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Creator:         Mobley, William Frost                                  

Title:               Funeral and Mourning Ephemera Collection

Dates:             1809-1963, 1855-1909 (bulk)

Call No.:         Col. 6 

Acc. No.:        86x1

Quantity:        2 boxes

Location:        16 A 5






William Frost Mobley was a dealer in antiquarian ephemera in Wilbraham, Massachusetts.  He was a member of the Ephemera Society of America, the American Historical Print Collection Society, and the American Printing History Association.





The papers are a collection of American ephemera related to funerals and mourning customs.  It consists of a wide variety of mostly late nineteenth century printed materials that document American funerary and mourning practices of the time.  The collection includes manuscript bills for grave-digging, burial and gravestones; printed eulogies and elegies; printed invitations to funerals, 1827-1925; printed and pictorial billheads for funeral-related businesses, 1838-1916; printed memorial cards, 1843-1926; tributes to members of a fraternity killed during the Civil War, 1861-1865; death announcements and funeral notices, 1870-1928; trade cards for various funerary businesses; letterheads of companies selling caskets, monuments, and other funeral services, 1880-1902; cemetery deeds; samples and price lists for mourning cards; two photographs of horse-drawn hearses; two lithographed mourning pictures; a mourning badge honoring President William McKinley; and similar items.   A few of the items are for mock funerals.   





For the most part, the materials are arranged by type and then by accession number.


A name index to the collection is appended to this finding aid.       





Purchased from William Frost Mobley.






            Mourning customs.

            Funeral rites and ceremonies.

            Sepulchral monuments.

            Undertakers and undertaking.

            Presidents - United States - Death.

            Trade cards.

            Bills of sale.






            Photographic prints.






Catalogs from Mobley’s business are listed in WinterCat, the Winterthur Library on-line catalog.






Location: 16 A 5


Box 1:


Folder 1:          Mourning cards and funeral notices:

                                .1         Rev. David Coggin, d. 1852, pencil drawing of tomb and willow tree

                        .5         Joseph R. Bodwell, Governor of Maine, d. 1887, official program of funeral services at Augusta and Hallowell

.6         Rosalia Louisa Richmond, d. 1858, age 19, notice of death from typhoid fever, New York City

.7         Maria Jane Hurd, d. 1849, age 12, notice of death in Springfield, Mass., includes picture of her  

                        .8         William Askins, d. 1827, infant, invitation to funeral, Paris [no state]

                        .9         William M’Pherson, d. 1833, invitation to funeral

                        .11       Stephen Baldy, d. 1855, invitation to funeral, Norristown

                        .12       envelope labeled “Remembrance of the Dead”

                        .13       Betsey M’Clintick, d. 1844, invitation to funeral, Chillicothe

                        .15       Alonzo Clark Baldwin, d. 1843, age 35, manuscript elegy, with picture of mourner at his tomb, written on paper with perforated edge, signed S. Helena

                        .16       Printed poem, no names given, about receiving lock of departed brother’s hair, the lock of hair is attached to the paper

                        .19       Della M. Roberts, d. 1901, age 2, memorial poem and description of funeral

                        .20       Sanford Rowe, ca.1830s., age 20, memoir

                        .21       a letter about settling for the coffin and burial of Caleb Barnes’ daughter, 1809, to the selectmen of Plymouth, but dated from Cheshire (probably Connecticut)

                        .22       Miss Eleanor Ball, d. 1830, invitation to funeral, addressed to I. Yarnal

                        .23       Mrs. C.B. Anderson, d. 1928, age 82, notice of death and funeral, Humansville, Mo.

                        .24       Green-Mount Cemetery, Montpelier, 1855, order of exercises for dedication of cemetery


Folder 2:          Memorial printed on satin:

.17       to the memory of Isabella Fraser, wife of Walter S. McCulloch, d. 1844, age 33, memorial printed 1845, Albany


Folder 3:          Memorial printed on satin:

.18       to the memory of Jacob Ringwalt, d. 1828, age 63


Folder 4:          Elegies

.25       Isaac Wells Little, d. 1838, age 9, elegy by J.W. Barker, to be sung to the tune Cookham

.26       Miss Sally Oaks, d. 1818, age 18, elegy by Samuel Dunn, Newsalem

.27       Harfield Lyndsey, n.d., age 26, with an acrostic by Samuel Dunn


Folder 5:          Presidential and political funeraria

.14       William Jennings Bryan, “who was interred this election day … by Taft and his forces.  We mourn our loss.” 1908

[note: Bryan did not really die at this time; the loss was a political one]

.28       Abraham Lincoln, d. 1865, “solemnization of the funeral obsequies” in Jamestown, New York

                        .29       James A. Garfield, d. 1881, “In Memoriam” card, embossed

                        .30       Ulysses S. Grant, poem by Gen. Horace Binney Sargent for funeral obsequies in Los Angeles, n.d.

                        .31       Ulysses S. Grant, d. 1885, memorial picture printed in New York

.32       James A. Garfield, d. 1881, announcement of memorial service, Washington, D.C.           


Folder 6:          Presidential funeraria: McKinley mourning badge (acc. no. .33) – NOW IN BOX 2 – the oversize box


Folder 7:          Invitations to funerals

                        .34       James B. Levan, d. 1926, age 76, invitation to funeral, Mountain, Pa.

                        .35       Aaron Bennighoff, d. 1925, age 74, invitation to funeral, New Tripoli, Pa.

                        .36       mourning envelope addressed to Mrs. William Hartman, New Tripoli, Pa., possibly held card for Aaron Bennighoff’s funeral

                        .37       Henry C. Rogers, d. 1909, invitation to funeral, Buddtown and Pemberton, N.J., “carriages will meet” certain trains

                        .38       mourning envelope addressed to John A. Harker, possibly held card for Mr. Roger’s funeral

                        .39       William Chauvenet, d. 1878, “obsequies” apparently celebrating the end of a math class at a school or university, celebration held by the Class of ’80, St. Louis


Folder 8:          Memorial cards

                        .40       Robert R. Carhart, d. 1888, age 42, Guilderland

                        .41       Catharine S. Carhart, d. 1885, age 60, and Sanford Carhart, d. 1888, age 68, Guilderland

                        .42       Alvah Dore, d. 1900, age 77, memorial card with photograph

                        .43       Simon W. Elliott, d. 1895, age 50, who apparently was a veteran (see also .48 in folder 10)


Folder 9:          Memorial cards

.44       Grover Cleveland Mudge, d. 1891, age 4, card from Philadelphia Mourning Supply Co.

.45       Andrew Adams, d. 1899, age 32

.46       Roswell Steacy, d. 1926, age 32

.47       James Terry, d. 1924, age 77 (card is same design as .46)    


Folder 10:        Memorial cards

.48       Simon W. Elliot, d. 1895, age 50 (same as .43 in folder 8)

.49       Victor H. Cronk, d. 1891, age 13, card from “George Mitchell, manufacturer of fine memorial cards, Greenfield, Ind.

.50       Mrs. Sarah A. Clark, d. 1889, age 64, card from the Memorial Card Co., Philadelphia

.51       Peter R. Lyford, d. 1897, age 72, almost identical to .50 but from the Globe Mem. Card Co., Philadelphia


Folder 11:        Memorial cards

                        .52       Archibald Gardner, d. 1891, age 39

                        .53       Richard Eastman, d. 1891, age 64, card from E.C. Stark & Co., Memorial Cards, Philadelphia (see also .126a-b, folder 27)

                        .54       Mrs. Mary A. Cook, d. 1903, age 79

                        .55       Mrs. Margaret Edmunds, d. 1889, age 60


Folder 12:        Memorial cards

                        .56       Rev. Salmon Cook, d. 1901, age 81

                        .57       Sophronia Chaffee, wife of Hiram Pease, d. 1876, age 64

                        .58       Hosca Pierce, d. 1893

                        .59       Rebecca J. Wiser, d. 1903, age 67


Folder 13:        Memorial cards

                        .60       James R. Young, d. 1891, age 69

                        .61       Thomas Ramsay, d. 1886, age 24, card from Memorial Card Co., Philadelphia

                        .62       Alex. C. Darling, d. 1889, age 67, card from Memorial Eng. Co., Philadelphia

                        .63       Lola E. Amey, d. 1891, age 27


Folder 14:        Memorial cards

                        .64       George W. Erb, d. 1886, age 62

                                    [image on card is found in acc. .4, no. 3280]

                        .65       Arvilla Wells, d. 1886, age 68


Folder 15:        Funeral notices and programs

                        .66       Dr. John Staice Davis, d. 1885, funeral notice, University, Va.

                        .67       Mrs. Elizabeth O. Powell, d. 1885, funeral notice, Cedarville, N.J. (notice is a fill-in-the-blank form provided by the undertaker)

                        .68       Addison O. Whitney and Luther C. Ladd, obsequies for soldiers slain at Baltimore, 1861

                        .69       Miss Hattie A. Hall, d. 1864, age 20, a tribute to her friends, Watertown

                        .70       Rev. Charles Samuel Stewart, d. 1870, age 75, notice of his death in Cooperstown, N.Y.


Folder 16:        Program

.71a-b  Funeral of the black bear Billy Bruin and the white swan Leander, at Ridge Hill Farms, Wellesley, Mass., 1874, includes order of procession and memorial poems [perhaps a circus-like performance?]


Folder 17:        Eulogy

.72       Rev. Samuel Webber, President of Harvard University, d. 1810, age 51, read by Henry Ware


Folder 18:        Death announcements for members of Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

.73       Maj. Fred Arn, graduate of University of Michigan in 1861, d. at Pittsburg Landing, Tenn., April 1862

.74       Lt. Harlan P. Brown, graduate of Bowdoin College in 1860, killed in Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam), 1862

.75       William Lewis Haskell, graduate of Bowdoin College in 1860, died in Chambersburg, Pa., from wounds received at Battle of Antietam, 1862

.76       William Evelyn Butler, who would have graduated from the University of Michigan in 1866, d. in Hampton, Va., 1864

.77       Lt. Wm. C. Hall, member of Beta Phi chapter, member of class of 1863 (college not listed), d. in Nashville, June 1864

.78       Col. Minor Millikin, graduate of Miami University, killed at Murfeesboro, 1863

.79       1st Lt. Henry Gridley, member of Amherst College Class of 1862, killed near Marietta, Ga., 1864

.80       Frederic William Matteson, member of Phi chapter (no college listed), d. at Corinth, Tenn., Aug. 1862


Folder 19:        Prudential Mutual Aid Society of America, Harrisburg, Pa., death announcement

.81a     by deaths of Lydia A. Fisher of Selinsgrove, Pa., and Alice Grogan of Scranton, Pa., member Peter Wolf or payer Henry K. Wolf of Hamlin, Pa., is required to pay certain money, 1880

.81b     envelope addressed to Henry K. Wolf which contained the above


Folder 20:        John F. Kennedy mourning card, 1963 (acc. no. .82)


Folder 21:        Lecture announcement: “The Glory that was Grief…,” an illustrated lecture delivered by David Serette, n.d., ca. 1960s  (acc. no. .83)


Folder 22:        Hearse photographs

.84       Three hearses built by R. Hubbard of B’ham, plus a buggy, in front of a church, n.d., no place

.85       A hearse drawn by two black horses


Folder 23:        Funeral sign: “Closed on account of Funeral” (acc. no. .86)


Folder 24:        Trade cards

.87       Peterboro Marble and Granite Works, advertising tombstones and other cemetery accessories (posts, curbing, etc.), New Hampshire

.88       Pratt & Baldwin, Hartford, Conn., mourning store, on card for Mme. Demorest’s Reliable Patterns

.89       W.H. Daniell, mortician, etc., with a lady assistant, Plymouth, N.H.. with picture of hearse on reverse

.90       M.H. Smith, funeral director, Liverpool and Baldwinsville, N.Y.

.91       F.R. Folsom, undertaker, Skowhegan, Me., on card depicting a cricket player

.92       McGregorys & Casman, dealers in grave stones, Springfield, Mass.

.93       Brasher Falls Water Power Marble Shop, manufacturer of grave stones, N.Y.

.94       Shepley’s Marble Works, Bangor, Maine, on the back: a sketch of a tombstone with inscriptions

.95       Selden & Kerr, dealers in cemetery work, Linesville, Pa.

.96       David C. Miller, Granite Monumental Dealer and Sculptor, Newburgh, N.Y., with an engraving of his premises

.97       J.C. Chandler, proprietor of the Newton Marble Works, Kansas

.98       New Holland Marble and Granite Works, T.M. Store, Pa.

.99       A.W. Ayers, importer and manufacturer of granite monuments, Quincy, Mass. and Elmira, N.Y., card for agent A.D. Bain; on reverse: customers in a showroom of his stock

.100     Adam Steinmetz Steam Marble Works, mantels, furniture tops, grave stones, etc., Philadelphia; on reverse: samples of wares

.101     Chas. E. Cummings & Son, cemetery work of all kinds, Nashua, N.H.

.102     Henry C. Morse, funeral director and dealer in coffins, caskets, and shrouds, Loudon Village, N.H., with a picture of a hearse

.103     Pansy, 1898, 1915 (memorial card)

.104     John Wanamaker, trade card advertising the mourning department

.105     George Thumlert, undertaker and coffin maker, Philadelphia

.106     A. Reimer, coaches for weddings, operas, parties, shopping, funerals

.107     Miss M.A. Burbeck, undertaker and embalmer, Philadelphia; on reverse: Car No. 5, Mrs. [name illegible]

.108     Mount Vernon Cemetery lot-holder’s ticket, issued to Levi K. Slifer

.109     ticket for Colored Cemetery supper, 25¢

.110     Louis F. Dascher, funeral director and embalmer, with photo of his business; on back: Kutsche/Coach No. 3.


Folder 25:        Postcards

                        .111     Somerville Cemetery

                        .112     view in a cemetery, in foreground is grave of Edwin Rawstorne, landscape painter, d. 1907, age 76; grave stone by A.K. Lander, “mason to the co.”

                        .113     Riverside Cemetery, Oneonta, N.Y.


Folder 26:        Bills, permits, deeds

.114     Bill from G.T. Swarts, undertaker, Providence, to Edward Cooke, 1871, for removing the body and digging grave

.115     Burial permit for C.T. Weaver to remove body of John E. Austen from Haverhill to Pelham, N.H., 1894

.116     Deed from Stephen Page to Cornelius Burt, Charles C. Burt, and Samuel W. Law, for a lot in Spring Grove Cemetery, Hartford County, Conn., 1855

.117     Deed issued to Albert Marcy for plot in Yantic Cemetery, Norwich, Conn., 1875 (see also .132, in folder 28)

.118     Deed issued to Mary D. Smith for plot in Yantic Cemetery, Norwich, Conn., 1859


 Folder 27:       Salesman’s samples and price lists

.119     Memorial Publishing Co., Greenfield, Ind., showing several designs of memorial cards, with a number of verses from which to choose, prices given, ca.1892 (see also .121)

.120     George Mitchell, manufacturer of fine memorial cards, Greenfield, Ind., with designs, verses, and prices, ca.1891

.121     Memorial Publishing Co., Greenfield, Ind., same as .119

.122     Memorial Publishing Co., Chambersburg, Pa., with samples and prices of memorial cards, 1880s

.123     Memorial Card Co., Philadelphia, showing several designs of memorial cards, with a number of verses from which to choose, prices given, ca. 1891

.124     New England Crape Refinishing Co., Boston, with prices for veils, folds, sacks, dolmans, shawls, and dresses, n.d.

.125     W.R. Seymour & Co., Philadelphia, memorial cards and verses, with prices, ca.1892

.126a-b            two envelopes form Edward C. Stark & Co., Philadelphia, memorial card publishers (see also .53, folder 11)


Folder 28:        Bills

.10       receipt to estate of Abigail Chose from John Marble, payment for set of grave stones, West Newbury, 1829

.127     Wm. H. Moore, undertaker, Philadelphia, receipted bill sent to Thomas Wilson, for moving two bodies from one cemetery to another

.128     Isaiah Ensign, bill sent to Mrs. Griswold Humphry for digging grave of Mrs. Nancy Humphry, 1822

.129     Strong Manufacturing Co., Winsted, Conn., enclosing royalty check, 1881 (Strong manufactured undertakers’ goods, billhead shows factory)

.130     Milton L. Reeves, funeral director and embalmer, Brooklyn, N.Y., receipted bill sent to Mr. [illegible] for funeral services, 1897

.131     William Hughes, undertaker, Philadelphia, receipted bill sent to John Hewitt for coffin, ice, funeral notices, 1838

.132     Thos. E. Ryan, dealer in headstones, Norwich, Conn., receipted bill sent to Albert Marcy for set of gravestones, 1875 (see also .117, in folder 26)

.133     John Brady, funeral director, Lynn, Mass., receipted bill sent to Daniel Flynn for casket and other funeral services, 1889

.134     E.J. Coleburn, undertaker and embalmer, Webster, Mass., receipted bill sent to J.H. Porter, for hearse, wagon, and flowers, 1894

.135     A.D. Brown, undertaking and furniture, Epping, N.H., receipt for payment from W.S. Goodrich, 1897

.136     Pinney & Holcomb, manufacturers of caskets and coffins, Tariffville, Conn., receipted bill sent to Major Humphrey for casket, etc., 1866

.137     Charles H. Vincent, funeral director and embalmer, Simsbury Conn., bill sent to John C. E. Humphry, for casket, embalming, and other services, 1916

.138     E..G. Washburn, embalmer, undertaker, Springfield, Mass., bill to Edward Pierce for casket and other services, 1880


Folder 29:        Letterhead stationery

.139     William L. Lockhart, manufacturer of and dealer in coffins and caskets, East Cambridge, Mass. (letter talks about a lodge, not about business) (see also .150 and .157 in folder 30)

.140     Bacon’s Furniture and Coffin Rooms, Danielsonville, Conn., received of Mrs. Aldrich, 1884; receipt shows the business and a hearse

.141     Chappell, Chase, Maxwell & Co., manufacturers of caskets, Oneida and Rochester, N.Y., 1880, letterhead shows factory

.142     Inter-State Casket Co., Athens, Ohio, 1916, letterhead shows factory

.143     Brunswick Marble & Granite Works Co., Brunswick, Ga., 1902, letterhead pictures a large monument, a fireplace, and iron fencing

.144     Robt. Brown, importer and manufacturer of cemetery memorials, Ottawa, 1902, letterhead shows tombstones

.145     W.H. Grindol & Son, dealer in monuments, building stone, iron reservoir vases, Decatur, Ill., 1900, letterhead shows office building and a tombstone

.146     Wegenaar Granite Works, manufacturers and importers of monuments, vaults, statuary, etc., Buffalo, N.Y., 190-, letterhead shows monument with a statue


Folder 30:        Bills

.147     Cummings Brothers, dealers in monuments, tablets, and gravestones, Concord, Franklin, and Pittsfield, N.H., 1904, receipt sent to Mrs. Daniel Rollins for payment for monument for the late William Wyman; billhead shows office

.148     California Casket Co., dealers in undertakers supplies, San Francisco, 1893, bill sent to B.H. Pearson.  Billhead shows office

.149     Jenkins Bros. & Co., proprietors of the Union Casket Co., Boston, 1884, receipt bill sent to Joseph Whitcomb.  Billhead shows factory

.150     Wm. L. Lockhart, East Cambridge, dealer in caskets, coffins, and robes, receipted bill sent to Joseph Whitcomb.  Billhead shows factory (see also .139, folder 29, and .157 below)

.151     W.D. Diuguid, funeral director and embalmer, Lynchburg, Va., 1910, bill for burial robe for Mrs. Maggie Mosher(?), sent to John Haselour(?), administrator

.152     Byron Read, funeral director, Anthony, R.I., 1905, receipted bill sent to Mrs. Lucy A. Collins, for casket and other funeral services

.153     Shelburne Falls Marble Co., Shelburne Falls, Mass., 1895, billhead shows picture of factory

.154     John H. Smith, Port Chester Steam Marble and Granite Works, Port Chester, N.Y., 1882, receipted bill sent to Maria Merritt for gravestone for Sarah Merritt, payment received from John Lyon.  Billhead shows a gravestone

.155     Chas. G. Hookey, undertaker, Philadelphia, 1873, receipted bill sent to John Murry for coffin, hearse, and other services for mother’s funeral.  Billhead shows mourners at a tomb.

.156     Henry Deperven, Spring Garden Coffin Warehouse, Philadelphia, 1849, receipted bill to Thomas Armington for hauling furniture

.157     Lockhart & Seelye, manufacturers and dealers in coffins and robes, East Cambridge, 1867, receipted bill to Mr. Sharrell for a coffin.  Billhead shows a hearse (see also .150 above)

.158     George E. Small, dealer in coffins, caskets, and robes, Hillsboro Bridge, N.H., 1876, bill to Reuben Ward for a coffin

.159     Proprietors of the Cemetery of Mt. Auburn, Boston, 1885, receipted bill sent to C.G. Choate for care of lots. Billhead shows the entrance to the cemetery

.160     S.D. Hastings, undertaker, Hillsboro Bridge, N.H., 1879, bill sent to estate of Esther Fuller for casket, robe, and use of hearse

.161     Henry Allen & son, dealers in caskets and coffins, Norwich, Conn., 1885, receipted bill sent to estate of Joseph P. Rockwell (?), for his embalming and funeral services

.162     Bourke Bros., undertakers and coffin manufacturers, Springfield, Mass., 1879, bill to Dennis Sullivan for casket and funeral services.  Billhead shows a casket and handles and other items that could be used to decorate it (see .4, in Box 2, folder 2)

.163     St. Louis Coffin Co., St. Louis, 1885, bill sent to P.H. Hjul (?) of Eureka, Nevada, for a number of coffins

.164     St. Louis Coffin Co., St. Louis, 18[torn], bill sent to M.A. Dolan of El Paso, Texas, for casket, nails, etc.

.165     James Ray, dealer in headstones and monuments, Knotty Oak, R.I., 1903, receipted bill sent to Charles Young for large monument with inscriptions for himself and wife



Box 2:


Folder 1:          Memorial print

                        .3         Isaac Warden, drowned 1854, age 17.

Print was published by N. Currier.  It shows a woman at a tomb in a graveyard, with a gothic church in the background.  On the tomb is printed “To the Memory of”; Warden’s name, date of death, and a verse were written in.


Folder 2:          .4         Specimens of electrotypes available from A. Zeese & Co., Chicago, ca.1875. 

On one side are shown caskets, tombstones, and hearses.   (Item no. 1266 was used on acc. no. 162, in Box 1, folder 30.  Item 3280 was used on acc. no. .64, Box 1, folder 14.)  On the other side are decorations for the months January – October.


Folder 3           Memorial print, framed

                        .2         John Sinclair, d. 1815, age 40.

Print was published at Barre, Mass., but the printer’s name does not appear on the part of the page that is visible.  The hand-painted print shows a weeping woman at a large tomb, with a weeping willow, a river, a small sail boat, and a church behind it.  Printed on the tomb are the words “In Memory of”; the name and date are written in.  The mourning woman wears a dress from the late 1820s or 1830s.


Folder 4:          William McKinley mourning pin-back button (.33) (in small gray box)



Name index to Col. 6:


Adams & Nicke  .129

Adams, Andrew  .45

Alden, D.G., & Co.  .124

Aldrich, Mrs.  .140

Allen, Amos D.  .161

Allen, Henry, & Son  .161

Allen, William H.  .161

Ames, John B.  .114

Amey, Lola E.  .63

Anderson, (Mrs.) C. B.  .23

Armington, Thomas  .156

Arn, Fred (Major)  .73

Austin, John E.  .115

Ayers, A. W.  .99


Bacon, C. H.  .140

Bain, A. D.  .99

Baldwin, Alonzo Clark  .15

Ball, Eleanor  .22

Bancroft, M. H.  .153

Barker, J. W.  .25

Barnes, Caleb .21

Bateman, James N.  .67

Bennighoff, Aaron  .35

Benson, Benj . B., & Son.  .153

Billy Bruin (a bear)  .71

Blaine, James G.  .32

Bodwell, Joseph R.  .5

Bourke Bros.  .162

Brady, John  .133

Brennan, H.  .87

Brennan, J. F.  .87

Brown, A. D.  .135

Brown, Harlan P.  .74

Brown, Robert  .144

Brunswick Marble & Granite Co.  .143

Bryan, William Jennings  .14

Burbeck, M. A. (Miss)  .107

Burt, Charles C.  .116

Burt, Cornelius  .116

Butler William Evelyn  .76


California Casket Co.  .148

Carhart, Catharine S.  .41

Carhart, Robert R.  .40

Carhart, Sanford,  .41

Casman, J. P.  .92

Cemetery of Mt. Auburn  .159

Chandler, J. C.  .97

Chappell, Chase, Maxwell & Co.  .141

Chase, Abigail  .10

Chauvenet, William  .39

Choate, C. F.  .159

Clark. Sarah A. (Mrs.)  .50

Coggin, David (Rev.)  .1

Coleburn, E. J.  .134

Collins, Lucy A. (Mrs.)  .152

Cook, Mary A. (Mrs.)  .54

Cook, Salmon (Rev.)  .56

Cooke, Edward  .114

Craumer, E. E.  .81b

Cronk, Victor E.  .49

Cummings Brothers  .147

Cummings, Charles E., & Sons  .101


Daniell, W. H.  .89

Darling, Alex C.  .62

Dascher, Louis F.  .110

Davis, John Staice (Dr.)  .66

Delta Kappa Epsilon, Omicron Chapter   .74-.80

Demorest, Mme.  .88

Deperven, Henry  .156

Diuguid, G. A., & Son  .151

Diuguid, W. D.  .151

Dolan, M. A.  .164

Doolittle, Ezra  .21

Dore, Alvah  .42

Dunn, Samuel  .26, .27



Eastman, Richard  .53

Edmunds, Margaret (Mrs.)  .55

Elliott, C.A.  .131

Elliott, Simon W.  .43, .48

Ensign, Isaiah  .128

Erb, George W.  .64


Fisher, Lydia  .81a

Flynn, Daniel  .133

Folson, F. R.  .91

Fuller, Esther (estate)  .160


Gagen, Othniel  .118

Gardner, ARchivald  .52

Garfield, James A. (Pres.)  .29, .32

Garrison, David N.  .122

Globe Memorial Card Co.  .51

Goodrich, W. S.  .135

Grant, U. S. (General)  .30, .31

Green Mount Cemetery  .24

Greiner, R. M.  .108

Gridley, Henry (1st Lt.)  .79

Grindol, W.H. & Son  .145

Grogan, Alice  .81


Hall, Hattie (Miss)  .69

Hall, William C.  .77

Harker, John A.  .38

Hartman, (Mrs.) William  .36

Haseleur, John  .151

Haskell, William (Capt.)  .75

Hastings, S. D.  .160

Hessul(?),  P. H.  .163 

Hewitt, John  .131

Hilliard & Metcalf  .72

Hitchcock, Ichabod  .21

Holcomb -see Pinney & Holcomb

Hookey, A.  .155

Hookey, Chas. G.  .155

Howell, Wm. Askins  .8

Hubbard, R.  .84

Hughes, William  .131

Humphrey, Major  .136

Humphrey, Mrs. Griswold  .128

Humphrey, Nancy (Mrs.)  .128

Humphry, John C. E.  .137

Hurd, Maria Jan  .7


Inter-State Casket Co.  .142


Jacobs, (Mrs.) Richard  .126a

Jenkins Bros. & Co.  .149

Jenkins, Geo. O.  .149

Jenkins, H. H.  .149


Kaughran, John E., & Co.  .31

Kennedy, John F. (Pres.)  .82

Kerr, J. W.  .95


Ladd, Luther C.  .168

LaMance, Reed E.  .143

Lander, A. K.  .112

Laurel Hill Cemetery  .127

Law, Samuel W.  .116

Leander (a swan)  .71

Leven, James B.  .34

Lincoln, Abraham (Pres.)  .28

Little, Isaac Wells  .25

Lockhart & Seelye  .157

Lockhart, William L.  .139, .150, .157

Lyford, Peter R.  .51

Lyndsey, Harfield  .27


Marble Cliff Quarries  .142

Marble, John  .10

Marey, Albert  .117, .132

Matteson, Frederic W.  .80

M’Clintick, Betsey  .13

M’Clintick, James  .13

McCulloch, Isabella Fraser  .17

McCulloch, Walter S.  .17

McGregory & Casman  .92

McGregory, Jos. & George  .92

McKinley, William (Pres.)  .33

McKinley, William, Jr.  .32

MacKintosh, H. B.  .159

M’Pherson, William  .9

Memorial Card Co. (Ohio)  [no number listed]

Memorial Card Co. (Penn.)  .50, .122, .123

Memorial Publishing Co.  .119, .120, .121

Merritt, M. R.  .142

Merritt, Maria  .154

Miller, David C.  .96

Milliken, Minor (Col.)  .78

Mitchell, Geo.  .49, .120

Morgan, Wm. P.  .148

Moore, William H.  .127

Moore, William H., Jr.  .127

Morse, Henry C.  .102

Mosher, Maggie  .151

Mt. Auburn Cemetery  .159

Mudge, Grover Cleveland  .44

Murr[a]y, John  .155


Nester, S. E.  .34

New England Crape Refinishing Co.  .124

Newton Marble Works  .97


Oaks, Sally (Miss)  .26

Oaks, Stephen and Judith  .26

Osgood, H. H. (Mayor)  .117


Page, J. B. (printer)  .116

Page, Stephen  .116

Palmer, F. L.  .141

Patch, F.M., Mfg. Co.  .145

Patch, F. R., Mfg. Co.  .143, .146

Patch, Messrs.  .144

Pease, Sophronia Chaffe  .57

Pearson, C. H.  .148

Peterboro Marble and Granite Works  .87

Phinney, Elihu  .70

Pierce, Edward  .138

Pierce, Hosea  .58

Pinney & Holcomb  .136

Porter, J. H.  .134

Powell, Elizabeth O.  .67

Pratt & Baldwin  .88

Prentice, Amos (Mayor)  .118

Prudential Mutual Aid Society of America   .81a-b


Ramsay, Thomas  .61

Rardin Brothers  .142

Rardin, C. L.  .142

Rardin, D. A.  .142

Rardin, E. H.  .142

Rardin, J. C.  .142

Rawstone, Edwin  .112

Ray, James  .165

Read, Byron   .152

Reeves, Milton L.  .130

Reimer, A.  .106

Richmond, Rosalia Louisa  .6

Ringwalt, Jacob  .18

Riverside Cemetery  .113

Roberts, Della M.  .19

Roberts, Marion (Mr. & Mrs.)  .19

Rockwell, Alfred P.  .161

Rockwell, Joseph P.  .161

Rogers, Henry C.  .37

Rollins, Daniel  .147

Rowe, Sanford  .20

Ryan, Thos. E.  .132


Sargent, Horace Binney (Gen.)  .30

Sclmick, D. F. & C. B.  .11

Schmick, Stephen Baldy  .11

Schmidt Label & Litho. Co.  .148

Selden & Kerr  .95

Seelye, J. C.  .157

Selden, C. G.  .95

Serette, David  .83

Seymour, W.R., & Co.  .125

Shelburne Falls Marble Co.  .153

Sherman, John  .32

Shepley, Chas. F.  .94

Slifer, Levi K., M.D.  .108

Small, Geo. E.  .158

Smith, Ira  .21

Smith, John H.  .154

Smith, M. H.  .90

Smith, Mary D.  .118

Snyder, Charles E.  [no number given]

Somerville Cemetery   .111

Spring Garden Coffin Warehouse  .156

St. Louis Coffin Co.  .163, .164

Stark, E.C. & Co.  .126a-b

Steacy, Roswell  .46

Steinmetz, Adam  .100

Stemm, W. L.  .93

Stewart, Charles Samuel, D.D    .70

Stone & Huse (printers)  .68

Storb, T.M.  .98

Strong Mfg. Co.  .129

Sullivan, Dennis  .162

Swarts, G.T.  .114


Temple, D. W.  .153

Temple, J.C.  .153

Terry, James  .47

Thumlert, George  .105


Union Casket Company  .149


Vincent, Charles H.  .137


Wanamaker, John (store)   .104

Warde, Reuben (Mr.)   .158

Ware, Henry, D.D.  .72

Washburn, E.G.  .138

Weaver, C.T.  .115

Webber, Samuel (Rev.)  .72

Webenaar Granite Works  .146

Wells, Arvilla (Mrs.)  .65

Wendell Co.  .46

Wendell, H. F.  .47

Whitcomb, “Friend”  .139

Whitcomb,  Joseph  .149

Whitney, Addison O.  .68

Wilson, Thomas  .127

Wimmer, Mr.  .130

Wimmer, Matilda  .130

Wiser, Rebecca J.  .59

Wolf, Henry K.  .81a

Wolf, Peter  .81a

Wyman, William  .147


Young, Charles H.  .165

Young, James R.  .60