorated with design of bottle with the initials N.P.U.; 1930-31


            94x1.256         Bowl and tray, both decorated with a bear and tree stump, designed for the S. Pee Club, Harvard


            94x1.257         Urn with curved handles


            94x1.258         Three sterling silver chess trophies, a cup, a box, and a bowl.  Covers of the trophies have finials that represent a rook, a knight, and a bishop.  “Ornamental finials are solid silver.  The cost without the finials is $6 less”


            94x1.259         Urn, similar to 94x1.257, but has a different design and spigot






            94x1.235         Bowl, initialed "BN," $65.00


            94x1.236         #28871, Bowl


            94x1.237         Petal-shaped bowl, $55.00


            94x1.238         Petal-shaped bowl


            94x1.239         Bowl decorated with a cat, initialed "GEG"


            94x1.240         Bowl, with cats as feet


            94x1.241         #14442, Bowl, engraved with the letters B, C, J


            94x1.242         Revere bowl.  Note: “This can be made to sell for $150 to $275 according to the amount of handwork.  Original by Paul Rever formerly at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, now at the Metropolitan Museum


            94x1.243         Bowl with either round or square base, $235, "A"


            94x1.244         Same as above, marked "B"


Commemorative silver:


            94x1.249         Memorial cup on tracing paper; dimensions given.  "P.D.H. Trophy" (see also .250, in Folder 1)


            94x1.226         #6944, Sketch of bowl and porringer with handles.  Note: We mount solid wire  [note: this is really a center piece, but it is mounted with .249]


            94x1.251         Two-handled cup, adapted from old English gold cup, made for $250.00


            94x1.254         Flat silver tray for Revere bowl, with mahogany base



Box 16: Commemorative silver; accession 14x18


Folder 1:


            94x1.269         Large cup, with lid and handles, on a base


            94x1.271         Club trophy, a tall cup with handles, designed for Francis P. Garvan, N.Y.  $400.00  “See smaller design for individual trophy.”  (see also .250, Box 15, folder 1; and 97x99.20, Box 17, folder 7)


            94x1.272         Smaller version of the cup in .271, $200


            94x1.273         Design similar to the cup in .272


Folder 2:


            94x1.274-276  “Anathema Cup,” with lid on tall base, 8 1/2" in height, diameter of mouth, 7 1/4"  Gift of Thomas Langton to Pembroke College, Cambridge.  Tracing paper and watercolor drawing, and a note describing the cup

                                    (94x1.274 and 94x1.275 are housed on mylar board)


            94x1.277         F410, Large covered cup


            94x1.278         Large covered cup, design dated Sept. 22, 1933


            94x1.279         Nordic style tankard, used for Harvard Interhouse Rowing Champsionship trophy, copied from an original.  Many notes about the original and the use of the new tankard


            89x17.70         Harvard cup with square base, $300 (to include seals of Harvard and Yale Universities)




            94x1.260         Large beaker shaped cup


            94x1.261         Similar to 94x1.260, engraved for a gold championship


            94x1.262         #36567, Myopia polo cup.  Cup has lid, handles, and an elaborate ornamental design


            94x1.263         #28370, Cup with a lid on a square base.  Made as a working drawing


            94x1.264         Similar to 94x1.260-.261.  Dated 1914


            94x1.265         Beaker with initials and dates engraved on it.  Note: Deliver April 20 (probably engraved for a 25th wedding anniversary), pinpricked


            94x1.266         Presentation cup, $90


            94x1.267         Yale Harvard Dining Club Cup with square base.  Pencil sketch shows cup with a lid


            94x1.268         Percy Haughton Tropy for individuals, Tennis and Racquet Club, Boston, "Correct drawing"  (see also .250 in Box 15, folder 1)


            94x1.270         trophy cup with handles, $120 each


            94x1.274-276  Anathema cup with lid on tall base, 8 1/2" in height, diameter of mouth, 7 1/4"  Gift of Thomas Langton to Pembroke College, Cambridge.  Tracing paper and watercolor drawing and a note giving details about the cup

                                    (Drawing 94x1.276 housed in folder 1)


            89x17.21         Trophy with curved handles and lid


            89x17.14         Cup copied from an early American design made by Andrew Tyler, Boston, 1692-1741.  Cup, $175, cover an extra $40.00.  Cover drawing in pencil.  “Cover is adapted as original cover has not been found”


Folder 3: accession 14x18: includes commemorative pieces


            14x18.1a-b      dish or plate for Sarah Randolph North, 1939.  The front side of the dish was to bear her name and a crest.  The back side was to be engraved with her birth date and the names of her parents and grandparents.  The Gebelein mark was to be between the two sets of grandparents’ names.  (drawings in ink, on green paper)


            14x18.2           profile and top view of a dish, #46392, possibly the same as .1a-b, with notes about handle and weight


            14x18.3           no. 40764, a rectangular item to have the initials MMM for Mary McKenzie, with notes about how engraving was to be done and about weight, also outline of a dish;

                                    On back: other ideas about the design, but marked “no good – use other side”


            14x18.4           outline and profile of Crockett plate and a flask with the initials NPU


            14x18.5a-c      designs for Myopia Point to Point trophy given by Charles Sumner Bird; .5a is an outline of a round dish, with the names of 1st, 2d, and 3d place winners for 1935; .5b and .5c are different designs for the trophy, with various notes and inscriptions


            14x18.6           oval tray, no. 22924, view from above and side view, with notes about size


            14x18.7-9        oval trays or dishes, views from above and side views, with notes about sizes


            14x18.10         vegetable dish, “perfect ovals,” with outlines of inside and outside


            14x18.11a-b    side views of 3 round or oval trays or dishes, no. 1, 2, 3; notes about sizes and prices have been erased but are legible; dated May 11, 1910, B.A. Cobb, New London, Conn.;

                                    On back: partial outline;

                                    .11b: oval template marked B.A. Cobb


            14x18.12         side views of 3 round or oval bread trays, with notes about decoration, sizes, and prices; marked “Return to George C. Gebelein, Boston”;

                                    On back: notes about  size of Mrs. Schiller’s tray and outline of part of profile


            14x18.13         side views of 4 round or oval bread trays, with view from above of a round tray, and view from above of an oval tray with lobes, showing decoration on rim; sizes, and prices given; stamped “George C. Gebelein, Wellesley Hills”;


            14x18.14         round dish or plate with handles, side view and view from above


Folder 4: accession 14x18:


            14x18.15         sketch of bowl on tray (or plate), with indication of where decoration was to be placed, and side view of a plate labeled “bear plate” with size given;

                                    On back: another sketch of bowl on plate, with indication of decoration


            14x18.16         side view and top view of round plate, with sketch of bear decoration on rim, and notes about construction


            14x18.17         outline of tray, with rubbings of marks and coat of arms


            14x18.18-19    top views of round trays with lobed rim; .18 is labeled #1[?], but also with number 3[?]; .19 is labeled # 2, but also with numeral 4


            14x18.20         side view and top view of round tray or plate, with lobed rim, including notes about boarder gauge wire; marked “Geo. S.Gebelein”


            14x18.21         wash drawing of top and side views of a round tray, showing decoration on rim; marked “with Mrs. Howland Kettle”; stamped “George C. Gebelein”


            14x18.22         sketch or round tray, with suggestions for decoration for rim, #11596, dated Mar. [illegible], 1924[?]; on stationer for George C. Gebelein, Boston


            14x18x23        suggestions for trays for sugar and creamer, 2 side views and 4 views from above


            14x18.24         although not labeled, these views from above of 4 small trays are similar in size to the trays for sugar and creamer in .23 above


            14x18.25         brown paper folder labeled “plates & dishes,” name McNulty is crossed out; received empty and original contents are unknown



Folder 5: acc. 14x18


            14x18.26         on both sides of paper are drawings of 3 rims for round dishes or trays, with views of sides; part of the rim for 3 tray has been cut out


            14x18.27a-c    top views of 3 round trays or dishes, each a different size, but all with a rim decorated with grape vines and bunches of grapes; price indicated on each; .27a (the small size) is also blind-stamped Gebelein, with the copyright sign (c within a circle) above the name


            14x18.28         side views of 5 plates and top views of 2 round plates, one with decoration on rim (which cost extra); includes notes about shapes and prices


            14x18.29         top and size views of a child’s plate for Mrs. Woodbury; price in code, with note about engraving


            14x18.30         outline of view from above of a round lobed lunch plate for Mrs. A. Wallace Rice, with rubbings of marks


            14x18.31         side and view from above outlines of a dish or tray; three circles drawn on the tray


            14x18.32         view from above of a sandwich plate, no. 15510, for Mrs. Waldo Brown, Boston, with notes about size, and indications of decoration


            14x18.33         folder labeled “gold plates”; received empty and original contents are unknown


            14x18.34         side view of gold tray, with notes about size and Gebelein stamp;

                                    On back: additional notes: “spun by Gunner,” #59540, #55286, 1933, 1943


            14x18.35a-b    two blank pieces of paper, with just part of a pencil sketch on .35a


            14x18.36         side views of 2 basins, with notes about size, marked “return to Gebelein’;

                                    On back: another side view of a basin, with notes about size


            14x18.37         on both sides: side view of basin, with note about size


            14x18.38a-b    two oval templates; .38b includes a rough sketch of a bowl




Box 17: miscellaneous silver pieces


Folder 1:


            97x110.1         color photograph of a drawing of a candlestick


Folder 2:


            97x110.2         coffee pot with wooden handle; written on front: “Mrs. Odlin, 1932”


            97x110.3         tea kettle on stand, with decoration


            97x110.4         Teapot and sugar bowl, with decoration


Folder 3:


            97x110.5a-b    coffee pot with wooden handle, creamer and sugar bowl without a lid;

                                    taped to a separate sheet of paper is a label from GCB


            97x110.6         coffee pot with wooden handle; written in one corner; C&R; GCB’s label attached to another corner; written on back: 24 ozs., 13 [illegible]


            97x110.7         round sugar bowl and creamer


Folder 4:

            97x110.8         bowl on a pedestal, written around the rim are the words The Corinthian Yacht Club; column of pedestal is decorated with sail boats; the feet are engraved with North, South, East, West; the drawing is initialed G.E.G.


            97x110.9         tea pot with wooden handle; drawing is labeled A. [illegible note], our preference G.P.S.


            97x110.10       covered bowl on a short pedestal; written on back: [covered up] made, another with acanthus chasing made with two handles, lower base


            97x110.11       coffee pot with wooden handle; written on back: design from Old Eng. Geo. III coffee pot by John Schofield, original coffee was consigned by Lea Freeman


Folder 5:


            97x110.12       oval bowl, with much decoration, including a detail of “ear”


            97x110.13       two different coffee pots with wooden handles, and a bowl; written on front: choice of coffee pots


            97x110.14       butter dish, no. 28731, adapted from Paul Revere designs, includes a diagram for cutting the design for piercing the stainer, three additional knobs for the top of the lid (one of which is marked “use this one”), additional notes about engraving, signed “from G.C. Gebelein, Boston


Folder 5:


            97x110.15       oversized tea kettle on stand, no. 39660, with a price in code and the printed label of GCG (most of this information is also printed on the back)


            97x110.16       soup tureen, engraved with coat of arms, capacity of 6½ quarts; on back: printed label of GCG


            97x110.17       bowl on pedestal with large fish decorating the pedestal


Folder 7:         


            97x110.18       fairly plain bowl on a pedestal


            97x110.19       creamer, waste bowl, sugar bowl, with printed label of GCG on front; written on back: matching Faberge samovar


            97x110.20       wine cooler or vase, labeled: Presentation piece, club trophy, designed for Mr. Francis P. Garvan, New York, $450; written on back: [covered over] record, see also smaller

                                    (see also 94x1.271, box 16, folder 1)


Folder 8:


            99x66.1                       pitcher, price $350


            99x66.2                       tea kettle on stand, with ivory spacers on handle; on back: printed label of GCG


            99x66.3                       pitcher, similar to 99x66.5; on back: $90.00, and printed label of GCG


            99x66.4                       waste bowl, creamer, sugar bowl; on back: printed label of GCG


            99x66.5                       pitcher and tray, similar to 99x66.3

                                    on back: rough pencil sketch of a tea pot and an urn; printed label of GCG, number 1239


folder 9:


            [no accession number, transferred from Milo Naeve papers]             goblet by Simon Chaudron, Philadelphia, c.1798: pencil sketch, with notes about weight, thickness, decoration, and marks, with envelope in which found



Box 18: Jewelry drawings (use scans in Box 21 first)


94.1.1a-.41a                Bar pins and brooches


94.1.83a-.98a              Necklaces and pendants


94.1.118a-.119a          Earrings


94.1.120a                    Bracelets


94.1.127a-.203a          Rings


94.1.289a                    four assorted designs, including a cross


94.1.290a                    watch fob or seal


94.1.291a                    seal with dolphins, available in gold or silver


94.1.292a                    small gold oval pin, with the name Richard on it


94.1.293a                    a bear, labeled on back: for making stationery die


94.1.294a                    a red wax impression of the die made from the bear in .293a



Box 19: Jewelry drawings (use scans in Box 21 first)


94.1.42a-.82a              Bar pins, brooches, stick pin


94.1.99a-.117a            Necklaces and pendants


94.1.121a-.122a          Bracelets


94.1.204a-.284a          Rings


94.1.295a                    Watch fob or seal


94.1.296a                    Watch fob or seal


94.1.297a                    a ribbon designed to hold a fob or seal


94.1.298a                    a fob or seal on a chain


94.1.299a                    Three views of the head of a bear


94.1.300a                    order for a ring, including sketch of the ring and specifications for it


94.1.301a                    order for a piece, perhaps a ring, to include a sapphire


94.1.302a                    scrap paper


94.1.303a-.307a          envelopes from Gebelein’s store



Box 20: Jewelry drawings (use scans in Box 21 first)


94.1.55a                      Bar pins and brooches


94.1.123a-.126a          Bracelets and watches


94.1.285a-.288a          Rings


94.1.308a                    “Suggestions for cuff links for gentlemen,” six designs


94.1.310a-315a           envelopes



Box 21:


Folder 1:          parts of original folders which held Gebelein materials; one bears a rough design of a tea pot, and another bears a design of a bowl or vase; the third has notes

                        [it is not believed that the sketches were done by Gebelein]


Folder 2:          transcriptions of notes found on Gebelein jewelry sketches


Folders 3-8:     scans of jewelry drawings – use before originals


Folder 9:          inventory of Gebelein Silversmiths collection at Henry Ford Museum


Folder 10:        photocopies of materials in Henry Ford Museum


Folder 11:        notes about photocopies from Henry Ford Museum


Folder 12:        photocopy request forms




Pamphlet files:


99x132.1-.2     Advertising pamphlet for “Gebelein Silver Lined Copper Bowls,” with “Description and Prices” on a separate sheet


99x132.3         “Examples of Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Domestic Silver, with Interpretations of Same by George Christian Gebelein,” reprint of an article by Irene Sargent, for the September 1922 issue of The Keystone, with additional illustrations.


[no acc. no.]    Photocopy of a note about large covered cups: Winslow Cup, Agassiz Cup, Gold Bowl, Gund(?) Cup, etc.; 

                        also a typed note about the “Guild Cup”


[87x17.70]       label: “Colored sketch of a cross … sketched by George E. Germer, ca.190[torn] ….”  Although this item is marked with the accession number 87x17.70, that number is used for a sketch of the Harvard Cup, and this note almost undoubtedly refers to the cross that is acc. no. 89x17.81.





Leighton, Margaretha Gebelein.  George Christian Gebelein: Boston Silversmith, 1878-1945; a Biographical Sketch.  Boston: The author, 1976.