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Creator:         Andrews, Edward Deming, 1894-1964.                               

Title:               Photographs and postcards

Dates:             ca. 1850-ca.1970, bulk ca.1880-ca.1930

Call No.:         ASC Photos

Acc. No.:        [various – see detailed description]

Quantity:        ca. 1600 items

Location:        29 F 3-5, and map case 1, drawer 5






Edward Deming Andrews (6 March 1894-13 June 1964) was, by the time of his death, the leading authority on the Shakers.  Born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, he was educated at Amherst College (BA, 1916) and Yale University (Ph.D., 1930).  He married Faith Elizabeth Young of Pittsfield in 1921.  Together, the Andrews collected Shaker manuscripts, publications, furniture, and artifacts.  They authored many works on the Shakers, and advised museums and foundations on Shaker affairs.  At his death, Andrews was survived by his wife, 2 children, and five grandchildren.  Faith Andrews continued her interest in Shakers after the death of her husband.





Photographs, postcards, stereographic views, and ambrotypes documenting the Shakers and their communities.  Includes individual and group portraits, views of Shakers in their homes or work places, interiors and exteriors of their buildings, Shaker produced goods, etc.  Many of the photos are identified.  Also includes modern photos of the Shaker cemetery in Watervliet, New York, and black and white photos of gift drawings.


Sets of photos and stereographic views include "Views of the North Family Shakers" (New Lebanon, N.Y.), "Photographs of Shaker Village, Mt. Lebanon," "Shirley Shakers" (Massachusetts), "Shaker Village, Canterbury, N.H.," "Photographic Views, Shaker Village, Canterbury, N.H.," and "Views of Shaker Village, Enfield, Conn."  There are also photos and postcards from White Oak, Georgia; Pleasant Hill and South Union, Kentucky; Alfred and Sabbathday Lake, Maine; Hancock, Harvard, and Tyringham, Massachusetts; Enfield, New Hampshire; Watervliet, New York; and Union Village, Ohio.





For the most part, in accession number order.   The folders numbers in Boxes 1-7 and 10 come from the trex indexing system.





The materials are in English.





Collection is open to the public.  Copyright restrictions may apply.


Most of the photographs and postcards have been scanned and are available through the Winterthur web site.   Researchers are required to view these before requesting access to the originals.





Gift of Mrs. Edward D. Andrews.


SA 2091-SA 2108 transferred from DAPC, fall 2015.





Additional photographs are found in the Andrews Archives, part of the Andrews Memorial Shaker Collection.  Many of the photos in the Andrews Archives are copies of older photos; are photos used by Edward and Faith Andrews in their books; or are 20th century views of Shaker communities; but some original, older photos are also found.






            Shakers – Photographs.

            Shakers - Connecticut - Photographs.

            Shakers - Georgia - Photographs.

            Shakers - Kentucky - Photographs.

            Shakers - Maine - Photographs.

            Shakers – Massachusetts - Photographs.

Shakers – New Hampshire - Photographs.

            Shakers – New York (State) - Photographs.

            Shakers – Ohio - Photographs.


            Black and white photographs.








Location:  29 F 3-5 and map case 1, drawer 5



Box 1: SA 1-65


Folder 1:          Stevens, Rosetta (Eldress) (1 photo; SA 1)

                                    North Family, New Lebanon, N.Y.


Folder 2:          Neale, Emma; also her sister Sadie Neale; (7 photos, including 2 copies; SA 2-6)

                                    One photo is half a stereocard, taken at Watervliet prior to 1890; one photo also includes unidentified sisters (one in middle is Emma Neale), all working on making pin cushions to be sold to the world; one photo is of a pencil portrait of Emma done by Mary McMillan in 1936.  SA 3 was taken circa 1890.


Folder 3:          Hazard, Mary (7 photos, 3 the same; SA 7-10; see also SA 95)

                                    Anna Dodgson appears in one photo; includes the stereocard “Interior of Church Family’s Store” from the set “Photographs of Shaker Village, Mt. Lebanon,” Mary Hazard appears in this stereocard, which also shows the fancy goods made for sale by the sisters.


Folder 4:          Lewis, Polly (2 photos; SA 11-12)

                                    Includes a stereocard, which depicts Sister Polly and Eldress Anne Liza Charles, New Lebanon, 1898.  Polly Lewis was a member of the South Family.


Folder 5:          Allen, Catherine (3 photo postcards; SA 13-14; 2 copies is SA 13)

                                    3 postcards, first quarter of 20th century, one is labeled “Eldress Catherine,” the other (of which there are 2 copies) also includes Sister Martha [surname not given].  One of these is marked H. M. Gillet, Photographic Post Cards, Lebanon Springs, N.Y.

Catherine Allen was a member of the North Family at Mount Lebanon. 


Folder 6:          Doolittle, Antoinette (Eldress) (4 photos, 2 views of each of 2 photos; SA 15-16)

                                    Includes a stereocard and two halves of a stereocard.  Sister Antoinette was a member of the North Family, New Lebanon.  One of the photos of Sister Antionette belonged to Laura C. Holloway Langford.


Folder 7:          Bowers, Lucy S. (1 photo; SA 17)

                                    A member of the New Lebanon community.  Biographical information on reverse of photo.


Folder 8:          Bowers, Grace and Anna White (4 photos, 2 the same; SA 18-20)

                                    Includes a photo of Grace with Anna White and Martha Anderson, all grouped around a sewing desk.    All members of North Family, New Lebanon.


Folder 9:          Egeson, Margaret (Eldress) (1 photo; SA 21)

                                    Member of South Family, New Lebanon.


Folder 10:        Collins, Sarah (about 46 photos and postcards, many duplicates; SA 22-37)

                                    Many views of Sister Sarah working on Shaker chairs; also braiding a rug and spinning.  She was a member of South Family, New Lebanon.


Folder 11:        Taylor, Eliza Ann (2 views, 6 photos; SA 38-39)

                                    Member of New Lebanon community.  (One source lists her first name as Elisa.)


Folder 12:        Wilson, Hannah (1 photo; SA 40)

                                    Half a stereocard, with Sister Hannah and Sister Margaret [no surname given].  Members of Upper Family, Canaan, New York.


Folder 13:        Whitcher, Mary, and Dorothy Durgin (2 views, 3 photos; SA 41-42)

                                    Members of Canterbury, N.H., community.


Folder 14:        Offord, Miriam, and Harriet Storer (1 photo, 1 postcard; SA 43-44)

                                    Miriam was a member of the North Family, Enfield, Conn.  Harriet lived at Shaker Station, Conn.


Folder 15:        Case, Anna, and Martha J. Anderson (1 printed picture, 3 photos; SA 45-47)

                                    Anna lived at Watervliet.  Her photo is dated 1930. 

                                    Martha lived at New Lebanon.


Folder 16:        Settles, Mary, and Mary [surname unknown] (1 photo; SA 48)

                                    Although the younger Mary is identified as “Sister Mary,” she is not wearing typical Shaker costume.  Mary Settles was a member of the Center Family of Pleasant Hill, Ky.  The photo was taken on the front steps of the Trustee’s Office at Pleasant Hill.


Folder 17:        various sisters: Mary Falls, Sarah Woods, Lucy Ann Shepard, Caroline Whitcher [surname also given as Whitaker], Sister Tillie [surname unknown, but one source lists it as Schnell], Dolly Saxton [with children and another unidentified sister; a stereocard], Julia Scott (with children, at the wash house, 1904), Emily Curtiss, Sophia Helfrich (1 stereocard, 8 photos; SA 49-57)

                                    Mary Falls was a member of Church Family, Enfield, N.H.

                                    Dolly Saxton lived at New Lebanon.

                                    The photo of Julia Scott and the girls was taken in a wash house.

                                    Emily Curtiss and Sophia Helfrich lived in the Second Family, Hancock.


Folder 18:        Smith, Alice, and others (9 photos, some duplicates; SA 58-65)

                                    Jenny Pettiff, Sister Catherine, and Sister Anna appear in one photo (SA 58); they lived at Hancock.

SA 59: Alice and Ethel Smith, may have lived at Hancock.

SA 60-65: Alice Smith, Church Family, Hancock, 1900-1930.




Box 2: SA 66-142


Folder 19:        Robert Valentine; Emma Neale; unidentified Shaker sister (1 photo; SA 66)

                                    Emma and Robert lived at New Lebanon.


Folder 20:        Sawyer, Otis (1 photo; SA 67)

                                    Otis lived at Sabbathday Lake, Maine.


Folder 21:        James Kaine [surname also given as Kairne], Abraham Perkins, Benjamin Smith, Henry Blinn, William Briggs with a view of Canterbury, New Hampshire (2 stereocards, 3 photos, some duplicates, SA 68-70)

                                    These brethren lived at Canterbury.   William Briggs is shown on Tebbit’s Hill.


Folder 22:        Gilbert Avery, Nicholas Briggs, Issachar Bates Jr., George Wilcox, Richard van Deusan [or Deusen], Stephen Crane (at age 13) (2 postcards, 5 photos; SA 71-76)

                                    Gilbert Avery lived at Shaker Station, Conn.

                                    Nicholas Briggs lived at Canterbury or Enfield, N.H.

                                    Issachar Bates, Jr., George Wilcox, and Richard van Deusan (or Deusen) lived in Enfield, Conn.

                                    Stephen Crane lived at Enfield, but whether Connecticut or New Hampshire is not specified.


Folder 23:        Isaac Anstatt [or Instatt], Frederick Sizer, Alonzo Hollister, William Anderson, Giles B. Avery, Clinton Brainard, William Libby, David Parker, Calvin Reed, Elder Daniel [Offord] of Mount Lebanon (in wash room) (2 postcards, 11 photos; SA 77-86)

                                    Isaac lived in Watervliet.

                                    The others are known or believed to have lived in New Lebanon.  Alonzo Hollister was a member of the Church family, William Anderson a member of South family, Clinton Brainard a member of Second family.

                                    Two photos are copies of SA 80, the photo of Alonzo Hollister.

                                    The photo of Elder Daniel Offord in the wash or laundry room of Mount Lebanon is present as a photographic postcard and as a photo.  The postcard is cropped a bit.  The photo shows the washing machine in use.


Folder 24:        William Pennybaker (doctor), Napoleon Brown, Henry Daly, Stephen Boisseau (3 photos; SA 87-89)

                                    Brethren of Pleasant Hill, Ky.


Folder 25:        Rufus Crossman at age 92, George Clark (driving a buggy pulled by Major), John Martin(? or Harlow) (1 postcard, 3 photos, 2 the same; SA 90-92)

                                    There is a faded photo of a building on the reverse of SA 91.1.


Folder 26:        Mary Hazard, [Miriam Offord, Hannah Wilson, Ruth Barry,] and unidentified Shaker sisters (10 photos, some duplicates; SA 93-101)

                                    At least some of these sisters lived in a New York community.


Folder 27:        [Angeline Brown, Sister Copley,] unidentified Shaker sisters (12 photos; SA 102-113)

                                    These sisters lived in Hancock.


Folder 28:        unidentified Shaker sisters; one poses with a dog; one works at a loom (a copy of this photo identifies her as Sadie Neale); and one is spinning  (1 postcard, 10 photos; SA 114-123)

                                    One photo was taken in Concord, N.H., and another in Trenton, N.J. 

                                    Although the subjects of the original photos are not identified, SA 122, the elderly sister working at a loom, has been identified as Sadie Neale, taken in the 1930s.  A modern copy of SA 122 is in the folder.


Folder 29:        Lillian Barlow, working in the chair shop; [Sarah Collins], and unidentified Shaker sisters (10 photos, some duplicates; SA 124-127)

                                    These sisters lived in New Lebanon.


Folder 30:        unidentified Shaker brethren, one is possibly Benjamin Gates (8 photos; SA 128-135)

                                    Benjamin Gates lived in New York. 

The other photos were taken in Pittston, Penn., Kenosha, Wisconsin, Pittsfield, Mass., and New York.


Folder 31:        [Rufus Crossman, Calvin Reed, Ferdinand Gainebin(?), Daniel Sizer, Arthur Brace, Irving Greenwood]  and unidentified Shaker brethren (9 photos, some duplicates; SA 136-142)




Box 3: SA 143-245 (except 220, 231-233)


Folder 32:        Angeline Brown and her brothers as children (1 ambrotype, 2 photos, SA 143)

                                    Angeline Brown lived in Enfield and Hancock, New Hampshire.


Folder 33:        group photos, mostly North Family, Mt. Lebanon (1 postcard, 7 photos; SA 144-149)

                                    Several of these are from a set called “Views of North Family Shakers at Mt. Lebanon, New York,” taken by J. E. West and available from Anna White.  One of these photos was made into a postcard.  Some of the people have been identified.  One photo is mounted onto an album page, and on the reverse is a view of Caldwell, N.Y., taken from a steamboat.

                                    Identified people are Mazella Gallup, Leila Taylor, Sister Rosetta, Eliza Rayson, Anna White, Sarah Burger, Julia Lincoln, Ann Offord, Sister Cecelia, Martha Anderson, Sister Maria, and Frederick Evans. 

Locations include library (one sister sits at a piano, the others have books), dining room (the tables are set for a meal), and dairy.  One photo is titled “group with hedge.”  The same group also appears in “group with arbor,” which is also available as a postcard.  One of the brothers carries gardening tools.

SA 147, a group photo, is also available as a postcard, see SA 1348.5.


Folder 34:        group photos, mostly Church and South families, Mount Lebanon (4 stereocards, 2 photos; SA 150-155)

                                    The stereocards are from the set “Photographs of Shaker Village, Mt. Lebanon, Columbia Co., N.Y.,” printed by A. J. Alden of Pittsfield, Mass.  The people in one photo have been identified.  Elder Robert Wagan, the chairmaker is in SA 155.


Folder 35:        group photos, mostly Mount Lebanon (3 stereocards, 2 halves of stereocards, 1 post card, 7 photos, some duplicates; SA 156-165)

                                    One photo is accompanied by a list which identifies the people.


Folder 36:        group photos (2 stereocards, half a stereocard, 2 photos; SA 166-170)

                                    Group of brethren and boys with gardening tools (Watervliet, N.Y.; see SA 1523 for a colored version of this card).

Group of sisters and 1 brother at the kitchen entrance of the Enfield, Conn. North family dwelling, posing with garden produce.

                                    Also members of the Church family, Enfield, Conn.

                                    Two groups of Shakers visiting Old Orchard Beach, Maine.


Folder 37:        Sabbathday Lake, Maine (28 photos; SA 171-198)

                                    Individual and group shots, mostly identified; views of the buildings, mostly identified. 

Also includes an envelope addressed to Eldress Anna, and a note written to her by Genie Coolbroth, “Am sending you the pictures you wished for…,” dated July 31, 1921.


Folder 38:        Shakers and buildings (4 stereocards, 2 postcards [same view], 1 photo; SA 199-204)

                                    Stereocards from Canterbury, N.H., including the schoolroom with teachers and pupils; postcard of sisters from Harvard, Mass. (“the last of the Shakers”); photo of the Second Family, Hancock, Mass. 

One of the views from Canterbury shows visitors from the world outside the meeting house.


Folder 39:        Pleasant Hill, Kentucky (6 photos; SA 205-210)

                                    Group photos, mostly on steps of buildings, some identifications.  One of the photos was taken at a picnic in May 1887; this group includes a large number of children.


Folder 40:        group photos (3 postcards, 2 stereocards, 4 photos; SA 211-219)

                                    One of the photos is of sisters making maple sugar candy, probably the same picture as used in W. G. C. Kimball’s series of stereocards of Canterbury, N.H., which included views of the Shakers’ maple sugar operations.  Mostly these photos are not identified.


Folder 41:        Canaan, New York (1 stereocard, 1 photo, SA 221-222)

                                    Group of buildings, with 2 sisters carry laundry basket; Shakers in a field next to village.  SA 221 is the Upper family; SA 222 is the Lower family.

                                    [see also SA 220 in oversize box]


Folder 42:        Watervliet, New York (11 photos, 4 of which are mounted on the same sheet; SA 223-230)

                                    All of these are views of Watervliet, no people appear; identified on back.  The 4 photos mounted together are labeled as 1915, West family Shakers, Niskayuna.  The photos include views of Church, West, and South family buildings and the meeting house.

                                    [see also SA 231-233 in oversize box]


Folder 43:        Canterbury, New Hampshire (9 stereocards, 2 single postcards and a postcard folder; SA 234-244)

                                    These photos focus on buildings and landscape, although a couple also include people.  Includes views of North, Middle, and Church families, and George Clark with Old Fox.


Folder 44:        Canterbury, New Hampshire, album (SA 245)

                                    An album, in separate box, on shelf.  It includes views of the village, interior shots of school, cheese room, print shop, dining room, kitchen (focusing on stoves), bee keepers, and boys.

                                    In the doc box with other photos is a view of the village, enlarged from the album.



Box 4: SA 246-321


Folder 45:        Mount Lebanon, New York (5 stereocards, 8 postcards, 10 photos; SA 246-263; 2 copies of SA 253.1)

                        Primarily photos of exteriors of buildings and views of the area, but people appear in some.  Includes chair shop, dinner bell, and “The Grove.”

                        SA 253.1-.3 are variant views of the same scene.  SA 253.2 is a photograph, while the others are postcards.  SA 253. 3 is marked as being by Will S. Potter.


Folder 46:        Mount Lebanon, New York (3 stereocards, 9 photos; SA 264-273)

                                    Primarily photos of exteriors of buildings, but people appear in some.  Includes Second family herb shop, Brethren’s shop, and a factory building.


Folder 47:        Mount Lebanon, New York (3 stereocards, 5 photos; SA 274-281)

                                    Primarily photos of exteriors of buildings, but people appear in some.  Includes Center, West, and South family buildings; a mill, office building, sisters’ shop (chair shop and dairy).


Folder 48:        Mount Lebanon, New York (1 stereocard, 2 postcards, 10 photos; SA 282-294)

                                    Primarily photos of exteriors of North family buildings, including the great stone barn, but people appear in several. 

Several photos are from “Views of North Family Shakers…,” taken by J. E. West and available from Anna White.  These include “the kitchen garden,” “North Family buildings from the south,” “First and Second Houses,” what might be “between the dwellings” (this is marked as by West, but is not labeled as being part of the View series), and “in the path.”


Folder 49:        Mount Lebanon, New York (10 stereocards, 4 postcards [2 the same view], 8 photos; SA 295-314)

                                    Primarily photos of exteriors of Church family buildings, especially the meeting house, but people appear in some.  One photo shows 3 teams of horses hitched to wagons and a steam machine outside a barn; the men in the photo might not be Shaker brethren.  Includes nurse shop, dwelling, office, shed.  A street scene with a wagon is available as a photo (stamped on back: J.E. West, photographer, Berlin, N.Y.) and as a postcard (2 copies).

                                    [see also SA 315 in oversize box]


Folder 50:        Enfield, Connecticut (6 stereocards, 1 photo; SA 316-321)

                                    Depict Shakers outside various buildings of West and South families.  Most of the sterocards are from “View of Shaker Village, Enfield, Conn.,” taken by E. J. Lazelle, a photographer in Springfield, Mass.



Box 5: SA 322-427 (except 341-342, 400-401, 403)


Folder 51:        Enfield, Connecticut: North Family (2 stereocards, 8 postcards; SA 322-331)

                                    Mostly exteriors of buildings.  Four of the postcards are in color.


Folder 52:        Enfield, Connecticut: Church Family (3 stereocards, 3 postcards, 3 photos; SA 332-340)

                                    Mostly exteriors of buildings, with some people.  One postcard is in color.  Includes a stereocard of their peach orchard and a postcard of a pasture with cows.

                                    [see also SA 341-342 in oversize box]


Folder 53:        Alfred, Maine (1 postcard; SA 343)

                                    View of road and tops of some buildings.


Folder 54:        Sabbathday Lake, Maine (1 colored postcard, 1 printed picture; SA 344-345)

                                    Buildings only.


Folder 55:        Tyringham, Massachusetts (2 postcards, 1 photo; SA 346-348)

                                    Photo is of mill.


Folder 56:        Shirley, Massachusetts (7 stereocards, 1 printed picture, 1 photo; SA 349-356)

                                    Mostly exteriors of buildings, plus the graveyard and Holy Hill, mostly circa 1870-1879.  Center, South, and Church family buildings, including sisters’ shop, dry house, minstry’s house, meeting house, barn.


Folder 57:        Hancock, Massachusetts (1 stereocard, 5 photos; SA 357-362)                    

                                    Mostly exteriors of Second family buildings, with views of west barn; also East family grist mill.


Folder 58:        Hancock, Massachusetts (2 postcards, 1 printed picture, 9 photos; SA 357-362)                 Mostly exteriors, with some aerial photos; includes broom shop, and one photo with hen, wash, and wood houses and herb shop.


Folder 59:        Hancock, Massachusetts (5 postcards, 23 photos; SA 374-400)                   

                                    Mostly exteriors, including a number of the round stone barn; also an interior shot of the barn.  Includes meeting house, dwelling, gift shop, dairy, schoolhouse, sisters’ shop, shed, marble trough.

                                    [see also SA 401 in oversize box]


Folder 60:        Hancock, Massachusetts (1 photo; SA 402)              

                                    Second or East Family’s Brethren’s Shop, which burned in 1874.

                                    [see also SA 403 in oversize box]


Folder 61:        Enfield, New Hampshire (10 stereocards; SA 404-410)

                                    Exteriors or views of the area, with one brother in a field.  Shows buildings of North [Gathering], South, and Church families.


Folder 62:        Pleasant Hill, Kentucky (2 stereocards, 1 postcard folder, 5 photos, 1 printed picture; SA 411-419)

                                    Exteriors of buildings, most with people; color postcard folder is an advertisement for Shakertown Inn, printed after 1923.  Other postcards include broom factory, Center house, grist mill, office, West and East houses.  [another copy of the postcard folder is numbered SA 1412.137.65]


Folder 63:        South Union, Kentucky (34 photos, 1 letter; SA 420)

                                    A letter from Brother Thomas Whitaker of Saint Maur’s Priory, with the identifications of the photos which he also sent, July 1957.


Folder 64:        South Union Kentucky (22 photos; SA 421-423)

                                    Interior and exterior views of the Center House, South Union, taken in February 1958; and interior shots of the Shaker museum in Auburn, Kentucky, probably taken 1950s.


Folder 65:        White Oak, Georgia; Union Village and North Union, Ohio (3 photos, 2 printed pictures, 1 card; SA 424-427)

                                    Three photos of the Shaker’s house in White Oak, taken in 1957; a printed picture (same view, two sizes) of Church Family buildings, Union Village, Ohio, and a printed card with a view of North Union.

                                    [see also SA 428 in oversize box]



Box 6: SA 429-581 (except 428, 465-466, 484-485, 488)


Folder 66:        village views (7 stereocards, half a sterocard, 2 photos; SA 429-438)

                                    Views of Enfield, New Hampshire (Church family barn); Mount Lebanon, New York (North family); Hancock, Massachusetts; and several not identified, one of which might be Shirley or Harvard, Mass.  Views usually include people and sometimes livestock.


Folder 67:        Enfield, Connecticut, and Canterbury, New Hampshire (4 stereocards, 1 postcard, 2 photos; SA 439-444)

                                    Mostly views of dining rooms at both communities; also the cheese shop at Canterbury.  The view of the music room has Canterbury crossed out and Enfield, N.H., written in.


Folder 68:        New Lebanon, New York (2 postcards [same view], 22 photos; SA 445-464)

                                    Mostly interior views of various buildings, including shops and laundry.  Postcard depicts a sister at a loom.   Buildings of Church, North, and South families, and extract house of Second Order.

                                    [see also SA 465-466 in oversize box]


Folder 69a:      Hancock, Massachusetts: interior views (17 photos; SA 467-483)

                                    Interior views include laundry, Church family kitchen, Sisters’ shop (SA 480) and meeting house.  SA 467-479 depict buildings of the Church family. 

                                    [see also SA 484-485 in oversize box]


Folder 69b:      Hancock, Massachusetts: Interior views (4 photos; SA 486-487, 489-490)

                                    Details of barn and unidentified building.

                                    [see also SA 488 in oversize box]


Folder 70:        Hancock, Massachusetts: Interior views, ca. 1920-1930 (5 photos; SA 491-495)

                                    The photos are identified on the backs by Alice White.  Two photos show Christmas decorations in music room in 1920.  Also includes a kitchen and a summer house.


Folder 71:        work areas, possibly of New Lebanon, N.Y. (6 postcards, 9 photos; SA 496-508)

                                    Mostly unidentified, but includes views of a chair shop. 


Folder 72:        chair factory (1 photo; SA 509)

                                    Interior of Shaker chair factory, with 3 workmen, one of whom is identified as Brother John Stover.


Folder 73:        interiors (8 photos; SA 510-516)

                                    Assorted interiors, including a close-up of a woman weaving (all one sees of her are her hands)


Folder 74:        Pleasant Hill, Kentucky (1 photo; SA 517)

                                    Interior of Center family dwelling, 2d floor hallway, circa 1930-1949


Folder 75:        interiors: not Shaker (4 photos; SA 518-520)

                                    Three views of the living room of Mrs. John Spring, Gloucester, Mass., and an unidentified sitting room with a number of objects noted as being “by Andrews”


Folder 76:        Interiors: Museums  (8 photos, a pamphlet, a letter; SA 521-530)

                                    The letter and pamphlet pertain to the Dunham Tavern in Cleveland; two of the photos are of a Shaker room in that building.  The other photos are also of museum installations, including Winterthur Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Fruitlands.


Folder 77:        Shaker exhibit (16 photos; SA 531-544)

                                    Photos of the Shaker exhibit at the New York State Museum, Albany, 1930. 


Folder 78a:      Shaker furniture (29 photos, many duplicates; SA 545-555)

                                    Mostly tables, benches, and chairs, in room settings.  Some identified.  Illustrations for E. D. Andrews, Shaker Furniture.


Folder 78b:      Shaker furniture (31 photos, many duplicates; SA 556-569)

                                    Mostly tables, stands, benches, and chairs, with some chests, some in room settings.  Some identified.  Illustrations for E. D. Andrews, Shaker Furniture.


Folder 78c:      Shaker furniture (28 photos, many duplicates; SA 570-581)

                                    Mostly chests, desks, and chairs, mostly in room settings.  Some identified.  Illustrations for E. D. Andrews, Shaker Furniture.



Box 7: SA 582-740 (except 674, 712-719, 721-722, 741)


Folder 78d:     Shaker furniture (1 page of printed pictures, 23 photos, with duplicates; SA 5582-593)

                                    Beds, desks, chairs, kitchen, shoe making shop, oval boxes, wooden knobs, chair hardware, some in room settings.  A few identified.  Illustrations for E. D. Andrews, Shaker Furniture.


Folder 79:        Shaker furniture from New Lebanon North family, Canterbury, and Hancock (5 photos, some duplicates; SA 594-596)

                                    Kitchen tables, sideboard.  Identified.


Folder 80:        Shaker furniture (9 photos; SA 597-603)

                                    Mostly chests; identified.  Furniture from New Lebanon Church family, Hancock, and Union Village, Ohio.


Folder 81:        Shaker furniture (8 photos; SA 604-610)

                                    Mostly chests and cupboards; not identified.


Folder 82:        Desks (1 postcard, 14 photos; SA 611-617)

                                    Identified; mostly not in room settings.  From New Lebanon North family, Union Village, Canterbury, and possibly Hancock.


Folder 83:        Desks (5 photos; SA 618-620)

                                    Some identified; mostly not in room settings.


Folder 84:        Desk given to Sister Grace Dahm (1875-1950) of Watervliet (1 photo; SA 621)


Folder 85:        Tables and stands (11 photos; SA 622-631)

                                    Identified; not in room settings.  From Ohio, Kentucky, New York, and Massachusetts.


Folder 86:        Tables and stands (12 photos, some duplicates; SA 632-637)

                                    Not identified; not in room settings.


Folder 87:        Clocks (2 photos; SA 638-639)

                                    Identified.  One by Isaac Youngs and the other by Amos Jewett, both of New Lebanon.


Folder 88:        Bench, chairs, bed (9 photos, 1 in color, some duplicates; SA 640-647)

                                    Mostly not identified


Folder 89:        Shaker furniture; musical instruments (4 photos; SA 648-651)

                                    Furniture: tables; chairs, including a wheel chair; a walker; mostly not identified.

                                    Musical instruments: tone-ometer, mode-ometer, bow, baton, with label from Shaker Museum, Chatham, N.Y.


Folder 90:        Tall chest from Watervliet, Ohio (1 photo; SA 652), identified


Folder 91:        Stoves (5 photos; SA 653-656)

                                    Not identified.  Some in room settings, some not


Folder 92:        Tools: assorted (7 photos; SA 657-663)

                                    Sander or leather polisher; electro-static machine; work benches (including for shoe making); spinning wheels and other implements used to turn flax or wool into thread or yard; loom.  Mostly not identified.


Folder 93:        Boxes and baskets (5 photos; SA 664-668)

                                    Oval boxes, baskets, and a candle holder; not identified.


Folder 94:        Wood carving (1 photo; SA 669)

                                    Statue of a man, carved with date 1770; not identified. 

Possibly not Shaker.


Folder 95:        Interiors (4 photos; SA 670-673)

                                    Unidentified rooms, focusing on furniture (tables, desk, chair, chests).  SA 670 possibly a study for plate 20 in Shaker Furniture.  Chest of Abner Alley of Enfield, 1849; table from New Lebanon.

                                    SA 671-674 are photos of the Andrews’ collection.

                                    [see SA 674 in oversize box]


Folder 96:        Shaker Farm interiors (Richmond, Mass.) (7 photos, some duplicates; SA 675-679)

                                    Includes sitting room, bed room, “St. Jerome’s study,” circa 1940.

                                    Shaker Farms, also known as Richmond Farm, was home of Dr. and Mrs. E.D. Andrews. 


Folder 97:        Andrews furniture collection: home, Pittsfield, Mass. (9 photos, some duplicates; SA 680-685)

                                    Sitting room, dining room, bed room; table; photographed by Tom Yee.

                                    Another copy of SA 682 is in oversize box


Folder 98:        Andrews furniture collection (10 photos; SA 686-694)        

                                    These photos were taken by Look Magazine.  Most focus on individual pieces of furniture, but one shows Dr. Andrews with an arrangement of seating furniture, a table, and chests.

                                    See also SA 695 and SA 696, in map case 1, drawer 5.  Another copy of  SA 686b also in map case. 

                                    SA 692 is a detail from SA 696

                                    Note: these photos cannot be copied, copyright held by Look Magazine


Folder 99:        Furniture collection of Mr. and Mrs. David Volk Andrews, Hastings-on-Hudson, New York (13 photos, some duplicates; SA 697-704)

                                    Tables, cupboards, chests.  Photos by Tom Yee, circa 1960-1965.


Folder 100a:    Dr. and Mrs. Edward Deming Andrews (1 photo; SA 705)

                                    July 2, 1961; standing next to Shaker desk.


Folder 100b:    Dr. and Mrs. Edward Deming Andrews with unidentified Shaker sister (2 photos, duplicates, and partial newspaper article; SA 706b), taken by a Pittsfield, Mass., photographer

                                    Note: newspaper article identifies the Shaker sister as Eldress Emma King, and notes the photo was taken in 1961.


Folder 101:      [Smith College Shaker festival photos, SA 707-711, in Andrews Archives]


Folders 102-104:         [in oversize box]


Folder 105:      Spirit drawings and hymnals (6 photos; SA 723-728)

                                    SA 723: Second family, Enfield, 1853;

                                    SA 724: a type of Mother Hannah’s Handkerchief, Jane Blanchard, 1853;              SA 725: Tree of Life, Hannah Cohoon, Hancock, 1854’

                                    SA 726-728: hymnals


Folder 106:      Sheeler, Charles: paintings (12 photos; SA 729-740)

                                    Charles Sheeler painted Shaker buildings and used Shaker-made goods (furniture, boxes, etc.) in other paintings.  All these photos are of paintings which included Shaker buildings or goods.  Labels are included.  The titles of the paintings are “American Interior” (two by this title), “Americana,” “Barn Variation,” “Buildings at Lebanon,” “Feline Felicity,” “Home Sweet Home,” “Interior,” “On a Shaker Theme,” “Shaker Buildings,” “Shaker Detail,” and “The Upstairs.”  Paintings were done between 1931 and 1956.


[Folder 107:    oversize album, in Box 10]



Box 8:


Folder 1:          Harvard Shaker Village (1 daguerreotype or ambrotype; SA 1292)


Folder 2:          photos and postcards (5 postcards, 13 photos, 7 letters; SA 1324.1-.20)

                                    Assortment of subjects; includes postcards of Hancock, photo of Sister Ann Taylor (with separate label), photos of rooms, furniture, other Shakers, some identified, some not.  The letters pertain to some of the photos.


Folder 3:          photos of Shakers (5 postcards, 3 photos; SA 1348.1-.7; 2 copies of .5)

                                    Portrait photos of Eldress Anna White (New Lebanon), Elder Daniel Offord (New Lebanon), Frederick Evans, and Sisters Anna Case and Isabelle Graves of Watervliet (a postcard).  The other postcards are group photos of Mount Lebanon Shakers (with 4 brothers and 13 sisters; also available as photos, see SA 147 and SA 1435), sisters in an unidentified community, and school children in an unidentified community. 


Folder 4:          Photos: New York State Museum (3 photos; SA 1350.1-.3)

                                    Two photos of an exhibit at the museum in 1930; photo of New Lebanon Church Family community.


Folder 5:          White Oak Club, White Oak, Georgia (1 photo, 1 label; SA 1389.7)

                                    Former Shaker property, taken sometime between 1903 and 1919; copy of an older photo.


Folder 6:          Photos and postcards (18 postcards [1 colored], 2photos; SA 1405.1-.20)

                                    The postcards depict making chairs in Mount Lebanon (including Sister Sarah Collins at work), Shaker buildings and rooms, and an unidentified Shaker sister.  Not all the postcards are labeled; the labeled ones are from Mount Lebanon, New York. 

                                    The photos document the visit of an elderly couple to a Shaker community on August 20, 1928.  No one is identified in these 2 photos.


Folder 7:          photo of a room (1 framed photo, SA 1407)

                                    Framed in Schenectady, corner of a room, possibly at Mount Lebanon, showing desk, table, book case, chair, photos of Shakers.


Folder 8:          photos of Shakers (5 photos; SA 1424-1428)

                                    2 sisters (not identified); Brother Charles Greaves (part of the “Views of North Family Shakers” set; he is carrying carpentry tools); 3 sisters making fancy goods, Mount Lebanon, August 12, 1889; Brother Van standing in tin shop doorway, possibly Pleasant Hill; Sarah Collins at loom, inscribed to and Edward Andrews.


Folder 9:          Neale sisters (1 photo, SA 1432)

                                    Twentieth century copy of a 19th century photo of sisters Sadie and Emma Neale as young women.


Folder 10:        group photo: Mount Lebanon, circa 1892 (1 photo, with label; SA 1435)

                                    North Family Shakers at Mount Lebanon, probably taken 1892.  Identified on back and also on separate note.

                                    Same as SA 1348.5 (a postcard, two copies) and SA 147.


Folder 11:        Collins, Sarah (1 photo; SA 1522)

                                    Sister Sarah as an elderly woman, not dated.


Folder 12:        Children’s Order, etc., photos (7 stereocards, 4 photos, 1 typed item; SA 1523.1-.12)

                                    Photos from various Shaker communities, including Enfield, Conn.; Canterbury, N.H.; Mount Lebanon, N.Y., and Hancock, Mass.  Although most of the photos do include children, often with their teachers or caregivers, there is also a photo of Sister Leila S. Taylor.  A stereocard shows the oldest Shaker brother and sister and the youngest boys and girls at Hancock in 1879.  A colored stereocard shows boys with brethren and gardening tools (SA 166 is a black and white version of this; it is labeled Watervliet).  The typed item refers to “A Juvenile Monitor” printed at New Lebanon in 1823.


Folder 13:        Bonnets (3 photos; SA 1525.1-.3)

                                    A bonnet stand and two bonnets on stands, from New York State Museum, 1931.


Folder 14:        Enfield, Connecticut: postcards (3 postcards; SA 1583-1585)

                                    Exteriors of buildings; one landscape.  All colored; one postmarked 1911.  Published by Springfield News Co., Springfield, Mass.


Folder 15:        Ayer, Massachusetts [i.e. Harvard]  (1 postcard; SA 1586)

                                    Postmarked 1909; black and white version of the colored card in folder 17.  Published by Geo. H. Hill, Ayer, Mass.


Folder 16:        Harvard, Massachusetts: postcards (4 postcards; SA 1590-1593)

                                    One colored; one from Fruitlands Museum; postcard of burying ground has added date of circa 1916.


Folder 17:        Pittsfield, Massachusetts [i.e. Hancock] (3 postcards; SA 1587-1589)

                                    Two in color, one of which was copyrighted in 1906.  The black and white card was copyrighted 1905.


Folder 18:        Shirley, Massachusetts (1 postcard, SA 1594)

                                    In color; only shows road and trees, no buildings.


Folder 19:        Sabbathday Lake, Maine (5 postcards; SA 1595-1599)

                                    All colored; 3 of lake, 2 of buildings; 2 postmarked 1920s, 1 possibly 1911.



Box 9:


Folder 1:          Alfred, Maine (4 postcards; SA 1412.137.1-.4)

                                    Exteriors of barn, dwelling, store, diary; automobile in one picture; people in two pictures; no dates


Folder 2:          Ayer, Massachusetts [Harvard] (2 postcards; SA 1624-1625)

                                    Village view and mill, both dated 1907.


Folder 3:          Canterbury, New Hampshire  (19 postcards, 1 printed picture, some duplicates, some in color; SA 1412.137.5-.9, 1601, 1603-1605, 1607-1609, 1612-1613, 1654-1658; printed picture is not numbered)

                                    Few are dated; the dates which appear are 1907, 1918, 1951 (but most are early 20th century).  Exteriors, interiors, views, cows.


Folder 4:          Canterbury, New Hampshire (7 stereocards; SA 1638-1644)

                                    Village views, group of sisters and girls, bee hives, pumping water.  Photos by H.A. Kimball and W.G.C. Kimball, circa 1878-1879. 


Folder 5:          Enfield, Connecticut (33 postcards, some duplicates, some in color; SA 1412.137.20-.39, 1659-1660)
            Mostly views of the North Family community, but also of Church Family.  Includes dining room, scenery and pasture.  One dining room card is dated 1908; others are early 20th century.


Folder 6:          Enfield, New Hampshire  (17 postcards, some in color; SA 1412.137.40, 1600, 1602, 1606, 1610, 1611, 1614-1616, 1645-1652)

                                    Views of area, especially focusing on bridges and lake, also exteriors, one interior (dining room), the garden, and Shaker Sisters.   Dates range 1906-1913; one post-World War II. 


Folder 7:          Hancock, Massachusetts (7 postcard, two the same; SA 1412.137.41-.45, 1665, 1672)

                                    Village views, summer house, gift shop, round barn.  Card of office and store dated 1921.


Folder 8:          Harvard, Massachusetts (3 postcards; SA 1412.137.46-.47, 1653)

                                    “Square” house, graveyard, herb house, no dates.


Folder 9:          New Lebanon, New York (33 postcards, some in color, some duplicates; SA 1412.137.48-.64, 1617-1623, 1626, 1666-1671, 1716-1717)

                                    One dated 1906.  Mostly exteriors, village views (Church, North, and South families), chair store, nearby scenery; also sisters and a family group.  Cars in several pictures.  Dates range 1906-1922.


Folder 10:        Pleasant Hill, Kentucky (1 postcard folder, in color; SA 1412.137.65)

                                    Souvenir folder of Shakertown Inn, Shakertown, Ky., addressed to Edward D. Andrews, after 1923.  Includes views of rooms in the inn and nearby scenery.  [another copy of this is SA 419]                       


Folder 11:        Sabbathday Lake Maine (5 postcards, mostly in color; SA 1412.137.68, 1661-1664)

                                    Various village views; no legible dates.


Folder 12:        Shirley, Mass. (2 postcards; SA 1412.137.66-.67)

                                    Office and view down the street; no dates.


Folder 13:        South Union, Kentucky (1 postcard; SA 1412.137.69)

                                    Caption on card: O.S. Bond’s Shaker Farm, on U.S. 68, 3 1.2 miles north of Auburn, Ky.  View of dwelling and other buildings.  No date.


Folder 14:        Watervliet, New York (3 postcards; SA 1412.137.70-.72)

                                    Exteriors of buildings, one with 2 Sisters, no dates.


Folder 15:        Shaker Room, Wiggins Old Tavern, Northampton, Mass. (1 postcard, SA 1687)


Folder 16:        Shaker barn, North Family, New Lebanon, N.Y. (1 stereocard; SA 1701)


Folder 17:        Photos: Sarah Collins; Mount Lebanon  (3 postcards [2 the same], 8 photos; SA 1708.29-.30, .35-.42)

                                    Postcards of Sarah Collins making chairs in 1922 and 1932.

                                    Photos: views of Mount Lebanon and portrait of Sister Sarah Collins as younger woman.  Photo 1708.37 is labeled as having belonged to Laura C. Holloway Langford; it was taken by Irving of Troy.  SA 1708.39 also having belonged to Laura C. Holloway Langford (see ASC 1202); others in this group may also have belonged to her.  SA 1708.42 shows interior of meeting house with gas lights.


Folder 18:        Photos: sisters and Mt. Lebanon (4 photos; SA 1708.43-.46)           

                                    Sister Sarah (in 1929), Sister Lillian; unidentified sisters with visitors; view of South Family, Mt. Lebanon (1933).


Folder 19:        Mount Lebanon (1 stereocard; SA 1708.47)

                                    Labeled on back: Large house, Center Family and Ann Lee Cottage.  “Return to L. C. Langford, Brooklyn.”  [see ASC 1202 for Laura C. Holloway Langford papers]


Folder 20:        New Lebanon, New York (10 postcards: SA 1708.48-.57)

                                    Village views; interior shot; postcards of individual Shakers and groups of Shakers.  The postcard of two sisters at a desk (SA 1708.49) belonged to Laura C. Holloway Langford (see ASC 1202).  SA 1708.50 is a postcard of Elder Daniel Offord (holding a scythe) and Brother Levi Shaw (pushing a lawn mower).

                                    The colored postcard was from the Shaker Museum, dated 1967.

                                    The last postcard is of “The old Queechy Farm house,” located in Canaan Four Corners and made famous by Susan Warner in her novel Queechy. 


Folder 21:        Mount Lebanon, N.Y. (5 postcards, 1 stereocard; SA 1708.60-.65)

                                    A family group; village view; exterior of buildings; no dates.  The stereocard probably belonged to Laura C. Holloway Langford (see ASC 1202); one of the postcards is marked with her address in Brooklyn, so definitely belonged to her.


Folder 22:        Shaker sisters: portraits (3 photos; SA 1708.66-.68)

                                    Sister Louisa Green of Canaan; Eldress Hannah Wilson of Canaan, N.Y., and Enfield, Conn. (where she died); Sister Martha Wetherell [or Wetherall] at age 35, Hancock, 1890.


Folder 23:        Shaker sisters: postcards (20th century) (3 postcards, SA 2003-2004)

                                    Sister Mildred Barker of Sabbathday Lake at Shaker Museum, Old Chatham, N.Y., 1956;

                                    Two sisters making sewing boxes, no place, no date;

                                    Two sisters knitting, sitting next to sewing desks, no place, no date


Folder 24:        Pleasant Hill, Kentucky (1 photo, 10 slides; SA 1710; SA 2086.1-.10)

                                    Mill, modern print made from glass plate negative.

                                    Also 10 slides of the village taken around 1992 by William G. Johnson


Folder 25:        Hancock, Mass. (4 photos, 1 in color; SA 1709, 1711-1712, 1715)

                                    Workshop, barn attic, round barn.


Folder 26:        New Lebanon: production chairs (1 photo; SA 1713)

                                    Albumen print showing different sizes of chairs.


Folder 27:        Hancock, Mass. (3 slides; SA 1719.1-.3)

                                    Round barn and barrels, taken by Philip Held (gift of Held)


Folder 28:        Harvard, Mass. (slides; SA 1720.1-.24)


Folder 29:        Shaker Summer Shop, Enfield, New Hampshire (1 photo; acc. 99x91.9, also accessioned as SA 2006)

                                    Two sisters stand on front porch of this building


Folder 30:        Sisters Emma Neal and Sadie Neale, circa 1936 (SA 2000-2001)

                                    Sisters Emma and Sadie lived at Mount Lebanon; photos by Lawrence J. Peterson


Folder 31:        New Lebanon, New York (SA 2073.1-.12) (5 photos, 7 postcards)

                                    Five photos from the series View of North Family Shakers, including portraits of Daniel Offord, Levi Shaw, and Catherine Allen [hers is autographed], the store interior (with sister and goods for sale), and sisters in the kitchen.

                                    The postcards  include village views, 2 sisters among the beehives, Brother Charles Greaves with carpentry tools, and a view of a meeting room in one of the Shaker dwellings.  An organ is against one wall.



Box 10: oversize


Folder 41:        Canaan, New York (1 photo; SA 220)

                                    Probably a workshop; photo belonged to Anna White, dated 1901


Folder 42:        Watervliet, New York (3 photos; SA 231-233)

                                    Group of Shakers working outside a building; 2 village views, one with boys.


Folder 49:        New Lebanon, N.Y. (1 photo; SA 315)

                                    meeting house


Folder 52:        Enfield, Connecticut, Church Family (2 photos; SA 341-342)

                                    Exteriors of buildings


Folder 59:        Hancock, Mass. (1 photo; SA 401)

                                    Barn interior


Folder 60:        Hancock, Mass. (1 photo; SA 403)

                                    Village view, with sisters and brethren


Folder 65:        Groveland, N.Y. (1 photo; SA 428)

                                    Village view, West house, in winter


Folder 68:        New Lebanon, N.Y. (2 photos; SA 465-466)

                                    Meeting house interiors: benches, upper loft


Folder 69:        Hancock, Mass.: interior views (3 photos, SA 484-485, 488)

                                    Steps in laundry building; round barn; Weave Shop, print presented to Hancock Shakers by photographer W. F. Winter, no date.

                                    [note: letter by Winter is in the Andrews Archives]


Folder 95:        Andrews collection (1 photo, SA 674)

                                    Bedroom: rocker, table, bed, chest    


Folder 102:      Photostats and prints about Shakers (5 prints, 4 photostats; SA 712-719)

                                    Prints: Shaker worship; “Shakers at Meeting: The Religious Dance” and “The Final Procession” (both from The Graphic, May 14, 1870), “The Shakers in Niskayuna: The Singing Meeting” (2 copies, 1 small, 1 large).

                                    Photostats: “Sleeping-room of the Shaker Men” from Leslie’s Magazine; “Vacuum Pan, Crushing Mill, Finishing Room” from Harper’s New Monthly Magazine; “The Shakers in Niskayuna: Business Office”; and “Skareresses Sealing the Bottles Containing the Shaker Extract of Roots, or Seigel’s Syrup” from The Shaker Family Almanac.


Folder 104:      Shaker crosses (4 photos [3 the same]; SA 721-722)

                                    Crosses gave notification of closure on Sabbath and were posted outside meeting house and office, New Lebanon, crosses made 1843.


Folder 1000:    Shaker Farm, Canaan, N.Y. (1 photo, SA 1707)

                                    Descriptive note on the back indicates this photograph was taken by an amateur, possibly John Roberts who was an owner of Shaker Farm, Canaan.


Folder 107a-g  Hancock album [in folders, not a binder], given to Dr. and Mrs. Andrews by Armin Landeck, no date (SA 741; trex 107)  (see also Andrews Archives for obituary of Landeck)


            The photos are as follows:


.1         cupola of round barn, built 1826

.2         round barn, south side, entrance for teams

.3         round barn, detail

.4         view from interior of round barn, looking southeast

.5         round barn: doorway for teams

.6         interior of round barn, showing framing

.7         another view of interior of round barn

.8         Shaker sleigh with 3 seats, in carriage shed

.9         watering trough, originally at Shirley Shaker community (referred to in an article by William Dean Howells)

.10       barns and wood shed

.11       silos, cows, manure spreader

.12       barns on a gray day (2 copies)

.13       round barn against an overcast sky

.14       tan house (background) and ice house (foreground)

.15       ice house

.16       tan house, west elevation (2 copies)

.17       tan house, west elevation

.18       tan house, view looking northeast

.19       section of round barn, tan house in background

.20       round barn, looking south, date stones above arched doorway

.21       round barn, looking south, showing original picket fence

.22       round barn: close-up of superstructure and cupola

.23       round barn: close-up of north doorway, showing date stones

.24       round barn: view looking east

.25       round barn: view looking east

.26       round barn: detail of masonry

.27       round barn: detail of masonry

.28       geese and ducks

.29       geese and ducks on duck pond, west of barn

.30       round barn: detail

.31       round barn: detail

.32       Brethren’s Shop, doorways on south side

.33       interior of Brethren’s chair shop

.34       interior of Brethren’s chair shop

.35       interior of Brethren’s chair shop

.36       Sisters’ Shop, Ministry’s wash house (brick building), barn in background

.37       Sisters’ Shop: doorway, north side

.38       Sisters’ Shop: advertisement for Shaker Eye and Ear Balsam

.39       arches(?) in Sisters’ Shop, formerly the cheese room.  [photo shows a boiler, not arches]

.40       blown glass jars used in medicinal herb industry, Sisters’ Shop

.41       blown glass jars used in medicinal herb industry, Sisters’ Shop

.42       garden seed bowls and advertisement for seeds, Sisters’ Shop

.43       apple coring device, Sisters’ Shop

.44       Reception Center, formerly the poultry house, in process of restoration

.45       early stones from the Hancock burying ground

.46       interior of Ministry wash house, showing early stove, towel rack, dry sink

.47       Ministry wash house: bath tub

.48       interior of Ministry wash house, showing towel rack, dry sink

.49       Ministry wash house: wooden dipper and “boonder” for scrubbing pails and pans

.50       wash house or laundry, with machine shop in section to left, view looking northwest

.51       laundry building, detail of stonework, which formerly was part of a mill dam

.52       interior of laundry: section of an ironing stove

.53       ironing room in laundry building; ironing stove originally at New Lebanon Church family; clothes carriers on hooks in background

.54       looking into the wash room, laundry building, clothes carrier on hook

.55       was room, with clothes drying rack

.56       Church family dwelling (build 1830): detail of east elevation; windows originally had smaller panes

.57       family dwelling; ministry wash house at left, poultry house (now reception center) in background, view looking south

.58       Church family dwelling: meeting room, north end of first floor, section of 20 foot trestle table and bench, meeting room stove; chandelier from Tyringham community

.59       view into meeting room         

.60       Church family dwelling: detail of upper loft

.61       Church family dwelling: railing of upper loft

.62       bonnets on peg rack

.63       towel on hanging rack

.64       spool stand and scissors

.65       pine wall cupboard

.66       child’s tilting chair on peg rack, hanging above portable letters used in school room

.67       view of round barn


The following were originally part of the album, but no longer with it:

.68       sacred sheet, inspiration drawing, 1843, to be used as model for herb garden

.69       sacred sheet, inspiration drawing, 1843



Box 11: oversize


SA 2002          Enfield, Connecticut, dining room, no date, in frame

                                    [note: this is same as view as SA 1659, which is a postcard dated 1908]



Box 12: oversize


SA 682            room interior, copy 2 of this print


SA 2035-2036             Andrews’ house, room interiors


SA 2037-2041             room interiors and exterior of Andrews’ house, taken by Ezra Stoller




Box 13: Slides (SA 1326; see also boxes 14-15)

            Exteriors of buildings;

            Inspired drawings;

            Shaker Museum, Old Chatham, New York


Box 14: Slides (SA 1326; see also boxes 13, 15)


            Shaker furniture and other objects (includes photos of Andrews’ collection)


Box 15: Slides (SA 1326; see also boxes 13-14)

            Shaker sisters and brethren (includes slide images of old prints and engravings);

            Shaker presentation at Winterthur, 1987



Box 16: Photos transferred from DAPC


Folder 1:          Shaker graveyard, Watervliet, New York (SA 2091a-d)


Folder 2:          watercolor: “East View of the Brick House, Church Family, Hancock” (SA 2092)


Folder 3:          gift drawings by named artists (SA 2093-2097)


Folders 4-5:     gift drawings by unknown artists (SA 2098-SA 2108)




Albums on shelf:


SA 245            Canterbury, New Hampshire: people and views (trex 44)

                                    This includes views of village, interior shots of school, cheese room, print shop, dining room, kitchen (focusing on stoves), bee keepers, and boys.



SA 1291          Book No. II”: New England scenes, 1887-1888, photographer unknown (trex 653)

                                    There are 5 photos of the Shakers at Enfield, New Hampshire: Sister Sarah, cows and barn, Shaker sisters, and a group of sisters and brethren.  A photo of an onion field is not labeled as Shaker, but was in Enfield, and could have been theirs.

                                    In addition, the album has photos of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.  The album opens with photos of little Janet playing with toy ponies. 

Scenes from Cape Breton include what might be a logging camp, fishing villages, and Micmac Indians and their birch bark wigwams.

                                    Other photos of interest: oxen drawing logs, light houses, rural scenes, Quidnessett Farm [Quidnessett is a place name in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, and the farm may have been there], the ocean, streams, farm work (plowing, reaping), codfish drying, a man mending fishing nets, men with performing bears, a wagon loaded with cows for the cattle fair, a man training a colt to pull a wagon, and a woman working in a summer kitchen.




Oversize, in map case 1, drawer 5:


“Eldress Gertrude’s Flowers for the World’s People,” photo copyright by John Seakwood, 1985, portrait of Eldress Gertrude Soule (SA 2033; gift of Seakwood)

The Andrews Memorial Shaker Collection has the following from the series “Views of North Family Shakers at Mt. Lebanon.”  The series was added to from time to time, with lists of 29, 39, and 47 views. 


[2 – group with Elder Evans – SA 147b may possibly be this]

[4 – Eldress Sister’s sewing room, SA 6, SA 20, and SA 1426 may possibly be this]

[11- between the dwellings; SA 287 may possibly be this; labeled on back “rear of North family dwelling”]


12        In the Dining Room (SA 145)

13        In the Kitchen (SA 2073.2)

14        In the Store (SA 2073.1)

15        In the Library (SA 144)

17        in the path (SA 288)

19        group with arbor (SA 149a; also a postcard)

20        group with hedge (SA 148)

24        Sister Catherine [M. Catherine Allen] (SA 2073.3)

25        First and Second houses (SA 286)

26        North Family buildings from south (SA 285)

31        Brother Levi Shaw (SA 2073.4)

32        Elder Daniel Offord (SA 2073.5)

33        Brother Charles Greaves (SA 1425)

38        Kitchen garden (SA 282)


[41 – wash room (Elder Daniel) – SA 78.1-.2 may possibly be this]



In addition, the following are possibly part of the views series because they are similar in format, or are marked as being by J.E. West:


SA 146 – group of sisters and brethren

SA 295.2 – photo by West, street scene labeled Church family


postcards of known views:


SA 283a – postcard of #26 (“North family buildings from the south”)

SA 2073.6 – postcard of #33 (“Brother Charles Greaves”)